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Super Junior – Sexy, Free, and Single

  1. super junior is awesome !!!

  2. Because we love Super Junior – because we are ELF – because we are a family

  3. Me too, I don’t know why I can’t vote… =(

  4. I could have sworn the lyrics were I’m sexy, free, and single and I’m ready to mingle but omg they are ready to bingo…. :-x

  5. why i can’t vote while in the other i can vote ?!

  6. Im 100% sure that Im an ELF.




  10. you should review IU’s good time

  11. waiting for the videos now.. 

  12. Dear ELFs, since SuJu is already getting reviewed, please vote for T-ara! They have a really nice story MV and there’d be a lot of stuff to talk about for Simon & Martina :) We would appreciate your help!

  13. DAEBAK !! At least the cheography is great and love how there are opportunities for the other members to stay in front like Donghae and Ryeowook. Go SuJu :)

  14. Waaaaa~ Super Junior FTW! Lezz do this ELFs! ^^
    Sexy, Free & Single and ready to bingo~

  15. I´m not really an ELF but i do like them….i think many more kpop fans, ELFs or not, would like them much more if their videos would have some meaning to them, any at all:))) And it´s the same with all other SM videos which is sad, cause i show them to non kpop fans and they just think it´s silly,girls and boys just dancin around on and looking pretty. I know they shouldn´t make an effort to get more fans, but i feel as if at point even hardcore fans will turn against them. I mean, how many more boxes can one stand in MVs?:))) 

  16.  wooohooo totally love it ! cool choreo !

  17. I love this! I do not care if the are in a box. As long as its a box with LeeTeuk standing in the middle of it with his shirt off!! :) 

  18. we fail we lose to win 
    i love this part 

  19. There aren’t any idol releases due next week as far as I’m concerned so 2NE1 can get reviewed next week. Right now, I hope it’s SUJU that they review because they deserve to have their song known.

    But I’m guessing it was already chosen because at the end of the Z:EA interview, Simon said that this monday’s kpop music monday will be Super Junior.

    • Next week I’m not sure, but this week, NU’EST is coming out with their music video “Action.” A lot of Happy Pledis fans are already upset that NU’EST, Hello Venus, and After School did NOT get reviewed so they’ll definitely try to take revenge. I can only hope that 2NE1 shoots up and stays at the top this week.

      S&M did confirm on their Twitter that Suju is going to be done today: “WE’RE SO READY TO BINGO!”

  20. I love this song. This is so great. Please review it!!(:

  21. Yah Super Junior The King comeback

  22. i haven’t even seen this video yet because i’m waiting to do a reaction video at a friend’s house. but i really want to get as many votes for suju as possible! ELF forever! =D

  23. I don’t see anything wrong with the MV. Everytime i see it, it just makes me applaud for Super Junior and all that was involved in the making of their MV. As an ELF, I have no negative thoughts about this. To their Sexy,Free & Single MV, to me it just shows how better SJ became. Now they showcase an improved group with a new image they have. The choreography is good. The song is really good. The meaning behind all the words it took to make the lyrics is pretty nice for a group still standing after so many years and still with us, and sharing outpouring love for their fans. The set is much classier :)

    All in all, for me, SUPER JUNIOR is daebak :D so are their songs, and this MV :)

  24. Super Junior deserves every award, every certificate, every piece of acknowledgement that the world is graceful enough to give them. They work so hard, and year after year they shock us again. They stuck it out this year as well ;’)

  25. Super Junior Jjang!

  26. SUJU are the King of kpop …. Hallyu Kpop  …. and Global Stars !
    No one beat them … no one!

  27. I think we’ll probably know what you two’s gonna say about this MV. It’s another one of SM’s signature MV setting and background with no plot and everything. There isn’t any plot or anything that would make you go “omg, that’s so awesome.” or “I can’t believe they made this up!” but the only thing you’ll probably say is “they’re trapped again.” LOL

    I’m loving this song, actually, “Sexy, free & single, I’m ready too. Bingo.”
     single, I’m ready too, bingo” was quite okay. It’s really catchy (well, for me.) and I loved it as much as I loved their previous songs. 

    I love this song, as every ELFs does (some may not, unfortunately) and I really wish for Martina and Simon to review this and tell us fans your opinions.

    Thank you! :)

  28. seriously madly in love with this song and video. i love the song and i am definitely loving the dance for it. The choreography is on point and all of Eunhyuk’s parts are probably the best within the choreography.

  29. I <3 the song… suju were mentioned on RUETERS!!!! SUJU FTW! xD

  30. OMG Hyukie is such a sexy guy *Q* i LOVE IT

  31. Super Junior, fighting! ^^

  32. I absolutely LOVE the choreo. Even though I’m a Jewel, Sungmin is definitely the star of the show :)

  33. From the title I imagined the vid would be totally different. I thought they would be at a club, partying or something. The only background that fits is the one with the streets and the lyrics were kind of as if they are playing a video game. Anyway, I still like it.

  34. Lovelovelovelove this song/video. :D

  35. What’s this? The comments haven’t reached 1000 yet? WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. >D
    I noticed something random in the still frame of the YouTube vid. They aren’t promoting traffic safety. XD;;;;;; 

    *dances away from the pedestrian lane, at an intersection* THIS IS WHAT SUPER JUNIOR TAUGHT ME <3 I must get twelve more friends to join!

  36. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i have all this feelings 

  37. Sexy, Free and Single ^
    I’m ready too, BINGO! <3

  38. SuJu fighting!!!! SARANGHAE <3

  39. Before anything let me clear this!
    They say: Sexy,Free and Single I’m ready TOO,Bingo! >o<
    I'm sure Simon will make a joke of it… xDDD  Can't wait~ *w*
    About the box….I'm also dissapointed but what can we do?? T___T

  40. love this song i listened to it for 12 hours straight  and it never gets old 


  42. Super Junior is A whole package of Awesomeness 

  43. SJ showing lots of skin!!! :O love to hear S&M thoughts on that ;P

  44. just another E.L.F. vote :)

  45. Let’s keep voting, guys! 2NE1 is catching up with us D: And not that I don’t like 2NE1, but I want a Super Junior review for once, not a 2NE1 one!! >  < Who's with me? ^ ^; <3

  46. Can’t wait to see your review on monday night! ~ ^^ 

  47. Suju FTW :DDD

  48. monaharmony

    Come on ELFs!! Let’s keep SuJu at number one!!
    2NE1 can win for next week, but Super Junior for this week!!
    Super Junior fighting! :)

  49. I’m so scared that now 2NE1′s MV is out!!! I hope us ELFs can hold out against the YG bias fans!!!

  50. Doesn’t even need high pitch notes for it to be awesome mm/
    It was worth waiting for even tho the MV ain’t that great. But still, AWESOME!

  51. the mv is super great ! who cares about the box or what ? as long as the songs is good n the choreo is super cool, it’s great ! i love them ! SJ ROCKS !!

  52. Awesome choreography is awesome 

  53. sorry i know i’m annoying, just wanna say and i hope Simon&Martina saw this comment. Please maybe just for once forget about polling, i mean i hate when SM MV always win beside those freaking cool MV (don’t get me wrong i’m SMTOWNers) just please review Day by Day MV please /ok sound so pathetic/

  54. No need to vote anymore cuz on facebook they said they closed down the voting and starting to script for Music Monday! The said that on Facebook bout 19hrs ago!

  55. I wonder if they are filming are already done filming SJ’S Sexy,Free & Single already becuz it is sunday in korea

  56. Super Juniors Music Core Comeback Stage MR Removed was AWESOME!!!!!!

  57. tbh I’m not crazy about them being put in a box again but since its the company’s trademark it doesn’t affect how much I love this song. So many people have criticized this song and while yes it sounds similar to what SJ have put out over the years and “mingle” would make more sense than “bingo,” I love that, like they’ve said before, they found their sound. When you listen to this you automatically know it’s SJ. I’m loving it. The choreography was amazing.  

    Super Junior <333 FIGHTING!!!

  58. i really loved the Music Video! BUT…. didn’t anyone notice something similar??

    OK i’ll tell you,,,, i was watching Hangeng’s “Clown mask” MV then i go watch Super Junior’s ”Sexy, Free & Single” then i notice that the music at the end of “Clown mask”  is the same music of the beginning of “Sexy, Free & Single” !!! O.O


  59. Super Juniorrrrrrrr <3 How I missed you guys…I just saw their first live comeback on Music Core and DAYUMMMMMMMM they're definitely sexy free and single ;)

  60. The choreo is so good and the song is catchy.

  61. I’ve only been a fan of suju since mr simple days, but i gotta say this is my favprite title song.. It has this different feels from the other sj funky tracks and really shows their developed skills, both in vocals and dance..
    I mean, even eunhyuk got to sing more, instead of rapping :D and love his voice there! XD
    mv-wise, although it would be great to have something different, i’m pretty fine with this too.. Since sj is originally a performance-based group, it makes sense for them to highlight their dance rather than acting.. I think plotted mvs are more for ballad or slower tracks, like sm the ballad’s or sj’s no other :D

  62. First thought: damn Donghae still looks fineee~

    Second thought: Siwon’s abs are gone T____T

  63. I don’t know if simon and martina will see this but since simon always asks groups to say hi in polish during interviews, Super Junior’s 6th Album comeback was featured on polish news :)

  64. SUJU USTEDES YA SON GANADORES. vamos neul saranghae

  65. I love it, despite them being in a box again ^^

  66.  Super Junior Music Monday FTW~ xD

  67. I can imagine Simon parodying the part of the choreography where they swim on the floor XD

  68. If someone had told me earlier that this song had no distinct rap in it i would have been a bit dissapointed, but it flows so nicely that not up until this point, after having listened to it many many times, did i realize that fact

  69. Love the choreography<3

  70. The widow’s anthem-sexy free & single I’m ready to bingo.

  71. I also don’t like the fact that they are in a box again but I understand that this isn’t only SM fault, we have to understand that our boys have their own solo activities and most of them don’t have time to film a 15 min elaborated video like t-ara’s, For example Siwon, he practically lives in china, teukie is always working, kyuhyun and sungmin have their musicals, and everyone else has something to do.

  72. I loved the video! I am so happy for their comeback. I got so excited to see Kangin here!

  73. Super Junior is still the best!!! fighting

  74. amazing song! the kings are back <3

  75. This MV has sexy written all over it … literally :D


  76. I really want you guys to review this ;___; *will stalk this page*

  77. love this song!!!Always support them..

  78. Dang. Suju’s choreography and synchronization blows me away every time.

  79. I find it funny that one of Leeteuk’s nicknames is DogTeuk and he’s wearing something like a dog collar in this video XD

  80. I love Super Junior, I really like this song perfect comback :)

  81. Be preaperd S&M , on SF&S where some reaaaaaally big haters from you because you didn´t say nice stuff about SJ in the past :// so please don´t be like IDK totally shocked to see if one of them comments

  82. SuJu is the best…I love their perfomance in Music Core…they did an amazing job

  83. woo im sexy free and single ready too bingo!

