Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

Sistar 19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer

  1. This was reviewed!

    I’m so happy. *tears up*

  2. Watch their comeback! ->
    Random share of Sistar19 comeback but…
    pause at 1:13 and at 1:19 – you can see that Bora’s hat had the word ‘Dumb**’ Who knew SNSD influence Sistar 19 company XD Any thoughts? :)

  3. Sooooo did Sistar19 won this week KPMM??? aaa hope so otherwise im gonna be so mad XD

  4. I really like this song! I want Simon and Martina to review this next week.
    The video fits pretty well with the emotions of the song as well, I think it fortifies the sad emotions.
    Really well done.


  6. Hey so just wondering, did the video stay first till the deadline? XD

  7. What happened? They were on the top this morning :(
    I am in love with this video. It made me cry when I watched it. But haha if Simon and Martina do review this vid. They are going to have a blast reviewing their table cleaning skils :)

    • What do you mean? This is still in first place on my computer screen, or is the website for me messed up?

    • I really hope it gets reviewed. I don’t think it could last another week on the charts. =(

    • It actually doesn’t matter anymore if it is in first place or not :) Simon and Martina will choose the winner from the top three, so yeah :D I don’t know if they won, but I pretty much thought that they will choose a girl group this time, because they get neglected so much. <3 But my point was, that we don't have to vote our fave video to first place anymore :D we get a chance as long as we stay in the top three. But we have to hope that S&M will choose the song.

      • BUT they will stick w/ #1 for the most part. We were in 1st when time expired though so I think we’re fine. But just in-case I’d keep voting/commenting.

  8. This will be reviewed. I WILL NEVAR GIVE UP. I love the classy/sexy concept, the slow but hip-hoppy song, and these girls too much. This got an all-kill on all of the charts, IT MUST BE ON KMM.

  9. aw man what the heck happened? it was still at number 1 when i last checked this morning….fan girls are scary = {

  10. Continue to vote, everyone!

  11. I don’t usually like ballads but I really like this one

  12. So does this mean that we have to wait another week to try to get into the top spot? =

  13. I can’t listen to this song and not watch the MV. It sounds so sad, but then the MV is too sexy to make me wanna cry. haha

  14. When will Simon and Martina announce the winner?

    • You must be new around here lol.

      Just wait until Monday when they post the video. I don’t think they’ll be revealing who until then since they put the top 3 in place.

      • LOL.
        No, I know how it works. It’s just that they get to choose it now and I’m not sure if they might inform us of the winner or not.
        I don’t want people to stop voting for this video, thinking it had won.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well I hope we did, because we already got passed. And if they didn’t choose it this time I’m not holding out for another week.

        • brinaethegiraffe

          I think it’ll work like it used to where we won’t know until the video goes up.

  15. this is probably the best song of 2013 for me – so far :) i love it!

  16. SISTAR said they’re not visual girl group once. WHAT?! They’re beautiful and fit. Their voices are amazing. They’re great dancers. I really didn’t understand that then and I still don’t understand it now.

    I love their album. The other song 나도 여자인데 (A Girl In Love) is pretty good too.

  17. Ooooh, this song is so… sultry :D Really hope it can remain in the top place tonight so Simon and Martina can easily choose it 8DDD (I think, even with the new system, they wouldnt want to ‘abuse’ it straight away, they seem pretty content with the songs at the top just now and will go with what we vote..)

  18. Well I hope S&M pick this. I’m really getting quite worried/paranoid about the new top 3 thing.

  19. Sistar is awesome, as group or subunit they always deliver!!

  20. yay yay if this wins will be the third sistar music Monday how dare you and alone. sistar FTW!!!

  21. OMG OMG. 12 more hours. this is sooo getting a review. :D
    hwaiting sistar! hwaiting sistar19! i’m getting so excited.

  22. They’ll definitely a LOT to say about this. I think it’ll be FANTASTIC for a review. And I want to see Simon doing the butt cleaning dance :3 So nasty.

  23. Look, the song is good and the dance is interesting. But I think the reason that this is getting the overtly sexy label is simply because Bora and Hyolyn actually have womanly figures. If they were the typical waif-like Korean singers, no one would be describing this video as sexy (it certainly has sensual elements to it, but it’s really not raunchy). I love the fact that Bora, Hyolyn and their back up dancers actually look like women and not little girls.

  24. bump bump bump…. i want to see what Simon and Martin has to say about this MV…..

    • Commenting doesn’t “bump”…

      By writing “bump” your comment looks like spam (which gets deleted), you’re better of just leaving that out.

  25. Annie

    Drops something on Glass table, i could clean this with a cloth, wait… thinking deeply about pulling a sistar19.

