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Sistar – Alone

  1. Sistar the best!!


    worth noting that I am a woman!


  4. next week, BAP is going to win because they are releasing their MV sometime later this week ^_^ for now, just waiting for S&M’s review for SISTAR ^___^

  5. i really Love the song.
    Too bad the whole leg thingy forced me to stop and take some fresh air because, seriously, that, plus their outfits was… disturbing. 

  6. They just tweeted they’re already scripting KMM so it’s going to be a Sexy Alone edition I guess… Great!

  7. Ain’t about time for Simon & Martina to start scripting for KMM? It’s almost 5:00 p.m., Sunday in Korea now… I guess they already started… So, i’m 99% sure this MV is going to be reviewed!!!

  8. This is the best Sistar song ever!

  9. KEEP VOTING cuz to be HONEST, IDK HOW THE HELL Girl’s Day is catching up..seriously. O.o 

    • Did you not see the update for the K-Pop music charts this week? Simon really wants to do Girl’s Day, but I guess that’s for next week because they’re already doing the script for “Alone.”

  10. I love this song! It’s so catchy.

  11. 나혼자 is such a good song, and not to mention a sexy video!!! please review for music mondays :)

  12. Get well soon HYORIN ;_;
    But really, Alone is so classy, so seductive. SISTAR are more playful usually but it’s absolutely a new concept and I really like it.
    Some people were criticizing the “too simple” dance, but what kind of dance do you imagine with a slow song like this? Besides, the leg dance is so lovely ♥. I’m always doing it when I listen to this song (it means everytime)

  13. If this isn’t reviewed on Monday I’ll be so mad, I’m already upset 4minute beat them last week but not this week! Sistar for the win!!!

    • Why do you have to be upset over 4Minute beating them out? They won fair and square. Their song is great as well. Just because you prefer one over the other doesn’t mean that you have to get upset that the song you don’t prefer won. SISTAR is obviously getting their time this week. AISH!~ Some of these K-Pop fans…SERIOUSLY?

      SISTAR AND 4Minute. FIGHTING!~

  14. Please vote for Sistar…….


  16. This song haa converted me to a STAR1. Ahaha Hwaiting!

  17. Goddammit Nell, GTFO >:O

  18. i LOVE this song, but it reminds me too much of miss A’s touch so it isn’t as original to me, but still really enjoyed it!

  19. the lace and the hats makes me think of wondergirls, be my baby album photoshoot

  20. Awesome song, loving the tone and pitch of “ooooh” @1:38-1:40 (excellent!!!!) HOWEVER (dun dun duuuuh) Can someone please tell me WHAT IS UP with the leg lifting/lady stomp??? (That awkward moment when your left foot is stapled to the floor?)

  21. Love the song soooooo much!! Now I just have to wait until U-KISS releases their full MV so I can vote for it!!

  22. this is great. really. i’m not even a star1, but i like this song.

  23. please let this be the song i really like it but to simon and martina you guys should check out 4minutes new song i think you would really like it more..please respond <3 you ppl

  24. One thing that I love from Sistar since their debut day is how they keep on improving in each promotion and how awesome their live performance is. I couldn’t even stand listening to Push Push but I could just spend all day watching their live performances of it

  25. OMGHHKP so excited

  26. the B.E.S.T SISTAR deserves to reviewed!!!

  27. I can’t help but be surprised because I’ve always seen SISTAR as a handsy group of dancers. The leg action is nice and new to me, because it’s simple yet adds the sexy, seductive vibe. And if you think about it, they’re dressed rather conservatively. Can’t wait to hear the review for this video :)

  28. SISTAR’s alone is amaziing! :D I love it

    Yeah i feel so cool cool, yeah i feel so… wait this isnt the song :P jk

  29.  Um. I find myself doing Sistar’s Leg itching dance ! Now i’ll feel cooler scratching my leg knowing when i gotta scratch I’ll be doing their leg dance ! Lol! Sistar FTW!

  30. Yay sistar is first on the kpopcharts!

  31. alright now this song needs to be reviewed :D

  32. they’re so awesome, doubt they will ever be forever alone. impossibruuuuuu

  33. i love this song simon and martina need to review it

  34. sdjfsifjaisfj AMAZING why isn’t this song at the top yet hahah :D LOVE IT

  35. YES YES MOAR OMGGGG THIS NEEDS TO BE REVIEWED!  I was so upset the So Cool’s “fart fanning dance” didn’t get reviewed, hopefully this one will make up for that 8D  Although none of the dance moves are as awesome as that one.


  37. hope they’ll make it for next week. Would love to hear sinon&martina’s opinion to it ^^

  38. their live is so great and also the song is quite beautiful~

  39. Get well soon Hyorin 

  40. Two simple words: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Baaah this needs to winnnnn.  I love Shinhwa but Sistar would be more fun to watch.

