Tablo – Tomorrow

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  1. Love how the cars represent the couple in an endless loop… :D

  2. tablo!!! tablo+taeyang=LOVE

  3. this song is amazing

  4. Desiree Wilson

    I love this song!!! Tablo and Taeyang perrrrrrfection ><

  5. Vasudha Rajkumar

    I Love this song. <3

  6. This song is amazing. I usually don’t like Taeyang very much, but I love him in this song. His voice is flawless.

    Plus, Tablo is simply amazing. I really wish they’d do one of his songs on Kpop Music Mondays.

  7. I really like the great organic beat.  I thought that the video might be repetitious with similar looping, but the fact that the cars are actually driving (and fast too! – no sitting in the car and singing) and the general atmosphere of the camera work and colour (I think that someone on YouTube suggested that the circularity and repetition of the video created a symbolic eternal loop) actually added well to the song without taking it over.  I guess that it’s an example of a music video that compliments a song, not a music video with its own story which is instead complimented by the song.

  8. cloiebuggeater

    this is one of my favs. Taeyang +Tablo= flawless

  9. Tablo & Taeyang- what more can you ask for!!

  10. Solmoraine Guzmán

    Really like it… Can’t stop singing it, hehhehe

  11. The best collaboration ever. I really love Tablo’s way of rapping and Taeyang’s soulful voice. They should appear in Music Mondays or Bad. I really wish they do.

  12. they sound SO great together….

  13. Sarah Bruce

    I hate when I am stranded in the desert and my friends flaunt their sports cars and helicopters in my face. Are Taeyang and Tablo walking in the desert together, or separately? Maybe towards each other?

  14. Cecilia G

    the english in this song is amazing. nuff said

  15. I LOVE Tablo, and this collab might be the best thing that could have come from him joining YG. :D Not much point in reviewing the music video, though…not a whole lot going on.

  16. Typical song for Tablo: awesome rapping skills, catchy vocals on the chorus, 4th-dimensional beat/background. Even though I know his style, he’s able to surprise me everytime I hear his new piece <3 The whole album is absolutely A-MA-ZING. Especially some masterpieces of acoustic rap.

    And actually I like Taeyang in it – ACTUALLY, because I don't like Taeyang's style at all :P too American… yet, here he's fine with me. Even more, he's awesome. His moves, his voice, everything is just in the right place.

    Mmmm. I wonder if I like him better here because there are no chicks and no half-nude scenes lol :P

    And, guys, be honest. Gimme an mv with a helicopter and I'll enjoy it OH SO MUCH.

  17. Best duo EVAR. <3
    Well, next to GDTOP, but y'know ;D

  18. Travis Fields

    I personally really liked this song. While the song was pretty minimalistic, it was quite refreshing DUE to this. It’s not everyday that you hear a song that doesn’t have, like, 10 synthesizer layered atop a strong synthbass and stacked drums—definitely a breath of fresh air. Also, the melody is so catchy!!!! I keep getting it stuck in my head…

  19. This is some of the best rapping i have heard i a long time! I had not idea Tablo was so good. The collaboration w/ Taeyang was what made this song even better. The video reminds me of “Love Song” from Big Bang, but i still love it!

  20. Youngbae and Tablo are two amazing people. Combine that and you have something special! This is a very well written song!