  26. OK, I am really sorry, but I neither like the song nor the video. I don’t know, the song doesn’t offer much variation, and the video just makes me break out laughing whenever I see them wiping their asses on that transparent bench. The 1st time I watched the mv I thought: are their butts itchy or why are they rubbing it; and the bust movement is impressive but not very interesting. When I showed the mv to my mother, the 1st thing she did was laugh & ask if their butts were itchy…Shows I’m not the only one thinking this movement is strange. BUT it is an interesting mv to pick apart, so if it gets voted into KMM, then I’m definitely looking forward to it. YAY ^_^

  27. Yay, hopefully this one get to be reviewed. it’s what Simon & Martina wants, reviewing the balance of videos between girl group and boy group. Go Sistar 19!!!

  28. those backup dancers really freak me out

  29. you want a girl group? you got it!

  30. Unless Shinee drops a video from the heavens, this is going to get reviewed ^_^ So happy. SISTAR have been on my radar since their excellent performance at the Google MBC concert…love the song, love the video.

    Oh, and I’m a gay guy…but Bora might make me reconsider…O_O LOL

  31. Another spectacular performance from Sistar(19).

  32. Soooo proud of SISTAR19 they won their first MCD deabak, im not a Star1 but still sooo proud of them

  33. my likely likely…

  34. I showed the video for Ma Boy to my friend and she loved it even though she’s not into Kpop at all…..I wonder if she would like this one? She’d definetly comment about the butt wiping! XD

  35. This one need to stay up in the first place for 2 more days… GL GUYS (and girls)!!! This need to be review!!! :D

  36. I really love this song and I think it’s my fav from Sistar. hehe.

  37. Definitely in my top 3 favorite K-pop songs of all time. Love Hyorin’s voice.

  38. haha this is currently first on kpopcharts! it must get reviewed! The song is really good. I immediately got addicted to it when it came out. I really love the piano in the song. And their live is just awesome.

  39. That is one NASTY video :D

  40. What ‘edition’ of KMM do you think a review of this video would be? :P

  41. review this song. lol. loooooooooove it

  42. Bump … I hope this video makes it to music monday… sexist girl dance in kpop history

  43. sistar!!!!!!!!!!

  44. i really love Sistar, they r soo talented and this song is great,i really want it to be reviewed

  45. …love this song and the MV (so sexy) =}

  46. it was already unacceptable that sistar’s loving u was not able to get a review,

    i am going to kill someone every day for the rest of the year if this doesn’t get a review as well.

    not to mention that i would cry for a whole week as well. lol. i just really hope that they get to review this one. :(

  47. EYK, please review this next week :D

  48. I have to say Hyorin is my FAVORITE female singer. Then it’s Sulli but otherwise still Hyo-noona!
    She is so pretty and her voice is so unique. She was the one that got me interested in girl groups~!

  49. I wonder what Simon is going to say about the tablebuttrubbing dance.

  50. I would translate the title as “Since you left”. The more direct literal translation would be “(You) used to be around. (But now that you are) not…” The parenthesized words are implied; Korean is a rather connotation rich language.

    • I swear when info was 1st coming out it was being called “Here Then Gone” and the English subs say that phrase in the lyrics a few times. But when “Gone Not Around Any Longer” is in text in the background I guess we’re kind of stuck w/ it (as terrible as it is of a title).

    • I think it could’ve easily be named “gone but not forgotten”, since that was what most people thought when they glanced at the title…makes sense in context to lyrics as well

    • Which reminds me, if and when Simon and Martina reviews this music video, what score out of 5 would they give it for the English?
      The English name for this song will surely penalize it.

  51. so sexy and so sad… I LOVED IT!

  52. All of you be on the lookout for an unboxing of the album on the Epik Nasties’ YouTube channel within the next two weeks. Also there is “Top 5 songs of 2012″ vid from each of the Epik Nasties, my top 45 songs of 2012, my top 5 females in K-Pop, and some other vids. We’re starting/trying to bring more content.
    Check it out! :)

  53. Martina’s going to hate the amount of turtlenecks in this video. Its a great song and dance overall, this video must stay at the top for KMM!

  54. Not better than Ma Boy, but a good song nonetheless. Exceptionally beautiful music video

  55. Even though this video is currently in first place, I feel very uneasy due to the new way that Simon and Martina will be choosing videos.
    I sincerely hope that “Gone Not Around Any Longer” by SISTAR19 will be chosen.

    • If it’s in 1st I’m pretty sure they’ll choose it.

      • That’s not necessarily the case. They said among the Top 3. They can choose whichever one they feel that they will have fun with the most in regards to reviewing. Though, the chances of them choosing seem to be kinda high since non-stop it’s mostly been about male groups. However, they say they don’t like ballad-like songs…so it’s pretty much a toss-up between CNB, another Infinite-H song, and SISTAR19.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          They said they’ll stick w/ #1 unless they hate it, same artist for like 3rd time, or sausage-fest. This will be chosen if it’s in first. (If not u can call me out or w/e )

        • No, you’re right. Because most of the time they agree with #1. :C And it has become a sausage fest lately so, I think it’d be refreshing to have to females reviewed twice in a row. :) Then probably next week, Infinite-H or CNB could be reviewed.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          CN Blue is already on its 3rd week. It will probably drop from the top three before the next review is done.

