Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

Secret – Talk That

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  1. how come this song is so far on the kpop charts? Its a really great song!

  2. Lets Vote!! Keep voting because this may be the first time secret is on eyk!

  3. No It used to be no. 2!!!! Where is it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. really good music

  5. This song was so good on the year-end gayos. I wasn’t sold on it before, but I was after. Go Secret!

  6. Ah, it’s impossible for them to get reviewed now. We really have to exert more effort once they enter the charts again.

  7. I really want them to get reviewed once!!

  8. One day we will get them reviewed.^^ I hope they’ll make a great comeback soon. <3

  9. seeing them in live performances made me so happy with or without Zinger their great.. i know how proud Zinger will be seeing her fellow members working hard for gayo daejun

  10. what happened!!! i saw SECRET on 6th!!!!!!!?

  11. /fingerscrossed


  12. How is it possible, that they droped so much? I’m so sad right now

    • I was wondering that too, since Secret has SO much more votes/shares/comments than the SNSD remake. Perhaps it’s just an oopsie. I really really really want Secret to win this week.

      Edit: Nevermind, I just read further down. I am so upset now.

  13. oh their down to no. 6 i’m kinda sad

  14. lets keep voting, we drop to 5 now, come on guys we can do it

  15. Here’s Secret’s perf of Poison & Talk That at KBS Music Festival just now:

  16. guys keep voting :))

  17. darn :/ that sucks. i really wanted secret to be reviewed D:

  18. they’re down in third spot i can’t believe this.. why hahaha Snsd’s back so what can i react for they are so damn famous

  19. OK i think something is wrong in this chart because secret song is 3rd altoguht it has more votes(in facebook, twitter, coments, etc) than the 1st and 2nd place so why is it in 3rd place!!!!! it should be in the 1st!!!! guys we’ve gotta do something so SECRET win this week please!!!! is there a way to tell simon and martina about this???

    • They do have more votes but they were out for a longer time. These votes are calculated Weekly, so I guessed we dropped because we had less votes this week than the other two. But that doesn’t mean we stop voting at all. Dropping to 3rd might encourage people to vote more. Keep going guys!

  20. pff Secret droped to 3 place , sad, but im honestly amazed by u secret times u managedx to keep them on number 1 for very long time

  21. nooooo they fell third T_T this can’t be happening!

    • sad but expected they managed to be on top for long and tthe oldest the video the easier for it to drop

      • yeah how exactly does the algorithm work? SNSD has 3000 votes. We have 18000. Since Poison’s been out for like 4 weeks if we divide 18000 by 4, we still have more than 3000. So I don’t understand how we’re down to 3rd

        • Umm, we usually don’t tell people the algorithm because it results in miscalculations like this ^^;

          It’s mainly a cut in percentage starting day 8, by about 5% per day, until day 25 when it is taken off the charts. Secret is currently 24 days old so it’ll disappear tomorrow sorry :(

          We’ve said it many times, but Secret’s Talk That will not get a chance to be reviewed. I doubt Dancing Queen will be either, actually.

        • Ah, thanks for clarifying. Then we just had no chance. :(
          Don’t feel bad everyone, this is no one’s fault. Just bad luck that the week we happened to win happens to fall on a week no KMM. We’ll try again next comeback :)

  22. at this point i don’t think that SECRET will be on Music Monday..! SNSD so strong..! Poor SECRET..! hope some Miracle will happen..!

  23. secret-talk that have to top 1 kpop music mondays episode

  24. vote!!!!!!!!! vote!!!!!!!! vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I’m not really a Secret fan and I don’t have any Kpop group that I’m FANing about on today’s list so I scanned and listen to all… but this song is my type… the tone is dramatic and classic in the same way… even though I don’t understand Korean but i think i understand the video (coz’ i kinda relate to that)… anyway, I’m going to download the song right about now!

  26. this video needs to be reviewed

  27. snsd is now in 2nd place as much as i love them i rather have talk that reviewed!

  28. anyone know ,when will secret ” talk that” reviewed?

    Based on my assumption, EYK will reviewed anyone that win kpopchart weekly. Last week no 1 kpopchart of EYK is secret.

    (do not meant to be rude, i am sorry if my assumption is wrong )

    • Sadly there was no Kpop music Monday review this week because of the holidays. I believe that Simon and Martina will be working on the EYK awards now so I have no idea if this will even be reviewed if it stays on the charts till Saturday.

      It is sort of ironic though that at the point in time there are no KPop music Mondays, that girl groups manage to take the 4 top spots on the charts. At the moment Secret is 1st, Orange Caramel 2nd, Girls Generation 3rd and Hello Venus 4th. That hardly ever happens.

  29. Woo hoo, we’re almost there! 18,000 votes!! Let’s do it and make it past 18,000+

  30. Guys have you heard the dazzling red song… it was so amazing

  31. please secret must win!!

  32. Why is this in first place? -_- S&M aren’t even doing a music monday for a while. It will be out of first place by then. :3

  33. Let’s make it to over 18,000 (and counting) votes soon, Secret Time! Vote, Share, Like, Comment!

  34. so anyone saw the released song of mystic white or sunhwa’s group color their song was cool and i’m now excited for dazzling red’s song

  35. oh i’m about to see the song of mystic white sunhwa’s group Guys have you heard the song hahaha just asking

  36. argh i really wan t this MV to be reviewed but i dont think we can make it.. now with girls generation this si gonna be really hard ,still gonna try harrd for SECRET

  37. Everyone Please dont give up! We’ll have to keep voting, commenting, and liking as much as possible for this to be reviewed. We’re up against SNSD. I love Snsd, but Secret need this! Secret Time lets show our girls how strong of a fan group they have~

  38. OMG you guys have to review this song, I don’t know why should you but I want to know how do you guys feel about the video
    The music part is just fantastic for me, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. So we have 3 weeks before the next KMM. Does anyone know how this will work? It seems like it would be unfair to review the winner of the 3rd week because then 2 of the weeks would have been for nothing. I think it should be one of the two options:
    1.) Take the total of all 3 weeks.
    2.) Review whoever won the most of the 3 weeks.

    The voting count down reset after a week so it doesn’t seem like #1. If it’s #2 then we still have a chance guys! We already have 1 week won. And I don’t know if lots of people are gonna vote for dancing queen because that’s not SNSD’s title song. Their title song is coming out in 2013. That means we have a chance at winning this week’s too. That would make Secret the winner of 2 of the 3 weeks. Let’s not give up guys, and keep voting!

  40. Lets make it to 17,000 votes soon! We’re almost there! Come on, come on, come on Secret time! Listen up, it’s Secret Time!
    Please vote! :)

  41. I honestly think that if we keep trying, it might stay on the chart longer. So lets keep voting and commenting and sharing because this song is freakin’ gold

  42. finally! Secret on KMM!

  43. i decided to continue voting secret until they will get to be reviewed hahaha sounds crazy right but i really want them to be reviewed..

  44. Nooo D: I wished it would get reviewed :(

  45. my feeling right now when i saw snsd dancing queen… i just sighed and say secret must be reviewed since they also come first

  46. waiting midnight until i can say merry christmas

  47. is it going to get reviewed since it stayed at number 1 till this past saturday? :D

  48. yap the do deserve it ^^


  50. watching some cuts in wgm.. they are so funny secret together with the other members of zea

  51. Let’s not stop voting! Help SECRET stays on top place till the next KMM!!!

  52. go secret! please, lets keep this up for next next week!<3

  53. So if voting is closed does that mean Secret will be reviewed after Christmas Break??

    • Unfortunately not :( I don’t think Secret will get reviewed at all – it’ll drop off the charts before they make KMM. Same thing happened to TVXQ. I’m really sorry, guys.

      m(_ _)m

  54. i’m kinda sad this vid. being first this week will not be reviewed because of S&M’s christmas break.. i hope this will be my christmas prsent having their first review in eyk

  55. о, я надеюсь на этот раз получится’^’

  56. oh yeah i’m excited to watch their review

  57. Just keep on voting! :D

  58. OMG! ahhhhhh secret is not going to get reviewed! caffine is the last kpop music monday of the year…

  59. i really hope secret gets reviewed!!! there is only 8 hours left and they are at first place!

  60. Yess <3 SECRET is a REAL team! Unlike SOME other groups, They srick up for eachother! While still having the best curves ;) NOW LEST REVEIW THEM!!

  61. 9 hours left before the countdown will be over

    • :( Haven’t you heard yet? There won’t be a KKMM on Christmas or the week after.

      • Thanks lunibelle, for explaining this to everyone. I’m sorry about it all, I’m a little disappointed too :(

        But hey, it’s Christmas!! Time to get off EYK and eat turkey? ;D

        • It’s really disappointing, because I would love to see Secret on a KPMM. But I don’t think that there has ever been a KPMM on Christmas? Everyone who celebrates probably has something else to do during these days. I think most people understand that. I’d feel weird if I stayed on the internet on Christmas instead of being with my family. :D I’m looking forward to lots of yummy food to drown my disappoinment in :D I just hope that Secret will make another comeback soon (once they’re well rested and everything) so we can try again. I keep my fingers crossed that they won’t come back at the same times as any YG or SM artist though :D

        • Yeah this is really disappointing… If they change the algorithm so that the voting was 3 weeks, Secret would have some chance because we have a 1 week lead… But I think they just kept resetting it. This is so unfortunate for us since we finally make it to #1 and it just happens the be the week where there is no KMM. But don’t lose hope guys. Keep voting so we can keep the lead. Maybe if we win 2 weeks out of the 3, S&M will decide to review Secret after all.

  62. Hopefully they get get reviewed. SNSD Ian’s soooo many more are having tier comebacks plus there are new groups debuting also…

  63. yey i’m so excited to see their first EYK review


  65. so sad talk that didn’t win in the music shows…it is really such a good song! But nevertheless, secret is still my number one!

  66. Jieun looks healthy – She tweeted a pic of her and asking ppl to vote a few days ago

  67. 121220 hyosung tweeter
    Translation by clayray3290 of Hallyu8 & S4
    Wow*_* Even though we were hampered by not being able to promote, to think that M Countdown gave us 2nd place >_< MNet, SECRETTIMEs, thank you so much! Keke Wow I'm even more moved and heartwarmed than getting #1 Thank you~!!! And congratulations to the 1st place winner, Yang Yoseob-ssi*_* We'll get better soon and show you all a great performance~!

  68. 121220 hyosung tweeter
    Translation by clayray3290 of Hallyu8 & S4
    Wow*_* Even though we were hampered by not being able to promote, to think that M Countdown gave us 2nd place >__<! Keke Wow I'm even more moved and heartwarmed than getting #1 Thank you~!!! And congratulations to the 1st place winner, Yang Yoseob-ssi*_* We'll get better soon and show you all a great performance~!

  69. yoseob won in mcountdown second is secret i’m wishing secret would be first also they are always second like when they promote poison vs gd’s crayon

  70. Please please please let’s have EYK review Secret’s video. I absolutely love Secret’s style and this time around they really kicked ass with their sad but sexy concept. Let’s do it guyzzz.

  71. 32 hours and 30 something min. left.. lets maintain this rank

  72. Didn’t S&M say that YoSeob’s “Caffeine” was the last review of the year? It sucks that this video most likely won’t get reviewed :/

    We’re almost there! lets keep this up for two weeks!<333

  74. aaahh.. this cud be a new year’s present! let’s vote and have TALK THAT reviewed on the first Kpop Music Monday of the year 2013!!!

  75. 2 days left in order for this MV to be reviewed hahahah

    • Yoseob’s “Caffeine” was the last review for this year. SECRET’s “Talk That” won’t get reviewed until possibly January 7th.

