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SE7EN – Somebody Else

  1. Now that the Big Bang mvs have been covered……. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE let’s get Se7en in thereeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. This song is just amazing C:

  3. I think the link for the video is broken… :/

  4. I love his new songs, the sound is just so great. 

  5. I REALLY love this song….more than his other songs :/

  6. Your YouTube link is broken… just thought I’d let you know

  7. This song is BEAUTIFUL. I fell in love~!!

  8. I honestly love this song so much. 
    Se7en has such an amazing vocal and also quite good looking.
    I definitely prefer the Korean version over the Japanese. :)

  9. Se7en is THE man. I Loved this song in Japanese, but i Love it even more in Korean! :D 

    <3 Se7en!!!


  11. This is my favorite song on the album :)

  12. SE7EN in the next Kpop Music Mondays

  13. Let´s vote for this video for Kpop Music Monday <3

  14. I don’t know Se7en that much so I was wondering – is that guy pronouncing korean words with a slight english accent??

  15. If u compare this mv with the japan version, u’ll find it different! only few scenes are exactly the same~~ :D