Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

Super Junior – Spy

  1. hai co le vo

    Super Junior ơi! hãy cố lến nhé dù cho xảy ra bất cứ chuyện gì~~~SUJU FIGHTING!!!

  2. The review was exactly as I imagined – not better and not worse! The MV really doesn’t give you that much material for the review, there is simply not much to talk about, unfortunately…

    What DID surprise me was the PRAISE of the song itself! I think this is the first time since SPY’s release that I see someone who really LIKED the song from the get go, without the whole “It’ll grow on you, give it a chance, watch the performance” talk.. and it made me so HAPPY!!! :))

    Anyway, now I’m gonna vote for Nu’est, not because I’m a fan (I’m not that familiar with the group actually), but because it’s quiet unfortunate what’s happening with them and their fandom: They are releasing videos at the worst time possible and are always being pitted against big shots. And now they had to go against ELF and although ELF’s majority didn’t vote, the scary fandom that they (we) are, even that small percentage was enough to win o_O
    So I’d ask the other ELFs as well, if you don’t have a clear favorite this week, let’s vote for Nu’est this and help their young fandom, who are just being unlucky :D

    • thecra1

      Please vote for Junsu! He does not even get to come on korean music shows so he can never win anything becuase of the lawsuit! Atleast if he wins eatyourkimchi he might gets some kind of exposure! The Nuest group will probably win best rookie group or something this year but Junsu wont ever get to have apperciation for his work. I hope ELF can help out DBSK who are best friends in real life (ie. Junsu and Eunhyuk are best friends since grade 6! But anyway to comment on this SUJU video… Suprisingly I actually really liked it I dont know how else they would really make a video for a song like this either. Although the gun scenes were kind of repetitive but overall I kind of liked the song alot! :|

      • I’m voting for both now ;) Initially I was going to vote for Junsu, I mean, he’s “our” Junsu (HyukSu FTW)!! But then I saw many Cassies voting for Nu’est and said to myself, ‘oh, well, I’ll also vote for them’ lol


    SJ + ELF = ONE LOVE! <3

  4. hai co le vo

     VOTE FOR ME OR DIE!!! =.=”

  5. keep it up!!
    always support SUPER JUNIOR^^^
    nEvER sTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Son tan geniales!! Me encanta esta canción!!!! 

  7. Dana Golla

    I actually didn’t get the excitement I had when first watching this video. Because, I just saw it posted on my Facebook timeline without any announcements. I’ve been waiting for days and when I least expected it, it came out. 

    But the song is playful and very SuJu-y. They can get away with almost anything, I think. :))

  8. :( i want it to be reviewed for leeteuk oppa :(

  9. diamond22

    What can I do if I already voted?._.

  10. SJ LIKE THIS:3 great song!!<3

    we have to win!!!

  12. I love the starting part where kyuhyun walked and pushed open the “door” so cool~ And i didn’t know that his voice could go so low!!!

  13. Super Junior <3
    I love the mv, especially the choreo where Eunhyuk shows that he is the dance machine!

  14.  It’s a shame that suju is still trapped in a box, but hey, it’s Suju, so it’s still awesome. (loved the Kyuhyun and Wookie magic thingy, though)

  15. katia_pjb

    This song is awesooome i love sujuuu <3

  16. daniela campo
    daniela campo

    how the F did this video got to 2nd place?? wsnt it first??? nooooooooooo does this means kpop music monday is gonna be nuest?? (i do like nuest but im a suju biased kinda girl) or is it because its monday in korea so because suju is already gonna be on MKM so its gonna be nuest turn??? i dont know TT_TT

  17. I love this song!  This one and Sexy, Free, and Single are kind of the only songs I like so much from Super Junior.  This one is so catchy especially the intro part, which they repeat a couple of times.  And dang Eunyuk is adorable in this video! haha.  Their spy related dance is also really cool.  I like the part where they switch from Kyuhyun to Ryeowook.  But I don’t like Leeteuk’s 1st close-up hairdo.  Okay okay that’s all, hope to see it on Music mondays!

  18. I would really like SPY to win! I kinda dun want the track to break! Just like simon and martina said~ They had never not review a Super Junior MV ever since they started the kpop chart. I feel so disheartened when i came to vote again but we dropped to two! It just totally contradicts what simon and martina saying ELF are so passionate about Super Junior….. I saw a post saying dun be disheartened… but i can’t not cuz super junior is my favourite band and ever since feeling the passion from fellow elfs towards Super Junior i felt proud to be in it… but now, we’re losing TT^TT Anyway, by some miracle i hope SPY will win… if not i will still watch kpop music monday but with a heavy heart…. These are my opinions so dun bash me (Internet ppl are so scary sometimes….)

  19. I really liked the mv, and personally, I love watching the boys dance. I know a change up would be nice, but I’ll take SJ in a box over no SJ at all any day. Besides, this dance is amazing. Between Kyuhyun jumping over people and breaking the Eunhae gate at the end, and the quick change of kyuhyun to wook. 

  20. Sorry but did SPY just dropped to two!!!!! WHat happened??

  21. another perfect story wasted to be made into a SM video…

  22. I really like SPY. :)  It took a bit for it to grow on me, but I really like it!  It might not be as epic as some of their older singles, but I think its a fun jam. And plus we get to see the boys all smexy with their suits and guns all secret-agent style! XD

  23. Jacqueline Domrowski

    WOAHHH. what happened. This was first and then…it wasn’t. This needs to be first. ;~;

  24. I seriously think they should have an MV with a plot or out of a box like they did in No other and it’s You.

  25. sujuuu and DBSK <3 my fav groups. i'm a cassielf so please vote for junsu as well :D we gotta get our boys to the top!

  26. ugh how is super junior losing to Nuest… im not even super junior biased but come on, Nuest’s mv is not even a mv, its like a fan video with them smiling and laughing, at least  Spy has James Bondy theme to it… 

  27. Fernando Palacios


    LOVE IT * A*

  28. Daniela Garza

    I REALLY hope SJ’s mv wins! I want them on Music Mondays! <3 The only thing I didn't like is that there was no story, no plot. :/ Just dancing in more rooms and shooting both real and fake guns.

  29. I like everything that comes out of super junior. ;) <3

  30. I hope Simon and Martina review SPY! SJ fighting!

  31. bubbleboss1022

    So this video is being reviewed this week?

  32. SM should let Shindong direct the SJ videos. -3-

  33. Tatjana Miščević

    SUJU <3<3<3

  34. mochiprincess

    It can’t be possible! Nu-est’s MV was released on the same date as SuJu’s and SuJu has more points overall.. Probably just some sort of lag. ^_^’

  35. Hello guise ! ^o^ I just wanted to congrats you for winning ! It was close but you made it ! *Throws confetti* I’m still waiting for the day NU’EST is going to get reviewed.. OTL I’m waiting to see what Simon & Martina have to say about the SPY MV. They might troll around, it would be funny ouo. SuJu & ELFs fighting!♥ 
    A L.O./.E~ 

  36. Loved the “James Bond” feel for Super Junior. 

  37. Kelli Vance

     omg are you serious, guys, no. Nu’Est, a rookie group is beating our Super Junior? REALLY?! how is this happening?! Not to say rookie groups are bad but THIS IS OUR SUPER JUNIOR GUYS REALLY?!

  38. When do simon and martina have their cut off and start making their video? because by now I’m pretty sure they’re already editing it. I hope SuJu was still in first when they started filming!!!

  39. We cannot lose to a rookie group!!!! come on ELF!!!!



  42. A rookie group is leading this, i just can’t believe it :/

  43. C’mon vote vote vote voteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^

  44. How did this fall to second place it has  6958 more votes total then the video that took over 1st

  45. Oh my goodness. Yes. SuJu. I love you~
    I really wish they made it a bad-ass MV with it kind of like a mini-drama… *sigh*.
    I still love them, though~

  46. Ruby Kausin

    Maybe it’s noting gonna be reveiwed

  47. sarah bielec

     This video needs to be reviewed i can just imagine all the awesome skits that simon and martina could do.

  48. SM could have done a looootttt more with this video. even more complicated dancing. but i still love the song and of course SUPER JUNIOR :)  not to mention they look really good in the video

  49. Love the song but why must they be in a box again!?!?!

  50. Hye Kyo Lee

    Super Junior is the best<3

  51. Mary Curtis

    I thought the choreography for this MV was interesting. I mean at least it stuck with the SPY theme, even if the little hand guns were a bit corny at times. Being Eunhyuk biased, I was very happy to see he got more screen time : ) Even if their videos for the past few MVs have been in well light rooms, I’ll still continue to support Super Junior.

    Super Junior Fighting! < 3

  52. Vâng!!! SuJu bị tụt xuống no.2 rồi T.T~~~ .Mọi người tích cực share trên facebook, twitter và google đi ạ!!!

  53. Kilayli

    I’m not allowed to promote it on Facebook… Anyone else have that problem?

  54. Kilayli

    SJ video is not first???? Well…. I kind of don’t want to see people bash SJ anyways :)

  55. mỗi này tôi chọn một điều vui~~~ vote cho SuJu đi ạ!!! SUPER JUNIOR~~~

  56. hai co le vo

    “ông nói gà bà nói vịt” không hiểu gì hết nhưng thôi…SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING!!!

  57. coffeekpoplover

    fighting!!!!!!! =D

  58. coffeekpoplover

    Fighting!!!! @(-_-)@

  59. coffeekpoplover

    whenever I first see legs i thought of Miss A….is that bad???

  60. i’m interested in what they say.. even if the music vid was crappy ><

  61. Atifa_Ahmed

    omg this is the first time that a sj video is not first 
    we have to win!!!

  62. I want spy to get reviwed :(

  63. I really hope that it’ll be SPY that’s going to be reviewed, but I’m a little bit worried… :/

  64. thousandflowers

    ha? suju on 2nd place! nooo :(((

  65. Laurana1

    Everyone seems to be panicking, so just… relax. Super Junior is getting reviewed this week. Simon & Martina have confirmed it, the mod has confirmed it. Spy is the mv for Kpop Music Mondays. No, this will not be the “first time in history Super Junior is not getting reviewed”. No, you have not been beaten by a rookie group. But it was damn close, you pulled ahead right at midnight due to an absolute flood of votes. If it had been 30 minutes earlier, things would’ve been different. And yes, Nu’est is currently beating you again, because the people voting for Nu’est stuck around. But the best we can hope for is to win next week, which is pretty unlikely.

