Sanchez – Beautiful Day

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  1. Sanchez is amazing but his true ability gets shown in Pretty Enough with Verbal Jint!! Love that song <3

  2. This isnt’ G.NA song, is Snachez song ok. was only a feat!!!

  3. this is sanchez song, G.NA was only a feat ;)

  4. hikaru1412

    This is a beautiful song. And it has G.NA in it! This guy is amazing too! I’ve never heard of him before. and I love how I know how to get that glossy face look with makeup and moisturizer. *scoured the internet for makeup videos and stumbled upon a helpful one*

  5. This is a beautiful song with strong vocals! This disserves so much more votes! Lord, are people tone deff?…I would imagine so >.>

  6. Maybe Mv isn’t soo interesting but song is soo good. It should get more attention


  8. Linda beautiful

    Sanchez is absolutely beautiful~ them cheekbones <3 Phantom really needs to have a comeback soon!

  9. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Wow I figured this wouldn’t be very popular on here but I expected it to do better than this…

  10. Wow sanchez is a good raper too!

  11. I loved 100% of this song and video.

  12. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Ummm pretty sure this isn’t a G NA song ft. Sanchez… but w/e.

  13. I liked everything except for the random rapping part. Both have really beautiful voices though :) I would love to see this voted up but I’m not sure how popular G.NA is. If it doesnt get onto music mondays, do you think it could end up in kpop charts update or the indie playlist?

  14. i love this song ^_^ i mean even though there is barely any english the english is pretty god and their voices are awesome and his rap is great O.o

  15. Kimberly Nguyen

    The guy is Sanchaz from the group Phantom, and it’s not nice to say he’s ugly.

  16. MissSpudgy

    Who’s the guy? He’s quite ugly but I really like is voice.

  17. I’m so into this song and it’s beauty! I’ve been waiting for a song like this from G.NA since her debut days. And the fact that she did it with a male singer who’s voice matches hers so well? Brilliant!