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T-ara – Number Nine

  1. I can’t believe they didn’t review Number Nine. I am disappoint.

  2. Aww it dropped to 5th place :( at this rate I don’t think we could climb back up against Jaejoong, Trouble Maker, U-KISS and…rookie Topp Dog…
    I’m pretty disappointed EYK couldn’t review this. Shame on them for losing the chance to review a girl group!
    Haha just kidding^^ but seriously, too many sausages -_- we haven’t had a girl group KMM since 2NE1′s Falling In Love :/
    T-ARA fighting!!!

  3. Sigh, still sad seeing this dropping off so fast…guess this is it, really don’t like the feeling of this and that’s it, will be missing KMM where there was no kpop chart.

  4. woooow .How do I communicate with the band .

  5. T-ara Figtingg


  7. T-ara The BEST <3

  8. adding Ukiss, Troublemaker and Jaejoong into the chart, it seems impossible to stay on top 3 anymore…sigh

  9. Ellas son las mejores!!

  10. It’s the fourth week.. My goal now is just boosting the votes to 10,000.. Bit of a shame too. Since T-ara hasn’t been reviewed in ages (except for N4) & this site is mostly boyband centric lots of Queen’s don’t know anything about the awesomeness that is EYK. A T-ara review would’ve brought a ton of new subscribers.

  11. why why are we in fourth place?? i´m gonna cry

  12. 3 weeks in a row! This must be reviewed!

  13. This is still 3rd on the chart, let us work harder to keep it up there for one more week!

  14. Wished T-ara would’ve started their comeback a week earlier, October had a lot of fierce competition. But they were finishing up their concert tour of Japan back then. But sale wise I think Number 9 has done great & it’s no shame being in the top 3~5 (depending on the chart) if your just behind the likes of IU, Shinee, and Busker-Busker. T-ara & Block B showed the antis that anything is possible if you have good music, tenacity and determination.

  15. Wow Jaejoong shot to the top, but we’re 2nd and still in the Top3!! As of now, we’re above Trouble Maker phew!
    I just hope EYK will review T-ARA first, cos we’re probably gonna drop down the chart soon ;A;
    Jaejoong and Trouble Maker can definitely wait for another week :D
    Oh I really miss the kpop charts updates :( I want to know S&M’s opinion on this song~ and they were like mini kmms…

  16. So i saw the recent music monday & i seen how in the background there was a picture of trouble maker. i have a feeling next week will be trouble maker and not T-ara. i just think Trouble Maker can wait, This is T-ara’s last chance, it was such a good comeback and trouble maker just came out so they can hold on for another week and T-ara won’t, they’ll just drop off the Top 3, ill still keep voting everyday though. but PLZ S&M, review T-ara, Trouble Maker & Jaejoong can wait!!! They stick around for a while…

  17. Trouble Maker will be in the top 3 for weeks to come. Give T-ara a shot!!!

  18. Please review!!!!!

  19. It’s ok guys, T-ara wasnt reviewed this week but lets keep strong andkeep voting, and commenting to keep it up at #1 or at least TOP 3 because they might have a chance now that shinee has been reviewed, idk about Trouble Maker! but i hope T-ara will stay up there till friday! lets get T-ara reviewed!!!! T-ara No.9 Fighting!! <333

    • but there is a decaying factor in our votes, i think we will fall off top 3 when we going into the 4th week

      • So what? I mean it takes just a few seconds out of your day to vote anyway. And while your at the T-ara Number 9 page you could also click the MV and enjoy the song again. When it’s in the crunch time like this we should ask more people to vote not the other way around. Even if it doesn’t get reviewed at least we tried our best. Anyway, I’m still excited with this song and can’t wait for the Japanese version to come out in November.

      • yeah, i hope this week they get reviewed. if they dont, like you said, they will fall out of TOP 3 and have no chance >.<

    • I’ll continue campaigning for votes! :D

    • Let’s all do our best and keep it in top 3 as long as possible!!! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Aw no review yet.. but we’re at number 1 now!! We just have to hold onto it for next week~
    oh but I’m worried some ppl are gonna stop voting now :( and what if EYK is more excited to review Trouble Maker? I love Trouble Maker and all but… T-ARA ;_;

  21. Come on guys you need to review this!!!

  22. Hey at least its number 1 right now. I’m not sure about you guys but I’ll still be voting and supporting T-ara everyday ’till the end as long as it’s still in the K-Pop charts here even if its at the bottom. Regarding if its reviewed or not that’s up to Simon and Martina.

  23. ;-; I really wish they would review this song. Troublemaker is probably going to crush T-ara next week if EYK isn’t too busy with YouTube awards to make a Music Monday.
    All hope has been lost… ‘l|OTL

  24. Still hoping.. there is always next week. T-ara GO!

  25. Look like this won’t be review after all, let’s try again next comeback. Goodbye~

    • i know right, i thought they were going to be excited to review T-ara, especially simon, i though he loved t-ara, i ave a feeling martina doesnt doe.

