Roh Ji Hoon – Punishment

  1. I want this to get reviewed so bad! it would be such a funny episode of kpop music mondays ahahah

  2. the beginning part where he looks at the camera and says “I know I did somethin’ wrong” Yeah, that part. I died. I was NOT expecting such a low, manly voice.

  3. And he is super hottt. :) haha

  4. LOVE this song! Its so catchy and it really does have that maroon5 feel to it.

  5. LOVE this song! i think it really does have that maroon5 feel to it :)

  6. I love this song! I love the guys from cube entertainment they are just so unique and special! ^^ they make me feel happy :3

  7. like the song but is it me or does some of the song remind you of Action? like around 1:19 to 1:35 and other parts? oh the brick wall what would we do without you.

  8. For all my tumblr friends in here, who else thinks this is perfect material for PoK? And if you don’t follow that blog, you totally should. ;D
    Now to comment on the video itself – I totally wouldn’t have chosen shiny pants for myself, but they actually do help accentuate the dance by placing more emphasis … there. xD
    Also, who else thinks that the ending was ridiculously sexy! @.@;
    While I’m honestly not that interested in seeing it reviewed (every thing they’d say about this has pretty much been said before about another artist) I’d still like to hear other’s opinions on this song. I was to distracted by the sexy on my screen to hear if he’s any good at singing or not.

  9. Eleanor Kirk

    Is anybody else kind of addicted to this song? I’ve been listening to it non-stop for a couple of days now… please tell me I’m not the only one. (It’s such a great song.)

  10. I want a nasty Music Monday!!

  11. Best Rookie this year! Ji Hoon and Ailee should do a duet!

  12. With all the belt holding, I really thought they were about to start doing the boot scootin boogie or achy breaky heart. And then they didn’t.

  13. Ely May

    I don’t think the dance was that “nasty”… ô.ô I like the dance, and the song is awesome! I hope it’s getting reviewed!!! :D

  14. Leah Moses

    0:20 reminded me of Aqua/ToyBox

  15. Danielle Brooks

    So serious raunchy thrusting going on. I can imagine Simon ruining this dance.

    • Eleanor Kirk

      The dance has just been ruined by you raising the mere thought XD

    • TurnUptheAC

      My thoughts exactly…oh the possibilities Simon and Martina will have this one. I’m hoping to see some outrageous belt buckles…like something along the lines of Flavor Flav’s clocks or something. However, besides the dance I found the song rather catchy….this is pretty much “sexy” gold.

  16. it’s just me or he looks little bit like JB from JJ project
    ,, great song <3

  17. Eleanor Kirk


    This song is so catchy~

  18. bobbiipin

    I just have to vote for this song after watching K-chart update where Simon mentioned the dance move. hhahahahahahaha xD

  19. iloveminhyun

    I actually quite like this. Maybe because it sort of sounds a little like Nu’est’s Action and I’m totally Nu’est biased. So to think that the composer of this song (it’s not Roh Ji Hoon himself, is it?) liked Nu’est enough to attempt a rip-off makes me like him XD ~ jk jk… I actually disagree with Simon. I actually don’t think it was an attempted rip-off. It sounds different enough :P. (*cough*nuestisbetter*cough*)

    no, but I seriously did like it. He’s hot, so that helps. And the dance is pretty… erm… hot… as well XD. I like this guy. Maybe I should check out his other songs and buy his album…

    • Eleanor Kirk

      Nah, the composer wasn’t Roh Ji Hoon. Can’t remember who it WAS, though, but I remember reading the name somewhere.

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Sheesh you have too much money to waste. lol

      What is hot about a frontal wedgie?

      • iloveminhyun

        i don’t spend my money on anything else but kpop actually lol
        it wasn’t a full-on frontal wedgie… (or was it?) It was hot, okay? :P

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Not gonna be hot when he ruined his baby making abilities.

          Well I bet, I mean you buy a new album a week and those imports aren’t cheap.

        • iloveminhyun

          “Not gonna be hot when he ruined his baby making abilities.” -> LMAO
          I won a competition and landed 700 dollars. I have nothing else to use them for besides kpop so that’s why I’m on a kpop shopping spree right now XD
          TKIR: listen to the rest of the album. It’s not bad. :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I never realized how similar the chorus was to Action until Simon mentioned it.

          Meh I’ll pass. lol

          I actually have an incredibly unnecessary amount of money right now that I have been barely spending any of lately but I still think it’d seem weird buying K-Pop physical albums w/ all their pics and member cards lol.