  84. You guys, 2ne1 are already at about 9000 votes, if we give them one more day, then they can catch up to us. VIPs are voting at about 2000 votes per hour. and if we give them 1 and 1/2 more days to votes until Monday, then they can become number one of the kpopcharts. ELFS please help voting and spam your friends to help vote too! >:D Sorry, just the Kings came back since 1 year haitus, and I really want this to get reviewed. :D

  85. Love Yesungies new hair XD

  86. In my head it says mingle >.< Ah well still even though its a box music video, its an interesting box at least!

  87. Oh SM and your engrish skills XD still LOVE this <3

  88. Vote! Share! Buy! Watch! ^^ come on elf! we can do this! ^^for our boys! uri leader teukie oppa!

  89. i love SUJU neul SARANGHAE a ganar se a dicho

  90. vamos SUJU ganar como siempre mis KINGS


  92. Ana Luiza Mendes Halabi

    SuJu Suuper Perfect!! *¬*
    and the empty room was exchanged for a empty fake street!!
    but no matter what, i still love them!
    SuJu: undoubtedly sexy, free and maybe single

    Sorry Sorry: wash hands

    Mr.Simple: dry hands

    ACha: show clean hands

    Sexy, Free and Single: applause for completing “hand cleaning” steps

  94. Bingo is something of a catchphrase. has anyone watched the kdrama Bridal Mask? Kangto says “bingo” whenever he figures sumn out, almost like “yeah I got it now” . So that’s why it’s used. “I’m ready too, bingo.” anyway. LOL great song. great MV great dance! cool vibe, great groove. LOVE IT! <3

    and that street-ish set is NOT a box lol

  95. Who cares if u hear pringle, bingo, dingo, dingle, Bingle, abs Aja Hanna Wuhan ah?!?! O.o weird iPad autocorrect… Anyway..OMO MY RYEOWOOKIE IN THE MIDDLE SO ADORABLEE AND FULL OF AWESOMENESS!! epic swimming on the floor too! I finally learned the dance this time (I just watch and follow) but I am still waiting for the dance version so I can dance ALL of the moves! :DDDD Super junior never fails to entertain me. But SM, I still hate you. EAT FOOD!!! Dx

  96. I love this song…I am sooooo ready to Bingo too,…Lets go…lol!!!

  97. I hope they win!!

  98. if (and probably when XD) they review SFS, i hope the showdown is something like “suju’s title songs” and we can pick between the 6 of them. that would be awesome!~ i’m actually pretty curious about that, i think a sexy showdown would be too predictable >__> besides, it’s no fun if suju goes against someone else… we ELF would most likely viciously attack and dominate the showdown OTL *note, i said most likely. i’m not saying that we’re better than all fanclubs, it’s just… we tend to do that with things like this XD

  99. I’m so glad that they say “ready too, Bingo!” instead of “ready to bingo.” If it had been the other way, I seriously would have gone crazy and cry about SM and their stupidity…. But… yeah.. I’m glad I didn’t have to go all RAGE mode on SM. GO SJ!!!

  100. I don’t see any fault with their lyrics as some say
    To make it simple SUJU IS AWESOME

  101. I love this song, and mv, but i’m not even gonna vote for it anymore, it’s obvious that SuJu is gonna win this round xD

    I hope Martina and Simon will review JoKwon’s quirky MV next :T
    but now that 2NE1 just released a new MV, i’m sure that will be next???
    and also I want T-ara’s awesome fantasy MV to be reviewed v___v

    So much awesomeness coming out this year!

  102. yeah I’ll vote for this. Eunhyuk looks amazing here. And Yesung. And haha.
    And I wonder why they didn’t say “Get ready to mingle”? This would make more sense…. especially with the title.

  103. I’m soooo happy Kangin is back and they all look awsome!!!!!

  104. keep watching the video in youtube!

  105. The song is catchy and has a feel good vibe to it with a dance beat. The chorus still gets me I know what they are singing but still.

  106. Really want them to review this MV on Monday!

  107. Can’t wait to see what Simon and Martina have to say about this video! :D

  108. Their shoes are cool, but i don’t know how i feel about the general wardrobe, i’m used to SuJu beng suit idols, but that may become overused and this might be one of their last chances to wear something ‘interesing’ and not look like old creeps

  109. I WANT BOTH SUJU AND 2NE1! =D Idc which one first I just want both, so whoever wins i’ll be voting for the other one afterwards ^_^

  110. Hey come on now, they’re not in just a *room*, they’re in a room that looks like The World That Never Was and it has its own crosswalk even though there’s never any traffic.

  111. Not the best song from Suju, but I will always support them! (: Hope SM gives them better songs in the future. Good thing about Super Junior releasing a song, is that they start to come out on variety shows again(: !Besides I can watch Eunhyuk dance all day <3

  112. You must listen to this song more than once or twice :D It get s better and better xD

  113. I was thinking maybe it WAS “mingle” but they had to change it to “bingo” because they couldnt get the pronunciation right? Idk..

  114. The dance choreography is great, even if they still are dancing in very shiny rooms.
    Personally I’d also like to hear S&M’s thoughts on the English in this song LOL

    “TOO HOT~”

  115. ATTENTION: ELFs and BlackJacksLet’s have a deal… For this week’s KMM, let them do Super Junior’s first. And I want ALL ELFs to vote for 2NE1 for next week’s KMM.I’m a blackjack but it would be unfair for the ELFs if these guys will review 2NE1 this monday. I don’t want you guys blaming Simon and Martina for being YG biases. Remember what happened with BIGBANG’s Monster and INFINITE’s The Chaser? I don’t want that to happen… Pls guys…Agree? Who’s with me? No one? K…. T____________T
    Think we should? I think it’s a good idea!!

    • Sorry, Abby, I doubt that Blackjacks are going to step back for a week. Look, they already pushed multiple videos aside to get to second place and they are still gunning for first.
      Not gonna happen. I’ll vote for what I like.
      Agreements over the internet between fandoms are just as strong as bubbles in a sandstorm.

  116. Let’s win this!!!!! Fighting! SuJu <3

  117. This song is so freaking catchy!! Been singing it all week! xD

  118. I’m ready too, bingo :)
    I think this is one of the best suju mvs!!
    Ok, no mv can beat don’t don’s mv but this is awesome <3



  120. I love the choreography for this song <33333
    & Welcome back Kangin :D
    & I totally thought it was ready to mingle, not bingo…

  121. Simon and Martina are gonna kill them for their “bingo” part lol

  122. I feel like I’ll know exactly what Simon and Martina will say if SuJu wins. But idc, they have to win.

  123. if this gets picked i’m pretty sure you will have an issue with the “i’m ready too bingo” line XD i wonder who bingo is and why sj have to let hime/her know that they are sexy free and single. if they were referring to the game then…yeah idk anymore XD
    aside from the engrish (and the title which took me roughly a week to get used to and say without second hand embarrassment lol) pretty satisfied with the song (more smooth than the usual dance tracks), mv (its a box but there are several boxes and here are sets! and idk how one would make an irony-free creative mv of this lol; would totally read your ideas for this…shindong can prolly make a better mv for it than the acutal people sm hires lol), and choreography.
    yeah obvs im a fan so im really just happy they are back XD suju fighting <3

  124. the dance is amazing! I wanna learn It!

  125. I really like the choreography for this song

  126. Love this song !! sexy free and single I am ready too , bingo !!

  127. Hell yeah, I’m ready to bingo.

  128. More votes,more comments and share more! They need to win :))


  130. SEXY,FREE AND SINGLE madness :))


  132. Let us just support our boys :))) Let us show them how much we love them ELF..

  133. I have no idea what they mean by “bingo,” but whatever it is, I’ll do it! Also, a BLONDE Shindong? I’m in L-O-V-E! :3

  134. Come on, Super Junior!! You can hold this place until monday!!

    I don’t want 2NE1 to be reviewed this week!!! I wouldn’t mind ZE:A being reviewed but I want Super Junior more!!

  135. So glaaaaaaad they came back with a new album!!! Might going to Korea again just to see them and eat kimchiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

  136. come on elfs! lets go! I really want to see this get reviewed!

  137. I really wanna see them review this, cause I love it when they make fun of SuJu :D

  138. super junior fighting!



  141. Lovveee SJ soo much, hope they get reviewed! E.L.F. Fighting! <3

  142. I liked this song much better than Mr. Simple :D plus the bingo thing had me cracking up so badly!

  143. I dont think we have a problem beating 2ne1 ….

  144. I want more KANGIN !!!

  145. Nothing against super junior but I’m so disappointed with this mv.. The bingo part.. The flying through the air part.. Hmm :(

  146. super junior will be forever the best!!! SEXY FREE AND SINGLE JJANG!!!

  147. I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ELF…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. WTF is I’m ready to BINGO???

    that’s stuuuuuu!!

    SM?? Failed again!

  149. love them, love them :) they didn’t disappointed me, song is really catchy and light-hearted :) and says truth coz they’re sexy ^^

  150. again SUJU did NOT disappointed me :) its really catchy, light hearted song :) and says truth coz they are sexy xD

  151. super junior must win or i’ll kidnap spudgy and force him to the yodeling pickle ok maybe not but suju must win

  152. This video definitely needs to be reviewed! They show Leeteuk’s nipples. Enough said.

  153. This song is so catchy =D

  154. Just review it. You know you want to. Dont tell me it didnt BLOW YOUR MIND already hehehe :P

  155. Super Junior is Back!!!
    Super Awesome <3

  156. Can’t wait to see the review on this one, there are three large rooms this time *le gasp* and there are interesting new hairstyles and outfits, not to forget that Kangin is back! I like the dance as well, it’s very energetic ^^

  157. PunkyPrincess92

    oh i love this!!!!!!

  158. READY TO BINGO…whatever that means… xD

  159. they blow my mind once again!!! SJ daebak!

  160. i really want simon and martina to review this~!!

  161. It’s not “I’m ready to bingo” but “I’m ready too, Bingo!” That makes total sense. Anyways I loved this song, It’s catchy and the choreography is good also and original. Suju FIghting!!!

  162. It’s kinda disappointing, I was really hoping Kangin-oppa would have had more lines, or at least if anything more screen time. He’s been gone so long that I think he deserves it. The thing is, I know that when Heenim comes back he’s gonna get a lot of camera action. Oh and also, ASDFGHJKLHJGSIUOAHOGJIEIOGAPOIOPTOWRAUPEUNHYUKOPPARWHYYOUSO?????WHYMUSTYOUDOTHISTOMYFRAGILEFANGURLHEART???? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up for me.

  163. @simonandmartina:disqus , why can’t I see the whole “send” box on the Facebook link ? :l

  164. @simonandmartina , why can I see the whole “send” box on the facebook link -_-

  165. I totally love Super Junior especially their new song and MV is beyond awesome. SM has its own kind of MVs and they hardly like to spend any money on the money makers, still SJ rocked and this song is all I wished for :) Please review it Simon and Martina

  166. Oh man I accidentally voted for this video. Can you not count my vote. Lol. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being a hater on Super Junior, I happen to like them, it’s just that I’m not diggin the song. Sorry.



  169. Pleaaasssse we really want EYK talk about SJ again :)

  170. didn’t like it at first… but it has grown on me~
    the bdsm-ish theme is hillarious :DDDDDDD

  171. 2NE1′s video is out! We have to keep this MV at number one!
    ELF Fighting!
    SJ Fighting!

  172. I’ve said it before…

    SUJU can dance. Their choreo blows me away almost everytime.

    I like this song a lot more that than the last mini.

    Dear SM,
    WHY WOULD YOU ALLOW THEM TO SING “I’m ready too bingo” why did not not say”I’m ready to mingle.”


    Super catchy song. It comes out and latches on to you.

    • That’s what I was thinking too xD Don’t see what bingo really has to do with being sexy and single :p

    • i loved this video also, but i have to agree with you i thought it would be jungle when i firs heard it but then bingo…..maybe it means something

    • but well, that’s typical SuJu and typical SM engrish haha and i find it fun XD

      • It’s not really Engrish.
        There shouldn’t be any points taken off for the way they say “I’m ready too, bingo.” because with dance songs some sentences have the tendency to run together. Also, Simon and Martina didn’t take points off of Daesung’s line in Fantastic Baby when he said “I can’t. Baby, don’t. Stop this.” because they understood that it wasn’t all just jumbled together.
        Hopefully they will keep that in mind when they review. Because if not I will have to remind them in the comments section of the review video.

        • PithyComments

          Because of their intonation and vowel reduction, the line sounds more like “I’m ready to bingo,” which is how I originally understood the line. As for the meaning, I took it as either (A) ‘I’m ready to party and enjoy being single’ or (B) ‘I’m ready to find a girl and get busy.’ ;D

    • I still believe they use “Bingo” as “You got it right”… that”s how we use the word bingo in germany XD

    • “Sexy Free and Single I am ready too Bingo” is actually read as “Sexy Free and Single, I am ready too, Bingo!” it makes a difference with the commas. So now it just means Sexy Free and Single, I am too, go it! Bingo is the same as saying ” If you know what I mean”.

    • Maybe by bingo they mean >_____> … like…. they’re going to “get some” XD

  173. I would just like it to be known that that thing around Kyuhyun’s neck looks like a hat.

    As in, a black-painted straw hat that’s been smashed through his head to make it look like a cool accessory. It might’ve been, if it weren’t a straw hat.