        • True, plus, BAP seems to be coming back with another song. It’ll be interesting to see who will be next week’s KMM.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well B.A.P isn’t til the 12th, but NU’EST is also coming the 13th lol.

  56. Hey everyone! LETS SWAY!

  57. there’s something very sexy about their confidence and settle dance moves… even with turtlenecks on :) i prefer this over hyuna’s type sexiness. Classy Sexy all the way!

  58. Yay! This is so high up on the charts right now, let’s try to keep it that way until the next KMM! :)

  59. The first time I watched the video I didn’t really care for the song super much, although I didn’t dislike it. But I keep watching it because sexy boob touching and sexy butt rubbing and sexy Hyorin and sexy Bora, and now I actually really like the song. Although that might just be because I now have it associated in my brain with sexy boob touching.

  60. rubs butt on the table …


  62. This song need to be reviewed wanna see Simon do this sexy dance xD

  63. I liked, I have a preference for, this song

  64. Hyorin has simply put the sexiest voice in Kpop. Would be fantastic to see this break the week after week of boy bands.

  65. Bora is soo freakin beautiful… (Hyorin you ain’t bad either.)

    • Remember to continue to vote everyday though.
      Even though it is decaying, CN Blue’s “I’m Sorry” still has a ton of votes.
      You can also comment here for more points. :D

      So what did you think of this song?

  66. Yay! This video is now in 2nd place, since BoA’s “Disturbance” will be reviewed this week.
    Let’s make sure that this video is voted in for K-pop Music Monday next week! :D

  67. Yep, this song needs to be reviewed.
    Let it be 3 weeks straight only with girl bands to be reviewed.

  68. I had to watch this a few times, but I am starting to really like the song now. At first I thought the dance was a little odd (rubbing their butts on the table??) but like anything Sistar touches, I will probably end up loving it.

  69. The part where Bora raps underneath Hyorin’s singing has an interesting effect…

  70. Go Sistar ! Vote for this pretty please

  71. Loving this song and this video. On first listen it was just ok, but gosh, now I am seriously grooving to it all the time, even when it isn’t actually playing. :-p. Also, awesome legs. I love the last move they do, raising their legs off the ground. So sexy but classy. I also liked the scenes of them dressed down in sweats and tank tops, and still looking amazing and sexy!

    • Remember how Simon and Martina told SISTAR that their Alone dance was useful for airplane exercises? I think they took the hint and developed another sitting dance :D

  72. it’d be AMAZING if they released a blooper behind the scenes like that did with alone…lol

  73. sexy with class….

    • Yep! :D
      It’s their known style.

      What did you think of the music video and the song?

      • HELLO ray,thanks for your comment. the video is really sexy but with class and with simplicity. classy coz they don’t need to show too much skin and doesn’t need to do slutty moves… when you watch the video esp. the dance move, i was liked hypnotize with their legs and butts swinging from left to right with my mouth open and finding myself drooling… it was really sexy and i consider them as women i mean real women…. Simple coz the concept, you could understand what the video is trying to tell you and the dance moves.. MAN!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! THE LIGHTNING AND THE setting of the video is really cool. about the song, its kind of a rnb and beyonce kind type of song( actually hyorin is considered beyonce of korea and at the same time it’s destiny’s child kind of thing) but the melody and the lyrics of the song is catchy and lonely AT THE SAME TIME coz you could feel the voice of hyorin with sorrow and the rap of bora is short but with impact…I consider this as one OF their best memorable video and song aside from alone. MAN!!!! SISTAR ROCKS… sorry to say ray, but hyuna i can’t really find her sexy… i find her trying hard,slutty and bubble headed… in ice cream and double maker my goodness i find her really cheap… SORRY MAN….

  74. They look so gorgeous in this video! Hyorin and Bora fighting!

  75. i don’t normally like sistar, but this song is really amazing

  76. Guise, this HAS to be reviewed. I love the dance (even the bottom wiping part!) and the song and the music video.

  77. Sistar was the group that got me into K Pop

  78. Wow… This is the song I’ll be listening to for the next couple of days.

  79. Hurray! The official music video has hit the 2 million views mark! :D

  80. Is this regulare SISTAR or what is it? Do it have anything with that to do? I this a new group. How many are they? Two? Why do they have the same name as a already existing kpop group? Wich company?

    • It’s a subgroup of Sistar with only Hyorin and Bora instead of all 4 of them. You’ll find that subgroups are quite common in Kpop. Other recent examples of subgroups are Infinite-H and 2Yoon.

    • This sub-group existed for 2 years.

      I’m surprised you haven’t heard about them, since SISTAR19′s song “Ma Boy” was such a hit.

  81. Voting for Sistar19! Need more girl groups :D

  82. Yay! This has now reached 6th place on the K-pop Charts! :D

    The music videos above this are much older and are decaying (how do you say it?), so make sure to vote extra hard so that this gets reviewed next week.