      • i just realize that reading some other comments here… jan.7 it’s very impossible since snsd will make a comeback and also 2pm

        • 2PM’s not making a comeback until April. That’s what I’ve been told, but with SNSD coming back…Yeah…It’s pretty unlikely unless SECRET TIME votes their hearts out and band together. It isn’t impossible. Remember Kiss Me fans managed to beat out VIPs.

  76. We’re gonna have to really do our best if we want this to get reviewed since there won’t be a KMM next monday. So let’s do this guys. SECRET TIME FIGHTING!

  77. 47 more hours!! wew!! we need to support SECRET for them to win this WEEK! plss continue to vote, comment, and share this awesome music from SECRET!

  78. go Secret :))

  79. their no.1 let’s maintain this rank

  80. Guys continue to vote and comment and share this video!! We have only a dew days to go before KMM!! also dont forget to share the video!! Hehehe

  81. Guys just 2 days to go and i hope we maintain the number 1 position!! I wanthis video to be reviewed.. hehehe

  82. All of secret’s songs are all sooooo good! i cant believe they haven’t got reviewed yet

  83. one of my favorite song,,, nuff said,,,

  84. sigh…so sad that it is always boy bands that gets voted up even though the music or music video may not be as nice as the girl groups one…

  85. Keep voting SECRET TIMES !!! ^-^

  86. t really really hope secret gets reviewed!

  87. My first exposure to Secret’s music was with “Shy Boy” and I really wasn’t too into them because of that. However, with “Poison” and “Talk That” I am really enjoying their music. Hopefully, they will get to continue on in this direction.

    This video was really wonderful in how it allowed the viewer to guess and fill in holes to each of the girls’ stories. It didn’t have to slug us over the head with the same thing over and over like some MVs do. I know that with the coming 2 weeks of break and no KMM this will not get in, but Secret really had some amazing videos that were far better in overall quality than some of the more famous groups. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!!

    Question to fans: What theme would you love to see in Secret’s future MVs

    I would love to see some Steampunk or Pirate themed MVs. I think they could rock that out :)

    • They would be reaaally sexy pirate captains!

    • If you like Poison, you should go back and listen to Madonna and Magic

    • They’ve done a whole lot of concepts. They’ve done sexy, they’ve done dace ballads, cute. retro, pop…it seems like they’ve covered alot, so that is a good question. They’re seniors now so I don’t think they should do any more cute concepts. Even though those were the ones that got them first place, I think the other genres fit them more. I gotta say though, my favorite concept was Love is Move, so I would like to see something like that again because it featured their dancing AND singing so well.

  88. please please please!!! let’s make this review happen!!! seriously, although i’ve liked SECRET since their SHY BOY days, this song is awesome! i love it as soon as i heard the intro!!!

  89. maybe next week they’ll get to be on music monday?

    • Did you listen to Yoseop’s “Caffine” review? S&M said that Yoseop’s review will be the last of this year. Next week is Christmas, and they’re taking that time with themselves. The week after that is the EYK awards. Maybe the first week of 2013.

  90. Guys, don’t be mad that we didn’t win. It sucks, but I’m sure that Secret will make another comeback next year and we will vote for them again! Maybe the song will be so awesome that other people drop by as well :)

  91. we were so close in getting them reviewed…But let’s not give up and continue to vote everyone!!!

  92. so S&M just told us that KMM is the last one, they should have told us in ADVANCE and not leave it and tell to us in the latest video uploaded. disappointing that they told us SO late, this was secret only chance to be reviewed but it seems that wont be reviewed.

  93. I hear “Top that!” and it makes more sense.

  94. Yeah right S & M likes Secret. If they did, they would have reviewed it this coming week. Don’t believe what u see and hear too much. It’ just them being diplomatic. They wouldn’t say they don’t like Secret would they? I’m outta here

    • The voting is not about videos THEY like, but what most people vote for. If you look at the votes, Yoseob clearly had more. And they said that they wanted to talk about Secret as well in their Kpop Charts Update, and they also say if they really don’t want to review a video like they did with Hyunas version of Gangnam Style or BAPs Stop it.
      It was just touch luck for Secret again this time. There aren’t enough people voting for them.

      • I was referring to what people were saying about Yoseob’s video being last one to be reviewed for this year, not about voting. According to @twitter-854369190:disqus – KPMM won’t be held till next year which eliminates any chance of SECRET winning. If they really like SECRET they would make an effort to have a review next Monday because this is the best chance Secret ever had

        • But it’s also Christmas :) I’m sad that this song won’t be reviewed, but I understand that they have probably other things to do. And it’s certainly not because they hate Secret. It would’ve been the same with any other song/group, I believe. Let’s just try to mobilise more people next time so they will be reviewed! :)

        • Thank you lunibelle :)

  95. i really want them to be reviewed but EYK will continue reviewing videos next year i doubt secret will still be no.1 because we can’t say who will have their comeback :(((( i really want them to be reviewed so guys keep voting :))

  96. Guys I hate to break this tu. But s and m said that yoseob video is the last kpop music monday of the year. Secret might drop. As faraps I know, exo and gg are coming back. I want this review as much as all of u but I am scared of the comebacks very soon

  97. 121214 talk that & love is move @ 2012 radio year end concert (starts around the 27th minute)

  98. This song is amazing!!! I hope Zinger will get well soon though :$

  99. It really breaks my heart that Secrets song won’t be reviewed AGAIN. It’s such a good song… I hope they make another comeback soon so we get the chance to vote for them again. :’( We should make a deal with Nu’est fans for their next comebacks. Then we’d have a least 2 smaller “fandoms” voting for the group. We need to help them out as well though ;)

    Ah, I’m so sad :( At least we know that Simon and Martina like them. I hope their next song will be awesome and that we’ll finally be able to vote them in. :D Knowing TS bad timing for Secret song releases it will probably released at the same time as GD, Big Bang, Super Junior, Shinee, 2ne1 or TVXQ :D

    Edit: Also Merry Christmas, or whatever you might celebrate or happy holidays for everyone! I hope you have a couple of nice days and a happy New Year.^^

  100. I am so sad. I totally forgot, that it’s Christmas next week… there won’t be a KPMM next monday… Secret won’t be reviewed again. :( Tough luck, meh.



  103. can’t wait for them to be reviewed..

  104. I WANT SECRETTTTT! get well soon my pretty girlsss

  105. V-O-T-E?! Wut does that spell?!! VOTE ^^

  106. watching the dance version of talk that (it’s very nice you guys must watch it)

  107. I have some questions too:

    1) Who among the Secret girls who has the highest alcohol tolerance (according to the girls)?
    2) Who makes the most dance mistakes during practice (or the slowest to learn dances/choreo)?
    3) Who has the most male idol friends among Secret members?
    4) Who was the first among the 4 girls to have a fan club (individual)?

    I’m sure many of u know already know the answers but at least it’ll keep this “comments section” moving…..

  108. My eyk Christmas wish is that Secret will be reviewed^^ teehee.

    The more I listen to this song the more I like it^^

  109. this is the first time secret is number 1 at EYK (as far as i knew). I hope it can last until end of this week, so it can be reviewed by Simon and Martina. Secret and Secrettime Hwaiting!!!

  110. im addicted to this song, i love all songs of secret, but this one is my favorite right now. love the new concept, love the new sound. for me is just perfect.secret fighting. lets keep voting

  111. I have some questions for the people in this comment section :) (I’m not sure about this, but I think that replies don’t count into the vote like normal comments do, so how about everyone makes his/her own comment? So we can gather more votes? Let’s also try to make it relevant :D)

    So here are my questions:
    - Who is your favourite Secret member in general? Explain^^
    - Are you satisfied with her performance?
    - Did you like her part in this video the best? Explain^^
    - Or did you like someone else better in this MV? Explain! :D

    • I just noticed that I forgot to answer the questions myself AGAIN.

      Favourite Secret member: Hyosung. She caught my attention the first time I watched a Secret MV (Magic). To me (and a lot of other people) she is extremely pretty, and I always loved that she was a little bigger than the usual Kpop girls. She’s bootylicious. :D Maybe it’s because I’m European and always feel fat (even though I’m not) when I see other girl groups.. but I found Secret likable instantly. So yeah, after I watched some variety show clips and stuff, I liked Hyosungs on-stage-personality as well. She’s pretty much at the top of my favourite girls in Kpop. ;) I don’t have a list or anything, but if I had to rank she’d be up there.

      I’m overall satisfied with her performance in this video. Her solo dance was awesome, and her voice sounded great as well. Some of her “sad faces” were a bit too much for me, but it’s like that in every sad Kpop song :D

      To be honest I didn’t like her the best in this video. I will link this question with the last one. Zinger totally blew me away. She owned this video. :D She might not have a baby face, but I think she sells the “mature” concept the best. In Poison as well. Hyosung just got some more competition! Zinger seems to be overlooked a lot of the times, like “ah she’s the rapper. can’t sing probably…” but her rap in poison was so fierce, and well done. And now her vocals in this song – amazing. She also looks very beautiful in Poison and Talk That. I think the stylists made good decisions for her ;)

    • Yeah! More questions to answer! :)
      1) My favourite member is Hyosung. At first I liked Jieun very much because I saw her solo work before I even heard of Secret. But then I’ve watched Shy boy, Madonna and Love is move and I immediatly fell in love with Hyosung. She totally blew me away with her charisma and her dancing skills. What I like the most about her it her ability to fit in every image that the management creates for Secret: she can be sweet and cute, sexy and mature etc
      2) I’ve watched their performances with this song and I’m very glad with treir perormances as group and with Hyosung part as well! To my mind they are very good at singing live! I like her in the video as well, but sometimes video was overdramatic to me (not only Hyosung, but the whole video). And her solo dance was my favourite part of the video :)
      3 and 4) I don’t think she was the best for me in the video. This video is really good, and I think that every member stands out. Sunhwa was great at acting and singing, Jieun’s voice and performance was very stong, Zinger surprised me with her singing part and Hyosung was great at dancing and performing.
      I hope that my English is understandable :)

    • I love Zinger. She has so much charisma and and adds so much personality to each of Secret’s songs. I love hearing her sing, as well as rap, so I was pleased to hear her singing so much in this song. I though she did a great job, and I’m pleased that she got the chance to really show off her non-rapping talents in this video. :)

  112. talk that talk that (1st i’m literally screaming)

  113. Secret’s finally number 1! Let’s keep this up so they’ll have a chance to get reviewed on Music Monday next week!

  114. Zinger was just readmitted to the hospital guys :( lets hope she gets better !

  115. don’t mind me just voting ^^

    • Harny, the way the comments work on these Kpop Charts is to keep them related to the song/video/artist.

      What was your favourite scene in the video? Which part of the song do you like to sing along to? Which member made the best facial expressions?

      Comments that don’t say anything of substance are generally deleted, because it makes it too easy for people to spam comments.

      In short,

      Be Respectful,
      Don’t Spam
      Stay on Topic
      Mods are Watching ;)

      In saying that, thank you for continually voting for them!! Secret Times are awesome :D

  116. Yoseob (or the Tiny One from Batoost) will be reviewed this week. Hopefully Secret will get reviewed next week! Go Secret!