    At least majority of the fashion isn’t so overwhelming :D

  174. Of Course Super Junior will win. It’s the fact! I used to like 2ne1 music, but I don’t like their newest song. Although this song of SJ is not good, too, honestly. But, as an ELF, I expect Super Junior will win, nmw.

  175. Come on ELF don’t let blackjacks sneak up on us!

  176. This song is super slow.. got bored of their dance moves after watching for about a minute or so… The only choreo I liked is the one that starts in minute 2:40 is fun to followed but everything else is pretty slow and basic… I love Super Junior but it doesnt mean Im blind nor deaf… I really dont like this one .. on the other hand… I have to say their upscale fashion and dark vanguard clothes were pretty awesome.. perfect for a photo shoot :)


  178. i love this song!!! i hope it gets review for music monday!!!

  179. I really loved this song! The choreography was awesome as well, although I wish there was some sort of plot in the video. I personally prefer when an MV tells a story, but I don’t mind too horribly that this one doesn’t. <3 Super Junior!! :D Plus, Kang-In's back!!

  180. The only thing i’m not so happy about is…….. KANGIN JUST CAME BACK FROM ARMY AND HIS FACE ONLY APPEARS IN 1% OF THE MV.

  181. I cant stop watchin the vid, everyone is so perfect =B
    review thiiis pleeaaasee!! :D

  182. Why is the comment 0? Or is it just my stupid slow internet..? o.o

  183. looooove SJ soo much!! <3

  184. I love this MV!!! The dance choreography is amazing…


  186. Aww, I know S&M are gonna hate this video, but I actually thought it was way better than Mr. Simple! I’m not sure why. But I love it. Anyway. Votin’.

  187. Guys 2NE1 Is Back, Be careful ..lats not lose our SPOT !

  188. awesome!! E.L.F. where are youuuuuu??? :]]]]

  189. GO SUPER JUNIOR, GO!!! I’ll keep voting for you (*O*)/

  190. i am a very hardcore ELF, super junior is my 1st bias group in k-pop….
    just cuz i love them, i won’t say i love this song and mv,
    that’s why i must tell you all the TRUTH that i goddamn hated this song and mv, they should have just made an mv for “from U” =.=””
    anyways, welcome back, kangin, and i hope this gets reviewed since uncle lee teuk is going to the army anyways.

  191. 2NE1′s new song and mv came out called “I Love You.” 2NE1′s alright but I love SuJu and I think “Sexy, Free, & Single” is 10x better! ELF are you ready? We have 3 more days, let’s at least hold them off until then! ELF FIGHTING! GAJA!

  192. SJ is a really special group :))

  193. i like the mv, but i thought it would b better if their like in a club or broke up or something, they also should show their abs since the mv is called SEXY, free and single and sorry to say, there was this edit thingi, n i pretty much didnt like that part, but as for the song, love it :3

  194. The dance was worked on by about five people (HURRAH NO MORE RANDOM ARM FLAILING) so it’s a lot better as a dance :3

    As for the box they used to dance in, they have left it to go on the street of an unknown planet (I’m thinking it’s like an underground town in EXO planet) and have decided to dance there in happiness. THEY ARE FREE FROM THE BOX. I think the black and white box was their flashback and they went through the maze box before being Sexy Free and Single out on the streets.

    I really don’t get the symbolism with that metal 3-Dish thing though XD;;;

    SO YEAH, SUPER LONG COMMENT FOR SJ WIN. <3 Thankyouverykamsa. Review~~

  195. Love the song (for the most part). Love the MV (for the most part).

    The song’s catchy, has a great beat, and a really good overall sound flow. It’s just the English lyrics. Oi oi oi. I was really hoping they were saying “mingle” and not “bingo” because that makes sense. “I’m ready, too. Bingo” makes as much sense as “I’m ready to bingo,” which is none.

    I think the MV is really well done and showcases their dancing abilities. Two things I don’t like – the weird leathery collar things for Siwon, Kyuhyun and Leeteuk. And the parts where they’re cg flying in poses (3:19) – it just looks so fake. And what is the point of it? Oh, and Siwon’s flippy hair – I’m sorry, but it looks like a cat licked it.

    But, really, I love the video and the song. I’ve watched it too many times to count.
    Nobody I know IRL listens to Kpop, so I had to share my opinion somewhere!

  196. even here ELFs are talkative ^^
    Love my fan club so much…


  198. why is it in the comments section it says 0?!?!

  199. Wow, their dance is cool, and I just realized after watching then live in their presentation on M-net, they really do say Bingo!

  200. Review review!♥ Totally love Eunhyuk’s Parts ♥-♥

  201. This song was very catchy indeed. And the choreography is amazing.

  202. Sexy, Free, and Single <3 It's so catchy!

  203. Love love love it! I’m not surprised it’s already number 1! I will say though I’ve caught a misheard lyric, or a product placement. Anyone else hear Pringle in the verse after they said single?

  204. O…M….G I LOVE IT! i have to say i wasn’t a huge suju fan but this song is amazing! I Love this side of SUJU. now i see why Martina is totally in love with them, she can have them all but Ryeowook.

  205. yes best dance moves <3

  206. Sure, they’re in a box again. But at least it’s a more scenic box then their other dance scenes. And for the record, almost ALL MVs are filmed in a BOX SET, plot or no plot. :P

  207. Why aren’t the comments counting toward the votes?

  208. ELFs keep watching the MV in youtube to increase the views!

  209. I listen to this song, and I feel like I’m so cool and chill and so ready to take on THE WORLD. Make it into a ringtone too or the youtube video on auto-repeat on the background while I’m working and I feel so ftw~~ Sexy, Free & Single yeah~!

  210. sexy free and single is a must DO ! X’D such a great song

  211. I really can’t wait to see Simon and Martina’s take on this video! I’m not a huge fan of the sets of the video, but the audio actually grows on you after a while. So please, vote vote vote :D

  212. why do peole like to talk before knowing the meaning of the song ??the song is not about how sexy they are , it is about there life and how they are not over yet

    • You can try to pretty it up as much as you want.
      This song is about single men who are about to hit the club scene in hopes of some lady friends.
      They are newly singled, i.e. just broke up, and they are not going to sit at home singing a song about how much they miss that cheating woman (my assumption).
      They are tired of it. It’s time to have fun.
      That’s what I get from they lyrics of the song.

  213. well first this song is my style i like it . it has this rock pop fell to it .well it is hot song i mean the way they sing is hot . the dance is good i like it

  214. did any one notice that yesung is in the middle dancing . do you know how much he begied eunhyuk to let him be in the middle

  215. oh yeah! the Superiors are back! Kang-bear is back!! :3


  217. Plus some of their clothes are realy SM…….?

  218. They are dressed like punk? I’m wondering if Yesung and Sungmin have already listened to Sex Pistols or Iron Maiden. (love their shirt ^__^)


  220. eeeeeeeee!!!!! suju is da best

  221. guys if possible vote for super junior on mnet we are in fist place but since votes only count for 10% and we didnt do so good in digital we need all the help we can get

  222. they re the best~~~even the ” box” cant hold their AWESOMENESS!!! <33

  223. I think thy are saying mingle instead of bingo; sounds wrong..

  224. Catalina Zashiki Roncancio

    i´m just gonna say one thing…Shindong is trying to copy Martina’s hair style? jajjaja XD

  225. I love this song! So much! Please review it!

  226. SUPER JUNIOR DAEBAK! ___ The english is ehhhh, lol. Well, I can’t complain my english isn’t that great either haha. Ohhhh, I forgot to mention YAAAAAAY KANGIN IS BAAAACK <3 Finally Kangteuk is back BABY! xD Is it just me or does Sungmin look totally hot in this video? Haha, I sound like stereotypical teenage girl. -___- (btw, I'm not going to reread this so sorry for grammar mistakes! :P)

  227. I want them to review this song, but at the same time I don’t. I would really like Simon and Martina to have some real video material to work and have fun with.

  228. I hear “sexy, free, and single: I’m ready to bingle” or “ready to Pringle.” O.o Normally I like SuJu, but this song and video didn’t do it for me. :( I’m hoping the song grows on me, but so far, it’s not. Don’t hate me. :(

  229. Please tell us what you guys think of Kangin’s return?
    Honestly I think it was really mean of SM not to give him a couple more lines or at least a little bit more screen time-but SM always does it’s own thing…even if it’s not always the best thing…*cough cough* oddly lit rooms *cough cough*

    BTW. Eunhyuk wai you so hot? Donghae wai you so talented? Yesung wai you so sexy? Super Junior, why you so awesome?
    2:24 Siwon’s hair totally reminded me of TOP, anyone else??

  230. Is it just me or is Sungmin extremely hot/gorgeous/beautiful/manly/sexy in this MV??
    He’s my 2nd bias, but usually because he’s adorable and squishable. Other than Hyuk, I cannot stop drooling over Ming. (Oh and Teuk’s arms/abs) *_*

  231. Awww my Sexy Oppas!!! I love them so much, especially Donghae Oppa xD!!! I love this song very much with kind of electronic background :D. Even when they are in a box (again) I will thank SM for showing more of Leeteuk and Siwon Oppa sexy abs!!! WOW!!! they show more skin than ever xD… Love you Oppas!!!

  232. OOOO Sungmin, I cant take my eyes off you…I really wanna focus on other members too but my eyes always goes back in searching for you HAHAHA. Im interesting in what Simon and Martina would say to this. Hope this win>v<

  233. i really like the mv this time. although they are dancing in a box again, the dance or even the feeling are brand new. and seriously everyone just looks very sexy and attractive. maybe some people still dont appreciate this type of music video, but that’s okay, nobody force you to like it. it is sad that they are going to army, but ELF will be with them to the last moment.

  234. I’m an elf don’t get me wrong
    And I’m super excited now that suju is back again, but I have to say,
    The English in this song is another epic fail 0 for SM, as always.
    lol I wish that one day suju will get a 5/5 on English in atleast one of their songs.
    I bought the album and I heard Gulliver(which was composed by Eunhyuk,my bias) and when they say Gulliver I swear they’re saying “Cod liver cod liver cod cod cod liver” aha step your game up SM, step your game up.
    And p.s. I know that the boxes look nice and all but will someone get rid of that stupid box? I swear the only suju vid that they’re outside the box is No other, and its only for a little and theyre back in the box again.
    P.s.s. wouldn’t the lyrics be so much better if it were
    “Sexy, Free, & Single
    I’m ready to mingle”? I personally think that it makes much more sense and sounds way better than bingo. I mean really, you get the mood all in the air that you’re sexy free and single and you wanna play bingo? Wtf lol

    All in all I totally love this song apart from its horrible English aha

    • As an ELF you should watch Miracle, Dancing Out, Victory Korea, Super Girl, Cooking Cooking, Me, Oppa Oppa (both the Shindong made one and the Japanese version), Fly, Show Me Your Love (a collab with TVXQ), Seoul (a collab with SNSD), Don’t Don, and Happiness. Even the Strong Heart theme song Donghae wrote was outside of the “box”.
      Because your comment about them being boxes in all other videos except for No Other is rather silly.
      Besides, EVERY other kpop group shows their dance moves in the “box”. Where else could the conditions be perfect for dancing so that the members aren’t too hot or cold, so that the lighting is just right, so that they can go for hours recording without having to worry about weather and lighting and fangirls finding the set and ending up in the background?
      Enlighten yourself.

  235. please review this song! i wanna see what simon and martina says about this! i really love the song..its so catchy, especially the nanananana~ parts :)

  236. If you want to help increase views, don’t just refresh and don’t just autoplay a playlist because those don’t count^^. Please search “Super Junior” and click the video from there. :D

  237. Sexy Free & Single! I’m ready too, Bingo ^^

  238. Sexy, free, and single i’m ready to bingo!!! I really wanna know what they’re really saying like binguel or something else.

