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SHINee – Sherlock

  1. How do you vote ._.

  2. do a kpop Monday for SHINee’s dazzling girl mv!!!!!!

  3. I would like SHINee to win, there is a storyline and the the dance is awesome as well. The song is also really addicting too.

  4. taeminnie i want your skirt :3

  5. while watching the music video, i was like, “omgomgomg. ahgfkjaghsfjlaghkbgfajlbgljabhskg.” o/ i felt like exploding. choreography was awesome! SHINee fighting~

  6. I cried when I saw the comeback stage !

  7. SHINee coming back is the beeeeeeeest thing to happen this year.

  8. Guys, vote for nuest here.'re not hoping to be reviewed anymore. We just wanna go out with a bang. Though it wasn’t reviewed. It was on the top 5 for 4 weeks. That’s something to be proud of.


  10. Love SHINee! <3

  11. they are one of the best <3

  12. I love this song, and the dance routine is epic. But Shinee’s stylists’ fashion sense is beyond me… Seriously, what the hell they are wearing. I wish’d they wear normal clothes more often(ok they do in practice videos). They are all handsome boys, they’d would look so good. 

  13. There’s nothing wrong about voting again.
    If Shinee world wants to vote, they will. if not, they won’t vote.
    WHY are you making it such a big deal?? 
    They are not voting so they can take your oppa’s chance.

  14. SHINee’s back!

  15. i really love Taemin’s oppa hair..i wish it was real but even his real hair is beautiful <3
    SHawols please keep on voting,,,to show everybody how much we love SHINee

  16. I love this MV very much! I love the song, the choreography, the storyline, SHINee!!! :)))
    I love everything in it!


  18. Shawols why are you still voting -________- give chance to BILASA!

  19. GD’s HAIR IS WAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER. TEAMIN’s looks dry and kinda ugly.

  20. GD’s HAIR IS WAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER. TEAMIN’s looks dry and kinda ugly.

  21. GD’s HAIR IS WAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER. TEAMIN’s looks dry and kinda ugly.

  22. GD’s HAIR IS WAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER. TEAMIN’s looks dry and kinda ugly.

    ╭━╮┓┉┏╭━╮┳╮┳┉╭━╮╭━╮┳┏┛ ╰━╮┣━┫┣━┛┃┉┃┉┃┉┃┃┉┉┣┻┓ ╰━╯┻┉┻╰━╯┻┉┻┛╰━╯╰━╯┻┉┻


  25. WAWAWA!!

  26. Calling fellow Shawols! Since EXO was supposed to be reviewed last week and wasn’t and now that S&M have done SHINee’s review, help out their fellow dongseng group and help vote EXO to win!

  27. it would be hard for it not to be number one i mean all of the other ones are amazing video but SHINee just makes my ovaries explode 

  28. love this song! and i think my fav part is Key’s dance…. probably cause its the only part i could do without breaking something ;(  i’m really in love with the clothes too!! 

  29. I’m keep refreshing my youtube account to see if the review is uploaded lols.

  30. umm lets say comparing to all the videos i’ve watched this dance is much harder well for some moves it requires a lot of stamina well if you guys watched the comebackstage with mr then you will notice that this dance is tough not like the lucifer ! well about the song i actually felt weird but the song is good and catchy and the meanings were a true mystery well for me  i came to understand the lyrics more but :/ got blocked out well i sum what understood in the song is it really necessary that they got to say give it up for SHINee and SHInee’s in the house tonight well im confused i get the 1st verse the rest is confusing well song dance mindblowing SHINee really are a talented group :D fighting SHINee!!!!! SHInee it’s true daebak new concept from what i’ve seen really awesome yes now i can say GIVE IT UP for SHINee!!!!!! and i’m so curiiiiioooussssss yeahhhh for what simon and martina have to say about it :P 

  31. Vote SHINee for “Best Choreography” on MTV VMAJ 2012 the kingdom !!!

  32. Awesome performance !!!
    this why I like SHINee…

  33. Only dance version just uploaded! :]

  34. Onews smile is so beautiful. So, so so sooooo beautiful

  35. Not that I’m complaining, but I don’t understand why Sherlock is first when some of the other videos SEEMINGLY have more Facebook likes, tweets, Google shares, and votes. Darn, I really wish they would reflect the votes properly.

  36. I LOVE TAEMIN’S HAIR!!! I don’t know how many time i have to say this.
    It’s one form of an ART! you dont complain or rush art. you slowly enjoy them.

  37. My babies!! <3 They are doing so well! I wish they had SMTown Live this year. :DD I doubt it though. BUT I WISH. I wanna see my babies live. <3 

  38. i’m so conflicted…i love SHINee to bits and i’m happy that an SM video finally has a plot line and the dance was unique and fresh but…their clothes .____. it irks me a lot. especially Taemin’s outfit with his long hair. did the stylist noonas even try? *shudders*

    • since SHINee ted to switch up clothing style a lot.. you are bound to dislike something haha xD there is nothing wrong with that :)
      but for me.. I really like how the rest of the video is like MYSTERY/SHEROCKY and they’re wearing suits and such.. then in the dancing scenes it’s like BAM! it’s like “F THIS. WE’RE  SHINee) hehe xD

  39. OMG!!
    That wonderful
    I am very happy with them
    I can not be described
    In fact,a wonderful little word against them
    shinee vaiting : )
    shawol 4ever

  40. nice story line and I love the song! but Taemin…enough with the hair..-_-

    • I thought I was the only one who didn’t like it. I liked the Lucifer hair, a lot actually, but I hate his long hair in Sherlock. Maybe it’s because it’s too long, or because it’s painfully obvious where his hair ends and the extensions begin. I’m not sure. ;~;

  41. punkyprincess92

    CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHINee is back!!!!

  42. I agree with some here…actually I wasn’t at all that impressed by the choreography at first. But SHINee really took it and put passion and talent in it and made it seem good, and now I really really like it.
    But I think they were just changing it up a bit. We all kind of got used to dances from video like Lucifer, Replay, Love Like Oxygen, Ring Ding Dong, etc. They had this signature thing, but this choreography is a change from their old dances, with more symbolism than high-tech dance moves. Which I actually think kind of works for this song, because they do use a lot of things that could be shown by symbol, like in the chorus when they’re all “sajin sok niga” (in the picture) and they do the whole camera/picture motion. And all the exploding and going to the heavy beat instead of tons of intricate steps and movements to the little half-beats in the song. And they stay connected more in this song, where in the past it was each individual dancer, no real touching each other or anything, just each individual dancing and looking at the camera. Furthermore, the focus was more on their improved singing skills (Tae you blew my mind .<

    However, I do also feel they could have stepped it up just a little more with the choreographer, because it wasn't AS amazing as they made it sound, though it's still good. Sometimes bringing Americans into Korean things might not be as good as the original, imho.
    Also, lots of groups are being known for dancing. SHINee has already proved themselves, so it's not like they need this mind-blowingly epic choreography, so much as showing that they still have passion and talent and skill. Which they did indeed prove, with this awesome song

  43. omg its monday and that means kpop music monday XD i cant wait
    i just know its sherlock from shinee after all it came out 3 days ago and its already had 2,950,402 views

  44. when is the pole closing time?

  45. I’m so excited! I really hope this wins! SHINee fighting!

  46. alright! SM with the top two spots! aw yeah

  47. alright… shawols are crashing servers but you all did the right thing. i need shinee’s sherlock to be on music mondays real soon. 

  48. Key, will you marry me?!?!?!?!?!

  49. Key will u please marry me!!!!

  50. The moves & everything. Freaking awesome alright!

  51. Well shawols just keep on crushing servers? well done ^^

  52. I woke up, check streaming situation, refresh, and boom!
    Oh……vote thing crushed again?

  53. SHINee for Music Monday! And Taemin’s long hair is just no. 

  54. Totally knew SHINee was gonna be number 1 on the K-charts XDDD

  55. SHINees bak 

  56. SHINee IS BACK!!!!!!!!
    For real and real.

  57. This song us awesome, and the theme and song names actually make sense! Its actually shocking.
    Clue, Note, Honesty, The Reason, Stranger… but whats up with Alarm Clock??
    How is that Sherlock-y? I guess they still had to throw us for a loop.
    Seriously, epic comeback. Not even two days, and over two million views.
    Daebak! Saranghae SHINee!

    • they lyrics of alarm clock talk about wanting an alarm clock to ring and wake them up from a bad dream, so they could see reality again, but actually, they aren’t asleep at all! the nightmare is real and theyre in denial.
      though I’m almost perfectly positive that the lyrics are talking about a break up and a girl (like most of the songs in the album are talking about a girl), it can also be taken in another type of nightmare.. a mystery or a crime- hence it’s related to sherlock, haha :)

  58. OMG ive been waiting for this M/V for Weeks YEAH SHINEES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  59. whaaattt? what is this?!?! SHINee (as totally AWESOMEEEEE as they are) isn’t the first mv with a storyline!
    TVXQ’s Before U Go had an awesome (yet confusing) storyline too!
    lol SHINee hwaiting! <3

  60. Hahahaha back to 97 votes … 

  61. Powerful dance moves and perfect singing. Best comeback ever! 

  62. Finally they’re back :D

  63. Honestly, I love this MV. Not only did it have a storyline, but it actually kind of went with the song, like other MVs (*cough* T-Ara’s Lovey Dovey). The only problem I had was they seemed to showcase the worst parts of the choreography.

  64. Gabriela Yaneth Tobar Rodrigue

    I really love SHINee’s back!!!… I love Sherlock, I love my boys… I’m so proud to be a shawol!!!…

  65. OMG they’re so awesome! SHINee’s back! =D =D

  66. *spaz* I’m so excited they’re back!  Lucifer was the first kpop I ever heard, so Shinee’s very special to me.  Oh, and I thought the dance to Lucifer was hard?  I look like a mentally impaired duck when I try to dance this.

  67. This music video is amazing!!!! It’s so different from anything SHINee’s done in the past, and they really pulled it off!! SM finally did something right!!! xD And SHINee’s execution of this is absolutely GREAT! ^o^ <3


  69. when my 6 year old tries to sing along to this song she says “I’m so serious, yeah!”

  70. Taemin’s long hair looks like Leona Lewis’s here…

  71. Its always funny how they always have the jung sisters for their vids: jessica in this one and krystal in juliette jap. ver. !!! o.O

  72. Even thought the votes are all messed up, they’re still in first! :DD

  73. that ‘newspaper’ thingy at the end… WAE?!?!?!?!!?!!?!??!

  74. SHINee is back, with a cameo of jessica and a dog debuting its just too perfect T-T xD not really I love it!!!!

  75. I think Sherlock is awesome – the whole album is just amazing!!!! it’s so SHINee… yeah… makes sense :P everything from choreography to music to style : everything is perfect :3

    I’m not being biased or anything… okay, a little <3 I just love them so much! and boooooy am I happy SM didn't put them in a box with odd lightning and weird camera angels!!! They actually have a story line :D 

  76. I sincerely wish that the MV of SuJu and F(x) coming up can have a storyline like this!!!!! SHERLOCK is my fav. story!!! and my fav. dancing group had a music video like this!!! OMO

  77. <3  I wish that they showed jonghyun more in this musicvideo <3

  78. I’m sooooo curious yeah yeah yeahhhhhhh yeahhhhh! Woo

  79. SHINee jjang! <3333333333

  80. My babies <333333333333333333333333333333333333

  81. In my opinion I feel satisfied by their MV!!!! i LOVE their comeback *sigh* it’s overwhelming. I like the fact that it has a plot(good job SM) and how it all makes sense!!! As a shawol I feel really HAPPY XD!!! SHINee FIGHTING!!

