Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

Taetiseo – Twinkle

  1. duckbutt909

    I just came her to say.. TITTAAAAAAAYS~

  2. Choi Tae-hee

    did TTS made it?? ^^ did the MV already reviewed by  Eat Your Kimchi?? :D if that’s the case, I’m so happy, that Sones and Exotics made it at least .. and we’re still on #2 ;D 

  3. Vicky888

    What about making a t-shirt ” I lost my pants biriporipido slow motion ” . I would buy it !

  4. procrastinatoroftheuniverse

    i was sooo impressed by them!

  5. oExoPlanet

    Twinkle~ Twinkle~


    i hope this gets reviwed!! please! i love Junsu but he can wait till next week..

  7. So has it been confirmed that this week’s KMM is “Twinkle” ??? really hope so~

  8. Gelareh Dejder


  9. DoodeBTM

    They already scripted and filmed for MM for this week, don’t worry.

    • Be careful about spamming~ I think Simon and Martina already filmed and scripted for this week’s KMM. They said so on their twitter…and seeing how TTS – Twinkle has been #1 all week….I think we’ve made it!!!! :D

      Great job, Twinkies!!!~ I’ve been loving their performances. Very upset that SBS blocked this week’s Inkigayo performances so quickly…I hope they upload the videos on their official Youtube channel soon.

  10. I love this MV <3 And I really want to see it in next Music Monday ^__^

  11. Saebyeog

    Yayyy :) Taetiseo for music monday ^o^
    Okay. Sones and EXOtics, let’s help Junsu’s Tarantallegra for the next music monday ^w^

    • dont vote for junsu yet its going to be music tuesday next week so if sones vote for junsu tts might lose

      • I think we won already~ Simon and Martina already scripted and filmed this week’s KMM. They said so on their Twitter, and seeing how Twinkle has been #1 all week, I think it’s us! :D

        And I think it’s still going to be Kpop Music MONDAYS, right? Because the Malaysia has been delayed because Martina’s voice hadn’t come back.

      • CassieSonELFPlusExoticShawol

        Why not vote for Junsu?? Come on, let’s help him since were STILL all a Family. 

        Plus we’ve won guys ^^

  12. When exactly is the final votes counted? Junsu has entered the chart, I’m worried because I really want “Twinkle” to be reviewed.

  13. Keep voting for TTS sones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. looks like tts is going to be reviewed! woohoo!

  15. I love the jazzy feel to this song :)

  16. This song is soo cute, i love it! <3

  17. <3 EVERYTHING SNSD does and love TaeTiSeo! Tiffany FTW! <3 P.S. Hi Simon and Martina! <3

  18. Olivia Lin


  19. Yay! Not a SONE, but I really love TaeTiSeo’s mini-album and Twinkle MV. Can’t wait to watch Kpop Music Monday [or Tuesday lol].
    I’m still hoping for F.CUZ, but I think they won’t make it. Sad :/

  20. Exotic213

    Go Exo Generation!

  21. Somebody is having obsession !

  22. My last comment was directed at Mg Ferrari, btw.  It seems the reply button is glitching.

  23. wow, you’re really dense aren’t you?  People have been telling you that you’re not helping cause your comments will only be deleted and you’ll get banned, but you’re still trying, huh.  You must really hate the song since what you’re doing is really actually going to hinder us.

  24. I think it’s not as taboo as the back.


  26. Awesome, I hope this gets reviewed!


  28. ew they are so ugly i can’t believe you like them. and who was that ugly gay guy, i think his name is ….Kai?? yeah him…ew *scrunches nose* 

  29. Keep going SONEXOTICs !!! really want this to be reviewed !!! :)

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  32. Nova_REMIX

    I hope S❤NEs and EXOtics are aware that it may not be a K-Pop Music Mondays, but rather a K-Pop Music Tuesday. Simon and Martina alerted us before because of their trip to Malaysia.

    Just so you guys don’t flip out on Monday and wonder where the video for KMM is.

    (Even though a part of me still feels like that’s going to happen…)

  33. Zuhairi Sulkifly

    i want review of twinkle!!!

  34. scarletttrish

    Yohoho this week we dominate! :D
    Sones and Exotics fighting! TTS fighting! :D

  35. I was sad when it wasn’t reviewed last week…



  37. Can somebody explain something to me? I’ve seen a TL;DR from Simon and Martina where they said that showing stomach is considered very sexy and if htere is too much skin shown a video can get banned. But in this video Taeyeon is showing pretty much her entire stomach. So why hasn’t this been banned? (Not that I want it to be lol I was just wondering)

  38. I love SNSD~ and EXO is also a bonus ;) Please please review this song~

  39. Come on SONE’s .. let’s keep voting ^___^

  40. Olivia Lin


  41. <3<3<3 seriously love this song<3

  42. Giannis Giannousis

    Tiffany, Y U so beautiful?
    Taeyeon, Y U have so great voice?
    Seohyun, Y U so sweet?

  43. Kelsey Jance

    so excite!!!

  44. Everyone keep voting!! Everyday!! 

  45. oExoPlanet

    Am an Exotics but I vote for my girl <3<3 Esp Taeyon :) She so pretty !

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  54. I like EXO but…. am I the only one that doesn’t give a crap about them when it’s about SNSD???? O__o I mean… *PLEASE DON’T KILL ME WITH A BASEBALL BAT* I’m just trying to say…. why is every second comment about them? The song is amazing, the girls are amazing, the MV is amazing, and sure, it’s great that they kind of ‘collaborated’ w/ EXO on this one, but for me, when I watch the MV, I’m like: RIGHT NOW IT’S GIRLS’ GENERATION~~!! ^o^
    Anyway, TaeTiSeo hwaiting~~ <3

    • IKR, They are gonna bjtch on SNSD if they are in EXO MV …

      • I wouldn’t LOL (I would be super duper excited as I love both SNSD and EXO :D)…but yeah, other fans probably would. -__- because EXO is a boy group. SNSD is a girl group, so fans don’t really give a crap about EXO appearing, but with EXO (just like all other boy groups), the fans who aren’t SONEs would probably complain. But I’ve found that a lot of EXO fans are SNSD fans anyway. :) 

    • really? none of the comments below are about EXO entirely. a lot of the ones that have “exo” in it are also supporting SNSD, so I don’t really see the problem. It’s like the same as Jessica & Yoona appearing in SHINee’s Sherlock & Replay and Minho appearing in SNSD’s Gee. Fans go crazy when their idol appears in another MV, but so far in the comments I don’t see EXO fangirls only commenting about their boys…

    • I think it’s also because a lot of Sones aren’t here because some have something against Simon and Martina (which is their own choice…I personally don’t think Simon and Martina are in the wrong), whereas Exotics aren’t really against Simon and Martina at all.

