T-ara – Number Nine

  1. ポロミア

    I can’t believe they didn’t review Number Nine. I am disappoint.

  2. Hamtaro Kekeke

    Aww it dropped to 5th place :( at this rate I don’t think we could climb back up against Jaejoong, Trouble Maker, U-KISS and…rookie Topp Dog…
    I’m pretty disappointed EYK couldn’t review this. Shame on them for losing the chance to review a girl group!
    Haha just kidding^^ but seriously, too many sausages -_- we haven’t had a girl group KMM since 2NE1’s Falling In Love :/
    T-ARA fighting!!!

  3. 7araForever

    Sigh, still sad seeing this dropping off so fast…guess this is it, really don’t like the feeling of this and that’s it, will be missing KMM where there was no kpop chart.

  4. karmin-dz

    woooow .How do I communicate with the band .

  5. Kissesz Chan U

    T-ara Figtingg


  7. DanielaAndreaRS

    T-ara The BEST <3

  8. 7araForever

    adding Ukiss, Troublemaker and Jaejoong into the chart, it seems impossible to stay on top 3 anymore…sigh

  9. Augusto Leal

    Ellas son las mejores!!

  10. Magnum Gold

    It’s the fourth week.. My goal now is just boosting the votes to 10,000.. Bit of a shame too. Since T-ara hasn’t been reviewed in ages (except for N4) & this site is mostly boyband centric lots of Queen’s don’t know anything about the awesomeness that is EYK. A T-ara review would’ve brought a ton of new subscribers.

  11. Dann Ruiz

    why why are we in fourth place?? i´m gonna cry

  12. Felipe Riaño

    3 weeks in a row! This must be reviewed!

  13. 7araForever

    This is still 3rd on the chart, let us work harder to keep it up there for one more week!

  14. Key Irons

    Wished T-ara would’ve started their comeback a week earlier, October had a lot of fierce competition. But they were finishing up their concert tour of Japan back then. But sale wise I think Number 9 has done great & it’s no shame being in the top 3~5 (depending on the chart) if your just behind the likes of IU, Shinee, and Busker-Busker. T-ara & Block B showed the antis that anything is possible if you have good music, tenacity and determination.

  15. Hamtaro Kekeke

    Wow Jaejoong shot to the top, but we’re 2nd and still in the Top3!! As of now, we’re above Trouble Maker phew!
    I just hope EYK will review T-ARA first, cos we’re probably gonna drop down the chart soon ;A;
    Jaejoong and Trouble Maker can definitely wait for another week :D
    Oh I really miss the kpop charts updates :( I want to know S&M’s opinion on this song~ and they were like mini kmms…

  16. Kealii Sanchez

    So i saw the recent music monday & i seen how in the background there was a picture of trouble maker. i have a feeling next week will be trouble maker and not T-ara. i just think Trouble Maker can wait, This is T-ara’s last chance, it was such a good comeback and trouble maker just came out so they can hold on for another week and T-ara won’t, they’ll just drop off the Top 3, ill still keep voting everyday though. but PLZ S&M, review T-ara, Trouble Maker & Jaejoong can wait!!! They stick around for a while…

  17. Trouble Maker will be in the top 3 for weeks to come. Give T-ara a shot!!!

  18. SeoHyun Love

    Please review!!!!!

  19. Kealii Sanchez

    It’s ok guys, T-ara wasnt reviewed this week but lets keep strong andkeep voting, and commenting to keep it up at #1 or at least TOP 3 because they might have a chance now that shinee has been reviewed, idk about Trouble Maker! but i hope T-ara will stay up there till friday! lets get T-ara reviewed!!!! T-ara No.9 Fighting!! <333

    • amicus_curae

      Let’s all do our best and keep it in top 3 as long as possible!!! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’ll continue campaigning for votes! :D

    • 7araForever

      but there is a decaying factor in our votes, i think we will fall off top 3 when we going into the 4th week

      • Kealii Sanchez

        yeah, i hope this week they get reviewed. if they dont, like you said, they will fall out of TOP 3 and have no chance >.<

      • Feisal Yan

        So what? I mean it takes just a few seconds out of your day to vote anyway. And while your at the T-ara Number 9 page you could also click the MV and enjoy the song again. When it’s in the crunch time like this we should ask more people to vote not the other way around. Even if it doesn’t get reviewed at least we tried our best. Anyway, I’m still excited with this song and can’t wait for the Japanese version to come out in November.

