Super Junior – Spy

  1. hai co le vo

    Super Junior ơi! hãy cố lến nhé dù cho xảy ra bất cứ chuyện gì~~~SUJU FIGHTING!!!

  2. The review was exactly as I imagined – not better and not worse! The MV really doesn’t give you that much material for the review, there is simply not much to talk about, unfortunately…

    What DID surprise me was the PRAISE of the song itself! I think this is the first time since SPY’s release that I see someone who really LIKED the song from the get go, without the whole “It’ll grow on you, give it a chance, watch the performance” talk.. and it made me so HAPPY!!! :))

    Anyway, now I’m gonna vote for Nu’est, not because I’m a fan (I’m not that familiar with the group actually), but because it’s quiet unfortunate what’s happening with them and their fandom: They are releasing videos at the worst time possible and are always being pitted against big shots. And now they had to go against ELF and although ELF’s majority didn’t vote, the scary fandom that they (we) are, even that small percentage was enough to win o_O
    So I’d ask the other ELFs as well, if you don’t have a clear favorite this week, let’s vote for Nu’est this and help their young fandom, who are just being unlucky :D

    • Please vote for Junsu! He does not even get to come on korean music shows so he can never win anything becuase of the lawsuit! Atleast if he wins eatyourkimchi he might gets some kind of exposure! The Nuest group will probably win best rookie group or something this year but Junsu wont ever get to have apperciation for his work. I hope ELF can help out DBSK who are best friends in real life (ie. Junsu and Eunhyuk are best friends since grade 6! But anyway to comment on this SUJU video… Suprisingly I actually really liked it I dont know how else they would really make a video for a song like this either. Although the gun scenes were kind of repetitive but overall I kind of liked the song alot! :|

      • I’m voting for both now ;) Initially I was going to vote for Junsu, I mean, he’s “our” Junsu (HyukSu FTW)!! But then I saw many Cassies voting for Nu’est and said to myself, ‘oh, well, I’ll also vote for them’ lol

  3. Queeny_ELF

    Love it :’D


    SJ + ELF = ONE LOVE! <3

  5. hai co le vo

     VOTE FOR ME OR DIE!!! =.=”

  6. keep it up!!
    always support SUPER JUNIOR^^^
    nEvER sTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Son tan geniales!! Me encanta esta canción!!!! 

  8. Dana Golla

    I actually didn’t get the excitement I had when first watching this video. Because, I just saw it posted on my Facebook timeline without any announcements. I’ve been waiting for days and when I least expected it, it came out. 

    But the song is playful and very SuJu-y. They can get away with almost anything, I think. :))

  9. :( i want it to be reviewed for leeteuk oppa :(

  10. ;) come on suju! you can do it!

  11. diamond22

    What can I do if I already voted?._.

  12. SJ LIKE THIS:3 great song!!<3

    we have to win!!!

  14. I love the starting part where kyuhyun walked and pushed open the “door” so cool~ And i didn’t know that his voice could go so low!!!

  15. Super Junior <3
    I love the mv, especially the choreo where Eunhyuk shows that he is the dance machine!

  16.  It’s a shame that suju is still trapped in a box, but hey, it’s Suju, so it’s still awesome. (loved the Kyuhyun and Wookie magic thingy, though)

  17. Como es que vamos segundos??

  18. katia_pjb

    This song is awesooome i love sujuuu <3

  19. daniela campo
    daniela campo

    how the F did this video got to 2nd place?? wsnt it first??? nooooooooooo does this means kpop music monday is gonna be nuest?? (i do like nuest but im a suju biased kinda girl) or is it because its monday in korea so because suju is already gonna be on MKM so its gonna be nuest turn??? i dont know TT_TT

  20. I love this song!  This one and Sexy, Free, and Single are kind of the only songs I like so much from Super Junior.  This one is so catchy especially the intro part, which they repeat a couple of times.  And dang Eunyuk is adorable in this video! haha.  Their spy related dance is also really cool.  I like the part where they switch from Kyuhyun to Ryeowook.  But I don’t like Leeteuk’s 1st close-up hairdo.  Okay okay that’s all, hope to see it on Music mondays!

  21. I would really like SPY to win! I kinda dun want the track to break! Just like simon and martina said~ They had never not review a Super Junior MV ever since they started the kpop chart. I feel so disheartened when i came to vote again but we dropped to two! It just totally contradicts what simon and martina saying ELF are so passionate about Super Junior….. I saw a post saying dun be disheartened… but i can’t not cuz super junior is my favourite band and ever since feeling the passion from fellow elfs towards Super Junior i felt proud to be in it… but now, we’re losing TT^TT Anyway, by some miracle i hope SPY will win… if not i will still watch kpop music monday but with a heavy heart…. These are my opinions so dun bash me (Internet ppl are so scary sometimes….)

  22. I really liked the mv, and personally, I love watching the boys dance. I know a change up would be nice, but I’ll take SJ in a box over no SJ at all any day. Besides, this dance is amazing. Between Kyuhyun jumping over people and breaking the Eunhae gate at the end, and the quick change of kyuhyun to wook. 

  23. Sorry but did SPY just dropped to two!!!!! WHat happened??

  24. another perfect story wasted to be made into a SM video…

  25. i really like this song! :))))

  26. I really like SPY. :)  It took a bit for it to grow on me, but I really like it!  It might not be as epic as some of their older singles, but I think its a fun jam. And plus we get to see the boys all smexy with their suits and guns all secret-agent style! XD

  27. Jacqueline Domrowski

    WOAHHH. what happened. This was first and then…it wasn’t. This needs to be first. ;~;

  28. I seriously think they should have an MV with a plot or out of a box like they did in No other and it’s You.

  29. sujuuu and DBSK <3 my fav groups. i'm a cassielf so please vote for junsu as well :D we gotta get our boys to the top!

  30. ugh how is super junior losing to Nuest… im not even super junior biased but come on, Nuest’s mv is not even a mv, its like a fan video with them smiling and laughing, at least  Spy has James Bondy theme to it… 

  31. Fernando Palacios


    LOVE IT * A*

  32. Daniela Garza

    I REALLY hope SJ’s mv wins! I want them on Music Mondays! <3 The only thing I didn't like is that there was no story, no plot. :/ Just dancing in more rooms and shooting both real and fake guns.

  33. I like everything that comes out of super junior. ;) <3

  34. I hope Simon and Martina review SPY! SJ fighting!