  26. I was introduced to K-pop by Wonder Girls but got addicted through T-ara songs, and Number 9 is one of their best!

  27. Awesome song. Love the tune!!!

  28. I love T-ARA and Number Nine! I hope they get reviewed <3
    Don't care what the evil k-netizens say cos I think T-ARA IS THE BEST!

    • evil k-netizens, or actually netizens that hate t-ara in general are so stupid, they do know their real talents. they just judge them cuz of the controversy. T-ara will always be the best, i hope they get reviewed next week!!!

  29. T-ara hwaiting!

  30. T-araaa are the besttttt <3

  31. I wish SImon & Martina will one day interview T-ara.. every single one of them are animal lovers, they will just go wild over the Spudgy

  32. Teen Top’s Rocking backround/dome??????

    Must be Mr.Brohoho’s works…..

  33. Love You T-ARA T – A R A Go !

  34. I may be to early to say something here, after only listening and watching it one time through, but here goes.

    I loved the upbeat, kind of funky, sassy sound of this song. When I’m doing creative work, this would get me pumped. I think both S&M (this will never get old) mentioned that this new song sounds like something MIss A would sing because JYP produced it. Or do I have some songs mixed up? Either way, I think this is something Miss A could pull off.

    I have mixed feelings though about the video. I do like the fact that there are numerous little details I can easily see Simon and Martina pointing out, just expanding on minute trinkets.
    On the other hand though, and perhaps this is just because I don’t speak Korean and I’m not catching the meaning behind some of the scenes, BUT it heavily leaned towards looking like a model shoot. Don’t get me wrong, these ladies looked great, but I was hoping for a story line, nothing big, just a little something. Hmm, yes.
    And that’s my two pennies.

    How can I forget, I definitely appreciated the choreography, particularly their, um, arm and hand gestures. Not a clue how to explain that clearly or elegantly, but there it is. xD


    • Okay Shinee would probably dominate the charts after IU but today T-ara moved up from #11 to #4 at Music bank, they are also doing quite well on the other chart’s, here is a quote from Xbot at diadem forums:

      “So, along with Music Bank this week it’s:
      #2 Inkigayo
      #2 GAON Album Chart
      #5 GAON Digital Chart (Jumped from #15 last week)
      #1 GAON Social Chart (stayed)
      #5 Instiz Weekly Chart (Last week #6)
      #4 Billboard K-Pop Top-100 (jumped from #6)
      #11 GAON Streaming Chart (Jumped from #49)
      Not too bad for a group that said they would’ve been happy just to get #9 as the song goes..”

  36. t-ara are the best

  37. All T-ara lead songs are awesome. However, Number 9 goes straight to my top 5 favorite T-ara songs.

  38. i laughed so hard at Hyomin “am attic”

  39. Am Jiyeon fangirl and i really think that they all looked nice in here !!! so pretty and sexy

  40. the mv is amazing , the song is addicting !!!! Jiyeon looks hot

  41. T-ARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. i love them!! <33

  43. i need a review from a girl group -_- and this song is awesome, please simon and martina come back soon

    • i know right, its been like 4 months since they reviewed a girl group! they had a chance with t-ara this week but no, they chose shinee instead -.- i honestly think no.9 was better than shinee everybody.

      • i know, i like boy groups too, but it´s kind of annoying that always boy groups get the review, when every single song they has been review in like four months ¬¬, don´t get me wrong, i really like shinee, but i also think number nine was better, all we can do is hope simon and martina give a chance to t-ara T.T

        • Kealii Sanchez

          yea i totally agree with you. i know what you mean. & i hope so too. i hope they realize that T-ara deserves it. This comeback was just amazing! at first when No.9 came out and saw T-ara in top 3, i was like S&M will review them but they didnt and reviewed block b and shinee, i was really disappointed because they could have done t-ara first then shinee since we know shinee will stay at the top no matter what. but we’ll see what happens. ill keep voting.

        • i´m with you, but why this week ? troublemaker and u-kiss are strong, i´ll keep voting too

  44. i feel so bad for k-pop girl groups. this is a great song. these girls are talented. there is nothing wrong with being sexy, but that is all these girls are allowed to be. and yes, i’m including Aegyo in “sexy” b/c these girls are told to behave that way so more men will find them sexually attractive and less threatening. heaven forbid a woman be attractive b/c she’s smart and talented, nope, she has to be reduced to a chick guys wanna bang.
    sure some get moments to shine but they are few and far between and almost completely overshadowed by the boobie patrol.

  45. Wow, I really like T-ara’s new image. After Sexy Love, I wasn’t sure if this whole creepy-fashionable style was going to stick, but now it’s here to stay. Good.

    I like it when a K-Pop group’s music and image grow up with its members. They sure have matured since Roly-Poly and Yayaya. I don’t know if it’s the member switcharoo they did or if it’s just because their managers actually have a sense of reason *COUGH COUGH SM ENTERTAINMENT COUGH COUGH.* But seriously what’s up with SM? Why can’t SNSD grow out of geegeegeegeebabybaby? No, they’re not supposed to be gangster girls, where did that come from. You’re on the right track with f(x) but not quite there yet. OK, RANT OVER.

