Spica – I’ll Be There

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  1. 2NE1Klara

    I want to see what simon and martina thinks about the cow head ^_^

  2. thats just like a Spice girls song….the style, the melody, the girls….
    theres a sporty spica, an aegyo spica, rapper spica, sexy spica and….blond spica >.<
    they arent bad but that a total copy of the spice girls in a newer sound and style…
    and did you notice? SPICA girls…and SPICA?! :P
    cant be an coincidence

  3. There’s something uncomfortable on the song, but can’t point my finger anywhere… But overall, this song reminds me of old songs back then…I guess.

  4. I can’t get enough of this song, its so catchy and fun. This video should definitely get higher up on the Kpop charts. ^_^

  5. I think they are really talented. Wish that they were promoted better.

  6. pumpkin_spice

    despite all of these naysayers I really love this song by SPICA :D it just shows how versatile they can be. with their killer vocals they can do anything! the only thing i’m confused by is the random cow…

  7. Angeline Juan

    I love the 90’s… I love this group. I’m a Mercury for sure. :D

    Also, has anyone else watched the videos on their official page? Their harmony is SUPERB.

  8. I love the 90’s throwback of this one. :)

  9. This girls deserve more recognition, seriously ppl nowadays just notice cute and hot and super popular idols, but they never noticed the real talents.. sorry but this girls r sooooooo damn good

  10. GermaineTelle

    Hands down best vocals. Love the song. And the dance is cute but grown up at the same time. Too often we get girls doing cute that even a 6 year old would shun.

  11. It’s a cool song but don’t really like the video -.- Some of the expressions in this seemed, i don’t know, a little too happy and girly for my taste. And that girl in the puddle reeeallly worries me. The contrast of random child ALONE IN A POSSIBLY DANGEROUS area and happy smiley faces just didn’t sit well. :(

  12. i really like the song and music and video. this thing need more views and votes… OTL

  13. i don’t know what’s with the mv but the song was catchy when i 1st listened to it but after listening to 2-3 times i got bored instead of getting more interested? i don’t know why!! i actually loved 2 of their old songs!!

  14. This song sounds very boa ish back to to the milky way era

  15. NaToTheWak

    Who is that boring aegyoish band? I miss Spica!

  16. fuuko4869

    When it comes to cows, this is the video that I think of:

    The girl with short blonde hair has a nice outfit, the white shirt and jeans. I wouldn’t mind wearing that.

  17. This song just does not do it for me. And the random cow in there is like the producer saying we need to be different then everyone else so hmmm oh lets toss this cow in there. Now look we are not like any other girl bands putting on cutesy outfits and dancing all cute like, we have a cow. The song was a large chorus I’ll be there just stood out so much. I have heard many songs where the chorus is in English but it flows with the song, this one seem to stress it or something. I know I am not making since here but in my mind I do and that is what counts.

  18. 3inthemorning

    This mv is so formulaic. Except for the cow… wtf?

  19. This song is really addicting, and omfg that cow- it made this mv pretty great.

  20. New Spica video! Love Spica :)

  21. I’m hoping there is a chance for this video to get to the top, after another week with gdragon :/ I feel like we’re missing the deep meaning behind the cow in the video :P Or maybe it is just a really odd 90s throwback bubble gum pop video from usual powerhouse Spica? I wish groups didn’t feel the need to go through at least one girly song like it’s some rite of passage!

  22. omg. people need to vote this. super 90s feel! VOTE VOTE VOTE! RAWR

  23. SPICA is here ♥

  24. Really love this video. But….why cow is here? I dont understand it))
    Chorus is really good) Spica fighting!