Rain – LA Song

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  1. Juoana Penny Dela Cruz

    I so love this MV! It’s so fresh for KPOP and for Rain. I’ve been a fan since 2006 and this is the first time I’ve heard this from him. Usually they’re more of ’30sexy’ style but this one’s different. The great leap from Rainism album to Rain Effect is, I have to say, flawless. It wasn’t bad at all. AMAZING! Rainism was good considering it was his first album out of JYP E. but this comeback is awesome. The technique is like a collection of the knowledge he got from working outside the boundaries of Korea, as emphasized in ‘LA Song’ while ’30sexy’ is an upgraded version of what he is used to do. But come to think of it, he came from the military, not outside Korea. Hmmm?! I’m just wondering why now?! Oh, I’m curious, why did he sign in Cube when he has J.Tune? Sorry, I’m not updated, too preoccupied with Big Bang and YG Family.

  2. this MV is more interesting than the dirty sexy one, I’d like to see a review! vote!

  3. Aminah Henne

    i loved watching the dance practice for this. everyone actually looked like they were having fun while practicing unlike some other practice videos with backup dancers. mad props to rain’s comeback!

  4. Absolutely love this song and video. The kind of song that can make everyone in a room want to get up and dance. And I’m loving the scarf and suede suits. The scarf on his head reminds me of PM Dawn style from the 90s. He might not look his best wearing them but I like how it speaks , Like,Yea thats right, I set the fashions not you! I decide what’s cool not you!! And remember I’m RAIN and I’m back. At least that is how I see it. lol.

  5. Wishy

    I’d much rather have LA Song be reviewed than 30Sexy… This video is much more interesting, and I REALLY want Rain to be reviewed by EYK.

  6. Asela Cheung
    Asela Cheung


  7. ok after watching Rain Effect, I now feel extremely bad for everyone who had to be there when the MV was shot, pretending to party in a tropical summer setting while there is a snow storm with arctic temperatures…I didn’t even notice the breath coming out of their mouths before

  8. Wishy

    I love this song. :3 The MV is also very unique. Mr. Brohoho was DENIED. PURE KMM GOLD.
    Also. I’d like to know who got to put that perfect kiss mark on his cheek… >.> Even if it’s drawn on, let me fantasize.

  9. I’ve been wondering since the MAMAs why Rain is more fun to watch than other kpop artists. I’m not sure but maybe it’s just because he looks like he’s actually having a good time, he’s so into it :D He’s a good dancer, and sexy and handsome etc. and, most importantly, having FUN. Go Rain! <3 30 and dirty forever XD

  10. Cloud Imanf

    Lively … Just the best in short…. Fits him real well

  11. Sumeragi Subaru

    First time I saw it, my only thought was “whoa, Rain must be really missed looking faaaaabulous while he was in military”.))))

    I really like this MV. I like how Rain himself changed. Now he looks more in control and confident. It feels manly and sexy even if he is wearing fur coat and lots of gold jewelry. Confidence is more sexy, then trying too hard.)) (Nobody is pointing at that weird mv with angelic wings and helicopters, nope.)
    I also like how this MV is done to look interesting, with lots of unique and non-decorative looking details. Very cinematographic. Not just typical set of “how to look cool” k-pop MV stereotypes. And he looks like he is wearing actual clothes, even if they are weird, they don’t look like Halloween costume, which happens all the time in K-pop videos.

    As for a plot, I think it’s like some weird slum market. Also, I immediately associate it with these moments in movies, when some superhero or supervillain is disguised as a normal harmless person. Truck driver or a guy, that will polish your shoes for money. And then lots of action happens.)))

  12. I don’t think Rain means to be disrespectful at 1:53 or 2;11; I think it is a statement about how some equate bigger or Better with status and what that materialism (whether physical beauty or physical materialism) means to different people. He goes on to sing that “”He’s gotta lot land, others act like they do but they don’t. He’s an expensive man; show me what you got” I think it is a statement about excess or wanting something you don’t have (like wanting a bigger butt or breasts or a monster truck). In every interview I’ve watched or read about him; he’s never disrespectful, so it would seem out-of-character (or at least his public persona) to be disrespectful.
    But it is a fun song. Snappy. and happy.