    • Izyan Fadzil

      I think not many sones are voting here . because consider our large fanbase , it supposed to be huge amount of votes now . while , theres a lot of vip , babys , exotic and others here . thats why there are many comment about exo . my opinion ^^

  55. Nguyen Trung

    SNSD TTS no1 kaka

  56. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Congratz to TTS for winning M! Countdown today

  57. blue7noise

    Twinkle!!! TTS!!! ^^

  58. Choi Tae-hee

    Yeah~ Sones and Exotics JJANG~!! TTS JJANG~!! ♥♥♥ 

  59. pretty sure there won’t be much competition this week, but keep up the good work SONEs! ^^

  60. Twinkle Twinkle!!! Really hope this gets reviewed :D Let’s go SONEXOTIC!!! :D

  61. Claire1497


  62. SakuraU

    I love TTS!! SONEs sigan votando.

  63. We better unite, Sones and EXOtics, we all want a review of TWNIKLE right?

  64. BrightAndBubbly

    I can’t wait till Monday! We’ll just have to keep TTS number 1 until then! TTS and Girls’ Generation FIGHTING!

  65. We can do it guys! Just a few more days!

  66. shinjicorn

    We gotta keep TaeTiSeo on top until next monday guys! come on we can do it!


    • ShiroChan

      Stop spamming =_____=
      You aren’t helping on getting this reviewed, you are just going to make Simon and Martina tired because they count each comment and read EACH comment to know how much spam there it is, and your “comments” are just going to be wasted.

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  73. YEAH Finally its on the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. shqsone

    Finally SM put in a lil bit budget in this. Still dancing in a box but at least there’s back up dancers, awesome props, cool stage…in comparison with SNSD other vids this is like awesome. I think their Into the New World MV was best – has a better story. Well, probably cos  it fits the song. Twinkle’s more about being fabulous and glamorous old hollywood style so I think this MV did it justice. 

  75. I’m so proud of us!! #1 on the charts on already. Keep it up!!! Keep voting until Simon and Martina says they have started scripting…lol
    I’ve been having TaeTiSeo’s whole album on replay… all the songs are really good.
    I’m impressed with Checkmate! ^^ And OMG is fun…haha, nostalgic of the Chocolate Love days~~

  76. can’t wait for the review of their mv

  77. I think fate wanted it to be this way…. This week, Martina didn’t have a voice, so it’s okay that they didn’t get first place yet. At least both Simon and Martina will be able to tell us how awesome this song is!!  ^_~ heheheeeee~~~ Can’t wait!

  78. Nova_REMIX

    Gonna try and help the S❤NEs and EXOtics out with “Twinkle” now that U-Kiss and EXO got their reviews. :)

  79. Why isn’t this on top yet? Are Babys still trying to vote for BAP?

  80. vern_scribblez

    come one sones! continue to vote

  81. I can’t listen to this song enough. It just gets better every time I hear it.

  82. severely

    Martina will be so super cute when she reviews them. c: Love this song! One of the best songs that SNSD has actively promoted.

  83. YES!!! Let’s do it!!!

  84. You know spamming comments will result in your comments not being counted, right?

    If you want them to win, just keep voting~~ Don’t spam though…cuz that’ll be counterproductive~ THANKS! :D

    I just bought TaeTiSeo’s mini album on iTunes today~ :D

    • severely

       Wait, Taetiseo’s fans are seriously called Twinkies? …Seriously?

      I know SM isn’t exactly known for their amazing fan club names (barring Cassieopeia), but … seriously? We’re named after a Hostess product that can probably outlast cockroaches?

      • LOL, no. This was just a name Martina and Simon came up with.
        We’re just having fun, so no worries if you’re not a fan of the name ‘Twinkies’.

        I think it’s cute and we’re here on Eat Your Kimchi, so I just use it. LOL, but yeah, again, it’s not SM official.

      • Nova_REMIX

        I thought Shawol and S❤NE was pretty unique. But I had to LOL at the “outlast cockroaches” part. XD

  86. Fantaseas

    Let’s go Soshi let’s go woot woot~

  87. sones lets vote and not stop voting till this gets reviewed

  88. Now that B.A.P. got their monday, I’m guessing the Sone who voted for them will return? Anyway, I’m voting for the first time ever because this video is pretty awesome; and I’m not one to like subgroups.

  89. VOTE, guys, vote! :) We can do this. We can keep them at first for a week, right?~ 

  90. alright everyone, one more week! we can do this!!!

  91. Hnnngh, I’m so addicted to this song, and the video is everything I want my life to be.

  92. scarletttrish

    This week we get the Music Monday, fighting S♥NEs and EXOtics!! >.<

  93. Sones keep voting for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. I really hope we can get this for next week~ Hope Martina gets well soon (not just for the review, but just in general, of course, Martina!!) and hope they won’t be overworked from their event to Malaysia!

  95. Pls Vote For The Sake Of EXO Generation!
    EXO Generation FTW!
    After All, We Want ‘Twinkle’ To Be Reviewed By Eatyourkimchi right?

  96. Olivia Lin

    Please review Twinkle! I really love this song as it has a unique style that is different to want they usually release :) Please please please vote everyone!

  97. I Hope this gets reviewed, i would really like to see simon and martina’s opinion to the video and song…. and to be honest i think all the international sones especially on soshified don’t really come onto EYK D: but i hope soshified does gets fans to vote for it seeing that we have such a big fanbase why not use it?

  98. Still watching the MV over and over~ So cute classy and catchy~

  99. It looks to me like a clear winner!! Plus it has a cute dog !

  100. cathyli_x

    taetiseo all the way <3 

  101. Tiffany

    This song is really good, hopefully they will win an award

  102. goooooo taetiseo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Bringing back some classic soul! EPIC! <3
    TTS~ <3 
    SNSD~ <3

  104. What is up with the Twitter and Google+ share buttons not working?

  105. I really like this song. It is addictive, and the more I hear it, the better it gets.

  106. Jennifer Van

    Good :) Nice rhythm, but only shows them getting ready for a show or something, should include more.

  107. We should try beating B.A.P’s votes.. you know.. That way TaeTiSeo can be the video with the most votes ever.. any one else agree? c:  … Twinkle hwaiting ^^

  108. Our girls have a huge fanbase . Someone just need to notify Soshified xD

  109. Let’s Get The Girls On Music Monday!!! Plz Plz. By The Way Love Music Mondays!! Big Fan From Puerto Rico!!

  110. this song is super catchy and perfectly highlights their vocals

  111. sunnylam92

     we did well sones. Maybe we can get this reviewed next week :D

  112. taetiseo takes the victory this week!!!  Exogeneration ^^ <3<3<3

  113. a-box-of-chocolates

    this has to be reviewed this week!! ^.^

  114. Claire1497


  115. nikkik411

    best song ever!

  116. CassieSonELFPlusExoticShawol

    Woohoo~~! TTS for next week~ Keep on voting Sones and Exotic! <3333 we can do this! :D

  117. hope all sones aware about this ..

  118. i love twinkle, baby step and love sick <3 very amazing vocals of TTS :)

  119. SM’s best sub unit and collab xD expecting more project of exo generation … xD

  120. Woot! TTS! I hope this gets reviewed. I really like this song, it’s really different.

  121. go TTS.. Snsd is the best..
    exo generation ftw!
    SonEXotics rule xD

  122. activity_grrl

    Taeyeon and Chanyeol biased here, This song needs to win!!! :)

  123. Lulzparty

    Time for TTS to take the lead.