          EDIT: That’s pretty cool what’d u win a competition of that got you $700?! It was the EH competition and you’re just not telling us, isn’t it. JK :P

        • iloveminhyun

          I didn’t even listen to the song until the Kpop chart update XD
          Buy the next After School album! (or Son Dambi if you like her XD)
          lol it was a research paper competition :P The country I live in is pretty rich and so they hold these random competitions with large monetary awards every once in a while. That’s how I land most of my money nowadays. :P
          and apparently we lost the EH competition. Oh wellz.

    • Bwuahahah, you are so right about the fact that you are easy. Anything Nuesty gets you hot and bothered and out comes your wallet. I love it.

      I do think it sounds similar but you are right, action is better.

      • iloveminhyun

        *grins* you know me too well xD wait until Nu’est’s next album. you’ll probably have to ban me for obsessive fangirling hehehe. *just warning you*
        TKIR: i actually like the rest of the songs in the album. I really liked ‘It’s Raining’ and ‘Fly With Me’ *runs off to yesasia*

  20. I love the song!
    And he is really sexy and I love the belt dance.

    • I just edited all of your posts together and then deleted the others. Please refrain from making multiples posts one after the other in an attempt to increase the votes. I could understand maybe if people were responding to you and were having active conversations but they were not. You could have just added by editing your comment.

      That said, I love your ‘bricks’ playlist. That is ridiculous how many Kpop music video directors have used the same set. And it isn’t even like they are trying to hide it. I still think that KJK uses it best in his video though.

  21. He got punished for being a stalker.

  22. Lozzy Sunshine

    I love the song but I think they need to get a new brick room with a chair or they could use CGI on a blank wall to make it a unique brick room with a chair XXD

  23. Omo omo, I am starting to feel this rookie jejje!!!!

  24. I’d love to see these two review this song because I can only imagine the comments about the dance where he pulls up his belt enabling him to hit all those high notes there at the end XD

  25. I want this to be reviewed >____< that room, that awkward plot and him looking like a fish with that outfit at the beginning xD

  26. thousandflowers

    he is so hot!!! *____*

  27. SheriCherry

    I really really wanna see this get reviewed :(

    • Can you give us some reasons why. Comments which encourage conversation actually help more than comments like this which really say nothing about the video or artist. For instance, do you like the sexy dancing or is it the song itself that you like.


      • SheriCherry

        lol mostly because I want to see Simon deal with the amount of F.A.R.T going on here, plus, i really wonder about their take on the whole plot line of this video.

        • beloved89

          LOL! I just want the dance to be reviewed!!!! hahahah the belt dance thing O.o ouch!

  28. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    I feel like it is now my duty to at least get this mentioned in the next chart update vid. And for that to happen this most likely needs to be in the top 10.
    LOL I really wanna hear them mention the “dance” during the chorus.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Ohho! I would love to see it get reviewed…Simon would ruin this dance so much! It’s not going to happen and I’m not sure if it will get to the top 10 and be mentioned but hey, it can happen.

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        Well mention is really all I’m trying to get for KJK, because A) I think that is only chance of it being mentioned.
        B) I honestly don’t like the song lol.
        C) I doubt S&M do either so probably best if it doesn’t actually win.

        • jenshep49

          Well they mentioned it in the update without it being in the top 15….
          I think it would be funny to watch simon reinact the dancing.
          “And lift that belt, O__O and lift that belt O__O” 2 secoonds later rolling on the floor in pain….pants weren’t loose or stretchy enough.

  29. I want this reviewed so bad if Hyuna doesn’t make it! SO BAD! ALL THAT Face Arousal Raunchy Thrusting! Mr. BroHoHo’s room! I love it all!

  30. JustDense

    This was the first time ever that watching a K-pop video made me feel uncomfortable while watching… Like really. Those Nasty dance moves @_@ I felt awkward watching him and the back dancers pull their pants up like that.
    Besides that, it’s a good song, I like his voice.

    And let’s not forget the room!! this is like what, the 10th time I’ve seen it? LOL.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Oh I felt so dirty after seeing them constantly tugging on their belt like that. As much as I tried, I just couldn’t not look at it. Especially after what they say about when a guy is playing with his belt…

      • JustDense

        That video is pure Nastiness!!
        With that dance I think it might be close to Junsu’s Intoxication Nasty level.


        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Haven’t watched vid but is it anything like this at the 1:25 point?