  42. Love this song and the video!

  43. please do this next week !!!

  44. LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE this song. Hahaha The vocals are amazing. :D

  45. Sexy and classy… I love this song and MV… Bora so sexy!

  46. This song, it’s just too good, I love it so much, SISTAR we need more like this

  47. I love love love this song!!

  48. Im addicted to this song and dance. Seriously.

  49. vote *refresh* and repeat :)

  50. so much better than “Volume Up”… shud review this instead

  51. Ehm ! The whole dance is so lame. And they always make the arousal face expression! Love the song though.

  52. C’mon everyone. Lets vote for sistar so that they get the next music monday <3 WE CAN DO IT FIGHTING. lets win over shinhwa :D

  53. This video has more views than 4minute’s and 4minute’s has been out longer…it seems to me that SISTAR will be winning this round seeing as they are also dominating the charts, unlike 4minute ^_^

  54. GO SISTAR <3<3<3

  55. I just want to see Simon do the dance!

  56. Vote for this for next week! We can do this :) I am tired of the boy group dominance

  57. What baffles me is why this is not on Music Mondays this week. Pump up the volume up? Seriously?

  58.  Love this song and SISTAR <3
    Sistar Fighting (^.^)/

  59. loving this song and its sexy leg dance

  60. Oh gosh! I love this song. It’s so… smooth. Gah! Love it. And the choreography is simple yet sensual, as only Sistar can do. Love them.

  61. Last ditch effort to push it ahead!

  62. This song really needs to win!

  63. YEAH SISTAR!!! I love Hyorin’s voice!!!!

  64. I love this song.

  65. I accidentally made an extra comment. must have gotten too excited.

  66. They are so talented and beautiful x.x 

  67. Good job, Sistar! Been a follower since “Push Push”, but never really a true fan until now. I love it when I can see groups improve. :)

  68. wow i really love this song…. soundtrip and watch this gorgeous chicks repeatedly for the whole day…damn….ahaha

  69. How is this not in first place? D; This song, this video, this…everything. <3 

  70. love love love this song…its their best after ma boy

  71. We’re so cool cool cool. STAR1s are so cool cool cool. We rose up to 3rd place. That’s just “Wow. Fantastic Baby.”

    Next time, we’re gonna be on 1st place :D

  72. They’re amazing. Hope to see this MV in KpopMusicMondays^^

  73. i wish they would’ve worn some more ‘in yourface’ bling, vegas style!

  74. so amazing. I love the subtle but sexy leg dance. Everything they touch turns to gold…

  75. love this song!!

  76. This song is so much better than volume up and the girls’ dance is way classier.

  77. Sistar are beautiful and talented♥

  78. I love Sistar and 4minute but Sistar has more talent

  79. oh, that leg dance… On such heels.. Just OMG!


  81. when i first heard it i was like “meh” but then i heard it once again and once again and it grew on me… it’s a great song! the video didn’t impress me though. liked the Vegas shots but the rest of it and the dance didn’t really impress me. still love it! hope it gets reviewed! maybe next week! :)



  84. ugh this is amazing <3 I love sistar

  85.  Really cool song, I wasn’t expecting something like that from Sistar ! They seem more… womanly ? (not sure if it is a real word, forgive me if it isn’t, I’m french and I’m lacking in english – Yes Simon, I DO ENGRISH TOOOOO ! – ). In their previous songs the beat and lyrics and music videos make more think of young girls/young women…. But I think they totally rock this song ! I like this confident-yet-sad-sexy-women. AND HOLY CRAP, LOOK AT THIS LEG DANCE ! :D

  86. Sistar- Alone. The song is just as good as Volume Up, but Sistar is SO much better than 4minute in lives ;/ sorry but true.

  87. i want simon do the reviewing! i just though how he’ll be giving compliment them rather than complaint about the video….

  88. hopefully SISTAR next week if 4Minute wins this week..


  90. Come on STAR1. We can do this! Let’s move up to 1st place

  91. i want SISTAR!!!
    love this song soooo mutch…

  92. UGH everything about this is perfect. The choreo, the song, the video EVERYTHING. S&M don’t even have to review it because it’s too perfect and I already know what they’re gonna say. This video is the most perfect perfect to ever perfect in the history of flawlessness.  But, y’know, STAR1′s you can still vote this upupup~!