  117. I hope Secret gets better! It’s so sad they were in a car accident -_- I hope they get plenty rest before promoting their songs again on TV

  118. Ok, now we just have to keep voting until next week! Double time, let’s go Secrte Times!

  119. Wow finally! there are no fan wars!! <3 Batoost and Secret fans rock!! :D Im a huge batoost fan as well but Caffeine just didnt cut it for me, this song is much better :) Im glad Secret finally got first place! :D

  120. Guys, this is now our chance to get Secret reviewed for next week! Let’s continue voting Secret Times! This will be our Christmas gift for our girls <3

  121. just dropping by to vote ^^

  122. I spy with my little eye another Spudgy look-alike!

  123. Keep voting! The girls deserve to be reviewed :)<3
    I really love this song, I listened it on replay for I don't know how long hehe ^^

  124. Secret is number 1 :o ! do you think it would get reviewed this monday or not ?

    • Not this Monday. Yoseob won this time. :) The winner is chosen Saturday at 12am Korean time, and we were still in second place at that time. But we still have another week to vote, so let’s hope we will be able to keep this in first place. :)

  125. Must keep voting!! must keep votin!!!!!! We CAN get SECRET reviewed!!! ^^

  126. I hope that Secret stays at the #1 spot for KMM!!! :) They pulled my heart strings with this song. I think I like it more than “Poison.”

    • I like it more than Poison too. I don’t know any other big groups coming back this week, so if we keep consistently voting we should be able to keep them at the #1 spot. And even if there is another group making a comeback this week, we just have to build a big enough lead during the beginning of the week.

  127. If we get enough people to vote we might still have a chance to have this song reviewed in its third week. It will be kinda tricky now since the votes decay, but let’s not lose hope. :) It’s still possible, I believe.

    TKIR: Jieuns voice sounds very pure and innocent :) While Zingers sounds like one of a grown woman with some experience.

  128. i would like to say keep voting guys

  129. Is this real? No. 1?

  130. OMG! THEY’RE FIRST?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?! OH DARNNNNNNNN! xD

  131. Amazing comeback after Poison. Hope this gets reviewed

  132. Doesn’t sound much like Secret song but it’s still good.

    • Yeah I’m glad they’re doing new things. In my opinion, magic madonna and poison sounded pretty similar. My favorite song by them is Love is Move by far! That was a genre that no other idol group had really ventured. Talk that is their first sad dance track so I’m loving it too :) I really hope they get reviewed this time!

  133. the voting is close but still we must vote this i guess this will be next after caffeine will be reviewed it must be the chance secret will be reviewed

  134. 121216 @ inkigayo (pre recorded performance before the accident)

  135. Hyosungs solo dance looks really pretty, but sexy at the same time. The red dress was kinda weird, though :D She looked christmassy ;)

  136. Just watched the Chart Update. Aww, I really want this to win! S&M want to review Secret, too! It would be so awesome if a lot of people would vote for them now that they said they actually want to talk about Secret. :) Fingers crossed!

    TKIR: I love Zingers voice. It’s so different from the others girls’ :)

    • Rapping in a song where there should be no rapping is S&M’s pet peeve, so I’m sure Zinger singing is one of their favorite parts as well :)

  137. Yes please vote for secret! I want a secret video review at last and pray for secrets recovery!

  138. I hope we can make it next week. :) It would be cool to finally see a girl group on eatyourkimchi again.

  139. What Simon and Martina sad on the kpop chart updates got to me, we nasties vote in boy bands way to much! I wanna see Secret this week :) (Just so I can think of myself as NOT a crazed boyband fan)


  141. Does anyone else notice how the male dancers shuffle like penguins in the background? / While it isn’t my favorite song or video up right now I want this reviewed because S&M want to review it.

  142. vannia

    This song is so addicting!!

  143. don’t stop believing!! don’t stop voting!!!

  144. Whooo secret

  145. Hildibjørg Didriksen

    I really want Secret to be reviewed next week :)
    Secret hwaiting :D

  146. They really deserve to WIN!!!!!!
    They even said they though “Caffeine” was “normal” and that they weren’t that impressed! Let them do a cool video!! Well, So was yoseobs and his voice was angelic like always but SECRET!

  147. Lets keep voting for secret!
    it’s an aweome song and even tho i like batoost i really prefer secret this time

  148. I keep listening to this song, and every time I do, I love it more and more. It’s fantastic. Secret works so hard and succeeds!

  149. The Music is great, I wish they wear something cooler something like younger girls do ( skinny jeans ) and act cutes :D

  150. Please secret has to be reviewed!

  151. Guys keep voting!!!! We still have a chance to get them reviewed for the week after!!!!

  152. another boy group member is going to win this *sign*
    secret deserves to be reviewed too

  153. Come on guys, this is a really good song, and just another master piece from Secret, so lets vote for this on EYK!;)

  154. Wow, I didn’t listen to this song until the K-Pop Chart Update, and I realized that I made the largest mistake! What a great song!

  155. secret needs a review from simon and martina! lets vote vote vote! :D

  156. 8 min. left guys. Can we please get a discussion up here? Can anyone give me an explanation of the plot?

  157. I´m really, really hoping this is weeks it for Secret! i say let´s break the boy band trend. This song is so beautiful and the video is gorgeous as well. And as Martina said it herself; “Vote for Secret! They´re awesome, their songs great, they´re fantastic dancers, great singers, awesome bodies!”

  158. seems like the big 3 girl groups seemed to be reviewed every time while the other girl groups dont have the chance. the last time a girl group got reviewed outside the big 3 was sistar back in april. since then no other girl group other outside the big 3 got reviewed. the trend would be the same next i would guess, expect boy groups and top girl groups to dominate the charts.

  159. i love this song so much , hwaiting secret !!!

  160. I’m voting for this all next week…I don’t SECRET to be ignored

  161. 30 mins left, looks like it wont be reviewed this week :(

  162. Even though there’s only 50-something minutes left, I still have hope for Secret! This song is so addictive. Sorry, sorry, sorry… I think I’m replacing Super Junior’s apology with Secret’s. LOL. Yay for kpop references irl~


  164. I hope Secret will finally be on KMM <3

  165. this is amazing and deserves to be reviewed!

  166. aweome song……awesome girls…

  167. YES!!! Talk that reached one million views already!

  168. i really supporting them,, they are been nominated in various events here in EYK

  169. Reviewing this mv would be a nice gift for SECRET since they all just recently got discharged from the hospital! Onto resting and healing their bodies while we vote for them!

  170. secret still the sexiest girl group EVER even they sing slow song…:)

  171. Common!! Secret we can do it!! : > For once! xD

  172. Lets make this number one! :D

  173. can we actually make it to number one?

  174. Wow… is it just me or is Secret seriously underrated? O_O Their songs are totally awesome and they have a wide range in style… Why do they not get more credit?

  175. I hope they win~! We really do need more girl groups! Crayon is pretty good. Their song is really addicting too~!

  176. Zinger was been discharged to the hospital and she already feels better even though having ur ribs cracked.. anyways i’m happy they are still alive hahaha i love secret and please make this mv be reviewed

  177. Come on guys, let’s keep voting!

    • Your comment will be deleted if you don’t share your opinion in it!
      Who is your favourite from Secret? Mine is Hyosung, she is a graet dancer and I love her ability to transform into new image

  178. i wanted a kpop monday of poison but talk that is also good

  179. we only have about 4 hours left please keep voting

  180. everyone please support secret and show them how much you love them by voting for them <3

  181. So I’m loving this song and MV, but who lets their house get over run with that many plants and vines??? XD

    • Well, when you’re never home between practice, shooting, and shows like they are-*shot*

      • hahaha I think you nailed it! That makes sense.
        I’ve always wondered what happens to K-pop idol’s pets when they are busy with schedules. I’m sure their families or managers and staff are looking after them, but still, I’d miss my puppy too much XD

  182. I prefer the old secret to the new secret. Can’t get enough of My Donut and Magic!

    • Wow I’m slow on the uptake tonight! I saw ‘My Donut’ and was like, oh I don’t know that song… 10 seconds later… Madonna! oh man XD
      I love those songs, but Poison is a favourite too. Did you like Poison?

      • I really like Poison. Poison was a step back towards the old secret and away from the my boy direction. I really didn’t like my boy.

        • Yeah, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Shy Boy or Starlight Moonlight, but I think that’s more about me not liking Aegyo as much, rather than the songs themselves, because they were really good songs (if you like that stuff). But I really like their releases this year, Poison and Talk that. Talk that took a little bit longer for me to get into, but now I’m enjoying it.

        • For me it wasn’t the aegyo that bothered me. I like fast and loud with a good bass line. If its not a song you’d hear at a dance club, I’m probably not going to like it.

    • Lol, from now on Madonna will always by My Donut to me :D
      I love these songs but too (I also like dances to these songs), but now I’m addicted to Poison and Talk that

  183. It’s so nice to see S&M promoting this.

  184. i think it sound better with ‘That Talk’ than ‘Talk That’


  186. vote secret guys!!! and omg zinger sings ><

  187. I love this song~ but it get stuck in my head almost every morning ;-;

  188. Would love to see this reviewed!

  189. I’ve been a big fan of both Eyk and Secret~ and I’ve been wanting them to review Secret. if Secret gets voted in, I could just die happy. Go Secret, Eyk Fighting! ^_^

  190. I love Secret. I think they are an amazing group of women with the most lovely songs, dances, and bodies. I don’t want to be a twig. I want to have a body like these girls here, who actually have really amazing curves.

    Also, I hope for a full recovery for these lovely ladies. I agree with Martina about the whole “they better not perform until fully healed” thing.

    • Apparently Zinger was released from Hospital today, so hopefully their company keeps their word and they don’t perform before the 28th or after that depending on their recovery. TS Entertainment is quoted as saying “Health and safety is our priority, so we will be adjusting schedules after keeping an eye on her recovery process”. (Source: ). But it also says that they are scheduled to attend the end of year ceremonies… I guess we can only wait and see what happens, but I really hope they are fully recovered before the have to preform again.

      • I read that in the comments of the Kpop chart update ^^ That’s good to know, I’m glad they are putting their health first. I’m pretty sure TS is good about keeping their word.

        • Yeah. I can’t say that I know a lot about TS, but I think they’d get a lot of negative comments and upset a lot of fans if that didn’t let them rest properly.

  191. I’m not a big girl group fan… except Dalshabet and Girl’s Day… and a little Girl’s Generation… but I really really really like this song and video quite a lot… and I hope it gets voted in. they deserve it.

  192. Let’s keep voting!!!!! Even Simon and Martina wants to review them ♥

  193. Omgawd. I want Secret to win. D:

  194. Seeing this MV, it really makes me think that Secret is more of a ‘woman’ group than a girl group. A bit like CSJH The Grace.

    How old are they?


    • According to the wonderful world of Wikipedia, Hyosung was born in ’89 and Zinger, Jieun and Sunhwa were born in ’90.

      I didn’t realise Hyosung was the leader >.< Oops! I knew Sunhwa was the makenae but never knew who the leader was. Its true, you really do learn something new every day~

  195. I know there are only a few hours left, but I really hope Secret can get there in time! Car accident or no, it’s a darn good song and Secret has been long overdue for getting a review.

  196. too many guy groups are being reviewed on music mondays tho.

  197. we can do this SECRETTIMES!<3

  198. They really deserve to win this time. We don’t have much time left. ):

  199. I really hope they win this time! Lets show some support after their accident! I really like their new style, and its a really great song!

  200. Our girls HAVE to get reviewed! Especially after their accident!

  201. be back soon Secret !

  202. so pretty :D

  203. I love secret <3 I will vote for them <3

  204. I really like this song, even tho it isn’t my fav secret song ;) And I wanna see my Secret girls in Eat Your Kimchi Music Mondays finally!!
    Vote for it!!! :D

  205. The chorus is so addicting, I love this song. Also, the dwindling male demographic want some girls to finally get reviewed on Music Monday ;)

  206. i really hope that they get reviewed! i really love this song and can’t stop listening to it~!

  207. secret hwaiting~!! :DD

  208. Okay, so Fuuko said that we have about 16k votes and Yoseob 23k. We probably won’t make it this week… I hope we will win the week after. <3

    I want this song to be reviewed. Ever since Simon and Martina learnt the Madonna dance I wanted them to review Secret. :)

  209. It’s hard to imagine that his group also did Starlight Moonlight. I feel that Simon and Martina will comment about the weird telephone earpiece in the end.