  83. Favourite part of the song?

  84. Welp I caved and decided to buy this album (my 1st physical K-Pop album), I’ll be doing an unboxing on the Epik Nasties account when it arrives

  85. It’s so awesome. And perfect (-:

  86. pleaseeeeeee let this be review!!!!!!!! :/

    • It would be a nice change from the string of boy bands that were reviewed. :)
      I think that this video stands a great chance, considering that many of the other top videos are older and decaying.

  87. Does anyone know where I can find the instrumental version of this song?

  88. One word. Just one word — SEXY :)

  89. FIGHTING SISTAR19!!♥ >.<

  90. I see Starship really likes having masked backup dancers ;D first with Janus and now with this. I actually really like it though. I feel like it makes the video more professional.

  91. EVERYONE GET ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR SISTAR. We need a girl group to be reviewed for once >://.

  92. This video pleases me.
    I like how it’s a sad sad cry cry girl group video. Very emotional. I like.

  93. Love this song! It’s really smooth and lovely.

    • The saxophones in the background sounded so nice. :D
      Such a great addition to this piece.

      • Love how kpop is re-incorporating the instrument into their music. It’s a welcomed comeback—-if used right :)

        • “Re-incorporating.”
          I’m definitely tired of all the dubstep dance breaks and I thought that the piano dance break was quite unique.

          What did you think of that piano dance break?

        • Same here definitely a fan of the piano dance break. Dubstep is okay but I’m not a big fan of it since half the time, it breaks the flow of the song.

  94. common guys it’s not even in the top 10 right now! this is an awesome song and it would be great for EYK to review it!

    • It’s in the 5th spot right now (appears as the 6th since the Jaejoong’s “Mine” is still up here).
      The other top videos are older than this and will decay soon, so there is a great chance that this video will be voted in for next week’s K-pop Monday.

      Remember to vote hard!
      You can comment here and reply to comments also for more points! :D

  95. This song is a MASTERPIECE, The M/V is naturally Sexy but in a CLASSY Way. Though it’s hard for this to get on the top of the list of EYK Chart at least the song dominates the Korean Music web sites ^o^

  96. SISTAR19 Are the best ever!! :) <3

  97. i hope Sistar19 will get reviewed too… i really hope next next KMM.. coz BoA’s winning this week

    • I think that this video stands a great chance for next week’s K-pop Monday, considering that the other top videos are older and will start decaying soon.

      Remember to vote hard!
      You can comment here and reply to comments also for more points! :D

  98. Damn… This is still on the second page.
    However, it’s at the number 11 spot right now, which means that reaching first page is imminent.

    SISTAR19 hwaiting!

  99. Omg pleeassseeeee please please review this! it’s like my favorite song out of all sistar’s song. and the video is just awesome pleeease pretty please with a cherry on top.

    • Then we must vote hard!
      Remember that you can comment here and reply to comments also for more points! :D

      So what was your favourite SISTAR song before “Gone Not Around Any Longer?”

      • VOTE HARD!!! it was either alone or lead me.. yours?

        • I think mine is “Holiday” on their Loving U mini-album.
          Have you listened to it before?

        • i think i haven’t
          i’m a new fan of sistar btw. they’re such talented artists..

        • They definitely are! :)

          You really should listen to “Holiday,” but it’s more of a song made for the summer.
          If you have enjoyed “Loving U” then you will love “Holiday.”

          Give it a try and tell me what you think. :D

        • i just finished listening to holiday. i guess it’s alright but it’s been raining like crazy. not summer at all..

        • LOL. I suppose it’s not the best time to listen to a summer song. :P

  100. I can just hear Simon saying. “Sistars Sexy table butt wiping dance.”….

  101. Is this for the next Monday or this coming Monday?

  102. I can’t wait for the practice video. Dasom and Soyou practicing in the dorm for future concerts…first the body roll now the chest dance. :P

  103. I really want this to get reviewed D: But seems like CNBLUE is going to win, another guy group ;_;

    • I think BoA’s “Disturbance” won over CN BLUE’s “I’m Sorry” after everyone voted hard for the girls of K-pop.
      It’s not a sausage-fest any longer. :D

  104. I am SO SAD my boyfriend dumped me I’m going to rub my BUTT on this table like there is no TOMORROW! Dam I don’t even have or had a boyfriend, get a grip woman.

  105. This should have more votes, I hope SISTAR19 win ;O;

  106. COME ON!!!! PEOPLE THIS IS SUCH A GOOD SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Sistar19 Daebak!

  108. This is the classiest form of sexy I’ve seen from kpop so far, Sistar never really disappoints me either, all of their releases have either been really solid songs or really entertaining if the song itself isn’t so great! :)

    • SISTAR is perfect for the portray of being classy and sexy. :)
      What did you think of this particular song?