          Unfortunately this video is forever ingrained into my head…

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Oh Bi, how I’ve missed you! The originator of the F.A.R.T.
          Actually I think this video is much worse then Hip Song.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I actually thought Hip Song was catchy when I heard it on the radio online. So I looked it up and scarred myself.

          Wait… What about farts? lol

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Hip song is like my favorite song of his (not that I’ve listen to too many of them though)…but seriously, the Hip song dance is one of the tamer ones…He’s a sex symbol, goes with the teritory.
          F.A.R.T = Face Arousal Raunchy Thrusting.
          EYK joke…think it began on one of MBLAQ’s KMMs.

        • Eleanor Kirk

          OMG… I just watched Hip Song. I don’t think I’m ever going to be the same again.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Is that a good thing or a bad thing tough? XD

        • Eleanor Kirk

          I have absolutely no idea. And that’s what worries me.

        • Speaking of Hip Song and MBLAQ:

          Did you catch Kwanghee’s (from ZE:A) fanboy cameo when Hip Song starts? :D

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I watch that over and over again. I cracked up at Kwanghee! He always make me laugh!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah was just readin his Wiki and ummmm… LOL!

          Only song I know by him and apparently that only got #2 whereas he has like 15 #1s lol.
          Says he was in Speed Racer, idr him, but then again idr movie much. Also he’s the Ninja Assassin dude, always wanted to watch that movie but never did…

        • He was the Japanese racer in Speed Racer–I only watched that because of him and Ninja Assassin is great. I’ve watched it a bunch of times. The only thing about it that wasn’t good was the excessive blood. It was a bit too much

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I’m kind of in to excessive gore ._.
          I usually avoid R movies for all the language and/or uneeded sex but ones that are just gore I have no problem w/. Like Last Samurai.
          Yeah it seemslike I vaguely remember him but not rly lol.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Thank you for reminding me about Ninja Assasin…It’s been on my list to watch for a while.

          Rainism (might want to stay away from the vid though), and It’s Raining (this video might not be too bad) are pretty good songs. EDIT: and I’m Coming (not sure about the video..only watched bits of it).

          You kinda have to expect some raunchy thrusting when it comes to guys in K-pop as most bands have it in their choreography but seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen as much in one video as there is in this one. I totally love the song…but all the thrusting…idk

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          lol Rainism is the one it said was 19+ for phalic/sexual lyrics!

          And what song are u talking bout, this one, or Rainism? lol

        • unicornsgalaxy

          This song has the overabundance of Raunchy Thrusting. Seriously, if you are uncomfortable with pelvic thrusts…don’t watch…just listen

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          The more you tell me that I don’t want to watch it, the more it makes me want to watch it just to see for myself.

          I’m trying to refrain from it but I might die laughing so we’ll see lol.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          HAHAHAHA! The chorus is ALL thrusting! LOL
          Wow you were right lol.

          I don’t rly like song tho…

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I TOLD you! I’m seriously conflicted about this vid!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Just watched Rainism too lol not as bad as I expected. Some self-groping but wasn’t as frequent or as crazy as I thought it would be.

          Wait, WHAT?! He has a song w/ TABLO?!?! LOL!

        • fuuko4869

          Yup Tablo’s featured with Rain and also Junsu and BoA in that mobile phone ad and also Minwoo from Shinhwa and also Younha and G-Dragon and Nell and many others….

          Watch them and many more in my [Best of Tablo] PLAYLIST!!! xD

          …………and here was I thinking I wouldn’t come to eyk until exams end….I only lasted 2 days T_T (using university computer)

        • JustDense

          *shivers* why you made me watch that D:
          Not so much raunchy thrusting in this one. But lots of body rolls, the already mentioned belt pulling and stuff.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          It’s RAIN! He’s kind of a big deal.

        • JustDense

          LOL I know he is Rain.
          But After seeing Rainism and Love song, I’d rather avoid watching any of his videos/performances. It’s a lot of visual information.

        • … This conversation is amusing me so much. I love how much Rain seems to make people uncomfortable with is sexy… Kind of like this video.

          Tee hee.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          idk if it necessarily makes me uncomfortable (maybe because I’m a dude) but I’m like “WHY?!” lol

        • Yes, I get the why. It is completely amusing how many times he is pulling at his pants. Like he’s checking to see if it is still there.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I was going to mention the pant pulling move lol, but I refrained, and I still am going to.

        • JustDense

          Haha, yeah.
          You could say his sexy “is too much to handle” and the only possible reaction is to feel uncomfortable by it. (?)

