T-ara – Sexy Love

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  1. allaine villacampo

    OMG! I Love this :))

  2. I’d love it if you could review this one !
    T-ara <3

  3. EviGishki

    From Place One to Place 45… That’s sad.. T___T I wanted it on Music Monday..

    • Yeah 45th is really sad. It’s behind some of the new rookie girl groups -_-. That’s really bad considering the new groups (not naming names) autotuned half of their song. Oh well at least we gave a good fight while it lasted.

  4. The rank of the song had fallen to the abyss =(
    I’ve enjoy my stay here, hope to see you guys again on next T-ara’s song.
    Presenting today perform as a farewell gift~~ ^_^

  5. Reviewing our T-ara Sexy Love MV is just a dream now. :(

  6. I just can’t take this sound out of my head! it’s crazy!

  7. i don’t know if we still have a chance guys????? maybe if everyone votes, and this discussion continues, we probably have a chance :D maybe…. haha

  8. t-ara the best …………always be the best.

  9. really hope they get reviewed !!!! keep voting and posting things to continue this discussion!!!! we can do it ^~^

  10. jiyeon park

    i love t-ara and only them.

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmjlJpq4Wm8
    Oh no, Eunjung back to that curly hair again =.=, nonetheless all are still pretty =D

  12. t-ara you amaze me go boram qri soyeon eunjung hyomin JIYEON

  13. jiyeon i love you you made me love kpop

  14. Do mods have to deal with spam on a video they know has no chance of winning?

    • they have to deal with spams on every video i guess

      • fuuko4869

        I see all the comments from the entire website appear on the moderator page, and most of the time I don’t even bother to look at which page it’s on :S
        So yea I delete them all. If I have time to check, then I might let a few slide (eg videos that have less than 100 comments) but most of the time I just delete spam based on its content :S

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPgjrF4E6S0
    MJ style today, a bit remind me of I’m Really Hurt (missing a tie) XD

  16. OMG It’s been sooo long!!! And T-ara hasn’t been able to make it to #1 yet!! ASDFGHJKL; We can do this, Queens! Come on, let’s make them #1! :D

  17. Song’s definetely catchy… but sexy nose? I didn’t know noses could be sexy.

  18. I found the person who I liked in the official cover version! xD

  19. Today Music Bank performance was my favorite so far, nice outfit and nice hair finally =.=, although the fast switching camera can improve…..

  20. Whoo, we’re moving up again. xD I can’t believe GD’s losing to U-Kiss…! o:

  21. hayy~ slim chance of winning .. but still trying xD go go t-ara!~


  23. I am totally in love with T-aras new song! It is powerful, catchy, energy videoclip! They have an amazing comeback after those situation with HwaYong!
    This robot dance is very pretty and looks like it easy to remember. I love the combinations of sexy part with cold robot moves! It is a new hit of this autumn *.*
    The most beautiful Q-ri with her green hair – I LOVE YOU Q-RI!
    So, we have got the second chance an don`t miss it! We must vote as hard as we can!
    Vote and make SEXY LOVE on top!

    • ninjakitty

      When I hear someone say sexy at the moment I suddenly find myself thinking of this song and occasionally start humming it too. It’s a pity none of my friends at work are into K-Pop,,,,

  24. You can do this guys!!! I made this EYK Voting 101 that you can send to your friends to explain how to vote here :)
    Send them this link: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/k
    together with the picture below.
    They only need to do everything once.
    Some other extra tips that I’ve gathered from previous voters:
    1. You can only vote once per IP address, so find more IP addresses! Use all the phones/tablets/computers you can get your hands on, and vote it up.
    2. [Like] this page using all the facebook/twitter accounts that you can get your hands on – they can hide it from their timeline if they want.
    COMMENT about the song/video/artist!. Commenting ideas:
    – Find a funny scene in any of the 5 MVs, screencap it, crop it in Paint, and then post it here, asking if anyone can guess where it came from.
    – Post T-ara – Sexy Love covers from youtube, and ask people what they think of it.
    – Post the things you DISLIKE about T-ara, or the song, or the video. People will either agree or disagree – it will DEFINITELY generate discussion, trust me, and that’s what you desperately need right now.
    Reasons why people should vote for T-ara:
    – They’re female. I’m sick and tired of boy bands dominating kpop charts. Are kpop fangirls really that shallow? Is kpop really just about looks and infatuation with the opposite sex – or are there still people out there who appreciate music for what it is?
    – T-ara is like, the hottest gossip topic in kpop right now. Love it or hate it, wouldn’t it be good to have a review about them after all the news?
    – They have 5 high-quality MVs, so much effort for only one song – surely that deserves some recognitiong. And it gives lots of material to work with for a KMM.
    – It’s Simon’s favourite group, and they really, really want to review this song!!
    – The Drama version is so frikkin awesome, especially if you like hot girls, final fantasy, post-apocalyptic movies, katanas, sword fighting, blood and gore, hot girls, rabbits, motorbikes, sucker punch, tattoos, neon eyes, flashbacks, and hot girls kicking some ass. Did I mention hot girls?
    YEAH!! GO Everyone (whether or not you’re a fan, I don’t care) :p
    Edit: Just to clear it up, there’s nothing here that is ‘secret information’. I got these tips from Babys and LO/Es who voted here before… :S

    cr: fuuko4869

  25. Too bad that they lost today, actually it’s kind of glad that they didn’t win. More flak will follow if they win on MCD.
    As for the perf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FqTMfBKJ9A&feature=plcp

  26. I need a review for this song already!!!!!!

  27. emo_tion123

    Let’s show the antis that Queens’ still dominate!!

  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Aip3Shk4MQ
    they need to perform more with this kind of outfit instead of the dolls outfit…..

  29. I wanna see Simon do some robot dance! Please be voting!!!

  30. If I add up all of the points for T ARA it is more than any other group. Why aren’t they first? What am I missing?