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Secret – Poison

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  1. seriously they don’t even have a chance to be no. 1 :((

  2. Bárbara Estefanía Conconi

    So addictive X9

  3. Hey hey hey, back with more love for SECRET !

  4. I’d love to see Simon and Martina shredding the whole robbery plot. xD

  5. Oh yes, supporting the beautiful SECRET ladies still! 8)

  6. i love Secret they are perfect……

  7. UH what, SECRET is #48 now?!

  8. Now that Catch Me has been reviewed, Poison could be reviewed…
    Keep voting SECRETTIMEs!!!

  9. omg secret’s girls are sooooooooo sexy…. why TVXQ? you have to release a MV
    anyway… secret fighting! :D

  10. crotch-pop

    Still, I agree it’s tempting to vote up just to get Simon to say Naasteh.

  11. I want this video reviewed cause IM SO NASTY

  12. Voting, tweeting, and commenting everyday!

  13. Anyway… I think we should all share this on Facebook more because it contains 4 points!!

  14. Still voting for our fantabulous SECRET ladies! (8

  15. Woosh, back again – let’s keep on voting! I believe in the power/”POISON” of SECRET TIME!

  16. Reviewwwww thisssss pleaseeeee.

  17. Hey SECRET TIME – commenting every day to support our beautiful SECRET girls! :D

  18. they poisoned me haha they are all beautiful :))

  19. Secrets been around for so long, it’s sad they don’t have a review yet :c
    They are amazing, beautiful, and so talented~

  20. Even if this song never gets a review by EYK, because lets face it they were up against some huge names, I will forever love this song and the dynamic shift in Secret’s new sexy style and the confidence in which they pulled this song and the lives performances off.

  21. Ahhh I just love SECRET so much – their music is so catchy, their vocals are wonderful, and they have such lovely clothing too! It would be awesome if Simon & Martina finally reviewed a SECRET song, right guys? 8)

  22. In my opinion, they are the most beautiful and talented korean girl group. ^^

  23. This song is amazing! I’ve had it stuck in my head all day. :3

  24. I love you, HyoSung ♥.♥

  25. oh my top 4 i want them to be on the top… i believe we can make them at the top

  26. Can we vote for them more than 1 time per dayy?

    • Nope, sorry :(

      Only once per 24 hours per IP address. Btw, Simon and Martina won’t be doing Kpop Music Mondays for the next 3 weeks, cos they’ll be in Mexico and California. Just so you know. :)

  27. Who is your guises favorite member of Secret?

  28. Woot come on SECRET TIME, let’s get this song reviewed!

  29. I LOVE this song!!! I really hope it gets to be reviewed, either now or later!!!

  30. Come on guys! So glad that people are still voting :)


  32. This song made me think of Britney Spear’s Toxic the first time I heard it… They don’t sound like each other at all, but the lyrics give off the same sort of feel.

  33. their mv surpasses 5 million :))

  34. Why 4th place :’( LETS INCREASE THEIR VOTES GGUYS!!

  35. What is Everyone’s Favorite Secret Song?

  36. I’m still not completely sure about the storyline, but the 0913 code was the release date of this MV. ICWYDT TS.

  37. Watch Secret’s hilarious appearance on Weekly Idol (SUBBED). Even if u are not a fan, u’ll enjoy it:
    Also do not miss them guesting in Beatles Code (ALSO SUBBED). My GOD, this was hilarious as well. They are just so honest even about sensitive topics (envy and jealousy between members etc). Here it is:
    Can’t even choose which one was more entertaining. Literally LMAO constantly throughout both shows!!!

  38. I had been avoiding even watching this MV because it was OC’s competition, but then I heard it the other day on the K-Pop radio stations I listen to online and I must say, I do like it. I like it quite a bit actually.

  39. There is so much to review for this video that would have substance, like their concept, clothes, set, plot, dances, etc. it would be fun and entertaining to watch what Simon and Martina could do with this video! come on Secretimes! :D

  40. I wish Secret could get reviewed for this song, they hung on to their position for a while though, I’m sure if the heavy hitters weren’t out Secret would’ve had a chance.

  41. Come on, ladies and gentlemen, it’s SECRET TIME!

  42. I really want Secret to get reviewed!!!!

  43. Secret’s video should totally get reviewed. Storyline, awesome song, amazing girls!

  44. i feel so weird being excited to see simon do their open-leg dance LOL

  45. I’d really like for this mv to get reviewed, it’s one of the more fun storyline mvs that a kpop group has put out. Plus… BEWBS.

  46. more facebook and google+ shares would be nice! :)

  47. secret is currently no.2 in mcountdown… gd please atleast once make secret no. 1

  48. why did hyosung still seduce the guy at the end, when they already got what they wanted? or did the ending part happen before all those shooting stuff?

  49. secret are the best , I am happy with there comeback .. hope to see the more and more

  50. TS family forever

  51. i don’t get it why are they in rank 4???

  52. Doing sexy right! Also can’t wait to see Simon do this dance.

  53. I wish people would realize that this deserves to get reviewed. EYK has yet to review a Secret mv. :(

  54. Secret gotta win this pls pls pls pls pls pls………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  55. secrettime

  56. oh come on secret poison 4th place… i hate it :(( secrettimes make them win

  57. More Facebook likes would help a lot.

  58. Haha, I would love to see EYK review this, I also love the song and the styling for it too :3 I want Hyosung’s hair ;u;

  59. I’m a fan of Secret and also a fan of GD but I would choose Secret over GD so Secret will be my bias :P Secret I’m voting for you :D

  60. SECRET will SWAP songs with FT ISland when they go to Thailand for MCD next week!! (perform each other’s songs)
    I hope both groups will impress!!

  61. Oh, random fact, one of the ladies over at the Crayon page was telling me how her husband has been liking this song lately. Secret brings the boys out? xD

  62. OK, i’ll ask again. If the guy forgets his password how is he going to see 0913 behind his neck? What is the best way to do it if he’s all alone. Anyone?

    • I was gonna say mirror, but perhaps taking a photo of it would work too. I use the photo method to look at the back of my head after doing up my hair.

      • That’s a good idea but since this is supposed to be in the 1940s (no camera phones), I guess mirror is the best way. But u need two of them. Lol – Must be funny to see the guy trying to find the right angle for both mirrors so that he can see the password haha

  63. voting everydaaaay! :>

    • Wow, I’m pretty impressed with your determination :p

      How about you mention a different point about the song/MV everytime you come here to vote? Otherwise you’d end up with a page full of ‘Voting now yaaay’ comments :p

      For example. I was wondering why Girl A had to show the code tattoo to Girl B who had to write it down and give it in a rose to Girl C – when in the end they all went to open it together???

  64. Will this MV ever get reviewed? Aish, I hope so! I really want to see a KMM about Crayon, tho :D Forever in love with all the groups xD

  65. SECRETTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Wow secret ~~ I want them to be reviewed !! c:

  67. Come on lets vote for secret !!!! >:D

  68. please vote everyday :)) i want them to be reviewed



  71. Secret fighting !! :))

  72. Let’s vote, more and more ! Bring the secret times here !!

  73. Come on !! Let’s vote !! Fighting !!


  75. Ok I see now. This is the account i use most. Sometimes I get confused bc I dont realize which accounts I’m logged in here. Sorry…:)

  76. I don’t get why everyone is hating on the dance.. It’s perfect and sexy ! I really love it !

  77. Why is it when I click on my avatar, it just shows that I have made just 2 comments when I’m sure i did like 20-30 already? Someone pls answer me. I hope there’s no conspiracy or something here lol. Is the comment based on today only? But on the votes section it says 4 so it cant be just for today.
    If I dont get any answers, I might just have a wrong impression of this place so i hope the mods investigate this or at least explain to me bc I’m new here :)


  79. Please give them a chance to be reviewed!

  80. omg. i want to see simon dance this

  81. It would be funny to let Simon dance to this

  82. They all look so gorgeous in this video! Secret fighting!

  83. I want Secret to win over GD and TVXQ, sorry! ><
    I hate when some idol win over another because they've more fans and they vote for them, but in fact, their music aren't really the best at the moment… ._. (no, I'm not a hater, don't get me wrong!)
    Anyway, Secret hwaiting~ <3
    PS: Bad Engrish. Really bad Engrish.

  84. I’d really like Secret to have a chance at being reviewed by EYK, because it would be their first time and this mv really deserves a KPop Music Monday spotlight. But I have a sinking feeling that GD and TVXQ will nab the next two reviews just due to their sheer popularity, even though they’ve already been reviewed countless times. Kind of sucks, tbh. :/

  85. More,more,more !! Let’s do this !!!!

  86. Come on secret times ! Secret over GD ! <3

  87. They are

    S exy
    E xcellent
    C onfident
    R adiant
    E xquisite
    T errific
    T remendous
    I ncredible
    M arvellous
    E xtraordinary
    S plendid

    I’m bored………

  88. Secret needs to win over GD! Come on secret times !! <3

  89. So sexy and perfect ! They needs to win !! ~~

  90. Secret NEEDS to win over GD !!! Come on Secret times <3

  91. If we work hard enough we will be able to get next week’s spot. But it seems like GD or TVXQ will get that spot. Nevertheless, we have to try.

  92. Come on Secret Time! Vote for Secret! The girls worked hard!

  93. the only place where Secret Poison MV is not getting enough attention is here lol

  94. WOW just WOW i mean i´m a girl, but this is so much sexy….and nasty…i just.. i can´t OAO

  95. EYK, I feel like it’s been a while since you reviewed a girl group. (One more reason to rank this song higher on the list).

  96. I’m not really into KPop girl groups, but Secret and Poison just became one of my favorite songs!

  97. I really hope that secret get their well deserved recognition. Please support them.

  98. ну пожалуйста, хоть раз хочется увидеть обзор на клип Seсret тт.тт

  99. 4million views in 10 days. Finally getting more attention! :)

  100. look at the youtube views ohmagod our girls just amazing. <3333 review this video please, <3

  101. Must keep voting!! For boobs!! I meant team secret!

  102. this video is so nasteeeeh! it must be reviewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. I really hope Secret will get reviewed someday even if it’s not by this week. If they review this, it would be NASTY!!!!
    Who else is a BabySecretTime? =D


  105. Come one people keep voting!!

  106. Lee Jun Ki approves this video. ;D

  107. i can hear the guys in the army hooting and hollering from here. i want to see a military performance of this song. i think the guys might actually have a heart attack.

  108. come on secret need just needs to win it’ll be their first time reviewing SECRET

  109. let’s keep voting!!!!! this would be an awesome review !!!!!

  110. I’m going to continue to support Secret. c: I really love this song, much more than Crayon. And since Secret has never been reviewed, I’d really love to hear S&M’s thoughts on them more.

    • I agree with you, I liked GD That XX but one of a kind and Crayon… It’s not soo good, for me of course. And I didn’t love much review of One of a kind. All of VIPs are mad cuz of winning of UKiss (they say – there isn’t anything to talk there, in GD mv is a lot to talk). But if I start to think… The best mv to talk is mini drama, mvs with plots. Like Secret, new UVs MV. This is my personal thoughts, and I hope that no one will getbme wrong. I’m not trying to hate GD. I really loke him.

  111. they should do like 3rd place minuet on Tuesday for all the good bands that get crushed by the huge fan bases

  112. This video is going against GD and Ukiss this week and next week there might be TVXQ as well :( I really wish I could see this one get reviewed :(((

  113. Come on Simon, don’t you want to get all nastyeeeeh reviewing this? lol.

  114. I really love Secret members voices. And they’re cute too ^^

  115. Go go secret!! i hope you win, someone, anyone other than gd needs to get reviewed!! and i’m sick of hearing the biasness when watching the yg reviews -_-”

  116. Go…!!!!!!!!!!!
    Secret fighting..!!!

  117. SOOOO CLOSE try and get more views

  118. i want them to get reviewed :(

  119. no more boy groups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. come one!!! its been such a long time since secret made a comeback! almost a year!!!!!!