      • I think it’s another hit for their sub-unit, Ma Boy was instantly catchy, this one I think lingers, if that makes sense at all.
        I really like that even though they went for sexy as usual, they still managed to get the other emotion of longing to come across in the vocals as well as the dance, a feat I don’t think a lot of other girl groups can really accomplish! :)

  109. The MV is like soft porn i had to switch tabs when my parents came in

  110. SISTAR, undoubtably the best female performers

  111. Please Star1s, casual SISTAR fans and random passers-by, I really want this song to get reviewed, let’s make this happen :)

  112. This song is awesome i want it to be reviewed :S i thought it would be first place since “Alone” did great here

  113. what the ……why is not this song in the first place…i really expected much more from kpop fans…

  114. unicornsgalaxy

    Just popping by for those interested to see Sistar on Shinhwa Broadcast it was subbed. It’s a 2 episode guesting and the 2nd episode will air in Korea on Sunday. Episode 1 has been subbed here:

    I watched the raw and it was pretty funny. Sistar was really funny in it.

    • And it’s amazing as expected! :D
      This song, “A Girl In Love,” sounds very much like a contrast to “Gone Not Around Any Longer.”

      • A Girl In Love>>>Gone Not Around Any Longer

        • xD
          Personally, I still think that “Gone Not Around Any Longer” is a much more appropriate title song and can be very popular in the Korean public.
          “A Girl In Love,” as great as it was, did not pop out to me like “Gone Not Around Any Longer.”

  115. Why doesn’t this have more votes…..??? It’s a great song and overflows with sexiness and melancholy .. Lurv it <3

  116. This song is absolutaly amazing!! i love the rap part of bora! and of course hyorin’s voice is perfect as always :)

  117. Why oh why is this song so low on the chart?!! It’s super addicting and I love their super sexy table wiping dance <3 Even as a girl I must admit they are one of the sexiest dancer in k pop there <3 : D

  118. I demand this vid on KMM!
    Those butt rubbing dance.. They must do the parody of it!!

  119. wow… sex appeal REALLY sell….. i LOVE these two gorgeous sexy girls…..sistar19 just became my new favorite female DUO. they’re both so perfect and everything here was perfect.

    however, i hope that they NEVER drift away from classy because rocking and poppin’ them asses doesn’t always mean sexy.

  120. Marina would love this (turtle necks )

  121. Sistar19, providing innovations in the table cleaning industry since 2013.

  122. Man… I feel like its getting harder and harder to get girl groups reviewed, I mean unless you’re one of the huge girl groups ( SNSD) you have no chance of winning. I mean just imagine if hyuna’s ice cream got reviewed it would have been gold, but the girls didn’t vote for it. These days guy groups dominate the eatyourkimchy charts……. Men, please stop being lazy and vote for girl groups. I know we don’t have the same kind of dedication as the girls or the numbers on our side, but we might stand a chance. I know I’m not the only one tired of seing guy groups reviewed every week!

    • Yeah, I think we’re all getting quite tired of that.
      To vote this music video in, we can start by chatting. :D

      So how did you discover SISTAR?

      • I found sistar when I was surfing through kpop videos on YouTube and the first song I heard from them was push push, which is still tied with loving you for my favorite song by them.

        • Hehe, I have a really weird reason as to how I found out about SISTAR and K-pop.
          During the summer of last year, I was a really big “The Legend of Korra” fan (and I still am).
          South Korean animators for the show, who were fans of SISTAR, created a
          short animation of Avatar Korra doing the body-rolls and dancing to “Ma
          Boy” by SISTAR19.
          I became intrigued by the song and began my research, which led to today! :D

        • Wait so sistar was actually the first kpop group you ever listened to?

        • Yep. ~

        • What was the first K-pop group that you ever listened to?

        • My story’s pretty funny too. I use’d to play 2007 FIFA game ( soccer game) and the soundtrack of the game had Epik High’s fly. I loved the song even though I had no idea what they were saying. Still I had no idea it was kpop untill I heard the song again about 4 years later. It was like inception it blew my mind, and I was like, this is destiny.

        • LOL. That’s amazing.
          How did you hear it 4 years later though?

        • I heard the soung again in 2011 and at that time I was already into kpop for about 4 months, so I was surfing through rap groups on YouTube and I found love love love by epik high and liked it so I looked for more from the group and found fly!

        • I haven’t listened to many Epik High songs. Which songs do you think I should start off with?

        • You should start of with fly (the beat is great), love love love, hate me etc. then you can just branch of to their other songs if you like it. Epik high realy isn’t my favorite guy group though, and I liked them more before one of them went to the army.

        • OMG you want to check out Epik High??!! :D THEY ARE AMAZING I TELL YOU

          I even made a YouTube playlist of their best songs for your viewing/listening pleasure!!

          Make sure to check it out eh ;)

        • WHAT!?!? As a Korra AND Sistar fan, I NEED TO SEE THIS! ;O;

        • Hohohohoho… You are in for a pleasant surprise. :)

          Studio MIR, a South Korean studio, animated “The Legend of Korra.”

        • Haha I just watched that! I find it funny because Korra is such a tomboy!

