Sunny Hill – Goodbye To Romance

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  1. Oh man how did I miss Sunnyhill releasing a new video? guess it isn’t as topic heavy as some of their other stuff but this song is still amazing!

  2. JenniferSakraida

    OMG AN ACTUALLY ONE SHOT VIDEO! I feel like in Korea there are so many videos that are MADE to look like one take, but this actually is. It is so rare to see a Kpop video do something so visually hard. I mean there are a lot of lush-visually pleasing things but they are usually things that are kind-of formulaic. I hope this gets voted up for kmm.

  3. Sunny Hill is underrated :( Please review them and let more people know about their awesome music :D

  4. When S&M review Sunny Hill, you can see the English majors in their hearts glow with happiness! We can do this, Nasties!
    They may not be sexy oppas, but we can show the power of Sunny Hill fans!

  5. Their voice is totally great!!!!this song is amazing!!! It just give a feeling of Christmas and first love,it should be reviewed!

  6. This song is great!!! it needs to be reviewed!

  7. Blueberries

    It’s suprising to have this kind of song and mv from Sunny Hill, they have done so deep stuff lately. But then again, it’s nice to have christmassy kpop song, don’t many of those around!

  8. This is my favorite christmas song the kpop industry has put out this year so far! The vocals are adorable, and the shooting of the video is simple, yet adorable and gives a very homemade-ish effect

  9. Vote for this amazing MV again from SUNNY HILL :D

  10. AnMei Lee

    Lovely video~ I love this kind of one-shot type music video. The colour scheme is really nice and like… vintagey Christmas, reminds me of my childhood~Plus, most importantly the song is nice and relaxing, not a song to show off anyone vocals in a fake way =w= Haven’t heard much by Sunny Hill yet, but I really should go look them up~~