  121. Secret deserves Love! SECRET FOREVER!

  122. aaa OMG if they dont win this week i doubt they can win later cause TVXQ will have their comeback soon


  124. secret neeeeeds to win! i want them to review the mv sooo bad :( i mean gds mv is just him being crazy and dancing everywhere :/where as secrets mv has a meaning.

  125. commenting to score a point. Secret!!

  126. I been thier fan before this song came out, Man! I was so sad that they were low rate…bla Bla bla… I hate to hear other kpop girl ( One of the girl from 4minute (the sexy one))call them lowrate as well, Everyday I go to their MV hoping them to get alot of view but it seem increase the views so slow.

  127. Even with 1thousand otes per day we can get this video review next week or the week after ♥


  129. Just keep voting :>

  130. Please share on facebook!

  131. Keep voting guys!! xD

  132. argh not fair ukiss now has a new MV XD lol grr lets vote harder

  133. hyosung look better with this new hairstyle

  134. i have the hots for hyosung and sunhwa now after watching this mv

  135. not a fan of secret but i love this song so much. putting all my votes here

  136. hyosung is so sexy in the mv…i love this song a lot

  137. first time ever i’m into a girl group song. sunhwa look so pretty now…i almost can’t recognize her

  138. secret needs to win … this will be their first time reviewed by simon and martina


  140. Love em


  142. secret needs to be reviewed

  143. We risk being overtaken by UKISS D:
    We need more Facebook likes and shares, since they’re +4. and UKISS has alot of Facebook shares.

  144. If Secret doesn’t get reviewed this week there’s no need to worry. As long as we keep our votes coming, we might still have a chance. I mean, it’s happened twice already for B.A.P. And if B.A.P can do it so can Secret!

    • The problem is Secret fanboys aren’t coming here, They dont bother about stuff like this. U girls shud do some aegyo and convince them to come here lol

    • B.A.P won the voting in the second week of being on the chart, it would be the third week for SECRET, and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll win by then, because the votes don’t “count as much” anymore or something… :( It would be totally amazing if it worked though, I just don’t see it happening. I hope that they don’t have such strong competition for their next MV. It’s almost impossible to win against GD and Ukiss…. or Big Bang…or Super Junior… or Shinee :D

      • That’s the unfortunate part. D: At this point, Secret fans need to be spending a lot more time supporting Secret than, say, GD’s fans. All of the newer videos have an advantage simply by being new.

        But I hate the song “Crayon” (damn GD for not making a better title track, I was really looking forward to his comeback). So I’m going to continue to support Secret regardless. c:

  145. I fear that people have stopped voting for Poison because they feel like Crayon is gonna win anyways. Must keep the faith guys! Keep voting~~
    Even if Crayon gets reviewed…we still have a shot at next week. & Then U-KISS can be reviewed the week afterwards. But I think it’s over if it’s GD then U-KISS…the song might be too old on the charts :(

  146. :c Keep voting, maybe they will be after G-Dragon and hopefully next week, before U-Kiss if they are featured at all. Don’t give up!


  148. SECRET IS CURRENTLY 2ND!! even if we can’t beat GD or UKISS in the next two weeks. if we keep voting we can get in in for music mondays :D

  149. finally a kpop vid in which they actually USE the guns to defend themselves rather than holding the the guns and then proceeding to punch and kick the bad guys!!

  150. Ok, I’m still adding my part. SECRET POiSON MV!!!

  151. This needs to win guys!!
    I’m sick of male artists ALL THE TIME!!
    And the song is so great!!

  152. This is really freaking awesome. Why isn’t this number #1? Well, I mean, I know why. And while GD’s video was interesting, I didn’t like it as much as One of a Kind or That XX. I hope Secret gets reviewed, I love their songs~

  153. WOW! Second place :D! Maybe Secret can make it for the next week :D!!
    I’ll keep voting everyday XD!

  154. I’m hoping this will help to get them closer or fingers crossed bump GD off the top spot!

  155. such an addicting song! :D i always listen and sing/ attempt to dance along xD

  156. seriously one of their best songs yet!

  157. I’m a GD’s and a Secret’s fan. I voted for Secret’s Poison since its release. No T-Ara, no FT Island, no Junsu. I was voting for Secret. Both song and mv are great. But, this week I’ll vote for G-Dragon because Crayon is crazily awesome! I prefer Crayon. Next week, I’ll be back to vote for Secret.


  159. i really hope secret get reviewed … keep my faith so secret become number 1..

  160. Secret FIGHTING!

  161. i think they’ve never reviewed secret’s mv
    i dont think they have the chance cuz gd’s one’s gonna win

  162. secret has surpassed T-ara! good work secret times and babys ^^ TS family hwaiting!!!

  163. EYK shud make an exception to this……

  164. Oh yeah… Don’t forget everyone, that Secret Time is te best time :D

  165. Even though I like G-Dragon, I was really hoping that Secret would have a shot as well… Oh well, if U-Kiss doesn’t let their video out until next, next week they migt have a shot. (I love U-Kiss though, no hate <3) Poisonnn!!

  166. This video is really good. and their songs are just the best! YOU ARE MY POISON

  167. PLEASE DO THIS ONE!!! I would love to hear you guy talk about SECRET because you guys hardly do!! and they have made such a big change!! :)))

  168. VOTE FOR SECRET !!! THEY DESERVE TO BE REVIEWED THIS WEEK, COME ON !!! G-DRAGON FOR THREE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS ??? just can’t bear that thought , Secret need to be recognized !!!

  169. Let’s hope that Secret will be reviewed the week after, because it is very hard to surpass GDragon’s MV at this rate.

  170. To watch Secret’s live performance in Younha Starry night radio show yesterday (sept 18) go here (BAP were also guests, cheering for them as expected)
    Calling you:

  171. Saranghae Jun Hyosung! I can now die in peace, after seeing Secret performing this song live!

  172. неужели в кои-то веки будет обзор на клип Secret~~ трудно поверить .___. но надежда умирает последней:3


  174. omg secret is finally in 2nd place woot!!!

  175. Awesome MV!! Hyosung really hot!!

  176. Secret FTW!!! Vote vote vote!

  177. Just share a lot twitter or facebook because each share is 4pt. That will help a lot to get get this mv reviewed.

  178. cmon secrets fan!!! must vote guise to get a “ooh you so nasty” review!

  179. Haih, yet ANOTHER GD MV? Talk about boring repetitiveness -.-

  180. I’d just like a girl group to win one of these months… I’m sad about Sexy Love even though the fight was close but now that GD’s here, gotta see if Poison can compete for the following week.

  181. AAAA secret has noo chance against GD but if we keep voting maybe we have a chance next week

  182. Secret must win they’ve worked soo hard and they’re video is so awesome!:D

  183. I love this song :) Ill keep voting!!!!

  184. OMG i love this music video and the song is soooooooooooooooooooo catchy!! i believe that secret should be reviewed more since we do have this GD videos everywhere. Dont get me wrong i love bigbang but always having boyband as the review just is too much. we want some fresh and new girl groups who shows their talent and their vocals which are clearly described in this vid.!! SECRET!!

  185. Sadly GD will win, and TVXQ will probably be next week. So I don’t think this will get voted, I wish it was though.


  187. Does commenting count? cuz if it does, imma be flooding this page! :))

  188. Do we really have a chance? Seriously… :)

    • Nope, sadly we don’t. Next weeks KPMM will most likely be G Dragon and the one after that Ukiss. Or the other way around, but I think Secret Time lost this time :(

    • Definitely not this week with GD, but this video has only been on the charts for four days. You’re practically tied with T-ara right now so don’t give up! I think there’s stil a good chance^^

    • it’s going to be hard with GD and other groups that would be having their comeback. but Secret is worth a try. I mean the girls worked really hard, its Secrettimes time to work as hard and help them have the review they deserve. :)

    • we need more share and comments… our comments improving sliowly

  189. This MV is killing me…
    good job girls…
    Secret jjang,,.!!!

  190. This soooo needs to be reviewed! =DDDDDDDDD

  191. Totally love the song and the mv ! Have to make it 1st !! :D

  192. why is this on 4th place? this is an extremely sexy mv and an addictive awesome song!!!! THERE IS SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT HERE!! please win !!! and this is even coming from a not really a secret fan .. I haven’t seen their other stuff, but this is a REALLY GOOD SONG!! .. am seriously bored of GD being reviewed every week .. 3 MVs in one month is too much GD .. take a rest please :)

  193. Hope SECRET will be the next to be reviewed! seriously they are on of the MOST underrated group out there! they deserve this oppurtunity,,,

  194. I think Secret Poison MV won’t get reviewed here. Anyway, it’s not like EYK s important anyway. SECRET dont need to be reviewed here tbh.
    MANY (not all) people are just voting just bc they want to see S&M dance not bc they think the MV is good. Sure, some will say, “NO, the MV is really good”. Yeah it is very good but I think most people just want to see SM dance. I think that’s the reality, sadly (for me at least).
    Well, I guess that’s the point of EYK/S&M ie to entertain their fans/subscribers so nothing wrong with that

    • I sorta agree with you but S&M has plenty of kpop subscribers and if they get to review Secret, maybe it would help people to recognize the girls talents. They are so underrated and they deserve to be noticed. :)

      • they’re no longger underatted since Shy Boy era.. they’re pretty famous now ^^ but maybe isn’t as famous as the other girl group since secret didn’t get much realivy or variety show. I hope after we got married, they will get more chance for variety and will be more and more famous ^^

    • ^_^ You’re right, but S&M are so famous in Youtube. esp among the Kpop fans. I’m sure it will be a good opportunity for Secret to be recognized by international fans ^^

  195. They awaken my lesbian side o_o

  196. I seriously just want to see Simon imatate there sexy dance, then my life shall be complete….


    DESERVES TO WIN~~~~~~~~~! <3

  198. SECRET DESERVES TO WIN~~~~~~! SECRET AND SECRETIME~~~! LET’S MAKE A HISTORY ~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. plz let secret get reviewed T^T

  200. sercret is so hot, hyosung is so sexy, i love u SECRET, let’s vote for SECRET

  201. PLEASE! We NEED some SECRET up in here!

  202. I really want this reviewed, I think S&M could say a lot about it… and personally I’m kind of done with the long list of videos GD is accumulating, soo… GO SECRET!

  203. I love this song! Hope it gets reviewed

  204. Secret needs to win over GD! Seriously, they deserve it!

  205. I just want Simon to dance like Secret, oh you so nasty!

  206. thisisjustforfunval

    This song has been stuck in my head since Simon and Martin put in on their kpop update. These ladies have some really amazing voices and the song is very energetic. I like when a song makes me want to go out and discover more of a bands music.