        • lol yep! :D
          Those animators sure know how to have fun with their work. :P

        • Omg seriously?! Haha that’s hilarious! I’ve seen Legend of Korra too! (Honestly I think Avatar: The Last Airbender was better, but I’ll be awaiting the next season of Korra =D) That animation must’ve been gold hahaha despite its OOCness.
          Is it on youtube? XDD

        • Now all they need is to do it for both Korra and Asami. xD

      • they actually really caught my attention with push push…hyorin has always been my favorite from the start…but it wasn’t until Alone that I completely fell in love with them! :) Not to say I didn’t like their other songs, Shady Girl and Ma Boy were great songs too

      • Apparently SISTAR was the first K-Pop band I ever heard because a friend of mine referred me to them for a wrong reason.

        He sent me the dance version of Ma Boy for wrong reasons. :P

        • LOL. I agree, all my friends are really into that dance. xD

          I think the dance practice for “Ma Boy” has over 36 million views, which is even more than the official music video. :O

        • Hahaha. that dance practioce MV was my 1st exposure to SISTAR too.

      • I actually discovered Sistar through my hubby… he was browsing some kpop group that he doesn’t know and stumbled upon their Ma Boy vid. I was instantly sold. The first thing I noticed was how cute Bora is. Especially the part where she raised her arms up before doing the wave dance on the first chorus. Hot! I like Hyorin’s soulful voice which is not common in kpop. The dance is very seductive but not to the point where it becomes cheap or trying hard to sell. And then after that I became a huge fan.

      • I’m actually a Boyfriend fan xD they got me into kpop (that’s a long story I won’t go into it) so of course, since SISTAR were their labelmates, I wanted to listen to SISTAR’s songs to see if I’d like SISTAR too. The first song I listened to was Push Push and I hated it the first time I heard it. I listened to it a second time and I still didn’t like it so I gave up on SISTAR, for that moment. But I caught myself singing it and I couldn’t get it out of my head, I was still a new kpop fan at that time so I could only remember like 2 lines from the chorus xD, and after a while I began liking it. I really became a Star1 after I listened to Alone though.

        • Yeah, I guess I’m the opposite of you.

          I started listening to Boyfriend because they were lablemates of SISTAR. lol

        • Wan Fang Goh

          I am similar to u too!!! Boyfriend introuduced me to SISTAR, and i started to like them too since they were labelmates. same goes to KWILL. Starship ENT is the only entertaimnent company tat had me liking all their artists! Starship Planet is so talented!

      • I dont know if anyone knows of those dead fantasy videos but a friend showed me one of the final fantasy characters and the dead or alive characters dancing to gee. I was thinking in my head, omg i love this dance i love this song. Three months later after i left school, the song came back to my head randomly. I tried searching for it under jpop because, you know, im a dumb american and couldn’t really tell the difference back then. I ended up finding the video my friend showed me and under the related videos was the official video….every since then….i was gone. Sistar showed up as related to snsd and as soon as i hear push push…i was lykk…omg…awsm.

    • I don’t think all 10 of us effect the charts very much.

      • Yea, I’m about to give up, not every battle can be won!

        • :( we should at least try!

        • We must try.
          We can always try to chat here, which we can start now.

          GO! Any topic. :D

        • Come on! Listen, kpoppers never give up. Heck, I’m a KissMe as well. I KNOW about the struggle. xD If not this week, next week.

        • Hmm… If you take a look at the K-pop Charts, this is the 4th video on there. (Not counting BoA’s “Disturbance” that was just voted in and Jaejoong’s “Mine” from some time ago.)
          The other 3 top videos are comparatively older than this and will decay faster, so this music video currently stands a great chance. :D

          So please vote hard and continue to comment here!

      • We can still try our best.
        Perhaps we can get this onto the first page to gain greater attraction.

    • I’m a girl who wants girl groups reviewed more – I definitely like girl groups more than guy groups and I’m super tired of seeing all the guys dominating the EYK charts… I’d love to see Sistar get reviewed by S&M again, they’ve had fun with them in the past. Girls can handle seeing a girl group get reviewed!

      • Haha, yeah. Their review for “Alone” was hilarious. I’m sure they have lots of ideas for this as well.

      • Yes, Simon doing the butt wiping dance will be hilarious!

      • “Girls can handle seeing a girl group get reviewed!” Yeah =D
        I hope the video stays in the top 3 by the end of the week and stands a chance of getting picked!

      • same here!! am a girl that prefers girl groups!! we need sistar reviewed , hyuna should’ve gotten a review .. and am glad boA got a review, all her mvs should’ve been reviewed coz they were all awesome !!! I hope the new approach of letting S&M choose who to review among the top 3 helps ^^

    • Agreed, and seriously you could see that Simon wanted to talk about and parody Ice Cream, I mean come on he even tried to incorporate it in his lonely wank adventure… It would have been epic

      • *sigh*… I really wanted “Ice Cream” by HyunA to be reviewed instead of “The Chaser” by INFINITE.