  82. ♥♥♥ couldnt love this song enough~

  83. OKay. I’m tired of all these Taemin&Key looking girly or feminine….I call them pretty or cute because they are like younger brothers to me. Not because they seem a bit different them what people call ‘masculine’. I don’t know, but maybe i don’t feel like others because i don’t believe in use of words ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’.

  84. you must review this !! 

  85. I wonder if guys who didn’t know Taemin would hit on him while he walks down the street?

  86. DDD:

    Oh no! the counter crashed again >.<c'mon Shawols, let's keep voting! xD
    We've voted over 6,000 times (well, 24,000. since it crashed like 4 times =__=)
    we can do it again!

  87. iWatson?

  88. why did they put extensions on Taemin in the first place??

  89. i like the whole vid but i hate one thing.. taemin straight hair extensions.. i love him short hair.. he looks better… ok kkeut.. :P

  90. So many frozen lockets… xD

  91. lol I love how Key’s dance is so feminine~ and then Minho comes in like PUNCHING AIR LIKE A MANLY MAN LIKE YEAH!

  92. This video is great! The beat and the dancing and the vocals totally remind me of a Michael Jackson song and video!

  93. I enjoyed it. The choreography was really cool, and I thought the song was good as well. Glad SHINee’s back. :) 

  94. I love the whole video and the choreography is really quirky and different. It’s amazing! Only SHINee could pull it off, it looks so demanding.

  95. The thing is, I know there are lots of fans out there saying Taemin looks like a girl (totally agree), but at least he doesn’t look completely like a girl like that one chick from Nu’est. Seriously, every time I see that person I automatically think girl.

    • that guy from nu’est ren? i think totally looks like a girl…people don’t say that taemin looks like a girl unless he has long hair kekeke…with ren it looks like a girl ALL THE TIME!! (not hating on them at all!!! btw)..just sayin…SHINee FIGHTING!!!

  96. shinee of course!!!!!!!!!!! no one else turns my worl up side down!

  97. TBH I kinda wanted B1A4 to win this week, but my hand just naturally gravitates towards Shinee’s button, and before I knew it I was voting for Shinee :P Love you Shinee <3<3

  98. Voted for SHInee of course..even though I hate the hair extensions on Taemin.

  99. God, those clothes… Dx

  100. Give it up fooor SHINeeeee! Give it up, give it up, give it up for SHINeeeeee!

  101. This song is so perfect. I’m so proud of them. ♥

  102. i’m really CURIOUS as to what S&M are going to say about the mv because i don’t see anything bad about it but i could be blinded by their SHINee..ness

  103. I am sooooo happy they’re back!
    Great guys, You did good job :)
    Love ya <3

  104. the vote counter got reset again… did SHINee win already? when does voting end?

  105. Me watching this MV on our flat screen.
    Mom: “Who’s that? O:”
    Me: “SHINee. You know the Lucifer-people.”
    Mom: “I know, but who’s that singing right now?”
    Me: “Oh, that one? That’s Jonghyun. Why?”
    Mom: “He sounds like Michael Jackson! O_________O”
    P.S.: Dear Jonghyun, my mom is a hardcore-MJ-fan, she has been for decades now. You may feel honoured.

  106. I’m amazed by this mv and song! i love it so much! ^^
    it’s been on replay in my music player since it appeared, hehe
    this coreography is the one of best i’ve seen in all kpop history. <3
    i hope Sherlock will get to be reviewd. there's a lot to talk about ^^

  107. SHINee <3333333

  108. I can’t wait Monday, hope SHINee will get review in Kpop Music Monday >.<

  109. Personally, I loved the choreography. I know,  was completely unexpected, but this is SHINee. We can’t just expected something… They change in every single comeback.Lucifer was amazing, it was. But I think they can’t just do something like that again… This is a new song,  it’s a new concept, so they change.The choreo is really good.I love how each member has a specific choreography, and the way they come together in a larger choreography. I think is beautiful. I love the synchronized movements, the effect that this gives is just wonderful. It’s just my opinion.

  110. Please do a kpop music mondays on SHINee!! Also.. Look what I found on youtube!! My dad was all like “Wow, aren’t these the guys you like?” and I said “FANTASTIC BABY!! And yes *love”^^ ~

  111. Sherlock! SHINee, SHINee, SHINee!! SHINee’s back~! <3

  112. You gotta love this song. It definitely turned me into a SHINee fan.

  113. Just need this for Kpop Music Mondays please.

  114. this is absolutely the best KPop dance so far this year. even though it’s not real Kpop dance style. that’s SHINee style. thumbs up to SHINee and the choreographer, Tony Testa…..nice job~ can’t wait for their first win.

  115. SHINee’s back….SHINee’s back  back back back back!!!!!!!!!!

  116. love shinee! shinee’s finally back!!
    but taemins long blonde hair is reeeeaallly disturbing =

  117. almost a plot, almost…
    but who cares!!!
    We can see Key dancing in thights, Jjong doing a sexy angry face, Taemin with long sexy hair (and we no longer need to feel like pedo noonas about it) MinHo’s sexy moves and Onew licking his finger!!!! Yeah baby! Lick that finger lol XD

  118. Does any1 notice that they r not wearing skinny pants??? Thats totally a first =DDD

  119. i think their choreo is amazing! it shows their teamwork! and its very unique!

  120. The only thing I can say is that with every comeback/debut a group is taking a gamble. The MV, the song, the choreography says contemporary SHINee to me. SM gave the boys something new and I think it fits SHINee well.

  121. LOL, I like this MV also with choreo. Maybe because I like it so I don’t know why people don’t like it.

    SHINee is a contemporary band. I actually dislike some of their concepts but I’m not offended by it. At least they’re not afraid to change, to try something new. That’s is the biggest point why I love them. 

    I never compare their concepts with previous comebacks because I know it will not be the same. I’ve never felt disappointed about them. They always amaze me. I just love it !

  122. It’s a SHINee MV with an actual plot! Way to go SM! I can’t wait for you guys to review this!

  123. Love it!!!! SHINee will forever be my favorite K-pop group out there!

  124. amazing choreo!! watching their live perfs is even better than watching the mv!

  125. Go SHINee ;D Love, love, love this song <3 Can't wait till I get my copy (-cough-you mean 6?-cough-) of Sherlock <3


  127. The dancing is sooo good, I was worried that they would have another Hello dance, no worries needed.

  128. The choreography for this song is amazing. It’s so energetic.

  129. I love this song so much. You better review this song. SHINee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. jonghyunnnnnnn! <3 
    I'm surprised SM didn't use their slow-mo 360 cameras LOL

  131. guys, keep voting, it’s a very close call :D

  132. sherlock is first currently!!!

  133. OMG i love this song and I want SHINee to win so bad; but i really wanted EXO to be reviewed…:(

  134. best coreography EVER!

    I love this song and dance♥
    But Taemin’s clothing… just, no.

  136. lols the vote crashed again!

  137. The dance simply amazed me, their looks are perfect with hints and references to Sherlock holmes. iWatson popping up that newspaper article made me laugh so much. It was pretty amazing! I loved it so much I could cry!!! ToT I love the song ever since it was released, I kept playing it since I bought it. Yeah, Shinee doesn’t disapoint me at all.

  138. OmfgINeedToDoHomework

    Sherlock please. <3 This is gonna be great!

  139. Praying that you guys review this :D.

  140. Give it up, Give it up, Give it up for SHINee!
    I’m so excited to see them!

  141. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this choreography! This ‘fade (or shadow) dance’ just stunned me! Nothing is perfect, so I’m not gonna say it’s perfect. however it’s soooooo close to perfect. One thing i love about SHINee is that they are trying something totally different than other groups. It’s so new and so sensational to audience. Maybe TOO fresh to some people lols. So it might seem somewhat weird and distracting, but SHINee manage to look good in them. Therefore, long hair, shorts, or different choreography can’t be their flaws. because it’s not!

    okay i love shinee like lot but i was really disapointed with this video you know with the massive lead you to this i was expecting alot but no i got taemin awful hair cut keys ugly clothes and the dance to me was just no
    im not saying that i hate this im just saying for shinee this was a massive let down compeared to lucifer or ring ding dong

  143. taemin with hair extension is prettier than martina…..

  144. I am no longer curious.
    Get it? ;)

  145. nice glasses key ;)

  146. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally shinee’s comeback

  147. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally shinee’s comeback

  148. SHINEEs back!!!!!!

  149. They are 1st now xD yeay :D :D

  150. I love Taemin and Key’s hair! Their hair look like an angel hair!!

  151. They look so cool! Not too fond of Taemin’s hippie hair though… :P

  152. I love the MV. I can notice all the effort that they have made :D Let`s support them shawol !

  153. Good song

  154. The choreography was amazing and you know it. Super memorable.

  155. OMG! SIMON & MARTINA!!! Well you should do a Music Mondays with SHINee’s Sherlock… There are a lot of things to talk about!!! The storyline… their outfits… their new looks… the choreography… the english… everything!!! I bet Youl’ll have soooooo much fun doing it!!! ^^ SHINee’s BACK!

  156. poor taemin D:

  157. It’s just pure awesomeness!!!!! can’t stop watching the mv :3

  158. i loved it :D i was waiting so long for the video and a comeback

  159. I love the chorus and their dance is really impressive and cool!  I am always impressed by their choreography! I’m not a fan of Taemin’s long hair though! I like the short curly hair he has in this video :)

  160. It isn’t no.1 anymore :( I hope it’s just the counter

  161. I wonder what Taemin and Key would do when they face each other at the end of the dance lols

  162. I’m so curious if they’ll get chosen :D

  163. I hate it when that stupid counter breaks!!!! O.o

  164. NO Don’t let B1A4 win this week!!!!!!! I want SHINee to be on music mondays!!!!

  165. shinee already won this…the counter just broke…but they are clearly number one in this chart right now….:)..

  166. VOTE SHINEE!!

  167. Candice is better than you

    I love the attention to detail SM put into the sets. Finally, a set with more than flashing lights!

  168. The song is great -although it reminded me too much of Juliette, but the vocals were spectacular- and the set up is good, the dance.. well, Shinee makes it look good but they could’ve done anything else. Not to mention Taemin’s extes. I’d really like to hear Simon and Martina’s view on this extraordinary piece!

  169. Almost at number one! Go SHINee! Hwaiting!

  170. OMG i love that dance is sooooooooooooo good they need a review pliz eatyourkimchi pliz *-*

  171. FIGHTING Shinee!!!

  172. I still can’t get over the iWatson laptop… oh and toilet paper in the dance ver DON’T GET ME STARTED~~~

  173. epic SHINee is epic~~~ *cough* how can they lose to those b1a1 or whatever *chogh*

  174. Love this song! “I’m so curious yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” The live performance on KBS was epic! They are truly talented and amazing singers! I admit I didn’t like SHINee at first b/c they seemed to feminine. But once you hear their amazing vocals and see their dance skills, you can’t help but fall in love <3 

  175. I commented on this on youtube and a lot of people were like “but you’re a VIP…” IDC, i still LOVE the song and the choreo. SHINee is pretty much awesome.