  207. PLEASE VOTE SECRET UP! talented girls~!

  208. it’s OK.. this is their first ever top 10 on EYK I guess.. even Love is Move can’t make it.. I believe in their next comeback.. I’ll keep voting!! :D

  209. This Song Has Been Stuck From The Moment I Heard It!!! I’m Even Listening To It Now As I Type!! Totally Addicted!! ^-^

  210. This video totally just fixed my entire day. A big thank you to the sexy powers of Secret!


  212. Secret Fighting..!!!!

  213. secret just poisoned PSY hahaha :))

  214. I’m sorry but it seems like it’s not going to happen. Anyway, Secret is doing extremely well everywhere else so……
    About the global exposure thing, Secret has enough exposure anyway, it’s not like Secret needs to be reviewed by EYK. If u guys want to vote just bc u want S&M to dance hmm,,,, idk, :)

  215. G-DRAGON, Y U……………………………………………………..


  217. gotta be gotta be gotta be your poison ~

  218. It’s unfortunate that Secret has never been reviewed, but S&M have briefly talked about them in their K-Crunch Cocktail here:

    And they also saw them live, at BAP’s showcase. Here’s what they said:
    “…we also got to see a great performance by Secret. Woot! We never got to review Madonna, but we totally love the song, and we actually memorized the dance back when we were on Star King (though we never got to perform it on stage). Ah! Great song. We’ve uploaded the video of their performance. Check it out!” ^^b

  219. I hope this song gets to be reviewed. I mean how epic can that be. It would be a first for Secret and it will be a good advertising for the girls. SECREEEET PLEASE

  220. AAA I REALLY REALLY REALLY want this MV to get reviewed im seriously soo in love with the song

  221. Keep voting, guise! GD really are something..


  223. Nice song, and i really wanna see Simon master this dance.

  224. SECRET just beat GANGNAM STYLE on Korean YouTube Music Charts to become no. 1. U still won’t review it EYK?
    Here’s the AKP article:

  225. My Girls are back. SECRET kicked the door down and strutted their way back to us in full hottness and glory. It’s SECRET TIME.

  226. Even though we might not get SECRET reviewed for EATYOURKIMCHI KPOP music mondays this week, we still have a chance to vote it in for next week so DON’T GIVE UP!!! KEEP VOTING!!!!

  227. I simply wanna see their reaction to the generous amount of cleavage and inner thigh actions in this video. Hahaha. xD


  229. Gyaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! SECRET!!!!
    Vote for them!!!

  230. I don’t know for some reason I felt like this song would suck so I kept putting off listening to it and I just listened to it and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME! I love the saxophone and the main chorus line, “You are my poison~!”
    It’s AWESOME!

  231. Going to continue to support Secret. G-Dragon is actually my favorite kpop idol behind FTIsland, but “Poison” is actually a good song… and you can infer my feelings about “Crayon” from that.

    I know GD will still likely win for next week, but we generally have three weeks before there’s no hope of winning period. So we can still keep supporting Secret, and maybe they’ll win for the following week. c:

    • But I think UKiss will release their new mv this week, so I am not soo sure about GD winning. I like his song but recently it was to much of GD. But it would be good if Secret win this week!

  232. This is my favourite Secret song yet. :3

  233. Thank you S&M…now i can’t watch this MV without thinking “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBSSSSS!!!!” Oh KpopChart Updates…why did i watch it this week XD

    • I was actually a bit disappointed with the update. :c Considering Secret has never been reviewed — even though we’ve tried our best to support them — I was hoping they’d be given a little more attention or support during the update, in case Secret can’t get reviewed this time around too.

  234. Come on guys letsss vote :D I want secret to be revieweeddd we’re 4th now :(

  235. They all look so pretty!

  236. lol if they review this, they should review the teaser too and try to find out who did this crime

  237. Why can I just imagine them going “Booooooooooooooooobs. And that’s all for KMM.” if this gets reviewed. xD But still, I want this to get reviewed so bad. The plot just has so much potential.

  238. Vote everybody day and night.. GD came out with a new song so we have to keep voting, because we are probably gonna lose.

  239. Omona… This is such a nice video… I’ve missed them 3:

  240. am really bored of GD reviews … I really hope this gets to the top of the chart …

  241. GD will win next week i think. There are not as many Secret fangirls as the others boy groups. Secret have tons of fanboys but fanboys like me usually dont really care about stuff like this tbh. That’s the reality.

  242. Sunhwa and Jieun look really alike in this video. And Hyosung and Zinger pretty much own the whole sexy concept.

  243. This song + vid is amazing! I really want it to be reviewed.

  244. im here to show support to these lovely and talented ladies who deserve to win :)
    secretime keep fighting!

  245. I hope for this video to be reviewed so badly for KMM. I am just confused by the count on the site, it seems some videos go up and down constantly each time i refresh the page.

  246. These girls deserve to be reviewed. One of the best comebacks this yeah. I want to see S and M doing the dance

  247. I hope next week they’ll get reviewed because ft island is winning this one.

  248. Man they look soo classy yet sexy!! And the clothes they change into suit them naturally

  249. I would love for them to review it as long as they aren’t saying “BOOOOOBS” the entire time…

  250. i would love for them to talk about it. as long as they aren’t like BOOOOOOBA

  251. Sunhwa’s WGM ep 3 is just too funny!!

  252. Orange Caramel is right behind us guys!!

  253. I love this song and video so much :)

  254. so yeah, GD has a new MV, I won’t get my hopes up.

  255. I really hope SECRET gets reviewed soon. ^.^

  256. i really want to see SECRET tomorrow – there isn’t any music monday with them! SECRETTIME HWAITING!

  257. I love the whole album.

  258. the sexiest video ever!

  259. I just realized: S&M have never reviewed Secret. I would really love it if they would, and this would be an amazing song.

    I can totally see Simon doing some YOU SO NASTAY things while attempting to replicate the dance. xDD

  260. I really hope this will be reviewed ^.^ I just love this song, and I really like the story line :D

  261. I really want to see it in kpop music modays TVT

  262. I really want secret to get reviewed…even though i like Orange Caramel and FT Island as well :/

  263. i just wish they get reviewed this time. they deserve to be reviewed

  264. they are awesome :)) the song is really good

  265. I think this MV has a great story line and the music itself is also good.
    About the sexy concept…I’m a girl and I have no problem with it,they look stunning~
    Maybe the dress the Hyosung wears is a bit…well not the dress,the way they filmed her in it is a bit humhum…but I hope they won’t say anything bad about her coz of this! ^^
    Also I can’t wait to see what would Simon do to this…..SO NASTY,right?? xDDDDDD

  266. Go secret! ^_^ ♥ Poison!!

  267. Please keep on voting even though they don’t win this monday
    theres still next week.
    please show your support

  268. Let’s believe in secret time.. we’ll make it this time.. I hope hardcore babys will help us as well.. but I don’t seem to see them here.. anyways,, I love secret very much!

    • Some of us are here :)

      • but I guess it doesn’t enough to make Secret to get reviewed.. next week will be though.. :O

        • Exactly :( We really have to hope that Ukiss won’t gather enough votes to make it to the next KPMM in their first try. I feel bad for saying this. Ukiss seem so nice :) And I want them to win, too. Ukiss also seems to have a huge international fanbase. It’s going to be tough next week.

          I just can’t believe that SECRET never got reviewed. I think they deserve it ^^ Especially since they have mv with a story this time :D Most of their videos were boy-dancing videos. And I think Simon and Martina could have so much fun with this one.

        • polapolaristar

          yep.. they never get reviewed untill today.. I realllyyy hope SM will review this.. but yeah,, Next week gonna be though.. Ukiss seems to get a lot of international fanbase that can help them here.. almost their newest songs always got reviewed.. I wish Secret will this time.. but yeah., I’ll keep voting :(

        • Dont u think it’s bc when music monday was created Secret wasn’t promoting. They’ve been missing for a year. I’m new to EYK so I may be wrong :)

        • The first KPMM was uploaded 06.09.2010 :) So, there should’ve been the possibility of being reviewed. While Magic and Madonna where released before KPMM was invented, at least Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight could have been reviewed. Probably even their earlier songs, because the voting system was different in the beginning, if I remember correctly. You would send them like a “little mail” with the video you wanted them to review. But there wasn’t a chart like this or any information how many votes which group gathered. At least that’s what I remember. :D
          So either most Nasties and Secret Times don’t really overlap, or Secret just had bad luck that they were always paired up with strong opponents like Big Bang or Super Junior. Which is what’s happening right now. We’re up against Ukiss and Gdragon. And I think GD will win the race. I’m sad because I really want Secret to win the voting. But girl groups have it harder on the chart in general, it’s not just Secret.

        • And now GD released his new video. I think we’re doomed. He already got so many votes in such a short time. He’s unstoppable.

  269. Gonna watch them live in Inkigayo performance today.

  270. Vote for B.A.P and SECRET on Daily Kpop News! It’s for the Idol Championship.
    B.A.P is in the group G and SECRET is in the group E

  271. Seems like It cannot make it to this weeks Music Monday but I hope that it manages to make it to next weeks MM. Hwaiting everyone!

  272. i fell back in love with Secret with this song!!! plus they all look absolutely fantastic!!!

  273. I hope they won’t change the choreography!!
    The performace of 0914 music bank was disappointing.
    The cameraman skipped all the lower bodies movements.><
    We can not see their emphati choreography in SECRET'S stage!

  274. Secret rocks! Love themmmm!

  275. It wasn’t me, I was asleep. The Disqus spambot marked you as spam. I’m retrieving non-spam comments now.

  276. I hope Shinee doesn’t try to solve this mystery…”I’m-SO-CURIOUS-Yea…” [bang!]

  277. This is really something new! Secret’s SEXY isn’t slutty but AMAZING!!! Especially now that the lines and exposure are almost equal! TS really is reaching to the TOP!!!!
    Hyosung’s smirks in the beginning is like ‘-’ I can’t express my self! It’s too amazing.
    Zinger raps can’t be replaced. For me she’s the best Female rapper there is in Girl Groups.
    Ji Eun’s Vocals impressed me WAAAAY before, but then, i remembered why she became my bias. It’s been to long since I listened to them but BOOM her voice is the 1st thing you notice in their songs. It’s just awesome how she can control it!
    Sunhwa, Hahahaha. She’s got more lines now!!! HAHAHA. This is really refreshing!!!


  278. Hope Secret will have a chance to get reviewed, I want to see Simon ruin the dance! =3

  279. Okay, so it’s kind of obvi that we lost for this week but there is still a chance that they can win for next week’s KMM! C’mon guys, don’t lose the faith during this next week! Keep voting multiple times a day (if you can remember)! We can do this! Secret deserves this! (:

  280. You Can So See Simon And Martina Talking About The Spread The Leg Dance And Then Doing It TO Rate Their English 1-5

  281. Loving this song! Poison got stuck in my head last night as I went to sleep. I’m going to have to learn some more lyrics to this song, rather than just singing the chorus repeatedly.

  282. i love the story plot it match their name too :)
    the outfits were gorgeous and the their new hair suit them the best!
    i can’t stop listening to this song im always singing to it :D
    i strongly believe this is the strongest comeback of the year so far.
    SECRET fighting!

  283. I’m so happy that Secret is back~~
    The girls are so sexy and cool in the video <3 <3

  284. SECRET TIME!!! Please overtake T-error!

    • QUEEN’S have a hard enough time right now. There’s no reason to put T-ara down in order to support Secret.

      The ladies in Secret wouldn’t do that T-ara, and their fans don’t need to do it to QUEEN’S. Let’s just support Secret to the best of our ability. c:


  286. I just want to say that I have absolutely no objection with that spread leg dance, their sexy curves, nor their boobs. When dudes want to be sexy they rip off their shirts and prance around and everyone drools, but the moment when a woman wants to be sexy people flip tables and suddenly become oh-so-conservative. Puh-lease.

    Secret ♥

  287. Ok, I don’t object to boobs, in fact I didn’t think there were too much boobs here, but inner thighs? That’s too much, really! When you wear glorified underwear, there are moves you don’t try. Especially opening your legs wide and holding for a long time, thrusting. That was not sexy, it was in bad taste.

