Royal Pirates – Drawing The Line

  1. Corrin woods

    They need to be more well known for such amazing music

  2. Is there anyone else that hangs out here anymore?? Because I want to spazz about how Moon is going to be on the ASC after show with Kevin and Eric and I’m so totally going to die because of spazzing too much and holding in laughter at 3 AM~~~

    • lumierenoire

      I shall watch it tomorrow and will be happy to read your spazzing hehe. I would watch it tonight, but an evil test requires my studying attention. xD

      • Dawww~~~~ Okay~!!!
        I was so happy~ HE DANCED~!!!!!!!
        I don’t know whether he just dance just because or because Mystery Admin got fed up with my nagging (I’m always nagging Mystery Admin to make Moon dance whenever he goes on ASC now~~ I did when Rainbow Blaxx came and I did before the After Show started~!!!!!!!) He’s just so cutee~ though~!!! <3 I love it~
        I like his weird awkward dancing~~~

        • lumierenoire

          Poor Pai though D; To have Moon just say “I didn’t like Pai” live was unexpected. o.o Maybe the PDs should have told him that their mics were still on during the voting ahead of time…?
          Hehe Mystery Admin is so interesting. Moon is adorable and awkward in many ways. ^^

        • I knoww…… I felt bad for her~
          Eric and Kevin DID ask for the PDs to turn up the music so they wouldn’t hear what they were saying….. so I kind of assumed they would have at least 1) turned up the music or 2) turned down the mic. I was kind of surprised myself to still be able to hear them talk……
          I don’t want the be the fan girl that makes excuses for her bias, but at the same time….. yeah.. I’m kind of biased… OTL
          (And of course, I noticed this week that Sooyoon and James got handheld mics instead of hand-less mics and I was wondering if Moon’s slip up had anything to do with it…… )

  3. I love this song and the M/V is sublime! IT just makes me smile and hum along! <3 <3 <3

  4. Minaal Zahid

    Awesome song ^^

  5. Royal Pirates FIGHTING! I can’t wait to get RP’s album in the mail : )

  6. Royal Pirates are awesome ^^ Sending lots of love from Cali :)

  7. Share and vote guys! would love to see what EYK thinks of the song and the video. ^^

  8. They are currently top 3 on the charts (as of now), meaning they are contenders for Music Monday! I have faith in you EYK hahaha..

  9. I mean, Busker busker Brad is in their video! :D They’re all 3 good looking, have good voices/musical talent. Love them… :)

  10. omgeeeeeee! It’s in the top three! S&M please please review it.

  11. Royal Pirates + Brad + hilarious talk show host = DELIGHTFUL AWESOMENESS!

  12. ErikaBustamante

    It’s been a while since a good band debuted in Korea. ROYAL PIRATES are someone to listen to, they’re gonna go far man.

  13. Rebekah Dennison

    Love It! hope that EYK could review this~

  14. Puffycake

    woah awesome song =o

  15. i hope that you guys can interview the royal pirates that would be the best

  16. I remember in the earlier days, their music was a bit heavier. I know korea isn’t big on rock n roll music, but maybe they will get to amp it up later. But I still think this song is awesome!

    • I agree that it would be nice if it was heavier, but it’s still a good song. And the video was pretty entertaining as well! It would make a good KMM.

      • their style is more kpop too compared to shout out that looked more like a rock video and they look more like kpop ideals im not complaining they look good but i wouldn’t mind some more rock n roll stuff in the future and more songs in english!

  17. yay its going up in the kpop charts

  18. Amyaco

    This song is GREAT! Even my friend who hates kpop likes it. The English version is also really cool. ^^

  19. Cyber_3

    Aw yeah! This was an awesome video and song (even if the lyrics were kinda fluffy)! Love the concept and the cameos.

    Anyone know who the other white guy (the talk show host – not Busker
    Busker Brad) was? He reminds me a lot of Bill Irwin but he’s too young
    to be him.

  20. I love this song and video soooo much!!!

  21. Paulette Santamaria

    I really love Royal Pirates!!! It would be awesome if you interview them, it would be so much fun haha please!!! :DD

  22. AWESOME! Really liked it, made me laugh and cheer with them.
    *can’t hold it in*

  23. lumierenoire

    Go Royal Pirates! ^_^ This video is so amusing to watch, and I love Moon’s facial expression when he gets slapped. o 3o
    The rest of their album is also really nice.

  24. Its quite a nice song, though the singer(?) got rejected twice cos he’s not good enough for the ladies…? My fave part is when the whole band starts playing (drums included) during the tv show(?) =D

    • Cyber_3

      I don’t think that it’s necessarily that he’s not good enough, certainly he was fresh though – LOL! Perhaps it is also a statement on the kpop ladies not dating anyone, prolly even less likely anyone in the bizz. That slap was awesome!

  25. it’s high time for them to get big(ger)!! Go Royal Pirates arrrr!

  26. Hope EYK get to interview them soon! ^^ It would be so much fun! Thanks!

  27. I never heard of them before! The song is really cool ^__^

  28. Gabriela Carrera Montanez

    wow love the video!

  29. TheArrowPen

    Whoooo, Royal Pirates! Hilarious video — I loved the talk show host.

    Also, didn’t that white guy at the end with the glasses try to steal a Golden Spudgy from Eric Nam recently? ;) Next thing you know, the Royal Pirates will be storming the EYK Studio, too!


  30. Gotta love the Brad cameo. Royal Pirates killing it again. Love their sound and fun concepts. Music is best when everyone involved is having a good time. I’ll be eagerly awaiting their next release while I listen to this in the meantime.

  31. Yay Royal Pirates!!

    Yay Busker Busker Brad! :D
    Who’s the other white guy?