  210. YES! SO CLOSE!
    This must be the first Secret song to be reviewed! IT MUST!

  211. Fangirls will vote for their oppas regardless while fanboys just dont bother to vote (they support secret some other way). Tbh, generally boys really dont care about this stuff. I dont know why, I’m not that interested either but I can’t point exactly why. Maybe it’s not that important? Idk…..
    SECRET has A LOT OF FANBOYS. If secrettimes can convnce them to come here and vote, share and comment often, winning would be much easier….

    • Guys probably don’t care that much about votings like this. Or it’s because they don’t have a lot of international fanboys. I’d say more girls around the world are into Kpop than boys.

      • I’m not sure if we’ll ever know if there are more males or female K-pop fans. If you look at YouTube statistics, Yes there are a lot more females, and the majority here at EYK seem to be female. I think the males are quieter about their love for K-pop and don’t vote as frequently, but they are there and quite a lot of them too. In real life I know almost as many male k-pop fans as female k-pop fans, but none of the male fans joined a forum or participate online, where as most of the females do. But that is just be my experience, other fans may have totally different perspectives :)

        TKIR: I really like that we get to hear Zinger’s singing voice more. I hope some of their future releases also have a balance of Zinger singing and rapping. She’s a really good rapper and singer and dancer… Is there anything she can’t do? XD I hope she recovers well! and we get to see Secret perform soon.

        • Probably depends on the country, too. There are hardly any (white) male Kpop fans in Germany, as far as I know. But I think it’s more popular with Asian boys here than with white ones. But that’s just my personal experience. All the (white) guys I know are pretty much like “Kpop is gay” and they only “enjoy” the girl groups because they look hot. It’s not about the music at all :D They just stare at their legs, boobs, and butts. :D I think that guys probably aren’t as open about liking Kpop because they still want to look “manly” infront of other males and are ashamed if they like it? East Asian pop culture in general (stuff like Visual Key, Jrock etc. as well) is perceived as rather “girlish” here. So if you’re openly into it you’d probably get a lot of stupid comments. A lot of guys used to watch Dragonball or similar shows, but I’d still say that music and such seems to be directed at girls in Germany. Could be my age group as well… I can just talk about white guys I know, and there aren’t many Asian guys where I live, so they might be more open about Kpop. I think that this might be different in other countries. It’s a shame that the fanboys are so quiet, we could really use their help^^

          It could also be a generel girls/guys thing, that girls are just more likely to obsess over their favourite artists. It used to be the same with the Backstreetboys or others boy groups :D While boys/men just don’t seem to care so much about it… Maybe because they got porn :D

        • hahaha I was waiting for that last comment xD
          But its true, females in general are more likely to obsess over their
          favourite artists and be more vocal/active about it. And this isn’t a new thing, like you said the Back Street Boys but also The Beetles and Elvis Presley lol. I wonder if it is the marketing, because even the Spice Girls had an almost entirely female fan base. I guess it wasn’t manly enough nor was it their style of music.
          I forgot about the stigma K-pop, Visual Kei and J-rock etc have, in Australia, most of our capital cities have a large percentage of Asian residents, so I guess Asian culture is more commonly seen and accepted. But it is still not very common to see k-pop, j-pop etc on a day to day basis, you have to know where to look and join online communities lol. Anime seems to have a larger male fan base, and some of them are starting to embrace K-pop, but not many (that I’ve seen from my experiences).
          Maybe in time more males will join the Hallyu wave, but that isn’t going to help us now! hahaha We are going to have to vote and comment a lot! Maybe we can start some discussions about the MV and get the SecretTimes more active…

      • I lurk around Secret forums, there are more guy threaders than girls there. A lot of popular Secret sites like fiddle se and fytsfamily are guys. Just found out that Secret wiki writer is a guy too. Two of the biggest/ most popular Secret YT channels are run by guys. Believe me, there are many Int Secret fanboys. There even more silent fanboys who just lurk and browse Secret sites and watch videos without saying anything :)

  212. This MV and the MV for Poison are so strong. The girls do a great job in giving the audience a clear before and after emotional image. Those of us who cannot speak Korean, such as myself, are still able to gather a pretty good image of the message of their songs because the MVs are so well put together. I really wish this MV would make it, but looking at the voting for the other, I really don’t think it will happen. :(

  213. keep voting Secrettimes!! >.<

  214. - I actually liked the mv, all the girls are especially zinger!
    - i like the dance but i dont think that many backup dancers. The backup dancers and secret shouldn’t wear the same color outfits its really hard to tell who the backup dancers are and who the singers are.
    - i actually liked the story line. I thought it was simple and got the message across.
    - Zinger sings really good! I really think she needs to get some more lines. Her rapping is pretty good, I wish she can rap and sing in a song.
    - I love their outfits. It fits their body shape very well.
    - I think this song is kind of better than their last song.

  215. secret will not take part in melon… i’m kinda sad :((

  216. @twitter-628306809:disqus she reaally is! She’s so pretty and talented. I love what they did to her for the comeback. Her hair looks amazing! It always felt like she got the “worst” style out of the group, but this time they all look beautiful. I hope more people will recognise that she can look pretty as well, and that she can sing. She didn’t become the rapper because she can’t sing. She’s the rapper because she’s better at it than the other girls. :) <3 Zinger.

  217. This song made me realize how underrated Zinger is.

  218. keep voting !!!! even if we can’t get them in for next week. we still have another week to do so!!!!!!

  219. zinger tweeted and she’s disappointed to some other comments posted by so insensitive persons come on guys we must support each members… anyways let’s keep voting and make this video reviewed

  220. Secret is so mulit-talented, they can flawlessly pull off any type of concept!

  221. I really love this song. Secret is my favorite girl group. they are so talented and they seem like such nice girls :)

  222. Ahhh!!! I want Secret on KMM!!! />o<

  223. I’m glad they made something different for this comeback and I hope it gets reviewed!! :D

  224. There was a highlight for every member in this mv. Hyosung’s dance break, Zinger’s singing, Jieun’s kiss scene and Sunhwa’s lift scene in the beginning. Barely do any groups have a highlight for each member and it’s sad cause then they don’t stick out. I’m proud to say that SECRET is a group where every member is useful and is needed.

  225. I wish we knew how we’re doing compared to Yoseob. I want this video to win so badly.

  226. I love this song and MV…song’s been stuck in my head for days…the girls also look absolutely gorgeous in this comeback!

  227. yessss this is my fav song of secret ♥ we shld totally get it to be reviewed !

  228. let’s make this into first place :D

  229. pff i was voting for jung min but since he has no chance anymore im so voting for secret cause secret time once helped Triple S in Kyu Jong MV so yeah and also cause i really like this song XD

  230. Definitely a girl group song will make KMM more interesting. But it seems fangirls are more powerful in male group voting.

  231. Hopefully it will be a female act again! The last time it was a female act was so long ago….

  232. Let’s all wish for a speedy recover for them and get the video reviewed for KMM guise!!!

  233. i think this song is kinda addictive…. I hope this one will get reviewed ^^

  234. I’m really surprised Zinger sang. :o I liked it a lot.

  235. i hope it’ll be secret time next week~~~

  236. secret works so hard! all of their music is so great.
    They look so sexy but so innocent in the white dresses…and i love the dead flowers symbolism.

  237. Let’s vote!! Hwaiting! <3

  238. i love this song and i think of the possibilities of kpop music mondays of this video ^^
    lets get voting!!

  239. I really want to see them in KMM! If they won’t be in the newest, i hope they’ll be in the next!!

  240. Let’s avoid another streak of all male artists for KMM and get this up in first! It’s such a beautiful song, and loving that bass! You don’t hear that much in kpop!

  241. i want secret to win because if anyone of you have noticed that secret was in a car accident…. i won’t say more here is the link if you want to read….”” before reading this make sure you have read the article that the link leads to.. i want secret to win because this might be the last time they make a song with 100% health… I’m sorry for all the secret fans…. please vote and tell all your friends to vote to!!

  242. A girl group on KPMM would be a nice change for once^^ I hope that Simon and Martina get the chance to interview the girls one day. :)

  243. since they are being involved in an accident i don’t know what to do and the only thing i want is for them to win this thing so please let’s vote

  244. i hope zinger gets well soon!!!!!

  245. second!! cmon let’s get this video to 1st place guise!!!

  246. I’m not a big fan of girl groups, but I think Secret is awesome. Go Secret!

  247. youngjae tweeted “Very thankfully, the Secret sunbaes are okay, so don’t worry too much! ^_^ Now, let’s laugh. Hahahahoho,”

  248. I wonder if Simon and Martina find this dance sexy in a non “slutty” way :D

  249. If they get reviewed, I believe it will be a good sign.
    Let’s work hard.

  250. I hope Secret will get well very very very soon!!!

  251. Girl groups don’t get enough KMM love – come on Secret, you can do it!

  252. Hope they get better soon~

  253. Vote for Secret! Pray for them for a speedy recovery.

  254. Urgh! Choosing who to vote for this week is getting really hard! I mean, I really like Yoseob’s Caffeine and SECRET’s Talk That is really great, and Nell’s White Night is so beautiful and it’s reaching the top of the kpop charts. I’ve never felt so conflicted in my life D:

  255. Excellent song, and I loved the choreo in their live performances. Considering they won’t get to promote this awesome song the way they wanted to, I really hope they can finally get reviewed.

  256. Secret Fightiingg!!!

  257. talk that talk that talk that! i love this song

  258. I liked poison more than this song, but I hope they will finally get reviewed =)

  259. I really love this song and video. I really liked their vocals and I was thoroughly impressed by Zinger’s voice. The dance is really nice, not too complicated but holds lots of emotion which in songs like this, it makes much more of and impact than a crazy complicated dance number. Even though the video is basically the members just looking sad, their emotions looked genuine which really makes up for the lack of an actual plot. I hope this song get reviewed and I’m pretty sure Simon and Martina want to review it too. Good job SECRET!!! And I hope the members make a full and speedy recovery.

  260. Any Mods around? I’m wondering if we have a chance to win at this rate or if Yoseob is still way ahead of us even though his video is older than Secrets? :)


  262. Sunhwaaaa I love u. Some Kpop fans are paying attention to Secret bcos of u in WGM. Just keep up the good work and keep bringing Secret’s awareness level up (like u did in IY). I wish Secret a speedy recovery especially Zinger bcos she suffered the most

  263. I am trying to vote for this song on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The window keeps switching to the other options. I am not too sure why, if it is my computer or, if it is the coding on the sight. So Simon if you can see this, I hope i can get an answer.

  264. So sad to hear about their accident! I’m not a fan of them or anything but I wish them luck and hope Zinger recovers well! People really need to be careful this time of the year. You might need to rush to your schedules but your health is no.1 priority.

  265. EVERYONE #PrayForSECRET !!!!!!!!!

  266. I hope that we get a little support after their picture was on the laptop during KPMM. :) I really want to know what they think aboout Zinger. I think S&M learnt the Madonna dance, but never got to show it. THIS COULD BE THEIR CHANCE.


  268. Actually since what happened with them and I’m not a fan, I should say… let them win.

  269. Simon and Martina needs to review a secret video so lets make this the one.
    This is my favourite secret song so far and loves zingers singing part she really is a z(s)inger!

  270. Just once…i would like to see them being reviewed. Praying for the girls to recover soon from the accident. It’s sad that they had worked so hard to come out with this song and they had to end the song’s promotion so this mv being reviewed will be such a great help to them. :(

  271. Wishing them a fast recovery and I hope they finally get a KMM!

  272. They had a car accident yesterday… the deserve at least a Kpop music Monday

  273. Pls vote for Secret uh! Since S&M wants it too! :D

  274. i want a review for secret so bad!!