    • It’s the angle. I don’t know why TS Ent filmed looking up and focusing on their crotch, but if you watch live performances, the dance doesn’t look sleazy at all.

      • I love the move, and it’s hard enough to replicate, let alone in sync and on heals, so hats off to the girls, but wear shorts or pants! There are sensual shots, drinking, touching objects,caressing a face, just looks and eye expressions, so the director clearly knows his craft… On the other hand some one decided on the wardrobe and the angle as you said, and that someone is a perv

  288. I have a somewhat silly question, so please don’t hold it against me:
    How do you use their fan name? It’s Secret Time, right? Most fan names would be, “I’m a Blackjack!” or “Thanks to our VIPs’ support…” or some variation. But “I’m a Secret Time” doesn’t make sense. Do the ladies in Secret say, “Thanks to all of our Secret Times” or something else?

    I’m a bit confused and feel silly about it. :c

  289. They are all gorgeous and have bangin’ bodies. brb I have to go mop up my heterosexuality

  290. i hope we win next week

  291. One of the best MVs I’ve seen in KPOP

  292. we need to winn!! i jus fell off my heelss so to get rid of my painn this video needs to winn!!

  293. booooobs must wiiin

  294. just win already

  295. Since it looks like FTIsland won for this Monday, I’m supporting Secret now. ^_^ I really love this song. Secret absolutely KILLS at this style of music. They’re really good at pulling off strong concepts without crossing a line and looking trashy. Love them, love this song. <3

  296. FT Island already won this week´s KpopMusicMonday, well congratulations to them! =) Next week we´ll be up against GD and UKISS, omg I don´t know how we´ll survive that. But anyways, let´s continue to vote for SECRET! <3

  297. oh wow! a million views already! Zinger has become more prettier now! and Hyosung’s curves! not that i haven’t noticed them.
    and I don’t like the fact that they have to change their choreography. its already awesome as it is =.=
    and I love my jieun unnie~~~

  298. About the plot of the MV… where to start??? oh dear lord haha
    shall I mention the rather empty bar? Or the guy with the huge tattoo of the password on the back of his neck? Or the boxed room with lights?
    Ah what about the… acting? The very interesting gun shooting scene and cars that don’t actually move when they’re trying to run away. Or our not-so-sharp detective (i understand.. hard to focus with hyosung around?)
    I just realzied singer was actually rapping in front of the car they were supposed to get away in LOL
    Aha, I say this in good spirit. I really liked the overall feel of the MV; personally, it went really well with the song and it’s pretty consistent
    well that’s it for me! I hope when I pop by again, secret will have moved up on the list because it’s horrifying to know simon and martina haven’t reviewed them yet!

  299. Oy, don’t mark me as spam please i_i I just want to get all my points across since I have limited internet time > split leg dance? yes, i think so :)

  300. I WISH I had curves like Hyosung… she’s looks so awesome in that red dress, even when I don’t like the design of it.. >w<
    Jieun is so adorable when she's sending the signals as she's singing.. ah, love her smile!
    Personally, I never thought sunhwa would look good with bangs, but she just ROCKS them. omg, she looks even prettier~
    And zinger… what? when? how? Were you always this hot?
    And overall, I love their fashion with this comeback. The pinstripe suits are so clean and fresh (personally adore hyosung's grey suit as well) and the white outfits are so.. so… elegant? cool?
    well, that ends my super shallow and vain comment LOL

    • I agree with everything. I love the styling in this MV, every outfit is just amazing. Yay for idols with some curves! I really hate it when I hear how some person has an S-line, then go look at their pics… only to see some stick-thin, flat-as-a-board girl who needs to eat something in a serious way. Come on, Korea!

    • I have always thought Zinger was attractive, but this video straight up made me drool. She can dance, she has sick Rap skills and she is not anorexic skinny. To me she is by far the most attractive woman in Kpop. That aside I wholly agree with everything you said.

  301. Come on secret time, we can’t let T-error come above us.

  302. I saw a lot of comments (not here, but somewhere else) about how secret should stick to the cute image like they always do instead of sexy and i’m going kind of like… what?
    The energy in this song is so reminiscent of their ‘magic’ and ‘madonna’ days! Particularily in that one room/stage with the square lights above had a very similar feel to magic/madonna (in a good way) which is awesome
    Anyways the girls are looking hot <3

    • the cute image like they always do? I believe even secret likes this image more that the cute image.. I remember that Zinger even got depressed when they have to do shy boy.. because they like sexy image thatn cute :)

  303. Just saw a bit of WGM (unsubbed oc) and
    Haha…. Kwanghee throws Sunhwa on the bed and pretended to attempt to take off his shirt. Sunhwa was like WTF!!

  304. WGM with Kwanghee&Sunhwa ep3 has aired, watch it here:

    They´re so adorable *dies* I can´t wait to see Kwanghee´s reaction to Poison on wgm :D

    • thanks so much for the link ^^b i haven’t watched WGM since the adam couple left, but i recently started again when i found out sunhwa and kwanghee were on it. the two of them are so funny!!

  305. i was kinda worried when they said their gonna comeback with this style, i wasnt sure how they were gonna pull of a 180 change.
    but watching this video..they hav done reli well! the music is awesome, kinda abnormal as the pace is fast from the beginning and music video is like off the hook!
    ahh so proud of them!! ^^

  306. Guys we´re lacking in FB & G+ shares. Those gives 4 points, so please do share it a lot!

  307. I’m pretty sure simon and martina already pick up FTIsland for this week music monday. but at least we have to make it next week,, we can make it secret time!! we can make it!! :D

  308. Come on SECRET TIMES AND BABYZ. We can do it!!

  309. Are we too far behind or still have a chance?

    • we still hav a chance…but were up against ft island
      so we hav to really vote..since we only hav like a day left before the next musicmonday segemnt

  310. Hyosung´s tweet:

    We finished the pre-recording safely today as well ㅠ Our pretties who
    came to cheer us on by coming early in the morning and screaming their
    throats out. There’s no one else but Secret Times ㅠㅠ I read all the
    letters >___< I
    feel reassured because you guys are here ㅋㅋ

    trans. cr; hyejin @ fuckyeahsecrettime ; take out with full credits

  311. The girls look absolutely stunning in this video and damn this song is catchy! Very much in the vein of secrets other songs, I like it!

  312. FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG. <3 At first, i liked Secret's songs but never liked them enough to want be their fan. But, I LOVE this song and I am wanting to be their fan now. lol.

  313. I’l just keep commenting. SECRET!!


  315. a BABY here ^^ TS Family fighting!
    I really like this song :D


  317. I’m probably the one and only from babiez, who voted for Secret not because they are from the same agency as B.A.P, but because of the MV. I think this is their best video and the song is pretty annoying (in a good sense) as well as dance. However my attempts to dance it failed miserably :D
    Come on guys! Let’s vote! I really want to see Martina’s (or probably Simon’s :D) version of the dance :D

  318. Guys seems like SECRET are getting some negetive Korean comments by korean netizens on the MV. It would be great if you could give good comments about secret, and translate them using googletranslate and post it so the knetizens can see that we´re supporting secret! =)

    • maybe googletranslate isn’t the best idea as a tool, since it really flops in translating some – most of the time rofl but i totally agree. The knetizens seem to be bashing secret so much (at least on daum…) for the split leg choreo and for their outfits =(

  319. Voting ends in 3 hours.. looks like we´re not making it..”/

  320. This song is SOOOO GOOD! They HAVE TO REVIEW THIS!

  321. SECRET is one of the TOP Girl Groups in Korea, so EYK, pls review them especially an MV as controversial as this. It will just be weird if this MV wasn’t reviewed. The song, the MV and SECRET deserve to be reviewed :)

  322. Secret fighting!

  323. Oooh their so nasty! I really hope this one gets chosen this week.

  324. After watching the kpop chart update, I don’t feel bad about being distracted by Secrets boobies :D:D:D

  325. If u watch the music core perf, on that “Sunhwa part”, she didn’t go as low as the other members. I wonder if that was deliberate/on purpose

  326. Only a few hours left! Keep it up!

  327. Just uploaded this 120915 Secret POISON Music Core performance on my YT:

  328. It’s super duper cool. Chic like Beyonce, same sexual hip gyration, the “oh oh oh oh oh oh” kinda deal in there….gangster please. Love it.

  329. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA It has to be reviewed, I want to see Simon’s dance remake!

  330. go go go .. . need to see this on Monday

  331. Luckily they do not modify their choreography. Another awesome comeback. The crown went wild and they received the loudest scream.

  332. It’s a bit different from what they did before (specially for the dance part, but it can attract some people to listen them, i just hope they will not continue in this way too long), BUT i like the song, the concept and the atmosphere are perfect !

  333. Haha the KpopChart Update for this xD

  334. SECRET’s Music Core performance just now was fantastic and they stuck to their original choreography too I think ^_^

  335. Yay secret! this is probably my favourite comeback of the week :3

  336. Somehow I can’t facebook vote… Still I hope Secret makes it to first place. Absolutely loving the new song!

  337. This is such an amazing song!!!!!!!!!

  338. first secret song to get reviewed plz ><

  339. We can do it! Come on SECRET TIME and BABY!! :DD

  340. I reaaaaaaaaally want Simon&Martina to review this >.<

  341. I love this song~ As a Baby, I’m here to support the TS Family~! I hope more Babyz come along and help out as well! SECRET fighting!

  342. TS Family~! Supporting all members! :)

  343. I’m loving this song and before this is all over I’m going to have that arm dance

  344. LOL! The issue the choreography even appeared in the news. This just how hot SECRET is. Can’t wait for their next performance today.

  345. Is it weird that I love the part where Hyosung shoots the guys?!!? :P

    She’s so awesome! ^___^

  346. Baby here to support our TS Army! ^___^

    I am absolutely loving the song and mv!!!

    I absolutely love the concept! The whole 40′s femme fatale look works great for them!

  347. awesome song and mv. needs a review :)

  348. I’ve made up my mind. I’m moving there so I can sweep Sunhwa off her feet :)

  349. I can’t share it on facebook!! help~~

  350. Good video and everything but, doesn’t had this video all that is banned? I mean, alcohol, drugs, violence, too much sexy dances and oh yes… boobs…

  351. I’m a BABY~ and I Love TS Family~ And is Proud to be a BABY and a Secret Time!

  352. I want to see KpopMusicMonday the beubz edition, so vote for secret!

  353. Where’re the fanboys at? Come on let’s get secret reviewed!

  354. even simon and martina said that secret is thir favorite girl group! :D

  355. I really hope this video get reviewed such good song!!! like what simon and martina said BOOBSSS SO MUCH BOOBS AHAHHA i really wanna see simon do the spread the legs move ahahha this mv will be so ruineddd lol

    • It’s actually a ballet move, called a grande plié, and the Secret girls did a lovely job doing them (good turnout, deep plié), but I doubt Simon has the flexibility to do one as properly as the Secret girls did, haha. It would be amusing to see him try though.

  356. We’ve 11 hours to make it happen! So go all out & get every single Secret Time & Baby/Warrior over here & vote with every single one of their computers, handhelds, mobiles whatever so we don’t have to drag this for another week ^_^

  357. I like boobs, so this video needs to be reviewed as per the kpop chart update video’s instructions.

  358. fighting guys!! I hope Secret will get reviewed… I’m proud of secret time!! :D let’s make it reviewed.. thanks for babys too!! :D

  359. Twitter, Facebook & Google share give 4 points each so use them ^____^

  360. oh nooo! 3rd??? gotta vote errrday. Not only as a BABY to support, but I like Secret too :D

  361. Hwaiting !! you are one of the most talented girlgroup in Korean music industry ^^

  362. Of course I vote for secret. I want to see Simon dance the sexy leg spread dance. lol!

  363. Come on,S&M hardly ever get to talk about Secret. Secret is an amazing group that deserves a bit more recognition.

  364. 젤로 || Crash and burn!!

