Sistar 19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer

  1. Ray Devons

    This was reviewed!

    I’m so happy. *tears up*

  2. Watch their comeback! ->
    Random share of Sistar19 comeback but…
    pause at 1:13 and at 1:19 – you can see that Bora’s hat had the word ‘Dumb**’ Who knew SNSD influence Sistar 19 company XD Any thoughts? :)

  3. Sooooo did Sistar19 won this week KPMM??? aaa hope so otherwise im gonna be so mad XD

  4. Amanda Jokans

    I really like this song! I want Simon and Martina to review this next week.
    The video fits pretty well with the emotions of the song as well, I think it fortifies the sad emotions.
    Really well done.


  6. Hey so just wondering, did the video stay first till the deadline? XD

  7. nessahui11

    What happened? They were on the top this morning :(
    I am in love with this video. It made me cry when I watched it. But haha if Simon and Martina do review this vid. They are going to have a blast reviewing their table cleaning skils :)

    • lunibelle

      It actually doesn’t matter anymore if it is in first place or not :) Simon and Martina will choose the winner from the top three, so yeah :D I don’t know if they won, but I pretty much thought that they will choose a girl group this time, because they get neglected so much. <3 But my point was, that we don't have to vote our fave video to first place anymore :D we get a chance as long as we stay in the top three. But we have to hope that S&M will choose the song.

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        BUT they will stick w/ #1 for the most part. We were in 1st when time expired though so I think we’re fine. But just in-case I’d keep voting/commenting.

    • brinaethegiraffe

      I really hope it gets reviewed. I don’t think it could last another week on the charts. =(

    • Ray Devons

      What do you mean? This is still in first place on my computer screen, or is the website for me messed up?

  8. This will be reviewed. I WILL NEVAR GIVE UP. I love the classy/sexy concept, the slow but hip-hoppy song, and these girls too much. This got an all-kill on all of the charts, IT MUST BE ON KMM.

  9. aw man what the heck happened? it was still at number 1 when i last checked this morning….fan girls are scary = {

  10. Ray Devons

    Continue to vote, everyone!

  11. I don’t usually like ballads but I really like this one

  12. So does this mean that we have to wait another week to try to get into the top spot? =

  13. I can’t listen to this song and not watch the MV. It sounds so sad, but then the MV is too sexy to make me wanna cry. haha

  14. Ray Devons

    When will Simon and Martina announce the winner?

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      You must be new around here lol.

      Just wait until Monday when they post the video. I don’t think they’ll be revealing who until then since they put the top 3 in place.

      • Ray Devons

        No, I know how it works. It’s just that they get to choose it now and I’m not sure if they might inform us of the winner or not.
        I don’t want people to stop voting for this video, thinking it had won.

        • brinaethegiraffe

          I think it’ll work like it used to where we won’t know until the video goes up.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well I hope we did, because we already got passed. And if they didn’t choose it this time I’m not holding out for another week.

  15. this is probably the best song of 2013 for me – so far :) i love it!

  16. SISTAR said they’re not visual girl group once. WHAT?! They’re beautiful and fit. Their voices are amazing. They’re great dancers. I really didn’t understand that then and I still don’t understand it now.

    I love their album. The other song 나도 여자인데 (A Girl In Love) is pretty good too.

  17. Ooooh, this song is so… sultry :D Really hope it can remain in the top place tonight so Simon and Martina can easily choose it 8DDD (I think, even with the new system, they wouldnt want to ‘abuse’ it straight away, they seem pretty content with the songs at the top just now and will go with what we vote..)

  18. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Well I hope S&M pick this. I’m really getting quite worried/paranoid about the new top 3 thing.

  19. Sistar is awesome, as group or subunit they always deliver!!

  20. yay yay if this wins will be the third sistar music Monday how dare you and alone. sistar FTW!!!

  21. OMG OMG. 12 more hours. this is sooo getting a review. :D
    hwaiting sistar! hwaiting sistar19! i’m getting so excited.

  22. They’ll definitely a LOT to say about this. I think it’ll be FANTASTIC for a review. And I want to see Simon doing the butt cleaning dance :3 So nasty.

  23. Look, the song is good and the dance is interesting. But I think the reason that this is getting the overtly sexy label is simply because Bora and Hyolyn actually have womanly figures. If they were the typical waif-like Korean singers, no one would be describing this video as sexy (it certainly has sensual elements to it, but it’s really not raunchy). I love the fact that Bora, Hyolyn and their back up dancers actually look like women and not little girls.

  24. bump bump bump…. i want to see what Simon and Martin has to say about this MV…..

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Commenting doesn’t “bump”…

      By writing “bump” your comment looks like spam (which gets deleted), you’re better of just leaving that out.

  25. Annie

    Drops something on Glass table, i could clean this with a cloth, wait… thinking deeply about pulling a sistar19.

  26. OK, I am really sorry, but I neither like the song nor the video. I don’t know, the song doesn’t offer much variation, and the video just makes me break out laughing whenever I see them wiping their asses on that transparent bench. The 1st time I watched the mv I thought: are their butts itchy or why are they rubbing it; and the bust movement is impressive but not very interesting. When I showed the mv to my mother, the 1st thing she did was laugh & ask if their butts were itchy…Shows I’m not the only one thinking this movement is strange. BUT it is an interesting mv to pick apart, so if it gets voted into KMM, then I’m definitely looking forward to it. YAY ^_^

  27. Yay, hopefully this one get to be reviewed. it’s what Simon & Martina wants, reviewing the balance of videos between girl group and boy group. Go Sistar 19!!!

  28. cookiemonster

    those backup dancers really freak me out

  29. you want a girl group? you got it!

  30. Lance Harris

    Unless Shinee drops a video from the heavens, this is going to get reviewed ^_^ So happy. SISTAR have been on my radar since their excellent performance at the Google MBC concert…love the song, love the video.

    Oh, and I’m a gay guy…but Bora might make me reconsider…O_O LOL

  31. Another spectacular performance from Sistar(19).

  32. Soooo proud of SISTAR19 they won their first MCD deabak, im not a Star1 but still sooo proud of them

  33. my likely likely…

  34. I showed the video for Ma Boy to my friend and she loved it even though she’s not into Kpop at all…..I wonder if she would like this one? She’d definetly comment about the butt wiping! XD

  35. This one need to stay up in the first place for 2 more days… GL GUYS (and girls)!!! This need to be review!!! :D

  36. I really love this song and I think it’s my fav from Sistar. hehe.

  37. Definitely in my top 3 favorite K-pop songs of all time. Love Hyorin’s voice.