  239. Sungmin looks soooooo cute blonde!!!!!

  240. Teukie!!! We’ll miss you, but its a good thing kangin is back!!!

  241. Normally, when one of my favorite bands comes out with a song I like, I feel like I need to spend every minute of every day making sure they stay on top of the EYK charts. With Super Junior, I don’t have to worry XD

  242. yep… its the box again. Although this song isn’t my favorite i think SuJu’s new looks are pretty cool (well some of the fashion is weird) and the dance is awesome too. Oh and Kangin is back! :D I’m actually kinda surprised that it doesnt have more views.

  243. …..I don’t get how there’s no comments. XD


  245. I was watching this on my big-screen tv when my dad decided to walk in… I didn’t even know how to explain the video >.< lol

  246. 2:10 and 2:11 what happened to Sungmins’ scarf? O.O MAGICALLY IT DISAPPEARED!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 슈퍼주니어 대박!! SUNGMIN YOU BECAME MY NEW BIAS 0:45 ~~~~ HOT!!!


  248. Super Junior is the BEST!!!



  251. Over 3 million views! Let’s keep it up, fellow ELFs! ><

  252. I’v missed kangin soooo much it’s good to have him back!!!

  253. AHH I love donghae in the MV! hes so sexy ^^ love their dance moves!

  254. love suju they rocked on Mcountdown

  255. This video has been on repeat in my playlist since it came out… It never stops xD haha

  256. Let’s keep commenting…. LOL XD

  257. Is the “Promote on Facebook” button not working for anyone else?

  258. What a freaking awesome song!!! xD

  259. Best choreography from them in a while. Super Junior fighting!

  260. shi won looks tired and their in a freaking box a cool dance though.

  261. love the song…wish i saw more shindong though.

  262. why does it say 0 comments when there’s more than 600!!!

  263. Awesome song, amazing music video, perfect album. That’s it.

  264. The coreo was fantastic! Yeah, the video didn’t have a lot going on as usual, but I really loved the dancing this time around! ^^

  265. Oh look at that oddly lit box! now it has a little red or blue instead of just black &white. oh look at that top with spikes @ 0:30 yeah don’t try hugging him. oh look at that monkey dance @ 1:36.oh look i think those guys are missing some clothing plus omg i see TURTLE NECKS!! oh look at that random upside down stair case in the background. oh look at those kung fu poses @ 3:30. oooh look at those sexy strutting catwalk scenes @ 2:30. yeah sure i kinda want to see a girl group win but the review of this song is so much more worth it. SO MANY THINGS TO TALK ABOUT!!! hehehehe ^.^

  266. yes, i know! Odly lit rooms again! :P but that’s SM’s trademark and, personnally, i love it! :P

  267. i’am very,very,very,very,very,very.10000000000X love super junior

  268. Super Junior, forever our Supermen!

  269. Love how it still says 0 comments on this page.
    This album is different from their other albums.
    Especially Rock star.
    I’m glad that Kangin’s back

  270. OhEmGee the title is so very true :) I love this wayyy better than “Opera” and everytime I listen to it it gets more and more catchy xP

  271. Kyuhyun i don’t know what you’re wearing but you make it work uwu

  272. Somehow, I prefer the costume choices in this video better than in Mr. Simple. Even though they’re still not that coehesive, they make more sense than the hats and ropes that Mr. Simple had them wearing. It also looks like the choreographers put more effort into the dancing (as in less repetitive).
    I won’t bash them for “being in yet more boxes”, because the costumes match the sets, and I don’t know how the song’s subject could relate to anything besides a box. The song is about how sexy they are, and they clearly flaunted their sexy all over the place.
    As far as the song goes, I enjoy it a lot. SMEntertainment calls it “soulful house genre music”, and I can see what they mean by soulful. As opposed to the pounding beats of Mr. Simple and Bonamana, it plays more off of the softer sound of Sorry Sorry. I congradulate SM for writing something where the group members aren’t singing the same note for the entire song. I’m not the type of fan that loves everything that Super Junior puts out, but it is evident that a lot of time and effort was put into the song, as well as the video.

  273. In just a few days this made it to the top! go super junior! :D

  274. XD love it

  275. sexy sexy sexy!!! nananana!!! fuck!!! this is the best song ever the best choreo ever and the best group EVER!!!!

  276. super Super Junior in super-boxes :D

  277. OUR KINGSS ARE BACK!!! o wait!! i mean…. KPOP KINGS ARE BACK!!!!! <3 <3 <3


  279. Well… SM like boxes. What if? The coreo and song are still pretty amazing. Is just like Simon and Martina said in the Electric Shock video, they don’t need fancy things to call attention even if they want new fans, they will attract them with the new groups and then these new Kpop fans will expand their likes to the other groups. Once a person is connected to Kpop is almost impossible not to go looking for the most popular groups, and SuJu is already one of the most popular groups inside and outside Korea. I just think SM is relaxing on the details… ”THAT” shirt… where have I seen that before? Huh? EXO? HUH??? /:P

  280. I am sure! 100% that Simon and Martina will say something about Kyuhyun’s lizard neck! :D :D :D Super Sekshi Video! The whole album the songs they just scream SEKSHI! Super Junior Fighting! ^^

  281. Come on ELF, this is our win already ;) Let’s make it a record

  282. Well, this is awkward. I’ve just watched the f(x) review where, err, SM’s lack of originality was duly noted and condemned. And now I’m voting for (S)imonand(M)artina to review this. Uh. Good Luck trying to making it funny!


  284. Just a few things….:
    1-I like the way they try to put everyone at the center of the choreography!! 2- And the street at the beginning of the video? For once I was saying :” wow SM had put a little bit of background for SuJu…” *a couple of second later…* “no, ok…here we go again with the white box thing….”3- I found very cool the ‘let’s swim’ step they do at around 2:01…XDAnd 2:10 the ‘sexy sexy’ part? No words to describe:) PS: Sungmin and blond= best combination ever!!

  285. Looovoe super junior!!!!!!!!!!<3

  286. I love the choreography for this. It includes some of their older songs. Love this song!

  287. Super Junior is back with all their power!

  288. Personally, I prefer these kind of videos instead of a storyline mv. For me, it’s more interesting to watch pretty faces and a dance than some silly story :D That’s why I can watch these kind of videos many times while a video with a story I watch max 2 times…

  289. I’m here to support SJ as an ELF, but the fact that I don’t really want you guys – S&M, criticize them again about the old things that “you know what” things. =((

  290. bwuuu this rev will b boring because there isn’t too much to comment except yet another odd room and strange fashion.

    • you know many people like the simple style

      • I don’t say that video itself is bad but there’s nothing to comment on for Simon and Martina, there are sooooo many MVs that would be way more fun to watch on KMM…

        • they can say something about the costumes, the dance, kangins comeback, super juniors future….they can say a LOT. I could make more than 3 videos about this MV & song and I’m not a “pro”. Pretty sure they will have no problem

  291. LOL so we live in America, right? And my Dad HATES how music videos are really….sexual or are in some dance club, so when I showed him this he was like “Woah! I love the setting…it’s so different” hahaha i thought it was funny since everyone complains about their “boxes” but personally I’m watching their MV’s for Sj not for what is around them.

  292. Why aren’t they counting the comments yet?

  293. Goodluck Simon&Martina on the dance !! haha

  294. ❤ ♪♫Super Junior♫ ♪❤ ❀Dae♛bak❀ SungMin ♥ KyuHyun ♥ SiWon ♥ YeSung ♥ LeeTeuk ♥ DongHae ♥ EunHyuk ♥ KangIn ♥ ShinDong ♥ RyeoWook ❣Saranghaeyo❣ ♫♪♫♪

  295. Love this song and MV! there dance moves? Awesome! The song? Frikin awesome! But the two things that really bug me is that ; 1) This is Kangin’s first mv in a long time so I was excpecting to see a bit more of him but i only saw him a three times in the mv while we got to see the rest of the members a million times. Kangin didnt get his full share of screen time and singing parts (along with shindong). 2) Is That they ARE IN A BOX AGAIN! How many times did we see them in a box? It’s getting old SM, its getting old. But I still want you guys to review this!

  296. P.S: I feel as though they should have brought Kangin to the front a bit more even if he isn’t the best dancer. This is his comeback MV, man, I want to see him when somebody else is singing too not just when he’s singing Q . Q

  297. Personally, on a whole, I love this ENTIRE album A LOT more than any of their other albums. It might just be because I like upbeat, catchy, dance/hip hop/pop tunes but still. I know there were a few slow-ish songs on the album, but I actually liked them as well. Much better than 5jib to be completely honest. On their fifth album, I only really liked Mr. Simple and Opera, but even then they got on my nerves after a while (coming from a hardcore, mind warped ELF here xD) But on this album, I have listened to it on repeat on my phone for hours, and before I the MV came out, I listened to all the songs on YT endlessly. None of them irritate me or stop being amazing. Furthermore, KANGIN’S BACK! Another reason to love the MV!! > w < Everybody's look in this video stunned me, especially Eunhyuk as he's my bias. He is so PHWOAR with black hair~ I'm proud of Ryeowook, I wanted to cry. Maybe because he's been moved up to the front for dancing? I have no idea. The choreography looks fun and awesome as usual. Just the entire thing, I love it! I can't describe with words how happy I was when I heard all about 6jib! Another thing I'm extremely happy about is that Hyukjae's sings a helluva lot more in this and the album than he has on the other ones! And he wrote Gulliver, my favourite and the majority of ELF's favourite, apparently~ I hope this gets reviewed by Simon and Martina! We need more SJ reviews XD Overall: VERY HAPPY WITH THIS SONG, MV, AND JUST, EVERYTHINGGGGGG <3 (Dongha'es hairrr, Minnie's hair~ F**k it, EVERYONE'S HAIR! Apart from… Kyuhyun… I feel awful singling him out but I'm just not a fan of Red-haired!Kyu ^ ^; Sorry guys :')

    • well to supost suju u should buy the album if u havnt already we need to help suju the most we can cuz aperently there not doing so good on sales compared to tara and 2ne1 so we need to suport them and show them that us elfs care and love them and ther talents in music SUJU FIGHTING

  298. Loving the dance~ Its a nice change in Super Junior’s music. It has less of a an overly electric sounding feel.

  299. So this is the part of me that’s been missing for 11 months ♥♥

  300. Too bad Super Junior only has a comeback once a year :(

  301. Just as always Super Junior are the best at dancing in closed rooms! Also why are the comments empty? ^_^

  302. I totally love the dance and beat of this song! It is soooooo catchy, I can’t even stop replaying it >.<

  303. A must listen to. And the sexy outfits don’t hurt either

  304. it’s REALLY COOl and AMAZING!!!!!
    They changed the sound of music (you need to listen to the whole album), but retained their own style.

  305. Kangin seems to be in the groove even though he just rejoined

  306. I super duper love the song! Oh well, i love the MV, eventhough SM always makes them dance in a studio. -.- ALL THE TIME! The choreography is daebak! Super love it.

  307. I would love if you review this
    ♥ SUJU

  308. Even Youtube TWITTED this MV on their official twitter page !

    “You have the right to go totally crazy. K-pop mega-stars, Super Junior, are sexy, free and single.”

    That’s so cool ! ^_^

  309. It’s like SM finally decided to throw in more money into SJ ^__^

  310. Well this is an improvement from the previous ones xD Instead of 2 boxes, they’re given a box made in attempt to look like the outside world and 3 other funky boxes xD

  311. Whether it is BINGO or some thing else we will come to know about it when they make a comeback.Because music show write the lyrics at the side. i don’t hear it as bingo but bingle.might be i am wrong here because many hear it as BINGO.

  312. why isn’t the comment section not adding up to the total points? did SJ broke the system?

  313. Ammmaggad… We love thiis song! ^^ But i miss their special highlight in the song! Like some dancebreaks or adlibs or something.. Over all. We luvd it!


  315. i want to see what you guys r going to say abt this(S&M)..and talk about their dance for once not just the box room, ‘coz frankly it does not really matter..