    ANYWAY, I’m not super in love with Spy, but I want to see what Simon and Martina have to say about it! Last time they reviewed Super Junior, they ended up just being random, so I wonder if they’ll do that again (though ironically, that would now be predictable, which is what they were trying to avoid by being random). I still think Kyuhyun jumping over people and the switch with Ryeowook are the highlights. Wish we could’ve seen more of that in the choreography, it was very creative!

    • sorry but where they have confirmed it? what is mod?

      • Laurana1

        Simon and Martina confirmed it on their facebook page, someone asked who won and they said they refreshed their page at midnight and Super Junior was on top. They also tweeted a picture of Super Junior’s album, so I expect they’ll be giving it away this week. 

        Mod is short for the word moderator. The moderator goes through the comments on Eatyourkimchi and deletes spam, bans spammers, and makes sure people are staying on topic. She also answers questions. Like Simon and Martina, she confirmed that Super Junior won this week. It’s in some of the comments on Nu’est’s page, you just have to go back about 10 hours. Her name is fuuko4869.

        So congratulations on your win! =) 

        • fuuko4869

          Yes, I agree. I can guarantee you, a majority of people on the internet cannot read.

          …most of them can’t write, either.

  66. Wow :O
    Super Junior did it again!
    I love the song and the dance moves.
    Hyukie & Hae is so handsome in the beginning ^^ 

  67. laraisgonnagetmad

    did we just loose to nu’est?! it is almost 1am in korea which means it’s already monday.. oooh come on i thought ELFs were better than that!! so many times nu’est  didn’t win but was so close and now.. they win.. against SuJu!! how did this even happen?! argh!!

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    super junior need to win 

  69. diamond22

    It’s almost Monday anyways and the votes sucks

  70. Someone said… those legs are Heechul’s LMAO

  71. even though they aren’t first they’re still going to get reviewed right?

  72. diamond22

    Goood, what the hell? Elfs, just do sth>_<

  73. I’m pretty sure this is the last one Leeteuk will be in. So ELFs, come on! We can do it! Let’s do it for our beloved Leeteuk!

  74. I really like this song, I think it i fun

  75. I love this song. And even though it is definatly a classic suju video, there is just something different about it

  76. come on elf’s we can win this

  77. come on elf’s we can win this :)

  78. The synchronised jacket shrugging is so damn hot.

  79. Last video before Uri leader leaves TT^TT


  81. GO GO SJ. the best dance choreography of 2012

  82. i love the mv, dance, and music :) suju~

  83. I love this song and the mv *-*
    Awesome choreo!
    LOVE SUJU <3

  84. XiaoXian16

    If SuJu doesn’t win, this battle has to be written in history somewhere.
    I mean really, every time there is SuJu in the chart, normally we already know that SuJu is going to win

  85. because someone one the spy mv on youtube said to keep voting…?

  86. thiriwai yoon


  87. thiriwai yoon


  88. thiriwai yoon


  89. thiriwai yoon


  90. actually i think it is not so bad really…. people just got high expectations

  91. when does this battle ends? O.O I mean it’s nice and all but I don’t really understand why suju is 2nd when they have so many votes..but I guess it all comes down to the comments…

  92. ELF Fighting! VOTE! SHARE! COMMENT!


  94. super junior fighting
    arab elf
    كل عام ونتم سوبر جونيور  وكل عام واحنا لف

  95. ONLY SM makes an MV on a room with a ‘SPY THEME’. XDD Lol. 

  96. I saw a print screen, S&M says there that SUJU wins. So yeah? Maybe SJ wins. 

  97. i think voting is already ended since in their twitter account they say theyy are already scripting the music monday

  98. Hey, vote! We can’t loose to NU’EST! 

  99. sigh….TT^TT SM you did the same mv again…you could have made like a spy plot but….TT^TT it was back to the same…Sherlock – Plot about a ghost girl giving them clues to solve a mystery…part of the title “Sherlock”.  Paparazzi – Plot that the girls get lots of paparazzi ( too much! ) SPY – dancing in a room with clips of each of the members with some shadow girl…:( But SUPER JUNIOR <3 <3 <3 AWESOME DANCE MOVES AND AWESOME GUNS~!!! <3 I'M A MAJOR E.L.F & SUJU IS THE BEST~! <3 <3 <3 

  100. Henry Wu

    We must not let Nu’est win. ASSEMBLE.

  101. AzzieGen

    i can’t stop laughing every time i listen to it XDDDD

  102. This song is so catchy~

  103. Hana Shin

    Seriously keep commenting ELF!!

  104. some people are just spamming in the comments box of another video

  105. funny how the #1 lead from us just because of the comments. LOL spam galore

    • Blueberries

       There isn’t spam in Nu’est page… But anyway I came to congratulate you for winning. That’s was one intense fight, I haven’t seen that close fight in EYK before. Nice comeback you had with votes :D

      And then on topic: What do you think S&M would do for KMM. I think they’ll of course do lot of Spy themed skits, but more?

  106. LOL actually i am fine if this video is not reviewed. we got enough bashing from allkpop crowd and yt trolls so i definitely do not need it from Simon and Martina. but i guess we are no #2 so we will still gonna be reviewed for next week. so better sooner than latter

  107. 6th jib MV set is the most elaborate set in the history of SJ

  108. InfiniteChaser

    What is the main theme tune chorusy bit? I think it sounds a bit like
    the Get Smart one, but more jazzed up, slightly slower and without some
    of the ending. I guess they can’t copy it, they just were ‘inspired’ by
    it. Is it just me? Is it like Get Smart?

  109. I’m curious as to what they’d say actually. Usually whatever songs I like, EYK doesn’t and vice versa. But I have mixed opinions on this one!

  110. cause i am naughty naughty! well actually i am fine with this MV

  111. LOL so cute! i like the choreography. sorry no storyline can showcase SJ dancing skills. so i do get why SME MVs has not storylines

  112. i really like spy because of the steps, new rhythm for the boys.. but still having the SJ funky genre.. i love them so much!!!

  113. ELF comment comment comment <3 kekekeke but if you are going to ask me i do not want this video to be reviewed anymore. we all know what they are going to say 

  114. CalKYUlator

    Love the song, love the choreography, and love how good
    looking they are in the video but, seriously SM NEEDS TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!! SUJU

  115. Wow…. O_o I thought this was in first place!

  116. Jacqueline Yeo

    woah~ Nuest is pushing these boys down to 2nd place~ woahhhhh~ wellll i think the MV really, haixxx~ read some of the comments below, yeah! the MV producer shoulld do something about this!!! >:S 
    but guess SJ will be mobbed by fans if they go to public to film MVs~ hmm 

    maybe this might be the first SJ song that might not be reviewed?

  117.  They look so sexy~ Miss you, Heechul-sshi.

  118. Neol saranghan SPY!! Hwaiting!! ^^ doo roo doo doo roo doo ^^ 

  119. I really dn’t understand why SuJu’s SPY fell to 2nd position again! WHY?! they are obviously leading by 7400 points >< This is not logical!!

  120. Inga Metreveli


  121. I personally love the song. The mash with different genres. I love the 007 reference. The lyrics were VERY fitting. I thought is was wonderful. VERY CATCHY AND RECOGNIZABLE!!

    AND THE DANCE. BETTER THAN ALL THE REST OF THE PREVIOUS DANCES. I thought Mr Simple and A-CHA were all right but SPY was full of profession and creativity.

  122. This is ridiculous. THE MV WAS FINE.


    If there was a storyline, we would miss so much of the epic dancing. Leeteuk also is leaving to join military service. I think SM doesn’t have time to make a SUPER EPIC AWESOME EXPENSIVE MV.

  123. XiaoXian16

    Btw, anyone can tell me the formula used to calculate the vote? Because I calculate this using simple math (Yes, I’m a geek), and SuJu is leading by 16,000+ points. How the hell did they get 2nd place?

    • fuuko4869

      Who cares. You won already.

      Edit: To answer your question…the total points, which determine the rank, also include Facebook shares, Google+ shares, and video views. And stuff. What you get when adding up the top points only accounts for around 90% of the total points.

    • Tana Miru

       We are leading by 16,000ish points, but we’ve been on Kpopcharts a few hours or a few days longer than Nu’est. The reason they’re first is that they were able to accumulate more points per day. Basically, divide amount of points we got by the amount of days we’re on these charts, and do the same for Nu’est.

    • Tana Miru

       And I think it’s also got to do that half of our original comments were spam XD A chunk of points chopped off. Read the mod post a little-ways below XD I wish the more philosophical ELFs came here and started a discussion or something. I think Ryeowook’s legs in heels or Hyuk’s hat would be excellent conversation topics~

  124. XiaoXian16

     This gotta be the closest vote ever between SuJu and anyone else. I mean really. SuJu and Nu’est have been neck and neck the entire day. Be glad that Cassies are not in full role because if they do, the top three will keep on changing position every minute or so

  125. Vào đây mà vote cho SUJU đi các bạn!!!

  126. hai co le vo

    Share đi mọi người!!! SUJU~~~CỐ LÊN!!!

  127. hai co le vo

    Ghét quá! Vote kịch liệt nhưng share hok có bao nhiêu..Túm lại là SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING!!!

  128. hai co le vo


  129. fuuko4869

    Dear ELFs, I would like to inform you that almost half of your total comments were spam – mainly from two people in particular. I just deleted about 500 of them. Those two people have been banned.

    If you want to comment, please make it about the content of the video, or the song, or the artist, not just ‘Super Junior is the Best’ ‘Shindong fighting’ ‘We must be No.1′ etc.

    Cheers ^^b 

    • I’m very suspicious. You were the one who openly stated that you want NU’EST to win…

      • fuuko4869

        Wow. Seriously? That’s hilarious.

        So what exactly are you accusing me of? Go ahead. I’ll listen.

        • wei

          First, I said I was suspicious. I mean, I know there was a lot of spamming for Super Junior. It’s quite obvious. But I’m pretty sure NU’EST has quite a few spammers. (But then you probably stated the same thing or something)

          I just thought the comment of what you said on the KPOP update was quite… Ugh. Don’t know how to put this without sounding like some female dog.

          I mean just because they don’t like SJ’s MV, doesn’t necessarily mean they should vote for NU’EST. Their new song wasn’t that impressive. I mean their previous songs like Action were much better.

          You want to make it fair, let them pick what they think is good. I mean, they should pick NU’EST solely on the reason that SJ’s MV was unimpressive.