  124. I definitely want to see this review! Love SNSD and EYK! <3

  125. lol.. how come this has turned into a temporary shelter home for Baby? i came here to fulfill my ‘promise’ to vote for TTS at least once as a thank you message to SONEs. 

  126. CassieSonELFPlusExoticShawol

    Come on Sones and Exotics~ Let’s fight for next week! <3333

  127. We’ll get next week :D:D:D just keep voting

  128. When i first heard this song I wasn’t that impressed, but then I listened to it a few more times and it grew on me :) They have really strong vocals…Please review this for Music Monday :D

  129. they are so talented, please review them for kpm, it would be hilarious~

  130. moonstar89

    badass babies are U comment here..?

  131. i try to unite sones and exotics but anythig happend
    i wish exo and snsd being in the top chart :/

  132. I seriously hope this can be reviewed next week…it’s such a prettily made MV. *o* I wish other SONEs would think the same. T.T I’m feeling kind of lonely. 
    Does anyone know what other songs that’ll come out next week that the fans could go crazy over voting?  

    Oh, and congrats to B.A.P. winning this week! :3 You guys are really amazing~ 

    • Laurana1

      A Pink is releasing their new mv in 2 days. They’re still rookies, so I don’t think they have a huge following (and I believe a lot of their fans are also SNSD fans), but it looks like it could be a hit. And they say Yoseob from Beast will be in the mv too, so Beast fans may turn out as well. If this video doesn’t get a whole lot of attention, it’s possible… I think…

      I’m waiting for the mv first because I like A Pink a lot but it depends on if the video and song is good or not, haha.

    • Thankies and don’t worry, BABYs are willing to vote for TTS next week!

  133. onionviper

    Ok so Let’s all move to Never Give Up untill our “Power” page is fixed :

    i feel bad commenting on TTS’s page while talking about BAP… Q-Q

  135. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    lol, to the other BABYz, helping them is awesome, but try to keep it about TTS as much as possible.

  136.  Those who´re voting for B.A.P, don´t stop voting. We have 50K to reach, loves you all!

  137. i wonder what will Sones think…
    please don’t hate, we can’t live without talking to other Babys Q-Q

  138. aggiemonster

    let’s stay here until BAPs page gets fixed. we can help Twinkies for a bit, since their comment page seems a bit sad and quiet compared to ours. and when we go back, we can have a party :D

  139. onionviper

    Are all of you registered at TSundercover??? I can’t warm up to that forum yet so if I see u guys around maybe it gives me some hope.
    Otherwise I have a pretty sweet tumblr that u guise can follow if you don’t mind lots of posts about Real Madrid

  140. you know what im scare of? all the homeless Babys start commenting here and crash the page. 

  141. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Although I’m a BABY, I came here to vote and share.
    It’s my way of Thanking some Sones and EXOtics who helped us and left positive comments  ^.^

  142. chara_sweetmelody

    lol I love how BABYs just took over this page. This is our temporary home (^_~). Hope Sones don’t mind :P

  143. i love how Babys are commenting here cuz we got kicked out..

  144. onionviper

    We need the KMM post so babys can live there for at least a couple of days since our post gone bongers

  145. BrightAndBubbly

    It’s obvious that BAP’s gonna win.Oh well,we have next week,congratulations to BAP!

  146. Well, fangirls of boy groups are always more crazy than fans of girl groups. Look at BAP’s votes. Congrats.

  147. SNSDLovesMrP

    Wait, is it going to be BAP this week? Noooo :( The power of fangirls…..*sigh* 

  148. This usually doesn’t happen but i can not stop watching this video!!! the song and video is so addicting!

  149. Anna Stunt

    I love this song :3

  150. and vote in for Mnet countdown for WIN vote for twinkle and for mama :D

  151. EXO and SNSD should be in the top
    i am a sone and latter a exotic
    now a sonexotic
    pround of it!
    let’s vote

  152. since b.a.p. has already won, let’s start voting taetiseo for next week!

  153. severely

    Now that BAP’s going to be tomorrow, I can move onto voting for TTS. c: Way too many videos have come out recently that I really love and that I want to see Simon and Martina review. I hope TTS will win next week!

  154. Taylor Shen

    It’s an okay song~ When I first heard it with the English lyrics~ To me, it seemed like a very vain song~ But it’s my opinion~ so yeah~ just saying~ and I am not a hater~ I happen to be a very big fan of SNSD~ and Sunny is my favorite member~ but this song~ I don’t know~ >_> 

    • severely

       I think it’s supposed to be reminiscent of Lady Marmalade. If you’re not familiar with that song, give it a listen, and that will give you an idea of where these sort of lyrics would come from.

      I actually like this sort of vanity compared to, say, “The Boys.”

  155. they are so pretty in this video!

  156. Hildibjørg Didriksen

    Though BAP gets their review for this monday :) Then we’ll defiantly win next monday:D

  157. Baby steps with black dress today is totally classy and beautiful!
    And they did live without the hand-mic which is awesome because they can dance freely~

  158. Power was released first so they had more votes. But honestly, I really like BAP and want to see their mv reviewed. S&M can review Twinkle next week.

  159. it would be an amazing feat if we did beat bap in this, since they did have a headstart

  160. i love taeyeon!! twinkle twinkle!

  161. i love the way kai and sehun dance with taenyhyun. kinda fun!

  162. vern_scribblez

    come on EXOtic Sones 

  163. Isthatapuppy234

    Oh :( it doesnt look like we won this week

  164. pleaseee win :) GG taetiseo 

  165. JessicaSNSDlove

    go TTS!!!!

  166. idontknoe

    I love y’all for trying, but if Sones really wanted to win they would. A lot of Sones don’t care or they don’t want a MM review from EYK. BAPs actually trying to win, while the majority of Sones out there don’t. When it matters, there no way SNSD would lose.

    • oExoPlanet

      Yeah! I actually dont care who win ! its not important ! (although i want TTS win) But I try really hard to vote on Mnet for TTS thoug ^^ Exo is almost end promotion actually next week is their goodbye stage so yeah! I vote really hard for TTS on Mnet .. This .. if we dont get review this week then it could be next week ! it doesnt matter if we win or lose :) idc :)

    • This is so true…and also if this was a comeback from the entire SNSD there would be no way they’re not first place lol. Sones are just not trying and they don’t really care..

  167. a-box-of-chocolates

     it’s not just the title song, but the whole album is really good!