    But yeah wow. Such T-ara. Omg so K-Pop. Wow. Very mature and refreshing.


  47. Reasons Why Simon and Martina should review T-ara’s Number 9 Next Week!

    1. The girls have been through so much drama that for them to come back better than ever is really inspiring!
    2. The beat is sick!
    3. They can delve into all the meanings behind the lyrics – What is number 9??
    4. T-ara is Simon’s favorite girl group!
    5. There’s a shout out to Tuxedo-Mask/Sailor Moon for Martina in the lyrics!
    6. The last female group they reviewed was 2NE1 which was 3 months ago!!!
    7. This is T-ara’s first comeback this year and in over a year (Shinee had like 3 comebacks this year >.<)

    Reply with more reasons! perhaps keep the numbering going for fun :P

    • i love this comment!!! so true!!

    • 10.T-ara can show more dramatic moments in a dance-box MV than other groups in a full blown Mini-Drama MV
      11. T-ara & Block B are the comeback queens & kings of 2013 ~both have flipped the K-pop script
      12. The song is epic, explosive, bass-tastic, techno, disco, dancey and fun.
      13. Shinee’s Everybody has already good English lyrics, T-ara still needs help with their grammar
      14. Everyone can learn Number 9′s dance, you probably are fit to be a contestant in a TV dance show if you can do Shinee’s
      15. Pyro-Jiyeon will burn your studio down if you don’t choose them (just kidding.. ;)

    • Wasn’t Simon’s favorite girl group Brown Eyed Girls? ‘.’

  48. Well according to this week’s Music Monday, they’d rather review SHINee than T-ara :(

  49. SweetGabriel

    :) :) :) :)

  50. Let us try harder for this coming week~

  51. i’m addicted to T-ara<3

  52. Music Monday is tomorrow!! EEEEK

  53. Congratulations on the 2mil views~!


  55. Almost there, almost 2M views. Queen’s fighting!!!!

  56. I go Lovey-Dovey because of Number 9′s Sexy Love

  57. Even after so many days I still love no. 9 so much <3

  58. Jase Aaron

    Can’t stop listening to this song, I’m addict!

  59. Wow. So happy to read all the positive feedback in this site. Huhu let’s get going Queen’s, let’s make them number one~ #넘버나인 #티아라

  60. SweetGabriel


  61. i love them!!! <3

  62. Wow, can’t believe we’re number 1 now?!?! :D

  63. Đối với Queens T-ara luôn là nhất

  64. i hope T-ara win ….their song deserve it

  65. i love T-ara so much<3 please review it

  66. love this song and the mv is really nice T-ara keep it up am your forever fan <3

  67. Fan: “When did u start becoming beautiful?” Jiyeon: “From the moment you looked at me.” omg Jiyeon that is so sweet.

  68. lol well they moved up one spot on instiz as well moved up on a few charts. that’s good to see :>

  69. Number 9 should be named as Number 1 in order to be the Number 1

  70. 10/19 Number 9 Real Time Ranking (17:30)

    Melon #8
    Mnet #7
    Bugs #9
    Olleh #18
    Soribada #18
    Cyworld #5
    Monkey3 #3

    Instiz Rank: #5

  71. Eunjung is so pretty. :3

  72. i never knew about this site…..T-ara got me here

  73. ^^جيون الافضل دايما احبها كثير
    تيارا الاروع
    تيارا الافضل
    تيارا الاجمل
    T-ara the best

  74. Jiyeon is the best in the mv, one of the best mvs ever

  75. jiyeon looked so sexy in the mv …she is my forever bias

  76. such a nice song to listen too…..i loved their performance

  77. Keep supporting for T-ARA

  78. so anyone has any idea that will there be a KMM for this coming monday?

    • Yup, S&M just got back and they said they’ll be doing a KMM this week :)
      Can’t guarantee who it’ll be though ^^; so please don’t be too disappointed if it isn’t T-ara….

  79. I don’t think I’ve ever been this hooked on a song to the point that I can listen to it continuously for the past 10 days since it came out and still feel like it’s fresh. I truly believe S&M will love it too! *fingers crossed*

  80. Go Go Queen’s :3

  81. It’s such a most catchy song of 2013
    BEST SONG OF 2013 XD

  82. #티아라 PERFECT!!, #넘버나인 too PERFECT!!, all wonderfully PERFECT!!

  83. Hyomin is so pretty!!

  84. please review this…its T-ARA re-debut song…

  85. no.9 is really great…..i hope more people listen to it ….T6ARA keep it UP

  86. really love the song ….. this needs to be reviewed

  87. One of the best live ever!! The fan chant were really into it <3

  88. I’m addict :3

  89. I really love their accessories in this video, by the way. All those rings and crosses.

  90. T-ara hwaiting <333

  91. I wonder whether they will be KMM next week or not. Anyone know when S&M comeback to Korea? In the meantime let’s keep this stay in the top 3. T-ara fighting!

