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SPICA – You Don’t Love Me

  1. If this is not featured on Music Monday i am gonan quit on EYK (ok i wont , but i will be really upset)

  2. I was first dramn to spica as result of a scandal about their clothing choices (eye roll) because their dresses for a particular were nude colored. Didn’t think it was a big deal but forgot what Korean culture consider inapporpriate and what not. So I went to watch to see what the big deal was and was totally blown away by their vocals. I haven’t be this impressed bya girl group since The Grace. And I’ve following them ever since. I am very happy that they are gettin more recognized and I love the concept of this video. It looks great, it consistent, sexy and funny (butt pads) considering the conflicting ideals of beauty for women of the 50s and 60s and this present time. SPICA Fighting!

  3. Skye Walker

    Wow. I was absolutely blown away by this. This concept is brilliant and it was well done AND it fits their personalities perfectly. My interest in them has grown exponentially after this. I liked Tonight but the song didn’t blow me away. This, on the other hand, is a very strong comeback. I’m sure they will get more recognition after this new concept. Seriously, Hyori, your touch was just the push they needed for us to see their real talents. Way to go! PS.: Not very easy to do comedic and sexy at the same time but they absolutely nailed it. This video is perfection!

  4. this needs to be reviewed !!!

  5. If they are not reviewed for KMM, I wish S&M would do something like what they did for Tonight. Like a special segment to let this song get reviewed.

  6. This music video is standing out from K-pop scene and I think it is deserved to be reviewed for its own uniqueness.

  7. Loved spica from the beginning but this music video and song just makes me love them more. One of the most talented vocal groups. Love the butt stuffing! Nice way to incorporate it without being too explicit.

  8. Spica is really a very good kpop group. Their voices are amazing!!! and I loved the video and concept. It would be so funny to see Simon and Martina review this video.

    • Boa’s voice in particular is extremely good (I think that’s her name, anyway). It was her voice that got me listening to them in the first place.

  9. Guys, can we make an effort to boost SPICA back into the top 3? It would be nice to have a girl group reviewed. It’s a fairly rare occurrence.

    • I mean, all we really need to do is keep voting and also to start conversations on here. That could boost them up fairly quickly.

    • I really want them back to top 3. The MV is the best girl group MV I’ve seen in a while!

      • Same here. The only other girl groups I’ve really followed in any measure have been T-ara and 9Muses, but SPICA’s my favourite by quite a long stretch.

    • CeceAvila

      I’ve definitely been coming back everyday since the MV was released and voting. Its too bad they got under the top 3 just days before the voting for this week ended. Something else I feel would really help is if we shared the MV as much as we can. I’ve shared it on my FB and twitter already.

  10. Ahh, I really want EYK to review Spica’s You don’t love me! Oh, please!!!~

  11. i hope Spica can make it back in top 3 >.< i really want them to FINALLY be reviewed!!! I WANT SOMEONE NEW ON KMM!!!!

  12. CeceAvila

    And as usually, a girl group has started to fall under a boy group. Its such a shame, they were finally in the top 3!

  13. Spica is probably one of the few groups that can get in the top 10 on the charts without being half naked on stage…
    they def. deserve to be on top!

  14. Nothing really not to like about this video or song I think if I gets reviewed Simon and Martina will both say they like it. I can picture Fangorila stuffing her butt wearing a skirt. Makes me laugh thinking about it. Any way great song awesome fashion great singing, funny , cool dancing it’s really a perfect video.

  15. It will be fun if Simon and Martina will review this super fun MV. I hope S&M will give this opportunity to Spica since it will be their first time to review this group. I just love the song and MV so much. All of them look so gorgeous without even trying. They’re so cute and sexy without even trying at all. Spica will always be my favorite girl group ~~ ^^

    • CeceAvila

      I love their sexy. For the most part they aren’t wearing anything thats too sexy, at least not what we are used to seeing on girls when they do this concept. But the makeup and the hair makes them look so good.