          (Note that I might sound a bit sensitive because with all the tension around here)

        • fuuko4869

          Thank you. I listened. You’re welcome.

      • Laurana1

        There’s a perfect example of spamming going on right now if you aren’t convinced, just look at shristy. 9 comments and counting, and I’ve flagged every one of them. 

  130. smtownsj

    How are we second? This is impossible!

  131. I have lived with a United States Marine for too long. I couldn’t enjoy the video without stopping to look at their stance with the guns, how they were holding the gun, and if the gun looked like it was loaded. Their stance wasn’t the greatest, they were holding the weapons incorrectly, and it looked like the weapons didn’t even have a magazine. (They are called magazines, never “clips”) Other than that, it was an ok video. I was finally glad to see Shindong getting a little more face time. He has a wonderful voice. I wonder when SM will let them out of the infamous oddly lit, oversized room?

    • Mary Sue

      Of course a professional would have something to say about a rookie’s position. The most these boys know about gun stances are what their director told them, and then them playing around getting used to the stance. So at most…a week of informal practice? I doubt they had a weapons expert to supervise the MV shooting, SM was just aiming to please the general audience, which is not usually educated in the structure of a gun or its holder’s stance. To the last question, when dramas, musicals, variety shows, and back-to-back concerts stop demanding SJ. Their schedules are too tightly-packed to allow extensive work on MVs.

  132. The reason this is so good is because, yes it’s sexy/spies/ridiculously catchy song, but most importantly it’s the closest thing I’ve seen to a strip tease ( taking the jackets on and off like that ) for SJ – it’s like 10 Xia Junsu’s circa ” Intoxication” jacket stripping all at once. 

  133. The reason this is so good is because, yes it’s sexy/spies/ridiculously catchy song, but most importantly it’s the closest thing I’ve seen to a strip tease ( taking the jackets on and off like that ) for SJ – it’s like 10 Xia Junsu’s circa ” Intoxication” jacket stripping all at once.

  134. I think super junior will win!!
    Maybe we had the same problem we always have with youtube and the views. Because we were voting so much the site wasn’t showing the right numbers, and could only make it after a few minutes/hours. But yes, this is gonna be hard for Simon and Martina who have to check all the comments, votes, shares, etc :S

  135. Ok so they gave Spy a dance version but not No Other? What the heck SM

      • ok :x i’m not really mad though, but i just cant understand why SM would do that

        • Mary Sue

          Same reason why SM didn’t give Sexy, Free & Single a dance version. Forever a mystery. The live performances sometimes have sporadic-movement-addicted cameramen that don’t let the fans see how the group dance forms together… I’d want a training room dance version, if I were to pick. Haven’t seen a full one since “U”. Superman and From U only received tiny cameos in a French Documentary and Star Life Theater respectively.

  136. diamond22

    Gosh SM doesn’t make any plot-MVs for SJ cause they just don’t need that, really-_- SJ are SJ and that’s their style, MVs with cool dances, which suits them perfectly

  137. Smooshie

    I’m guessing SJ won but either way I don’t really mind which MV gets reviewed since I’m a LOΛELF. Good job at keeping this video up there and LOΛEs did good too, right? Seeing as how we’re still a small fandom it was pretty close. Apologies to any ELFs if you came across negative comments to SJ and thank you to those polite ELFs. It makes me happy being an ELF when I read the nicer comments ^^
    TKIR: The choreo is definitely impressive in this MV. I love the obstacle course Kyu has to go through before his first line and the little trick with Kyu and Wookie. KRY rapping was a good change and I’m glad Shindong got some lines here c:Sungmin looked amazing in here and Eunhyuk’s smile when he was singing was too cute!

  138. It’s not the end of the world: if Nu’est got first, no hard feelings should be tossed around. Both mv’s had their pros and cons, and we’ll see on Monday who got there in the end.

    BTW @ 11:55pm KST (7:55am my time) it showed SJ as first, but idk what Simon and Martina saw.

  139. I don’t know how everything ended, but I’d like to say to ELFs here not to feel disheartened if we didn’t win, it doesn’t mean that we’re powerless or something – that by itself sounds very absurd :) The thing is that many, MANY ELF didn’t even want SJ to win here and were very vocal about it, some even voted for other groups! So don’t take it very seriously or personally ;) Everyone knows what ELF power is and what we’re capable of when things concern serious awards and votes, if this was the case here nobody doubts that we would’ve taken over by storm, so don’t get angry, nobody is underestimating us.

    But please, let’s congratulate Nu’est’s fandom if they do win! They are a new and budding, relatively small fandom, and for them to work so hard hours on is very comendable! Their determination reminds me of ELFs – long time ago we were in the same place, a small fandom fighting till the end for every small victory – and now look where we are! So good job guys, everyone deserves a chance for their hard work ;))

    • Mary Sue

      Your comment made me tear up a little. The reason SJ rose so high was because when they debuted, the general Korean public (not the fans) looked at them with distaste: “Why would such a disorganized group debut?”. They worked hard because they wanted to show them, and more vehement antis, what they could really do. ELFs also faced similar hurdles, and now we’re so strong… It makes me sad if ELFs become those antis to other groups, justifying it as protecting our own… If Nu’est wins, then it’s their time to shine. ELFs are focusing more on Mnet now anyways. Hope nobody goes berserk though. Fighting!

  140. Goodnight Everyone. Actually, it’s already morning here! =))) Josimhaeyo! Always take care. =))  Annyeong ^^

  141. Laurana1

    I refrained from commenting here before because I wasn’t exactly sure what to say, and obviously every comment matters in points. But Super Junior does deserve a comment! It’s not really my favorite song or mv from Super Junior, I was pretty let down after I saw the teaser… I mean, the teaser looked sooooooo good and I started getting all hyped up like “yes please, SM, did you finally give Suju the awesome mv they deserve? =’DDD” but then… idk. It was just a little bit of a let down. But the dance is pretty cool, I love the part where Kyuhyun leaps over the others and comes through the makeshift door! And when he and Ryeowook switch places, that was a cool magic trick. I really liked that. And the doo doo doo doo doo part is so catchy and mysterious! I didn’t really care for the legs or the blood drops, it actually looked just very cheap to me, wish they didn’t include it after all… But as usual, the boys look really good in their suits and it’s always fun when guns are incorporated! xD 

    As for the song, Idk. I actually liked the happy parts and the James Bond parts, but they don’t go together. It sounded like they made 2 different songs and then tried to mash them together a la SHINee’s Sherlock, only it didn’t work this time. However, it WAS different from their usual formula, so that’s good. I was really disappointed when they used Sexy Free and Single as the title track- Daydream would’ve been amaaaaazing, it’s such a change and really kind of R&B! Or Butterfly, that’s such a fun song. Or Now, omg that would’ve been so great! It’s such a fun, sweet summery song. I wish they could’ve promoted Now instead and had this fun summer mv where they all pile in a jeep and head down to the beach. That would seriously make. my. life!!! But yeah, if SM chose better title tracks and put some more effort into the mvs, I think it would be like night and day. Tbh, I wouldn’t like this mv at all if it was just a group I didn’t know- I basically watched it for Kyuhyun and Yesung and the rest. =/

    • AudreyKoopman

      I keep watching this video for them too!

      Drool, those two kill me. Their voices, faces, bodies, everything!

      • Laurana1

        Right?!? Well I have to be honest, sometimes I do the same for other groups as well lol. We all know there are some eye candy mvs out there, right? ;D It’s like how I enjoyed the second Twilight movie almost purely from the fact that Jacob was shirtless for half of it (don’t judge me guys, he’s pretty okaaaaay). But seriously, I think this mv lacks Kyuhyun lol. Need moar Kyu!!! And Yesung too, he’s a sly one- I’ll forget about him and then he pops up and I’m like “omgggg, I missed youuuu” lol. Ah, the life of a biased fangirl. x’D

        • AudreyKoopman

          No no, I understand. That is totally the only reason I saw that movie…Taylor Lautner reeks of sexyness. 

          I’m so extremely biased towards Yesung and Kyuhyun. Yesung especially, he’s tied with Daesung for second in my over all list of biases. 

        • NatsunoSora

           Who’s first?

    • NatsunoSora

       I watch for Yesung too! And Eunhyuk, cuz he’s just freakin’ adorable. I never used to be an Eunhyuk bias, but in this MV and Sexy Free and Single, there’s just something that has changed my mind about him… >.>

      • Laurana1

        Oh, ikr?! I was never biased to him, I mean I always thought he was sweet and cute and I loved his friendship with Junsu, but it was purely platonic. And now ever since SF&S, I like can’t take my eyes off him. Somehow he got sexy and smooth and I’m like “when did this change?!?” but… he’s just like he always was… only now I guess I can finally see it. ^_^

        • NatsunoSora

           Exactly! Now I feel like I should go back and re-watch older MVs and look for the times when I missed his awesomeness.

  142. Does anyone remember, how many were the votes (only the votes) at 0:00. if it was over 20000 than we won.
    because right now if i count everything on nu’est video it has 44165 points…
    just our votes crash those points now. and we have quite a lot shares.
    (sorry i know its not related to the video. But i love the dance too, so much, that it has the story line, and not the mv but if you watch it carefully you can see that there is something more in the dance then there is usually)
    (now suju has 62438 points)
    back to the point, if the votes were over 20000 than it can’t be that they won, whatever the chart showed…
    Someone please answer me!!!!!! who was here, i had to left one hour before the vote closed :(

    • azuula fu

      votes are only worth 2 points Nu’est had at least 500(maybe I think it was like that)more shares on facebook and google+ thos are worth 4 points plus we (probably idk for sure)had over 3 times as many comments which are worth one and we had several more twitter points which are worth one whoever won just won by a little and that group earned it we don’t know who it is yet but good job whoever won =).

      • i have a calculator and i used that, and yes i know thet votes are 2 points while shares are 4… but the differences in shaeres are like around 100… which is only 400 points, votes are more than 10000 difference which is 20000 points

        • deadline is 00:00 KST. The points were different then.

        • azuula fu

          Hmmm I don’t think Elfs were beating us by that much at that time on the vote*scratches head* Idk all I know is at 12 Nu’est was in the lead the problem is did they stop it right at 12?Because Suju took the lead about 5 minutes later and did the site update right at 12? Because Suju could have been in the lead at 12 but the site didn’t update and said Nu’est instead either way we won’t know until Simon and Martina tell us its just gonna hurt our heads trying to figure it out.