  92. T-ara Fighting !

  93. Aw. each and everyone of them is so beautiful and awesome. T-Ara hwaiting. (〴^ω^)〴 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  94. Keep watching that vid too! :D

  95. T ARA fighting♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥keep voting


  97. T-ara the best girl group!! <3333

  98. its 2nd now omg

  99. This is such a powerful song, so perfect for 6-ara! Those 6 deserve this comeback to be the greatest of all, in your face haters! T-ara love, you know you want it Simon ;)

  100. #2 now!!!! Keep it up peeps!

  101. their drama version is now release.. <3

    • that was hardly a drama version haha – more of another teaser vid but at least the girls looked flawless!

    • There was no story at all. Too bad. They could have at least done some short story in the desert. Or maybe they should have just danced in the desert. They seem to have ended up with a pictorial video instead.

      • They only stayed in Mongolia for like 2 days? and they had schedule to attend, so i guess this is the best they can do with their remaining time there.

  102. got LSS in this song!!! wooooh.. T-ara!

  103. Sarah

    Didn’t they break up?

  104. yanagiba yusuke22

    MTV K

    We knew #TAra wouldn’t let this comeback pass without a dramatic MV! Keep an eye out for a second version of their “Number 9″ MV on Oct 17.

  105. Except for the awkward “addict” part, this was really cool!

  106. Tomorrow they will release Drama Ver. MV. How cool is that ?:P

  107. This song has everything I love about T-ara in it. Hope that Number 9 will get a number 1 soon!

  108. CCM said they will push the 2nd MV to Oct 17th.. come on Queen’s lets make 2 million views before that!

  109. Mongolian video confirmed! According to Core Contents Media, T-ara will release the second version on the 18th at 3 PM KST. This MV will expand on the first video teaser of the girls wandering out in the desert and it’s said to have a ‘wild and desperate’ vibe which will be conveyed through the girls’ acting skills.

  110. A great song by a great girl band.

  111. No. 9 currently #5 on overall instiz chart right now! Also #13 on Melon!

  112. SweetGabriel

    T-ara is gonna release a second version so until then let’s keep them high up, but make sure that EYK reviews other groups. I think it MIGHT be a Drama MV.



    this performance is so well shot that it looks like another version of the music video

  115. why is this 1,499,490 it was 1,500,678 on youtube

  116. go go t-ara go Queen’s

  117. Second MV will be hitting youtube on the 18th, is it possible to review a song twice if it got different MVs?

  118. I remember reading on Twitter that one of Martina’s favourite workout songs is Sexy Love. Surely this one would also make it to that list? It even makes me feel like working out and I’m a lazy lard-ass.

  119. come on Queen’s, we gotta keep up the voting! and share to people to vote! we need more votes if we want t-ara to stay on top 3 and a chance to be reviewed next week!!! i really hope they get reviewed! T-ARA FIGHTING

  120. When S&M return to Korea?

  121. T-ara review pleaseeeee…….

  122. With their emotional expressions, only T-ara can make a ‘dance-box’ MV more dramatic than a ‘mini-drama’ MV..

  123. vote for T-ara at Mnet

  124. T-ara no1 in my heart

  125. #3 in Eatyourkimchi

  126. go go queen’s

  127. We need more vote for t ara

  128. Seeing that there’s no music monday this week (?), we will have to work hard to stay on top for a chance to get review. Come on Queens’!

  129. Muhammad Fareez Yusran

    I’m addicted to this song! :D The instrumental part of the guitar in the beginning of the song was so powerful!

  130. let’s go to 2,000,000 view

  131. come on vote,share and comment!!lets make T-ara win this!!!

  132. I don’t know if this has been said already, but Jiyeon takes number 1 for being the hottest pyro ever (yay puns).. Only Jiyeon can make setting film on fire look so fantastic <3

  133. Qri is looking fabulous! ♥♥
    They all are, and the song is just so great~~ <3

  134. Doesn’t Simon and Martina do the kpop updates anymore? I always like to hear them talk about a vid/song slightly just in case they don’t get picked – at least you have that small bit.

    • Not only did they stop doing kpop chart updates, many weeks of music monday had also been cancelled due to them travelling around. I wonder will there be a music monday next week.

  135. cmon lets make t-ara win next week

  136. Must have T-ara review….I wanna see the Engrish score

  137. Kinda feel weird they didn’t have drama mv this time, since roly poly they always have drama ver, even N4 had it. But no complaint, this mv is the best! they are so sexy and classy. And it makes the view higher since not all people wants to see mv more than 5 minutes

  138. T-ara come to mexico, we love you!!

  139. when was the last time we get a review from a t-ara´s mv?, we need one, and this song is just perfect

    • Looks like 2012 of LAST YEAR with LOVEY DOVEY (N4′s Jeon Won Diary doesn’t count obviously :)). Simon and Martina wanted to do Sexy Love but that was before the rule change and GD released 2 singles/MVs back to back.