  16. Starsania

    Holy snazzbuckets. Can these ladies sing or what? I love this! Spica is on my radar for sure and that’s tough for a girl group to do! I’ve liked their previous songs as well.

  17. chachamaru013

    this need to be reviewed

  18. yessssssss…a song that deserves a kpop music monday!!!

  19. Yes! They’re up into the top 3. It would be nice if S&M decided to review them as Gain and BAP both have a lot of status already and have already been reviewed on different occasions (and I’m saying this as a loyal BAP fan, too), because SPICA seriously deserve all the recognition they can get. By far and away my favourite girl group <3

  20. I honestly feel like they just got robbed at Inkigayo. They are the first and honestly the only girl group that I care about being a fan of. I can’t think of a single group out where every single member could be a lead vocalist for another group. On top of that, they are beautiful, humorous, and down-to-earth. The K-pop industry needs more groups like this, it’s about time Spica gets the recognition they certainly deserve.

  21. Forever a fan of SPICA, one of my fave girl groups. Too bad people don’t pay attention to talent these days.

  22. Spica is back!! Their singing is on point as always, and please they deserve so much more attention. I wish Simon and Martina would just do a Kpop music monday on them. Maybe a “special”? They are SO UNDERRATED!!

  23. It would be nice to get them back into the top three. SPICA deserve much more recognition.

  24. Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
    Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

    They were insanely stunning in the latest live performance, and this is the first live performance they sang without a track, Bohyung is killin’ it! Also I’d like to add that this was the first Spica song I loved immediately, I’m sure my Spanish neighbors are sick of the American playing the same two Kpop songs 20K times a day. IU’s Friday is the other one on repeat!

  25. Love this song!! Their vocals are very impressive! I personally like Bohyung’s the most though. Also, doesn’t Juhyun (with that hairstyle) remind anyone of Brittany Murphy in Clueless o.o?

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    • CeceAvila

      Your posts are just pure spam. You need to stop that, its not tolerated here. If you want to truly contribute to SPICAs position on the charts do so by voting, sharing and posting comments that have some proper opinions and input.

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  87. SPICA is the only girl group I like without reservations. I love 2ANY1′s Missing You, but… I like some of Sistar’s stuff, but… Some of f(x)’s members seem cool, but… I like SPICA, no but’s. Butts, though! :D

  88. XLovelyFantasy

    Love, love love this song and video! I fervently hope that this gets a review. At the very least, I hope SPICA gets the recognition that they deserve.

  89. Listening to this again for, like, the fiftieth time already. And it’s out on iTunes! *happy dances* Man, I love this group.

  90. I have just seen the live performance of this comeback, they were great! Just that they don’t have the padded butts X-D

  91. They’re so sassy!! This video and song were awesome. =)

  92. Spica has a special place in my heart, they are too underrated!!!! When there is no reason for them to be. They are very interesting to watch with great vocals, shouldn’t that be given more recognition?!? They are very different from other girl groups, they have that little something, that other girl groups just lack.

  93. they’re really good and they stand out and whoever makes their videos should make more but i’m a little uncomfortable with their sexiness.

  94. CeceAvila

    Just spent a good while checking out SPICA’s other songs and MV’s and I am BLOW AWAY! I’ve loved every single one of them, its a tragedy that all their MV’s are under a million views. I just can’t believe that.

  95. It could be a super funny KPop Music Monday if SandM review this MV. Spica is over amazing.

  96. This is such a great song!! I’ve never listened to SPICA before, but I heard Lee Hyori was working with them and so I made a point of checking out their newest MV and I’m so glad I did! These girls are great!! I want to steal all of their clothes and the makeup, hair and accessories are so great!! Ok, I’ve got to go and listen to all of their previous work.. Bye.

    • Welcome to the fandom. When they first came out, I was like “oh, look, another rookie group. Whatever.” Seriously regretted that when I came across their debut song Russian Roulette while surfing on Youtube. An hour later, I’d bought every single album they’d ever released. They’re AMAZING.