  168. So.. What are your favorite songs from the album?
    I really like Library and Baby Steps. 

  169. I want Twinkle to be reviewed :(

  170. Cecilia G

    thank you SM for not having an awkward rap :)

  171. i think this song on kpop mm would be funnier than ‘Power’ because there’s a lot more going on in the video

  172. Claire1497


  173. TheNewAvatar

    LOL…BABYs knew that they were against SONEs so they started voting crazily so much so that they went on to break EYK record.. ;)

  174. This is kind of off-topic, but does anyone know the significance of the coloring of usernames (pink, green, black, etc.) in the comments? I’ve been wondering about this for SO long…

  175. Let’s at least get to 999 comments, yes? 

  176. THE BEST from Girls Generation by far since Genie and Gee.  And the vocals were OMG good!

  177.  GG and TTS!!!! fighting ♥♥♥
    sonexotic <333333

  178. I don’t really think its all that fair since BAP had a head start.. but nothing is going to stop us .. keep voting everyone.. we ALL want a review for Twinkle, Don’t we? ^____^

    • Either way, we weren’t really gonna win. BABYs are really dedicated and they already have 40k+ votes which is like a record and plus we don’t really that much support with us so let’s be proud with what we have right now and continue voting.

    • It doesn’t matter if they had a head start, because the ranking is done by number of votes divided by number of days they were on the chart, or something like that. So really, it’s actually an advantage to TTS and not B.A.P. BABYs are just super dedicated, and that’s why they’re winning. 

      Also Twinkle isn’t setting up as much competition because a lot of SONEs aren’t voting. -_-; 

  179.  Woah, votes went up by 4000+ since last night.

  180. Come on guys.. keep voting.. we can do this! ^^

  181. Come on SONES and EXOtics!! Lets untite and vote for TWINKLE!!!! ^_^

  182. We need to get this to number one. Also, lets kidnap BAP fans.

  183. Carolforlife

    TWINKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  184. shinjicorn

    Lets keep going strong even if we are behind. So we can claim the next KMM. And congrats to BAP for having such committed fans.

  185. Wow… almost 40000 votes for bap’s power, maybe twinkle for next week then? :P

  186. gakei95

    We need a review of this!! :D EXOGENERATION <3

  187. I really hope that Simon and Martina can review this… :/

  188. Jayden Stone

    Even with most of our fandom not voting, we still managed to pull off a very good amount of votes right? 

  189. we really need to get this to kpop music mondays!!

  190. PLEASE VOTE FOR TAETISEO, so even if something big comes next, next week, TTS will still get reviewed(because obviously BAP will get reviewed next week).

  191. Pumpkinz

    I really like this MV. It is different than most of the ones from 2011. Who knows maybe SM will stop their MVs in a box routine. The outfits were really pretty and the girls just shined with charisma. TTS <3

  192. This song is way better than The Boys. I really like it.

  193. the girls really get to shine in this song. they both sound and look wonderful, and this is such a fun video~! 

  194. ChocoBerry

    how can taetiseo lose to bap :| ?!

  195. we need to keep the position for the next week! ^^

  196. I was not expecting to like this song, but it seems that i fell into the trap. And now i really want EYK to review the MV XD

  197. Matthew Brown

    Please vote for TTS! EXOtics and Sones United! 

  198. shinaej

    GG + EXO = 

  199. a-box-of-chocolates

    TTS should be number 1! Fighting!!

  200. I love this song><!Also TTS and EXO!Plz vote for TWINKLE!

  201. Isthatapuppy234


  202. scarletttrish

    We have to go on voting, so our girls will be reviewed next week, it’s impossible for us to beat BAP, my respect to all Babys, international they’re really strong! ^^

  203. why isn’t this winning?

  204. kllrnohj

    This video totally needs to be reviewed for music monday, it already has over 7 million views!

  205. DoodeBTM

    BABYs are amazingly dedicated.. It’s a given that they already won but they’re still voting.. I applaud them.
    We probably will have the week after B.A.P’s unless there’s a twist and another video shows up and beats Twinkle which has a small chance of happening so don’t worry guys.


  207. Twinkies is a terrible name but infinitely better than a possible alternative: twinks. Thank god fandom didn’t decide on Twinks because I might just become a hater (a bear? LOL)

  208. vote vote vote SONEs and EXOTICs!!! :D

  209. Steven Cua

    let’s go TTS!!!

  210. I just love how there’s so much kindness and positivity here!
    Call me naive, but I’d take this ANY DAY over the hate that boils sometimes in kpop!

  211. Wow… just visited the youtube comment section for TTS – Twinkle official MV.
    I’m so disappointed by how much SOME Sones hate (strong word…but from the looks of it…it seems to be true) Eat Your Kimchi.

    As a Sone myself, I’m so disappointed, upset… I can understand people not liking Eat Your Kimchi because everyone should be entitled their own opinion and choice, but some of these fans just go all out to being EXTREMELY nasty.


    I absolutely love SNSD and love watching their MVs, but some of the immaturity in the comment section just makes me want to avoid the comment section because of how ashamed I am of these particular fans.

    • Just saw a bunch of fans on YT on that very same Twinkle – MV comment page defending Simon and Martina against the irrational, disgusting haters!! :D

      I see light again!

      • shinjicorn

        Way to go SONE! There is a way to say you dislike something without being nasty about it. I’m glad Simon and Martina were defended. This SONE adores them, personally.

    • scarletttrish

      You’re right, it’s horrible how SOME sones behave! :(

    • TOTALLY AGREE! I saw those hateful comments to and as a fan of EYK i felt so bad :’(

    • Fantaseas

      I didn’t even know that SONEs hated Simon and Martina until they mentioned it! o____o I actually agreed with their criticism regarding The Boys and Hoot. I love Soshi, but S&M are awesomeeee and, hey, they had valid points on their previous GG Music Mondays.

      Oh, and on a random note… I live in around the same area as UofT, which is where Simon and Martina went to school :D AWESOME LOL

  212. activity_grrl

    My SNSD bias Taeyeon, plus my Exo bias Chanyeol= Best MV ever!

  213. vote for tts lest go soshi tts

  214. I read the comments… and now I know why this isn’t getting much votes and comments.. *sighs*

    • Because of how some Sones are against Eat Your Kimchi?

      Well… I’m so proud that we were able to garner up so much points so far even without the whole Sone fandom behind us. The rest of us are representing very well, in my opinion~

      BAP’s just crazy this week (and I mean that in a very good way~). I’m still shocked by how much their points keep increasing and how much they’ve already gained. I can’t believe they’re a rookie group.

      Anyway, keep up the support, Twinkies!!! Show the love!

  215. It’s funny how bap mv got 7000 thousand comments. Can I spam here???? xD

    • ?? Why is that funny? And why would you want to spam?

      I’m so confused……LOL. If you like TaeTiSeo’s song/MV, then feel free to join us in our conversations and our spazzes…but uhm, no, please don’t SPAM.

  216. Only few days left before the review.. Im really really hoping that this would get reviewed

  217. I am VERY proud of Twinkies here for doing so well with the voting and sharing! :D
    We are doing excellent! Yes, we are not #1, but we’re #2 with a HUGE AMOUNT OF POINTS!!
    You guys are awesome!!! I really hope this MV gets reviewed eventually. If not…there are still many many ways to enjoy this show, MV, and spazz about how much we love our girls.