  93. songs are great… really adictive ^^

  94. Gosh these girls are so sexy in such a classy and not slutty way. <3

  95. Hyorin and Bora make my heart melt. 

  96. Interesting dance, but I love the song!

  97. Just became a lesbian for 3 minutes and 29 seconds….. 

  98. This song is so good!
    I’m not even a fan, but I absolutely LOVE everything about this song~ 

  99. Falliiiiiing down, I’m falllinnnnggg down!! *My favorite part!

  100. I hope two mondays from now they’ll talk about them!


  102. Too bad this won’t make it into music mondays. It’s an awesome song!!

  103. Let’s go SISTAR Fans! I think 4minute is gonna win this week but let’s try to make SISTAR win next week =)

  104. I love this song and album it makes me think of early 2000 R&B ^^


  106. I love 4minute, but SISTAR is definitely my favorite!! and this song is amazingly great :)

  107. This song is so awesome ;D hope it gets reviewed .

  108. do they share cars for kpop videos? i think i saw that same car in ring ding dong

  109. did you catch the sly alcohol adevertising?

  110. This song is totally catchy

  111. they are soo damn hot! love them :)

  112. u don’t wanna cry? do you want to at leastpreserve your honor after you have lost all your money in the slots?

  113. Tasteful sexiness. FINALLY.

  114. keep voting! they are moving up, slowly but surely!!!

  115. Sistar are amazing dancers with totally fab leg movements and with their amazing singing abilities go sistar


  117. Emyr Ferrario de Lima

    Mesmerizing legs @_@ they create an optical illusion. Also, great costumes and catchy song

  118. I like this one better than volume up !

  119. Espero que este video gané :3 quiero saber lo que opinan de el 

  120. i became addicted to it. maybe because my bro keeps on repeating this video, but anyways, really wish this will we reviewed. SISTAR HWAITING!

  121. wanna see this for music monday!! I gotta say the teasers really got me excited for this mv :P what’s the fanclub name for sistar?

  122. Oh my goodness, I hope they win for the next music monday, I love you sistar!

  123. This song is one of the best!! I hope it’s charting well!!

  124. I hope they review this!!

  125. SISTAR’s new music video is sooo hot! I really wanna see a review for this! Come on people, lets get out of our Music Monday comfort zones!

  126. i’m glad they’re atill doing enthusiastic butt dancing, they are butt queens!!

  127. lookin’ tough with those tatts eh?

  128. in how many amibgious rooms were they?

  129. i always think i’m seeing them with a pole in their videos, but my suspicions can never be confirmed -.-

  130. it’s hot in that car! or it rained on thatcar?? it’s vegas so it must be hot in that car

  131. nice (coneptually unrelated?) hats

  132. I think the song title ‘alone’ and the video totally match, i see no one else around! 

  133. i love the song but i feel like not enough goes on in the video, we get cuts of the dance, tons of closeups and barely any vegas, what to do with this?!?!

  134. Poor maknae Dasom is still getting kinda ignored, isn’t she? Soyu a little bit too, damn you sistar19! i can’t even hate you becasuse i actually liked your song!

  135. i like the black dresses, but there’s somehting weird about them that makes me keep seeing their red shoes as sandals O.o wut?

  136. go SISTAR! awesome new song! its really different from their usual, more upbeat singles

  137. i thought there were lasers in those dark rooms, but it’s just the usual weird structures that always appear on k-pop videos… dissaponted?

  138. They have become my fav. artists soo fast! Love you girls!

  139. those OOoOooOH!’s all along the song are delightful ^W^

  140. the leg dance move is genious! totally original and catchy! i’m happy!

  141. Love it!!! :D:D:D:D sistar fighting!

  142. love the song, after the 3rd time! :P

  143. Sistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  144. 4minute is nothing for sistar

  145. They never review Sistar SOO GOOO SISTAR!!

  146. I really like this song!

  147. To be honest they probably won’t beat 4minute, 4nia is a larger fandom..even if SISTAR’s talent is superb they will not beat them :(

  148.  The song and MV are awesome! This is so much better than 4minute’s Volume Up. And Sistar is my favorite girl group. Actually, the only one I like so much xD They have strong vocals, aren’t skinny and look healthy. So, VOTE! xD

    •  Yes, in your opinion. In my opinion, ‘Alone’ was boring as hell and so was the music video.

      Then again, nobody cares about others opinions but their own.

      •  Why? If everyone thinks the same, life would be so boring :(

        Well, frankly speaking, today (I guess it’s because I’m not so exited about their comeback as I was yesterday) I feel a little disappointed. I was waiting for their comeback, and I was waiting for something… not this. So, of course you have a point!


  150. love this song so much….,<3

  151. sistar!!!!

  152. better than volume up, and this is from a nonbiased stand point XD

  153. I love Sistar so much, and I normally don’t like girl groups. They are all so beautiful here too~

  154. I want this one instead of 4minute tbh >.<

  155. Gilda Gutiérrez Garbarino

    Let’s beat 4 minutes!!!

  156. I like the song but the dance is just >_>