        • I am not feeling uncomfortable since I come from the Caribbean and am used to people grinding on each other in the middle of the street during carnival. Remember, island of Rihanna, not many things about sexy dancing perturbs me.

          Thus my amusement. Roh Ji Hoon’s pants pulling makes me giggle. Like hah! Look at the ickle guy trying to gyrate.

          Rain is more sexual to me because in addition to the thrusting, he is overtly sexual in all of his performances. His give off a complete aura of sexy times.

        • I think I’ve just learned to expect sexy dancing when it comes to Rain. Honestly, Roh Ji Hoon’s dancing in this video makes me a lot more uncomfortable than anything I’ve seen Rain do. Rain owns his sexy aura; he’s very confident when he dances, so I think the self-assuredness with which he moves takes some of the uncomfortableness out of it for me. Plus, he’s older than me. On the other hand, Roh Ji Hoon is younger, and that continual belt pulling move he does makes me want to avert my eyes for his sake and my own.

        • I agree with what you said about Rain owning his sexy. This younger Ji Hoon just comes off as a pretty boy checking to see if his stuff is still there to me. Actually most of his moves make me think of UKiss’ body wave dance. I love watching them do that and I am in no way thinking of them in a sexy times way.

        • “This younger Ji Hoon just comes off as a pretty boy checking to see if his stuff is still there to me.” Haha, that’s a perfect way to describe him in this video. Even his body waves don’t really seem that sexy/smooth to me. In contrast to Belgium chocolate Ji Hoon, Hershey’s chocolate Ji Hoon’s waves have no sexy gravitational pull, but I feel that that’s what he’s trying to accomplish, unlike U-Kiss. U-Kiss’ body waves in Stop Girl didn’t seem like they were intentionally trying to be very sexy, it was just a move that went with the music.

          If you haven’t seen this clip, here’s Rain on Strong Heart:
          See, his Hip Song dancing is so sexy that he even rips his pants :P He’s so cute when he’s not being sexy :D

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I love how Jaime got us all comparing Rain and Roh Ji Hoon… it’s kinda like comparing fine Belgium Chocolate to Hershey’s Chocolate.

        • That comparison is so apt. The Hersey Ji Hoon and the Belgian Ji Hoon.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          They will now forever be known as Hersey Ji Hoon and Belgian Ji Hoon

        • Love this :) Oh Rain, please come back from the army to gift us with more of your sexy confidence. :P

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Agree…shouldn’t he be getting out soon? *sigh*

        • I think he’s got about a year left. *sigh* All this talk of Rain and I had to go put on his Rainism album.

          TKIR: So this guy’s name is Roh/Noh Ji Hoon, while Rain’s real name is Jung Ji Hoon…
          Yeah, that’s all I’ve got to try to keep this on topic. XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


          Maybe that’s it. Ji Hoon = to thrust

        • Haha, I’ll keep an eye out for other artists named Ji Hoon that thrust.
          Outsider is that really fast rapper, right? I’ve only heard that one song by him that was on one of the indie playlists.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Totally didn’t make that connection! And all this time I thought we were comparing them cause of the hip thrusts and really it was cause of their similar names…yeah..let’s go with that!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Outsider is finally out, that dude needs a new song STAT!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          It it beyond weird that I started the fangirling.

          I think that’s my cue.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I don’t know what you are talking about! I didn’t mispell anything! *whistles innocently*

        • unicornsgalaxy

          The only reason feel a bit uncomfortable is because he is like 10yrs younger than me…that kinda gives me the ickies watching him do all the thrusting (specially since he doesn’t have the same pizazz as Rain).

          Now I totally agree with Rain being more sexual. That man is like sex on a stick!

        • Is it perhaps that he is being to you like Seungri is to me where I am willing him to stop with the sexy because OMG you are a baby panda….

          Or is that only something that happens to me?

          This Ji Hoon does nothing for me. He is too ‘ pretty’.

        • Even so, Seungri is a Strong Baby panda :P Tablo Effect strikes again.

        • *side eyes you for linking me to that video. Goes to watch it anyway*

          How is it that Hersey Ji Hoon does not bother me but baby panda does? Dunno.

          I love that S&M apparently go around saying ‘ hello my name is hoooooon’ on a regular basis. Oh UKiss…. I miss you. I wonder how the Peru concert was and why oh why are you planning to have a concert in nowhere village, England?

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Yep, I’m thinking that is exactly what I am thinking!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Apparently he has a “magic stick”.

          Just sayin.