    On a side-note: I am so STUNNED by how quick BAP is gaining points. Even now…their growth is like EXPONENTIAL. How did they do it? When did fan groups just all of a sudden secretly unite behind everyone’s back and support BAP? That’s awesome and I really hope to see this more in kpop! :D (Or in music in general…or in the world…I think you get my point.)

    Anyway, keep up the love!! TWINKLIES, FIGHTING!

    Even if not this upcoming Monday, next Monday :))))
    I like BAP, too ^^

  219. SONEXOTICS<3 vote for TWINKLE, TWINKLE<3 <3 <3 xD 


  221. DoodeBTM

    Seohyun: I heard about the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. I want to break the record under the name of Girls’ Generation.
    Jessica went to MuCore today to support TTS!
    Yuri canceled her recording yesterday to watch TTS live. She even advised the directors and staff to watch with her.
    Sooyoung went to visit them at the broadcast centre today and Yoona visited them while they were shooting their MV.

    My Soshi feelings right now..

  222. Voting for Girls Generation TaeTiSeo. They’re awesome. 

  223. @twitter-502435617:disqus : I saw those comments from non-SNSD fans liking the song as well! I am so proud of our girls! :D SM, great job!!

  224. Come on SONE’s we can do it! I really want to see the awesome things Simon and Martina have to say about this! While I was 1st watching the video, I just kept thinking what will S&M say? :D

  225. SNSD should be in the number 1 
    let’s go sones and sonexotics :/

  226. LETS DO THIS SEXONE (dirty mind much!!!!) or… SONEXO… gah.. just vote -_-

  227. McPhillyFancyPants

    Come on TaeTiSeo <3

  228. TTS HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. Looking at the votes for B.A.P’s Power.. Im positive babies are online right now and voting as much as they can.. We have to keep voting.. Come on SONEs! :3

  230. hahaha lol i check them all and this is winning by 10000+ GO TWINKLE :P

  231. After this MV Seohyun is definitely taking the first spot on my bias list :P

  232. Why don’t other SONES want S&M to review it? :O
    (I guess I’m just a part of the group of Sones who do enjoy S&M’s reviews… :/)

    • Because some SONEs are butthurt about their last review on “The Boys,” probably. I liked that review personally as I agreed with them 100%, and I’m a SONE myself. But some fans still haven’t matured enough to learn how to accept opinions and understand that just because S&M criticize one song or one aspect of the music video, that doesn’t mean that they dislike the group as a whole. I don’t understand how that works as S&M have reviewed “Hoot” as well and liked it, and they even went and shortly reviewed “Chocolate Love” by themselves (not from voting). *sigh* I wish some SONEs would just stop being so stubborn and vote because I think their review would be really good this time. 

      • Agreed. I know it sucks to have a bad review… (I wasn’t too pleased about S&M mentioning spammers in their kpop charts update for one of EXO’s videos before) BUT I learned to move on.

        “I wish some SONEs would just stop being so stubborn and vote because I think their review would be really good this time.” I agree.

        It’s hard to hear a bad review, but without it…that would pretty much defeat the purpose of a “review.” S&M still keep it very funny. COME ON, SONES! FORGET THE PAST! BAD REVIEWS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN, but it can be seen as like constructive criticism because S&M aren’t irrationally hating~

        • Exactly. It’s as if some SONEs are actually taking the reviews seriously. like, wtf? It’s all meant to be in the sake of fun, and so what if they do a bad review for ONE song out of the MANY songs? Does that mean they dislike everything by the group? And even if they do give out a bad review, they always have a legitimate reason to do so (they’re not pure haters or anything geez; exactly, they’re not irrational about it). 

          Some SONEs are just…ugh. I’m glad there are more people like you, lol. 

        • I’m just so amazed at how strong and true Simon and Martina have stayed to themselves and their values.

          There are way too many haters out there against S&M, just like any other popular celebrities.

          I understand being offended and just choosing not to be involved with Eat Your Kimchi because everyone has their own choice, but there are serious haters out there who will insult and try to offend EYK in ways that are just disgusting.

          These haters are blatantly rude and irrational themselves…and they still dare to point fingers.

          I stand up for Simon and Martina because they’re so fun to watch and also because of what you said, “even if they do give out a bad review, they always have a legitimate reason to do so.” Very true!

        • I know, haha. I really, really respect that about them! It’s admirable IMO. 

          I seriously can’t take those haters anymore. T_T They’re so hypocrticial, and ugh, why do people like that even have to exist… T.T

          They are fun to watch! ^.^ They are just normal people enjoying K-Pop and Korean culture because they like to~ I find myself agreeing with most of the reasons they dislike a part of an MV anyway. 

        • I believe it’s just a psychological part of human nature. It’s just a part, I think, most of us are capable of.

          I took an Intro to Psychology class this term and we were learning about why totally rational, normal people were able to commit such atrocious crimes. Yes, it was because of an authority and yes, there are no authorities telling haters to hate, but I think this shows that most of us ARE capable of being really nasty and irrational.

          Just like most of us are also CAPABLE of being–on the flip side–very understanding, tolerate, mature, and rational. I think that’s why it’s important for rational fans to stand up and keep showing the love. I think it really goes a long way and makes a difference~

      • DoodeBTM

        It’s not just because of that. I don’t want to bring it up but around 2 years ago, Simon and Martina had an interview about generally their lives and the subject of KPop in America came up and they basically said that SNSD didn’t have the personalities and the sound as 2NE1 and BB to make it in America.

        • Ohh.. I remember watching that… Yeah they thought that just because they were pretty they werent going to be a big hit in America.. -____-

        • DoodeBTM

          Yeah.. I guess you could say that I was pissed when they said that because I’m sick of people saying that SNSD are just girls with pretty faces and great bodies but I’m somewhat over it now because I manage to watch every EYK video that comes out, lol. But let’s all vote for Twinkle because I’m curious on what they have to say.

        • I was pissed off too.. Yes I agree! Us SONEs must keep voting =w= <3

        • Let’s get ‘Twinkle’ to #1 so more ppl can be exposed to SNSD’s amazing vocals! 

          (Of course, there will always be people who will find every excuse in the world to avoid acknowledging SNSD’s talent…) but there could be non-SNSD fans out who just simply don’t know!

        • Yeah! I saw a ton of comments on the MV of people who normally aren’t fans but loved the song anyway. :) S&M gives artists SO much exposure, lol. Sometimes, the only reason I watch some MVs is because of their Music Mondays…and that might lead me to like a new artist. ^^ So that could mean SNSD for non-fans, too! they have to review this T.T 

        • Oh… I never watched that interview…
          Well, I’m glad Simon and Martina have learned that SNSD is more than just pretty faces.

          And ACTUALLY, songs like ‘Twinkle’ actually prove that! The more reason why Sones should vote for ‘Twinkle’ because if Simon & Martina review it, more non-SNSD fans will exposed to the song and realize that SNSD is more than just pretty faces.

