Starship Planet – White Love

  1. -_-” where are my co Bestfriends, Star1 and K.will’s fans? I want this to be reviewed!!! The story is cute hehe i love this…now bestfriends go and vote for Jeongminnie~ haha i mean Starship planet’s White Love :3

  2. we made it to 8th place thats good enough :)

  3. cookiemonster

    This would make a hilarious kmm, you must admit :P That girl is a bit of a stalker, beanie-hat guy, you probs shouldn’t just smile at her. Also she appears to have super human transportation powers which is a tad scary and if it is winter she really should be wearing longer shorts than those; another reason to suspect that something is wrong here….Anyway, I love this song, K.Will, Soyu and beanie-hat guy all have amazing voices, especially K.Will, his voice is just beautiful <3 <3

    I hope that this can get reviewed^^^

  4. favorite idols in one planet.Starship Planet.

  5. Mamiko Oman

    I didn’t get how he was so happy and smiling at the end. Didn’t he just blow bubble his girlfriend away into oblivion? You should be crying, man, not reminiscing sweetly about her!

    UNLESS!!! He is actually an evil genius, and it was his plan all along! He successfully tricks his tooth-pick legged stalker to not only stop following him, but to join him in his strategy to make her disappear FOREVER! Foolish girl~ MWAHAHAHA!

  6. Oh my LORD this was so freaking adorable

    girl got a little creepy with her stalkerishness but hey~ it’s a good, it’s a Kpop video

  7. martina sure does love turtlenecks

  8. MidnightEkaki

    OMG loved it!!! K.Will in a Christmas song is exactly what I’ve been wanting!! His MVs are always SOO good, both the storylines and the pure-hearted romances (its a guilty pleasure lol). It’s such a pretty song! And the MV was soooo adorable, Jeongmin and Soyu are so attractive <3 The part at the end which made me realise she isn't there anymore broke my heart a little… K.Will y u always do this… (even though you probably didn't come up with the concept) but it made the MV 60% better :) I love plot twists.

    • Wan Fang Goh
      Wan Fang Goh

      Soyu wasnt the actress for the mv though… Its a girl frm superstar K? im not sure…
      And i LOVE plot twist too. My only regret for K.Will mv was please dont where i read the comments before i watched the mv and lost all the shocking twist!! But come to think of it, there is always a twist for K.Will MV! hahha

      • MidnightEkaki

        Yeah the ending was spoiled for me when I was curious one day and I googled homosexuality in k-pop and Please Don’t came up… it was only a couple of days old, I wish I didn’t search it so I could have been shocked when I watched it :( Because I would have seen it later on anyway when I checked the EYK charts. I found this MV by searching K-pop Christmas songs lol. I always find K.Will MVs accidentally XD

  9. i really really really love jeong mins voice. i hope they get enough votes for a review by simon and martina <3

  10. Dude I totally forgot that K.Will was in Starship Planet and his voice scared the hell out of me because it contrasted the less-husky beginning lol.

  11. I really want a review for this video, I don’t quite understand it :( but I loved the song!!!

  12. I don’t understand why people is not giving attention to this MV… This is so much better than last year’s Pink Love… And I love the fact that they choose Soyou instead of Hyorin… She is good as Hyorin… I was very surprised with the choices made for this special single…

  13. Barry Adams

    What was that strange video I just saw???

    Girl in a heavy sweater, a heavy knitted scarf and …. shorts??? Really? Shorts? You’re dressed like it’s cold and you are wearing shorts?

    Then there’s the turtle neck…

    But most strangely is the appearing/disappearing girl.
    She’s no where on the bench when he sits. No where when the bubbles appear or when the bottle of bubble liquid appears next to him. He blows the bubbles, then there she is.

    Then she becomes crazy stalker woman.

    Then he falls for her.

    He runs out of bubble liquid to blow and then she’s gone for good it seems!

    If I was him, and I really liked the girl, I’d search for more bubbles rather than reminisce about the girl of my dreams through photos.

  14. This MV really needs to be reviewed, cause srly, I don’t understand… Is she a ghost or something?

  15. iloveminhyun

    Oh how I love Starship Ent XD the trainee girl looks pretty ^_^ Hyorin’s new commercial! She’s so beautiful. Hyorin, my ultimate female bias. <3

  16. Wan Fang Goh
    Wan Fang Goh

    HAHA! Lets start adain bestfriends!!! But now, together wif STAR1 and KWILL fans! WE CAN DO IT!!!

  17. love this MV so sweet…
    Jeongmin soft voice, Soyu awesome voice and K.Will powerful voice
    Nice try starship planet

  18. I loved this song and the girl with jungmin is so pretty

  19. it came out !!!! :D now lets get serious
    Where are the star1’s best friends and k.will fans ???


  21. Great song!! Nice MV, and I really love Jeongmin here~~ <3