  140. i’m addicted, i’m addicted, T-ara <3

  141. Tuxedo mask reminds me of Sailor Moon :X

    Good luck to Qri because she’s the leader now

    I really love this song :X

  142. ♥ 은정 팬 소녀 ♥#Number9


  143. How flawless is this gif?? :D – nvm can’t seem to put it in gif form
    here’s the url for it:

  144. There is total of 3 teasers prior to the release of this, and none of the shots from teaser 1 and 2 had appeared in this mv. So what can we expect, more mv incoming?

  145. This is the fifth time that T-ara is working with Shinsadong Tiger (BoPeep,RolyPoly,LoveyDovey,SexyLove). And it was amazing everytime!

  146. i was waiting for this forever

  147. i’m addict i’m addict i’m addict to my babies awsome comeback no9 is no1 for me and t-ara is no1 in my heart you go girls

  148. T-ara i love you

  149. Did we archive the 3rd before midnight?
    Btw, No.9 is a great song. Although it’s seem a little bit hilarious since it remind me one of my favorite anime. I mean, Sailor Moon?! o.O lol…

  150. What does everyone think of Qri being leader?? I love it. She’s gained more confidence and really stands out this comeback!

  151. Love T-ARA so Much.. Number Nine Daebak!!.. T-ARA Hwaiting~~

  152. SweetGabriel

    This weeks KMM is the Sailor Moon edition O.O lol XD

  153. SweetGabriel

    Eunjung: I’m just gonna be sexy
    Soyeon: I can be sexy too
    Jiyeon: We are so sexy
    Boram: I am usually the cute one but I’m trying
    Hyomin: Step aside I’m the sexy queen B)
    Qri: Ooh! yummy rose :3

  154. Please review T-ara number 9!!! ^,^ awesome song hehe ~ by the way this song is inspired by movie Love potion no.9 :)) being mention on music bank as well

  155. Let’s hope this gets reviewed!

  156. wahh is amazing!! T-ara Go!

  157. You can always count on T-ara for amazing Engrish, lol. So good to have them back xD

    Btw…guys, this page had so much spam. Tune it down ok? ;)

  158. Simon we’re banking on you!!!

  159. And yes, those girls are sexy and gorgeous! The music stuck in my head and I cannot turn it off!!!! Nice MV

  160. Keep watching the MV. We’re now at 1.5 million views! :D

  161. lot´s to talk about this thing

  162. Damn this song is awesome, deserve to be on top and wow Jiyeon really grown up and she got the look that always standout from the rest.

  163. Alright guys! Now it’s our turn. Gotta keep it in the top 3. I’m sure Simon and Martina are sick of doing boy bands…

  164. THEY ARE TOP 3!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. loved this comeback

  166. aw I just saw that it was #3! did it make it before the poll closed?

  167. Which T-ara has really impressed you this comeback?
    For me Jiyeon has always been my bias and she looks freaking amazing here, probably the best she’s ever looked BUT Qri has also been sticking out for me

    • I’m biased towards Jiyeon as well. She’s grown up so much and she just gets more gorgeous every time I see her! However, I gotta say Hyomin also looks freaking amazing and I’m loving her new found obsession with skin ink as well. Soyeon also seems to have gotten prettier with this comeback :)

      • Agreed. People are giving Soyeon smack for supposedly having some surgery done but A) It hasn’t been proven and B) she still looks as gorgeous as ever!

    • Eunjung! She has lots of lines and that amazing high note totally killed me. Not to mention her dance position during the chorus where she gets to sit in the middle. Compared to the previous comebacks where she just blends with the group, she seems to have surfaced again to have her own shining moments in this song.

  168. This song is just so catchy! And Jiyeon~TAT OMG I really love Soyeon’s hair… Everyone so beautiful! TARA fighting!

  169. T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>fighting,fighting,fighting,fighting,

  170. T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>T-ara>fighting,fighting,fighting,fighting,

  171. i like this song :D
    I’m addict I’m addict I’m addict

  172. T-ara! T-ara! T-ara!
    My favorite girlgroup, You guys are the BEST!!!


  174. T-ara has the best comeback of the year! This song is just damn amazing, I’m addicted to it!!!

  175. love t-ara 4ever <3


  177. BEST EVER!!! <3 T-ARA <3

  178. addicted with this song right now…. My Queens are now back…

  179. yey! go T-ara and queen’S!! this is rocking 2013/2014!!!! <3

  180. 티아라 응원!

  181. i wish they won this but we didnt have more time to vote because block B song was out earlier than number 9

  182. Today’s comeback stage at Music Core was DA BOMB. Not only were their outfits great but just listen to the fanchants! I get chills no matter how many times I watch it.