  143. spy i like it , good song and choreography :D

  144. This is why I love ELFs. such a dedicated fans <3 i love you elfs.

  145. I was afraid SuJu wasn’t going to make it, but again SuJu amazed me with the fans that love them and show their support for this video and the song! Good Job you guys! ELF 4 life!

    • Don’t be too certain. NUEST was #1 at 00:03 while Suju was #1 at 00:08. We still need to wait for Simon and Martina to choose.

      • Sources are telling me SuJu was the first at 00:00 KST, so Suju has won this, so chill homegirl

        • No. I was here watching the ranking. I checked at 00:03 NUEST was 1st. at 00:08, Suju was first.

        • Is that is the case why haven’t (S&M) close this?! Also why is SuJu having way more votes than Nu’est all of the sudden?!

        • all i can tell you is that at 00:03 NUEST is on top and 00:08, suju is on top. 

        • Would you guys please stop to fight with each other?? 

          It’s horrible. I’m a LOΛELF and it makes me sick, angry and sad to see my two favourite fandoms (which are like my family oô) fight with each other. 
          We have to wait what S&M will say. 
          Even though I wish Nu’Est should be reviewed (don’t misunderstand me. SPY is an awesome song with awesome choreography but I hate what SME did to the MV v.v) I have to wait and respect you guys. Why is it soooo difficult to understand?? 

        •  S&M always close voting when they upload their MusicMonday vid – they said it once, you can still vote or comment on a vid after deadline, but those votes/shares/comments won’t matter in a battle of current weeks music monday, once the winner is chosen at 00:00  Korean time

        • Blueberries

           I’d be really glad to know how Super Junior doubled their votes in that short time. Like most amazing comeback ever in the last minute.

          I’m not sure who won. If charts update on time it seems to be Nu’est who was 1 in chart page. But cause Suju had really impressive comeback with thousands of votes all of sudden, nothing is certain. So let’s wait and see.

          I’d like to ask you all to calm down too. Let the best be the winner, right? If Super Junior won, it’s fair game and other way around

          But can you tell where those last time votes came from? Does somebody know? Like did they came from some fancafe etc.

          And to keep this relevant I’ll say something about mv: That’s really some big guns they have here.

      • well you cant be certain so just calm down.:/

        • AudreyKoopman

          I swear, you’re like looking for fights @twitter-590164638:disqus was calm. What wasn’t calm about that statement?

        • well (to me) he/she sounded snobby like shoving ELFs in their face that nu’est got first. no one is certain yet until simon and martina upload a vid of a review of it. also i’d like to add…it seems as though a lot of you guys are coming on here and just adding oh this person is better, nuest got #1 even though no one even knows yet, and people like you who are just jumping into someone elses conversation because they have nothing to do( im trying to enjoy the song and help other ELFs that are being bashed)- “its just my opinion..etc.” we know that we are not saying that you have no right to say anything.

        • AudreyKoopman

          *sigh* This is so not worth it. Not going to even bother trying.

        • azuula fu

          -.- I second that let the rude people be rude if we don’t respond she’ll have to get bored of it eventually.

        • AudreyKoopman

          Yeah…everything seems to take so much more effort explaining and we still end up right at the beginning

          TKIR: The gunshot noises drive me crazy in this (random sound effects, blegh)
          I feel like this would’ve been better if it was two different songs. Neither part sounds bad separate, but they don’t mash well to my ears. (SM, that could’ve been TWO extra videos) I really like the ‘doo doo doo’ part. Super catchy.

        •  that’s why he/she said “We still need to wait for Simon and Martina to choose.” =__________________=

        • yes i know i can read. thats why i said i thought she was being mean to the ELFs. seems like i misunderstood just like what everybody else did.

  146. OMG i luv this.My fam just came from african and i put some super junior  on and there was all like  who is this  and i told  them. they  LOVE IT. BUT THERE  ARE  19,24  1, OMG THEY LOVE IT. THX SUPER JUNIOR.

  147. Was the “No Other” mv by SJ ever reviewed?

  148. love leeteuks hair lol :) i wonder if he likes it… i wonder why they had to split it like that i mean in the the live stage he doesnt have the same hair style. well its pretty weird looking at it for the first time but he can still pull it off, amazing:)

    • nariko chan

      i think he was trying/experimenting with his hair. He has asmost the same hair cut for years! but i’m glad he changed it in the live stage 

      • yeah i know well he looks better with it not split well they first time i saw him in th mv i couldnt help but laugh but he doesnt look that bad like if i saw like siwon or yesung with that hair im pretty sure they would look weirder like siwon mostly always has similar hair style and yesung hair is most of the time covering his forehead.

  149. i wonder why they say “go kick it in the butt” lol heehh but still great music. the dance!!! the music!!! its so awesome!!!!pure awesome!!

  150. hope they win, i dont want them to lose against a rookie group because that just looks bad:/

    • azuula fu

      -.- its comments like this that make other fandoms think badly and even look down on Elf its just not nice if Suju lost they lost fair and sqaure theres nothing that looks bad about it Nu’est fans have been up all night spreading the word, trying to get other fandoms help, commenting about relievent things (not just how hot ryeowook is), and trying our hardest if we won we earned it if we lost then good job Elfs you guys have worked hard to lets all just say nice things and be nice =).

      • you know nu’est arent so innocent as well:/ ive seen the comments of their mv!!!

        • azuula fu

          Ya I know we have our fair share of spammers/mean commenty people I never said we didn’t and several people myself included have been getting on to them and a majority of the people who voted for Nu’est have been fair and nice about it Sujus fan club is bigger if we lost it understandable and if so congrat but if you did win you shouldn’t shove it in our face or suggest we didn’t earn it cuz we did and besides just because everybody else is spamming and saying mean things doesn’t mean you should like I said lets just all get along.

        • ? im not shoving it in your face??…where did you get that from…:/ i also did not say anything about someone not earning anything so stop making stories it annoying:/ im also not saying mean things!are you mistaking me for someone else, because i havent been mean. i also have no problem with nu’est winning because i like them also. so yeah stop trying to cause problems.

        • azuula fu

          Your comment and I quote “hope they win, i dont want them to lose against a rookie group because that just looks bad:/” is insulting to not only Nu’est and all the people who voted for them but to Elfs as well by saying you hope Suju doesn’t lose to Nu’est your basicly saying in a nicer way that Nu’est is dumb because their new and don’t deserve to win and thats insulting to Lo/es and Nu’est.

        • im not saying that rookie songs are worst im just saying its because suju has been in the singing career a long time and nu’est is a new group so its just like so a rookie group beat another group that has a lot more experience than them.and also suju has been out for a long time so they have quiet the fans.. so  its will probable seem that the song didnt do good or maybe they lost fans.. thats all i meant.

        • dont assume things its just annoying:/ wow you like to make up stories oh they said this so im just going to assume that they were saying this blah blah blah….

    •  why? who said that rookie group’s songs are always worse than senior’s songs? i think that nu’est’s mv is much better than Spy – because vid is refreshing and it’s not another dancing in a box vid
      i mean Suju is a good band with some good songs, but people are tired with them doing the same thing over and over again
      thats why i think that Nu’Est deserves to win this time, because they did sth different and made a rly great and cute mv for their song

      you can’t say that someone is worse just cuz he’s new to business =__= that’s ridiculous

      • im not saying that rookie songs are worst im just saying its because suju has been in the singing career a long time and nu’est is a new group so its just like so a rookie group beat another group that has a lot more experience than them.and also suju has been out for a long time so they have quiet the fans.. so  its will probable seem that the song didnt do good or maybe they lost fans.. thats all i meant.

        • music business is a tough one – it doesnt matter how long do u perform or how much experience do you have – there are new groups debuting every month and they all do their best, so i think it would be fair if senior groups did the same to keep their fans interested and happy and to get new fans
          so if the song or mv is bad – people won’t listen to it because they have gazillions of other songs to listen to

        • i know. but when a rookie( by the way im not saying that they dont try) tries their best and they are not all super popular when they first begin and as they get more experience from the stage. but older groups have already a lot of fans and should know about these things so it will be kind of sad if i rookie group beat them. (so stop misunderstanding my comments and assuming oh she said this blah blah blah) (sop yeah if you dont like the song or mv then go listen to the GAZILLIONS OF OTHER MUSIC OUT THERE instead of doing worthless comments like what you are currently doing…:/

        •  aaaaand here goes the hate as usual lololol always the same – i try to tell an honest opinion, and im not even hating on a band, and again fans are like “gtfooo if you don’t like it” =__= ahh sm fans, you never fail to make me laugh with your aggression xD

          and btw your still saying the same thing trying to defend yourself – it’s not working
          but whatever i guess Suju always have to win, even if they get lazy and repetitive because apparently they have more fans and experience

        • maybe cause your annoying…sm fans want to just be happy how others enjoy the mv also or even so a little change could be added(and others agree) but its pretty stupid for someone that doesnt like it has to just comment “oh i like nu’est because theyre not in a box” okay now we know about haw they are mostly just in a box but you dont have to tell other fans that you didnt like it and you like this other group. so you dont have to shove another group in our face and tell us that they are better but we just want people to enjoy it or if you dont like it and like another group then go watch them. im not saying ” suju has to win at everything even if they get lazy and repetitive because they have more experience and fans. that dosent mean they have to win at everything. so yeah stop taking my comment out of contrast and do something productive or useful.

        • azuula fu

           Ya I have to agree but I think its better we stop so we don’t get in trouble and besides its a waste of time apparently to some Elfs its ok for some Elfs to say rude things about Nu’est but Lo/es can’t suggest the some Elfs can sometimes be a little to much but whatever you guys have your opinions and we have ours but please try to be careful with what you say I’m sure you didn’t mean for that comment “it would be bad if they lost” or whatever it was to be rude but we lo/es took it that way and good luck with the votes ^_^

        • also good luck to you. im sorry if it seems like i said bad things of nu’est i was not trying to be rude. also same goes with lo/es dont say bad things of suju like “nuest is like harry potter and suju is like voldemort, so soom we will beat them” (yeah i say that comment, there was more too but yeah i just dont want everyone to bash suju and tell us we were bashing nu’est(we werent) so yeah. and good luck will nu’est votes also :)

        • AudreyKoopman

          Haha, that Harry Potter thing was our way of motivating each other. I mean, the amount of HP references we could make was surprising. It wasn’t intended to be mean, just keep us going.

