Secret – Talk That

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  1. how come this song is so far on the kpop charts? Its a really great song!

  2. disqus_b9f6PdqvUk

    Lets Vote!! Keep voting because this may be the first time secret is on eyk!

  3. No It used to be no. 2!!!! Where is it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Valentine Chagneux

    really good music

  5. This song was so good on the year-end gayos. I wasn’t sold on it before, but I was after. Go Secret!

  6. fanycundo

    Ah, it’s impossible for them to get reviewed now. We really have to exert more effort once they enter the charts again.

  7. I really want them to get reviewed once!!

  8. lunibelle

    One day we will get them reviewed.^^ I hope they’ll make a great comeback soon. <3

  9. michelle de guzman

    seeing them in live performances made me so happy with or without Zinger their great.. i know how proud Zinger will be seeing her fellow members working hard for gayo daejun

  10. what happened!!! i saw SECRET on 6th!!!!!!!?

  11. /fingerscrossed


  12. Meggie Rusko

    How is it possible, that they droped so much? I’m so sad right now

    • I was wondering that too, since Secret has SO much more votes/shares/comments than the SNSD remake. Perhaps it’s just an oopsie. I really really really want Secret to win this week.

      Edit: Nevermind, I just read further down. I am so upset now.

  13. michelle de guzman

    oh their down to no. 6 i’m kinda sad

  14. lets keep voting, we drop to 5 now, come on guys we can do it

  15. Here’s Secret’s perf of Poison & Talk That at KBS Music Festival just now:

  16. michelle de guzman

    guys keep voting :))

  17. darn :/ that sucks. i really wanted secret to be reviewed D:

  18. they’re down in third spot i can’t believe this.. why hahaha Snsd’s back so what can i react for they are so damn famous

  19. claudia1034

    OK i think something is wrong in this chart because secret song is 3rd altoguht it has more votes(in facebook, twitter, coments, etc) than the 1st and 2nd place so why is it in 3rd place!!!!! it should be in the 1st!!!! guys we’ve gotta do something so SECRET win this week please!!!! is there a way to tell simon and martina about this???

    • dunlop 09

      They do have more votes but they were out for a longer time. These votes are calculated Weekly, so I guessed we dropped because we had less votes this week than the other two. But that doesn’t mean we stop voting at all. Dropping to 3rd might encourage people to vote more. Keep going guys!

  20. pff Secret droped to 3 place , sad, but im honestly amazed by u secret times u managedx to keep them on number 1 for very long time

  21. evvu_evelin

    nooooo they fell third T_T this can’t be happening!

    • sad but expected they managed to be on top for long and tthe oldest the video the easier for it to drop

      • dunlop 09

        yeah how exactly does the algorithm work? SNSD has 3000 votes. We have 18000. Since Poison’s been out for like 4 weeks if we divide 18000 by 4, we still have more than 3000. So I don’t understand how we’re down to 3rd

        • fuuko4869

          Umm, we usually don’t tell people the algorithm because it results in miscalculations like this ^^;

          It’s mainly a cut in percentage starting day 8, by about 5% per day, until day 25 when it is taken off the charts. Secret is currently 24 days old so it’ll disappear tomorrow sorry :(

          We’ve said it many times, but Secret’s Talk That will not get a chance to be reviewed. I doubt Dancing Queen will be either, actually.

        • dunlop 09

          Ah, thanks for clarifying. Then we just had no chance. :(
          Don’t feel bad everyone, this is no one’s fault. Just bad luck that the week we happened to win happens to fall on a week no KMM. We’ll try again next comeback :)

  22. musicloverssecret

    at this point i don’t think that SECRET will be on Music Monday..! SNSD so strong..! Poor SECRET..! hope some Miracle will happen..!

  23. secret-talk that have to top 1 kpop music mondays episode

  24. vote!!!!!!!!! vote!!!!!!!! vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I’m not really a Secret fan and I don’t have any Kpop group that I’m FANing about on today’s list so I scanned and listen to all… but this song is my type… the tone is dramatic and classic in the same way… even though I don’t understand Korean but i think i understand the video (coz’ i kinda relate to that)… anyway, I’m going to download the song right about now!

  26. this video needs to be reviewed

  27. snsd is now in 2nd place as much as i love them i rather have talk that reviewed!

  28. anyone know ,when will secret ” talk that” reviewed?

    Based on my assumption, EYK will reviewed anyone that win kpopchart weekly. Last week no 1 kpopchart of EYK is secret.

    (do not meant to be rude, i am sorry if my assumption is wrong )

    • Sadly there was no Kpop music Monday review this week because of the holidays. I believe that Simon and Martina will be working on the EYK awards now so I have no idea if this will even be reviewed if it stays on the charts till Saturday.

      It is sort of ironic though that at the point in time there are no KPop music Mondays, that girl groups manage to take the 4 top spots on the charts. At the moment Secret is 1st, Orange Caramel 2nd, Girls Generation 3rd and Hello Venus 4th. That hardly ever happens.

  29. Woo hoo, we’re almost there! 18,000 votes!! Let’s do it and make it past 18,000+

  30. Guys have you heard the dazzling red song… it was so amazing

  31. claudia1034

    please secret must win!!

  32. Why is this in first place? -_- S&M aren’t even doing a music monday for a while. It will be out of first place by then. :3

  33. Let’s make it to over 18,000 (and counting) votes soon, Secret Time! Vote, Share, Like, Comment!

  34. so anyone saw the released song of mystic white or sunhwa’s group color their song was cool and i’m now excited for dazzling red’s song

  35. oh i’m about to see the song of mystic white sunhwa’s group Guys have you heard the song hahaha just asking

  36. argh i really wan t this MV to be reviewed but i dont think we can make it.. now with girls generation this si gonna be really hard ,still gonna try harrd for SECRET

  37. Nik smith

    Everyone Please dont give up! We’ll have to keep voting, commenting, and liking as much as possible for this to be reviewed. We’re up against SNSD. I love Snsd, but Secret need this! Secret Time lets show our girls how strong of a fan group they have~

  38. OMG you guys have to review this song, I don’t know why should you but I want to know how do you guys feel about the video
    The music part is just fantastic for me, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!