  183. TOP 3!!! HERE WE GO!!!


  184. I’m addict, I’m addict <3 <3 <3

  185. I need to see this get reviewed.

  186. Wohooo t-ara Hwaiting!!!

  187. things i likeed in the song/mv:
    1-Jiyeon part.
    2-the song as a whole.
    3-the mv set
    things i didn’t like:
    1-the clothes ( ccm please spend some cash on their clothes)
    2-the dance (it’s good , but not catchy , i expected more because of the beat)

  188. Come on guys we can do it!

  189. T-ara are back !! let’s get this reviewed.


  191. Martina would also love the fact that they make a Sailor Moon reference in this song with the tuxedo mask lyric!

  192. So close to #3!!!

  193. t-ara gooooooo


  195. cmon queen’s

  196. One of the best song of 2013 if not the best !

  197. appa namu appasso block b fans why voting for 2 mvs when they will review One >_<

  198. I love this song! It’s so catchy and great choreo!

  199. Numbo 9 got stuck in my head.

  200. omg omg its high now

  201. Our girls are doing really well… Kicking right and left. Currently #3rd on Ichart.
    I just love everything about this song and *I know the feeling*
    Moreover, its one of the most awaited CB for two Known reasons as well..

  202. SweetGabriel

    I honestly want to see S&M review this. I think the engrish is better considering it’s T-ara

  203. T-ara!!!! So perfect <3

  204. T-ara <3

    its only in chinese sub…
    Hyomin explained that no.9 is a painkiller? lol

  206. Great song! It’s catchy in the way that T-ara title tracks often are. I have no problem with the bad English; it’s kind of endearing, actually. Their English is way better than my Korean, and it’s fun to sing. Like “Go it go it go it go it go!” from Yayaya.
    Their dancing is impressive. I could do without so many crosses, though.

  207. i love their korean songs i liked this song more than sexy love :3

  208. I would be totally flabbergasted if Simon didn’t love this song to bits

  209. I love their accessories, especially the rings and that skull …

  210. So even though Hyomin is my bias, I literally cannot stand the “I’m addict” part. 1. It obviously is incorrect. 2. I don’t like too much repetition. 3. The dance…

  211. T-ara – No. 9 (Number Nine)
    By popgasa on October 9, 2013

    You put me in so much pain
    Do you remember us back when the stars were shining?
    You hateful person, who has stolen my heart
    Hey, it hurts so much right now

    (Number nine) Only you can make me laugh
    (Number nine) Only you can make me cry
    (Number nine) You are my tuxedo mask
    The hero who protected me
    But you left me and I hate you

    I need you number nine, number nine, number nine
    Don’t leave me
    Did you forget me number nine, number nine, number nine
    Without you, I can’t fall asleep at night

    It’s because I’m in so much pain
    It’s because I’m in so much pain
    You, who has taken all of my heart, where are you?
    Come back to me number nine

    Stop playing games with me
    It’s hard being played with
    Do you remember the days when we made the figs bloom into flowers?
    It hurts so much right now

    (Number nine) Only you can make me laugh
    (Number nine) Only you can make me cry
    (Number nine) You are my tuxedo mask
    The hero who protected me
    But you left me and I hate you

    I need you number nine, number nine, number nine
    Don’t leave me
    Did you forget me number nine, number nine, number nine
    Without you, I can’t fall asleep at night

    It’s because I’m in so much pain
    It’s because I’m in so much pain
    You, who has taken all of my heart, where are you?
    Come back to me number nine

    I’m addict I’m addict I’m addict I’m addict
    I’m addict I’m addict I’m addict I’m addict
    When I close my eyes and open them, I’m still here alone
    I’m in the dark in the dark I’m dancing in the dark

    I need you, don’t leave me
    Without you, I can’t fall asleep at night

    It’s because I’m in so much pain
    It’s because I’m in so much pain
    You, who has taken all of my heart, where are you?

    Come back to me number nine

  212. T-ara!! please win this time!!!

  213. I love this song! T-ara has such a different and mature look now which is amazing! Simon, i know you love them, and i know we can sway Martina too! PLEASE? :)

  214. Come on people! Keep voting! Don’t let boy group #9649819/8798145487′s song get reviewed. Need More Girl Power!

  215. What’s the reason behind Number Nine?

  216. I wonder what Simon & Martina would say about the Engrish. I’m addict? I’m attic? Or that insanely funny subtitle on today’s Music Bank Comeback Stage? I’m headache. LMAO!

  217. so happy with this t-ara comeback theyre singing properly and boram and qri get decent lines!! especially in the other song! boram gets a rap (in the other) just after i started making a big deal about how she was undervalued as a rapper!

  218. What does T-ara have but other group doesn’t with this song?

  219. Do you think some items in the MV aren’t neccessary?? like those candlelights, the skull, tape??? Do they have any meaning??

    • I need to put on my thinking cap when my brain is properly rested to analyze the video but aesthetically speaking, I really really loved that skull.

  220. So then what do you dislike about the MV????

  221. t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara t-ara
    wellcom to VietNam

  222. Ahh a perfect T-ara comeback! Already fell deeply in love with this song just from watching the fancams of their first ever performance at the Dream Concert before the official release and now that the song is out, I can’t stop listening to it 24/7!

  223. Woah they looked so good in the mv. The song stuck in my head and the choreography is awesome! Hope it can get reviewed

  224. t-ara chúng tôi (V-Queen’s) yêu bạn

  225. I Love You. amazing song. T-ARA Fighting.

  226. In the lyrics it describes “Number Nine” as their “Tuxedo Mask”, so Martina…Sailor Moon reference!!! :D

  227. So addicting…

  228. i keep coming back to this video! It’s that good! I was totally hesitant and cringing over their bad engrish, but woah. This song is awesome enough for me to disregard it.