  20. Hamtaro Kekeke

    Aw no review yet.. but we’re at number 1 now!! We just have to hold onto it for next week~
    oh but I’m worried some ppl are gonna stop voting now :( and what if EYK is more excited to review Trouble Maker? I love Trouble Maker and all but… T-ARA ;_;

  21. donttouchmykimchi

    Come on guys you need to review this!!!

  22. Magnum Gold

    Hey at least its number 1 right now. I’m not sure about you guys but I’ll still be voting and supporting T-ara everyday ’till the end as long as it’s still in the K-Pop charts here even if its at the bottom. Regarding if its reviewed or not that’s up to Simon and Martina.

    • Kealii Sanchez

      i here ya! ill be doing the same thing! i really want t-ara to be reviewed!! i think we have a chance if t-ara last till friday/saturday

  23. Veronica Roodt

    ;-; I really wish they would review this song. Troublemaker is probably going to crush T-ara next week if EYK isn’t too busy with YouTube awards to make a Music Monday.
    All hope has been lost… ‘l|OTL

  24. Key Irons

    Still hoping.. there is always next week. T-ara GO!

  25. 7araForever

    Look like this won’t be review after all, let’s try again next comeback. Goodbye~

    • Kealii Sanchez

      i know right, i thought they were going to be excited to review T-ara, especially simon, i though he loved t-ara, i ave a feeling martina doesnt doe.

  26. Jono Young

    I was introduced to K-pop by Wonder Girls but got addicted through T-ara songs, and Number 9 is one of their best!

  27. Kenny Cheng

    Awesome song. Love the tune!!!

  28. Hamtaro Kekeke

    I love T-ARA and Number Nine! I hope they get reviewed <3
    Don't care what the evil k-netizens say cos I think T-ARA IS THE BEST!

    • Kealii Sanchez

      evil k-netizens, or actually netizens that hate t-ara in general are so stupid, they do know their real talents. they just judge them cuz of the controversy. T-ara will always be the best, i hope they get reviewed next week!!!

  29. Veronica Roodt

    T-ara hwaiting!

  30. Soka Queen

    T-araaa are the besttttt <3

  31. Hilo Gesit

    I wish SImon & Martina will one day interview T-ara.. every single one of them are animal lovers, they will just go wild over the Spudgy

  32. Teen Top’s Rocking backround/dome??????

    Must be Mr.Brohoho’s works…..

  33. Prapatsorn Lakman

    Love You T-ARA T – A R A Go !

  34. I may be to early to say something here, after only listening and watching it one time through, but here goes.

    I loved the upbeat, kind of funky, sassy sound of this song. When I’m doing creative work, this would get me pumped. I think both S&M (this will never get old) mentioned that this new song sounds like something MIss A would sing because JYP produced it. Or do I have some songs mixed up? Either way, I think this is something Miss A could pull off.

    I have mixed feelings though about the video. I do like the fact that there are numerous little details I can easily see Simon and Martina pointing out, just expanding on minute trinkets.
    On the other hand though, and perhaps this is just because I don’t speak Korean and I’m not catching the meaning behind some of the scenes, BUT it heavily leaned towards looking like a model shoot. Don’t get me wrong, these ladies looked great, but I was hoping for a story line, nothing big, just a little something. Hmm, yes.
    And that’s my two pennies.

    How can I forget, I definitely appreciated the choreography, particularly their, um, arm and hand gestures. Not a clue how to explain that clearly or elegantly, but there it is. xD


    • Hilo Gesit

      Okay Shinee would probably dominate the charts after IU but today T-ara moved up from #11 to #4 at Music bank, they are also doing quite well on the other chart’s, here is a quote from Xbot at diadem forums:

      “So, along with Music Bank this week it’s:
      #2 Inkigayo
      #2 GAON Album Chart
      #5 GAON Digital Chart (Jumped from #15 last week)
      #1 GAON Social Chart (stayed)
      #5 Instiz Weekly Chart (Last week #6)
      #4 Billboard K-Pop Top-100 (jumped from #6)
      #11 GAON Streaming Chart (Jumped from #49)
      Not too bad for a group that said they would’ve been happy just to get #9 as the song goes..”

  36. Ahmed Ali

    t-ara are the best

  37. my princess <3

  38. Key Irons

    All T-ara lead songs are awesome. However, Number 9 goes straight to my top 5 favorite T-ara songs.