  176. when i saw them do the little kick step thing my first thought was “that looks like dbsk’s mirotic step”. i prefer this dance 100% more though. good job sm! you made a mv with a story line and they aren’t always dancing in a poorly lit box with weird things all over…also THEY AREN’T WEARING PASTEL OMGOSH!! however key’s shorts are kind of laughable cuz they don’t really fit the rest of the group….

  177. We’re obviously not commenting enough on this btw! Once my homework is done… let’s kick it up a knotch! ;D

  178. Agreeing with what Emilie wrote! I think EVERY SINGLE MILLISECOND OF THE DANCE IS AWESOME!!!! The strut is Flipping Fantastic and should be the new way all Shawols strut down the street!! xD

  179. The counter is glitching unfortunately, we actually have over 5000 votes, but it keeps switching back to 0 for some reason. :(

    Shawols hwaiting!

  180. See some comments about the choreography. I just wanna add that I like it all, even the strut is awesome. and i think it fits the song.. Tried it out today, struting around in my friend’s house and it felt right XD

  181. This video should definitely be on Kpop Monday. :,) There is so much to talk about, dance, storyline, engrish… 

  182. Is the voting count correct? Cus it seems to go down and change constantly.. it was well over 1000 yesterday and now it’s on 86.. or does it correct itself later?

  183. I thought this mv was awesome!! I loved how they didn’t dance in a box, and the dance just BLEW MY MIND. Also their outfits were gorges~

  184. I thought Lucifer was hard. however, compare to this, wow.. I understand why Onew sang ‘Lucifer was nothing compare to this’ during the rehearsal for InGa.

  185. cmon get up there!

  186. This song was awesome!!! :)

  187. Just one question. Where did the video “Touch” – Miss A go?

  188. Really cool MV! I already posted a long comment earlier xD
    But I wanted to ask: why is the vote counter only 25? Last time I checked, it was over 5000…?

  189. I’m like…. trying to decide if I like this choreography as much as/more than Lucifer o.o That’s how AMAZING This choreography is!!!!

  190. I really really like their comeback song! It’s just too awesome :)) The song and the choreography are soo amazing! I really want to see you guise reviewing this mv!! <3 <3

  191. There are sooo .. so. so many things to say about this MASTERPIECE!!! I don’t even know where to begin! lol, go through all the individual frames in the MV in a chronological order and give only 5 comments per frame?? xD xD

  192. SHINee is totally BACK!!
    they are NUMBER 1!!

  193. FANTASTIC choreography~ really showed how strong SHINee as dancers are~♥

  194. lol the plot was ~okay~ but I’m proud of SM for trying! yeah!

  195. I really liked the MV ! There’s a story line, the set is really nice, I liked the lightning etc. Jessica’s cameo was nice to ! I didn’t really like YoonA in Replay Kimi wa Boku no Everything because of the role she had which was the pretty girl all the guys fall in love with and that was a bit… plain ?. But in that MV Jessica had actually a role in there being some ghost and helping the guys by leaving hints … But anyway how a ghost can carry out hints and leave them like that is still a mystery to me xD
    The song is epic ! No autotune or heavy electronic pieces but catchy researched tune, singing parts displaying the member’s talents (especially Taemin who really progressed a lot) I really liked it !As for the choregraphy, I must say it’s really awesome ! It’s really intense and something never seen before ! I really love it !! I’m looking forward to Simon and Martina’s analysis ^^ Always fun and witty !

  196. I knew they’d become number one fast…. Shawols are that powerful…. GO SHINEE!!!!!

  197. SHINee is just AWESOME :x

  198. punkyprincess92

    *whispers* Shinee is back!

  199. SHINee is back! And better than ever <3

  200. LOVED the MV! They’re not dancing in a box! I wasn’t a huge fan of their hippie outfits but to be honest, I didn’t really mind. I’m clearly too used to their fashion… XD

    The dance was AWESOME as always. You guys should definitely watch the dance (practice) version. A lot of their choreography involved all members and required more team effort. It looked really cool seeing them in sync.As for the song, I loved it. It wasn’t very K-Pop-ish to me. It reminded me of MJ. A lot. 

    I’d like to point out one thing though: I initially thought that this took place around the 1900s because of the clothes, furniture/decors, and set. But then I saw Key’s laptop…(which btw is called “iWatson”. Look again if you didn’t catch it XD)
    So, is this supposed to be set in the present day or…..?

    Sorry for the long comment. Hope you guys review this! 

  201. Guise, srsly. How can a dance as awesome as this one “disappoint” you!? :D

  202. SHINee’s back and I so want you guys to review this! The story,the dance and the song overall :D

  203. SHINee is BACK XD  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. SHINee’s back , 
    SHINee’s back , 
    SHINee’s back , 

  205. shawols let us unite to keep shinee at #1!!

  206. shinee at number one :) *figures* KEEP IT UP SHAWOLS! GOOD JOB!!!  :D 

  207. this is like so expected !! i knew it wud be# 1 !!^^  anywho who i really liked the story!!

  208. plz review!!! i have been waiting for their comeback for a longggggg time!

  209. cool now we are first place

  210. …I have no idea whether or not the rest of this choreo is harder than Lucifer, I’d say it’s on the same level (in totally different ways), but the “trolldance” in itself, I was able to do it after 30 seconds (if I’m doing it right, and it DOES look right). xD And the tutting-part of Lucifer took me 2 1/2 hours to perfectionize. xDD
    But then again, this choreo focuses a LOT on teamwork, trust and synchronization between the members… (I mean half of it is like…Domino Day! D:! And then the rest is skinship xD)
    So I think, compared to Lucifer, when dancing this alone it will look not even half as impressive as it does when dancing this in a group, so…
    MY POINT IS. xDD Lucifer was hard for each individual member, stamina-wise, but I think this one (though still exhausting) is a lot more focused on the right timing, teamwork, precision and the powerfullness (is that a word? XD) of the movements (since there are a lot of parts where 4 out of 5 members just…don’t move), which makes it just as hard, only in another way. :’)

  211. I’m so curious yeaaaah <3

  212. So I am frustrated because there’s no way in hell I’ll ever be able to dance the omg. It’s even harder then Lucifer.

  213. i don’t get it why they put a girl in the scene?I mean what’s the point if she is beautiful?Also when she “appeared” to Minho what was she thinking…”Oh a cameramen,I should update my facebook pic”.The coreography was ok,but at the I’m so courios part they are like some gorilas.I love shinee but I don’t think this is the best they can do…Lucifer was way better!!!

  214. Oh gosh, that hair… no, this is not the 80′s. Make it go away! XD

  215. totally agree with you, lucifer is just way too boss to top.

  216. Awesomest MV!!!!!

  217. The choreography is so outstanding. It is even better than Lucifer.
    SMTOWN has uploaded the promotion video of SHINee for SHERLOCK dance cover contest. 
    I am so curious about seeing people (not my SHINee) dancing SHERLOCK.

  218. sherlock completely BLEW MY MIND. honestly, wow. FANTASTIC BABY! sorry, IIII LOST MY MIND when it came out :D i was just OH SO CURIOUS YEAHHH! no seriously speaking the dance was good (cannot top lucifer but still) and the concept was pretty cool (cannot top rdd but still) and the melody was alike juliette (am i the only one?) and love like oxygen when i first heard it. but the mv was awesome, even tho a lil creepy. mv with a story line from SM, nuff’ said. even my sister (NOT a kpopfreak watched it for a 2nd time – she pratically NEVER does) to sum it up. SHINEE DAEBAK! they can make anything work! <3

  219. punkyprincess92

    SHINEE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  220. I’m a Shawol and an EXOTIC, so I’ve been voting for EXO for over 2 weeks.
    It’s been frustrating, confusing, and disappointing these 2 weeks with EXO’s video and our point counts vs. B1A4…so much that I am actually very relieved and happy to see SHINee as #1.(Sorry, Bilasa ><) Even if it's not EXO, I'm very happy that it's SHINee. Wow, the power of Shawols!

  221. How can people say the coreography sucks? Are you blind or somehing? O_O

    • Well I won’t say that it sucks but it is a step back from the last one they did. Can’t blame them though. Lucifer is such an awesome routine, it would be hard to do something better than it.

  222. I loved this song since it came out and now that I’ve seen the video I just can’t stop watching it! I mean, dance moves are waaay amazing, they have some sort of storyline, the costumes are weird and I love those ♥ ohhh and you can’t forget about that lil dog that appeared in name of all dogs :D ♥

  223. Taemin’s hair isn’t long! well it is in the mv but it’s not his real hair, they’re extensions. Just waned to say that :)

  224. Simon, please say something about Key’s shorts. The first time I saw this MV I got so distracted by them I had to rewatch the video a just to know what was going on!!!! I mean seriously!! Dark blue + huge white stars? Looks pretty ridiculous to me. Anyway, other than that I LOVED IT!!!!!! SHINee FTW!!!!

  225. the trolldance while singing “I’M SO CURIOUS YYYEEEAAHH!’? Totally cracked me ;DD

    it was hilarious, srsly.
    anyways – love the song & the dance & the video/ definitely was worth waiting for =)

  226. SHINee is back and more powerful than ever!

  227. i’m not a shawol but this definitly deserves to be on Kpop Music Mondays =)

  228. I couldn’t have asked for a better comeback! 

  229. I really hope that you will talk about your views about their dance~ especially the I’m curious yeah~~~

  230. The song is so great, I hope SO much that it makes it to Music Monday! >.<

  231. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    it’s so so so cool

    SHINee Still SHINe

  232. it keeps on reseting because the system can’t handle so many votes at once

  233. why does the no of votes keep dropping every time i visit the site ? Last night there were more than 2000 , this afternoon more than 200 and now 40 ? 

  234. And the counter is back to zero again. xD Simon, Martina, I have a request: Should you guys actually be able to see the votes and should SHINee actually be first on monday, could you just bother to tell us how many votes they had exactly?…Cause right now, I’m loosing track. xDD

  235. Seriously, eatyourkimchi, get your shit together. Last time I was here 3000 votes … now there’s 1. 


  236. I’m anxious for Kpop Charts Update, cause I wanna see what Simon and Martina will say to pump us to put SHINee on top!!

    • they said on twitter thatthey loved the song, but said nothing about the mv (you know how detailed they are, I’m pretty sure they’ll find a lot of faults in a plot video, BUT I hope they liked it overall :) )

  237. Yey!!!!! GIVE IT UP FOR SHINEE!!! <333

  238. It’s first! Good job Shawols! But keep voting! :D

  239. This is my fave MV tbh. XD Well thought SM. Well thought.

  240. Shinee’s back!! Yes. I do agree that the choreography is somewhat weird and does not fit to the song. BUT Shinee is Shinee. so of course, they can pull it off and make it AWESOME!! That’s how bad-ass they are. Hwaiting Shinee!! :)

  241. YAAAAAY! SHINee is first!! Keep it up Shawols. Just because we’re first now doesn’t mean someone won’t try to pass us up. xD

  242. NOW ONE CAN BEAT SHINEEE….XD we r  first  yay :))))))))

  243. SHINee COMEBACK! i love the film clip

  244. How can you resist the mullet?

    I love how Key is the best dressed and worst dressed in the same video.