  275. I like Secret’s cute songs, their sexy songs, their serious songs,… They are such a versatile group.

    I really hope they can recover well

  276. Been a bit distracted by the EYKAs recently, but watching TVXQ’s review and seeing Secret’s picture on the laptop reminded me that I should come and vote! ^_^
    I hope the girls are doing ok after their car accident. Its good to see that they have postponed performances until 28th, hopefully they are able to rest and recover well. Especially Zinger, a bruised lung is not a pleasant experience.
    I have to admit that I’m still really loving Poison and listening to it a fair bit, but Talk That is also growing on me, and I quite like it now. Their acting in this MV is really good and I like the dance in the chorus, the ‘sori sori sori’ bit. Its nice to see them in a more mature and serious theme, which is something I’m not used to seeing them do (especially Sunhwa with her doing IY and WGM).
    But there is something about the English phrase “Talk That” which is weird to me. It’s not really something I’ve ever said or would would say, but I don’t really think it is Engrish either… I Don’t Know… maybe someone can help me? What do you think about the phrase “Talk That”? What do you think they mean by it?

    • I think it could be labled as Engrish, because I have no idea what else to call it :D I get your point, they don’t say it wrong, but it doesn’t really make sense… I think they probably mean that the guy should Talk That stuff he’s talking about, they will smile, but they won’t believe him anymore.

      • yes or maybe it’s mean “talk to me”, “explain it”. It’s a really weird sentence anyway

      • Yeah, it just seems to be missing something. Talk that ___, something needs to be added to the phrase, then I would be happy. Rihanna has a song called ‘Talk that Talk’ and that makes sence. I get what Secret are trying to say, but yeah Engrish >.< lol

  277. c’mon secret times we can get it to the top ;D
    +praying for secret’s speedy recovery<3

  278. guys pray for their fast recovery..

  279. Simon and Martina had Secrets picture on the laptop during KPMM!!! :) This is a sign! :D They WANT to review this song! Let’s vote :) Or they want to support the girls since they’ve been in an accident. But let’s get this song to No1 now :)

    I want to know what they think about the song choice, vocals, dance etc.

  280. Oh those poor girls.. I hope they will get well soon.

  281. Secret got in a car accident – we must get them reviewed for Music Monday to lift their spirits!

  282. I love their new mature style. I’ve gotta admit I miss hyosungs curviness though =[

  283. Pray for Secret and keep voting for them

  284. It’s a shame they won’t be anymore live stages for now ):
    I hope they recover soon.

  285. I’m just commenting on this because it seems like they really want to review one of their songs, and I wish that we’d take into account more of what they’d like to review sometimes, you know when TVXQ or Suju don’t have a new music video out :P
    Orange Caramel review from them, as well as Hyuna’s Ice Cream would have been some of the greatest KMMs! If only we would have voted them up!
    Also, Yoseob’s song isn’t really doing anything for me, sorry Batoost fans!

  286. Hey guys did you hear what happened to secret ? They have recently gotten in to a car accident and Zinger is seriously injured Lets hope for them to get better soon !

  287. Get well soon my baby zinger :(

  288. Let’s get this reviewed for the girls!:)

  289. Secret is slowly become a band that I like. They are definately improving a lot~

  290. I love Secret and thought this comeback was a pleasant surprise compared to Poison. Personally, I like their more mature side that they are showing aside from the cute songs. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it suits them better. :)
    I liked the little dance solo near the end with Hyosung, I thought it was cool. And for me, it made the song seem more.. upbeat? Well, not really upbeat, but I guess more catchy since sad songs usually don’t get stuck in my head. (But this was stuck in my head all day)
    I found the story a bit confusing at first, but after watching it a few more times (how could you not, this song is so addicting) I figured out that it was supposed to be like how they were in the relationship, and how they were after realizing they were cheated on.
    I was surprised by hearing Zinger sing. When I heard the beginning of the song, I was wondering if they were going to stick in an (most likely awkward/unnecessary) rap part for Zinger. I’m glad they let her sing, they all have such beautiful voices~ ^-^
    I hope that Secret eunnies will be okay from the accident. Even though I haven’t been a SecretTime for that long, I was so worried about them. They’re all amazing, talented, funny and I admire that they actually have curves. They quickly became one of my favorite girl groups. SECRET HWAITING~!

  291. By the way: “Don’t say my name. Don’t say my name.” xD

  292. Secret Car Accident – Zinger broken ribs and bruised lungs. Hyosung in cast (knee injury). Jieun and Sunhwa minor bruise. I suspect that Zinger was on the left side of the car and got crushed by Sunhwa, Hyosung or Jeun’s weight. They will halt all promotional activities until Dec 28. They will appear in SBS INkigayo as their last stage as that was already pre-recorded

  293. Also, I saw you guys have them as your background for the PC in the most recent KMM :3

  294. Let’s keep going guys! Especially since the girls need their fans now more than ever! Hope you get well soon Zinger!

  295. omg im so excited!!!! although i prefer poison to be reviewed :D

  296. Beautiful video and awesome song! I was pleasantly surprised to hear Zinger sing, although I was hoping she’d get a rap sequence too…I’m sure we all know this would bring a very deep and thorough review by S&M but I think I can summarize Simon’s intake quite well… : “BOOOOOOOOOOOBS”

  297. I really understood how the fillies felt. Although the stallion I was involved with, didn’t do it on purpose, this is kind of the same… I feel the fillies’ pain… Is it just me though, or is it starting to be more and more of the Bathtub/bathroom scenes in MV’s? No matter, I noticed that it was only Sunhwa whom hadn’t changed her hair since “Poison”. Except for maybe when they were dancing and her hair looked more red and firey. Buuut, it could be that it was just the lighting, heh. I can’t say a lot about the dance because my heart stopped for a second when I noticed that Hyosung’s dress/tunika-thingie was see-through x_x Also, is it just me or does this song remind you of “Mama” by GangKiz too? There are so many places where you could easily start singing their “Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh.” As if it was the same song. Heh ~ For those of you who hasn’t heard it:

  298. Really hoping Secret will FINALLY get reviewed. One of my favorite girl groups.

  299. Guys remember to keep the SECRET members in your prayer so that they can make a full recovery. SECRET FIGHTING!!!

  300. May I just say, the lip syncing sucks in the music video, part of the reason it should be reviewed XDXDXDXD

  301. supporting secret!!!

  302. why now why, Zinger has some sweet parts in this song. I pray for her fast and full recovery….

  303. This is very impressive, touching and really… really.. good :)

  304. I would love for them to be on Music Mondays for once haha.

  305. i hope this song get reviewed. I love that they have a totally different concept this time and it is something different from their previous tracks

  306. Backstage video clip of Secret at Inkigayo. From TS official YT channel:

  307. Beautiful ladies, beautiful song, not much of a storyline. I hope Simon and Martina find something to do with this video, if we vote it to the top. :) To be honest I’m a little worried that they won’t have enough to work with… but I want Secret on KPMM so badly!!!

  308. I want the video to be review so I can see how simon & martina interpret it!!

  309. i love zinger singing…she should continue to do both

  310. this song is sooooo catchy!

  311. keep voting secrettimes ^^

  312. I feel obliged to comment here so might as well give some facts about Secret members (maybe some new fans dont know about)
    - TS recruited/accepted Sunhwa into TS first then Hyosung, Zinger and lastly Jieun.
    - Jieun was a vocal coach in an academy when she was in 9th grade. She felt bad when students older than her calling her “teacher” and using formal speech so she ended up revealing her age. Even after that, she was allowed to continue teaching. She also recorded around 60 guide demos for existing recording artists between 10-12th grade.
    - Hyosung used to deliver newspaper when she was 10 yrs old to help her family’s finance. At that time, she thought it was a fun thing to do bc she didn’t understand what was really going on. Her dad died when she was still a trainee. Hyosung is also the maknae of the group 5girls who consisted of Uee, GNA, Yubin and Jiwon.
    - Zinger/Jung Hana (like Sunhwa also) always had her parents support to become a recording artist. Her mom was a ballad singer (as far as i know she released at least an album). Zinger also undergone depression during Shy Boy (she hated it). The person she turns to the most for advice is her dad
    - Sunhwa was casted into IY even before Secret debuted.. She also appeared in Music Core a few times 7 mths before Secret’s debut to sing for Untouchable (I give my all) replacing Jieun who recorded the album version. Oh yeah, Sunhwa is also a distant relative (probably very distant) of Kara Han Seungyeon. They belong to the same “Han” clan.

    • Wow, I didn’t know that about Jieun! To be honest I don’t think that the songs they sing or the songs she’s featured in give it away. I feel sorry, because I underestimated her, but I guess it’s because she sings quite high. If she had a deeper voice like Zinger I’d probably thought she was a truly great singer. I’m sorry^^” All the girls really need their own songs to showcase their abilities at their finest! :)

      • Jieun is definitely underrated and also overshadowed by Hyosung & Sunhwa’s popularity. Actually, she sang 3 OSTs before Secret’s debut between 2007-08 as a complete unknown (Bichunmoo, Air City and Lawyers of Korea). But she did have time in the limelight with Going Crazy which did very well. I think they were planning to promote it for only 2 weeks but ended up extending it bc of the unexpected good response from the public :). Hopefully Zinger & Jieun will get more opportunities to shine more in future…:)

        • It would be great to hear more from Jieun. She needs to sing a song that makes her voice really shine. I love Secret and their songs, and I also loved Going Crazy, but it weren’t songs which were like OH MY GAAAWD HER VOICE IS FRIGGIN AMAZING. I always though she’s a decent singer (or else she wouldn’t be the main vocoal or wouldn’t have been feature in others songs/OSTs), but it was never like hearing that girl from Sistar (don’t know her name… sorry). If you listen to her you just know “Oh alright there’s vocal power”. I would love it so much if they would give Jieun the chance to really showcase her vocals!

          They also should do the same for Zinger. She’s the most underrated in Secret.. :/ I admit that I like Hyosung the most, but Zinger is a close second. I really want to see/hear her vocal ability. This song made me curious, because her raps often seem to be high pitched and her singing voice was so… soothing? :)

        • missylalawhite

          I agree. Jieun has a great voice, sometimes I feel like she doesn’t have the confidence to fully sing to her greatest ability. Zinger is very underrated, listening to ‘Talk That’, she has a great voice & should be allowed to sing more.
          As far as your part about that girl from SISTAR’s voice, it’s Hyorin who is the main vocalist of her group. Don’t underestimate Soyou who’s vocals can be just as powerful, she can sing very well.

        • I love zinger and her voice . the problem is that the company also have to take into account the perfomance. maybe zinger doesn’t have a voice stable enough in live. Plus, she is indeed less popular than the other 3 members

        • IT will happen again! I hope. Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight were such great songs.

    • Zinger hated “Shy boy”? D:

      • yes she did! before performing/releasing the song when secret had to rehearsal. she doesn’t like the cute concept ! she always wanted a more hip hop or sexy concept

      • Yep, she’s a “natural” hip-hop artist so she hated the cute concept. Hyosung really disliked it too at the time but not to Zinger’s extent. But since the song did extremely well, they gradually learn to accept it. It was definitely harder for Zinger though. Both of them talked openly about this but recently they said that they don’t mind it anymore if TS decides to go for cute concept agai, Dont think it’ll ever happen though… :)

        • Oh, wow… I never thought that. And even me, as a person who almost can’t stand it if it gets too sweet, really loved the song. It’s was the first K- pop dance I learned!

      • No wonder!! I was rewatching the Shy Boy video and I noticed how Zinger didn’t seem to be into the song. She didn’t look “natural”. In the part where they were laying in bed facing the camera, Zinger was the only one without her fists up trying to look cute (she just pointed).