    Really hope my girls will get reviewed!! ;A; I love love love love Secret! <3 <3

  365. This video has been on non-stop loop for me since it came out :)

  366. Totally love this song and video!! It’s so catchy!! :)

  367. C’mon SECRET TIME’s keep voting ! Let’s get this awesome MV reviewed <3

  368. SEXY AS HELL :3

  369. Did the girls setup the detective to take the fall for them in the MV? They killed the two guys with his pistol right?

    • no. I think they accidentally left the pistol they used to kill the guys at the crime scene. The video cuts where Hyosung is at the detective’s office is after everything has happened. Because they left incriminating evidence behind, Secret has Hyosung to come back to his office to seduce (while secretly poisoning him) the detective before he can solve the case…and catch them. They’re such naughty naughty girls ha!

  370. Woo! I’m so happy to see some kpop girls with CURVES! I liked Secret when they did Madonna and Magic, half just because they weren’t super skinny.

    Also, the song is bitchin. I really like the sax too, even though I’m not a huge fan of it. It just goes so well with the theme and the rest of the music too.

  371. Did anyone notice they didn’t do their signature hand-waving-shaking-flailing move? LOL. I think this might be one of their more simpler choreo, alongside SL/ML and IWYB

  372. Simon and Martina will pick a winner in exactly 12 hours from now! If we don´t get SECRET to #1 until then, we already lost for this week´s KMM. I hope everyone can spread this around and put in the last effort to get this reviewed! :)

  373. This really deserves to be reviewed!!!XD

  374. Fellow BABY here to support the TS Family member! :’)

  375. SECRET they deserve it

  376. not enough votes tho

  377. BABYs support Secret!
    TS <3


  379. Let’s Secret first after their long hiatus! <3~

  380. Wow! SECRET’s MV oredi surpassed 1m views?!!! Well done ^_^

  381. great mv! love secret! :)

  382. Here’s the MV making film (dance ver.). You can see that they cut out some of the more sexy moves actually. Yet, the final MV is still very sexy ;) Personally my fave outfits were the white trenchcoats, but I think all the outfits look lovely.

    And I hope I’m not the only one who noticed that Sunhwa’s legs have gotten much more muscular these days. I’ve noticed this since they were promoting in Japan. Seems like she’s been doing some great workout because her legs look really toned.

    Watch it here:

  383. Well..the dance got toned down during Music Bank. A bit dissapointed. huhu

    • I thought it was just camerawork. Sunhwa did the spread leg thing exactly like what she did in MCD :)

      • I agree. They skipped all the lower movements except for a few. Oh but they definitely toned down Hyosung’s chest popping. She barely did it. I guess having actual assets can be too shocking to people not used to it lol ;D

        • Yeah IKR.. But anyways, because of the issues more people will watch the MV and well it´s PR after all. I also realized the more popular a group gets the more criticism, hates and stuffs they´ll be target for. But we fans will just grow strong with the criticism, hates and trollings.

        • Yes yes! All the hate just come with all the extra love :’D I’m glad that people are finally discovering the awesomeness that is SECRET. I guess now secrettimes are just getting used to the haters showing themselves lol I’m glad that a lot of other fandoms in the MV are very encouraging to us tho <3

        • It´s true, cause even though SECET were talented even before and had awesome songs, but I think the reason why they´re not much recognized is because people didn´t care. But now it looks like people are starting to pay them attention (whatever it´s negetive or positive). Getting this much buzzes only shows that people are starting to care and give more attention.

          An entertainers/idols/stars biggest fear is people not paying attention to them or care, so I guess it´s kind of positive with all these reactions they´re getting.

        • true true….and I like how it’s not because of something completely negative like a scandal or something image shattering like that. The spotlight is on them because they’re doing something fearless, in a way, and new compared to what’s out right now or what the public knew them as. This is like what happened when they came back with Magic…suddenly Korea knew they existed and now the international fans are discovering their talent. :’D

        • I concur. This indeed a creative and resourceful method to utilize all the hates, criticism, and trollings. They get more views in youtube and more attentions unlike their previous songs.

  384. Ohh, Secret! Wow!! They’re my favorite, and this is the first time I’ve gotten to experience a comeback of theirs since that’s been indisputably the case. This is a major event in my life. And it is AMAZING. They’ve tapped into everything I love. I love poison itself; I love detective fiction. I love this video. And 지은 is the love of my life.

  385. I like this music video but more importantly I LOVE the song! Secret has such strong vocals. Not to mention that the sax in the music gives the song such a nice seductive feel without over doing it. I really hope S&M will review this. They’ll be so much to talk about! Plus the girls’ English pronunciation has really improved! :D

  386. I feel like me and @lunibelle:disqus are the only one camping over here..”/ *Ohh anyways *goes off to watch Vampire Prosecutor&Innocent Man in the meantime, need to feed my drama addiction..*

    TKIR: I wish there was more Jieun in this MV, however I guess this concept suits Zinger and Hyosung the best. Like how ShyBoy/Starlight Moonligh suited Jieun the better than the other.

    Also I remember Yongguk said Jieun is innocent and the nice girl type who doesn´t like the “bad” things. I wonder how she feels needing to act sexy and get used to this kind of bad-ass concept xD

    • Sure seems like it. :D I’m doing school work at the same time… That’s the main reason I’m still awake.

      I agree, it’s probably because she’s the innocent girl in the group, but I have to admit that Starlight Moonlight was my least favourite song. I usually like the bad girls better. I sometimes get annoyed at girls who pretend to be oh-so-innocent, but really are just fake, I don’t think Jieun’s like that, but I have a feeling that it happens way to often in Kpop or the entertainment industry in general all over the world.

      Does anybody else hears the “poison” as “poisng” sometimes? :D

  387. I just saw this article on Allkpop I guess we saw that one coming

    • Just gonna copy and paste my comment from AKP:

      When a male dance sexy, strip off his shirt, trust his hips and touch
      his crotch then it´s okey and every females goes crazy. Honesly just go
      watch Rain Rainism and Love Song (I love the songs so no hating), but
      when a female does a bit provoking dance moves they´ll be called sluts,
      needed to change choregraphy and getting bashed etc.. Double standard

      I´m really angry at the double standards in kpop, especially what´s ok for OPPARS to do, but not for girlgroups…. argh I´m annoyed..

      I hope SECRET won´t be dicouraged about the negetive respons and just look ahead and be proud over themself. This comeback for me was good, no matter what other says.

      • I guess that’s still the “men can’t be sluts” mentality. :/ I was surprised at the dance, too, and I said earlier that if I saw a regular girl walk around like this in the streets, I’d probably think it’s slutty. But here it’s more like a costume for me, so I’m not as thrown off about it. Double standards really are a problem. I think Korea needs more time to adjust to women being confident in their sexuality like this. To me, as a European, it sometimes seems quite old fashioned in some ways how women are seen/ are shown. But I believe if girl groups and women in general keep being confident they will change the view :)

        • Yeah but we see double standard mentally even in some international kpop fans.. I actually want SECRET to be recognized for being confident and bold womens who´re not afraid to do the sexy musics if they wants to. Like just look at Beyonce one of the worlds most loved and confident female artist. I doubt anyone´s calling her hoe/slutty just because she´s doing the sexy concept.. Yet it´s still double standard when it comes to kpop and girl groups..

          I somehow wish TS could just give a F and not change it, like how YG could let bigbang not give a damn about what the public says and keep on doing their own stuff. But I guess TS and the fandom still doesn´t have the power to do so.

        • YG probably has the money not to give a flying flamingo, but TS is still rather small. :( Yeah, Beyonce does a similar leg spreading move in single ladies, right? I wonder what the majority of people in Korea think about her, if it’s really just a double standard for “their own” women, and like “It’s okay for foreign women to do so”, or if they think that those women are slutty, too.

          As for international fans, some seem like they want those girls to be the sweet, innocent, obedient girls. But I have no idea why..

        • Actually international kpop fans has voiced their dislike for the dance too, so I wonder what they think when they see Beyonce´s dances.. It´s still pretty much double standard… *sigh*

          But ohh god I seriously can´t wait till TS raise to the top and can just give a damn F to the netizens/publics opinion. It´s like they´re saying love it or hate it, we don´t care. I can´t wait for that day to happen!

        • Just a thought, but maybe some of the international fans think they have to “proof” that they’re not like that, and that they prefer innocent images, like what they think Koreans would prefer. There was recently an article about Super Junior who told a story, that some European fan threw a bra on stage during their concert. And especially European fans went apeshit, how disgusting that would be, and that they’re ashamed to be European now, etc. etc. While I thought “Dude, it’s just a bra. I’m sure they’ve seen one before.” :D But it seemed like they were afraid, that Korean people might think of them lowly just because of this one incident, and that their OPPARS might not love them anymore or something. Maybe it’s the same with the sexy dance?

        • Maybe, idk but yeah they´ll get over it eventually the same with the issue I believe.

    • Knew it. But I hope TS doesn’t change it though. Maybe change their outfits? But that’s about it. Lol TS obviously knew it’s going to raise issues but I’m glad they decided to go through with it. I blame the damn cameramen for making things look worse when there shouldn’t even be an issue.

      Yeah double standard. When guys go down on the floor everyone is just like “oh yea oppar is so sexy yeah just continue” It’s sad really. It’s tough being a female in the entertainment industry. Hope our girls just brush this off though. They’re having an awesome comeback and I’m just looking forward to more amazing performances! Yay~ :D Go Secret!

      • I don’t think the girls will take it to heart. I’m sure they all knew that there might be some problems with the choreography, I even think they do it on purpose to get publicity. It’s more interesting to watch if you heard something like “Ohh, there’s something bad, they need to change it.” I’m sure this works in Korea as well as everywhere else in the world. The “forbidden” is always more interesting :D

        • That is true! LOL now people would be more inclined to watched the MV or the non-restricted performances. Their mnet perf got like 200+k views already and it was just uploaded like yesterday xD ….I’m glad Secret is getting more attention now and actually instigating debates :’D

  388. Secret’s Hyosung shed tears in front of soldiers “After one year, we are back…”
    MBC God of Victory episode that was recorded last week is the battle
    between Kara and Secret, 2 of the most popular girl groups among Korean
    After receiving explosive cheers from the soldiers for the
    performance, Secret Hyosung busted into tears: “Your response for us is
    so hot even after one year. Thank you so much”

    Source: Naver________________Honestly these girls works so hard… And it breaks my heart when I imagine we can´t even bring them this win, when they´ve never getting reviewed before. Even rookie groups has made it into KMM but not SECRET =(

    • :( I wish they’d win so bad. But we’ll get them to first place if not this time then the next!

      • Next week we´re up against Ukiss.. KissMes are really powerful on EYK, I wonder if we have a chance “/

        • ._. I know, I meant the next MV they’ll reveal… One day we will get Secret on Kpop Music Monday!

          I guess that since mostly girls are into Kpop and they most likely spazz more about the boy groups, it’s harder for girls to win. :( Which is sad. I really think there should be a girl group special some time. But maybe that’s just my inner Secret-fangirl speaking. :D

        • I´m biased to male groups, but I agree there should be more girlgroups getting reviewed. It´s kind of ridiculous how many girlgroup´s MVs that hasn´t made it into Kpopchart like Kara, MissA with Touch, AoA, Apink, Secret, Orange caramel, after school etc.. And there´s even more, can´t really brainstorm it all right now..