        • JustDense

          I feel kinda uncomfortable maybe because I’m not exactly used to guys pulling out this kind of stuff. I mean,l I’ve been practicing salsa, tango and some other dance styles like that for around 4-5 years, but even with that I feel weird watching them dancing all “oooh you so nasty” or in Rain’s case, giving a “sexy times” aura, is because to me, attitude while dancing with a partner≠attitude while dancing solo.

        • I am very used to guys pulling this kind of stuff. Actually Michael Jackson’s hip thrust is similar to this, but I never thought of that in an overtly sexy way either.

          Oh I love salsa dancing. I did it for a year or two when I was young, but I am not sure if I can remember my steps anymore.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          But here’s the real question. Do females feel awkward about HyunA’s dances and stuff like that?

        • A lot of Hyuna’s “dance” moves make me want to cringe in embarrassment for her. Practically everything is so over-the-top sexual that I just feel bad for her having to do it. And it’s not like her stylists help her out there either.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic




        • JustDense

          I don’t. I just think is badly executed “sexy”. In a sense that it doesn’t fit her.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          What is this, it’s like no females find HyunA attractive?!

          Honestly I think the main reason I like her is her eyes… idk why, but I love em! :3

          BUT! She doesn’t hold a candle to Nana or Lizzy so… (Nana, Lizzy, Hyorin, and HyunA. That is my dream team of K-Pop females I actually know the names of.)

        • JustDense

          I mean, she is pretty and all, but, the whole “I’m so sexy” and those dance moves are of no help to her image. Her company is trying to depict some sort of “Cute and Sexy HyunA” that for some (not me I must say) might feel like a “cheap girl” or something.
          If her image was more on the fierce side (Like Lee Hyori for example), it would be a complete different story.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Once again I’m going to go with the chocolate reference that I used for Rain and Roh Ji Hoon…

          Lee Hyori is the fine Belgium Chocolate and HyunA is the Hershey’s chocolate.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          They’re both older! lol

          I don’t even know this chick…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I’ll check this out tomorrow, got to be up super early tomorrow. If I don’t, then yell at me or remind me. (Although I might not be on much til late, idk)

        • Lee Hyori is classy sexy, which is really what Hyuna’s company should be aiming for. Or maybe they are aiming for that and just missing?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Hey her vids get lots of views lol.

        • …But not for the right reasons.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I guess you could say that Lee Hyori is kinda like the female equivalent of Rain. She was part of the 1st generation idols and was in Fin.K.L then she went on to do solo work. Think classier and sexier than HyunA.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well supposedly that’s what Ga In is… *rolls eyes*.

          Anywho. I’m honestly not much of a HyunA fan vid/music-wise lol. I mean I like a few of her song but somethin about her eyes… idk.

          But really OC/AS are the only chick groups/singers I’m in to.

          lol I mentioned Hyorin but I only know one SISTAR song and I don’t even know what her voice sounds like. (Seen her on Running Man and it seemed like she had no voice, like as it was gone…)

        • JustDense

          *applause* I couldn’t have come with a better comparison.
          Comparing K-pop idols to chocolate. Haha, very clever.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I feel more embarrassed for her.

          Secret’s Poison dance was like WOW, but it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable…just kinda like Whoa!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well was just wonderin if opposite gender is part of it.

          Because HyunA def has some moves that I think are uncomfortable to guys that haven’t completely polluted their minds…

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I honestly haven’t watched too much of Hyuna. It can be a bit much which is why I feel more of the embarrassed uncomfortable.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Because all this dude thrustin I find more humorous than anything lol.

  31. Once again, that brick room has appeared. Go check the music videos for Kim Jong Kook’s Men Are All Like That and Daybreak’s Silly, plus many others. They didn’t even have to move the chair that KJK left behind, ha.

  32. OMG soo sexy!!! Hopefully Simon doesn’t ruin it for me too much! :P

  33. love the song and the dance is both awesome and kinda funny

  34. TheAnonGit

    I like the song a lot.. but what is the music video supposed to be about?

    • I think it’s about her teasing him. Like, he’s still chasing after her, so she continues to play coy, and is “punishing him” that way. that’s why she ties him up, touches him, and then leaves him there. Just to be a tease for him. Which i personally think is dumb, like how could you just tease a hot guy like that? lol, I’ll take him! :P

      • TheAnonGit

        Thank you! That makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. Is that what he’s singing about in the song too? I’ll have to look up an English translation. Thanks for your help :)

  35. Cube Entertainment for the WIN !!

  36. LOVE THIS SONG !!! !!!! Yay !!