        • Me too… I really like infinite but the music video wasn’t all that special to be honest… if they had the system they installed today I’m sure they’d have reviewed Hyuna at that time ^0^

        • I sure hope that this new system will allow this music video to be reviewed.
          The other top music videos are all of boy bands and male singers.

        • Sistar’s or Hyuna’s? For Ice Cream it’s too late I think, it’s never gonna be reviewed… But I sure hope they’ll review Sistar19 :) .

    • it’s not always girls vote for boy group and boys vote for girl group.
      most groups or singers I vote are girls : well, basically I vote for my favorite artists and they weren’t always boys.

    • God i totally agree with this. i’m a girl. but wondergirls, sistar, missA, rarely get reviewed. sometimes i’m sad because just like Simon said before: “too many sausages”

      • I wonder what the reason to that is.
        Is it because there are more female voters than male voters, and that the majority of the female voters vote for boy bands instead of girl groups or something?

        • I’m pretty sure it’s fangirls and people that have too much time on their hands. Either way, it’s almost impossible to win over popular boy groups.

    • Don’t forget the lesbians! Our votes count too! =]

    • someones got to say this… i don’t really like snsd’s songs… there’s really just one song that i like n that is.. “the boys”… there’s just so many of them… and when they all sing together… it sound like those sing along song… where all the kids are singing at ones… like wheels on the bus.. sorry… i’m not hating on SNSD… I know some people love them… and they are great people… but they are simply lacking with their songs… they need to get better song wriiter… anyways enough about SNSD…

      • That’s funny, “The Boys” is the song I >least< like from SNSD. But then I'm not really a SNSD fan anyway. I enjoy their personalities more than the music. I really love their leader, Kim Taeyeon's voice though. Give me Taeyeon singing solo or duet anytime! I wish she would go solo.

    • But even some snsd songs were not reviewed LOL

    • I think we’re gonna win! ;)

  123. This video was perfect !! Didn’t expect that starship makes them so good !!

    • Haha, this music video was fantastic! :D
      I think that SISTAR19′s music videos are suppose to have a different feel than SISTAR’s music videos, which is great.
      What’s your favourite SISTAR or SISTAR19 music video?

  124. The live performance of this song was amazing as well.


    • Please stop spamming or I will be forced to ban you.

      • … Please don’t ban me. What if I make each comment relevant and unique?

        • It does not work that way. If you want to comment multiple times, you can engage in a conversation with another user. If you are allowed to just make comment after comment just for votes, that is not fair to other videos where the commenters there are working hard not to spam and to make conversations which are relevant. If you want to say something in addition to what you have already said, you can always edit your comment and add it.

        • Alright then. I understand. I will reply to the comments by other users and encourage them to reply back.

        • Thank you. That is actually the best way to do it. The more interesting your comments and conversations, the more people you may attract to comment and vote for this song. I just listened to it and it is a nice ballad. But is does seem very reminiscent of Alone and I wish there was more Bora. I also prefer when Sistar 19 is more upbeat and spunky.

        • I still don’t understand why everyone compares this song to “Alone.” I didn’t even make a comparison to “Alone” before many people brought it up.

          I mean, “Alone” was not a ballad and had a lot of electronic sounds.
          This song, “Gone Not Around Any Longer” had more jazzy feel with the use of the saxophone in the background and the drums.
          Can someone tell me why they thought this reminded them of “Alone?”

        • For me it was the leg sweeping dance and the general choreography of the video. Not the song. the song doesn’t sound like Alone, but the video has the leg sweeping dance, only it is from a seated position. Also the scenes in the car.

  126. This song is a great ballad! However, I’m not sure what else it would be classified as.

  127. Again, Starship has trolled us all with the teaser.

  128. STAR1s, let’s vote this in for K-Pop Mondays!

  129. Come on, guys! Let’s all vote for this song to be reviewed for K-Pop Mondays!

  130. All-kill within 3 hours! An amazing feat!

  131. This website doesn’t seem to be compatible on Android.

    • However, it worked fine for the iOS. :/


    • I will share this with the web admin. You are the first android user I have seen point this out. I will have to check and see if any other have issues loading the site using Android.

      • The site seems to be working perfectly fine on my android. o.o

        And for some very very strange reason, when I seem the two doing that glass table sliding, I think of my cousin’s dog who loves to rub its butt on the floor. o -o It doesn’t even seem very similar, but… I dunno. My brain functions in a very strange way. xD

  132. I don’t know why the Eat Your Kimchi website loads so slowly compared to all the other websites.

  133. In the teaser, I thought that was a glass table, but in the actual music video, I realized that was the bench for the glass piano. :O

  134. I personally thought that this song was great and the music video was quite fitting.

  135. I swear, the K-Pop Chart was bugged before and I was not able to find this yesterday.

  136. I’ve been waiting for this song and music video for more than a month.

  137. oo please voote~! i love you see this done for music mondays! Its so catchy! Go sister 19!