    SUPER COOL~~~~~~“`

  317. I can’t wait till you review this!
    - Arab eyk fan X3

  318. I really don’t want to see another SJ reveiw. All their videos are the same, even Kimchi said so. I know people love them, like scary love, but don’t you get tired of the same old same old. Well, I guess the advertisements are new. This probly counts as a vote for them but wev. I like the song, but eyk reveiws videos too, and in my opionion, they could have done better. :( Sorry ELFs

    • it isnt there fault though sm is the one that never seems to want to change things up and since they are good at dancing they just figure they should put them in a box like always and make them dance but the song is diffrent and the back ground are a little more diffrent still love suju either way they put so much effort into this although the sales arnt going so good i guess

  319. i don’t understand disqus’ new form of comments. there’s no order.

  320. I dont care what anyone says… I freaking LOVE the whole “in a box” concept

  321. thisisjustforfunval

    As always happens, I initially find that I’m not crazy about a SuJu song only to find the song stuck in my head and me falling for their song. Plus, come on, I love Eunhyuk!

  322. really like 6jib song…
    i’ll look forward for their comeback stage..
    finally can hear Kangin voice..

    really excited..^^

  323. Sexy free and single I’m ready to play bingo.


    And I’m pretty sure one of Simon’s comments will be. “WTF is Sexy, Free and Single and I’m ready to Bingo?!”
    I know that’s what I thought after reading the lyrics!! XD
    But Anyways, I love the song’s catchy beat I love the dance! :D
    I AM SEXY (<- sort of) FREE & SINGLE!!!

  325. i’m an ELF, and i try to not too bias about this MV D:
    well, i know the concept of this MV a lil bit weird (opera MV is better than this), but the choreo is great!

  326. just so u guys know in advance…it is “sexy free and single i’m ready too, bingo” :D

  327. Okay…the box video was to be expected…not commenting on that anymore ^^
    Maybe instead of talking about the story of the video you can talk about the…teaser pictures…or the weirdo styling…or just have a celebration for Kangin being back!
    Have a celebration cake for that occasion…AND PLEASE CAKE SIMON!!! Wanna see that one ^^

    Okay…so box video..yeah…BUT…I really love the dance!
    The dance is actually so nice that I get annoyed whenever they show close ups of the guys singing…wanna see the rest of the dance!

    Me and my friends call some part of the dance “The Mogi Dance” Mogi = Korean word for Mosquito!
    Well, fitting for this time of the year in Korea SJ came up with a dance to get rid of those bloodsucking monsters! See the awesome clapping part! Calp around in the air and then get rid off the corpses on your hands….love it ^^ Easy…everyone can dance it ^^ YAY! WE ARE ALL SAFE FROM MOGI NOW!!! THX SUPER JUNIOR!!!

    One more thing…Sungmin is really sexy in this video…but what the hell is up with that thorn crown??? -.- Haha….weird outfits…Leeteuk the Gladiator XD
    But yeah…well…maybe one of these days…or upcoming years…Sj will have a video with story again!

    PLZ SM!!! Or do ELF have to donate 1000 won each to finance a Storyline MV??? -.- EVIL!!!

  328. so….they put shades on Eunhyuk again and put him in awkward or far angles… not approved.
    also, Shisus & teukie has nice boo—abs.

  329. Oh gosh, I love Super Junior’s new sound! This song is so different from the generic SJ songs they’ve released since ‘Sorry Sorry’ which was fine, but I love, love, LOVE this new track! The only song I don’t like on the album is Gulliver… Not sure why… Back to the point. The dance was AMAZING. Seriously, it was so difficult, and interesting! Love. They all looked gorgeous. I do have a couple complaints though. This song seems to have primarily Kyuhyun, Donghae, and Yesung lines. Sungmin got a couple too! But, did Shindong even have a line? How about Siwon? Kinda sad. Lastly, if the lyric is seriously “Sexy, free and single, I’m ready to BINGO. I will cry. And curse SM till I die. Not really, but come one! That’s a stupid use of English and everyone knows it! I’m still buying the album… Go SJ! Go ELF!

  330. Ooooh I can’t wait until 2NE1″s mv comes out! That will be such an epic battle! XD

  331. i just can’t stop replaying :DD
    i’m totallyy loving this and i’m sooo glad that Kangin is back <3

  332. i absolutely love it ! and Eunhyuk killed me !!!!
    the choreo seems more difficult than the previous ones but the thing i could not understand was that part when they were jumping or flying or whantever ! it reminded me of SHINee’s Lucifer -___-”
    I couldn’t get it when i watched the teaser then i thought it would make sense in the MV but it didn’t !
    and plz i want to know your opinion abt the teaser pictures too, onegai .

  333. They look so ridiculously sexy in this MV. Omo! Those suit slow mo scenes!

  334. The boys were soooo into this! People that say it is boring are not here for the music! The song is a great dance tune and very different from their past several singles. I showed some of my friends that aren’t really into K-pop and they were really impressed! Super Junior is a group that really excells in their visual, I mean literaly what they look like, their emotion, and physical connection to the song. If you aren’t a fan of this type of music, you won’t like the video. Frankly, I have no idea what kind of story this video could have without seeming really lame. There is no possibility for a plot. This song is a bit more mature and yes, very sexy! I just saw T-ara’s Day by Day music video, I didn’t really like it. I thought that the story overpowered the song, and as a singer I wanted to focus more on the song. Not saying it wasn’t good, the song and video were amazing, just not really my style. I wish that people that dislike Super Juniors new mv could say comments more like this. Say something original. Because you are all just sounding like you’re jealous and angry that Suju came out with an awesome comeback. You need to stop with bashing their lack of a story based mv, and the set. Suju isn’t in a box anymore, it isn’t even remotly boxed shaped -_- you can’t use that anymore. -_-” I really needed to get that off my chest… as a person training in the arts, I was really able to appreciate the musical aspects to this video, the intense and sexy dancing, the emotion – I think they really enjoyed preparing this song! And the musicality… don’t get me started! The voices and lyrics were all arranged in such a way that makes it a very enjoyable, easy on the ears dance tune that I can greatly appreciate. I would like to see them come out with a ballad as their next single though, then they could comeout with a killer story-driven mv.

  335. It’s not just the usual box!! There are two! I like them!! It’s not only a plain white room this time. I like the road themed box! xD Super Junior look totally sexy in this MV!!! I love this song!!! When I first heard it I didn’t like it much but as I listened to it more it grew on me!! Now I’m addicted to it!!! Even if I am confused by the lyrics… Sexy, free and single I’m ready to bingo… Why bingo?! Bingo isn’t cool man! SM your loosing your cool words being thrown around everywhere!! The dance for this song is TOTALLY EPIC AND AMAZING!!!!! SuJu Hwaiting!!!!

  336. Eunhyuk’s dance part was really amazing.

  337. I’m happy to see the boys back <3

  338. At first this song was kinda weird for me, but now, it’s so awesome!
    And kangin is back right?
    srry if i got it wrong…
    I wonder how Simon and maritna r going to react to it…

  339. I love Super Junior, but I am really bored with all their repetitive MV concepts. I hope some of you ELFs can agree with me.
    Please think about which video would TRULY make for the best review this week!
    I would be so happy if this week Sistar or Jo Kwon won a review. The videos are so unique to the kpop scene, and the potential for commentary is astounding. We’ve had dance-based MVs for the past three weeks, and I’d like to see something fresh.
    Thank you.

  340. I like SuJu, but I’m really disappointed in SM’s (painfully obvious utter lack of) marketing in their comeback. Although some may consider it monotonous, I’ve always loved the classic SuJu look – blazers, shirts/ T’s and slacks – which is not heavily featured here. Sometimes it’s really exciting and interesting to watch the evolution in wardrobe and imagery, but there were parts of this wardrobe that made me think “Uh guys… Exo called, and they want their coordi-noona back.”
    Those things aside, I love the song – it is that distinctively Suju sound – edgy dance-y electro beats with fabulous vocals, relatively easy-to-learn lyrics, and infectious melody. Suju again executes complicated choreography effortlessly – can’t wait to see the live performances to truly appreciate the slickness of it all.
    Look forward to hearing your thoughts. <3

  341. this MV so PERFECT!!! I LOVE YOU BOYS ><

  342. I absolutely love this comeback. Amazing song, kick ass choreography, great outfits and hairstyles, nice looking sets, and a FREAKING AMAZING ALBUM. And anyway, who cares if they’re in a box? :P It’s called a set and the first one is damn cool anyway.

  343. YES! The power of ELF. Come on fellow SJ fans, dominate their KPOP charits XD I knew this was going to happen <3 Super Junior has the strongest fanbase out there…proud to be an ELF and I love this song. Donghae looked so amazing.

  344. First off, thanks for this space to comment Simon and Martha.
    The song is not their best ever, but I like it. Set design nor costumes match with the lyrics “good time” or “party time.” I thought it should have been a brighter location. While other artists from smaller companies are currently filming in Hawaii and New York, SM, one of the biggest entertainment moguls can only shoot in box studios. The MV look like a recycled mix of EXO and TVXQ.
    Super Junior is extremely talented, I really don’t know why they are being treated in such a 3rd class way.I am a fan of Super Junior because of their versatile characters, their honesty, talent and the fact that they can do anything with perseverance. They inspire me to work as hard as they do. I bet the same goes for all fans that look up to any celebrity. This is just disappointing though, what use are foreign composers and choreographers if you’re not going to live up to it. The only thing I love in the MV is the dancing,

  345. i love suju and i will support them

  346. LOVE SUJU fadgaergreag
    >> i was expect that they will be dancing in the Club half naked>>scratch the last bit of.

  347. i wish simon and martina can review this song. I know theyre in a box again, but i really wanna see what simon and martina thinks about this song and dance…

  348. The suits are awesome! Much better than turtlenecks, at any rate. xD

  349. i want to join the old ladies at the smoke filled casino and Bingo like crazy.

  350. Why is it that there are almost 500 comments but it says that there are 0? o.o

  351. SM Entertainment is a GOOD company for Super Junior. For those who said they mistreat Super Junior, I think they’re changing their ways. Super Junior got 4 background sets, had famous choreographers working for them and 4 different types of awesome outfits in this video. Not to mention allowed Eunhyuk put his song in the album and the song dedicated to us ELFs. SM Entertainment <3

  352. Super Junior and ELF daebak!!!!<3

  353. COOL MV ever.. love your dance..!!

  354. Hm. I have a theory.
    I suspect SJ can’t go out and do a MV in a random public place like the Wonder Girls did it ‘Like This’ because SM thinks us ELF might go a little insane and jump them before they can actually do any filming… which is probably true.
    Thus, SJ has to film their MVs in oddly lit boxes for their own safety.

  355. DONGHAE, you’re so hot…!!!! love you…<3

  356. no matter what, i’ll always support SUPER JUNIOR…!!!

  357. I’m loving the song/MV! Some of the costumes are a bit strange *is looking at you Leeteuk* but overall I love it! I’m really glad they at least gave Kangin a singing part! The first time I watched it, I missed it (blaming my laggy internet since I moved) but when I rewatched it I heard/saw him singing and was really happy :D

    And it’s in a box…well, it IS a SM MV so..that’s all I can say

  358. I am fairly certain that they are actually saying “I’m ready to mingle”, as it makes more sense, rhymes with single, and the song is auto-tuned which might make their accented English harder to understand. However, people will most likely forever make fun of the bingo-playing Super Junior.

  359. We got this!! :D

  360. Sexy Free and Single daebak!

  361. This is one of the worst K-Pop videos ever! Last week you complained about the costume changes in the Big Bang ‘Monster’ track – this is just as bad (possibly worse!). The dance routines are ruined by a bad video concept! ESPECIALLY the flying through the air poses! Even my students giggled and said it was corny!

  362. this reminds of me of sourcefed playing the ninja game

  363. Can’t wait for your review xD
    I was disappointed with the mv, too cheap compared to other sm videos, still i absolutely love the song, and they DO look sexy and the choreography is amazing.