  245. to me, Taem does not looks like a girl. not at all.  just because we used to see girls in a long hair, and guys in a short hair, that does not mean long hair = girly or girl? is kinda not right. there are so many male artist who got long hair. and since it’s fake hair, i’m totally loving it. taem in two different hair style! ^ ^;;;

    • i totally agree with you! When i first saw Taemin’s hair i was like..meh. now i love it! i think he still looks masculine i mean seriously his dancing is so strong- just because his hair is long doesn’t make him girly. you could say the same about key wearing pink and having pink in his hair but i think he totally rocks it!

  246. Does anyone else find the dog in the video super distractive(ex: 2:27)? Haha besides that…I am loving everything about this mv. Shinee is seriously one of the best!

  247. all i can say is TAEMIN LOOKS LIKE A FRIGGIN GIRL… srsly sm… did taemins long hair in lucifer not take its toll as being GIRLY instead of COOL… hurry up and cut his hair again… OMG he would look so good with short hair

  248. It’s been so long since they came back and all the shawols have bonded while waiting for the mv. it’s fun being a shawols and since it was my first time for my favorite group to have a comeback, i was going insane. they work so hard, they deserve it 

  249. This is just daebak!

  250. So give it up, give it up, give it up for SHINeee~

  251. The dancing is superb (as expected from shinee) and the MV has a sroryline in it!!! FINALLY!!! I was so worried they’d still be in a box lol~
    SHINee really is very ‘contemporary’

  252. shineeeeeee figthing

  253. SHINee’s back <3

  254. Sha Sha Sha SHINee ♥♥!!

  255. Well, it’s slowly creeping up, but seriously we want to know what you think about this video!

  256. how is this not number one yet? 0.o

  257. 03:05 is the best part for me… I like the choreo at that time cause it fits Key so much…

  258. i see some signs of spammers. please do not spam. that is NOT how you win here.

  259. just a perfect song, I don’t get how people can dislike it :D please review it!

  260. i LOVE S H I N e e 

  261. 373 days of waiting and they came back at last. it was worth waiting for. SHINee never let us down. Just how proud I am to see the powerful and graceful dance :)) SHINee no more no less. 

  262. this song is really growing on me. i didn’t really enjoy it that much at first, but after 18738203023x listening to it, i actually like it. the choreo’s not very complicated per se, but it requires a lot of energy to dance such a jumpy routine like that, and it actually utilises the stage very well. plus it requires serious teamwork with all the domino/wave effect, and i bet they practised hard for it to look so “smooth”. 

    people might be disappointed cause this is not even close to the “beastly/manly” concept, but to me it just proves how versatile SHINee is as a group. and they’re gonna release a full-length studio album in mid 2012, i can’t wait! for now, sherlock is pretty damn good :)

  263. Amyaco

    at first, i was a little iffy on both the song and the choreography. HOWEVER, each time i listen to the song i start to like it more and more, and the more i think of how the choreography fits into the detective theme the more awesome it becomes. so…….REVIEW IT!!!! :D

  264. Holy cow is this dance rawrsome! 

  265. am i the only one who highly doubts that B1A4 is in the lead right now?

    • Me doubts it as well. I mean 2 hours ago SHINee had ~5k votes. Now it’s back to 14. WTF. XDDD

      • B1A4 has been up for a week, but SHINee’s been up for less than a day. it’s safe to say that SHINee will win. if not SHINee i hope EXO, cause i voted for EXO for 2 weeks only for there not to be a MM this week.

  266. i love the choreo! it’s fun to watch~
    *i thought shinee would be the default winner but i guess not*

  267. Yet another song and dance I am LOVING from Shinee!! They are seriously one of the most talented groups out there. These boys are just amazing!

  268. go shawols go go stay strong

  269. If this doesn’t get reviewed, I am going to cry.  And by cry, I mean shake my fist angrily at the screen.

  270. My bias group comeback !!!
    Love you SHINee :”>

  271. i really hope you get to review this video on monday.

  272. OhmyGAWD. This was so good. It was a little different than what I expected (expecially some parts of the choreo) but it’s definitely amazing. The dance style reminds me a lot of Juliette (and not just for the similarly styled clothing). The song doesn’t though, lol. I would really really REALLY love it if simonandmartina would review it though hehe I saw some interesting things in the video…

  273. MV doen’t look like it SM video… so I love it~ but Taemin… long hair or skirt… why why are u doing this SM? He is…so…so CUTE~ ><

  274. not as awesome as lucifer’s dance, in my opinion. but still it’s SHINee!

  275. don’t you find it funny that onew’s using a typewriter in the beginning but key has a laptop and he can surf the internet with it? lol key, share with your hyungs

  276. I am in love with this, i’ve been watching the choreography again and again and it’s just amazing and everything ties together so beautifully 

  277. Minho you sexy smexy man….ohmigawd…i’m dying..can’t breathe…jonghyun is looking smashing as always!!!! great dance btw!!! ohmigawd~~~ *faintz*

  278. Taemin looks like a beautiful princess….
    But he’s still cool!!

  279. Waw! Amazing,,, Daebak!! Can’t say anything!
    SHINee is back ….

  280. Can somebody please tell me why the hell Jessica is trying to confuse and haunt these gorgeous men?

  281. shineeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  282. Kanee11

    Guise, be carful not to spam or shinee will never win…

  283. Kanee11

    SHINEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My love, you are amazing.

  284. Omg we crashed the counter again! I hope Simon and Martina realize this! Shawols want this video reviewed baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadly!

  285. We keep crashing the counter…and we crashed the site earlier too…way to go Shawols!

  286. Wow…this is amazing!!! >w< <3 

  287. I love the computer ‘ iWatson’ at 4:22
    Sherlock Holmes Reference

  288. shawooolss! help me! vote pls!

  289. the ranking dropped again!!! COME ON SHAWOLS!

  290. The dance video sm town released on their ytube channel BLEW MY MIND and i say this as someone who actually dances O_O

  291. vote vote and vote!!!!!!!!!! we have to make this number 1!

  292. I honestly love this song and the music video so much! ♥
    If you can’t review it this week, then at least next week?
    I think you guys would have a lot to say!

  293. shawooolls!!!!!!!!!!! vote! keep on voting and voting!

  294. gets better every time.

  295. I’m officially addicted to ‘Sherlock’ now

  296. SM finally presented something different than their usual! the boys look great i love the dance,voice,outfits and everything! 

  297. Finally after so long, SHINee’s back~

  298. The laptop is iWatson. Wonder where I can get it….

  299. I’ve read some comments and I look at the MV again…OMG, Taemin really cospayed as Ciel Phantomhive. LOVE IT

  300. Wowowow! MINHO JUMPS OVER KEY!!! “So give it up, give it up, give it up for SHINeeee”
    That’s how you know “SHINee’s back back back back back!” Please review, because “I’m so curious yeaah” about what you’ll say about it.

  301. I think we broke it again. xD

  302. Give it up Give it up Give it up fooooooor SHINee!!!!! XD

  303. please review this song and video… <3

  304. Happy happy me!

  305. I just keep replaying it in Youtube for 2 hours. Just WOW! SHINee FIGHTING!!!

  306. SHINee is back and nothing hurts

  307. Do comments count as votes?? I’ve never really voted on one of these but I really wanna see SHINee. ;~;

  308. Let’s go shawols!! I wanna see this on mondayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

  309. SHINee’s BACK. SHINee’s BACK.

  310. Idk why, but Tae’s extensions seemed to be put in wrong… It looked great in Lucifer, but this time… Idk. Other than that I completely fangirled when i saw that they put the video up! I ADORE Jong’s hair! I also love how each member seemed to get his own “solo” part. We finally get to hear Taemin without Jong or Onew helping him.  I liked the coreo, it was fun and made you want to move. Not quite as fantastic and fitting as Lucifer, but it was good. It followed the beat and had interesting angles in it to keep the eye on each person. Even though I always kept my eye on Taemin.. Can’t help it.. I’m biased! ^^ <3

  311. Come on guys! Let’s get this video up at the top!!! DDDX I REALLY want it to be reviewed!!!


  313. please do review this on a music monday! (preferable next week, cuz I wanna hear simon’s response to B1A4′s english–lol, I’d give it a -4)

  314. Personally, I loved the choreography. It was very SHINee and really, if any group tried it, it would’ve turned out really messy. And the difficulty of it is incredible. I still wonder how they managed to make it look so clean.

  315. Goddammit, SHINee, move your butt up that chart! >.<

  316. This is the first MV of SM that has both dancing and a storyline… 

  317. I love this video so much! I just love everything about it!

  318. storyline!! *o* I loved it!! <3<3<3<3 

  319. I actually wished that the MV would set up some type of mystery that would have been “solved” in the live version in it…or something like that xD It barely touched the Sherlock concept for me; I wish they had more mystery in it.

    Still, SHINee fighting~!

  320. Uh oh. Looks like Jonghyun lost his pants. (IN SUPER SLOW MOTION~~)

  321. Finally! I’ve been waiting for so long

  322. I thought the dance was kinda weird at first but, as usual, the more I watched the video and listened to the song, the more I loved it!~

  323. 2 votes? lol what is this..

  324. Whoa! Great comeback Shinee! Now I am a loyal Shawol but idk about Taemin’s hair. O.O

  325. i’m scared taemin’s wig is going to fall off

  326. i love everyone’s hippie hair

  327. seriously very impressed with this video!!! I can’t wait for Martina and Simon to talk about this video!!

  328. You know that one part where they’re all in a line and Taemin looks like he throws up or something… yeah, I love that part. I’m calling it the purging line lol

  329. I remember back when Lucifer came out hahahaha I was SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! :3 now I’m just…. SDFGLAKRGJRGLK LOOOOL Onew is so perf omg I love him :’D and Minho’s long legs when they do the stomping hahahahahaaaaaaaaa they’re so attractive o__o

  330. Ok the first time watching this video I wasn’t too sure what to think, Now, after my fifth or so viewing, I have to say that this song and video really grow on you. I just can’t be disappointed in these boys. They’re trying so hard to make it all work. So please review their video so that we can all know what you guys think too :)

  331. i really thought it sounds like a combination of juliette and replay. love the dance but i must say, (bold, underline, italics) the most beautiful woman and jewelry in this video is definitely Taemin….he has the Umehito Nekozawa vibe.

  332. Please tell me that we broke the counter because there is no way that this is the vote count.

    And standard Shawol chant time. No, I am usually not annoying like this but it’s SHINee. So um. Yeah. It’s kinda a must.
    Lee Jinki! Kim Jonghyun! Kim Kibum! Choi Minho! Lee Taemin! Sherlock! SHINee!
    /fangirl mode

    Okay I’m done.

  333. the song was ok but i didn’t really like the hippie image plus i totally though taemin was a girl becuz of that weave, this one is probably my least favorite out of all the shinee songs

  334. The song is awesome!! YAY SHINEE!! :D

  335. hmmmmm my opinion??
    well I think it’s pretty awesome but compared to the other songs they’ve done…. gotta say it’s missing something…….. maybe it’s because their other songs have been incredible but still….

    • I honestly think it was the choreography that made this song less amazing compared to their other songs xD Though it’s still really good c:

  336. I’ll admit, the choreography was kind of suckish compared to their other works, but I really loved the song<3

  337. I’ll admit, the choreography was kind of suckish compared to their other work, but the song was wonderful. I really liked it a lot ^^ I will always be a Shawol xD

  338. i was a little dizzy after watching this MV because I forgot to breath. I still <3 SHINee though:)

  339. Ohwowowowow SHINee! is back!! ¨sherlock!! *shawols!!!

  340. SHINee is flawless… but those shorts Key is wearing are incredibly distracting and they bother me. The dance makes me laugh :D I didn’t like the song too much before, but the music video really makes it a lot better… somehow.. 

