Sistar – Alone

  1. Laura Ahumada

    Sistar the best!!


    worth noting that I am a woman!

  3. Simon Zhang


  4. next week, BAP is going to win because they are releasing their MV sometime later this week ^_^ for now, just waiting for S&M’s review for SISTAR ^___^

  5. i really Love the song.
    Too bad the whole leg thingy forced me to stop and take some fresh air because, seriously, that, plus their outfits was… disturbing. 

  6. They just tweeted they’re already scripting KMM so it’s going to be a Sexy Alone edition I guess… Great!

  7. Ain’t about time for Simon & Martina to start scripting for KMM? It’s almost 5:00 p.m., Sunday in Korea now… I guess they already started… So, i’m 99% sure this MV is going to be reviewed!!!

  8. This is the best Sistar song ever!

  9. KEEP VOTING cuz to be HONEST, IDK HOW THE HELL Girl’s Day is catching up..seriously. O.o 

    • Nova_REMIX

      Did you not see the update for the K-Pop music charts this week? Simon really wants to do Girl’s Day, but I guess that’s for next week because they’re already doing the script for “Alone.”

  10. I love this song! It’s so catchy.

  11. 나혼자 is such a good song, and not to mention a sexy video!!! please review for music mondays :)

  12. Get well soon HYORIN ;_;
    But really, Alone is so classy, so seductive. SISTAR are more playful usually but it’s absolutely a new concept and I really like it.
    Some people were criticizing the “too simple” dance, but what kind of dance do you imagine with a slow song like this? Besides, the leg dance is so lovely ♥. I’m always doing it when I listen to this song (it means everytime)

  13. Brent Fahrmeier

    If this isn’t reviewed on Monday I’ll be so mad, I’m already upset 4minute beat them last week but not this week! Sistar for the win!!!

    • Nova_REMIX

      Why do you have to be upset over 4Minute beating them out? They won fair and square. Their song is great as well. Just because you prefer one over the other doesn’t mean that you have to get upset that the song you don’t prefer won. SISTAR is obviously getting their time this week. AISH!~ Some of these K-Pop fans…SERIOUSLY?

      SISTAR AND 4Minute. FIGHTING!~

  14. Harith Nong

    Please vote for Sistar…….

  15. Hakim Ismail


  16. This song haa converted me to a STAR1. Ahaha Hwaiting!

  17. Goddammit Nell, GTFO >:O

  18. i LOVE this song, but it reminds me too much of miss A’s touch so it isn’t as original to me, but still really enjoyed it!

  19. the lace and the hats makes me think of wondergirls, be my baby album photoshoot

  20. Awesome song, loving the tone and pitch of “ooooh” @1:38-1:40 (excellent!!!!) HOWEVER (dun dun duuuuh) Can someone please tell me WHAT IS UP with the leg lifting/lady stomp??? (That awkward moment when your left foot is stapled to the floor?)

  21. Love the song soooooo much!! Now I just have to wait until U-KISS releases their full MV so I can vote for it!!

  22. this is great. really. i’m not even a star1, but i like this song.

  23. please let this be the song i really like it but to simon and martina you guys should check out 4minutes new song i think you would really like it more..please respond <3 you ppl

  24. 10thblock

    One thing that I love from Sistar since their debut day is how they keep on improving in each promotion and how awesome their live performance is. I couldn’t even stand listening to Push Push but I could just spend all day watching their live performances of it

  25. Family Park

    OMGHHKP so excited

  26. the B.E.S.T SISTAR deserves to reviewed!!!

  27. I can’t help but be surprised because I’ve always seen SISTAR as a handsy group of dancers. The leg action is nice and new to me, because it’s simple yet adds the sexy, seductive vibe. And if you think about it, they’re dressed rather conservatively. Can’t wait to hear the review for this video :)

  28. Paco Fernandez

    SISTAR’s alone is amaziing! :D I love it

    Yeah i feel so cool cool, yeah i feel so… wait this isnt the song :P jk

  29.  Um. I find myself doing Sistar’s Leg itching dance ! Now i’ll feel cooler scratching my leg knowing when i gotta scratch I’ll be doing their leg dance ! Lol! Sistar FTW!

  30. Yay sistar is first on the kpopcharts!

  31. Steven Cua

    alright now this song needs to be reviewed :D

  32. adam mohammad

    they’re so awesome, doubt they will ever be forever alone. impossibruuuuuu