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SE7EN – When I Can’t Sing

  1. review it!!!!

  2. this music is so pretty!! I love the lyrics!!

  3. you need to review it

  4. dude review this song already

  5. This song is just so beautiful T_T

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  9. We will always love you!

  10. I Love this vid

  11. This MV needs to be reviewed, like come one the original kpop king is having a comeback with an awesome song! 


  13. SE7EN!!!!!!! music monday!!!!!!!! POLICE!!


  15. I really want them to review this song!!!!

  16. coommenting again to see if he can get to number one

  17. this somg is beautiful! i really hope you’ll review this song

  18. this is an amazing song!!! i’ve been watching it at least once a day and i just think it’s so beautiful (which is a weird descriptor but i think an appropriate one) :-) 

  19. If you listen carefully you can actually hear JYP whisper “and Se7en” after saying his own name.

  20. I will stand by you!!! <3 

  21. today, I watched his performance this song on stage . it’s so good! oppa fighting! ^^

  22. I love the song! It’s probably something that all idols need to face one day. Please review!

  23. I keep coming back to listen to this song. 

  24.  I’m really excited for Se7en that he’s back, although I’m sad he’s not promoting on the music shows (at least I haven’t seen him on them yet)…

  25. se7en for this week Kpop Music mondays jaebal

  26. another ballad of se7en’s i like
    when he sings ballad, it reminds me why he debuted before big bang(namely gdragon and taeyang)

  27. this song must be reviewed! the meaning of the song is great!

  28. he is back!

  29. SE7EN! I absolutely love the lyrics to this song. And the dancing at the end! AHHH!

  30. i love this song!!! 

  31. omooo… Is he talking about Park Han Byul in the lyrics ??? That’s too sweet ToT

    Could you guys do this song for Music Monday.. 
    Simon should do a parody about this toward Martina hihi.
    if Simon is getting old and not as hot as now, Would you still by his side Martina?? 

  32. come one lets bump it up!

  33. This song is just wonderful. And the lyrics T_T

  34. I love this song, its melody so beautiful~, welcome back Se7en!!
    U rocks as alway~..

  35. simon and martina. DO THIS SONG. or else lol.
    its really good and it made cry and this is his comeback–he deserves this. besides if you don’t do this one well ( you wont lose points in my book because you guys are freaking awesome) you wont be cool for five minutes. You want to be cool? do this song :)

  36. This song is so touching. I cried many times listening to this

  37. very great song! i know martina dont like ballads and slow song but i really want them to make video critique about this!

  38. Se7en + GD + JYP = awesome. :P

  39. wow Se7en is one of the best singers in the world

  40. great song seven oppa!!! your so charming, saranghae!!!

  41. YEASH!!! we reached 1000!!! now i can go have dinner :D

    Best Video!!!!! 

    Se7en Fighting!!! eatyoukimchi fighting!! Simon and Martina Fighting!!!


  43. LEGGO SE7EN!!!

  44. Come on!!! nearly 1000! we can do it!! a thousand every two days!! Se7en Fighting!!!

  45. SE7EN!! One of a kind love you!!! <3

  46. Loving this song so much! I can’t stop listening it!! and well he looks so hot in the video!! ♥



  49. se7en se7en!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gd is so cute btw.

  50. good job! fighting oppa ^^

  51. When u share out, please remember to vote too! would earn more points! XD~

  52. wish him all the best and would love to see how simon and martina review this mv

  53. this is the song that forces us to think about the times when our favorite idols and artists are no longer as popular as they were, and it hurts me to even see se7en sing a song like this. i’m no luckyse7en, but i feel as though i’m becoming one, because this man here makes me feel proud of his courage to voice out such a thought. this collaboration with JYP is simply breathtaking.

  54. reminiscing, passing the torch.. man this song is heavy and that last part 
    “Someday, the day will come I’ll come down from the stage where the cheers have decreased As my shoulders droop down My head hung low (even then) Will you stand by my side?” — makes my heart heavy. I will support Se7en all the way! I hope this gets picked I want to hear what Simon and Martina has to say about the video and the hair-whipping dance move ofcourse! ^_^

  55. I really love how JYP and YG collaborate for SE7EN’s comeback song :) And what I love this video so much is GD’s short short short cameo… and there’s a part SE7EN’s walking in the street when the ‘old times’ SE7EN rolling by. This’s really a good video to me and I want to know how it’s for Music Monday :DD

  56. Man ! I love this song soo much! damn. Guys you have to choose this song !! C’mon It’s so amazing…..<3 I shared it on my Facebook, Twitter and Google!! I LOVE EAT YOUR KIMCHI!! I'm watching every time your  videos! <3 And it would me so amazing if you would choose this great song :DDD

  57. i really wish se7en the best of luck when promoting this song!!! this at least should win some music show awards!