          Just going by what you’re saying (because once again, I haven’t watched the interview), to be honest, I think it really is very easy to believe that SNSD is popular just because they’re a bunch of pretty faces. I’m a Sone and have watched as many performances and shows of them as I can get my hands on, so I know better. I know why Korea loves SNSD so much and it’s not JUST because their looks.

          But if you’re not a fan, how are you suppose to know? If you don’t check out their performances… if you only go by what’s mainstream… if you JUST go by Gee, by the articles about their legs, how they’re being chosen as the ideal types by so many male celebrities…

          Basically, I’m just saying, it’s understandable. SNSD is not popular just because of their pretty faces, but it’s understandable why non-fans think so, in my opinion.

        • I saw that video. Same difference. Again, they were giving out their opinion. When Martina said “they don’t have personality,” she most likely meant *onstage*…because their job is to sing and dance the best onstage, not interact that much with fans. In America, artists interact with the fans with personality, and that’s why she brought up that point. So again, valid reason. And also, at that time maybe SNSD wasn’t prepared for America. But they’ve just proven wrong by succeeding, haven’t they? S&M were stating what they would think based on their experiences with K-pop and western culture at that time, so it’s not like they said it without any validity. And people can be wrong sometimes; S&M aren’t perfect, either, and we just have to accept that. 

          I brought up “The Boys” because they won the KMM that time, so I was surprised to see Twinkle not winning this time. I thought maybe it had something to do with that review, lol.

  233. DoodeBTM

    Not to be negative or anything, but there are a lot of SONEs who don’t vote because they simply don’t want S&M to review it.
    And the reason that they are keeping Girls’ Generation as a part in their name is because the sub-unit is a temporary thing and SM said that the members are gonna be switched around so they can’t just keep TaeTiSeo because that’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun’s names together.. Plus, the members have expressed that GG is one and will always be one so I don’t think they’re gonna get rid of the name that easily. 

  234. Anna Nguyen

     this review is not happening.. so sad D:

  235. Oh! It’s Twinkies?? Aww..I thought it was Twinkles… lol Oops
    Hmm.. Twinkies…lol
    just because Simon and Martina made it up…I throw the white towel in…otherwise >o< noooooooooooo lol, I despise Twinkies…the dessert…

    By the way, Twinkies, Martina mentioned 'Spam Votes' in the kpop charts updates.
    Can somebody tell me what 'Spam Votes' are? Because I thought there was only such thing as 'spam Comments'….

  236. Come on twinkies! Lets keep voting for twinkle <3

  237. Go snsd! They should totally get reviewed this week :3

    • Be careful. Don’t spam~ >.<
      We can comment to have conversations or talk about something new related to the video, artists, etc. but if we want to comment to encourage others to vote more, that should only be done in moderation and especially not consecutively.

  238. DoodeBTM

    Kai and Se Hun’s faces when they checked put Fany was the best part of this video, lol.

  239. Simon & Martina’s words are like MAGIC.
    Right after they made that tweet to encourage fans to vote for TaeTiSeo, the votes shoot up like by 500 within half an hour.

    SWEET! :D Go, Twinkles, go! I like that name. ^^ Twinkles~

  240. Guys, keep voting. Simon and Martina “want to review it SOOO bad,” according to their tweet. :D So obviously they have good things to say. Hopefully~~

    Even if B.A.P does win, we can still place Twinkle in first for the next weeks, right? Come on, SONEs. 

    • I really hope they can still manage to do KMM next week, THOUGH I do NOT want them to be overwhelmed and overworked especially because they’re having that Meet and Greet event in Malaysia.

      I guess in the meantime, let’s go, TWINKLES!!!!

  241. SoneInspirit

    Twinkle FTW <3

  242. PLZ~~~~ Be Taetiseo next week! Let’s beat B.A.P!

  243. You have to review this amazing song! At first I didn’t really like it ( and I’m a sone) but now I really love it. It’s different of SNSD’s song. I love the jazz feeling in the song. I love that they introduce EXO in the video. Also, you have to review this video because of the dog! Spudgy will like it! 

  244. I want this to be on Music Mondays :D

  245. Godfather0

    vote vote guys


  247. You can’t go wrong! It’s SNSD-TTS AND EXO

  248. oExoPlanet

    Even the dog in the video is beautiful :)

  249. I wonder what Simon and Martina have to say if they’re actually asking us to vote for this song :O

  250. fernizzz

    the best part in this mv is 4 guys EXO … that’s all …..

  251. Yay Twinkle!! 태티서 대박 

  252. Taetiseo hwaiting! Twinkle is so catchy ^^

  253. curious about what kind of music monday would result if this song wins :)

  254. CassieSonELFPlusExoticShawol

    BAP Had a good lead… T__T I just wished these two videos were released on the same date so it won’t be hard to get Twinkle on track…

    • I think other fandoms are voting for B.A.P, too. 
      I don’t mind that much, but I’m just upset because S&M are going on a trip next week, which probably means no KMM, and it’ll be hard to get Twinkle in first place when it’s kept on the charts for three weeks…
      It’s funny because you would think Twinkle would be in first place here when it has already broken the records off everywhere else in charts… 

      I like your name, btw. :D SMTown! <3

  255. Kimberly Nguyen

    Let’s go EXO GENERATION!!

  256. Taeyeon says: “Sones… Y U SLEEPIN’? Y U NO KEEP VOTING MORE N MORE?” ;P hehe

  257. Sufandy Xu

    Cmon Sones!!!

  258. Hi, my lovely Sones~~ (I learned this when I visited BAP’s comment section…great idea, Babys! Sorry…pls don’t murder me for joining in on the fun… TT^TT)

    Here are some pretty and fun pictures for all to enjoy!
    We got TaeTiSeo, we got EXO-K, we have individual shots~~ :D

    (Credits to the following users on Tumblr: 9-801, alannagoddess, fuckyeahsnsdcaps, peeyeong, seobabybr, & soshi-exo~ Thanks for sharing your own pics!)

  259. I watched their 2nd performance today~ I was very pleased with the vocals, especially Taeyeon’s!

    TaeTiSeo fighting!!

  260. this song has seohyun’s highest note ever^^

    please review

  261. scarletttrish

    Let’s go everybody, why can this song break the billboard-record but not be first place here? xD
    I really wanna know Simon and Martina’s opinion about the EXO-boys in the MV!

    • lol Sehun and Kai look like they got lost on their way to their MV shooting… haha
      and Bacon is like, “Oh hey, SNSD sunbaes/noonas~! I didn’t know you’d be here~ XD”

      Can’t explain how Chanyeol became a photographer though… that’s still a mystery. LOL

  262. Awesome song ! Catching dance ! Hwaiting !!! XD

  263. shinjicorn

    over six million views?! we got to get this to first place guys! come on! let’s do it for TaeTi Seo and all of SNSD!

  264. Steven Cua

    why it isn’t on #1 yet? let’s go SONEs!!! Twinkle needs to be reviewed this week!!!!