          (And I’m sorry if I came off rude..I have the worst headache ever and it won’t leave ugh. So I get kind of snippy. Plus the stress of not knowing whats going on here didn’t help. Love Super Junior!!!!!!!!)

        • oh sorry i took the harry potter thing as a mean thing. also sorry i f i sounded rude or wanted to pick a fight, i didnt. im probably a little grumpy that i have slept all day so i can do the KMM which was hard because i wanted nu’est and suju to win.

        • NatsunoSora

           The problem is that this shouldn’t be a popularity contest. It’s a vote to see which MV Simon and Martina will review. It would be nice if people put aside their bias for a while and just voted on which MV might make for the most interesting KMM episode, rather than just voting for your favourite group just because you think it proves they’re superior or something.

        • amen. that’s what i was trying to say all this time – i mean i get it, you like that band, but come one, be honest with yourselves – does S&M rly have anything new to say about SPY’s mv? why this vid should be reviewed, just because it’s Suju’s mv? kinda not fair imo

        • wtf? im not voting for them just because there”superior”. if i didnt like this song or anything i would have voted for nu’est because i enjoyed the song and mv, but i liked super juniors better so i do not vote for “who proves they’re superior” i choose which one  i enjoyed listening to and watching. i also think it would be interesting what they will do for either one of them:/

        •  i didn’t come here just to comment about the fact that i dont like their mv – i wouldnt comment at all if you didnt say “hope they win, i dont want them to lose against a rookie group because that just looks bad:/”
          i have no intention in offending other fandoms, but if someone says sth like this it just makes go wtf and that’s the only reason i even started to write anything here
          i’m not a big fan of either Suju or Nu’Est but i dont like the fact that people think that seniors are better than rookies – it’s just not fair
          and i only compared Suju to Nu;Est because you did it first

        • okay well i already told you why i said that it wasnt because i was bashing nu’est so you were just misunderstanding:/ okay?

        • NatsunoSora

           There’s no “reply” link to your reply to me, so I have to reply here.  I said the thing about trying to prove who’s superior because of YOUR comment:

          “hope they win, i dont want them to lose against a rookie group because that just looks bad:/”

          Clearly, for you, a win or loss is an indication of superiority, since you made a big deal about not wanting to lose to a rookie group because it LOOKS bad.

          Or do you have such a bad memory that you forgot you said that?

        • wow someone sounds grumpy. well actually i do remember what i said, im not stupid and when i said that i did not mean it in a mean way as you said now. im not talking about who is “superior” as i have said.

        • NatsunoSora

          LOL! You’ve called at least 2 different people “annoying” and have been argumentative with pretty much everyone who has called you on your aggressive statements and you say that I sound grumpy. That’s HILARIOUS!

          And you really should read what you’ve said to people because all you keep doing is re-wording your original statement of SuJu losing to Nu’est would look bad, but you say it in different ways, even though it still always comes across as meaning the same thing. Even Audreykpopman tried to point out that you are being unclear and rather than clarifying, you got snotty in your response. I think that perhaps you might be the grumpy one here, not the rest of us…

          TKIR: I don’t like this MV concept because it’s the same old thing as before, but I do like the choreography and love Eunhyuk in it. But I don’t think those things are enough to want to see S&M review it over the other MVs on the list that at least offer some visual variety.

        • AudreyKoopman

          That statement didn’t help clarify the first one at all. You just reworded your sentence. Instead of flat out saying its bad for Suju to lose to a rookie you are now saying it is a bad thing for rookies to beat more experienced groups. And small fandoms win on KMM all the time (i.e. B.A.P., Ukiss, Infinite), and that is against groups with much larger fan bases as well. So I don’t see how losing on here means they lost fans, because it happens, people lose. 

        • im not saying its a “bad thing” (as in oh a rookie group is not good enough for other groups)

        • then what do you call boa and shinhwa then?

        • obviously they are very popular. (every body says it i hear them on tv and everything they have been out for a long time) but also im not saying that they always have a good songs some will be more or les popular not everbody can like everything:/   

        • AudreyKoopman

          Then what the hell are you trying to say, because it isn’t coming across clear at all. 

        • then just forget about it dont cause fights if you dont understand it :) 

      • usaELF-christine han didn’t said that rookie group’s songs are always worse than senior songs. what she means is that she doesn’t want SJ to lose to rookie groups. Is that bad? Ofcourse as an Elf we don’t want them to lose to anyone. Sorry, but we (elfs) are NEVER tired with them. It’s rude that you said nu’est’s mv is much better than SPY & people are tired of them :( Super Junior deserves to win too. They also worked hard for that MV & they made that MV for us inspite of their very busy schedules. SPY MV is very precious to us because this is the last MV with leeteuk before he goes to army. We can’t blame them for dancing in a box or whatsoever because it’s also SM’s choice & also some people forgot that super junior is a DANCE GROUP not an acting group. 

        •  i dont think that what i said was rude- it’s just my opinion and i didnt offend Suju in any way, but for me if it’s between SPY and Not Over You – the winner is Nu’est and i don’t care that they are a rookie group
          Shinee is a dancing group too – and still even if they are from same company, Sherlock was pretty interesting to watch because it didnt have closed box in it (and no i’m not Shinee’s fan, im just saying it as a neutral viewer)

        • just because ita a “closed box” mv doesnt mean it wont be good i mean not over you was just nu’est doing a bunch of random things so it didnt quite matter.

        • sorry but i can’t imagine how S&M can review in this vid… i mean what they can say about it? oh they dance, and they have nice clothes on and they look good ummmm oh yea and thats it.. boom and we have the shortest Music Monday ever

          im not saying that Nu’Ests mv is the best music video in the world, but it’s definitely a lot more varied with loads stuff to talk about, than Suju’s Spy

        • okay well im pretty that they ar going to say that they if they like the song and how random it is in the nu’ est mv. basically same with the suju mv they are going to talk about the box and if they liked it. so i dont see how nu’est has more variety…so yeah. 

        • NatsunoSora

          I hear what you’re saying, but think about the reason these MVs are being voted on: it’s to get the MV reviewed by Simon and Martina. What can they say about an MV like Spy where nothing happens except some good dancing and singing in slightly different outfits?  Not much, especially since there’s already been a few SuJu MVs that were very similar that Simon and Martina already reviewed. They won’t have anything new to add, so the Spy MV winning will make for a less interesting KMM episode than Nu’est’s MV winning. For one thing, I think we’d be guaranteed to see Simon in a blond wig riding a bike, which would be hilarious!

          Also, it’s not like Nu’est created an MV that’s some big drama that required a lot of acting. It was just them interacting with each other in various situations and it was really sweet and cute. I like SuJu, and I’d have LOVED it if they did something different like that for this MV. They’re a dance group, yes, but they’re also people and it would be nice to see them just being people in their MV. We see their personalities on variety shows and interviews and stuff, so let’s see some in the MVs too. They’re so adorable, they could have run around dressed as spies and laughed at each other’s poor attempts at disguises or something. There was so much potential for an MV for a song called Spy, and they didn’t capitalize on it at all. It almost feels like SM Ent decided that since SuJu has a large and loyal fan base, they don’t need to spend time or money on them any more, and the fans will be satisfied even if they do the same old thing over and over again. It feels like SuJu and ELFs are being taken for granted, and, quite frankly, I find that insulting.

          So, when kate said that Nu’est’s MV was better, it wasn’t meant to insult SuJu, it was meant to point out a bad choice on the part of the producers, directors, etc of the video.

          And the fact that it’s Leeteuk’s last MV before enlisting should have been even more reason to do something special with this MV.

          Just my very long winded two cents…

        • Oh well I totally love the Song and the dance for SPY. What I don’t like is how SM always make their MV’s in a room. & I’m so glad that in SFS review, S&M didn’t say anything about the rooms coz we know already know that it’s SM STYLE. Actually, I wished that SM will once watch S&M’s review for SJ’s MV. SM doesn’t put some time & budget for SJ MV like what you said, because SJ has a very loyal fandom & that’s why some Elfs hate SM. 

          I just said that SJ is a dance group because maybe some people don’t know. They are always complaining why SJ is always dancing. Why don’t they act like other groups. They said they are always doing the same thing. They are not even doing the same thing. Can’t they tell what’s the difference between sorry sorry, mr. simple, sfs and spy?  If what they say is about SUJU MV’s that are always on a room blame it on SM. 

        • NatsunoSora

           We actually agree about a lot of things. I think SuJu deserve better MVs than they are being made to put out. I think SM take them for granted and I hope that one day that comes back to bite SM in the butt.

          I actually like the song Spy, though maybe not as much as other SuJu songs. But I think it has the potential to grow on me. As you can tell from my pic, I am a JYJ/Junsu fan, and my first listen of Uncommitted, I was kind of ‘meh’ about it, but after a couple of more times I liked it and now I love it to bits and can’t stop listening to it. So Spy may grow on me as well.

          I think that even though the MV is boring as a concept, the dancing is super tight and the choreography is (as always) excellent.  Eunhyuk isn’t my bias, but he looks adorable in it. Yesung looks great too, but there’s not enough of him in it! Though with so many members, you can’t expect your bias to have all the air time. ;)

        • AudreyKoopman

          Except for the fact a majority of the comments in the beginning were about how they didn’t like the song and video, or only liked the song and hated the video because it was the same old same old…And how is that rude? It is her opinion that Nu’est’s video is better just like it is your opinion that Suju’s is better. And for people getting tired of them doing the same thing, reread my first sentence. Comments on this page were saying that. Comments on the last few Super Junior videos were saying that, its everywhere. And in my opinion, I agree, and this is coming from someone who is both an ELF and a LO/E (and don’t pull any of that you’re not a true fan bullshit, because thats all it is, bullshit. Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I have to like every little thing they’ve ever done). And you don’t think Nu’est, or Junsu, or Evol, or anyone on these charts worked hard to make the music videos? The groups that have already debuted have busy schedules as well. That is kind of how things work with kpop if you haven’t noticed. And I get it, Leeteuk is going to the army, but it is really unfortunate that this is his send off video, and let me reiterate, this video/song being bad is my opinion.

        • it actually was quite rude. because well why go on a super junior mv if she doesnt like it and just tell the fans she doesnt like it, she just can keep it to herself.

        • AudreyKoopman

          Except for people who are ELFs were doing the same damn thing. It isn’t rude for her to state her honest opinion. If she was very belligerent about it, yes. But she wasn’t. She was polite in her statement. She even said she like Super junior and thinks they’re a good group. 