  364. they all look so…sexy sexy sexy(8) =Q

  365. Why does it say there are 0 comments? You broke? :O

  366. I can’t express my love with words. close to 7 years of devotion does that to you

  367. Love this MV :D they’ve kind of escaped the box, but then some bits they’re in it again >< Eunhyuk and Sungmin look amazing~ (momentarily makes me forget about my bias haha) Love Kyu's "Let's go!" though (:

  368. its so clear that they are doing this now ^^

  369. I just love the clicking scene with Eunhyuk

  370. i love this mv :) but i kind of know that Simon and Martina are gonna say something about “bingo” lol

  371. I’m not even a big fan of Super Junior. I mean, I know the members names, I like the songs but I could never call myself an “ELF”. This MV changed all that. I really REALLY love this song/mv/clothes/whateverelseisleft. And yes, this is a typical SM MV but I still like it~ How big it the first set :O

  372. The more I listen to the song….the more it’s stuck in my head. SM always makes the catchiest songs~

  373. OMG i loove this song and omgeeeeee the dance was awesome!!!!

  374. Yet another combination of oddly lit rooms. Well, I like SuJu, but I’m voting only to see the “As for the English of this song…” part.

  375. dear simon & martina, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE focus on the LYRICS & the CHOREO & the MUSIC and STOP trying to complain AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN, if u guys think that making a mv is EASY just try to do that, we will see how it works. pls PROVE that u are not biased.

    • Please, please, please. Stop saying that they’re biased. This mv is reeeeally boring for non-fans. I know there’s no way I’d convince you, but try to think that oddly-lit boxes over and over again may not please someone who isn’t already in love with the group. You may love it, others might hate it. :)

  376. WOAH Super Junior became 1# so fast :o As expected xD

  377. Is this still considered SJ Funk? I don’t care, it’s still amazing!:D

  378. It’s actually, “I’m ready too, bingo.” And here I was thinking the Engrish could not get any worse. XD oh, SMTown. <3 can't wait for the review~!


  380. Wow~ Our little pumpkin prince looks totally bada*s!

  381. They Look Too FIne!!!
    Saranghae Super Junior
    Will Love You Forever and Ever

  382. I know Simon is going to go on a rant about the “Engrish” and the English in this review. XD I look forward to what he and Martina are going to say about this video. :)

    Is it “bingo,” “bingle,” or “mingle?”


  384. I love my boys!!! Come on ELF!! :) From Perú ;)

  385. Where is Leeteuk hiding the fountain of youth

  386. What is with this word ..BINGO!.. it is showing up everywhere… they have done it quite a lot in Bridal Mask, once or twice in Gentleman’s Dignity… and now in this song… I see a new trend LOL

  387. DONGHAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR MY OVARIES HAVE EXPLODED!! Why do you have to be so damn sexy Donghae!?!?! Can’t you see what your doing to me!?!? *flips Table*

  388. Washing hands, drying hands, showing off clean hands, and now giving a massage with clean hands? Oh, and the moment they lie down at 2:03 – I call it the lazy morning exercise practice dance. I do it all the time.

  389. Leetuck is impossible to be 30. >.< He has those abs. ;P

  390. I already have a feeling of what Simon and Martina are going to say about this video but I hope that they don’t expand too much on the whole box thing. We get it, they’re dancing in boxes. ELFs want more for SUJU too than a box but I think it actually suits them really well since their songs have different meanings than regular “story” songs. I also hope they don’t talk too much about the English either.

    What they should expand on, however, is the CHOREOGRAPHY! Seriously this is perfect for SUJU! It’s complicated enough for 10 members yet it still contains a signature move SUJU is famous for (the slapping/clapping hands thing or whatever it’s called XD)

    Although the review may not be full of a bunch of praises and what not, I still hope Simon and Martina review this.

  391. Wooow no1
    LESS THAN 1 DAY SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!! its actually 18 hours
    love SuJu, they deserve the best fans, and they got them <3 and their number is just increasing, there is a reason for that…somwhere in the future, more people will understand it, untill than keep supporting our oppas E.L.F

  392. OMG…
    Eunhyuk raping with his gaze,
    Ryeowook so much improved his dancing skills,
    Kyuhyun and Donghae flawless as always,
    Siwon pure sex,
    Kangin finally back,
    Sungmin hot blondie,
    Yesung WOW,
    Leeteuk perfect abs,
    Shindong with pink highlights


  393. At least they do not have a story which is inconsistent with the song. The choreo was great & the song is really catchy. At first I didn’t lied the song but after listening several time sto it I really love it now!

  394. This video must be reviewed next week does not matter if T-ara has a cooler video concept, but because Super Junior know how to move it, move it!

  395. At first i wasnt really into it but the more i listened to it the more i like it!!! Now i love it! and the Choreography is awesome! cant wait for the live performance!

  396. In a lyrics video it said “Sexy, Free, and Single. I’m ready too. Bingo”
    Bingo as in correct. That makes more sense than them going to play bingo,

  397. Wonderful SJ, Swedish ELF will always love you!

  398. Good song and the video is kind of neat. The lyrics aren’t as tacky as I thought they would originally be. XD

  399. is it just me or does eunhyuk just seem to get hotter and hotter, i sweaar he is going to give me a heartattack.

  400. read a comment somewhere that they might be saying “I’m ready to Bingle.”
    bingle – a base hit on which the batter stops safely at first base

  401. The dance is great in this video, lol for the lyrics in English because in my case I laugh every time they say “mingle” but to me is ‘bingo”!

  402. I’m speechless :O they’re so~ perfect !! <3

  403. I didn’t like this song at first when I heard the teaser, but like Mr. Simple, after replying the song I really like it.

  404. I hope this wins not just because I’m ELF, but mostly because I want to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about some of those costumes. It would be hilarious.

  405. You guys are gonna have a field day with this vdeo xD.. I’m a big SuJu fan and even I was like… wtf -.-

    I expected it to be much better than it actually was /:
    But at least say “WELCOME BACK KANGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  406. Now I understand Bingo must be a code word for some naughty naughty business. I mean they are sexy, free & single ㅋㅋㅋ

  407. Umf. I absolutely love the dance. I wanna know what kind of useful purpose Simon and Maritna put to this one!

  408. I’ve been replaying it nonstop! Love the song, the mv, the dance, everything!

  409. omg!!! i love this song ,the mv, the dance, super junior is the best!!

  410. Esperando o review dos reis
    Só espero que não falem merda como falaram de believe

  411. i love this mv very much! :)

  412. I already know what Simon and Martina are going to say about it :) but i still want the review :)


  414. I was impatient to watch it and…it didn’t disappoint me at all ! Gosh, they’re so damn hot and sexy, the song is really catchy (even if I think there is a bit too much “autotune”) and the choregraphy is just WOW ! I love the moment when they “fly” at the end but above all Sungmin, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk’s moments !

  415. oh boy SM 왜요 왜요???????? ; I have to tell you something SM if you are an extreme rich company why the heck you dress your artist with “HOT UNGLY TRASH” …..왜요?…poor kyuhyun and the neck thing ,oh Sumgmin what’s that in your head? Lee teuk you must be cold, shiwon put on something stop flashing your abs .lol…NICE VIDEO

  416. hey its not an oddly lit room!!! got job sm for finally listening to simon and martina

  417. Eunhyuk is sexy.
    Kyuhyun’s voice is sexy.
    This song is Sexy.
    Donghae is adorable :3 And sexy.
    Super Junior is sexy.

  418. REVIEW THIS! It’s suju, you’ve gotta do it~ <3 I personally think this is better than Mr. Simple. The song, the dance, well just everything is amazing bout this ~

  419. too bad their stuck in more boxes, but boy is this song catchy!

  420. You should oh no.. You MUST Review this Video on KMM next week,,,
    honestly I get a bit disappointed about the MV is in the ‘BOX’ again and don’t have any plot or what.
    But who cares????
    I Freaking love their dance moves and their outfit. and I think the first set is pretty cool, only the 2nd set is kind of similar with Bonamana set


  422. Just out of curiosity, which one of their outfits would you think would be hilarious for Simon to wear?

  423. omg this is awesome i caan’t even atdfuygreojkzok

  424. Loved the song this time! And the dance was way beyond my expectations! The first time I listened to it, I couldn’t figure out how they were going to put choreo to this, and yet, they did~ Amazing~
    And I really could care less if they’re in boxes. It’s the SM tradition. *shrug*

  425. how do i vote ??? SUPER JUNIOR ROCKKKSS!!

  426. best SJ song i’ve heard in a while – love it! A total summer song you can go cruising to, at the beach, party (if you’re lucky enough to have kpop parties – so jelly!) or simply walking home to, like I do! :D suuuure they’re in a box again – but I don’t care!

  427. LOL wow, in one day we made it to the top!! ELF fighting!!! :)

  428. OMG !


  430. Box again, yeah, BUT wouldn’t we miss it if they didn’t do their own thing anymore? Some interesting dance moves to recognize there

  431. I love this video! I don’t know if they’re free and single, but they’re definitely SEXY!!!! And I love Siwon, but seen Donghae right at the beginning of the video made my day! :D <3

  432. Sexy free and single I’m ready to bingo…….I kinda wish they would have used Sexy free and single I’m ready to mingle…would have made more sense….but whateves… It’s still catchy!!!

  433. Even though they were in a box again, it was one of the best boxes they’ve been in. I still enjoyed the video, and I’m in love with the choreo. The guyliner and leather jackets are a bonus. :D

  434. The box is upgraded ^^ bigger box..
    As for the English, they probably get 3 out of 5 because of bingo maybe LOL

  435. This song is really catchy and kind of refreshing, although… well, yes, I was shocked and surprised and…. But I totally love it! This new SuJu’s style is very strange but good and I like it. It’s so summeryyy~~~~! :D Haha, please,make a video about this MV :)

  436. I absolutely love this song! Though the video could have been more interestng, I was just happy to be able to see Kangin back with them :).

  437. WOHO! Love the MV! *_* Sexy, Free & Single, I’m ready to BINGO! <3

  438. Did anyone else notice that when they’re in the room with the stairs, and all wearing black and white, that KyuHyun and SungMin’s clothing change back and forth, but no one else’s does?
    KyuMin <3 lol

  439. Super Junior totally deserves a review for their last album!


  441. ok so in nt getting bored of this! i love this!!!

  442. The only thing that worries me is the English score. Does anyone really know what the chorus is saying? o.o

    • When the lyrics were released it said, “Sexy free and single, I’m ready too, Bingo”, rather than “I’m ready to bingo/mingle”. I don’t think they will be getting a very high score this time lol

  443. Oh my god, I absolutely love the new song! :-) When I heard the title, I though, that this is gonna be akward. But actually it’s awesome! I love it, that Donghae sings more than usual. But I don’t like the new style from Yesung… :’( And the background is like…. every SM Video….
    But all in all I love it x)

  444. To be honest I’m actually impressed with this MV. After Mr. Simple I thought that the next comeback would be really crappy, but it was actually better, which is a fact that I really like.
    The song is catchy and the choreography is more elaborated than others the have done. And yes, I know that some outfits are kind of weird, but hey, its about to be sexy, free and single!~
    I hope you guys review it! (:

  445. omg i think i just died.
    super junior 6jib ftw <3
    cant wait til the live performances! :D


  447. Me no likey box or wardrobe choices (pretty sure EYK have certain comments on this category LOL), and the song is decent. But I love the dance and the 10 wonderful men in this MV. THIS MUST BE REVIEWED.

  448. It’s a box, but at least has some scenery. Besides, almost all MVs are filmed in a “box set” anyway :P

  449. I was very pleased with this video. The sets are amazing, their outfits fit the theme, and it impressed me for not having a plot. The English could be better, but, come on, it’s SM, what do you expect?

