Super Junior – Sexy, Free, and Single

  1. super junior is awesome !!!

  2. Because we love Super Junior – because we are ELF – because we are a family

  3. Me too, I don’t know why I can’t vote… =(

  4. Leesenia Lopez

    I could have sworn the lyrics were I’m sexy, free, and single and I’m ready to mingle but omg they are ready to bingo…. :-x

  5. why i can’t vote while in the other i can vote ?!

  6. Im 100% sure that Im an ELF.


  8. black tear


  9. black tear


  10. you should review IU’s good time

  11. elf4eternity

    waiting for the videos now.. 

  12. Dear ELFs, since SuJu is already getting reviewed, please vote for T-ara! They have a really nice story MV and there’d be a lot of stuff to talk about for Simon & Martina :) We would appreciate your help!

  13. Ayakane Aki

    DAEBAK !! At least the cheography is great and love how there are opportunities for the other members to stay in front like Donghae and Ryeowook. Go SuJu :)

  14. Waaaaa~ Super Junior FTW! Lezz do this ELFs! ^^
    Sexy, Free & Single and ready to bingo~

  15. I´m not really an ELF but i do like them….i think many more kpop fans, ELFs or not, would like them much more if their videos would have some meaning to them, any at all:))) And it´s the same with all other SM videos which is sad, cause i show them to non kpop fans and they just think it´s silly,girls and boys just dancin around on and looking pretty. I know they shouldn´t make an effort to get more fans, but i feel as if at point even hardcore fans will turn against them. I mean, how many more boxes can one stand in MVs?:))) 

  16.  wooohooo totally love it ! cool choreo !

  17. Taylor Henderson

    I love this! I do not care if the are in a box. As long as its a box with LeeTeuk standing in the middle of it with his shirt off!! :) 

  18. we fail we lose to win 
    i love this part 

  19. There aren’t any idol releases due next week as far as I’m concerned so 2NE1 can get reviewed next week. Right now, I hope it’s SUJU that they review because they deserve to have their song known.

    But I’m guessing it was already chosen because at the end of the Z:EA interview, Simon said that this monday’s kpop music monday will be Super Junior.

    • Nova_REMIX

      Next week I’m not sure, but this week, NU’EST is coming out with their music video “Action.” A lot of Happy Pledis fans are already upset that NU’EST, Hello Venus, and After School did NOT get reviewed so they’ll definitely try to take revenge. I can only hope that 2NE1 shoots up and stays at the top this week.

      S&M did confirm on their Twitter that Suju is going to be done today: “WE’RE SO READY TO BINGO!”

  20. I love this song. This is so great. Please review it!!(:

  21. Yah Super Junior The King comeback

  22. coffeekpoplover

    i haven’t even seen this video yet because i’m waiting to do a reaction video at a friend’s house. but i really want to get as many votes for suju as possible! ELF forever! =D

  23. I don’t see anything wrong with the MV. Everytime i see it, it just makes me applaud for Super Junior and all that was involved in the making of their MV. As an ELF, I have no negative thoughts about this. To their Sexy,Free & Single MV, to me it just shows how better SJ became. Now they showcase an improved group with a new image they have. The choreography is good. The song is really good. The meaning behind all the words it took to make the lyrics is pretty nice for a group still standing after so many years and still with us, and sharing outpouring love for their fans. The set is much classier :)

    All in all, for me, SUPER JUNIOR is daebak :D so are their songs, and this MV :)

  24. Super Junior deserves every award, every certificate, every piece of acknowledgement that the world is graceful enough to give them. They work so hard, and year after year they shock us again. They stuck it out this year as well ;’)

  25. Super Junior Jjang!

  26. SUJU are the King of kpop …. Hallyu Kpop  …. and Global Stars !
    No one beat them … no one!

  27. I think we’ll probably know what you two’s gonna say about this MV. It’s another one of SM’s signature MV setting and background with no plot and everything. There isn’t any plot or anything that would make you go “omg, that’s so awesome.” or “I can’t believe they made this up!” but the only thing you’ll probably say is “they’re trapped again.” LOL

    I’m loving this song, actually, “Sexy, free & single, I’m ready too. Bingo.”
     single, I’m ready too, bingo” was quite okay. It’s really catchy (well, for me.) and I loved it as much as I loved their previous songs. 

    I love this song, as every ELFs does (some may not, unfortunately) and I really wish for Martina and Simon to review this and tell us fans your opinions.

    Thank you! :)

  28. seriously madly in love with this song and video. i love the song and i am definitely loving the dance for it. The choreography is on point and all of Eunhyuk’s parts are probably the best within the choreography.

  29. I <3 the song… suju were mentioned on RUETERS!!!! SUJU FTW! xD

  30. OMG Hyukie is such a sexy guy *Q* i LOVE IT

  31. Super Junior, fighting! ^^