  341. This dance is amazing!! :D <3

  342. I refuse to believe that SHINee got so little votes…
    You guys must’ve broke it.

  343. I totally love it! I think the choreography matches the song really good! Not only the lyrics is telling the story, but also their moves – they’re sneaking, checking the traces (fingers on the floor)… And I think it’s some kind of ninja concept xD They dance perfectly, and sing outstanding. I just love them!

  344. Love the song, love the dances, love te PLOT! cuz’ yeeeeah! SM made a MV with plot and is for SHINee♥ -dies-

  345. SHINee i love you forever

  346. I’m very afraid Simon and Martina are going to tear this video apart when they review it…

  347. Wait…. So, there’s a typewriter, their clothing, old fashioned camera…. All pointing to this being set in not modern day, and yet… at the end… 


    And why’s it called an ‘iwatson’? Clever, SM. Very clever.

  348. I’m so curious yeahhhhh. So catchy right? Like the dance too.

  349. I want to hear your theories on Jessica in this SO BAD XD

  350. I don’t like Taemin’s long hair.. >_>

  351. Really hoping SHINee wins. I wanna hear what Simon and Martina have to say about it. ♥

  352. What is with Taemin’s evil kanevel jump suit? :P He is possibly the only person to ever make that look adorable. I love the storyline of this video, and the song is FANTASTIC but the choreography literally has me keeling over in laughter ^_^

  353. SHINee’s Back!! <3 
    …'nuff said. :) 

  354. I want this MV to be reviewed soooooooooooooo badly! DX

  355. u guys should review this MV first. It is awesome!


  357. they’re so cute in the mv omg. song on replay :)

  358. Why is this not first yet? WHYYYYYY?

  359. the voting crashed? it went from 335 to 7

  360. There /is/ a plot! lol. :D


    I /like/ the choreography. :c Like a lot. I was really impressed.

    Although I did have a fit over how cute it was at one point, even if it wasn’t supposed to be. (The “I-I’m curious” part at the beginning of the chorus.) Lol. It looked really adorable to me :3

    SHINee’s BACK! <3

  361. my only note on this mv is why sica is the lead actress  !!!!!!!!! and my only clue is Shinee loves noona first victoria !!!! yoona !!! why it has to be a noona SM >.> love the simple mv and the dance even though it’s not the best -__- shinee fighting <3

  362. I’m really afraid what Simon and Martina are going to say about the ads… Shinee is still amazing though! I hope they can look past the stupid Everysing app thing.

  363. Not cool! The votes went back down to 70 again! FUUUUUU! This video better be on the next Kpop Music Mondays anyway or I will be upset! DX

  364. This is the first SHINee comeback for me. That manly skipping they do remind me of 

  365. votes crashed again?!!! gaahhh!!! oh wellll great job shawols! keep it up! :)

  366. This MV just begs to be reviewed by Simon and Martina. SM MV with an actual storyline, ghostly Jessica, awesome dancing, and the epic underwear of Captain America.

  367. SHINee’s BACK! <3
    Show your love Shawols!

  368. SO AMAZING! shawols have waited so long for this <3

  369. GIVE IT UP FOR SHINEEEE!!!! I freaking love MInho!!! Of course I love all these boys, but Minho is my favorite <3 <3 <3 <3 Where did these angels come from??

  370. Music Monday!! SHINee!!!

  371. Taemin = Paris wannabe with that dog xd
    I am sorry – but his long hair is such a turn OFF for me.

    KEY’S SHORTS WITH STARS – OMO! WHERE CAN I GET THEM? (drop dead gorgeous in those glasses in the end)
    Onew – so cute when they were taking a picture!
    Minho & JongHyun – not the stars of this video xd

  372. Please please please please review sherlock…  D:  

  373. im too happy!!!

  374. But then again, it’s not just this video *just noticed*
    How can EXO be second and NOT first when it has (according to the counter) far more votes/shares/whatever than B1A4? O: *confused*

  375. To think that this counter isn’t working properly (I mean it resets to zero all the time O_O) and this MV is still #4…I just hope Simon and Martina can at least see the actual amount of votes. =/

  376. i was so impressed my jaw was dropped the entire time (maybe also because they’re all so damn HOT). i was kind of worried because of the terrible promo pics but this definitely makes up for it!

  377.  shawols work fast they’re already #4

  378. The dance for this is just AMAZING! Our boys are back!!! ^ ~ ^

  379. I Really Love This Just Because I’m a Shawol, But Sm…. I Still Hate you’C:

  380. I give it maybe another few hours before the site crashes again? Sorry Simon and Martina!

  381. I’m so curious~ yeah~
    I love this song and dance!!

  382. All the other videos will just have to give it up, give it up, give it up for SHINee~~
     Even though I wasn’t fan of the song at first, seeing the video changed everything, even if their dance is sometimes totally ridiculous, but it’s SHINee so… it’ll pass ^^
    Plus, Onew WORKED that haircut! It looks like a shorter version of his Rock of Ages’s haircut. 
    SHINee fighting!

  383. today the video had about 2000 votes and now ?!!?!126?

  384. Simon and Martina, it was at like 3,400 or so earlier today and is now at 87….whaaa? Fix please, I really want you guys to review it xP

  385. WOW!!!! I Could’ve sworn this the mv came out only today??? Am I hulicinating or are they already number 4??? and pretty sure about to be #1?

  386. I love this video. Taemin’s hair looks good on him. Onew’s face is gorgeous. The choreography makes me cringe at some parts, but they still look pretty good doing it (considering they’re in ridiculous outfits doing moves that would make anyone look silly).

  387. I know I’m probably spamming now but, DEAR GOD SHINEE I’M SO IN LOVE!

    Shawols unite to get this on music mondays!!

  388. there is something wrong with your vote counter, it keeps reseting itself, we had thousands of votes and no we have 49? lol. no.

  389. Simon, Martina, please fix the votes. They keep on going back down. They had almost 3k earlier today and now it’s at 46. I really want to see SHINee on k-pop Music Mondays! <33

  390. well,
    Choreography passes with me. I love how they have ripple effects. Loved the video I even stayed up to watch the damn countdown thing. Missed college. They are all very handsome. Taemin man this maknae lol. I can’t wait for the full album (: awesome comeback. Now to spam this 2918764329847328492 times. challenge accepted.

    • I totally agree with you. I love the choreography!! I stayed up  till 4am to watch the countdown and loved the choreography for stranger, but I on the other hand did show up to my college classes, reluctantly,  with bags under my eyes. LOL!! 

  391. Wait. what happen to other 170 votes? why is it decreased? can someone explain this?

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  395. punkyprincess92

    give it up! give it up! give it up for SHINee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  397. common shawols!! we can put Sherlock in 1st position until monday, if we really try! let show our love for SHINee voting in them!!! fighting!

  398. i love this video!! its one of the only SM videos I’ve seen that has a real plot line and doesn’t have the group dancing in an oddly lit box :)

  399. I think it’s awesome, although a bit weird. I literately screamed at my computer when my internet went down for a few minutes and I wasn’t done watching it XD

  400. Taemin’s vocals have improved so much. They’re all so handsome!!! Although, they Taemin’s hair looks so much better short in this video. SHINEE <3 <3 <3

  401. SHINee is BACK!! Love the MV!

  402. The counter reset multiple times.  There should be over 3000 votes by now.  When I first checked there were over 2000 votes. Then it reset multiple times after that!

  403. XD anyone else laugh when the laptop said “iwatson” LOL

  404. gabrielle.coderrechabot

    Love SHINee! Key’s hair + nail polish + Jonghyun’s smokey eyes + Ondrew hair = happy shawol :)

  405. I want to see the full dance~laaawl at the ‘haters gonna hate walk’ :3 SM were kinda douchebaggy with letting us know when it was released……

  406. Key is freaking awesome! <3


  408. Still can’t believe my baby is already 20….

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    LOL they are soooo getting a 5 out of 5 for the english!

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  419. im only in this for the un (non?) compliant dog

  420. Taemin cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive = me likes.

  421. Whoever is selling those American flag shorts is making bank. Is there a kpop start that hasn’t worn the US flag?

  422. We have waited for almost two years, they are finally back T_T

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  424. I just gotta say. WOW!!! I’ve been waiting for this MV since the teaser came out and man, I LOVE IT!!!!! And I also gotta say, doesn’t Jonghyun look pretty fierce in this MV. LOL! I know that’s probably kinda weird to say to a guy but still. Anyway, in my opinion, it’s their best best MV yet!!!

  425. this is the BEST mv ever! SHINee’s backkk!!!

  426. Sm actually did something with a video, cool XD

    Please help me out a bit with this King Arthur questionnaire ^^

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  429. I really want S&M to review this cause I have such mixed feelings about this video. Like the song, like the dance, like the concept & set, but they three don’t seem to mesh well together.  Plus the plot was only ~ehhh.

  430. this is so flawless I MEAN SHINee’S BACK


  432. I still want to see how cutely they pronounce the word Sherlock!!

  433. A few things that absolutely MUST be discussed. Taemin’s there-one-minute,gone-the-next extentions. The choreography (I think could have been better, but the live performance helps). The waves/roll-offs (whatever you call them) in the choreography. And, well, anything you find interesting.

  434. I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’RE FINALLY BACK. SPAZZING SO MUCH RN. sorry simon, i won’t spam anymore i promise.


  436. I really want to hear Simon and Martina talk about the choreography!!

  437. lol loved the choreography of this song.. its unique and powerful.. yes it is different from their other songs’ choreography… but it still awesome and powerful .. i loved it!!! lol i was shocked thtat it had a story line too! SM finally a mv with a story…. even more better that SHINee was in that story!! :P 

  438. Minho♥ Taemin♥ Key♥ Onew♥ Jonghyun♥ Saranghae Oppas

  439. Minho♥ Taemin♥ Key♥ Onew♥ Jonghyun♥ Saranghae Oppas

  440. Minho♥ Taemin♥ Key♥ Onew♥ Jonghyun♥ Saranghae Oppas

  441.  ♡ #SHINee ♡ #샤이니 ♡ #SHINeeWORLD ♡ #forSHAWOLs ♡#LOYALSHAWOL ♡ #Shawols.

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  443. Loved Taemin with his hair extensions in Lucifer, but they just aren’t working for me in this mv…. sry bb. 

  444.  I LOVE THIS. I LOVE SHINee <3 please review their awesomeness~~~

  445. we did that high-knee move as a warm-up/stretch for cross country and track…

  446. finally it came out XDDD
    why would someone put a stamp on a painting, not to mention both of it (since jessica dropped the other one)

  447. Love love love this video~ Got up early just to see it :)

  448. AHHHHHH!!! >.< AweSome video. Was so worth the wait. Saranghae Shinee. <3 !!! Love the dance moves, guys.

  449. OH GOD I LOVE THIS MV (and the song too of course), I’ve been waiting for this video for about a week now and I am so happy that it turned out so great! I can die happy now! <3

  450. KATHyphenTUN

    Am I the only one who wanted to jump up and dance uncontrollably to this song when they heard it for the first time?!  ….Kinda awkward cuase I first listened to it during my Lecture class XD

  451. The MV is awesome! daebakkkkkkkkkkkkkk love the choreo n LOVE Key!!! SHINee figthing!

  452. so looking forward to that review! i know there’s a lot to say about this once cause it actually has got some sort of plot :D glad that this time it doesn’t have engrish… hope shinee gets 5 outa 5 this time XD


  454. As usual, the SM plot isn’t anything mindblowing.  But it’s cute, and the dance is DAEBAK!

  455. This is definitely world class… The MV.. the unique fashion sense (which I believed justified the songs in the album)… The choreography… SHINee’s vocals… It’s beyond AWESOMENESS!!!