  58. Since I’ve known Se7en, he had always makes GREAT meaningful songs and this had become my favorite :)

  59. I FREAKIN WANNT THIS VIDEO TO WIN! I even tweeted it, which is … kinda pointless since no one follows me…… But Oh How I love it! if it doesnt win… my dreams… and hopes… and heart…. will all be…… quite intact, but i will be totally disheartened!! by all the lame little lame fans!! heheeh of course I mean anyone who didnt vote for se7en, and since bigbang hasnt done anything of late, no forgiveness!!! 

    oh yeah.. and this video is totally deep and awesome and i love it. Reasons to vote for it: YGYP(seems like an appropriate combination of the two.. since im a bit of a YG fam kid)! and SE7EN! and GD’s in the video (i’m not really.. gd fan..)! and its all deep and meaningful (I gather.. it feels that way!)! and even though its a ballad.. I dont care. BUT NUMBER ONE REASON!!! 


  60. I can feel the deep meaning of the song once I heard it though I don’t know the meaning at first :)

  61. What the… now I’m hearing JYP whisper in YGE music videos. Can’t escape.  

  62. The way he shed his image as Se7en slowly by going from the stage wearing a blinged jacket while being cheered on by fans to out door clothing being waited on by fans outside to walking and being recognized by some people on the street to a simple plaid polo watching tv at home.

    And when he passed by GD on his way down the stage it was like, he was passing the stage to GD. Remember when a lot of people were saying how Big Bang has out shined Se7en in YG? Lucky 7s were being bitter that YG’s paying more attention to Big Bang rather than Se7en’s career. And here he was like, Here bro, the stage’s yours.

    And when he was waving to the fans with a sweet smile on his face but the moment he was inside his car he was like, i am so tired and lonely and just. sigh.

    And then he was walking and he passed by the shop displaying some tvs, and they were showing concerts and Taeyang and he was like, Time surely has gone by with that bitter-sweet smile on his face.

    And then when the kid wearing his old style and rollerblading/skating which we all know was his trademark for Come Back to Me Part 1… just. Feelings.

    It’s like, did his fans ever really loved him for who he is? Or did they just love him for what he was. The lyrics was definitely heartbreaking. And the dance, Shaun Evaristo’s work, I pressume. He went to Korea a while back and we think he might have worked with Big Bang but looks like it’s for Se7en :D

    JYP has always wanted to collaborate with YG. They even planned a Rain-Se7en collab which didn’t push through, sadly. JYP has written some more songs for other YG artists like Park Bom which we’ve never heard and probably will never hear :(

    Anyways, amazing song from SE7EN. Great work, JYP and YG!

    • I love your comment. I think your analysis is really great. I can’t understand the lyrics but i could get the sad sense of nostalgia and tiredness. I really hope that se7en can shine before he has to go into the army. I’m a new fan having only ‘discovered’ kpop last year. Thanks for the info :) 

      • The thing is, Se7en already has shined so bright before. He was one of the few first idols who started the Hallyu wave.

        But yeah, I hope he does get more recognition with this mini than what he got for Digital Bounce which was, no offense, sort of too “digitalized”, lol.

        If you’re a new fan, definitely check out his older songs!

    • I totally love what you said too! and I missed some of what you pointed out because I was… kinda… fangirling a bit… but now that I have calmed down and read your comment I am gonna go watch it again! it makes me kinda sad.. but its also very awesome that he is going out in such a wonderful way! I am satisfied, he certainly is lovely, and deserves more than what people expect of him. :D 

      Takk og Sankoo!!

    • WOW Beautiful Comment, never actually said this before feels wierd :)

    • actually when he passed the tvs, they were showing se7en’s old music videos and concerts, rather than taeyang’s. so it’s more like representing nostalgia :) but still, i love your analysis of the video <3

      • Sorry, I haven’t watched it in HD when I posted this comment. But I’ve downloaded the MV and watched it now, and yep you’re right, they’re showing his old MVs and concerts. Thanks for correcting me.

        Edited it :)

  63. amazing se7en amazing gd

  64. This is an amazing song and video! Glad Se7en is back. =)

  65. This song is so sad but amazing

  66. I want SM to review this video just to tell me why is he walking in circles?… maybe he can’t find  he’s own apartment? I dont know..  jaja love the song by the way and … GD of course =)

  67. i am so late its not even funny :( 

    i want an english version! 

  68. I can fell the sadness of this song, don´t need to understand it all, just the chorus is great. The dancers are cool too ^^

  69. Awesome collab! SE7EN is so intense!

  70. the song is really touching;A;
    i cried listening to it~~

  71. The song is sweet indeed, but what I really love is the video. I love watching him shed the costume of “se7en” and transform, little by little, back into Choi Dong-Wook. A normal guy with music and art filling his heart. I feel like the dance solo in the middle was a depiction of his internal desire to dance and sing and create, a desire free and pure and unbound by “the business of entertainment”. I feel like this depiction of the duality of a pop idol, showing us the human being behind the mask, really complemented the serious and slightly insecure lyrics. And the tone of the song really matched the video, with the long shadows and darkness and quiet contemplative feel. 

