Secret – Poison

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  1. seriously they don’t even have a chance to be no. 1 :((

  2. Bárbara Estefanía Conconi

    So addictive X9

  3. Hey hey hey, back with more love for SECRET !

  4. I’d love to see Simon and Martina shredding the whole robbery plot. xD

  5. Oh yes, supporting the beautiful SECRET ladies still! 8)

  6. natalakixamogela

    i love Secret they are perfect……

  7. UH what, SECRET is #48 now?!

  8. Now that Catch Me has been reviewed, Poison could be reviewed…
    Keep voting SECRETTIMEs!!!

  9. omg secret’s girls are sooooooooo sexy…. why TVXQ? you have to release a MV
    anyway… secret fighting! :D

  10. arianya37


    Still, I agree it’s tempting to vote up just to get Simon to say Naasteh.

  11. I want this video reviewed cause IM SO NASTY

  12. Voting, tweeting, and commenting everyday!

  13. Anyway… I think we should all share this on Facebook more because it contains 4 points!!

  14. Still voting for our fantabulous SECRET ladies! (8

  15. Woosh, back again – let’s keep on voting! I believe in the power/”POISON” of SECRET TIME!

  16. Otrollololol

    Reviewwwww thisssss pleaseeeee.

  17. Hey SECRET TIME – commenting every day to support our beautiful SECRET girls! :D

  18. they poisoned me haha they are all beautiful :))

  19. Secrets been around for so long, it’s sad they don’t have a review yet :c
    They are amazing, beautiful, and so talented~

  20. Even if this song never gets a review by EYK, because lets face it they were up against some huge names, I will forever love this song and the dynamic shift in Secret’s new sexy style and the confidence in which they pulled this song and the lives performances off.

  21. Ahhh I just love SECRET so much – their music is so catchy, their vocals are wonderful, and they have such lovely clothing too! It would be awesome if Simon & Martina finally reviewed a SECRET song, right guys? 8)

  22. In my opinion, they are the most beautiful and talented korean girl group. ^^

  23. This song is amazing! I’ve had it stuck in my head all day. :3

  24. I love you, HyoSung ♥.♥

  25. oh my top 4 i want them to be on the top… i believe we can make them at the top

  26. Can we vote for them more than 1 time per dayy?

    • fuuko4869

      Nope, sorry :(

      Only once per 24 hours per IP address. Btw, Simon and Martina won’t be doing Kpop Music Mondays for the next 3 weeks, cos they’ll be in Mexico and California. Just so you know. :)

  27. Who is your guises favorite member of Secret?

  28. Woot come on SECRET TIME, let’s get this song reviewed!

  29. Sam Grove

    I LOVE this song!!! I really hope it gets to be reviewed, either now or later!!!

  30. Come on guys! So glad that people are still voting :)


  32. This song made me think of Britney Spear’s Toxic the first time I heard it… They don’t sound like each other at all, but the lyrics give off the same sort of feel.

  33. their mv surpasses 5 million :))

  34. chang lee