        •  true :) i like Suju, i may not be the biggest fan ever, but i find some of their songs pretty awesome, thats why it’s annoying that some hardcore Suju fans hate on me just cuz i don;t like one song from their fav band =__= come on people – being a fan doesnt mean blindly accepting every damn thing that your fav band does, but actually you should help them improve – so they can make better music and music videos
          and hating on other people just cuz they have different opinion just makes that person hate the band, fandom or company, and it’s slowly happening to me – cuz i’m tired of being offended by smtown fans – that never happens with other fandoms, so srsly you need to chill sometimes

        • AudreyKoopman

          Yeah…I’ve noticed that with SM fans. Other fans too, but maybe its because SM fandoms are so large there are a lot more of those kind around. 

        • well im not hating on her just because this one song she dont like, i understand. my sister doesnt like this song and she tells me its cliche and i understand, i dont hate on her. i think everyone misunderstood at what she was saying by adding that nu’est mv is better. and also i feel the same of nu’est because they were  saying mean things of super junior and tell us were bashing nu’est :/

        • It’s just rude for me saying that people are tired of them doing the same thing. They are not doing the SAME thing. I like SPY, I love the dance. Oh I forgot, People have different tastes. For me I love the song not just because I’m Elf. & I just want to clear that I said they ALSO worked hard for the MV. SUJU’s MV will be greater and more awesome If only SM did put some time and budget to it. 

        • AudreyKoopman

          Ah, you’re right. Didn’t see the also in there, my bad.

          And I really wish SM would. Suju deserves it so much. I’m just dying for a video along the lines of No Other or It’s You.
          Heck, I want more SJ-H videos! (those are epic) 

        • No Other and It’s You are my favorites <3 if only SM can make another MV  like that for 'From U' that would be great! 

        • AudreyKoopman

          Those two and Sorry Sorry are my all time favorite Super Junior videos! 

          Sorry Sorry especially because it was my first Suju song ever (3rd kpop) and I’ve been hooked since XD

          Oh, and I like Wonder Boy a lot..maybe because that movie was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever watched. 

        • Sorry Sorry is great too but SM uploaded a super beyond HD music video of Sorry, Sorry on Youtube. They didn’t even allow the viewers to leave a comment except for the one and only comment( that comment was sarcastic & the also the top comment that has the most thumbed up in youtube) i got pissed with that. I’m not a Kpop fan back then Actually I’m an anti- kpop but that was a long time ago. then i got interested with Super Junior & became a Kpop fan. A Supeer Fan. I even want to live in Korea Someday XD

        • AudreyKoopman

          I think that upload was the one I first say. It wasn’t very super quality to me, but I remember thinking, there is only one comment….
          I had never even known about kpop’s existence until that day and I’ve never been an anti-fan of anybody. 
          I’d like to visit Korea, but I want to live in Japan (have wanted to long before kpop). But its ok because kpop groups go to Japan all the time!

        • What I’m trying to say that it’s super beyond HD is because it has low quality. XD maybe only 360p? XD Sorry, if i got you confused. I just become an anti Kpop back then because I’m always out of place when my friends are talking about Kpop and I don’t even know anything. *Poor me :(* And then I searched about them and I found out that ‘Oh they are cool’. then i begin to like and now I love them :’) ohh Goodnight. I gtg. TCA! ^^

  151. It’s already midnight here. I’m not going to sleep. XD

  152. does anyone know if we really won because people are saying different things and its starting to confuse me. but i just hope we won!!!(crosses fingers) pleaseeee!!

    • azuula fu

      No one will know until Simon and Martina announce it that might not be until Monday when the vid comes out I think its gonna take them a while to go tho the comments and delete spammers so basicly anyone who wrote anything similar to “Go Super Junior” will get their comment deleted and maybe even banned.

  153. Go Super Junior!! Suju fighting!! >^.^<

  154. I think we got back to #1 at 11:55 pm KST.

  155. i reallly love the jacket part of the dance:) 

  156. i really hope we won. i mean we worked really hard to get the votes up. i just we will reallyy sad if we didnt win because i stayed up all morning to do this:( ughhh sooo tired

  157. Sara Boum'z

    It doesn’t matter how their MV are! Even SM doesn’t care about their MV’s! I’ll always love them! 

  158. voting should be closed by now… let’s hope we won!

  159. sj is number one again! suju ganda!

  160. but maybe they haven’t updated the votes at 12KST? but now is SJ no.1 on my screen. idk.

  161. Aish i really don’t want to sing Yesung line in SFS

  162. hai co le vo



  164. Maknae-sshi

    I hope ELF can do this for SNSD when Sones need help.LOVE from a Sone!

  165. NUEST fans think they won. Suju fans also think they won.Let’s wait on Monday who really won.

  166. marbang2

    The dance is AWESOME!

    • nariko chan

      of course it is! i really love the dance of SPY :D
      i like that is not everyone dancing the same at the same time. i has interesting moves like kyu jumping and the hiding/moving they do when they sing their parts 

  167. Maknae-sshi

    My favorite part is Shindong’s at 1:42.Eunhyuk looked ahhh!

  168. oh my ..
    really military for which country 

  169. Maknae-sshi

    It’s a battle ground in here!

  170. Eunhyuk is not Lee HyukJae.. He is Lee HOTJae….Lolllll excuse me xD

  171. Maknae-sshi

    Who loved that they were holding guns in the video? I love shooting as I’ve been to the military.

  172. marbang2

    I hope we’re not too late :(

  173. i feel bad for nu’est since they never won but they almost did. it sucks for them that their mv came out at the time of suju:/

  174. what is every one suju fav song, mv, member ,lol couple 

    • nariko chan

      Fav song is “its you”
      Mv “rokkugo” (really i love it, it’s funny and makes no sense at all xD)
      member- i like the maknaes (ryeowook, kyu, henry)
      couple i don’t care :)


  176. Maknae-sshi

    I loved sexy free and single,and Spy,they are mature songs for Suju and I want it to continue.

  177. Maknae-sshi

    You know some people over there wanted to win so badly against Suju that they were commenting while preparing for work.



  180. (just trying to keep the chat relevant to SuJu here~ XD)

  181. You know, I have no idea why people don’t like SPY as a song! It’s so cute and fun!

  182. I think the voting should be closing soon. I have no idea when though

  183. Wait when does the voting close for this week???

  184. We’re back at number 1, let’s stay there :D SJ and ELF hwaiting <3

  185. I’m really sad that Leeteuk is leaving too… but at least Kangin is back! :D 

  186. marbang2

    They can’t lose!!

  187. good job guys! ELF<333

  188. Maknae-sshi

    When is voting gonna stop?

  189. Anyone listening to the song as we speak? X3

  190. rainmy_wong

    super junior!!!!

  191. Wookie said SPY was actually made before Mr Simple and nearly become the title song ! wow

  192. HANGENG , HEECHUL KIBUM <33333 ^__^

  193. woooo~ SuJu hwaiting! It passed Nu’est! 

  194. keep commenting!!! we want suju to STAY in first

  195. keep commenting though. we just wanna be sure…


  197. SPY AND SF&S <33333333333333333333333 :)

  198. Maknae-sshi

    Super Junior go kick it in the butt!!!

    • nariko chan

      ha ha ha ha ha best english ever
      as a non-english speaker super junior makes never fails to make me smile

      “because i naughty, naughty”
      “i’m ready to bingo”
      “go kick it in the butt” xD

  199. They would be no good as real spies, they stand out too much~ <3

  200. I think the song is fun and interesting. However, I feel that there was so much they could’ve done with the actualy mv. They could’ve made such an awesome plot with it. But no, it’s mr simple all over again with them just dancing in an oddly lit room..

  201. It should be illegal to be so sexy ><

  202. WE ARE #1 !!!!!! YUPI !!!! FIGHTING!! ^^{

    • nariko chan

      best comment i’ve ever read!

      “boxes need your love, love them~”
      “boxes are your friends, love them~”
      “boxes makes boys look sexy, love them~”

      something like that :)

  203. (crosses fingers and toes) please let suju win :)

  204. remember it updates hourly. on the kpop chart page it says spy still has 18000 votes (totally untrue) so we might be in the lead now :)

  205. i’m opening my father’s Fb to share this. XD

  206. i will not let suju just lose to a rookie group!!!ELF fighting!!

  207. SPY is great! Give this song a chance :)

  208. wait i have a question:
    Why is that I commented so many times but the comment count is STILL the same???


  210. Hyukie, you’re indeed a dancing machine!

  211. SPY is really catchy, love you, SJ!

  212. Maknae-sshi

    This video should be made fun of,I wanna know what Simon and Martina thinks.Some parts are good some are laughable.

  213. its actually kinda amazing how many votes we got in just a few hours…. ELF<3

  214. comments are just 1 poits and have 2000 more and we have 12000 votes more and votes are 2 points . how it is possible that we are at second place

  215. Maknae-sshi

    I guess we have to do what we have to do,LOVE thinks they are persistent,I wish that was SONES against them!

  216. Super Junior Forever!! 
    They are just so good!! 
    Cant wait till Simon and Martina make fun of this video~! (In a good way)


  218. Maknae-sshi

    Simon and Martina should make comments half a point from now on because of cheaters!

  219. i really wanna see simon and martina comment on that magic trick lol

  220. how much time do we have left?

  221. we have like 12000 votes more than nuest  votes have 2 points

  222. Maknae-sshi

    How is it fair at all that Nuest wins just because their fans are commenting like crazy.Simon and Martina should consider discounting comments as a way to win because CHEATERS take advantage nicely.Super Junior is the obvious winner,but cheaters resort to comments/spamming to win,kinda pathetic!

  223. Lee Anne Ledwell

    When I first saw Kyuhyun’s hair I was like O.o ?? but now I like it…. I still don’t like Teukie’s hair tho… it just makes me giggle thinking about how he really used to put his hair like that.

  224. *phew* I think we won guys (that was WAY too close) **panting**

  225. lets go to mcd page to vote after this we have to make spy 1st at mcd

  226. i hope our spy mv will be reviewed

  227. i don’t think we are still number 2. remember this updates hourly

  228. Didn’t we come out after nuest? Shouldn’t Nuest actually stay #2? Cause we’re newer? :O

  229. why we #2 ? I think we have more point of vote ;_;

  230. spy is really very good coemback song better than acha

  231. How many minutes to go before they end the voting?

  232. not my fav super junior song but i love it anyway<333

  233. why people are not coming from youtube? 
    i seriously do not get how we are at second place while w ehave 11000 votes more

  234. I love the song! 

    Not so sure about the MV.. but i REALLY want them to win!!