  456. Love this MV …..the live performance is even better.
    SHINee is back!

  457. I really like the video, and the song was amazing!! I also likes the story line up until the end which was kind of awkward. The choreography was good, may be not as awesome as Lucifer or Juliette, but not bad. For the love a Yoda! What were they thinking with the wardrobe for the dance sequence??!!!! I was in so many ways horrible! And Taemin’s hair, I love him but that hair! They didn’t even try to make him a little more masculine ¬¬
    Taking that aside I think it’s a great video and I’d like to see what Simon has to say on the plot :)

  458. we are going to make this #1 !

  459. GAH, I seriously love this video so much! Seeing SHINee as turn-of-the-century gentlemen is the greatest thing to happen to me all week. <3

    But I think it's safe to assume you guys have voting pretty well handled over here (*understatement of the year*), so I'll still be voting for EXO this week, just to keep them in the running. ^_^" 

  460. I am waiting for the release of SHERLOCK’s dance practice.
    Simply, it is so good!

  461. The dance for this song is simply awesome and amazing. Such complicated, interesting choreography. And it was all very well performed. Well done, SHINee. 

  462. All the voices are working so well with this song:)

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  464. me and my friend are watching the video over and over again and right now we’re watching in slow motion to make sure we don’t miss anything :D

  465. Taemin looks a bit like Mir with the short hair and bling jacket.. So cute!!


  467. I’m so happy right now ! I think I might cry !*-* my beautiful boys are back <3

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  469. oh god! i’m so conflicted with voting right now… EXO (who i’ve been voting for 2-3 weeks now TT TT) or SHINee (<33) ??

    LOL, gosh, they look hot in that video! i love this song!

  470. Why Taemin Why?  If that isn’t one of the worst outfits ever I don’t know what is.   Don’t let your stylist do that to you ever again.  

  471. i love you shinee!
    i love you KEY!!!
    awesome dance!

  472. fds;laf;jdlasf this should be at the number 1 spot

  473. Give it up Give it up Give it up for SHINee!! haha and the dance is funny :P

  474. Marching Choreography!!! Wave Choreography! Love it!

  475. OMG I’ve never realized until now how much I missed them. Certainly one of my favourite KPOP groups and their new album is daebak!!! SHINee <3<3<3

  476. I feel sad that they turned Taemin into a woman. But on a happier note, Onew is adorable with wavy hair~!~!~!

  477. yay, shinee’s back! this is pretty much the perfect video for music monday; the dancing, the engrish, taemin’s crazy hair… c’mon!

  478. why the voting number decresed? O.o

  479. TO THE WIIIIIN~~~
    OH THE EPICNESS~~~~ <3

  480. weirdly enough, the setting is the best part of the MV, and this is a SM video..?! INCONCEIVABLE!!!
    Also, Key’s starry shorts, Onew’s Rock of Ages hair and Taemin’s extensions. ^^

  481. is it ok for the  no. of votes to be now around 20 when they were 130?

  482. I Like Their Concept and their dance for this song!!!~ XDDD

  483. …i love them….

  484. Been waiting for 17 months for this comeback. So proud. :’) I’ll keep voting until my fingers bleed! Shawols where you at?!

  485. YAY :D SHINEE <3 Finally they're back <3

  486. Love this MV so much !!!!!! really cant understand how it is still on the 4 place ??

  487. I love you KEY!! I hate the noona’s that gave you that ugly hairstyle and taemins hair!!

    awesome video!!

  488. saanrio: I’m not sure why but I can’t reply to your last comment so I hope you see this haha xD
    I was actually talking about both the saff and the boys when I said worked hard+cared, and I really believe that.
    but I do agree that suju’s last comeback was nothing new..  I liked the song but not the choreo..

    well anyway, it’s obvious were or opinion stands, but we both love SHINee and wish them the best! hopefully you’ll love their next comeback!

  489. I think SM is finally beginning to learn… I mean, no 20395u03u95u3045 teasers, an actual storyline and they even skipped the awkward 1 minute opening sequence that they have been so keen on lately.
    SHINee fighting!


  491. I reaaaaally want to see the review of this

  492. C’MON! it has to be shinee! their last album was over a year ago!

  493. YAY!!! MY gorgeous Taemin is back!!

  494. punkyprincess92

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! SHINEE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  495. I’m voting like crazy even though I know they’re gonna win anyways xD Crazy Shawols lol <3

  496. I love the choreography! But the song sounds like “Juliette”…

  497. I really hope that you’ll review it! I love the choreo and their mv! :D

  498. Love the old-school sound and moves :)

  499. Lol, Key’s shorts! :D

  500. Oh boy! Those extentions look horrible, though Taemin looks great with long hair. :D YAY Shinee’s back!

  501. the choreo was awesome, the storyline was unique, the singing was spectacular! DAAEBAK!

  502. YES!!! SO MUCH FOR YOU GUYS TO TALK ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  503. Everything is SHINee and nothing hurts!! 

  504. Come shawols!! They have to do Sherlock for Music Mondays <3<3<3<3<3<3


  506. i loved how they were picking up evidence with their bare hands haha

  507. FINALLY the MV’s been released!! Took SM long enough. D: Well, it’s here now. ^^ Key looks gorgeous~ <3

  508. HOLY CRAP – That was AWESOME :D  SHINee’s back!  WOOT!

    If you guys don’t review this…I’ll be so heartbroken. XD 

    But. . . wasn’t this mv supposed to come out like 2 days ago?  just saying.  .  .  I think SM trolled us.  hahaha

  509. Oh wow! I totally love the dance! <3 It is really something special! And yeah, SHINee is BACK!! FINALLY! :D


    I actually like the MJ-esque choreo, I love Tae’s long hair if not his bedazzled white jacket, and seeing the guys dancing so hard while preforming this mv made meh happeh. Also I’m like the story line, for once a plot that’s easy to follow!!

    I enjoyed SHONee’s comeback and eventhough it’s a completely different style from Lucifer and Hello and every other song they’ve promoted, I like it. I loike it a lot. :D

  511. EXO’s History went from 10000 to 2 in just 5 minutes…. What’s happening???? o.O Well… still PLEASE DO THIS MV!!!!!! I’ll be really sad if you don’t…

  512. March 23, 1910 and March 23, 2012
    Both Friday…
    Jessica a Ghost
    Search for the missing Jewelry

  513. u should do a video 4 this and don’t be harsh on tae’s long hair

  514. I am so mad right now, seriously…

    The song is okay.  It isn’t the worst thing in the world, but definitely not up to the standards SME should be setting for a group like SHINee.

    The MV… THANK GOD they gave it an actual story, because when I saw the choreography in full, I got even more upset.  I am SO SICK of Korean companies pulling in foreign producers and choreographers, and then having the end result look half-arsed.  Just… UGH!  SO MAD!  SAANRIO ANGRY!  SAANRIO SMASH!

    I’m trying not to get too upset, but it just really makes me mad… this is just.. indicative of what they are doing as a company right now.  Nothing matters to them but EXO, the rest are nothing to them now, and it really makes me mad.  This comeback should have blown LUCIFER out of the water, but by comparison.. the song, again, is okay, but not as good as LUCIFER.  Sherlock does NOT blow me out of the water.  Both it and the songs it was made from sound unfinished and just left hanging to me, and just the choreography… I seriously think it looks like the choreographer didn’t bother to work with them at all first, or look for footage of them on youtube, and just took some years-old SME assessment of their dancing abilities.  Sure, he gives some challenging stuff to TaeMin, but the rest could have done well with much more difficult choreography.

    I’m so mad, guys, I am seriously just about to cry over this… I love SHINee, and I hate SME for screwing them on this comeback, whether they win for it or not, because just like MR SIMPLE for SJ, if they win, it is because of the boys and their popularity, not because they really have a good thing right now.

    • did you see the live preformance? the chreo is actually really fantastic (, and tony testa isn’t some random foreigner, he is freakin` TONY TESTA - we’re talking michael Jackson chreographer! Taemin must have been SO happy!

      but yeah, your other points are just a matter of opinion I guess, hopefully it grows on you.. I know I hate the feeling of not liking something produced by a band I love.

      •  Yes, I did see the MNet performance, that is what I based my comments on the choreography on.  I know who Tony Testa is.  Just because you are famous and well-known doesn’t mean you can’t screw something up.  This was NOT fantastic.  The choreography does not fit with the music or the song AT ALL, and the other member’s abilities are not being used to their best.  Look at LUCIFER, that was AMAZING.  This is not. 

        It is all my opinion, and you are welcome to yours, but I am also allowed to disagree, which I do.  I think it would have been better to NOT work with a famous choreographer on this, they should have used someone else, because this was a waste of SHINee’s talents.

        As for “foreigners” what I’m talking about is when a Korean group/company/etc decides to work with someone because they are famous and doesn’t bother to sit and actually look at the quality of what they are given, only the name.  I’m getting sick of people who are known for good work here giving half-done junk to Korean groups and all the fans screaming over how good it is because of the NAME.  Names don’t mean anything if you don’t bring your “A” game all the time.  Testa left his “A” game at home when he went to work for SHINee.

        • well yeah, but if you know Testa’s other works you know he’s really talented.. maybe it’s the style that you dislike?

          either way, I was actually taken aback by  the chreo in the mv, but the live made me change my mind.. like you said it’s a matter of opinion and you have every right to disagree ^^

        •  I’ve seen other things he did, that were good, that worked.  This wasn’t, it didn’t, and I am horribly disappointed, both in him, and in SME for not saying “OK, push it back a week, we need to fix this, it is not working.” 

          The live just made me glad that the boys are determined to take the junk they have been given and make the most of it.  The boys are the only thing good about this comeback, period.  I’m glad right now that it is only one month, and that we will get a full-length studio album later this year.  Maybe they will get someone who will take the job seriously.

        • I’m sad that you’re dissapointed, I know you aren’t the only one.. but I also know that MOST shawols (encluding me) and some non shawols aren’t dissapointed.. that means that this was a successful comeback! so yay for shinee ^^

          anyway, with a band like shinee with constantly changing concepts and their desire to be unique, you are bound to dislike SOMETHING
          they make.

          just because you think it’s horrible and it doesn’t suit your taste, does not mean they didn’t work hard to produce it, or that they didn’t care.. so please don’t look at it that way, it will only make you feel worse.

        •  I’m not saying SHINee didn’t care.  I can tell they did, but SME has been treating every group that isn’t EXO like crap for over a year.  Go back and REALLY look at things.  SJ’s comeback was rushed and the reason they got the recycled choreo for MR SIMPLE was because they didn’t have time, they ADMITTED IT.

          I normally love the idea of a group doing things new and different, I LOVE SHINee because of that.  I still love SHINee for doing everything they could to make this work.  It is not their fault this doesn’t work and I don’t blame the boys.  They are obviously working their little tails off, but the company is not giving them the respect of working as hard as they do, and I don’t think Testa gave them that respect, either.

