Sunmi – Full Moon

  1. Ana Hannah Ph**

    I really, really want this to be reviewed (even a month later)! I’ve read some good reviews of the song, album, SunMi as an artist, etc. but I’m really curious as to what the team here has to say and I’d like to see a video review :)

  2. Eszter

    I like the video clip and the song but the dance is waaaaay to sultry.
    What do you think?

  3. LongClawTiger

    Love the song and the editing of the video. I think the sexiness factor was a bit over the top though. Certainly one of the best videos I have seen recently. I am just not sure if it is at the top of my list or not.

  4. James Kilgore

    I actually don’t mind the vampire concept added in, since it gives a little bit of a plot to the video and makes it more interesting to watch. While with some music videos it really comes across as random and pointless, here I feel that it helps add a little more to the Music Video itself. The song is actually almost a little hypnotic, and really smooth listening. I also don’t like seeing the stripper butt move. It actually takes away form the video itself. The rest of the choreography is still sexy and blends in with the song, but seeing that stripper but move just takes me out of the video. They should have just left it for the stage performance, if it was used there.

  5. Happyjoy2

    This looks like a worthy KMM that Simon and Martina can talk about. The music video itself was well done compared to other vampire concept like themes in Kpop MVs. Also, I am a Wonderful, so there may be a bit of a bias opinion. ;)

  6. I love Sunmi’s album. Full Moon is probably second favourite next to Frozen in Time. I just really really love Sunmi’s style – image and music. Mature and sexy. Almost makes me want to dye my hair black again haha .

  7. Roxandria

    I really like that it’s not OVERLY sexy like some (COUGH MOST COUGH) are doing this year.

  8. I like what JYP is doing with Sunmi’s music/image right now! It’s just very interesting and not expected (to me at least), and I think there is a lot of care going into both the image, the music, and the music video. Would love to hear your views on this music video :)! And Brave Brothers, I really like their music, so this was also a good collab.

  9. DaYoung Yun
    DaYoung Yun

    I’m really proud of Sunmi. When Sunmi left the group to focus on her studies in college all the haters said that her absence would not be noticed and she was not much of a talent in Wonder Girls. Well look at her now! I have a lot of respect for her because she grew up and went into the music industry with new gusto. Love you Sunmi. I’m lovin your new style. <3

  10. YukiRed

    That rap should not be there… nor brave sound’s ‘ramblings’ lol
    but the song is definitely stuck in my head

  11. Ha! how one second can turn our interpretation of the MV completely on its head, suddenly all the creepiness is kind of sweet, pretty awesome :D I have to agree with what feygarden said below though, I strongly dislike those two particular dance moves, too

  12. Knookey

    I would’ve liked this song if it weren’t for that horrible rap breakdown. It wasn’t too bad otherwise

  13. Rachel Parker

    This is sooo catchy!

  14. Zapata Sánchez Julliana

    I think that SUNMI IS THE BEST♥

  15. Yoci Yeeun Sunmi

    Sunmi is the best ¡¡¡¡ <3 ¡¡¡¡ return it to all, it is very sexy and beautiful, you deserve to win

  16. wow i like the vampire dancer just teleport in and dance..personally i think martina vampire would luv this song, mordney just crys at some corner. Simon would totally kill the sexy dance XD

  17. Andrew Marroquin

    Love Sunmi!!!!

  18. I really love love love this song and her album (give it a listen!!) the mv is awesome <3 Sunmi is a really promising solo artist

  19. I really like this song and the dancing too. Whenever i look at Sunmi in this video, elegant is the word that pops on my mind.
    I’m not really sure if i want this reviewed though, ’cause Simon could really kill the dance for me :P

  20. There’s quite a bit to talk about in this video. You have the song itself, the concept of the video (which actually has a story, if you pay attention), the dance (and there were actually a few memorable moves), and even a sneak peek of one of the members of JYP’s new girl group.

    I like the fact that Sunmi had black hair in this video. It’s ironic that it’s almost a rarity to see black hair in K-Pop videos now. I do wonder if Sunmi will go barefoot for the live performance. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  21. hapagirl

    I think this might be one of my favorite songs of the year. Yeah, it’s not really original concept, but there was a kinda plot, if you didn’t pay attention for the whole thing you could get confused, plus it’s more vampire than some of the other mvs that have used it. And I love the dance, it’s sexy but I love that it’s kinda different it gives me sorta a contemporaryish feel. And the person featured in the song, I liked her part and that English was good.

  22. Tilde Persson

    is it just me or do that guy in the video live the same place as sweeney todd?

  23. XD she really likes dancing barefoot…

  24. Feygarden

    Oh a sexy vampire concept, that’s…… oh what’s the right word? unorigional. But her choreography is cool, except the butt grinding. I hate the stripper butt grind move, it always reads cheap regardless who does it. Oh and the open my legs and show my lady bits move, that I hate too. I don’t mind sexy, but in the recent sea of “sexy” concepts this seems like just another attempt for views. I like the song though, I can see it hitting my playlist.

  25. Madeline Bro

    “Perfect weather it can get no better” …. Does that mean the weather can get worse? Or not? I’m confused. This video was really cool though. And I think I like this song better than 24 hours.