  13. Elgiz Özkan

    Love him or not just admit it,he is the real king of kpop.This album is very different than any other ordinary kpop songs lately.

  14. I’m mad he can still be so sexy with that hairstyle.

  15. It’s so good to see Rain back in the game! Welcome back Rain~ <3

  16. Odette R. Santos

    Let it RAIN Forever^^ #RAINEffect #30SEXY #LASong^^ Loving it^^

  17. Kimmy Palmer

    I don’t know how I feel about the blowing up of that girls curves… any other Nasties with me on this? Or am I being overly sensitive? Does it seem kind of messed up to do that to a black woman? But like I said, maybe it’s just me. Still a good song, though!

    • YukiRed

      Black women could see it in a bad light, but even so, from me just being a *woman* i don’t like how it showed a female showing off her boobs/butt to a rich man she just met on the street. And the message wasn’t very clear (if there was one), it only made her look like a prostitute!

      • patrice lovelace ☆

        Rain wasnt representing a rich man in the vid, he was playing the part of a begger. He was saying all that in his reality show…

        • YukiRed

          The lyrics were talking about being rich or something, so that’s where I got it from. I only watched this MV, so I wouldn’t know what he said on the reality show. Thanks for clearing that up.

    • FriedChickenOnew

      I personally don’t blame the artists for stuff like that, I blame their companies and whoever looked at that and decided to put it in. The scene was brief and seemed completely unnecessary to me, so the question became why did they feel the need to put it in there? regardless what they meant it to be or not, it reminded me of the racist artwork of black women. I don’t like that it was there but I don’t know Rain, I don’t know what is in his heart, so I see no point in calling him a racist or anything. I just think it was a poor and ignorant decision of the music video creators to put that in the video because it could be offensive…

      • I agree as much as I love this video I found that scene to be in poor taste and unnecessary as well. When I first watched it I thought I was suppose to be a depiction of what men really want their women to look like or what men really fantasize about. Men want bigger cars bigger curves and the bigger the better. The fact that the women was African American threw me off and I cringed a bit. I really didn’t know what to think. I just knew that it probably wasn’t meant to be offensive. Still I believe even if the intent wasn’t to be offensive this could send the wrong message. And if it’s important to Rain not to come across as racially insensitive he should explain. And if he can do something about editing that part out.

      • Kimmy Palmer

        You’re completely right – it most likely was the company. Even though Rain is pretty famous, he’s still a KPOP artist and we all know that they don’t really get to make all of the artistic decisions around their music and music videos (I mean, look at JYJ and what they went through) – I don’t blame Rain at all and never thought he was being racist, I just thought that the scene like you said was disrespectful and unnecessary and someone should have realized that during production

    • I think the blow up curves and the blow up truck are simply expressions of excess; of wanting something bigger than what you have. I don’t think it is meant to be disrespectful; although one could argue about why he didn’t use a caucasian or asian woman to anatomically enlarge; that I can’t answer to, and do not mean to set off a debate about it. My two cents are that it is an expression of wanting something you don’t have.

      • i think they didn’t use the korean models because they thought korean girls would be offended since most of them have slim body types, i dont think aians generally have the same sensitivity when it comes to racism towards black ppl since there isn’t much interaction between races. like i didn’t think it was racist either just that it could have an offensive meaning towards women in general. i rly wanna know what S&M thinks about this!!

      • Kimmy Palmer

        No, I agree with you about the meaning behind it. I just thought it was kind of ignorant to be portrayed on a Black woman. Like you said, it would be a whole different story if they used the same effect on a Caucasian or Asian woman. It makes me wonder what they were thinking – I mean, do they think that’s alright? Or were they oblivious? I don’t know. The more I think about it, the more upset I get.

        • I don’t know why he picked the model he did; or for that matter the color of the car. He may be oblivious; I mean most Asian women are very tiny. If you read or hear any interview with him he is very respectful; so I don’t think it is meant to be disrespectful at all. I was a little disturbed when he was stroking that thigh or whatever it was (about 1:50) in the video. I couldn’t decide if it was a thigh of meet or a model of a women’s thigh. I think the video is just supposed to be fun; I don’t think he meant anything by it; but again; that said; unfortunately when you are as popular as Rain, you kind of have to think about those things.