  229. omg I can’t it’s just so perfect!!! Number Nine is killing me~ it’s so good omg *0*
    the vocals, the visuals, the tune >.< T-ARA <3 and they're back to the original members too
    I've always been happy knowing that T-ARA is one of Simon's favourite girl groups! So I really hope this will become a KMM. Let's get it to the Top 3!!
    oh…and I'm sure EYK wants to talk about "I'm addict, I'm addict" :DDD

  230. This NEEDS to be review…It’s a HOT comeback and let’s not forget that they are AWESOME!!!!

  231. wow a lot of different beats to the song…sounds really nice though!!! Please review!!

    • I agree with the different beats! I was worried after hearing the 2nd teaser that there are too many different sounds in the song it might sound like a choppy song within a song within a song. I’m just totally relieved and happy that all the different beats flowed so beautifully into one cohesive and solid song like this. Amazing piece of art!

  232. In the dark, in the dark, i’m dancing in the dark!

  233. this song is daebakkk. T-ara hwaitingggg :D

  234. Come on t-ara!

  235. I need to listen to this a few more times, maybe it will grow on me, but I’m kinda scared. It seems Core just botched their comeback and ave us a poor replica of After School latest comeback mix with somewhat of a wannabe Sistar doppelganger. T-ARA is one of my favorite band and I’m really starting to feel like this comeback is going to be lame as hell. I’m seriously getting pissed by the second by this… Core, what have you done? Gosh. Since that USA/Chris Brown thingy, I feel like they’re trying really really hard to screw T-ARA over

    • what dont you like about it? i really like it and I thought it was t-ara-ish

      • Everything. I feel like the dance is not elaborate enough, the song is, at best, kinda meh… The way they did the “design” on each of them, the “sexy angry saddness” attitude doesn’t suit them, or it was so poorly manage that it’s not believable (though they did this kind of “feeling” in a few mv before, but they were more convincing somehow). I have a hard time with just about everything in the MV. Oh, and Qri’s hair make her look like she’s wearing a bad halloween wig. I’m use it more elaborate stuff, but most of all, more funky, groovy concept from T-ARA. Even the dance MV, they always manage to put something really unique in them. I really don’t see unique-ness in this, I feel like this could have been done by any other girl group out there and it would have made no difference at all. I kinda hope the drama version can convince me somehow that I was wrong but I’m really scared because of the next MV they just released (it’s so bad, it’s kinda not far from total crap… it could have been good somehow if it was a junior group making their debut, but you cannot pull something like that with all the expectation the fans have, it’s suicidal).

        • Egbutts Egbust

          T-ara dances aren’t really “elaborate” they’re made to be easy yet mesmerizing so that fans can follow along and be able to seem like they’re really good when in fact they’re just doing simple movements. This comeback was solid in my honest opinion, and the charts reflect it. CCM actually did right with this comeback, as he went with the original producer that gave them all their fame Tiger, he leaked the Soyeon dating and received positive feedback on it, thus shedding the light from “bullies” to “humans”. The sexy angry sadness does fit them, just look at all their other comebacks, they use that for most of it. For instance, IGCBOY, they did sexy and angry coupled with a little sadness. This concept fits them, and it sounds T-ara, in my opinion. Qri’s hair is perfect, ahaha, I love it so much I swear you can slap a big piece of shit on her head and she’d look amazing in it. They only did the Funky Groovy concept in like 3 of their songs, most of their songs branch to other “genres” of pop. The whole MV is basically a unique concept, with the ripping of paper, Qri eating the rose, and burning it all, recreating the Love Potion No. 9. T-ara is unique in the sense that it may seem that other girl groups can do it, however when they try, they can’t this concept has things only T-ara is capable of. Everything in the MV was fine, and it was a great prelude for what’s to come from this group. Keep in mind that this is the first time since early 2010 they have been 6-ara, and they’re also recovering from scandal after scandal. They have slayed the Korean market, just look at any chart. They did amazing and they prepared really hard for this and I think it’s wrong for anyone to just dismiss all that hard work because you don’t like the arrangement.

        • Well I’m sorry to disagree on about everything, but I do. That said, the song is starting to grow on me bit by bit. The MV though is still lacking in so many way. I’m sorry I used “elaborate”, I meant that most of their dance have something that really stand out. Here though, not so much. Qri’s hair looks terribly artificial, and it’s not just about the color, it’s the way they’ve styled it. It looks like it’s made of plastic. I’m not saying she’s ugly, I’m saying her wig is. And about the angry sadness, I’ve said they’ve used it with success before, but here it’s just badly directed : I cannot believe any of it so I feel like there’s too much a distance between what the MV wants me to feel and what I’m actually feeling.