  450. I’m rather relieved it didn’t follow the same formula as SJ funky, not because i dislike SJ funky but it was getting a bit old

  451. Ugh, stupid box…The MV itself isn’t really all that visually pleasing to me (besides Super Junior who are always visually pleasing xD *drool*) and I don’t understand how they could be Sexy, FREE & Single if they’re trapped in a box.
    Their choreography is amazing as usual and the choreographer worked well to use each member’s strengths without making one member stand out.
    At the first listen, I didn’t like the song, but now after a few more listens, it gradually grew on me and now it’s stuck in my head. The song is great, especially the pre-chorus.
    The English seems good too, except for the “bingo” part, which doesn’t make sense D:

  452. Little sister: Why do you keep rewatching that music video?
    Me: There are 10 members in this video, I focus on one of them every time I watch.
    Little sister: Um, you’ve definitely watched this more than 10 times…
    Me: I can’t stop looking at EunHyuk T.T

  453. The choreography is still blowing my mind :D

  454. They’ve upgraded their boxes!

  455. The choreo is awesome this time! I’m impressed! Now c’mon, ELF, vote!

  456. first thing is : SM thanks for producing awesome songs for SuJu 6jib..
    3rd: SM please make some improvement in your videos
    4th: I EFFING LOVE THIS ALBUM..amazing songs :’) SuJu is the best for me and my fellow ELF.. please review this album as a whole.. this one MV wouldnt be a downfall for such an awesome album..
    the ballads are so mesmerizing..i teared once i heard it .. that’s the power of SUPER JUNIOR <3
    5th: i can predict simon and martina's opinion about the vid..*well it's SM's typical video anyways
    6th: please support Super Junior :)

  457. I can’t believe my SUJU is back. I missed them. Even thought i listened to their album before the MV came out i can’t help, but be amazed about how much they changed and also their vocal talents. And you can’t forget their dance. Just amazing. I love this song and just them. Anyway i love the music video and the song it’s very unique and very techno-ie. It’s a great difference from SUJU’s other songs, but i love it

  458. i don’t think it’s a problem that they are dancing in a room because there really can’t be a story line in this song… actually they can be in a club and then like the other MVs them in a club and girls that would actually work i can kinda imagine it in my head o.o but oh wells…

  459. Wait… Shindog isn’t single ^^

  460. I am actually satisfied with the video.
    I’m confident that the SM in SM Entertainment stands for sadomasochism instead of Sooman.
    There are so many collars, spikes and leather it’s not even funny. Let’s not forget the slapping dance move and the part where some of the members lay down in front of the others.
    Thank you, SM. Thank you and God bless your soul.
    Also, Simon I challenge you to ruin this dance. I only say this because I am 100% confident that there is absolutely nothing you can do to destroy this for me.
    Nothing at all.

  461. I thought they were saying sexy, free, and single…I’m ready to mingle lol they all look fantastic in this video> PERFECT HAIR!

  462. I ready, too Bingo! …oh SUJU what to do?…any way love it! <3

  463. There something wrong with the comment counter… xD but LOOK! We beat everyone in our way already!!! after not even a full day of being released!! ELFs are the best ^w^ ♥

  464. SUJU is most definitely SEXY, FREE, and SINGLE. It’s good to see Kangin back. I totally agree with Leesun. This box nonsense needs to stop. Come on, concept video much. To much dancing, even though it’s good. But anyone else notice the sound effects just like in A-CHA and Mr. Simple?

  465. THIS MV IS AMAZING!! altho i really love the song, i personally feel that gulliver would have made a better music video. and WADDYA KNOW?? ANOTHER ODDLY LIT ROOM!!! oh sm, we know you too well XD AND I LUUUUUUUUUUV YESUNGS HAIR!!! and im glad teukie changed his, its been the same since bonamana…blonde looks good on you sungmin XD i also really love kyu’s hair XD but what’s with the things around their neck in the solo shots…and is kyu wearing…eyeliner??? possibly???

  466. let’s be ready elfs. an army of trolls gonna troll. just ignore them, ok.? we’ve been around since 7 yrs ago so by now we should know that feeding trolls will never stop em from trolling. instead, they’ll be happier wif any reaction from elfs. so just ignore em, ok.? no matter how offending it is. defend our oppas millions of times but they still gonna hate. if there’s flag button, just flag em. NEVER FEED THE TROLLS.!!! pls like this to let other elfs see.

  467. whats up with the weird costume Leeteuk has where it shows only his nipples and not the rest of his body. i wanna see his abs SM!!!

  468. Vote Super Junior for LeeTuek’s last album till he goes to the Army! And for the return of Kangin! And for The amazing guys that make us Love Super Junior and make us proud to be called ELFs

  469. Kangin’s BACkKKKKK

  470. woooooooooooooooow really super junior is the best

  471. Why aren’t the comments being counting?

  472. Freakin’ love that song and MV <3

  473. Soooo glad they’re back!! And even though they are in a box, I’m really impressed with the MV!!! Love the dancing, the KOREAgraphy is ah-mazing!! And the engrish isn’t that bad compared to before lol!! Can’t wait for the review!!

  474. I’m not an ELF but as a k-pop fan I always look at the new songs, and I have to say that I absolutely loved this song! Hope it gets reviewed!

  475. Simon and Martina, since I care about SJ and want their achievements to be known I hope u see this and add it to ur review please
    this is good infos for u too ^^

    Sexy Free and Single at the iTunes charts.

    iTunes Top 10 POP Albums:

    #1 Japan

    #1 Perú

    #5 Finland

    #5 France

    #5 Poland

    #5 México and yesterday it was #2

    #6 US

    #6 Canada

    #9 Australia

    iTunes Top 10 Albums:
    #1 Japan

    iTunes Top 100 Albums Worldwide:
    #24and this is with no iTunes promotions ^_^

    and all their 6JIB song are in the top 10 in the top 100 songs at the KKBOX Hong Kong chart.

    also the music video received triple crown on Youtube after 3 hours from when it came out, most liked, most Favorited and most discussed


  476. I’M EXPECTING A HILARIOUS REVIEW OKAY. Your Super Junior reviews are usually the best! They never fail to make me laugh until I cry. :’D It’s a pretty predictable MV (you know, dancing in a box and all), but the dance is really cool! ^^

  477. oh suprejunior, you never fail to amaze me.

  478. Sexy , free & single … I’m ready too , BINGO <3 ^^!!!~

  479. I totally love this song! And I like the MV as well, okay there is no story in it but hey Super Junior is known for their cool choreos and this one here is really really cool!!!! I’m totally hooked on this and I hope you guys are gonna review this :3

  480. “forever in da box” would be gladly amazed when they actually step out of one. damn sm. really fugly clothing but nice blonds here and there. Sungmin’s hair really nice, Kangin’s back /shuffle “I’ll be back pose” Sexy pree anz zingle im ready bingo. the amount of koreng, i just cant/ stab ears already. /you all shall drink their milk shakes xD this time the dance’s not as easy to have mass dance session and sign language anymore, is quite, no BERRY upset that Eunhyuk does not have a dance break, which is always amazing, push the song to the climax, but this time no… so hope this /it sure will, win KMM <3~ /wonder how spudgy gonna 'take it away' this time XDD

  481. please review this…. they rocks..

  482. This music video is great. I reaaallllyy like the fact that they can pronounce the words correctly. I’m still confused on if they’re saying “I’m ready to bingle” or “I’m ready to bingo.” I looked up the lyrics and it says they’re saying “I’m ready too, bingo.” Maybe they’re talking to someone named Bingo? Bingo, whoever you are, Super Junior is ready for you. The lyrics are really catchy, I’m going around the house constantly singing the chorus. I’m really happy to see KangIn back with the group, I wish he had more screen time. Like Simon & Martina said, the video is in a room. Except this time, the room is more extravagant. Then we go to the dull white box.

    All in all, this video was a success. I’ve gotten a few of my non-kpop friends to appreciate this video. Super Junior HWAITING!

  483. this song really is my favorite after ‘ it’s you ‘ !!! Cant stop listening to it. Btw Simon and Martina, pease check out the whole album, the tracks really are great, especially from u.

  484. ohhh yeaahhhh woot woot lkjlaksdjsa

  485. Absolutely awesome, I really would like to see this reviewed :D

  486. Everyone looks so amazing in this video, and the choreography is fantastic! Love the part where they’re swimming on the floor XD

    And Ryeowook is already on the floor, can I please just fuck him now? ASDFGHJKL <3
    Leeteuk doesn't look his age at all!
    Kangin is back and he is doing well, isn't he? <3
    Kyuhyun has a lot of solo shots (and lines!) in this song, we're lucky we get to see him so much~
    Yesung looks so young and adorable and charming at about 1:50!
    Eunhyuk sure is a fucking dancing sex machine. SHIT HE'S HAWT!!
    Donghae is so fine and precious, and the hand-on-shoulder move omg it's killing me.
    can I just spass a bit more about Ryeowook~? His dancing is so nice, he can actually dance ;A; but where are his lines? so few of them in this song, but as always they're just after Sungmin's, LOL. You hardly notice that he wears these huuuge shoes which makes him 10 cms taller XD

    In my opinion this MV is great! I know it's in boxes and whatnot, but common, it's a song for dancing, so why not let SJ show of their amazing dance skills? The clothes too is much classier than Mr. Simple, so handsomely dressed! The song itself too, is in my opinion better than Mr. Simple.
    I think SJ deserves a MV with outdoor shots and MAYBE EVEN A GIRL OR TWO? :O OMG! but this song wasn't the type for that kind of video. Hopefully the next one, okay~?


  489. omg! eunhyuk i love youuuuuu!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  490. ahaha! I expected this! It just came out today and we’re already set for next week! Still disappointed about the boxes though. How are they supposed to be FREE when they’re stuck in boxes?

  491. Love every bit of this song except the bingo part. lol I think maybe instead of “Sexy free and single, I’m ready to bingo” They should have gone with “Sexy free and single, I’m ready to mingle”. It rhymes and makes sense. lol

  492. KANGIN OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  493. sexy, free & single im ready to bingo

  494. The SM video again, the poorly lit box, dancing around…Really, I don’t expect more. Super Junior has some amazing dancers and they come together to create a fantastic, entertaining and intense dance routine. Do we really need more than the poorly lit room? No. The song can tell its own story. We don’t need some weird plot; it’ll only detract from the talent of these boys. Remember SHINee’s detective plot? I don’t. I remember the amazing dance and the catchy, fantastic song. And when I look at the detective plot, I see the cheesiest bits of it. These music videos should show off the group’s talent, not try to make something else of it that could fail.

  495. as much as I really really love SUJU I have the feeling that S&M will rip this apart… hope not though….

  496. I love the MV… yeah i didn´t exeped a storyline in this mv… first sme is intelllegin… they know elfs do everthing to support SuJu,….. even when they would put them in a paper box with the cheap clothings….. An Super Junior fight a lot to get at least this last album… so for my opption.. its perfekt ^^ but sadly kangin just got a little part and shindong no solo part….

    and what i hate too….. all videos that are uploaded by sme is blocked in germany -.-

  497. The song and dance are amazing here ! Love it .. on another note i’m 100% sure suju will win this week but next week can you guys help us QUEENS out and vote for T-ara Day by day to be reviewed please :) ?

  498. I can’t belive they can be so different and so hot! I was like :O Is that really Ryeowook and Yesung? They all look so hot and omg! ‘m dying here watching Donghae! Oh my fishy you’ve become so big.. :3

  499. I can’t handle their hotness except that sexy, free and sing, ready to bingo!?!?!? say what?!

  500. I hope this get reviewed. Love the song and the MV <3

  501. Finally, Kpop for senior citizens! “Sexy, Free and Single, I’m ready to Bingo!” Even the dance could be turned into a low-impact exercise routine (except for the jumping parts, maybe).

  502. There’s so much Donghae and I just… I have to sit here and just soak it in. @_@

  503. Did you notice that in the white room Minnie is sometimes wearing this scarf thingy and sometimes not? XD

  504. This is off someone on Tumblr: (cause we’re all one happy kpop family right? Right!? no kpop group wars right!?)
    “so the lyrics may very well mean “sexy free and single, ready to bingle”
    in which bingle means first base in a baseball game
    and shindong gave a hint pertaining to baseball
    which means super junior is sexy free and single,
    ready to get to first base.”

    my my. SJ are getting down and dirty.

  505. Twitter is ruled by suju.. .have you ever seen this many tweets?
    Still in love with the coreography…
    and the song
    and the whole album

  506. coi hòa vẫn không biết chán là gì.siêu ngố siêu dễ thương :)) 6jib daebak!!!Super Junior always No1

  507. actually when I first heard this song, I figured it needed to grow on me as I didn’t really like it…I didn’t not like, but it wasn’t like I loved it on first hearing it. Maybe it grew on me after hearing it for the 3rd time but when I watched the video, I really liked the song! So well done! Even if you are always trapped in a box (maybe they should be Super Junior Mimes!), the video made me like the song!