  265. C’mon, EXO GENERATION, don’t stop voting! We need to made it!

    Simon and Martina: 6,253,302 views in less than a week. BAP have 1,663,567 since April 26th. You know…

  266. Izyan Fadzil

    please review

  267. This song totally stuck in my head and I kept on singing it all day long, along with Baby steps~

  268. :( I miss the other girls. Sunny!!

  269. Steve Rodriguez

    yet another wonderful addition from the girls of snsd. I can’t stop listening to this song all day long

  270. Hwaiting TaeTiSeo !!!

  271.  come on! we can do this!

  272. Their live performance at MCD was AWESOMEEEE!
    I’m waiting for them to perform on MuBack today~ keke

  273. kpopaddictor

    TTS!!! JJANG!

  274. imisswonbin


  275. seohyunforever

    woot woot!! Twinkle and TaeTiSeo FTW!!! :D:D:D

  276. twinkle is almost at the top just a little bit more

  277. simon and martina you know you want to review this


    SNSD is the best …….. TTS did great i love them!

  279. Godfather0

    Twinkle Twinkle ftw

  280. we’re going to have to ally rally together soon in order to make this happen >.<

  281. common let get to the top n kick B.A.P ASS!!!!!

  282. Tiffany

    Everybody, lets make this gets onto kpop mondays!

  283. Tiffany

    Everybody, lets make this gets onto kpop mondays!

  284. SHINHWA is showing their support for TaeTiSeo, so we should, too!!
    Keep up the support!! :D

  285. sandstorm94

    Love this video. They may still be in a box but it is not just one box, there are other people not part of the group, and it is very colorful. I loved the ending of it as well. 

  286. shinjicorn

    Just watched the live performance and it was fabulous.Come on guys! We got to get Twinkle to number one! Let’s go!!!!

  287. This MV is just awesome :D It’s supposed to win xD

  288. this is pretty much the best SM video i’ve seen in a long while….seems like they’re finally puttn more effort into their videos. now lets just hope they keep it up. i really wanna see an awesome suju vid of this quality.

  289. eva maenen

    I thought there were a lot of sones?
    Why is BAP winning?

    • Nova_REMIX

      Because a lot of other fandoms linked together for BAP to let the “underdog” win. I saw Babies, Secret-time, KissMes (because they felt that it was BAP’s time to shine after U-Kiss got their review), VIPs, Blackjacks, and even ELFs helping out. Trust me, there probably isn’t going to be a video to beat out “Twinkle” for 2nd place, so you’ll get your review on the 14th probably (If they manage to do KMM from Malaysia).

      • So, it’s all of them against Sones and Exotics…. :O
        That’s the thing… what if Simon and Martina are too busy to do KMM from Malaysia.

        Not that it’s crazy important to have a review done… but it’s all good fun to try to win this week since next week isn’t guaranteed.

        Finding Nemo theme: Just keep voting~ Just keep voting~

        • Nova_REMIX

          Yeah…pretty much. ^^; And I understand. When they have vacations, a lot of stuff forgoes. S❤NEs will get your review for TaeTiSeo (I’ve been going back and forth between BAP and TTS). Just a bit of patience is virtue. ^^ I think the only thing you may have to [i]slightly[/i] worry about is Hello Venus, but I’m sure many Babies will help. ^^

        • Is it just me, or do a lot of fan groups here tend to help each other win?

          …if so…that’s awesome!! Very refreshing considering all the hate and fanwars that tend to go on in kpop.

        • Nova_REMIX

          When it just comes down to it, we’re really all a family. Sure we have our favorites. Sure we have our dislikes. Words are thrown around, but in the end if it’s K-Pop against the world, we’ll give it all we got to have K-Pop represented. :) K-Pop has its ups and downs. And that’s why I love it so much!~ It is refreshing to see fandoms help each other out and win. :)

        • That’s true. I hope this can become more of a trend…where we’re like a kpop family…or just music in general…I mean, cuz music is, in a way, universal.

          Anyway, that’s awesome! It’s a great start!

          I’m still rooting for TaeTiSeo cuz I enjoy their song so much, but BAP’s Power is definitely really good as well (and the MV and dance is very creative).

        • Nova_REMIX

          I’m sure it will. The more universal K-Pop gets (which it IS getting more universal), the more people would put away the insider fanwars and kick out the trolls just to have K-Pop represented. :) And you’re right!~ CL (and many other artists) said the same thing. “Music has no language and I think that’s why people get attracted to K-Pop in the first place. We’re different, but we’re not wrong.”
          I’ll root for TTS too!~ :) Even though I’m really trying to support the Babies right now. Then I’ll help the EXOtics and S❤NEs out before Hello Venus gets their review. I can see CHAMP’ESTs fans going to help Hello Venus out when their MV comes out BECAUSE NU’EST didn’t get their review (and also because they’re label mates). So in this case, I slightly feel like TTS will be the underdogs when Hello Venus comes out with their video.

  290. maskinen92

    lets do this!

  291. anyone know why they weren’t on the charts yesterday?

  292. their debut was amazing! c’mon SONE we only have a couple more days!

  293. chatruedee Sriboonrueng

    TTS fighting

  294. Wasn’t sure how to directly upload pictures here… but I found out! So, here they are! (Sorry for the double post… TT^TT) Enjoy~

  295. TWINKLE 
    TWINKLE =)

  296. Stunning! Not just this song, I enjoy listening to the entire album. Excellent work!

  297. TaeTiSeo Hwaiting..I hope we’ll win this sones~!

  298. I can’t seem to stop voting… it’s like an addiction! LOL

    When I fangirl, I fangirl hard. (While trying to not be creepy… .-.)

  299. Cmon people, let’s get this to the win! :)

  300. If not this week, then next week ^^ Doesn’t look like we will win over BAP

    • Simon and Martina are going to be in Malaysia on May 12, so it’s not certain that they will do KMM that weekend.

      That’s why we need to win THIS week! Keep voting and sharing to make that happen!!

  301. S&M really better review this. their LIVE performance tdy AWESUM!!!!!! COME ON SONES & EXOtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  302. Giannis Giannousis

    Already five million views? Hell yeah!

  303. Oh gosh Tiffany. So much winking.

  304. Don’t forget to share this on Facebook & Google~ And encourage other Sones and Exotics to do so as well. :D

  305. Holy crap! The MV has already passed 5 mil views!
    So much love!! I’m really happy this MV is being VERY well received!

    About to catch their MCountdown performances.
    Anybody else watched it yet? Waddya think?

  306. Claire1497

    Please review!! :)

  307. i love this song! hope it gets reviewed!!

  308. I love this song even though my bias is not here.  This song is so catchy and addicting.  It is just so SNSD <3

  309. a-box-of-chocolates

    really really wish this is reviewed! ^.^

  310. Taeyeon <3 Tiffany<3Seohyun

  311. The song is really awesome! :) It will be the best if Twinkle can be reviewed!!

  312. Nguyen Trung

    v-sone love SNSD-TTS 4ever! :))

  313. krastus

    Guys! vote twinkle for no.1 pls so they can review it

  314. Sufandy Xu

    I like how many times they change their costumes!