          So yeah, for the sandal thing, I agree they had to take a stand for themselves. I see how they are trying to and I can somewhat understand the “story” behind the MV. But it could have been sooooo much better : we’ve grew accustomed to their really bad ass MV with intense storyline and really cool concept. So, really, this one is lacking some of that greatness they had in previous MV.

  236. T-ara Fighting !! Number 9 Daebak <3 <3

  237. The title still remains mysterious to me. While there’s an article saying it refers to that classic hit Love Potion No. 9, it still doesn’t make sense to me. I think it’s easier to think of “No. 9″ as… 9th boyfriend or that he’s the 9th guy in their lives or something. Simon and Martina should analyze all the possibilities! Please review this song/MV!!!

  238. Go also vote for T-ara @ T-ara is currently winning! :D

  239. I love a good T-ara song. This is no exception.

    But how come so many groups made their comeback this week?

    I’m looking at you Shinee and AOA.

  240. The original 6!!!

  241. yay t-ara is back!! so excited. i really liked this song.

  242. t-ara gooooooo

  243. perfect song of the year i’m not kidding it’s too perfect sexy girls with sexy voice and the dance wow

  244. im addict im adding im a d*ck

  245. number 9 you’re my tuxedo mask

  246. this song’s too good to not be reviewed ~

    hope we can get it to the top ^_^

  247. T-ara T-ara Number Nine. Best Coreography, Best Song, BEst Comeback. T-ara never disappoint me. Queen’s FOREVER ^^

  248. CeceAvila

    I seem to be the odd man out here but, I’m not really feeling this song. I loved the MV, they all look absolutely gorgeous and I am totally envying their outfits. However, the song isn’t that catchy or memorable to me. And there is something about the dancing that I don’t seem to be able to get into. I don’t know, I feel like I;m missing out on something here.

  249. #넘버나인 #티아라 Support using hashtag!

  250. So close to the top 3 already!!!

  251. gogogo T-ara jjang! Lets give them some much deserved love! They’ve worked hard and suffered! Simon, you know you want to! ;))) Martina don’t be hating! :P

  252. i really loved the comeback !! i hope it get reviewed

  253. SweetGabriel

    Number 9 is gonna be number 1! :D

  254. This song and mv is sooo good! This needs to be reviwed :D

  255. I just wanna dance to this song!

  256. people will unfollow me on twitter lol i shared this more than 5 times

  257. perfect comeback we need to get this on top 3

  258. go go t-ara lets make it higher

  259. simon love this song im sure

  260. This needs to be reviewed! Not only is T-ara Simon’s favorite girl group, but its also an amazing comeback!

  261. i love their song, outfit and their choreography. and most of all, they are the original T ARA members. Hope they got an award for this song. And their another song wasn’t that bad btw. :)

  262. what a great song, i can´t stop listen this song

  263. T-ara always deliver the kind of Kpop that i liked most, never disappoint me once.

  264. They have improve a looooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!! The best! :)

  265. best discography in all of kpop. no one else is even close IMO.

  266. t-ara wanjan daebak!!! <333

  267. Chart update!

    #4 on Instiz!
    #12 Melon
    #3 Mnet
    #1 Bugs
    #3 Olleh
    #1 Soribada
    #7 Naver
    #3 Daum
    #1 Cyworld
    #2 Monkey

  268. yanagiba yusuke22

    is that only me think that ccm will release another mv version for this song?

  269. Hyorin rap—> i’m a dick i’m a dick

  270. So much catchy… XD i’ve been looping it from the morning

  271. What do you like MOST about the MV???

  272. I love 6-ARA and this song is just sooooo T-ara-like lol XD

  273. I’m gonna spam this comment section with loads of questions about this MV !! GUYS!!! GET READY LOLOLOL THIS SONG DESERVES A REVIEW. Hooky-catchy-funky and maybe a little darky?? LOL this song has it all

  274. I have no idea what kind of message they’re trying to send but it’s hilarious. Love the chorus then Hyomin’s comes in and cracks me up. Then they burn things up with the most amused of faces and Qri eats a petal. God I love these girls. Will there be a 15 min drama vid that is also unintentionally funny?

    • Message?? Well you should read this “the lyrics are both silly and deceptively clever: The title refers to the classic hit, “Love Potion No. 9,” about a gypsy concoction that sends a man on a delirious kissing spree — it’s referenced repeatedly during the chorus alongside a shout out to Sailor Moon’s Tuxedo Mask” – LOL that’s why it sounds a bit funny at first
      well, there won’t be a 15min drama for this one. I assume CCM is low on money??? LMAO

      • haha, that’s brilliant (and gross). Lyrics has never been their strong point, so forgive me for not looking into it.
        Be honest though, that rap will never not be funny like how I still chuckle at Roly Poly’s.

        Well here’s to the return of CCM’s best, under appreciated, cash cows.

  275. Must get to top 3.

  276. TOO PERFECT!!

  277. It had been a year plus since their last comeback, and they are back to their original lineup~ T-Ara GO!

  278. Ahhhh! Gotta get Simon’s fav girl group reviewed!!! Not to mention this is one of T-ara’s best and most powerful comebacks yet!!!