Roh Ji Hoon – Punishment

  1. Aside from the raunchy dancing, lip rubbing, and all the other awesomeness that Simon could totally hate on….I really want to see both of them comment on the terrible dubbing at the beginning lol. Don’t get me wrong, my FEELS are all about this sexy heeeeei vid, but there is some great Simon & Martina material here.

  2. This dance looks kind of like ‘Hip Rock Song’ by rain…. :) and I love both!

  3. This is one freakin’ HOT guy!
    Also at 00:53 one of the back up dancers is not grabbing his belt… Yep nasty video just for the naistes 0.0

  4. OMIGAWD! GUISE! There is so much nastyness in this video, it has to win for the next Music Monday!

  5. I wonder how on earth he’ll be able to top this later on. Like, what other dance moves and catchy tunes could he incorporate into his next song that could be any cooler (and hopefully less painful) than this?! ♥

  6. I really want to see what Martina&Simon have to say about the dance. I bet it’s going to be really funny haha

  7. “Baby, I know I dubed sometin wrong. But forgive me.” I forgive you mr beautiful pants :D

  8. They could sing whatever they want as long as they hip-thrust and grab their crotches. hoooo-eeeee! *o*
    I think Kpop is quickly turning me into a total pervert. I might be okay with that.

  9. This video is sooooo sexy

  10. Aluciouz

    Such a catchy song! I hope this can get to n.1, a KMM on this song will be very interesting. The belt+hip move… all I could think was “because hip thrusting is too mainstream” lol.


  12. I really want this song to be reviewed, it’s catchy and cool and he’s very talented ^^ the dance is interesting. vote please :)

  13. Noooo, I still want this video reviewed so badly! :D

  14. Michelle Tu

    /waiting to see how simon’s gonna ruin this dance/

    /and omg, the return of the brick room/

  15. Emily Patterson

    this dude is soo hot! simon doing the dance would be halarious!!

  16. is this #6 or #3 in the kpop chart here?

  17. Is it just me or is his dancing really cheesy and old school?

  18. TurnUptheAC

    Just to help you out, the itunes link goes to evol…not roh ji hoon song.

  19. I want this song to be reviewed!!!
    this dance looks kinda painful lol but hot too

  20. lol this kind of feels like the male version of SISTAR’s Alone xD

  21. I want to see a review so badly!!!

  22. I love this MV and song! I don’t really know why but it’s so catchy.

  23. Dora Yang

    lol i kind of want to see a review of this just because i wanna know what eyk say about the dance hahahahaha

  24. Ok, all I can say is that the backbeat is very Jamiroquai-esk to me. Just with A LOT of F.A.R.Ting.Then with the white room I was waiting for the moving floor. But I guess the escalator was reference to that, haha.

  25. If you guys have the time, Click the annotation at the end of the music video for the interview! He seems a lot sweeter and less…nasty in real life. Plus it explains a few points to the music video ^^

  26. The dance is kind of awkward, although I like the sliding at the very beginning. I really like the song, though.



  29. unicornsgalaxy

    Oh Hershey Ji-Hoon, I’m soo happy to see your F.A.R.T has gotten you to the #4 spot!

    • this comment is made of so much win. Heershey Ji Hoon. Heh. Oh apparently some people mentioned that his name is not spelled Roh but Noh in hangul. I wonder then why the company romanised it to Roh.

  30. I wish this MV wins instead of Janus

  31. I LOVE THIS !! OMG I LOVE THIS !!!!!!

  32. TurnUptheAC

    Has anyone seen his previous debut? i’m new to kpop…almost 1st year anniversary to my introduction to Kpop and they say he previously debuted with another company..but I can’t find the song anywhere. I’m just sort of curious what his previous material was like and how he changed to be more marketable this debut. Currently this debut is totally working for me. Oh its so Nasty!

  33. With all that belt tugging I think he actually likes punishment :-P

  34. This video’s nastiness has to be reviewed be reviewed by Simon and Martina. We need them to ruin it for us so every time we watch it we think of their jokes and references instead of how dreadfully painful that guy’s crotch must be feeling.

    ahem* his surname is Noh as in Noh HongChul the elevator guy,
    why is he going as Roh JiHoon? it’s not a stage name either cause the name is still pronouced as Noh in korean. or is this a typo?
    typo on a debut MV title. no probably not.
    btw i like that nasty frontal wedgie. it’s soo nasty yet doing it with a poker face looks strangely sexual.

  36. sstarstruck

    This video needs to be reviewed because I just want to see Simon do the NASTY BELT DANCE!

  37. Waaah, as soon as I heard this song I couldn’t get it out of my head! I’ve pretty much been humming the “doo, doo, dooooo” part for the past two days at school and work xD

  38. wow, i know i’m a little late… but i actually really like this song! the video is interesting too, i really like the feet sliding moves in the beginning!

    but i really like the song itself.. not entirely sure why but the combination of the background beat and vocals ..i just really liked them?
    i would listen to this song without the MV, unlike some songs where i liked them for the eyecandy alone and the song was nothing much.