    PLEZ review this song! So much you could say about it!!!

  72. I love Se7en so much, seriously I am a huge fan! and I’m super happy with this comeback. This song is just beautiful! I’ll always be a fan and I’ll always love you Se7en! <3 ^^

  73. i really like this song, it’s deep and meaningsul and Se7en’s voice is gorgeus. i really want hear your opinion about.

  74. I love this song so much. It seems as if Se7en was disappointed with the results of his comeback last year, so he decided to chose something more of his style. And I’m glad he did, because this brings back a flood of memories of old Se7en songs. The MV is even Se7en style. I really hope he wins~ Simon and Martina, I really want to know what you think of this song! 

  75. random GD is random..xD xD xD

  76. I would love to see Simon doing that dance break in the end!!!!! It will be EPIC!

  77. lucky7s, blackjacks, VIPS…. all YGFAMILY.: SHOOW SOME LUUUUV!—> Keep voting!! :))

  78. this is awesome! the streets have signs which simon and martina will love!

  79. perfect perfect perfect – why THIS man is so perfect!!! LOVE IT the music video the song the album!! just epic!!

  80. nice song..nice for this song..
    but wait..the set…the street..all look familiar..and
    sunshine flower?LOL i want that ^^

  81. the lyrics of this song… Im seriously crying, is so beautiful… N the MV, thanks YG Appa n JYP for trolling us, :D 

  82. I love his hair! It’s so fluffy and soft looking!

  83. This song is great! It brings back a bit of the story vibe to music videos, especially towards the beginning of the video. PLUS, I love how JYP and YG trolled us with the random collaboration. I was like, WOAH! Great work. Bringing back some of the R&B stuff. Woo!

  84. such a great song!! i hope it makes it to the top!!

  85. I’m literally crying..the melody, the lyrics..and of course Se7en. That MV is fantastic. It’s effective (GD baby, baby & JYP) and just works on almost every level….

  86. It’s a beautiful song and video ^^
    just… umm… SE7EN?  is he a ghost in Jay Park’s apartment in Star MV and a time traveler ’cause he went and visited the street block of GD&TOP’s Don´t go home MV 

  87. I think this is a great song and SE7EN will always be the Prince of Kpop!

  88. altho this is a balad i really hope they decide to review this MV. it has so much symbolism in it it’s heart breaking! the dance choreograph “even if my popularity drops” his hand starts with no.1 and then falls to his feet. and then the GD part as if he’s handing over the baton over. it’s just so epic w/ symbolism!

  89. Very nice song! JYP lol with the whispering! :D

  90. Yup. This TOTALLY should be reviewed!!!!~ :D

  91. awwwww . the lyrics is so sad . its really a great song !!

  92. Really great song! ♥

  93. this is LOVE<3 its full of emotion

  94. Oh! I forgot! The lyrics were beautiful. And just when I thought that se7en won’t be dancing, he danced. It was amazing. It was not awkward for the song but it perfectly fit with the melody.

  95. I love the MV. Damn it. But the moment I saw the room. I asked myself, “Did Jay Park sell his room to Se7en?” HAHAHAHAHA. 

  96. Having GD do his cameo at the same time that “JYP” is whispered was kinda funny to my brain.

  97. ha! he broke into Jay Park’s room! (Star mv)

  98. SE7EN – 내가 노래를 못해도 (When I Can’t Sing)

    “Even if i lose everything…

    Even if my popularity drops…

    Even if i can’t sing anymore…

    And have another occupation…

    Just For the reason i am Me…

    Can you still continue to love me?”

    ★Available on iTunes:
    ★YGeShop :

  99. i personally like the wisper “JYP”

    • hehe me too, even though I just agreed with another person who was sighing about it, I still think its kinda fun since its a YG artist hehe

  100. 대박! i love this song.
    if planist JYP apprears it been more cool.

  101. Such a beautiful music video (with very cool cameo, keke) and amazing song! Lyrics are very touching… Se7en’s dance is so smooth, I was really surprised by his dancing skills.
    Can’t wait to see his live performances, good luck, Se7en!
    Hope to see more awesome YG+JYP collabs in the future

  102. The most decent MV entry of the year. I hope this will win! Beautiful voice, beautiful song, beautiful MV. Just beautiful!!!

  103. Nooooo the JYP is back. IN SE7EN’S MUSIC VIDEO TOO. sigh

    • I absolutely had no idea that it was JYP himself who said that in every JYP song until my sister told me so. HAHA what an interesting(ly vain) guy! I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. 

  104. JYP made an epic song for a YG artist than his. hahaha

  105. Love Se7en’s voice + piano melody played by JYP~ Heard that this song is for us LuckySe7ens~

  106. amazing song and amazing music video!!!! =)