  235. ELF kyu

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!! HOW CUTEEE!!!!!
    And actually i love this more than SF&S, hahaha~~
    SPY’s dance steps just TOO HOT AND SEXXXXXYY!!!!
    And other song in this album nice also: only u, haru, and outsider.
    I fell in love with them because of their song!!! SJ never disappointed me!!!
    But mv still need to improved la…SM please be more appreciate them, don’t forget them even though you got new rookie group…
    ***well.just my opinion***

  236. use facebook since it is 4 points

  237. Guys, at least comment something that SOUNDS like a review.
    Boxes don’t bother me. As long as my boys are working hard and having a good time, I’m okay with whatever SMent has them put out. Even if it is sort-of low budget.

  238. loooove this song, mv, dance, and super junior!!

  239. its so hard to share on google+ ;__;


  241. only 12 minutes left to vote and i hope we will win


  243. Maknae-sshi

    How do they calculate who get to be reviewed for the following week because I’m a little confused? A music video that has more people voting,sharing and tweeting loses to one that has less votes,tweets and shares.How?


  245. keep tweeting and sharing at facebook too

  246. i think we might still be in second because this update hourly or something like that. EITHER WAY. LETS KEEP COMMENTING!!!

  247. I MISS U HEECHUL !!!!!!!!! T__________T 

  248. i seriosly do not understand why we are at 2nd place

  249. The only reason I want this to be reviewed is because of the English. It finally makes sense and I wonder what S&M think of it!

  250. It’s like traditon that a Super Junior video be reviewed by them. What will they say about the blood and the guns? I must know the answer to this question!

  251. shouldnt we be in first were ahead of nu’est?..

  252. if we do not get reviweved it will weird


  254. even though it doesnt have action seen or anything everything in th mv works :)


  256. love the song and the my except the shoes of the shadow girl

  257. I really like the song and other fandoms complaining are funny :3 I like to see them act all childish but thinking they are ‘mature’ ^^ sure it´s in everyfandom but NuEst fan on YT are funny :’3

  258. Maknae-sshi

    I want this to be reviewed next Monday!


  260. I really liked the english in the song, it got much better! :) LOVE SUJU!!! 

  261. purrsandscratches

    hey fellow ELF, I just went over to take a look at the nuest video’s comment page and I seem to see quite a lot of comment spamming. Although I would like suju to win, I hope we don’t have to resort to spamming comments. Hopefully if we lose we will still be able to have a dignified loss, knowing that we’ve did what we could for suju, voting and promoting their video via twitter, fb and google+ (and beating nuest in all the above) and lost only in the commenting section due to, uhm, reasons.

  262. Doo roo doo doo roo doo doo go kick haters in the butt!! ^^

  263. Great song! I hope it gets Simon&Martina review :)


  265. best dancers and singers in the world even though they are i the box:)

  266. Lee Anne Ledwell

    Refreshed page: Super junior goes from #1 to #2….

  267. I love this song and love my handsome spy  SUJU OPPA   ^^

  268. how long until this ends? cause i want to do my best for suju to win:)

  269. noone from youtube is coming here i am practically begging there

  270. SuJu is the best, we all know that :D

  271. we have  like 8000+ votes more them 

  272. I don’t know why we have less comment :/ ELFs love to chat lol

  273. suju needs to win this i dont want them to lose!!

  274. We really need to make this number one again, Super Junior are awesome and this song really needs to get a review…

  275. its kind of weird that this is in 2nd doesnt suju have more votes?

  276. Super Junior is the best! Your argument is invalid!

  277. I really hope this video wins :O

  278. Sara Boum'z

    Even if we all know what Simon and martina gonna say about this MV! We have to make it no.1 of the chart here!!

  279. SM really should care more about their MVs and promotions. This could have been a really awesome story MV.

  280. I am practically begging everyone on youtube to take their converstaion here we have only 40 minutes left to vote

  281. I really love this dance even if the video isn’t the best I think the awesome song and dance make up for it.

  282. I really liked it!It’s a good song and a good MV..Maybe next time they will not be trapped in a box..maybe..

  283. i do not understand how come we are at second place while we are +7000 votes behind nuest and votes counted as 2 points while comments are just 1 points.

  284. this is absolutely DAEBAK… so sleek yet so adorable, still. that’s SJ! ^^

  285. blue7noise

    Super Junior!!! XD … always looking good in suits :P

  286. this video has blood and sweat of suju members in it so for elfs this is best video that they can watch

  287. even though its a pretty much a low budget mv. super junior does there best to turn it into a good thing so im just happy with this. but i was really hoping for action scenes though:/

  288. super junior are kings of kpop so even if they dances in the box, they are greatest dancer and singers of the kpop

  289. SJ is the best! They don’t need anything very luxury!! They can achieve the best on their own!

  290. BstAbsolutePerfect8

    Super junior has to win!

  291. When was the last time Super Junior did a fun song? Super Junior Happy? 2007? THAT LONG AGO?! I liked those, ans I like this one too. It’s not just about their sex appeal; it’s a goofy, over the top song that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously in the least bit. Please respect this, and stop hating on them for being trapped in a box (or Shindong will hunt you down with his shotgun).

  292. I miss the  “No Other” style MV. Yes. sorry sorry was a breakthrough but it was NOT because of the BOX dear SM. Please just give us a story in your MV, please!!! all in all, I don’T care if Nuest or Suju wins this one, I’ll vote for suju cuz I am an ELF after all and it just feels weird voting for the other camp, but yeah all in all I am okay with both of them getting reviewed :) and please simon if it’s SPY don’t give them 0 out of 5 okay?? x´DDD

  293. mangalene

    This video is fantastic
    I hope simon and martina reviews this

  294. i like this spy better than sfs and i think spy is much stronger comeback song than acha

  295. The song supposed to be fun, and it is fun.
    Maybe it doesn’t have a story line in the mv… but it has in the dance.

  296. Aghhh. Why so much hate? >__< The song is really catchy and fun once you give it a few listens, and the music video is typical Super Junior. It's what they've been doing for ages now and people really need to get over it. Who cares if they're in boxes? They are known for their singing and dancing, and that's what the music videos are all about; them. To put it in childish terms: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. (Did none of you learn that as a child?)

  297. fuuko4869

    Okay guise, it’s becoming a bit of a spam fest on both you and Nu’est’s pages. Tempted to blacklist every spam comment that comes along. GIVE ME A BREAK.

  298. Omg, a Super Junior song, which is NOT a copy of their past ones! Woohoo. I feel like they might have changed producers ahah. That would be a good thing actually. I was beginning to be so tired of them. 

    But I don’t know why I feel like the mv does not really fit the song. Like when I watched the mv I want to either turn off the sound to watch the mv OR to stop the video in order to appreciate the music. Weird.

  299. Rebeka Konok

    It’s their best MV lately! Dance & suits are awesome!

  300. fuuko4869


    Please. If you must say something, write something meaningful/relevant. A sentence or two.

  301. I’d love to see your review on this mv even though it’s not the best xD

  302. Um, is it just me or do they say “Go kick it in the butt”?

  303. While the MV leaves one wondering why SM couldn’t come up with better creative ideas for such an awesome concept… the cleverness of the choreography and magical illusions incorporated into the dance is really worth watching!

  304. Hyeon Min

    I got you little runaway~ :D I love this song :3

  305. purrsandscratches

    i don’t get the humongous disappointment everyone is apparently having, this is always what i expected from suju, their choreography is always interesting and they even spiced it up this time with the live illusions and all that.

  306. Myu Nya

    I love both the song and the dance but the mv was kinda … well not what I expected, still I’d like you to review it xD

  307. I hope you will review this song :D

  308. The song and the dance are awesome, but the mv…..ummm meh, it was WAY more boring than it could’ve been. They had such an amazing theme and concept, but…they still somehow managed to ruin it. Poor SJ, they don’t get the kind of MVs they deserve :( but it’s a good song♥

  309. Tirahmisu


  310.  why is this on 2nd place really elfs really?!

  311. Myu Nya

    I really love the song and all but I wish SM would just make more original MVs 

  312. commen guys nuest has passed us 
    call everyone to vote for suju

  313. Guys, have you seen the dance version? 
    Is it just me or it’s much better without this legs everywhere….

  314. love the song and even though they are still dancing in the box they are awesome

  315. qwertyboy123

    We’re second alr… Where r all the elfs!!!???

  316. Дарья Оглоблина

    Want review of this so bad!

  317. IrishPaddySONE

    NU’EST fans are commenting like crazy ~_~

  318. i love the video, wish there was an actual story plot

  319. spiralyte

    Keep calm and shoot… SPIES. ;P

  320. nariko chan

    it is catchy, i was like O.o with the trumpet sound at the beginning but i love the song

  321. I really enjoyed the choreography in this, very interesting! The song is catchy after a couple of times :)

  322. I can’t wait to buy this album! Love the stage performances of Spy :D

  323. diamond22

    To be killed by so handsome man, oh my~ XD

  324. diamond22

    But u know… That’s not so bad XD

  325. diamond22

    And Siwon’ll kill me :D

  326. diamond22

    If Nuest will win, I don’t know what I do :D

  327. diamond22

    Gosh we should win in MM, guys…

  328. nooo… why is it on the second placeee…

  329. Hana Shin

    The main difference is the commenting section! Keep commenting seriously!! 

  330. i am not a fan of the MV but I love the song.. I dunno, it never grew on me since i fell in love with song the 1st time I heard it.. I even love it more than sorry, sorry or mr. simple :)

  331. well, I’d share it and like it on FB but it doesn’T work. The buttons are only visible on Nuest MV but not on SUJU MV..x´D what the heck??

  332. emmyemu

     The songs are always awesome, so I can’t blame the boys ^^ But someone needs to tell the guy in charge of the MVs to get an imagination.

  333. emmyemu

    The teaser for this song really threw me off. Not necessarily in a bad way.. but it was all 007 James bond-ey and cool, and the music was mysterious and dark. Then when I saw the actual MV, the first thing I hear is a happy-trumpet noise then Donghae joyfully singing ” S-P-Y”  ^^

    Still love it. ♥

  334. I love this song and the choreography but the video is lacking some things, they should have taken the spy concept further.