  138. It’s like they’re doing the alone dance while sitting down…Also Hyorin’s room,looks so Fancy~

  139. I thought the wind bottom fanning dance of ‘Alone’ was amazing but Sister 19′s running out of toilet paper and rubbing your bottom on transparent objects dance is even better!

  140. slow, BUT SEXY!!!

  141. Didn’t enjoy the song as much as I expected to… :/

    Also this is Hyorin ft. Bora. Actually even featured artists usually get more than 10 seconds…
    At least she’s in the whole vid I guess.

    • I suppose it might have been because of the teaser. Was that the reason for you?

      The electronic sounds and the dubstep in the teaser made us expect something more upbeat, even though we already knew of the title of the song and its theme.
      I have said it once and I will say it again – Starship trolled us yet another time. xD

      • Yeah I listened to Alone and Ma Boy’s teasers and they were more dubsteppy too but the song is just too slow and not very catchy to me. :/
        And the sax in the chorus sounds like it’s coming from a cheap keyboard.

        Idk it just didn’t draw me in or excite me. AND also Bora is literally in only like 10 seconds of the song. I actually thought the part of her “rapping” the chorus while Hyorin was pretty cool, and they do it once in the middle of the song and then just kill it. She’s having to dance around and promote this song the whole time when she’s not even really in it. lol

        BUT the other new song on the album I thoroughly enjoy. And considering it ha a 92 page photobook I might eventually get it anyway. (key-word, might, I still haven’t bought a physical K-Pop album yet.)

      • Also I think it might be a Brave Bros thing. They’re always w/ SISTAR so it makes it look like them but After School Red’s song was a Brave Bros song and tons of ppl seem to think the teaser was WAY better than final product. (I’m not one of those.)

        • Yeah, Brave Brothers has been working with SISTAR a lot.
          Hmmm… I’ve never heard After School’s “Red” before. I think I’ll give that a listen.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Nah After School Red, it’s a subunit. Song is one of those where it’s under 10 dif titles lol. “Into The Night Sky” I think is real one.

        • Whoa, you’re right. The teaser sounded very different from that of the music video.
          I actually really like this song, and I can tell that it has a Brave Brothers feel to it.
          The background beats kind of reminded me of SISTAR’s “How Dare You.”

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah it’s one of my fav K-Pop songs. But Nana has a lot to do w/ that… lol

        • Haha, I can tell by your username. :D

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I don’t know what you’re talking about, you think I’m biased or somethin?

        • I’m a big brave bros fan so I’m glad he is continuing to produce for them. Cus he made my favorite song of all time, Sistar’s Alone :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Not the biggest fan of this song but I like most of the stuff he does.

    • Haha, they certainly are! :D
      This song must have been SISTAR’s most anticipated song to date.
      It has now sweeped the music charts; coming in #1 in all the big sites!
      This is not only a success for SISTAR19, but a success for SISTAR and Starship Entertainment as well.
      So how did you discover SISTAR?

      • I found out about SISTAR last January/February through a kpop blog from my country. I already knew about SNSD, 2NE1 and MissA, but as soon as I found out about them with So Cool, they rose to the top of my favourite Kpop acts. I was lucky enough to get to know a bit of the pre-Alone SISTAR and I was really happy when my newly discovered favourite group rose to fame shortly after I found out about them. I’m strongly Soyu biased, but this doesn’t stop me from liking SISTAR19 :)

        • I’m a huge Soyou fan as well.
          I loved the song “Officially Missing You, Too” by the Geeks that featured Soyou, however, I was saddened by the fact that Soyou did not appear in the music video at all. :(

          I mean, if the music video featured Soyou, the song would have received an even greater audience.

        • I know, I was disappointed too, but I have my theory. Geeks are not a super popular duo, so maybe their company didn’t want to spend too much money on their music video (I’m pretty sure that having a SISTAR member in an MV is very expensive) so they chose a girl from their company who didn’t need to get paid!

        • However, the members of Block-B were featured in that video.
          Is the Geeks under the same management as Block-B or something?

  142. i like ee like ee like that ^^

  143. This should have more votes !!! i mean this is just flawless <3

  144. Oh my god~ I love this video and song. I just wish Bora would have had more lines.. I enjoy her rapping. ;;

  145. “Gone” and “Not Around Any Longer” seem like two potential titles they were fighting over. I mean they both mean the same thing. “Hey which one should we use?” “I can’t decide, let’s just combine them!” UNLESS they mean that the concept of being gone is not around any longer, so the title is a roundabout way of saying “Here”. lol But that’s not what the lyrics are saying so… yeah. Titles. It’s a thing.

    • Originally it was being titled Here Then Gone so idk what happened. Then again there are some K-Pop songs I STILL don’t know the real title of because you find multiple different ones.
      Here then gone is said quite a bit in the English subs too so imma stick w/ that.

  146. I had a weird feeling from the start, then I understood : I felt violated by that dance!

  147. yanagiba yusuke22

    simon will enjoy the dance part…

  148. Jesus Christ, I sense ban-hammers incoming!