      • Yup, because after Madonna, they thought they were going to do something more edgier or a ballad. Zinger was affected the most since she likes hip-hop songs and super aegyo songs would probably the last thing she’ll do. Which she did. :)

  313. I really like this song and i hope it gets voted in for KMM!!

  314. i have a couple questions too!!!!
    -Who is your favorite of Secret? and Why?
    -What’s your favorite Secret song? and why?
    -Was this the best Secret song yet? and why?

    i love secret <3 so much; my favorite is Sunhwa because she is pretty and funny, and i love her voice!
    my favorite Secret song is probably Poison. i love the upbeat and sexy concept and it was a great song and MV.
    this is one of the best secret songs since its sort of different from their past songs and it was a nice MV too!

    • 1 Sunhwa bc she’s very pretty, funny, outspoken and do not care about her so called “idol image” (very rare combination). She’s the reason why I became a Secret fan (who loves all Secret members with no negative feelings twd any of them, like some ppl are)
      2. 3 years 6 months – bc it’s a great song and very meaningful esp to us fans who followed Secret since their debut.
      3. Nope – the best for me is the song mentioned above and Madonna. Btw, watching Secret singing Madonna live with minimal MR makes Secret look like the best girl group in Kpop :)

  315. - What was your favourite part of the MV?

    when the dancer rise Sunhwa up and she left her head
    - What did you think of the dance?

    I like the dance and i think it match the song
    - Any suggestions about the storyline?

    I would like if they do full story related to one of the members that would be interesting
    - Zinger is singing instead of rapping. Do you like it or do you think she should stick to rapping?

    She was amazing , she id good in both , i think what is important is wither the song need rap part or not
    - What do you think about their outfits?
    I liked the outfits but I didn’t like the Hyosung red dress

    - What do you think about the song in general? Does it fit the girls or are upbeat, sexy songs their style
    Yes . it fit them more , i think they should g for this style

  316. Let’s not give up!!! We will eventually have TALK THAT reviewed on KPOP MUSIC MONDAYS!!! LET’s bring in the vote!!!

  317. Leave a message…

    ladies are so gorgeous! I wish I could have a body like Hyosung, but here I am
    eating tons of Christmas cookies. :D Damn.

    I always
    think of Super Juniors “Sorry, Sorry” during the “sori, sori,
    sori” part. :D It would be so funny if they broke out into the Sorry,
    Sorry dance even if it makes no sense. :D

  318. Vote on Eat Your Kimchi Kpop Charts for SECRET’s Talk That!! and get them reviewed for next week^^ we can do it!!!! They actually have a chance!!!!! These girls deserves more attention ♥

  319. i really love them the fanchants in inkigayo was so perfect

  320. I just realised that Yoseob’s Caffeine will be 17 days on the charts next Saturday, with the decrease of the vote we might be able to win if we can mobilise more people! But Secrets song will be on the charts for 11 days, so we have to hope that there won’t be any bigger releases this week. I hope we can make it this time!

    TKIR: The dance might not be that exciting, but it looks really gracefully-sexy in my opinion. :) I bet it looks simple, but it’s not that easy to do :D

  321. I just watched their live performance and I have to say that Hyosung is definitely one of the hottest dancers in Kpop! And it would be awesome if all of the girls got their little solo projects. Maybe we’d hear Zinger sing a little more! I really want to know how good her vocals are :) Someone on here said that she only became the rapper of the group because she better at it than the other girls. I want to know how much we’re missing.^^ I love her rapping as well, but this song made me so damn curious about her vocal abilities :D

  322. If this wins I bet that their butt-rubbing dance will be put against this “rub-a-bum” dance :D I don’t remember which song it was… was it from Sistar? :D I just remember S&M singing a rub-a-bum song :D Does anyone else remember?

    this week’s inkigayo performance and this time, the camera shots this time around were much better than the music bank’s.

    whos looking forward to these groups at the end of the year?
    looking forward to dazzling red and mystic red :D

    inkigayo interview with yonghwa, iu and kikwang

  326. energy saving campaign song
    arent they cute or what! :D

  327. It’s actually good that they made hyosung have her dance break. Most people don’t know that she is actually the main dancer and the fans can make a real fan chant during her dance break ^^
    Zinger is just perfect. She can do freestyle rap, she can dance and she can sing. This is not the first time I hear her sing so it’s not that surprising but it is surprising that she is singing this time like for real :)
    Jieun looks really good with her red hair… Yongguk should have his hair red again…
    Sunhwa’s acting is great! She should really act again :D

  328. Let’s make this the first ever Secret MV that S&M will review! Cmon people xD

  329. I really want S&M to review this song! I wanna see their take on the ‘sori sori sori’ dance :p

  330. Let’s make this the first Secret video in the history of KMM! Let’s go Secrettimes!

  331. i really love this song, the new concept and sound, its just perfect. hope they win something ^^

  332. they’ve never reviewed a secret video? ahh they really should! our girls are daebak <3

  333. After Poison failed to make it here despite the high interest of the MV everywhere else, I hope it will make it this time :)

  334. omg this is a really nice song! The MV is unique and it sounds different to their past hit singles! Secret hwaiting! Let’s hope Simon and Martina can review this ^^

  335. I love this song! I really hope they get reviewed because I haven’t been able to stop listening to the song since they’ve come out with it. Secret fighting!!!

  336. I really love this song. Zinger’s voice is so nice.
    I have a girl crush on Zinger ^^’

  337. I love this song! Love how zinger get to sing longer lines! Her voice is awesome and this “showcase” really shows that SECRET CAN SING! >,< love SECRET! They kept trying out new genres and i find myself looking forward (and guessing very very hard) to what kind of concept they will be doing each time.

  338. Don’t stop voting. don’t stop believing! we will get SECRET reviewed ~

  339. I’d really love to see them review Secret at some point!

  340. They are pretty <3

  341. love them :D

  342. I really honestly want to see this reviewed, I want to see what simon and Martina have to say aobut it.

  343. lets keep voting .. Secret fighting

  344. i really love the horror dance it has a smooth feel in it hahhahaha

  345. i really want this video to be reviewed, it’s not what i was expecting from secret, but it’s still a good song :)

  346. This song is stuck to my head. I keep singing. I really love it. Is this season for good songs?! Caffeine, Lost, Talk That! All these song are amazing.

  347. It’s a shame we won’t get to see it for KMM this week.
    Let’s hope for next week.

    • It would be awesome if we made this happen! Especially since Secret have never been reviewed :) But Yoseobs fans will probably put on a good fight :)

  348. i wanna see them get reviewed on music monday D:

  349. Secret Fighting!!

  350. EYK, please review secret…

    - my fav part of the song is hyosung solo dance…
    - the dance is quite different than secret usual dance. it is not their usual synchronize dance, but every member doing different dance. i think it is very tough to learn. >_<
    - storyline is quite good, but i believe sunhwa acting is better than jieun.
    - zinger singing is DAEBAK!!!, Finally a group that realise that not any song need rap. zinger, please sing anymore. is it just me or zinger becoming prettier?
    - no complaining about their outfit.
    - it is different style of song that usually secret pull, but i think they kind of pull this off.

    the only thing bothering me is i saw their comeback stage, and i know the point of this stage is the shadow dance by their dancer. but the dancer doing so many movement and it makes the stage very crowded, combine with the cameraman that record every moving thing on stage. i really cannot enjoy secret dance. everytime the camera focus on one member, they start to jump to other member, sometime it shoot the dancer.

  351. they in third place!! cmon people keep on voting!!

  352. I absolutely love this song – there’s something about the chorus that I can’t stop listening to.

    Also, all that groping – oooh, secret so nasty!

  353. Hope that they will make a review for this awesome MV. But their clothes are too short =( So sad about it. As always, their voices are awesome and should get an big award for it. In this MV, we know that Zinger’s voice are suitable to sing =) I love that song because this song are different from Poison, Starlight Moonlight, Shy Boy.

    We, Secret Times will waiting the others concept from our pretty awesome SECRET’s girls =)

    Sorry if my English are broken =)

  354. goooo SECRETTT!!!

  355. I wanna see Secret on KMM so let’s vote guys!!!!

  356. I’m afraid that we might not be able to make this win. :/ TVXQ will most likely win this week and there’s still Yoseob. If Yoseob beat TVXQ this week we might be able to win next since their video could be too old by then… TS really have bad timing with their Secret video releases :D

    I’ll keep voting anyway.

    KIT: The telephones still confuse me. The last one almost looks like a mix between this and a paper cup telephone :D And all the girls have it. Are they connected to each other? I might be wrong, but even their homes look the same to me^^ are they living in the same place or did they save money like this?

    • I think you’re thinking a bit too much into the M/V. haha. Not every little thing should be analyzed. ^_^ The sets are just a pretty set. They all filmed in the same room, yes. The girls are all representing one girl. The guy is just one guy. There’s no specific storyline in the M/V.

      The phones are just a repetition of the theme that this man keeps trying to “talk that” nonsense, or ridiculous ‘noise’ to them. He’s a liar and a cheat, and while he keeps telling lies the girls are essentially calling him out on his ways. They are saying “Come on, keep telling me those unbelievable words. Do you think I’m stupid and will believe them?” So the telephones are just a representation of them listening to this guys constant lies.

      The lyrics say at one point “Yes, I’ll listen, although it’ll be all lies. Yes, I’ll smile, just like all the girls you played with.” Then later on the similar line is repeated, but instead it says “Yes, I’ll listen, although I already know your excuses. Yes, I’ll smile, now please go away, I won’t care anymore”

      Hope this helps. :)


  358. this song is so damn addictive!!

  359. secret’s messages to each other (eng sub) they are so sweet, hopefully theyll stay together as long as possible! :D

  360. also vote for them at the 2012 allkpop awards where they are nominated for best girl group and best music video!

  361. vote for them on mcountdown ;you only need your mnet, facebook or twitter account to vote!

  362. vote for them at the 2012 SBS MTV x Daum Best of the Best ;they’re nominated for best video female, best group female and best rival (secret vs. orange caramel)

  363. I really hope this gets reviewed D: It’s about time they do a KMM about Secret! =DD I’ll keep voting so it gets to first place ^^

  364. SECRETTTT TIMMMME!! Kpop Music mondays cmon!

  365. i love the song and i don’t really understand why others don’t like it (it is based on what i saw in other reviews)

  366. they are currently no. 9 in MNET guys support them

  367. they are great watch their live performance in kbs

  368. vote for them guys.. and I’m watching their live performance

  369. and also their backstage interview with beast’s yeseob!

  370. for those who missed their comeback stage

  371. watch their live performance here



  374. make sure to tune in tonight for secret’s comeback stage!

  375. *Answering lunibelle’s questions*

    -What was your favourite part of the MV? i love the whole MV, is so great and beautiful, love it a lot. it wasnt as great as poison, but still good! my favorite part though was the ending chorus.. i always love ending choruses for most songs, they sing higher and all and the ending is always great ^^
    - What did you think of the dance? i loved the dance, its perfect since this song is slowish, lol
    - Any suggestions about the storyline? no, i loved it, its great like that, it was really beautiful !!!
    - Zinger is singing instead of rapping. Do you like it or do you think she should stick to rapping? i liked it, she is great at both, she is a great singer and rapper, but if i had to choose, of course ill chose rapping! hahha
    - What do you think about their outfits? its beautiful, fits them perfectly!
    - What do you think about the song in general? Does it fit the girls or are upbeat, sexy songs their style? i LOVE the song, its so gret.. the thing about Secret is that all their songs attract me, its just great, they never fail to make me love it, i love all their songs, and this one was Awesome! this fits them perfectly and so does upbeat sexy feminine songs like Poison. they are like a all around group! i love them, they are awesome!! Secret is so awesome

    Hey everyone, answer these questions to so we can keep this discusion running, keep voting and LOVE SECRET <3 !!!! :D

  376. Yay Secret is #4, ok this time since Poison wasnt reviewed, this one NEEDS to be reviewed!!!!poison was so close but this time we have a chance if we keep up the convos on here, and keep voting, so share to all your friends!!! ^^

  377. The part where they lift Sunhwa up at the beginning was cool, but in the end where they are all touching the members
    How many backup dancers were there? There were at least like 5 per person so almost over 20? Idk maybe I’m just seeing things
    Anyways looking forward to the live, wanna hear Zinger sing!