  335. Can’t stand the dance version
    i think the camerawork is like in ACHA with moving/zooming/shaking making people dizzy xD it’s really hard to watch
    For better dance versions i watch music shows

    and without guns there is no fun :)

    • spiralyte

      OMO Me neither!

      I kinda wished they’d released a dance version for “Sexy, Free & Single” and just a practice video for “SPY”…. The camera work really made the choreography look less than amazing. >. >

      • they ruined the dance version, that was a shame, i really love the choreography and i was waiting for a dance version

        when SM release it i was like ¬.¬ “this can’t be true”

        • spiralyte

          Exactly. I think the choreography is so complex, one of those dance routines that Super Junior pulls off perfectly because of their numbers (whereas “S,F&S” can even be done alone and still look good).

          When I saw the dance version, I was excited. “Ooh! Yay! Dance version!”
          When I watched it, I was slowly disappointed.. “Why would they film in the oddly lit room? Shouldn’t the dance be emphasized? Shouldn’t the lighting be clear? Why is the camera so far away?”

          I don’t get it, SM. Your idols are working extremely hard to put out a good performance and on top of your silence at the MV’s release (which was really the o-n-l-y thing that bothered me about the wait for it) you can’t even give them proper credit for the effort. Granted, I know it’s SM and their tried-and-true method of production works for them, and they didn’t have to release a statement or anything – but, it still extremely irks me, and as a fan, I’d like to think that they care much more about Super Junior and ELFs as a fandom than evidenced here.

          Wow. This turned into a rant much longer than planned. Mianhanda~ ^^~

        • ha ha ha ha but i understand you rant i was really dissapointed with the dance version
          dont worry be happy :)

        • spiralyte

          You’re a nice ELF. ^^~

          I’m gonna say what I said in the beginning: At least the MV was released, and in the end, Super Junior does what Super Junior does best.

          Everything. XD

  336. Even though I would’ve preferred a storyline in the MV – like a comedic take on spys – I’ll take what I can get LOL. The boys worked hard for this and have to be appreciated. Plus the dance is a KILLER! Choreo is amazing – the moves are very smooth and slick – reminds me of MJ’s Smooth Criminal. And all those under-woman’s-heels-shots were bringing out the funny side of the song – I was always smiling there – while the dance was bringing the sexy side :) 
    Oh and Kyu’s acrobatic number? – NICE!! Jumping over 1, under 2 and going through the EunHae doors! Kyu-Wook Magic trick was also a good touch :)

    P.S. Of course they all looked incredibly hot, as always ;))

  337. Actually guys, i used to think : Why doesn’t sm spend more money and effort for sj, such as their mvs? They’re always dancing in a box. They don’t promote sj as much as they do for other artists.
    But i’ve changed my mind. It would be better for them to be dancing in a box rather than having storylines. I mean, all of them have great dancing skills, and it shows their potential in dancing.
    And, i know elfs are busy increasing the views of their mvs lately so at least we don’t get bored easily by watching the mv repeatingly. i think i would get fed up if i keep on watching the mvs with storylines, again and again.

  338. thiriwai yoon

    Go kick it in the butt~~

  339. I love this song+MV too..they’re so handsome n hot, specially Kyuppa and Haeppa..Super Junior the Last Man Standing…!!!..fighting..!!!!

  340. I always admire our boys because they have worked so hard to make these MV.The thing that I  really really disappointed is SM does not respect what they have done. SJ makes a lot of money for SM, but SM does not treat them well. They just release stupid MV in stupid studio. I always wonder why?And the other thing is in this SJ’s comeback, the SM’s producer didnot work hard, because nothing is new. We still love SJ and support them just because of their effort. 

    SPY is a good song with the easy story to make MV, but look at what the hell SM have done!! So suck!!!

    • spiralyte

      Agreed. Where are the boys in “No Other” and “It’s You”? I feel like SM is backtracking SJ instead of moving forward.

      Especially after watching BoA-unnie’s amazing “The Shadow” MV; what happened to SJ? Can we borrow unnie’s oppa to direct SJ? =. =

  341. The quality of MV is so so but I really love the song. So touchy!!

    • nariko chan

      i’m glad i’m not the only one who like the song :)
      for some reason i like the doo roo roo roo part, specially when ryeowook tried to sing it in trot version in a backstage of a music show :P

  342. I love the songs experimental style :) not many groups are willing to try a song as radical as this !! Even though it’s a bit choppy I think it’s intended to be that way.  Why? If you think about the song, spies change their identity and are forced to act different roles :S it’s too bad this wasn’t shown in the mv ! 

    • nariko chan

      love your comment, i actually like the song because its different, i think only super junior can try songs like this one
      the MV is another story but i really like the song :)

  343. Oh? SJ went to first position again! weird…what’s wrong with this chart…?

  344. may zela setyoning tias

    this MV so amazing!!! Super Junior Fighting!!!! ^^

  345. The total marks for SuJu’s SPY is approximately 17,271 whereas Nuest total marks is 15,646…so how come SuJu is in 2nd position…?

    • nariko chan

      mmmmm….. i think i’m going to make the math
      please wait a bit…….ah where is my calculator….

      have i said that shindong looks cool with a gun :)

      • yeah I was wondering how that happened T_T

        • nariko chan

          i just make some maths and…

          nu’est has 32,288

          Suju has 37,282

          and SPY was still in second place, this chart does whatever it wants :P

        • I think it takes a while to process things that’s all :) Plus wasn’t Nu’est’s vid posted earlier too ??? so we should be in the n1 spot!

        • Apparently this needs more shares on FB and TW.

        • fuuko4869

          …….I’m tired of explaining this. Go search around for my answers on other pages. I’ll just assure you that there is no cheating going on here. Anyway, you guys are back in second place.

        • nariko chan

          i’m no angry or trying to make EYK look bad
          i love EYK a looooot, i’m not here only for Kpop Music Monday or Super Junior so please don’t misunderstand me
          i was just curious about the numbers and i like maths i’m nerdy :)

        • fuuko4869

          Oh right, sorry about my blunt attitude. Been handling complaints continuously :(
          I also don’t know the exact algorithm – in fact I asked Simon and Martina not to tell me, because it’s not as fun that way, imo. How about this: From what I see on the moderator page, those points that you counted up attributes about 90% of the total points. The remainder is from facebook and g+ messages, which is difficult to track. I’m sorry I can’t get any clearer than that.

          Also, there is a commenting policy here – try to keep it relevant to the video/song/artist. Cheers! :)

    • siti nur fajariah

      maybe no of comments

  346. Why did SuJu’s SPY drop to 2nd place?  the total of points earned so far is obviously higher than that of Nuest…

  347. SUJU MUST BEAT NU’EST! My sister likes Nu’est so she used my accounts to vote for them.

  348. nariko chan

    i’m having troubles when i try to watch it on my iphone :S
    is anyone else having this trouble?

  349. SM disappoints again.. 

    • nariko chan

      as always :/ but time has taught me not to have expectations with SM
      still want something better
      i wonder if the new censorship took away all the good parts :/

      • Actually, I don’t think they took away anything, because the first thing they would’ve banned were guns and blood drops.

        • nariko chan

          that’s true :)
          lucky they didn’t banned the guns!! :O

        • yes :) To be honest, I’m not even sure it even GOT reviewed, because the censorship is supposed to start these day and not when SPY was released. Eunhyuk said that it took long time to add CGs, but I don’t really know lol

        • nariko chan

          because of the CGs…. 
          mmm adding blood drops and girls silhouettes….
          and Yesung between some guy’s legs… yes that takes time :)
          sorry i can’t forget it :)
          it’s one of the epic moments of the MV :P

          PD. silhouettes is a hard word for non-english speakers

  350. Please review this and crush them… wat’s with sm and their mv sets? 

    • nariko chan

      super junior fans that have follow them for more than 3 years are going crazy with simple MVs on a set/rooms

      maybe SMent wants to see how many of this MVs are needed till fans go crazy :)

  351. Actually I feel that it’s the same dance-in-a-room MV.. Just that there are more guns and red drops of blood(?) I have a feeling that you also don’t really like to review dance-in-a-room MV.. But Sorry.. We have to vote for SJ~ =P

  352. love the song, the MV & of course Super Junior! ELF fighting!

  353. everyone want it :/ but SMent always does the same

  354. laurencracknell

    I love the song but i’m kind of dissapointed by the MV. Their dance when they perform live is amazing though!

  355. Daphne_Lo

    Like i was with sexy free and single the only mv with a decent story was no other it showed them actually doing something other than dancing in an oddly lit room it showed them making stuff for their girlfriend

  356. “Admin Rant!
    I haven’t done a rant in a while but something has really been bugging me lately. Every Super Junior video i go on has the same complaint…”Why are they dancing in a box again”. At first I got angry at SM wondering why they are not putting much money into Super Junior’s MV giving us the same predictable set but i have realized it’s no SM’s fault. Super Junior is extremely busy with individual activities, preparing for there comeback and rehearsing for concerts. Siwon himself hasn’t been able to participate in live performances and has filmed his part for SPY MV alone because he had schedules in Taiwan. Us E.L.F’s shouldn’t be complaining about the MV’s since they have done so much for us. Composed songs dedicated for us, planned special stages for us to enjoy and greet us with a smile. If some of you haven’t seen “Star Life Theater” then you would have seen how hard they worked just to create Sexy, Free and Single. 3 days with little sleep and none stop working, sweats dripping from there body, so tired that they look like they’re gonna be sick yet they still show a smile to the camera. They do all this because it’s their job and dream and for us to enjoy the full potential of the song through that video. Super Junior has been doing this for almost 8 years, their music videos have changed dramatically because of there popularity has changed. Sometimes i wish that they’d go back to the fun loving video’s like Miracle and Rockkugo but we got to realize how busy they are and there personal lives. Leeteuk will be leaving soon and he has worked his butt off all through SFS promotion. He has even written one last song before he goes and we’re still complaining over the same old thing. Can’t we just give it a rest and be happy and enjoy SJ’s music and hard work. I’d really like to give this “Same old MV” complaint a rest.”*~JewelHyukki*I agree with this here ^^^^ 100 percent!!!*Source: 

  357. kyuhyun rapping… this is just too awesomeee

    lovin this song!!! 

  358. Super Junior SPY hwaiting!!

  359. ELFs dont just vote. share too. Thats why we’re losing ><