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T-ara – First Love

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  1. Melificent Dawn

    Queen’s how about helping our girls at Allkpop’s Girl Group Battle?

  2. LongClawTiger

    Wow! Such a beautiful song. I really love it when groups put out videos that are more like home movies or behind the scenes type of stuff. The flashy sets and clothing certainly have their place, but I feel like the occasional reminder that these are normal people makes them just that much more loveable. :)

  3. Bix Byrd

    Strings + Soyeon = Awesomeness

  4. Goravit P. Jantamon

    T-ARA Go ♥

  5. Kealii Sanchez


  6. Goravit P. Jantamon

    ♥ T-ARA

  7. claree-sahh

    reminds me of day by day and cry cry at the same time… like a mashup of my favourite t-ara songs with a twist…im glad its getting some position on eyk charts too ^^

  8. Hunter Dayum

    They are the best!!! Great song…i’m satisfied

  9. Melificent Dawn

    Its a really good song which is worthy of a great dance performance but oh well it is just a side project.

  10. Kealii Sanchez

    i hope this can be #3 at least! This song is the best of 2014 so far!!! T-ara always does great!!

  11. Beatriz Quintanilla

    This song best describes my first love with I was in school

  12. Have this on repeat. Like all T-ara songs its addictive, but does anyone else think it sounds like a Christmas song near the end? idk I enjoy it. :)

  13. Nhi Yen

    i really love this song

  14. Asylzhan Bayanbaev

    I think.. this song is really the best song of 2014 year!

  15. Elsa Green
    Elsa Green

    I really like this kind of music video shot while recording. It makes it look very real.

  16. This song is really nice …. so sweet …. T-ara fighting !!! :) :)

  17. ♥ 은정 팬 소녀 ♥#Number9

    Park Sisters GO!!

  18. jayeon55

    The lyric should be “every night i still cry” not “every night i so cry.”………. 4-5 for english. Other wise i like the video alot. :)

  19. This song is just perfect!! T-ara fighting!

  20. saturday

    they maybe not much to talk about the mv..but maybe just a little comment about the song pleaseee…so people may give it a try to listen to this awesome song..thanksss..

  21. Ikieyz Fikrieyzz

    Such a beautiful song !!! <3

  22. Asep Pamulangan Pecin

    this song very very awesome, best 2014 song so far

  23. Kealii Sanchez

    i love this SO MUCH! this song is beautiful!! i love Soyeon’s vocal parts & EB is such a good rapper!!!

  24. Rooky Poe

    ♥I love it ! the song is really smooth and SoYeon’s voice is just so wonderfully beautifull !♥

  25. Bix Byrd

    Okay so the MV is just a studio recording.. but the song is really really good!