Sagging Snail – Punk In The Corner

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  1. JustDense

    This video has Park Myungsoo in various wigs and silly clothes. No need to say anything else.
    Something tells me they are making a silly parody of BB’s Monster xD

  2. uuummmm…I’m pretty sure this is the most awesome thing I’ve seen all year. Who wouldn’t want this to be reviewed!

  3. I would love to see this reviewed! It’s so funny!

  4. How is this not the hottest thing in KPOP right now. So awesome! I don’t even have words!

  5. Yoo Jae Suk!!!!!!!!!!! Even in a MV he is hilarious. Who knew he could sing…. :D

  6. Based on the screen shot alone I’m kind of afraid to watch this one >_>

  7. Talk about going retro.

  8. This needs to happen ahahahahah This would make and amazing music monday!

  9. mls

    So that’s how the GD-monster ended up after escaping from his prison…a complete lunatic due to loneliness! @_@ poor thing …

  10. I wanna see Simon and Martina try to do a parody of this.

  11. hahaha Love this song, its so funky~

  12. fuuko4869

    ROFL!!! Kpop totally needs more intentionally ridiculous videos like this xD

  13. smileey1991

    Hahahahahahahaha. OMG Very funny