T-ara – Because I Know

  1. Best ballad song from Best Band , I like the song really it’s very good

  2. SweetGabriel

    if they review it, sorry, WHEN they review it there won’t be a dance segment but they most likely could make a comedy sketch or something

  3. i love this sound!!

  4. Tom Pewter

    The MV might be a bit simple.. but the song is really really nice

  5. Kealii Sanchez

    Boram’s Rap <3

  6. Asmaa Elrholami

    i’m proud to be a queen’s

  7. Asmaa Elrholami

    awsome t-ara’s ballad songs always the best and boram did a great job

  8. Ikieyz Fikrieyzz

    I love this song.. It’s great

  9. Kealii Sanchez

    i love this!!! so beautiful <3

  10. Simple…, but effective. Love the harmonies and being able to soak in all the soothing vocals. The video wasn’t anything special and yet I was captivated nonetheless.

  11. Michikohime

    [SKIP THIS IF : you get offended by people being terribly disappointed by a MV/song even though they still love the group for itself]
    Maybe my expectation were to high for their comeback, but ok, now, WTF!? I’m really pissed out! That is not T-ARA, I won’t aknowledge this MV or this song. I won’t even try to listen to it once more, it’ll only piss me off even more. What was that? No dance, no story, nothing insanely (or remotely) catchy about the song. Why? WHY? It’s freaking boring. There’s nothing for me to kinda relate to the feeling they want to pass on by the music, nothing for the hardcore T-ARA fan I am to sicking my teeth in and enjoy the usual funky T-ARA taste. I don’t know if I’m overstating or whatever, but I really feel like this is the WORST comeback, ever. I just want to throw an egg at Core’s building like that dude did once (though he failed miserably). I just hope they’ll be able to do better next time because I feel this could be the coup de grace after all the things that happened to the group… I still love them, but I sure am angry as hell against the poor management behind the bad choices made for this long awaited comeback and behind whatever this is.

    • I hear ya. I’m not quite as against this MV or song, but I’m also a T-ara fan who’s disappointed with this one. Admittedly, I’m almost always turned off by ballads in general, but “Because I Know” just went in one ear and out the other.
      I think “결혼 하지마” would have been a better choice for a second MV from Again.

      • Michikohime

        Thank you. *virtual hug*
        I know I’m ranting and people usually respond to those kind of comment by syaing I’m insane or an anti or something. So yeah, it’s cool that you can understand my point of view. I’ll sure listen to the song you’re talking about.

  12. Aminah Henne

    i like this song better than number 9. it’s a really great slow song that is perfect background music to me :D

  13. Babanovac

    The redheaded one sings only two worlds! It’s not fair. Such a beautiful song but i can’t hear everyone’s warm voice.

  14. I like the video for number 9 better. This song is good too.

  15. Another ballad masterpiece by T-ara!