  508. i vote for SJ and never others..
    please make a review on them for next week music monday..

  509. So guess who’s gonna be reviewed next Monday? 8D
    There is so much to talk about… especially the outfits XD

  510. I really love the choreography in this song and this is really one of the few songs that doesnt really need to be story-line driven since it just describes men being… well… sexy free & single. So i find the dancing in oddly-lit box rooms acceptable…. here. I did agree with the whole F(x) thing. I had a completely awesome video concept and story-line in mind for that but no, thats okay *sigh* i digress. Anyways, im really feeling this song. The boys have really grown up and although this sound isnt completely different from SuJu’s previous songs, since it still has the trademark dance beat, the tempo and range does make it unique in comparison to their past singles and hits. Im also really happy that Kangin was able to be a part of this album after being released from his military duties. Good job Kangin, it seems that your skills didn’t not go to waste in those 2 years you were gone. Glad you’re back.

    This is a great solid comeback and i absolutely love it. Super Junior!!! <3

  511. this is not the usual sj funky that we’re used to since 3jib, so some ppl might not be used to it, thus not liking the song that much.
    but it gets better the more you listen :) plus the mv makes it even better!
    i’m sure after they start performing, more ppl will change views about this song.
    i do see a bit more effort being put into this mv by sm as compared to previous mvs…really
    and i have to say, i really like their wardrobes in this mv! minus teuk’s half naked outfit lol

  512. I’m so ready to bingo with these boys ;)

  513. ShinDong looks so great in this MV!!

  514. please please review this mv ^^

  515. I only like the mv because they’re so handsome.. ;-;

  516. OMG !!!! I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR (even if i am a VIP ) SUPERJUNIOR ::: <3

  517. I’m sorry if the server crash. But I love this album, dance and song. Super Junior DAEBAK!

  518. I’m very excited to see this review!;) It least they were briefly our of the box and into a city that looked like, uh… a cross between Mordor and Oblivion o_O (Maybe that’s why they’re hiding in the dancey box?) Just as a alternate perspective, I actually enjoy the “dancey box” concept MVs, simply because I prefer focussing on dance then many of the confusing “storyline” attempts. To me, the background is simply there to showcase the dancers, so who cares if it’s lackluster? :P Anyways, that’s my take on it. I guess that’s why they make “story” cuts for you and “dance” cuts for me XD

    Also: THIS AWESOME CHOREOGRAPHY WAS MADE BY A CANADIAN. HECK YEAH. DEVIN JAMIESON. Go follow him on Twitter and check out his other stuff ;) Choreographers are a huge part of k-pop, and never get enough love! <3

  519. Please review this for next Music Monday!!! :)

  520. sexy free and single im ready to bingo!!!

  521. I really like the song. It a good song to dance to and I have I’m sexy free and single I’m ready too, bingo stuck in my head. I wish they would do a song like no other again. I loved that song and the mv. Maybe I can have hope for a follow up song.

  522. Ok, I want to see Simon dancing Sexy, Free and Single and to hear Martina’s opinion about turtleneck again! xD
    Sm seems to hate you with all these collars! xD xD ♥

    Sincerely, you HAVE TO do a KpopMusicMonday with sexy free and single: so much to say! xD ♥

  523. Pleaaase Review this video it s so amazing. But it has few funny stuff ! REVIEW! :D

  524. this is awesome… *_*
    it’s still just a room …. but the members are sexy dressed and Super Junior simply DO NOT need more then a plain room to be awesome xD

  525. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    so hard to believe that these guys are the same as these guys: :’) they’ve grown so much

  526. Yeah.. My eyes are still on Siwon,Leeteuk and Eunhyuk ♥

  527. already number 3…be number 1 by tomorrow lol

  528. I want also to meet with them and do an interview $__________$

  529. well the orange-ish set is kinda not a box… an imitation sort of, of a street or whatever XD

  530. They are super sexy as usual. But OMG it’s so good to see Kangin back!

  531. The trolls have come already and you guise haven’t even said anything yet. I’m sorry Simon and Martina e.e

  532. Simon & Martina, this album is worth to waiting. If you listen all the songs i swear you cant pick the best one, i meant evry single song has different characteristics from different genres,from RAP, ballad, disco song, SJ has it all. it proves that Super Jr. has big musical ability inside, TRY TRY!!! Musically this album is very satisfying

    and from this single ” Sexy, Free & Single” is TOTALLY different from SJ songs recently. It likes mosaic songs, the mixtures between Souful House and R&B beats. IT brings new concept for SJ. Eventhough we always get BOXES but i really dont care a lot, look that complicated choreo makes you wanna jump, dance calmly and enjoyable in hot summer. This song has different characteristic, maybe you find it its chorus-less but when listen it, you’ll dont realize that the song has already end and you wanna replay it again, thats the charm.

  533. I am the one who sent u guys the teaser… Sry if i disrupted anything…
    But this song! Is been choreographed by world-renowned choreographer Devi Jamieson :DD Wats more, other famous choreographers like Lyle Beniga, Nick Baga, and Devon Perri also helped to make perfect performance of Super Junior :) For ur info:) N i totally <3 this song! I see no wrong with the lyrics as well. So pls don give them 1/2 out of 5 again! TT__TT N pls don say anything about a box… they now are walkin on STREETS in this mv. Same as their mv No Other… :))

  534. I really love the SONG and the MV! Great Job!

  535. i hate Eunhyuk so much.. I hate the way he made me cheated on Donghae and fell completely in love with him TT____TT
    i hate that gorgeous monkey of mine! damn, gorgeous jewel anchovy… <3

  536. super junior r the best …. fighting

  537. As predictable as their music videos are, I still enjoy this one.

  538. Super Junior… The last man standing! *Superman*

  539. I never kekekeke voted in EYK but for SJ <3 i am born ready

  540. Love the video!!! THEY ALL LOOK SO HOT!!!

  541. Super Junior The Kings! :””””3

  542. This song is just too sexy~ xDD
    The first thing that comes to my mind: ‘Oh you’re so nasty!’ (w/ Simon’s voice.. xDDD)
    BTW I think it was good to leave SJ Funky behind and try a different genre coz in my opinion it’s much more better~
    Especially the uuuh~ uuuh~ background… *w*
    But the Engrish..I guess it won’t change…Sexy,Free&Single (okay!) I’m ready to bingo (WTF?!)… xDDDDDD
    Still this is an awesome song~~♥♥♥♥♥
    And I hope (as Simon said) next week’s winner is already Super Junior!! :D ♥♥♥

  543. Who cares about they’re in a box again?? their dance moves are awesome!!! this song is great!!! And they’re sooo damn handsome, cool, and really sexy sexy sexy!!! <3

  544. I just wanna say this, we ELFs don’t really mind the box, it’s a fancy one and SM used it to show the strong dance, and I honestly love it.

    also they’re not saying Sexy Free and Single I’m ready to bingo, they’re saying Sexy Free and Single I’m ready too, Bingo!

    bingo = jackpot

  545. LOL it is my first time to vote here… just for SJ

  546. I love Super Junior and all but i cant help but agree with simon and martina in saying that their sets are VERY boring



  549. they are sexy, free but taken by ELF kkk~

  550. I totally love the song and the mv!!

  551. They’re all 20+ but they dance as if they’re 14 or 15 something. HOW.CAN.THEY.BE.THIS.PERFECT?

  552. love the last movement . im ready to bingo ! ^^

  553. Ehehehe… Simon and Martina, I hope you know ELF are putting that new server space up to the test >:)
    Hope for the best!
    SJ Fighting!

  554. I thought they said ‘ready to mingle’ which would make more sense…

  555. I love that Sungmin is in focus so much. And Donghae as well. But I can truly not understand why the stylists put that horrible thing around Kyuhyun’s neck o.O I don’t get it. And Leeteuk showing his chest.. I know he’s hot and all but I feel like that’s stripped right from a.. yeaaah.. heh

  556. Is anyone else blown away by the choreography? They’ve totally outdone themselves this time! And yep, they’re still in a box, but at least this time they have 3 sets, Siwon & teuk are topless >// <, ming is a blond hottie, yeye with his red hair, Wookie's dancing OMG, Hae is flawless as ever, Shindong dances like he owns it, Kyu is awesome and KANGIN!!! I'm a happy camper :D

  557. I’m kinda disappointed it’s in the box again but I’m still gonna watch this million times anywayz! hahahahaha

  558. ♥♥♥

  559. They’re too awesome! I can’t ;A;

  560. and again…the video is not available in my country -.- sometimes I seriously can’t stand that I live here…

  561. I like this MV more than Mr. Simple, it’s more stylish and the dance seems more complicated; too bad Heenim is not there :(. Please, Simon and Martina, I know you’re not into SJ, but for once, say good things about them… It’s not their fault that SM puts them into boxes and makes similar videos… SM is not giving a crap about them since ‘Sorry, sorry’. But the guys work a lot to impress their fans and to keep their place in the kpop world.

  562. Oh my Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood! KANGIN <3<3<3<3<3 Welcome back!

  563. MOTHER OF GOD!!! sees Siwon /drops dead/ manages to revive Leeteuk shows up in all his magnificent glory /dies again/ after major CPR, sees Kangin~ Le me RIP

  564. This is an awesome MV!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda don’t care if it’s more or less again a box mv… there’s barely enough screen-time to soak in the awesomeness of the different members! Added fancies/story-lines would just detract from the awesome choreography, exquisite vocals and hotness of the members!!!,

  565. I hope the comments are registering in the system even if they don’t show up in the counter! SuJu deserves ALL the votes!!!

  566. LOL This MV is better than the other MVs already… at least they have more boxes to dance in.

  567. The video embedded under Super Junior on the main chart page is T-ara’s Day by Day, not Suju’s Sexy Free n Single. Might want to fix that. Cheers.

  568. AWESOME!!!
    DAEBAK!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  569. I generally like everything in the redish tinted room, their clothes look good BUT in the other boxes… WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY WEARING lmao, overly accessorised in black and that random half nakedness (reminding me a bit of monster MV?), but i’m very happy with choreo and the song in general, welcome back kangin! why does it not look like you’ve just come back from the army? haha <3

  570. I know bashing SJ’s songs is a tradition, and this video probably won’t be any different, but pleaseeee be original? no “bunch of well dressed guys dancing in oddly lit rooms” if SM ent. doesn’t make an efforts to be innovative, at leaast you can. ^-^ fighting

    • Definitely! Frankly, the reddish geometrical box at the start of the MV is definitely a step up from 5jib. At least SM is trying to vary their boxes a bit. You guys can at least vary that statement “bunch of well dressed guys dancing in oddly lit rooms.” :) Fighting

    • YES EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please focus on the song, the dance and their hotness. Stop bashing the the room that SM gave them. That really isnt important and is getting old now.

    • I know right!….I’m tired of some people complaining about the box setting on every SM’s MVs …that’s their own MV style. (maybe they don’t want to copy other companies’s MV style…they want it to be original) The MV still gets many views and gets popular, Just learn to live with it. Focus on the Artists, the dancing, the singing, & the HOTNESS. That’s why we watch the MV becoz of the artist not for the room.
      (Super Junior biased here <3 ) and I really love this song and the MV so much!!!
      ……..and I don't want to see or hear any hatred over Super Junior.

  571. Sungmin is so hot in this video! I’m so happy he’s given a bigger part, but I’m sad Shindong doesn’t sing at all… Even Kangin has at least one line…

  572. well honestly what kind of plot would you use for a song like this ??? they are in bowex but it looks like they are going to go for a party or something near the end? lol at least they have a street!!! haha

  573. This was amazing!!! The songs so catchy in a “I won’t get tired of it in a week” sort of way and I loved the dancing <3 I want Yesung's shirt. XD

  574. KANGIN <3 i LOVE THIS SONG ^___^

  575. I personally like the MV and song. I didn’t really expect it not to be in a room, so I’m not really surprised. Although the “I’m ready too, bingo!” didn’t sound quite right, until I saw it written as “too” and not “to”, their English is better than I expected. The style is similar is some ways but really different in others. I’m happy with it over all and will definitely watch many time. I can guess some things good and bad you may say, but I still want to hear the review!