        • Same for me, I like some songs of girl groups, but I don’t follow them as “closely” as, i.e. B.A.P or B2st. Secret is really the one girl group I really, really, really like. But because I like songs of girl groups, too, I want them to win here as well. I guess looking at all those beautiful girls is more depressing for normal girls than spazzing over boys :D

        • Lol I feel a bit guilty there..:p But seriously though, SECRET are the only girlgroup I can´t find a reason to hate/dislike/criticize. They´re also the only girls I wouldn´t mind if they´re together with my male biases. *might be a bit heartbroken though, but I´ll get over it*

          I guess it´s because of their personality. For me SECRET have one of the most beautiful personality, not only look.

        • We’ll also be up against “drag queens” (lol), or G-Dragon fans too. I think his new mv is coming out this upcoming week too .__.

    • I guess since it´s mostly boy groups who get reviewed and a veeeery few girl groups, it must mean fanboys are more lazy/less devoted/crazy at voting than fangirls… *sigh*

      Simon and Martina, I think I found the loop hole/disadvantage for girl groups on the Kpopchart.. But there´s nothing that can be done though..

      TKIR: POISON MV reached 1million views already, I´m happy for the girls!=) But I´m not happy how the mystery about the 16 rolls of premium toilet papers became unsolved. Was it the mom or the cat??

  389. Yay Secret~! Finally back :D They look so gorgeous in this and the song is awesome!!!
    I’m a baby but Secret is amazing! GO TS FAMILY!

  390. Vote Vote Vote!!!!!!
    I need some nasty nasty secret realness from Simon!

  391. New pictures from Poison album!

    I don´t know why, but I love Jieun´s picture the most. Maybe because the look is so unlike her, and I like to see her different than her usual sweet girl image. Anyways she´s so pretty <3

    • They’re all so pretty! <3 But I think Jieun's picture is the best out of those, too. Zinger looks so pretty though, she used to look cheeky, but now she's just georgous. I had the same haircut as Hyosung, now I'm thinking about cutting my hair again :D

  392. they are awesome… well they have personal cell phones now im happy for them haha

  393. If none of the girl groups in the top ten get reviewed this time, I demand a KPMM-Girl-Group-special on some special day or something :D A rookie special would be awesome, too. There were a couple of rookie groups this year that haven’t gotten much attention on the chart, or had no chance because they were up against the big ones. But I really liked some of the songs. Maybe if Simon and Martina get to employ an editor they’d have the time to make specials like these. Or just for the songs, they really wanted to review, but weren’t voted high enough. Like a end-of-the-year thing or something. :)

    Keeping it relevant: They steal the jewelry, sit in the car, don’t drive it and hold the jewelry out of the window… :D doesn’t sound very smart, they look good while doing it though. I wonder what’s up with all the non-driving cars… Is there a saboteur, that steals the spark plugs from Kpop idols cars?

  394. Love this video, love that there’s a story instead of just dancing boxes. The girls look flawless the choreography is awesome.

  395. Incredibly sexy. ♥

  396. This is my first encounter with this girl group SECRET, and I have to say I was really feeling the whole detective-burlesque feel of the video. I can also appreciate the coherent and slightly mysterious storyline, which made you want to watch the whole video to figure out what was going on. The chorus and rap were very strong, there was definitely some strong and sexy girl power vibes in both the song and video. I’m impressed, go girls!

  397. Sunhwa´s tweet: @seonhwazzz: At Music Bank’s waiting room with the recently hot Brownie and B.A.P~~~~~~!!!! >_< Kya~~~~!!! ㅋㅋㅋ This is really written by Sunhwa!!!!!!!

    Daehyun´s RT+added text: TS Family yeah~!

    trans. cr; hyejin @ baptrans ; take out with full credits

    Aww I´m happy cause Daehyun´s my bias and he´s shipping TS Family as much as I do <3

  398. Omg Yes, I really think we can actually get Secret to number 1 by Monday, guys!

  399. Secret – POISON MV hit the 1 Million Views within 36hrs only since its Release

  400. I can’t get over the fact how stunning Zinger looks in this MV. I often thought she got the “worst” haircuts and clothing, not that it looked bad or anything, but I always felt like the other girls had prettier hair or outfits. But she looks really, really good here. I hope to see her on more shows from now on. :)

  401. i’m not agoins t-ara, but i think their mv is muuuuuch worse than secret’s!! secret <3

  402. Hearing the saxophone remonds me of 4minute volume up haha but yeah it is a different beat

  403. Secret!! <3 4 ever!!

  404. Secret has never had an MV reviewed for music monday, we need to fix that! Especially with such an awesome MV.

  405. Another baby supporting Secret ;3 the song is really great :D and I wanna see Simon dance to this. lol :3

  406. i say… VOTE FOR SECRET!!!!!!
    ELF here!! ^_^

  407. TS family FIGHTING ! This solidarity is so wonderful ;-; … :D !

  408. They have gotten pretty sexy especially with the “spread the legs” dance.. OOOOOHHH SOOO NASTY!

  409. really want this song to get reviewed! it’s awesome :D

  410. I really liked this song! I hope they make it to the top!

  411. Ahh.. loving FT. Island – I Wish song. But SECRET first.

  412. SECRET- Poison main star is Hyosung. Hopefully, Zinger will be the next star in their next MV.

  413. [off topic] I really like sunhwa and Jieun dress style in MCD while they were performing Calling U. It looks so cute and beautiful. I want one >.<

  414. I love the dance so much; can’t stop smiling while in the class.

  415. SECRET is one of the very few girl groups that I like. I was torn between wanting to see FT Island and the “Hunky One” :) being reviewed and wanting SECRET to be reviewed. I think this video is more interesting than FT Island’s so my votes are going to SECRET.

  416. SECRET on T-ara controversary + how they works to resolve problems:

    “We never thought it would get this huge (the Tara controversy). Honestly, there is no way for a girl group not to fight (amongst themselves). Each member has their won discontentment. The key is how to resolve that situation. The difference between us and other girl groups is that the four of us still sleep in one room. We have a lot of time to resolve our pent up feelings (towards each other). Also our road to debut was hard so our consideration for each other runs deep.” [Hyoseong, Zinger] ”

    -Translation Credit: TSubs-

    The rest of the interviewed can be read here:

    • I wonder how sleeping in the same room makes it better, because you’re forced to work it out? Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m literally 24/7 together with the same people, I get grumpy over time. Not necessarily because of the people, but I need time time for myself sometimes. If I’m tired I also get frustrated easily, sometimes over small things, and like to keep them to myself, because I know it’s basically nothing, and will be over it when I had some time alone :D But I can’t imagine what it would be like if people would keep bugging me about what’s wrong with me in that situation. But that might be because I didn’t have to share a room since I was three years old, and don’t really know what it’s like to live that close together. But out of what I have experienced for myself, I’d think that sharing a room, can be frustrating and actually be the cause of fights. Though if both parties of the fight are more the type to swallow their feelings it could be worse if they could just get out of each others way, at least if they have to work together like you have to in an idol group.

      I hope it really works like this for the Secret girls :) I remember watching their reality show before their debut, and Hyosung got really, really mad at Zinger, and it took them a while to figure it out.

      • I totally understand you – i’m the type of person that needs my space too. but i think in this case, it’s kind of like a couple being married. you may fight and whatnot and a whole bunch of stuff may happen during the day, but at the end of that day, you’re ultimately falling alseep knowing you belong “together”. it kind of strengthens the bond, even though you might have had a bad fight before, right?
        love that secret seems close with each other >w<

      • Yeah that might be true, but SECRET has a lot of individual activities too. Like how Sunhwa was very busy filming IY, and Hyosung OMS then Jieun for IS2. So they´ll most likely be alone and apart from the group members a lot of time. I think sharing the same bedroom makes it easier to talk together during sleep hours and they can let the bad and good feelings out.

        A lot of problem with idol groups that leads to breakup is that they doesn´t really communicate together outside of work and they tends to build up the negetive feelings inside and then thing just get worse over time. That´s why communication is the key to teamwork, and SECRET sharing the same room kind of force them to communicate with each other.

      • Even if they stayed together in the same room they dont see each other a lot anyway. It just means they have to resolve their differences if they fight and not lock themselves in their own rooms.

        It was their choice to stay in the same room (they sleep in bunk beds). They use the other rooms the put their clothes, shoes and stuff (maybe also a computer room). I saw their new apt and it’s pretty big (spacey main hall/common room too). During their debut they had to share a huge bed all four of them. That’s how poor TS was (but now look at TS, imagine how much money SECRET brought in)

        • Ikr right, but I heard B.A.P use SECRET´s old appartment right now. Probably the one we saw in IY? But where can I see SECRET´s new apartment? Was it in any shows or anything?

        • Somebody said that BAP lives there but Jason TempSubber said “BAP never have and never will live at the basement apartment”. So, that answers that question I guess haha..
          About the they were surprising hyosung on her birthday and we can see glimpses of their apt. Press the cc button for subs. Here’s the link: Enjoy!!

        • Ahh so that´s SECRET´s new apartment, thanks for giving me the link =)

          Btw why will B.A.P never have and will live at a basement apartment? I´m sure they were asked if they´re using SECRET´s old apartment and they said yes. But I´m not sure though, but I know the 6 of them share the same bedroom.

        • Lol – that’s what he said in a clip of Secret’s basement home I uploaded in my channel (took it from his subbed clip). I never asked him to elaborate. He was responding to another viewer. U can watch the video and also what he said in the comment box here:

          6 of them share a room? That’s pretty bad. i thought 4 was bad enough :( Maybe they want to make BAP go thru what SECRET go thru but to me that’s not really fair (even though I’m a secrettime) bc there are 6 of them. Can’t imagine 6 guys one room.

        • Ahh I see, but yeah apparently the 6 of them are sharing one bedroom with 3 bunkbeds. Yeah it´s bad but they´re not really complaining, except for the sleeptalking going on when they´re sleeping all together :p

          But SECRET had to go through that, so it´s only fair if they does too and doesn´t get “special” treatment. They´re rookies after all:p Also with TS pushing them together like that+taking away their phones is a way to make them closer together too, look at SECRET and their teamwork ~

        • A week or two ago, someone told me BAP got their phones back. s that true?
          Btw, did EYK just change the link I gave u to the POiSON MV instead of the original link? I guess they take it as irrelevant to the subject lol

        • last time it was asked Bang said they only have one group phone since they don’t really use it besides family/staff communication and it’s cheaper that way lol
          I think it’s great Secret&BAP share the same room. It promotes group bonding and communication. With all the stress of idol life they all need an awesome support system and just be themselves :D

        • Fan accounts say when asked if they live in Secrets old dorm they answered yes…

        • It’s good if they decided for themselves :) I guess, I’m just really different. I would probably never give up the chance to have my own room, just to have another room to put my clothes in. :D On the other hand, I probably don’t have as much clothes as they do, and I’m not an idol… so yeah :D But it’s good if they found a way to solve problems and stuff.

          It’s really great how far TS has come, but sadly they’re still tiny compared other companies, and don’t make as much money. I hope that Secret and B.A.P make them (and themselves :D) a lot of money. :) They’re both awesome.

  417. great MV and song(✿◠‿◠) secret I love you<3

  418. SECRETTIMES AND BABYS AND OTHER FANDOMS. let’s help secret win mcountdown! :) http:// global. mnet. com/mcountdown/vote.m?mcdMenuId=menu2_1 you can use your twitter or facebook accounts. you can even use both and if you want to vote thrice make an account. do that everyday and let them win cause they deserve it!