    • Same here I’ve seen them on Inkigayo a few times in the past and I’ve just fast forwarded the player not given them a chance but this video and song is great. Now I want to check out all their work from the past. I love the retro clothes hair and make up yes but it’s not just the Lee Hyori influence. Their singing is also great too especially the girl with the deep voice which gives them a unique sound. And I love the video’s obvious jab at all the sexaully charged video’s coming out of Kpop’s girl groups. I’m glad some one is making a light joke of it.

    • CeceAvila

      Only just recently watched their video for Tonight. Great song and video. The clothing and accessories in that one is super cute as well! I love it because its nothing too over the top, its pretty much basic everyday clothing but its styled so well.

  97. This is actually fantastic! I absolutely love the retro style – their makeup, hairstyles and outfits were just perfect!! And although I’m not a fan of sexy concepts (like at all) I actually didn’t mind it so much in this mv because it felt more like a satire, mocking the reasons of why the man “loves” them and thus pointing out that he doesn’t love them. Plus the big bottoms are hilarious^^
    Oh and the vocals are alright I guess….jks, SPICA can saaang~~
    I really liked the free flowing euphoric Tonight and Lonely was one of my favourite songs all the way back in 2012 but other than that I don’t really know much about SPICA – but I think I’m gonna have to soon^^ This song is my jam!

  98. Awesome song and video! Wow! I knew they had great vocals but I haven’t been able to get into their songs – I’m going to make more of an effort with their older stuff. I wish other girl groups a. focused on their vocals as much as this and b. made their concepts and videos as fun as this one!

  99. Spica is criminally underrated. Here’s hoping that this is the song to
    get them some more recognition. This video is super interesting and
    there’s so much crazy stuff going on that I think Simon and Martina
    would definitely have more than enough to talk about and the video is
    definitely weird enough that they could really have fun with their
    review. I’m interested in their opinions on everything, the padded butts
    in particular!

  100. This is a great song and video! It’s so fun!
    Spica Fighting <3

  101. This group is chock-full of talent it’s incredible that they are still considered rookies.

  102. I like the song and I’m loving the outfits, hair and make-up in this video. Actually, the entire video is pretty cool. But I can’t be the only Nasty who noticed that sample at 1:45… Sounds familiar, huh?

  103. This MV and this song are amazing, I wish it would be reviewed by Simon and Martina.
    They’ll probably won’t be able to but i’m curious about what they’re thinking of this.

  104. I absolutely love whoever directs this group’s music videos. They are so much more interesting to watch than most other girl groups. They are still giving us a decent helping of the overtly sexy visuals that have been rampant recently, but they do it with such taste and a slight bit of humor as well. I especially love the part where they are all in matching black and white dresses with a large amount of padding in their rears. I feel like that’s making a jab at all of these other groups focusing on shaking their asses for the camera. Spica does such a great job with the vocals on all acounts and they give us just enough sexy without over doing it. At the same time they have all of these great moments of satire such as chugging a box of lucky charms and dumping dirty laundry on their head. Not very many videos are sexy, funny, beautiful, and such a pleasure to listen to all at once. I hope that this group continues to put out such high quality content, because they are quickly becoming my favorite group.

  105. Such a funny video!

  106. Come on! We can do this. Lets get spica into top 10 and hopefully get a chance to be reviewed

  107. CeceAvila

    I am so blown away by this. I never really paid much attention to SPICA and am now regretting it . This is an amazing song and video. The vocals are amazing, all the members have incredible singing abilities. And the video is so much fun. This is the first video in the las two months that I really think deserves a review from Simon and Martina. Sadly so far it doesn’t seem to be getting much attention.

  108. Without a doubt some of the best female vocalists in kpop.

  109. Jase Aaron

    Spica may very well be the best thing since sliced bread.