          That is what is upsetting me.  NOT the boys, never the boys.  I’m glad some people like it, but I really wish the company would get the point.  It is about more than just the boys, and the company is counting on them to sell a product that should not have seen the light of day.

  515. Wait… is the site broken? I checked the votes of the videos and I noticed that the order was completely mixed up. EXO’s History has more than 10000 votes, but it was under B1A4′s “Baby I’m Sorry” which only had about 7000 votes…. Please let the charts be fixed so SHINee can regain their rightful place as No.1!!!!! :D

  516. *eerie music* SHINee’s Back….
    FINALLY! the long wait is over!
    The shining SHINee boys have returned…
    Simon and Martina, you’ve got to address this this one!
    SHINee are classic!
    Don’t you agree the dance is just bloody amazing?

    lots of love xx

  517. Voting from my phone SUCKS Dx but school computers crash when I go to the kpop charts, so I must persevere lol

  518. Why are there only 56 votes? I expected it to be at the top of the KPOP Charts instead of B1A4′s “Baby I’m Sorry” when I came here… Has the site broken down or something?

  519. shinee are my one and only fav group and i will be very greatful if you review their newest song! <3 tnx again. 

  520. Can I have an iWatson too?

  521. I think my heart just stopped for a few seconds. Gotta. Learn. This. Dance!!!

  522. SHINee must have the worst stylist in the world. They look ridiculous. C’mon..shorts with stockings? That aside, it’s a rather nice song and the dance is really cool~ 
    The MV….is rather awkward. They see a ghost girl and they look totally calm? :/

  523. SHINee is back ….SHINee is back…..BACK! BACK! BACK! BACK!….>_<

  524. SHINee’s back yayyy! I hope Simon and Martina mention the walking dance lol

  525. SHINee <3 this has to reach the top! why did they release the mv so late? gives us less time :/

  526. Onew’s wavy hair <3

  527. Taemin looks like an apache with that outfit………………STILL FRIGGING COOL *o*

  528. I’m really psyched to hear your review of this! 

  529. irritablevowel

    Did the New York Times go through a tabloid journalism period that I’m unaware of?   “The World’s Most Beautiful Girl and Jewelry” sounds like the name of an abstract painting.  

    I don’t know all of their names, but the guy wearing the star shorts needs to take those to the nearest fireplace and burn them.  Burn them now!

  530. Shinee goes on and AAAADVENTUUUURE~! :D

  531. Sherlock for Music Mondays pleeeeease !!!

  532. I love everything in the mv SO MUCH!  It’s not lacking anything and the choreo is outstanding!
    ..but is it just me who wanted it to be a bit more EPIC or EXPLOSIVE?

    but I wasn’t dissapointed so don’t get me wrong, I still love this to death! :)

  533. I loved everything about them though I think SM could have done a better job with the storyline

  534. sorry we broke your site u_u i hope you guys are sherlockians and will spazz about this wonderful, wonderful fandom clash.

  535. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! <3 SHINee~~
    Minho is so cute!!! LOVE THE SHORT HAIR!! :P

  536. i’m so curious~yeeeaaaahhh~~ to see what you are going to say about Sherlock >w< the MV is so awesome <3 and the dance is so awesome w.< shawols will keep voting ^^ 

  537. AMAZING!!

  538. I’m so curious yeeeeaaaah! Please review it! 

  539. AMAZING! JUST AMAZING! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  540. o0ps i wrote two comment by mistake !! i had to edit this one ….. SOWWY :P

  541. ivegotarocketinmypocket


  542. Because of this, I will do great on my midterms! :D

  543. At last!! Such an good MV for such an amazing song! I’m so glad they are back!

  544. If you people think that this song is close to “Juliette”, then you might be right, since both of the songs are written by Danish people, who actually work together. ^-^

    *Is proud to be Danish*

  545. Minho got so little closeup and parts. And the rap was a really short one but nevertheless, SHINee’s BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk. I’M SO CURIOUS YEAHH about what Simon and Martina are gonna say if we top this chart. Wait, we ARE gonna top this chart. Shawols hwaiting.

  546. The choreography is really awesome this time, not to mention the song is totally AWESOME~

  547. OMG, this has to be next week’s music monday! The epic comeback!!! 

  548. It was really good until they get the chorus, it’s too look alike to Julliette…it’s a shame but still Iove them and I’ll love to see you rate it xDDD I’ll be so much fun jeje

  549. What a comeback song! All the waiting was worth it, every second :D Even though not knowing when the mv would be out was quite irritating *~* I really hope you guys will reviw this for music monday ^^ and I’m actually quite sure you will:P

  550. I shall comment in here as a proud member of the Shinee World~~

  551. SHINee’s BACK XD 

    Simon and Martina PLEASE REVIEW THIS!


  553. Those extensions are killing me. 

  554. I really wish we could have the review the live stages! T^T but this works too ;] 

  555. Guys! The little intro they played on M Countdown before Shinee’s performance made me cry! It was so sweet! -sniffle-

  556. Guys! The little intro they played on M Countdown before Shinee’s performance made me cry! It was so sweet! -sniffle-

  557. Shinee is back, and they are amazing !

  558. Shinee is back, and they are amazing !

  559. shawols have just invaded eyk ? daebak, the power of a shining comeback. 

  560. shawols have just invaded eyk ? daebak, the power of a shining comeback. 

  561. HAHAHA! I cant believe Shawols crashed the site! Actually… I CAN because we are just that awesome! <3

  562. SHINEE~ Great comeback!

  563. the choreography is soooooooooooooooooooooo briliant. ILOVEIT

  564. Please review this song! Unlike many other videos, it actually has a storyline that can be reviewed and analyzed. I’m still figuring out my own reaction to the song, but I would love to know how both of you feel about it. All I know right now is that I love Shinee and I will support them no matter what. I really want to see the full dance version of this song (and then I want to see your version of course)!


  566. I’m a bit disappointed actually.. but I still love them and they look awesome (except for their clothes when they dance when taemin have his extensions xD) anyway…I really really want you guise to review this!! but I still want you to review EXO-K’s history!! xD 

  567. please notice weird things!

  568. Threats from shawols : We’re gonna crash your site again once SHINee finishes their comeback stage at Mcountdown. 

  569. I need you guys to talk about this on your charts. I simply don’t have the words to express ALL my feels ;A; they are just _________________________________ amazing TAAAAT


  571. Can we possibly crash the site again? sorry simon lol.

  572. they have to make it to the next music monday, they MUST!!!!

  573. Sorry, there’s just nothing you can do about it, guise. This song HAS to get on Music Monday!

  574. Dear Simon and Martina,

    I hope that you would do a review of SHINee’s Sherlock.
    Well, because, it is THAT awesome.
    Choreo is awesome, outfits are awesome, tune is awesome.
    SHINee is awesome.


    P.S.: The waves… The waves!!!

  575. everything about this mv is wonderful. I need to learn the dance! shame i have no coordination. T_T

  576. Even if Simon and Martina don’t address the extensions issue, everyone dislikes Taemin’s extensions anyway. I mean if they had been tastefully done, I’d be fine with them. But… they looked so horrible >_<

    Aside from that, I love the video! The choreography was cool, a bit different than normal and demanded a bit more jerkiness and physicality than what I'm used to–which was cool! The video was alright, too. Their outfits were interesting as well ^_^

  577. Sorry we broke your site~ BUT NOW YOU KNOW DA POWA OF SHAWOLS MUAHAHHA

    iWatson – they pasted a sticker over the macbook LOLOL

  578. The song: DAEBAK!! <3 The first impresion of the MV: bad quality of the video/image…and the story a bit lame… But I sooo love the choreoraphy! Cool! <3 .<

  579. Taemin’s naturally long hair for Lucifer promotions = OMFG sexy
    Taemin’s fake extension long hair for Sherlock promotions = O_o……WTF was SM thinking……pass me the scissors please!  

  580. SHINee 

  581. So give it up give it up give it up for SHINee. ♥


  583. Sorry we broke it D: but that just shows how much we love SHINee right? 
    ♪( ´▽`)

  584. iWatson!!! Gotta find me n iWatson laptop!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE SHINee Got up early just for this n Mnet!!! Oh yes reppin Canada yo!

  585. This is my favourite SMent mv ever. Like… ever. The choreography is amazing, the song is awesome and the boys look great. And iWatson, ofcourse, my favourite computer brand:P

  586. SHINee 

  587. You MUUUUUUUUST rate this.
    You know you want to.
    That dance. That ‘running’ dance. 
    It’s calling out to you.

  588. Reminds me too much of Juliette. 

  589. I stayed up for almost 2 days waiting for this MV to come out. It was definately worth it :)

  590. Am I the only one who went ‘OMG! An SM MV with a storyline!’ when I watched this for the first time?

    • nope, you’re not the only one. i was shocked too .0.O

    •  I was surprised… until I saw the choreography, and then I knew why they got a story.  They had to cover up that horrible choreography as much as possible. :(

      • the choreography wasnt horrible … is was good!! :) but not as other choreographies 

        • A second watching put me in tears at how bad it really is. The boys do a good job at doing their best with it, but that can’t change the fact it is bad.

        • sorry for interfering with the convo here but I really wanna say I gotta agree with you when I say it’s not right….. the song and the choreography is just not something you would expect and really I think this is the case where some Shawols are disappointed by the dance was maybe (because this is the reason why I am disappointed) because SHINee built up such big expectation that they had a hard time meeting it… just my opinion… don’t get me wrong, I loved the mv and I love SHINee but the dance was pretty bad…….

        •  I personally felt like the company gave them something that wasn’t up to their abilities, and didn’t show them in the best light, and that is what upsets me the most.  Usually, in any KPop dance routine, I can see little bits and pieces here and there to kindly mock, a la Simon and Martina.  This one, I saw practically nothing BUT things to mock, and that does not make me happy. 

          I just was hoping for something that would really show them off, really show their abilities.  I’m still looking forward to the full album release later this year, maybe that one will be better, more what I am hoping for, but this one… I can’t help but be disappointed.  They have all grown so much as artists.  We started to see a little bit of that show up in the Japanese remakes of things, where they were putting more emphasis on each member, but then this comes out and it is kind of back to what we saw in Juliette… TaeMin dances, but doesn’t get any impressive vocal parts (which we all know he can do, now).  MinHo raps, but he isn’t given much else, really.  There was an amazing lack of Onew and Key in this, for me.. I love them all, I want them all to be shown off, not shoved back in their holes that SME carved out for them before debut.  They have shown so much growth and increased potential since Lucifer and then this feels like it was all for nothing.  Like those people who were growing as artists were just for show.

          I just want SME to stop treating them like performing dolls and let them break out of their boxes.  :(

          Sorry this got long.

        • you’re very wise to think all this and having the courage to say your opinion :)

      • The choreography wasn’t horrible. It was really good~! Just not as great as others. But I still really liked it.

      • If you watch there comeback stage the choreography is actually very good >:{

        •  Again, I did watch the comeback stage.  The choreography for Stranger was very good.  I don’t think the choreography for Sherlock is right for the song, and for being from such a good choreographer as Testa (I actually have liked his other work) I was highly disappointed, since this ends up looking like he just “phoned it in”, though SHINee is doing their best to make it work, it just doesn’t, for me.