  419. SECRET is so awesome!!! :D

  420. Woah I posted the wrong picture… =__=
    Anyways, here´s the real one. SECRET & B.A.P backstage with Brownie:

    They´re adorable ~ TS Family <3

  421. SECRET & B.A.P with brownie backstage <3
    TS Family is so adorable ~

  422. the song is catchy and the dance is SOOO damn sexy!!


    • haha that was like the opposite for me. I’m a baby and a secrettime too, but i started liking secret way more after falling in love with bap.
      i have this song on loop *_*

  424. Secret has been doing a great jod since their debut! I mean why are they so under rated for a such talented girl group. let’s help them reach the top! :)

  425. vote vote vote , we should be able to win ft

  426. secret baebak!! Let’s make them get the first prize!!!!!^^

  427. Actually I love Secret since Starlight Moonlight, but compared with that MV this video is way too different, they have changed a lot. This MV is very good, Secret’s acting is stunning, but I think that guy is a little dumb to tattoo the code on his neck like that :))

  428. Kinda hard to camp here when no one wants to start a convo with me :p Anybody? Let’s talk about Secret ^^

    Btw, try to keep things relevant here. Please don’t spam.

    In the meantime, here’re the pics from their Nylon photoshoot. My fave pic has got to be Zinger, but I may just be biased.

  429. Sexy and Charming thieves.

  430. We need more voters+supporters! Please vote! Show your love! ♥ Secret 4ever!

  431. It is mind blowing knowing that Sunhwa can dance so sexy.

  432. Daebak! No comment! This is too flawless!

  433. Damn! This is daebak! Daebak! Mind blowing I guess lol! Damn secret never failed to amazed me!

  434. Some pics of Secret on God of Victory ^__^ They’ll finally be back on variety shows after almost a year in Japan so give them much love

  435. Please vote for t-ara as well. I’m supporting both groups. ♥ Secret!!

  436. Guys lets vote for them! these sexy girls deserve all the love they can get :D

  437. I really wish Nasties would spread their votes out more. Dedication towards your bias doesn’t mean you can’t vote for other intersting videos too. To date, there’s only 2 people who regularly watch all the videos on the Kpop Charts and comment/vote on the ones they like: Me and Cinnamon Cappel.

    TKIR – so, let’s talk about this video!!
    Random points y’all have mentioned:
    - boobies
    - leg-spreading dance
    - moving boobies
    ……oh c’mon guys, surely there’s more to this video than that? :p

    • Well, I would watch more videos,but the thing is I can’t. I can’t watch like 99% of the videos on their official channel. I have to hope that people will upload them illegally… Watching the Chart update is pretty much useless for me because most of the time I can only watch the little clips of Simon and Martina. But I admit, that I’m more active on here when there’s a video of the group I like. If there’s no one I’m particularly interested in as a fan, then I vote for other videos that seem interesting, if I get to watch them… :D and sometimes I even comment, but I comment way more when I’m a fan. I guess that nasties really want to know what Simon and Martina have to say about their favourite group/song, unknown or less popular groups have little chance to be reviewed like this… Which is sad, but I understand that fans vote for their favourite bands no matter what.

      And there is more the video that just boobies and rounchy thrusting, but the outfits and dance move make it harder to concentrate on the storyline :D They kinda shove everything they go into your face, I’m not particularly a fan of this kind of ‘sexy’. I’m a bit confused here, I think I’m a bit double standard here. The way the girls are dressed.. especially Hyosungs outfit. If I saw a girl walk around like that on the street.. I’d think that it’s pretty slutty, but since it’s a stage/video outfit it seems more like a costume to me, and I don’t find it as slutty.

      Also why the hell has the one guy something written on his neck like that? :D Isn’t that too obvious?

      • Why can’t you see it? What country are you in? D:

        I was actually watching S&M’s videos on dressing in Korea, and how you had to cover up your upper body, but show as much legs as you can. Secret isn’t exactly….covering their upper body. I mean, where I am, the ladies leave very little to the imagination, so I don’t really notice it, but as you said, I highly doubt you’d see girls dressed like that on the streets of Korea. If this were to be reviewed, I can already see it being put up against Troublemaker. Both spy/detective-themed. Both very sexy. Hmm.

        lol yea someone else mentioned that neck tattoo. Frickin idiot. He can’t even see it himself. -_-

        • I live in Germany, and apparently we don’t have the rights to watch anything on YT :D I’m quite happy that I can watch the videos on the TS Entertainment channel, which means that I can at least watch B.A.Ps and Secrets songs legally. But apart from that I’m pretty much screwed, I want to watch the videos on their official channels, and some people can be really grumpy when other people upload the videos, because they “steal” views from the official video. But what am I supposed to do? :D Never watch a Kpop MV in my life ever again?

          Yeah, I also thought that they would put them up against Troubleamker^^ That would be a hard choice for me, because I really liked the song, and Hyunseung :D But the video didn’t make much sense…

          Also, is that detective drinking at work? Hyosung is quite the killer, not only did she shoot the two guys, but poisons the detective in the end… If somebody walked into my office like that, getting that close to me out of the sudden.. I’d be suspicious, but maybe he had too much bourbon before.

  438. You guys know you’re allowed to post links here yea? (as long as they’re relevant and not random advertising/recruiting)
    So here’s Secret on Music Bank!! Yeah!! ^o^

    • Secret is among the best live performers (female idols) in Kpop alongside Brown Eyed Girls and Sistar. Even non-secrettimes acknowledges this (oc not all). And all four girls can sing very well (even ballads) just like BEG.
      Do i sound too bias?

      • Hey I did notice that they didn’t lip sync at all, not for their verses anyway (all electronic songs seem to rely on MR for the chorus), and they didn’t hold back on their sexy dancing (although they’d have to change the choreography, obviously). I don’t mind sexy dances as long as they’re done confidently (as opposed to seductively).

        I’m very fussy with live performances, which is why I usually never watch the live version of kpop bands, but I was actually pretty impressed by them. I wish they’d sing the chorus as well. I’m not a fan of MR. I suppose that’s too much to ask of kpop artists huh.

  439. Vote Nasties!! X”’DDD

  440. ALL KILL BABY! hahaha :)) finally!

  441. Hopefully they win something. They worked so hard on their comeback.


    Their vocals were even better than MCD yesterday!!

    • It’s true but they did not show the signature dance of SECRET’s Poison. Anyway, Congratulations to Secret for making a double awesome comeback.

      • I think they must have been asked to tone it down. That would probably explain why they changed the choreography a bit for MuBank performance ^_^

        • Yeah..that sucks so bad. I don’t think so it would look raunchy or overly sexy if they take it at different camera angle.

      • Yeah, a bit disappointed. I think KBS is more conservative than others. We’ll see what happens at MBC and SBS next week. Personally I want them to show the full shot and also see a bit of Jieun too. When else can we see Jieun moving her pelvis like that XD (probably have to wait for future fancams)


    • Why would you like them to win so badly? Tell me 3 things you liked about the song/video (other than the boobs and raunchy thrusting, because that’s kinda obvious) ^^;

  444. Common guys! Let’s make this first for next week kmm for our nasty pleasure!
    (If u know what I mean)

  445. SECRET is BACK~!
    I’m falling in love with Jieun and I’m a Straight Girl.. *Q*

  446. Nicole Aphrodite Ionesco Dever


  447. I wouldn’t even call them meaty… they’re skinny, even compared to normal sized people.
    The only problem I have with this dance is that the crotch grabbing/pelvic grinding looks crude, or, at least, it doesn’t really match with the song.

    • Well, it’s certainly not a dance I’d do in public. >.>

    • I agree, they’re skinny, they’ve always been slender. Even before they started to diet. A lot of those shots in which they look so much bigger than other girl groups are due to the angle. Everyone would look bigger like that. But in fact they’re only a tiny bit sturdier. Looking at Hyosung and Zinger, they both have bigger chests than the regular girl group members and slighty larger thighs. But they’re still very slender. And they might look bigger than other girl groups, because there’s a lot of shaking butts and boobs in their dances, and they actually have something to shake :D To me they’ve always been slender, there was never a poud too much on them, ever. :)

  448. I hope Simon and Martina review this MV. I’ve been craving a sexy comeback for Secret for ages now, since I became a fan back in the “Madonna” and “Magic” days so I liked the sexier concepts of those compared to the cutesy image of “Shy Boy”. It’d be great if this video got reviewed since it’s artistic and sexy Secret is back.

  449. SECRET really worked so hard to perfect their choreography & it totally shows in their performances – true professionals : ))

  450. I just noticed how many ranks this video climbed since yesterday. Great, keep voting, and meanwhile, here’s an article for motivation and eye candy ;) Read the article here:

    I tried to post pics here but it seems to be loading too slowly.

  451. Let secret wins!!! :D

  452. Ok TempSubber just translated a great article/interview on SECRET. They were asked about SISTAR, T-ara bullying case (Secret kinda hinted they may have fought among themselves) etc and guess what, they now HAVE PHONES!!!!
    Go here:

  453. My favourite girl group!!! Let’s get SECRET reviewed!!!

  454. I think if this makes it for a review, there’ll be a lot to talk about—the MV plot (or plot holes), the song and what S&M think of it, plus who wouldn’t want to see Simon do the dance ;) We’re facing some tough competition, but keep sharing and commenting everyday because every single point counts.

    Btw, thanks to all the BABYz that came to support Secret and Secrettimes!

  455. Kpopstarz excerpt: “Hyosung especially grabs attention with her sexiness like Sharon Stone in the movie “Basic Instincts,” and her dance shows the women side of her characteristics.”

  456. At last SECRET is back and heck yeah all kill!

  457. LOL! The story behind the video not to my liking but the dance and the song is just too hard to resist.

  458. I really want to see how EYK will review this mv as it is just absolutely amazing. The adorable girls have changed to beautiful/sexy ladies. The storyline was great, and not to forget about the dance choreography. Can’t wait to see Simon doing his version of “spread the leg” dance :P Please continue voting ! >w< Kamsahamnida !

  459. This MV is more than just the idols dancing in empty rooms!! THIS HAS A STORY!
    Secret DAEBAK!!!!!!

  460. Quite a catchy song. BTW!! secret all the way. Really wanna see Simon do the dance.

  461. Thanks to all the BABYs who helped Secret!!

  462. I hope this vid gets reviewed. T-ara “Sexy Love” is the same tired concept of MV.

  463. The dance is sexy! They aren’t the Secret that we knew a year ago with Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight!! ♥

  464. I wonder if Kwanghee would ask his onscreen wifey Sunhwa to dance the Poison dance for him on WGM… ^_^

  465. Get it, Secret!

    • Pretty sure they got it already. They killed a few people in the process. And then they dangled it out of the window of their stationary car.

  466. I feel like “Poison” has so much to talk about compared to the other videos on the chart. I really hope this gets reviewed!! Come on, Secrettimes!

  467. a hope it won’t be banned or something

    • If Sunhwa’s scene/ Hyosung’s cleavage scene are not suitable they’ll just alter the MV for TV viewing or they just dont show it before certain times so no big deal. I’ve been told that MVs rarely go on korean TVs anyway (usually at the end of shows etc) so it wont have any effect. TSent already knew about the risk but the impact on Secret wud be insignificant that’s why they still went thru with it :)

  468. VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

  469. Finally they’re back !! :D

  470. SECRET Is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  471. AllKpop:
    “After a one year break, SECRET has made their long awaited comeback with “Poison” and has proven their status as one of the top girl groups by achieving an ‘all-kill’ on real time music charts”

  472. Guys are generally more lazy to this commenting & voting stuff so Babyz are really appreciated here. I’m a guy and am lazy too but I just love SECRET too much

  473. Hey guys :D
    another Baby here to help Secret
    the song and the MV is sooo good :)
    I’m happy that they’re back again with a fierce and sexy concept :)

  474. if they do review this i can tottaly see where simon would say
    U you so nasty !!

