Seo In Young – Anymore

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  1. Please continue to vote for Seo In Young!
    This song is too awesome to not be reviewed!

  2. I freaking LOVE this song<3 I've had it on replay on my iPod since I downloaded it last night. The music video is actually pretty stale to me because it's more random things happening out of nowhere with the bonus of bright colors in an attempt to make it memorable. However, it's pretty forgettable to me.

    The song itself though is freaking amazing and I totally want a chance for it to get reviewed :)

  3. spiralyte

    Seo In Young climbing up the charts! Woot ~

  4. Lazarusrising

    That guy kicking the pillow looks like Taecyeon of 2pm. I’d love to know the symbolism of the antics of the guys!

  5. spiralyte

    I love this video, Elly’s so talented.. Love her different costume/hairstyle changes. :P

    I sincerely hope this can get a review. Right now I’m fighting for “The Shadow,” but I would really love to see what Simon & Martina think about those exploding room guys. xD

  6. eszter.kocs

    I love this MV….I really want it to be reviewed. xxx

  7. I doubt it’s gonna make it to the top, but the song sure deserves it, and the mv is just amazing! I love her so much!

  8. I love this song and video and I think it’s a shame it won’t be reviewed

  9. when she starts singing, the camera is pointed at the eye hole on the door, and for a split second I thought it was a condom stuck to said door. ooooops, sorry about that…I must agree with Martina, she is not boyish, etc, etc (forgot the others). Maybe they said that because she’s wearing ‘boyish’ clothes???? or sits with her legs parted or something… ~.~ SIY has a good voice, but the song wasn’t up my alley much. oh well

  10. I must say I was not certain I was going to like this video but it is really catchy and well put together. I think that this is a really good song and that if Seo In Young keeps doing songs like this one then she can expect to have a greater following and I can tell you that me and my cousin are now huge fans. <3

  11. Love Seo In Young and this song <3

  12. Bijou Vita

    When I glanced at the thumbnail of this MV my first thought was that looks like Martina.  Then I took a closer look to read what it was.

  13. duckbutt909

    this song is actually REALLY good, it should be higher up

  14. Awesome song~ Seo In Young should be a lot more popular . I sure hope she promotes this song.

  15. Okay I think the only complaint I have about this song is the transition from :49 to 1:04 I know she does this transition a few more times but for some reason that first transition bugs me. It could be your not ready for it and are enjoying the guy behind the curtain. I like the blue feathers and the guys exploding out. I enjoy the song and am in lust with the band in the hallway, they can explode into my room anytime :P. The video is just fun and quirky. I wonder how S&M would do the blue feathers….muhahaha. 

  16. i really love this song. it shows her vocals well. i’m not a fan of hers but i’m glad she came out with a song like this.

  17. fuuko4869

    I love Seo In Young and her random/bizarre MVs :D
    That drummer, for example. SO not expecting that. Mohawked dude being blown out of rooms full of exploding blue feathers?
    But the song isn’t really doing it for me. At one point it seems like it might build up to something awesome, but then it just….dissipates into fluffy blue feathers.

    ….oh and guess who got inspired by Martina’s hair now? :p