  378. keep voting !!! cuz once TVXQ gets reviewed next week. SECRET will have a chance to get reviewed!!!!

  379. SECRET has really blown me away with this transformation!

  380. they are really awesome

  381. hopefully secret will be reviewed i just want to see them being reviewed it will be the first

  382. loving this song :))

  383. beautiful ladies :D

  384. This song is like my obsession right nowwww~♥♥♥

  385. I want to remind everyone that sharing the video via Google+ and twitter is worth more points. I dont want to discourage chatting here, but useful to know if you are on bathroom break or similar.

    • I’m a little worried that there aren’t enough people commenting, or voting in general :( I vote, tweet, and comment every single day, but everytime I look into the comment section there hasn’t been anyone there in hours. I hope we can still manage to get Secret to the top.

      I love Hyosungs solo dance! :) She dances soo well. <3


  387. This is my favorite Secret song. I hope they win KMM for once.

  388. All I know is that it would be a shame if this didn’t get voted to the top. Keep spreading the word!

  389. I want the people who make the sets to decorate my room. I really love the sets! The antique style is very pretty, I wanna know where the get the furniture. ;) But what’s up with all those plants in the room, they even cover the walls.^^

  390. I like this song, it sounds like going crazy, but has a more sweet felling to it ^^ And all of them are beautiful ^^ hands up for hyosungs solo dance and zingers singing, mah ladies !!

  391. did you know zinger’s friend exid’s le participate in the lyrics :)

  392. If you want Secret to win (I really do!) let’s have conversations! :)
    What MV and song (Poison or Talk That) did you like more and why?
    As for song I like Poison much more! I love jazzy feeling of the song and I like the rap part.
    As for MV I can’t really choose one, because they are both great, they have stories, they are beautifully shot, and they both are matching the songs

    • I like “Talk That” more, even though Zinger is my bias and i miss rap in “Talk That”, but i’m glad, that she’s got a singing part! And i love the mv, it reminds me my fav song of them, “Madonna” ^^ I hope they’ll be reviewed in new music monday, it’d be the first time, so i’m looking forward it!

    • I did like “poison” MV but the song (as awesome as it was) was a little bit to overwhelming (maybe it’s because i listen to it a lot) . “Talk that” is really different from their previous promoted song that why i love it more. But like you said, both MV are great. Still i like Talk that more

  393. 4th place! Amazing!!! Can someone tell me why TS always releases songs at the same time as Cube? :D I want them to review Yoseob and Secret, so I vote for both of them.. :/ I really hope though that Secret will make it with this song. It’s a shame that it’s so hard for girls to get reviewed here. How about a Female Kpop Music Monday and a Male Kpop Music Monday? ;) Just kidding.

  394. music bank cancelled their 14th and 21st broadcast, luckily they have a performance tomorrow :)

  395. The singing, the music, the sets, the girls…They’re all so beautiful. *u* I really hope Secret makes it to the top. I was kinda disappointed that Poison didn’t. It stayed in the top 3 for a long while before the decay kicked in really hard. Hopefully this one fares better! SECRET HWAITING~ TS HWAITING~

  396. hopefully secret wins this week’s music mondays!

  397. theyre in 4th place now :) lets try to get them on top of the chart! :D

  398. i swear there was 70something comments here. how come it;s down to 50something? is the chart doing something weird? >…<

    • I deleted the spam comments, sorry ^^;

      I usually leave the comments alone if they’re under 100, but I was noticing too many short comments from the same people that were saying nothing but ‘vote vote vote’.

      It would be great if the comments could stay related to the song/video/artist, to stimulate discussion. Otherwise, it’d be too easy for people to spam comments in order to increase points, y’know? ^^;;

  399. I was slightly upset, when Poison didn’t make it :( But! I hope this song makes it! Favorite part of the MV were the ending scenes when the girls are outside I think that was really done well, I love Zinger’s singing in this! I love her rapping also, because I think she has good flow, but she should sing more! The mv was beautiful and the song is simplistic in a good way, it’s also catchy :) I <3 Secret

  400. I have to sleep now but SECRET TIMES AROUND THE WORLD DON’T STOP VOTING!!!

  401. voteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  402. just keep voting all day long~

  403. The main highlight of this mv was when Zinger let us hear her sing. I don’t really favor her with the high tone voice she used when their doing the cute concept but I’m in love with her voice in this mv. Next year, I hope it is her time to shine. I actually want equal share of limelight on each girl so people will know how awesome these four ladies are. :D

  404. I actually started listening to Secret because I’m a B.A.P fan, now I’m just like “why didn’t I know about their music earlier?!” lol

  405. I can’t wait for the live performance ♥

  406. I super like the song. Please review it, Simon and Martina. You’ve never get the chance to review Secret’s songs

  407. vote vote vote vote vote ^-^

  408. Zinger getting more beautiful and awesome lately!! Zinger hwaiting!

  409. they deserve to be reviewed! let’s support them you guys

  410. I think this year was really great for TS family. They are doing so well!
    With Poison comeback Secret became so mature and in that Mv they stay that way, and I love it. Now they are one of my favourite girl group, right after 2ne1
    This MV is beautiful and to my mind totally matches the feeling of the song. I don’t think it has a chance to win, but I will vote anyway :)

  411. The girls are so beautiful! I’m really happy with Zingers new look for their comeback (since Poison). She looks so mature like this, and I like that they changed her style from being cute/cheeky to this. I enjoyed her other looks too, but I think that it sort of hid her natural beauty. They should also let her sing more, I wanna know how good her vocals are. :)

  412. FIGHTING!!

  413. vote vote vote

  414. Just dropping by to vote for these girls :) ♥

  415. This song it’s great!! I know it’s not the kind of song that S&M like but I love it! I think SECRET deserves to have at least one of their songs reviewed on a KMM. Even though this might not be an easy song to make skits about =P Well, I love them and I’m gonna try anyway ^^

  416. That’s why secret is one of my favorite k-pop band. They do different kind of music and their dance are awesome ! I can’t stop playing this song over and over, this really sad and catchy song ! I really hope it ‘ll be review

  417. That’s why secret is one of my favorite k-pop band. They do different kind of music and their dance are awesome ! I can’t stop playing this song over and over, really sad and catchy song ! I really hope it ‘ll be review

  418. secret omg… you are the best girl

  419. i always knew zinger could sing…she sang in previous secret’s songs before and she sound amazing!

  420. the song is soooo nice and catchy! so different from their past songs!

  421. wowwwwww i love secret sooooo much!!!

  422. Love this song, secret must win!! *-*


  424. Secret always come with something new they are amazing ..

    I like the lyrics + there was no unneeded English

    I liked Sunhwa style the most ,

    There acting skill were amazing and outstanding ,,

    I also loved the dance ,,

    Zinger’s singing was perfect , it was good idea to not add rap part just for the sake of having rap part in the song ..

    Zinger was amazing and I hope we can hear her powerful voice more ,,
    Jieun voice was dashing as usual and Hyosung dance was Wow thought I didn’t like the red dress

    To conclude that I love the song and they were amazing to the point I got addicted to the song <3

  425. Must vote!! so we can see Martina rage on Zinger’s turleneck!!

  426. lets get them ranked higher! :D


  428. Hey guys :) It’s so cool that more people started to comment, but please don’t just comment “vote!!” “Hyosung <3" "Fighting" Or something like that because it could be counted as spam, and will be deleted and all those precious votes won't be counted :( Please talk about the video/song :) Or something that is related to it :)

    Why does Hyosung have such an old ass phone in the end? :D I'm sure that belongs in a museum

  429. secret fighting <3 ily!!

  430. I really want secret to be reviewed! Gonna vote for them cause I’m curious about how their review will be like…

  431. Voting for Secret~

    I actually really like this song, plus in the making of this, they are so cute~~ xD

  432. Just keep voting. Just keep voting. Just keep voting voting voting voting ♪

  433. I really want them to get reviewed ♥ they deserve it ♥



  436. Secret definitely should get reviewed at least one, I will really hate it if TVXQ get it.


  438. Baby here to support Secret Time and Secret! Labelmate Love <3! I really want Secret to get reviewed for once, I love Secret (but I don't yet really consider myself a Secret Time yet… maybe once I can finally remember who's who), and I know Simon and Martina love their dances, and I want to see their interpretation on this one!

  439. Secret Times, why this video not even on first page yet? I think it could be a REALLY good review. Let’s keep voting, especiaaly facebook and googleplus sharing!

  440. I think Zinger is good at singing and great at rapping, so she should do both, for sure ^^

  441. Like the song since the first time hearing it! I want it to be reviewed by eatyourkimchi

  442. VOTE for SECRET, I think it´s time S&M can review a girl group! <3

  443. Yay we already climbed to 13th place! :)

    What do you think about the sets?

    • I really love the sets. Someone pointed out the similarity of the dance set to MissA’s “Touch”, but I love both of them honestly, and both songs give off a really unique feel. Something K-pop was missing, in my opinion.

      The “house” set was gorgeous. Did you see the BTS shots of them?? They are great!

      • I thought i was the only one seeing a similarity with miss A “touch”‘s set

        • Nope! haha. G.Na’s set for one of her songs was pointed out as well…it’s like a mix of one of G.Na’s and missA’s “Touch”. (Only the set, that is…)

    • the set is kinda similar to miss a and gna’s black and white

  444. This MUST be reviewed omg this MV, song and core are so qbpidheiwpfcdspihis ;____; vote vote vote !!!!

  445. I love the beat! Secret <3

  446. I love the beat! secret <3

  447. please please vote for this everyone!

  448. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Go Secret, hwaiting~~

  449. Anyone else pleasantly surprised by Zinger’s singing? I mean she could use some work but it has potential! I have no idea what the MV means since I haven’t found translated lyrics yet but I love it! :) Anyone actually know the meaning of the song?

  450. Well this is a super catchy song I’m probably going to end up listening to again and again and again and again

  451. I swear this mv has a few dances that Simon would probably put in his nasty dance list. Otherwise this mv isn’t as nasty as their mv poison.

  452. I’m so happy that Zinger got singing part but i’m sad that there is no rap TT.TT

  453. i wanna see them in eyk finally!!

  454. I LOVED this dance. I think I’ll learn it.

  455. Let’s go, Secret Times! Let’s get our girls in! This woukd be SUCH a good review.

  456. To get the discussion up and running, and keep us from spamming, here are some questions :)

    - What was your favourite part of the MV?
    - What did you think of the dance?
    - Any suggestions about the storyline?
    - Zinger is singing instead of rapping. Do you like it or do you think she should stick to rapping?
    - What do you think about their outfits?
    - What do you think about the song in general? Does it fit the girls or are upbeat, sexy songs their style?

    I hope more people will drop by… it’s probably just my time zone..

    • Good questions, love it. I usually don’t know what to say in a comment so it really helps.