    • It’s not just you. As soon as the video was released the black Kpop fans on tumblr pretty much called rain out for racism and misogyny.

    • Josh Chinnery

      Not just you, that kind of ticked me off as well

  18. and diff not a song i like. the music video is will made but not my taste in music. Then again i have always been a fan of se7en. I just feel and i don’t like saying this because every singer is different and i know Rain is different in fact he looks more grown up know that he is back from the military. But this is such a GD song and Rain doing this type of song he really looks so out of place in the music video. I feel it only works because of Rain liking to do high pitched music courses.

    • how is it a GD song? reminds me more of block b.

      • I have seen Rain grow with his music since the being and this song i feel like he is trying to be like someone he isn’t. GD has made him self a style thats out there and crazy, but he has also done stuff more low key like Crooked for example. Like this might also be a type of song Block B would do. But what artist do you know who stroke a died Chicken. I just can’t seeing Block B doing that for at least another 1 or 2. Block B are out there but they stick to an upbeat hip hop. Rain is more RnB and hip hop there is a big difference between the two styles of music. I just feel like his style in the movie is trying to hard to be like someone he trually isn’t. But then again i feel that will all the music he has ever done. I will admit Rain is great at finding talent and i think he should stick with producing.

        • as someone who hadn’t seen rain before i thought his acting was pretty good. i think he has to change his style cause he would be too old to do the stuff he used to do in a few years. he did remind me a little bit of gd cause gd has done a bunch of crazy out there stuff but besides having a lot of swag and some face expressions i cant say what a gd style is. besides its a Latino song. the chicken scene was funny imo but that scene with the woman with the booty was too much.

  19. Odette R. Santos

    I love only RAIN^^ #RainEffect the BEST^^ #30SEXY #LASong

  20. Rain Effect ~ 정지훈

    rain is back

  21. Carla Butler

    LA Song is officially my anthem this month. I get in my car and turn op the volume on this and my car becomes a club. I love all the instruments i hear. This song forces your body to move.

  22. love this song SO MUCH i could STOP watching and yet voting same time i want La-la-la-la-la Dance with Rain on this song so much

  23. Rebecca Lionel

    I like this song better than Hip Song

  24. builtbymachines

    We can just ignore the instantaneous boob/butt growth.

  25. Kathleen Stocker

    congratulations to Rain for this underlying message that music is the “soul of the world” that every culture (included in this mv) can come together as one and have a good time simply enjoying song and dance….being another curvy woman of color,,,there are curvy women who are blessed with the same features of healthy backsides and chests….so that no one culture can stake a claim to these female body parts which in many countries are proudly displayed openly everyday…..and based on that reason it’s unfair to think of Rain’s depiction at 1:53 is directed toward a specific. mad respect to him for being bold enough to even introduce this concept to kpop who since gaining global appeal, he has once again sent out a “wake up call” to those coming after him….for this and many other reasons he retains his position of “leader in that industry” Bravo #LAsong….you knocked it out the box with this and #30sexy….

  26. Im feeling this song :D

  27. I first heard this song without the MV– it sounds much better when you see the MV to go along with it. But what’s up with that hair? ㅠㅠ

  28. Heidy Valero

    The King is back!!! #RainEffect #LASONG

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  30. promi ferdousi

    I like this because well…it’s different from other kpop MVs. And it’s just him having fun and winding down after his time in service. Makes me understand him a little better. I’d LOVE to hear him address his newer international fans like me, the ones he’s not aware of since the peak of hallyuwave took place while he was in the army.

  31. Rebecca Lionel

    RAIN is the most talented artist in K-POP, a trend setter.. The songs are really catchy, the MVs really good! Love both of them! RAIN…I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!

  32. Rebecca Lionel

    I am buying the CD

  33. Rebecca Lionel

    He did a phenomenal job portraying a new genre of music.

  34. Rebecca Lionel

    Did anyone’s ovaries just exploded???

  35. Falling in love with Rain is so easy. I’ve seriously never been disappointed with any of his albums.

  36. Love everything about this song

  37. The King is back!!!