SHINee – Colorful

  1. I just love this song. They really do make my life colorful, I really think they’re magical, I really think they’re wonderful. It’s honestly like they pulled the lyrics out of my heart. I’ve only known SHINee for about a year but they mean so much to me already.

  2. Kyra Songamari

    OMG! EYK you guys should totally Music Monday this stuff! Not much of a crazy video and also great English, but I’d love to see you do this! Thumbs it up, Shawols! You know you want to see it!

  3. I love this song!

  4. vivi belduma

    los mejores amo esta cancion———-

  5. Holly Jones

    I just love SHINee and this song of course :) I’m 14 yrs old and now that I’ve found Kpop it makes me so much happier in life (oh and btw if Simon and Martina read this I just want to say that I watch ur videos every week ur so funny , and also I think spudgy is soooo cute!) kpop forever! lol

  6. I loved this song from the second I heard their full album hoping they wud made an mv!! and they did!! SHINee never let me down!! Shawol’s Fighting!!!


    But it’s ok, I was fangirling over their fantasticness the entire video. :)

  8. Vote Vote Vote!! :D Shawol’s Fighting !! :D

  9. this video is summarizing everything that shinee have done they are the best group in the world. this video is matching perfet with this time of the year

  10. シノちぃ

    i really wanna see simon make fun of key’s rap bit LOL

  11. k-trisha-popper

    i really love this video, i just screamed the whole time and let me say the KEY looks so handsome in this video…omg i just love it

  12. Knookey

    God, every time I see something of theirs I turn into a complete fangirl. You’ve spoilt us this year, boys. Thank you!! <3
    Such a cute video, simple concept, upbeat song… AWESOME!!

  13. neopotrebqem

    i know this wont be reviewed, but i think like this song quite alot! and the video is cute and shows how much they have done this year ;)

    • I thought the same thing: that it would not be reviewed. Compilation videos tend to never do well on the rankings nor do they usually pick them or at least that is what I’ve observed. But, they won’t be doing a review this week, so the music videos that have been dominating the charts probably won’t last another week, so it could have a chance two weeks from now. I’ll just cross my fingers lol.