      Fav’ part : at the end the “don’t say my name” part, when all the girl say it

      The dance part : i think it’s pretty catchy but not as much as their others songs. But it’s a more mature concept and the dance fit it perfectly. ( i especially love the horror step)

      I was really surprised to hear zinger voice when she sang. She do have a really awesome, kinda husky (in my opinion) voice. really different from her voice when she raps

      For the outfit I LOVE IT ! It’s so beautiful, but i couldn’t stop think “what would kwangee say when he will find out that sunhwa is wearing a bustier or something like that” ^^.
      The girls are so beautiful in this MV especially zinger and hyosung (the short hair really suit her). And even so it’s a different concept, they’re still keeping the glamorous, sexy image they’ve got. But not in a bad way !

    • Regarding Zinger, I think she’s a great rapper and Amazinger is one of my fave songs from them but, hey, if she can sing this well… why would she stick to rapping? =P Besides, I don’t think a rap break would have fitted this song ^^U Which leads to your last question: does this song fit Secret? I think so, I believe that if they’re this good at singing, it would be a waste to just stick to one kind of song, it’s great that they can improve, change… evolve :D

      I honestly love this song! Though the title it’s a little bit… xDD “Talk That”… xD In the Coming Soon Interview that LOENENT (with its official subs, for which I am so thankful!) released a couple days ago, I got the impression that it meant something like “say it” What do you guise think? I’ll have to look up the lyrics ^^

      Oh, and great idea, to ask these questions so we can discuss the video/song :DD

      • I was surprise by the title too, it doesn’t make sense. Even in the lyrics i didn’t understand the meaning of it (i get it know if it was supposed to mean “say it”) . But i thought it was because i’m neither a english born or a korean born.

    • Hyosung’s dance part was my very fave.. (obviously she’s my bias)
      the dance was really smooth and nice but it is not just powerful
      The storyline is great no need for further changes
      Zinger have a very strong vocals and i just love how she sings
      the outfits are okay but too short
      Actually the song was very good, but we are so used to see secret doing retro and they receive popularity because of that anyways i just love this song i enjoy it very much i just don’t actually feel the presence of other secretime and im sad seeing their real time charts

    • -My Favourite part would have to be the part where they go “don’t say my name”
      -Even though they didn’t show the dance much i really like the part where sunhwa was lifter and it seems like a very soft dance compared to their other songs like poison but thats probably just because of the song itself
      - The story was great
      - I was totally surprised that she sang that well i would like to see her sing more in future songs
      - They seemed pretty but really short
      - I enjoyed the song very much its quiet different from their usual songs but it seemed more feminine

    • - Zinger’s Part (her voice was AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG)
      - addictive! i keep dancing the “sori , sori sori niga” part ^_^
      - i think they each of them should have a a partner ^_^ maybe boys from BAP or Beast ^^
      – MY BIAS!! her voice is just. AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! ♥ she should do both ^^
      - Zinger is black was way too sexy! but Hyosung just wore too much see through clothes >.<
      - The song is addictive!! but it's new for me since Secret always does retro songs ^^

    • Zinger’s singing voice is so good, I was shocked!!! Escpecially because when she raps, like in “Shy Boy” and “Love is Move” her voice is really high pitched but in this song her voice was so nice and mellow, they should definitely let her sing more! I like the song as a whole, not as much as their other, more upbeat songs; what I’ve always loved about SECRET is their retro sound and I think that even though this song is good they should stick to that because it makes them stand out. Yes their outfits were really short but great SERCRET is usually a pretty sexy group so I didn’t really mind. My biggest issue with the video was the dance, SECRET are such great dancers and this dance did nothing for them! I understand that this is a slower song and you can’t really dance to it, but they could have done something better than the slow butt-rub thing they were doing; Hyosung’s solo was good though. Overall I really like the song and video but I definitely think SECRET has had better ones.

    • 1. Hyosung’s dance part, of course! x) Sunhwa’s dramatic scenes were also really beautiful…
      2. The dance is nice. It looks simple to do yet holds so much emotion. Not literally powerful, but it does leave an impact.
      3. They mentioned this in their CSI ^-^ I will quote ji Eun:
      “It’s about a woman who gets abandoned and wants revenge. She is saying ‘TALK THAT’.”
      based on the little Korean I understand, the translations aren’t really accurate but give a rough idea.
      4. Very fresh. I love it. She’s a good singer. The only reason she’s the rapper is because she’s a better rapper than a singer. But it’s not like she can’t sing. She has a gorgeous voice.
      5. Revealing. I loved the minimal things they wore in the bathtub scenes. Went so well with it. Wow, gorgeous.
      6. It’s a very nice change… I’m not sure how non-secrettime is reacting to this but I like it.

      good idea to do this btw. props to you (Y)

    • My favourite part of the MV was the mirror scenes, where they are smudging out their reflections. It’s so sad and beautiful, and they demonstrate the self loathing a lot of girls go through during a break up, even when they are as beautiful as these four.
      The dance was…lacklustre, I guess, but it is a slow song so I can’t really expect much.
      I love Zinger’s voice. That woman is so talented and I just love her raps and I love her singing voice, too.
      Clothes, as always, are beautiful. Their stylists just know how to dress those girls.

      Overall I absolutely adore this song. I liked Poison, it was catchy and bouncy, but this…I can just relax and enjoy this song and it was so different. I love the growth in their music.


      • I love the dance. It’s not nasty, not cute. I find it quite sexy in it’s own way. :) I love that they don’t spread their legs or anything like that. The dance looks mature-sexy.^^ And I love the away incorporated the backup dancers. I hope Simon and Martina will talk about it :)

      • yeah i really love the dance, even so it isn’t as complicated as the others ones. But in live, i think there are too many dancers !

      • i like the dance too! and during hyosung’s solo dance part, it was quite cool…

    • 1) I like Hyosung dancing scene as well, she looks fantastic there!
      2) I like the dance (even though it it hard to make a cover on it). I love how the choreographer used back-up dancers to create an interesting picture
      3) I’m always really bad at understanding hidden story lines, but it seems to as usually in k-pop MVs the girls were dating the same guy and now all of them found it out
      4) I like when person can both sing and rap! So I think it was very good idea for her to sing
      5) the only outfit that i thought looked strange – Hyosung’s red dress, but everything else mached the song and MV perfectly
      6) To my mind, it’s great that they are singing in such different styles, they can be cute, funny, sexy, serious and quiet. So that why I like this song even if it is not my favourite.

    • I love the contrasts of sexy fierce and innocent with the outfits. the lighting is fitting to those too! this is a great song.

    • I think Zinger sung beautifully. I was really surprised when she started singing but I loved it. ^^

    • Zinger’s voice sounded really nice in the song!

    • I don’t like the song itself but I think for Secret, it’s a mark of how they’ve evolved in their craft and I’m proud of them. :)

    • Fav part of the mv was the dancing. :)
      My favorite dance from SECRET.
      Um… I didn’t really get the story line
      Her voice is heavenly. :D
      Dresses were a bit short ; But really hot. :>
      I like this song a lot, but I think I like sexy better.

    • My favorite part of the MV was definitely Hyosung’s solo dance and the “don’t say my name” bit before it. I like how only her dress had color.
      Zinger’s singing is beautiful and I loved getting to hear her. A lot of times in kpop the rapper is the one with the least vocal talent and they get shoved to the side in slower songs. I like that she gets to participate so much in this song.

  457. the MV was so great let us vote them

  458. Has anyone an idea what it’s about the mirrors? Why are they smearing goo all over them?


  460. Let’s Vote so we can finally watch Secret on a Kpop Music Mondays Episode!!! <3

    • I agree :) It would be nice to have them reviewed for once, even if I wished it was with another song. What was your favourite part of the video? :)

      • Even S&M had their subliminal messaging up to vote for Secret. And as much as I am madly in love with my Yoseob baby, I really do love this song more. The video and the girls are all so beautiful.

        • I was torn, too. I’m a huge Beast fan, but my favourite member is Hyunseung. But as a B2st fan, and since I like Caffeine I thought that I should vote for him, too. But Secret has never ever been on KPMM.. I want a girl group to win! And I want them on KPMM ^^

        • I’m also a big (like really big) fan of batoost. But i’m also a fan of secret, and any of their video have ever been review before. So i really hope it will be this time. Plus this song (and the mv) is so beautiful and sad

        • I know what it feels like to not get your videos reviewed -Nu’est fan- but Secret has more m/vs then us and definitely more views soo for that im voting <3

        • funny you mention nu est ! I m also a big fan of them ! I mean this is torture choosing between band you love, like in the EYK awards. (I can’t sleep because of that :) )

        • Girl groups always get the short end of the stick with KMM and I really love Secrets two songs this year. And it would be a nice thing for the girls to have S&M review this after their accident. This whole MV is beautifully shot…although bathing with clothes on…seems to be a kpop trend and its weird

        • I agree with you.
          I’m just so disappointed that my favourite girl groups never get picked because everyone votes boyband. Normally I just kind of take it but… Uggghhh I voted for this so hard because gosh this a really pretty song and video! They should have won this week.

        • It really makes me wish they had made a KMM of their choosing

    • i agree

    • YES! I also wanna see them in EYK finally!!!

  461. Soo, I watched the video a couple of times now.

    One thing that really has been stuck in my head since Poison: Hyosung totally reminds me of T-ara’s Eunjung with the shorter hair. :D Has anyone else thought so too??

    I haven’t found the lyrics and translation yet, so I’m a bit confused. Did the guy cheat on them, and tries to get them back, but the girls are so hurt that they tell him to not call their name? Or did something else happen? I hope once I find a translation it will make more sense to me. I was also wondering, does this video have an actual storyline? Right now it seems to me like they only tried to make it look pretty, romantic and sad. But I don’t know if the guy cheated or if they just broke up normally, or if someone died in like the days when the telephone was invented?

    Speaking about the guy: Did I see this right? He’s a Westerner? :)

    I noticed that I find Zinger’s singing voice rather pleasant! When she raps it changes from being tough to cheeky/cute. Her voice in this song is really nice, because it’s deeper and different from the other girls’.

    The dance seems less provocative as there is no leg spreading like in Poison! I really enjoyed the part when they have their dancers around them touching them. I thought it looked beautiful!

    Their furniture looks really antique, I actually like that style, but I wonder if it’s there to make the sets look more romantic or if there’s some other reason.

    What’s up with those old telephones? Especially the one Hyosung uses at the very end? :D Is she from a different time?

    Also, why is Hyosung wearing clothes in the bath tub? Not that she needs to show her boobs or anything, but there could be ways to make it at least look like she’s “really” bathing without showing off too much.

    • Okay, so I just found the translation, and I think that this time it would actually make sense if they were all dating the same guy, even though we just see Ji Eun interacting with him.
      The lyrics say

      “How could you do this?
      I am hurting so much like this
      Do you even think of me?
      Am I easy to you?
      Yes, I’ll listen, although it’ll be all lies
      Yes, I’ll smile, just like all the girls you played with”

      So, it could actually be that he dated all of them at the same time, and they found out. They’re hurt, and tell him to keep talking, keep finding excuses and words for what he’s done, but they won’t believe him anymore.

      Edit: I also feel kind of stupid replying to my own comment. :D But I thought it might be better than double posting

    • I also think he is a westerner :) Unless we both saw wrong he must be :)
      I’m not sure he dated them all, I thought he only was with Ji Eun, but still tried to get the others (maybe for fun ?), ended up hurting all of them by playing with them.

      But that’s only my opinion !
      Really nice song anyway, very different from poison, I’m almost liking it more (but it’s so different, so it’s hard to compare^^)

  462. I never really listened much to Secret, but this song is really beautiful!

  463. I liked Poison a lot better than this song, but this one is quite beautiful. I know that that song probably won’t be much to Simon and Martinas liking, but I hope that this song can gather enough votes to be reviewed. I really want to see Secret on KPMM!! :)

    I was surprised that there is no rap in this, but I’m happy Zinger got to sing! I think she’s probably the most underrated member of Secret.

  464. Must Vote for Secret!!