  475. PLEASE REVIEW!!!! Secret is such a great group!!!!!! <3

  476. HALP.

    I think I burned myself on their HOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOT


  478. HyoSung is *so* sexy! x_x Scratch that… all of Secret is so sexy! A lot of people have compared Poison sounding like Madonna, but to me, the room where Secret first dances with the flashing lights actually reminds of Magic. Unfortunately, without a doubt, their spread legs dance move will be banned…

  479. Crash + Poison = Interesting Love Story

    B.A.P: Help me help me help me
    SECRET: Gotta be gotta be gotta be your poison

    What do you guise think? ^___^

  480. Why are BABYz not helping SECRET?

  481. BABY here~ Supporting Secret! Fighting Secret Times! We’ve never been on KMM so lets get it this time! TS family jjang!

  482. OMG the song and the MV is sooo good seriously, the girls killed me XD lol but i miss their amazing bodies


  484. Secret needs LOVE. SECRETTIMES<33

  485. According to information provided to us by TS Entertainment, with the album’s release the title song reached the number 1 spot on online music charts for Melon, Mnet, Bugz, Soribada, and more. Also, SECRET became one of the most searched terms on search sites, further showing the public’s interest in the group.

  486. Oh My God, seriously. Secret is so under rated! This MV is a mind blowing piece of art! People please!! Vote for Secret!

    —-from. B2uty

  487. After a one year break, SECRET has made their long awaited comeback with “Poison” and has proven their status as one of the top girl groups by achieving an ‘all-kill’ on real time music charts.

  488. Do you guise think the girls really fed the detective poison?

  489. I really hope Secret finally wins

  490. Simon would have so much fun with this

  491. I want this to be reviewed.. i hope a lot of babys will help us

    Let’s make this MV number 1!!!

  493. I’m surprised that broadcasting companies didn’t ban there super sexy and provocative dance. I’m not complaining though. *goes to dreamland… lalalalaal*


  495. Guys vote for SECRET on MNET

  496. OMG~ This song MUST win!!! The video is amazing and they all look beautiful~~~!!!!!

  497. It only took me two times and im already hooked with this song!! Hyosung is so gorgeous in the mv!! the saxophone/trumpet (im not sure what its called) part reminds me of 4minute Volume up, I hope this get reviewed S&M need to give secret somee loveee~~

  498. Oohhh. The mv is nice.I like how its all dark and how the girls outfits stand out.

  499. Baby here to support the TS army. Seems like the votes are coming in a bit slow. Interesting how many votes FTisland got so fast, I’m surprised.

    • Yup, FTI is averaging around 2.3k votes per day (not counting twitter, facebook, google). Poison is around 1.5k votes. Kekeke need to get the TS Army over here.

  500. Has eatyourkimchi ever reviewed a Secret video? THIS MUST BE FIXED!!!!!

  501. This is such an awesome song and the dance is awesome too

  502. SECRET´s photoshoot for Nylon.

    The girls looks beautiful, Jieun´s picture is my favorite <3

  503. Secret needs love spread the word, get them reviewed. TSEnt has outdone themselves yet again and are completely underrated. BAP, SECRET and UNTOUCHABLE FIGHTING!!!!!!!

  504. Based on rough estimates, we’re pulling the same avg vote as FT Island. We need to step it up if we ever hope to catch up.

    TKIR – I can’t believe the ladies actually killed those two guys (but then they could very well be gangsters who got the diamond & necklace through criminal means in the first place) ^_^

    • But then they killed (?) the cute detective?! I have a soft spot for detectives, having grown up on Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, so I am not very happy about that. Grr. I mean, did you hear that plonk? Didn’t that guy ever learn to be careful of people spiking his drink? I never let go of my drink, ever.
      But then again, we never know what she put in the drink. It could be vitamins for all we know. *shrugs*

      Yea man, you really need to step it up, gotta quadriple your points if you want to beat FTI. Maybe you could go help T-ara in the mean time? :p I don’t really care who, I just want a girl group to win >_<

      • I don’t think they killed the detective. They just knocked him out with one of those nasty pills. Silly detective should’ve known not to drink anything that’s left unattended – but it probably saved his life: ))

    • Yeah we really need more people to vote. I´ve been everywhere asking for fans to help voting, but some actually refused to help and was just downright rude *shake head*

      TKIR: The detective guy actually grew on me, he did look a little bit cute though. I actually wonder who the actors in the MV are, as well as the ahjussi in StarlighMoonligh MV. Seems like TS always cast some actors we never heard of before. They might as well cast Himchan;p

  505. I love the new concept. They are gorgeous! I love SUNHWA in this mv. She’s becoming more beautiful and sexy… :) <3<3<3<3<3

  506. The chart has been updated, and we´re #4 right now. ZeA Phoenix and T-ara has been on the chart longer so if we continue to vote and keep the votes increasing like now we´ll surpass them soon. Let´s continue to work hard :D

  507. [ENG] B.A.P interviewing SECRET, backstage of POISON MV:

  508. Where are the 16 rolls of premium toilet paper in this MV? LOL!!!

  509. I have always adored Secret’s amazing charisma with eargasmic vocals mixed in with awesome 80s and 90s jam style music. Not to sound preverted, but they’re also HOOOT, cause they are some of the few beautiful ladies in the Kpop world with legs that aren’t sticks.This has got to be the best comeback this month. Why is this still 5th place? BABIES AND SECRET TIMERS, GET VOTING! We must show Simon and Martina this awesome song! OOH WE SO NASTY >:D

  510. I’m so excited to see Secret get onto the charts this far!!

  511. I feel like Secret should be more successful. To me their style is totally different from other groups, and they stick to it. They are all so georgous. I wish I could look like them.^^ And have their talent.

    • I feel they´re really underrated too, the girls have everything that´s needed to succeed yet they haven´t reached that level yet. All members of SECRET are talented and they can sing pretty well all of them. For example even Zinger who´s a rapper can sing better than most “visuals” of other kpop groups. SECRET also doesn´t have any “baggage” members, cause all of them can sing/dance or rap.

      The girls are also humble, friendly, kind and good at variety. I seen many fancams of SECRET and they always treat their fans the best. SECRET are also so natural, whenever they appear on Variety shows they´ll lit up the mood with their reactions and just be themselfes.

      I hope SECRET will get a lot of recognition with this comeback and with Sunhwa on WGM. I also hope they´ll win this KMM, cause that means more exposure to the girls as well.

      • Maybe their style is too different for the majority :( Their sound is pretty distinct, and the style isn’t too pure-popish or hip hop, like SNSD or 2ne1. I like both of them, so no hate there, but their music obviously captures more people. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the only wins Secret got at music shows with the songs Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight? Those were the songs that were a bit different from their usual style.

        • Yeah it was, but SECRET gained lots of popularity with Madonna and Magic too. I think it´s has to do that they´re from TS as well. When they debuted TS was just a nobody company so the girls didn´t get as strong promotions and funding as the rest of the other girl groups.

          But I think the girls still went far even without all those. The girls who was a nobody, and looks where they are now. Also I notice SECRET aren´t that popular in the international kpop fans, but they´re really loved in Korea.

          I thnk the girls will slowly reach their fame soon. But since secret have to work hard to reach where they are, I think the members treasure it and remains humble more than anyone else.

          Secret will have their time soon, that I believe <3

  512. Ok this might be off-topic but I just checked the “community” option and this is what I see (picture). Lol I´m not sure how to feel about this.. Happy cause I comment a lot or sad cause I´ve no life…

    Anyways to keep this relevant, I think the car scene is so funny. They´re obviously running away, but all they do is sit and pose in the car instead of driving.. Maybe it´s because they got no worries that people will catch them? Remember how Hyosung poisoned the detective who´s in charge of their case.

  513. I gotta say my favorite part of this song is zingers rap.this ie definitely more her glad she finally is able to showcase her talent.also the fact that she got to rap more than once during the song.

  514. Okay loved the video, the girl in red if she is considered hot in Korea then I am good when I head to Korea next year whoo hoo. Glad to see some women with thighs. The video moved along and had a story. BTW I don’t know why S&M are always complaining about Korean drivers, what I always see is that everyone climbs into a car and just sits there….except the crazy guy who ran over the cute guy with the hot ass….(where is my favorite mod fuuko4869 to help me out here?). The rapping I felt distracted the song, but over all I liked it. And loved the clothes in the video. My wardrobe feels empty.

    • The one in red is Hyosung, and yes she´s considered to be one of the sexy and bagel girls in the kpop industry. Then it seems like you don´t have to worry when you go to Korea next year.

      Well the car scene in Poison.. That was the best run away ever, just sit in the car and wait for the cop to come arrest you, rofl.

      But anyways it´s good to see that you liked the MV =)

      • *sigh* Showing my non-Korean knowledge here…what is a bagel girl? And yes I looked up the term but it was very contradicting, in the definition.

        Hey they can just slip the cop a micky, or you know maybe put on some Poison Lipstick…

    • You talking about Junsu from JYJ – Heaven? ;)

      Yes, I also like ladies with thighs. Makes me feel better about myself HAHAH!!! There was rapping in the song? I didn’t even notice o.O

  515. Ok pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do a secret song I need u to Simon and martina

  516. Good morning everyone – bright & shine! We’ve 16 hours to rake up 4k votes (our daily average if we hope to win a review). This song is seriously getting catchy with every listen & the rapping is awesome ^_^

    • Good morning and welcome back ^^
      We´ve 16 hours till the voting ends or 16 hours to get 4K votes for Poison? If it´s the later I think´ll be able to do it, even though it´s a bit slow but the votes and comments are increasing at least.

      The song has been on repeat since yesterday <3 The same with Telepathy and CallingU :D

      • Lol! 16 hours to get 4k votes. The official cut-off is 12am 15 Sept KST so a total of 16 + 24 hours. I hope GD’s MV doesn’t make an appearance till we have this in the bag ^____^

  517. I predict a lot of “O My”s and “Oooo you so nastay”s. ;D

  518. Btw does anyone know why SECRET is still #6? Poison and Btob´s MV was added to the chart on the same day, and from the look of the points SECRET has more points. We should be above Btob in #4 right now?

    • Just checked. We’re still #6, and Btob still #4, they in fact have less votes than Secret. But that might just be a bug on the chart? It might be updated in a little while?

      I’m more concerned about FT Island, they’re currently #1.

      On the video: What’s it with the chilling in the car obviously not driving? :D B2st did that, too. :D And I love the hats they’re wearing… Like a sir… lady. :D

      • Yeah, maybe the chart hasn´t updated yet. But FT Island has been on this chart two days ahead of us, so we still have the advantage on our side though. Seriously I hope we´ll make it, or else next week we´ll go against GD/Ukiss, that will be hard to beat “/

    • Because Secret got so many votes in a short amount of time, it’s probably taking a bit of time for the total points to be calculated. Also, it doesn’t always update immediately, so just wait for it a bit, and it should move up. :)

  519. OMO i have had this song on a loop for SIX HOURS!!!! this song is SOOOO GOOOOD! VOTEVOTEVOTE!

  520. BABY here to support SECRET, I think I am a secrettime too.

    SECRET Fighting!