        • Blah, I disagree. It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s difficult and demanding enough that everyone seems impressed by it, it’s high energy …

        • ^ i totally agree with you! i think it’s simple enough that it doesn’t take away from the song yet it’s captivating and it makes me want to dance

        •  But high energy and technical difficulty don’t automatically mean good.  The best part of this is the energy the boys give it and the fact they are putting their all into it.  I just think they deserved something better.

        • No, they don’t automatically mean good, but to me they’re what makes choroegraphy interesting, if I can see the dancers are being challenged. I also said that the dance was fun and quirky, which I stand by. 
          Ok, fine, you think it’s bad … thousands of others think it’s good. Why are you right and they’re wrong?

        •  Again, as I have said before… If you like it, I’m glad.  I can see why you might like it, and why other people might like it, but I do not.  I have never said you are wrong or that I am right, I have never said anyone is wrong, just that I have a different opinion.

          I realize I am in the minority on this opinion.  However, just because I am in the minority and choose to express that opinion anyway does not mean I am saying someone else is wrong.  If you felt I was, I will apologize, but it was not my intention.

          Yet again, if you like it, great.  Enjoy it and move on and don’t let me harsh your spazz, since that is not what I am trying to do.  I just feel like the boys deserved something better, that they were capable of something better and this does not show off what they can really do.  I don’t think it is wrong to want better for them.

        • we already know it doesn’t woek for you! you are shoving your oppinion in other’s faces… just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that you have to rewrite it again and again but with another words… if you are so upset with the dance then don’t watch the MV or the lives.. just listen to the song it’s as simple as that… and if you have a better suggestion for a dance then go to SM and show it to them ^^ i’m sure that they’ll tottaly agree with you since you are a world class choreographer ^^ pls stop saying how bad the choreography is because that is just your oppinion and it is kind of annoying that every second comment is yours now don’t you think? ^^ sorry for being rude but you just annoyed me …

        • Sorry if my opinion offends you, but I’m not ashamed of it and I refuse to be quiet just because some people don’t like it.  Also, out of 565+ comments, I sincerely doubt every second comment is mine.  I commented with my opinion, I replied to someone else, and I have replied to those who have replied to me.  Don’t want to read my words, don’t read.  Also, just because I am not a “world-class choreographer” doesn’t mean I am not allowed to say I think this is bad.  If it does, then you are also not allowed to say you think it is good by the same token, don’t you think?

        • i never said you can’t say your oppinion i just said that you are saying it again and again and it kind of sounds offencive… i never intended reading excatly your comments it’s just that they were at the 1st page and i got to read them. i don’t see why are you all firing up because of my comment… i just commented my opinion beneath your reply i don’t see anything wrong with that. and about the choreography… well i thought that since you are being so critic considering the dance then meybe you are really good at dancing and you could think of a better dance. i just gave a suggestion. and if i am not allowed to say the dance is good, then this means that you can’t say that it’s bad? did i get your logic or am i wrong again?

        •  Replying to my own comment, hana-chan, since it won’t let me respond to yours for some reason…

          Basically, I said “You have your opinion, I have mine.  Both are equally valid and no one should be telling anyone else to “pls stop” unless that person is being a troll.  If you don’t like it, skip my comments.”

          If you really think I should not express my opinion here, then feel free to ask Simon and Martina to tell me to stop if you are so offended by my opinion.  If they ask I will, but until then, if someone engages me in conversation by commenting to me, then I will reply.  I am not being rude by stating an opinion that differs with the majority of fandom and again, if that opinion offends you, I apologize, but I will not change my opinion simply because you or anyone else doesn’t like it.

        • ok ok chill lol i never said you can’t express your opinion and i guess i got your message wrong i don’t feel offended by your comment or something like that i’m not a person that starts agruing with somone just because he expressed his opinion. maybe i used the wrong words by writing my comment i don’t know but i’m starting to feel that this conversation is some kind of missunderstanding. i’m not telling you to change your oppinion i just said that i don’t agree with you and i guess i was being kind of rude as i just checked my comment again and it does seem like i’m freaking rude so i’ll apologize for that. i’m not gonna write Simon and Martina to tell you to stop writing your comments lol… that is just stupid you are just expressing your thoughts and i admit that i am at fault for letting out my anger at someone that doesn’t have anythiong to do with what i’m agry about… so yeah… i’m the one at fault and i admit my mistake. i want to apologize if i had offended you in any way. i’m a person that admits his mistakes

        •  I understand that these things happen.  I will also apologize if I came across as overly sensitive.  I made an agreement with myself to stop being quiet when I feel like a group I like is not being treated right by their company.  In this case, I have been getting a lot of people (not so much here, I will admit, EYK fan-peoples tend to be good peoples) telling me to basically STFU and GTFO if I don’t agree with them.  I have never taken that kind of thinking well.  I’m upset because I feel like the boys have been given material that is far less than they are capable of, and less than they deserve, and I do apologize if I let any of that become rudeness toward you in this. 

        • i think it’s because of the way you express your opinion that people react like that because they think you are a hater/anti. it’s just that you are.. um don’t know the word in english… sharp? with your words… you get it right? soo ppl missunderstand and… yeah…it becames a conversation like ours :D may be you should try to express your oppinion in a way that others won’t missunderstand?

        •  I understand your point, and it, in combination with something someone else said to me, has brought on a huge revelation.  I understand what the problem is, now, and there is nothing I can say about it without being horribly, terribly rude to about 99.9% of the KPop fanbase, so I will keep it to myself.  And after this experience with this release, I am thinking that I will keep every other opinion I have about KPop to just me and my friends from now on.  Good or bad.

          The word you were looking for is ‘blunt’, btw… I don’t try to sugar-coat things, I just say things the way I see them. 

        • i don’t understand what you mean. expressing your opinion is fine but you should be more carefull with the words you are using because just like a day ago we started agruing because we used the wrong words? maybe? at least that was my case. i still think you shouls voice your opinion but in a way that won’t offend the super sensitive fans that are reading every single comment and starting to argue and try to make the other person change his mind.

        • It has nothing to do with the way I said anything for most of the people who disagreed. It was the fact I said I didn’t like it.

        • can’t you say that you don’t like something in a nice way? 

      •  I have to agree with saanrio. I’d much prefer the complicated, powerful dances of Replay and Lucifer or even the ‘simple’ Hello. I suppose it’s just not the most reflective or even the prettiest dance to watch. However, I did enjoy the many moves Sherlock is comprised of where each person has a part that allows for the dance step to be executed properly, like the body wave or when they direct their arms from left to right. All and all, I’m just grateful to see SHINee’s comeback so successful (:

        • I really think the mv does a bad job of showing how awesome the choreo is, I was left quite unimpressed after watching the mv-watch the comeback stage! It looks much better!

      •  hey I liked the choreo!  Not as good as “Lucifer” but still pretty good :P

        •  I’m glad you liked it.  I know I seem to be in the minority on this opinion, but I can’t help but feel like SHINee deserved better than this.  I’m happy for the boys, glad they are putting their all into this, but I’m not happy with SME or the choreographer.

        • imho, Shinee’s previous choreography was mostly done by Rino Nakasone *the super awesome Gwen Stefani’s harajuku girl kekeke* or Jaewon, so i guess people were used to their styles already.  There were always some progress but the characteristic of their dance remain the same.

          I personally love how every element of shinee’s comeback evolve.. Their songs sound more mature and the choreo for Sherlock was something fresh for SHINee.. or KPOP in general.. I assume they’re trying to break from their previous dance formula… and eventually; from ‘the clutter’.  I really appreciate at how you stand for your own opinion but as gentle reminder, everyone have they own preferences.. :)


          PS: OOT, despite how i love tony’s works, i dislike how SM bragging about tony as if he was the only choreographer for MJ’s This Is It.. as far as i know, he was one of the choreographer assistant which means it was a collective work :|

      • I agree with you soooo much!
        I looks soooooo awkward, it just dismatch the song and their style in general soooo much!
        I also hoped for soooooo much more…
        And of course there is all these shawolls who won’t see it because they only care about their group and not the actual quality of it. That’s the problem with SM. They trust their following sheeps so much they don’t care about quality anymore…
        and yes, I am using “soooo” soooo much on purpose ¬¬

        •  I realized after watching the “Only Dance” version on youtube this morning that what bothers me so much are all the ‘roll-off’ parts where they do something individually… It makes the whole thing feel dated, since we did tons of routines with that same thing in them when I was in High School waaaaaaaaaaay back in the early ’90′s.  And it was old and dated then, too.  It just doesn’t feel fresh and new to me, and the repeated roll-offs are distracting.  I know others have said they felt like they gave them a chance to show individually, I think they got old really quick.  One or two would have worked but to see it again and again all the way through the song gets rather boring.

        •  I did watch it, and my opinion did not change, except that in that video I noticed a marked lack of enthusiasm.  They have energy, yes, but it doesn’t look like they are really enjoying it.  That video almost made me cry all over again.  I think they deserved better.

      • I really think the choreography is different and interesting from what they normally do.  We can’t always expect them to be the same old SHINee.  I can see why some people may not like it, however I liked the reaction movements, it makes them feel more like a whole, it also offered them a lot of room to showcase other members aside from Taemin.  I liked that it has a pseudo-dated feel like some old school 90′s hip-hop, because it fits well with the song, the MV theme is old, the style of the song is very reminicint of 90′s hip-hop in the way the beat is formed with a horn section and the heavy electronic sounds.  The vocals are very similar to 90′s R&B, so I think the dance fits well with all of the overlaying themes.  I think they add a bit of SHINee and some freshness to the old school to create something new and interesting, no other K-POP groups are doing things like this, I think that will work in SHINee’s favor.

        Do I think this is better than Lucifer? No, and I do not think they will ever be able to top that dance, every group has that “one” single, dance, performance, etc. that they will never be able to top, Lucifer just had a special magic to it, I am not going to say they won’t top it and I hope they can prove me wrong some day, but I think at this point it is unfair to compare anything to Lucifer. lol 

         lol Sorry for the novel, I just had a lot of “ah-ha” moments when watching and listening to Sherlock.

        •  I can see your point, and I think my ear was hearing influences from way before the 90′s which may be part of what was putting me off.  I don’t mind the reaction moves, but the fact there are so many of them still gets to me.  I can’t see what they were trying to do with so darn many of the things.  I was left feeling like “and here it goes again” instead of “Oh, what this time?”  I certainly don’t expect them to be the same all the time.  Part of what I like is that they do always change it up a bit.  I love that about them, honestly.  The song isn’t really what I have a problem with.  A friend of mine HATES it.  I don’t hate the song, I kind of like the song, it is the choreography that I’m not clicking with. 

          I don’t think I was wanting something to top Lucifer, per se, but I was hoping for something that I felt would be of a similar caliber.  I know I am basically alone in this, but I feel like this is sub-par for SHINee, and it really disappoints me that their company would give them this.

          Don’t apologize, I prefer having someone respond who is going to actually give me something to think about instead of telling me to basically be quiet because I am in the minority and I am harshing their spazz. :(

      • which is why they kept the worse parts of the choreo in the MV anyways.
        the body waves and that jonghyun elbow thing were horrid, but both were still in the MV, wae sm, wae?

    • they aren’t dancing in a box! O.O
      AND there is plot.

      I was like: wow, sm.. wow.  (quoting simon lol)

    • i was like that too! xDD it has been years since the last one

    • Nope, I had the same reaction…at 4 am >.<

    •  I thought the same thing.  SM just BLEW MY MIND.