  315. Caroline LE

    I’m not a Sone and I came for EXO but… I think that I like the song xD

  316. Amos Patiag

    I’m surprised this isn’t number one. Lets do it!

  317. Urumi_karina03

    México loves GG

  318. best sub unit ever :)) EXO GENERATION daebak!

  319. Choi Tae-hee

    SONES and EXOTICS ! WE ARE ONE ! ♥ :DD let’s make TTS #1 for this ! FIGHTING!~

  320. They’re gonna make their first live performance today at MCD~ So excited ><

    From the dance I saw in this MV, the live gonna be full of cutesy dance for sure~

  321. PLEASE, REVIEW TWINKLE. I know you want it, Simon & Martina. You had the Twinkle wallpaper in the last Kpop Music Monday.

  322. Claire1497


  323. lest go TTS we can be number one and today is the debut FIGHTING

  324. Enjoy, my Sones and EXOTICS, enjoy~~ :D <– 'Twinkle' Behind the Scenes

  325. rainbowice

    SONES+EXOtics+other awesome fandoms, let’s keep voting :D

  326. Supposedly, other fans are guessing that TTS disappeared from the kpop chart b/c of massive voting here, so KEEP IT UP!!!!

    I really hope the other Sones, Exotics, and just fans in general are able to still find this page~

  327. Wow! From Youtube Search of “girls’ generation twinkle music video”:
    by SMTOWN | 2 days ago | 4,907,160 views |

    Almost at 5 million!! This is amazing! Sones, Exotics, and haters! <3

  328. why did twinkle disappear from the kpop chart? x.x Is there some lag problem like there is on youtube?

  329. is it just me or did ‘Twinkle’ just disappear from this kpop chart list? :O

  330. Everyone we better vote faster!! ^.^ Hwaiting.

  331. 08bachmann

    WOW this MV is perfect.

  332. this is amazing this HAS GOT TO be reviewed. IT HAS TO BE!

  333. Jacqueline Ortega

    I hope this gets reviewed :) Twinkle and Time Machine are the only song that I like from SNSD 

  334. This is something that is worth reviewing because it’s a great song, and omgee was I surprise that SM didn’t put them in a oddly lit room with no interaction with anyone. Hopefully this will be a trend in all the other SM videos, and maybe they listened to you guys? Haha, it would be great if they took pointers from you. I’m interested in seeing what you guys thought about certain aspects of the video such as the non-korean person, the retro trend, and product placement? I think the perfume was a product placement no sure since i couldn’t read the label.

  335. I re-watched the MV again and just know that Seobaby manage her height gap from the 2 unnies pretty well, not so noticeable.

  336. charaspur

    It’s number 2

  337. Just watched BAP’s ‘Power’ MV for the first time ever.
    I was really impressed. They’re really good!

    But they still haven’t won me over as a fan, whereas, TaeTiSeo have had me spazzing over their songs, album, teaser, MV, EXO-collab for days already (and have won me over as a Sone YEARS ago), so my vote still goes all to TaeTiSeo!

    I still recognize how awesome the other competitor is though! Rookies have got to step it up this year! EXO and BAP are KILLING IT! Stunning rookies!

  338. Not a fan but i hope they win.I really like Twinkle MV, it’s like the best SNSD MV ever! 

  339. Over 4 million views in just TWO days!!
    I’m so proud of Sones, Exotics, and haters!!
    Couldn’t have done it without you all~ :D Keep it up!

  340. The girls are so stunning beautiful and I love their flare in this MV.
    The concept is so awesome and the lyrics just scream out, “I’m so gorgeous no matter what.”

    LOVE IT! (And so happy my EXO boys are in this~)

  341. I love BAP, but I like “Twinkle” as a song more than “Power”… Why can’t they just do both? It can be like a Music Monday’s Mix! Yes? Yes.

  342. I don’t understand, SONE, why are we not number one? 

  343. Kaylin Ngo

    come on EXOtics! ive seen your fan power before~! you can do it for your 2 boys now right? and SONes! lets get some of our best 3 singers on the top of those charts :DD

  344. 태티서 언니들 너무 이쁘네욤ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋ 

  345. no we can’t let up now! we have to keep them ahead!

  346. The MV was indeed very interesting :)

  347. Does this song remind anybody of JYP’s “Honey” (at least the chorus)? The whole big band feel/genre feels very similar

  348. Guys, how do we promote w/ Twitter? It won’t work for me….when I click it, nothing happens. :(

  349. EXO Generation ftw!! Lets keep voting twinkle!!

  350. honestly-it was okay. but b.a.p’s vid looks SO much better :)

    • Depends on taste. :) I like cutesy things a lot, so SNSD is my style. I /adored/ this MV. I like B.A.P, too, but it’s a little *too* hardcore for me. I’m a minority, though…it feels like I’m the only one who actually likes these kinds of stuff, and everyone else prefers hardcore, powerful MVs like those of B.A.P. xD I have a feeling that other SONEs are voting just for SNSD, but while I’m a SONE, I actually really, really like the MV/song, and that’s why I’m voting for TTS. ^__^

      • It’s hard to say. They’re both really different.
        BAP’s song is SUPER hardcore…a bit TOO hardcore for me unless I’m really in the mood.

        I’m a Sone and I’ve loved SNSD for years…and it really helps that I sincerely enjoy listening to their songs. ‘Twinkle’ to me just has so much swagg while being an extremely fun song.

        • Yup…again, it depends on the person. ^^; Yeah, I can’t really listen to B.A.P.’s music unless I’m really in the mood for it, either. Where as SNSD’s (and a few other groups – see name xD) songs I sing pretty much every day. ^__^ It’s just my type. :3

      • but SNSD can’t really sing live-unlike B.A.P who do a pretty good job. that’s why i’m choosing B.A.P

        • 1. They did sing live in their performances so far. 
          2. Whether they sing live or not doesn’t matter when simonandmartina are going to review on the MV and the SONG, not their live performance. I want to hear their review about the MV because it was stunning. 
          3. Whether they sing live or not also doesn’t matter when I’m choosing which song I like over the other. I like Twinkle more because it’s catchy and cute and my taste, and that’s why I’m voting for it. 

        • Isthatapuppy234

          Watch theyre comback perf. on ALL the music SHOWS THEY ARE FRIGIN PERFECT!!! :)

        • Hello, excuse me ? Can’t really sing live ?

        • OH NO, NO, please watch the live version of Twinkle, it’s pretty perfect(and it’s not in lip sync) except Seo’s high note near the end. And it’s really pointless to compare a rookie to an accomplished and successful group.



    people if this song doesn’t get reviewed this week i dont think it will be reviewed the week after because simon and martina will be in malaysia so lets get voting or else we wont see it =( vote vote vote we can do it


    oh yes we can! we just need more SONE and EXOtics to vote somehow i feel like they don’t really care for this..



    SNSD! i love them so much and TTS rocked this song and the M/V

  356. Khang An Tran

    SNSD Hwaitting ♥♥♥

  357. So glad there are still lots of K-pop fans that wants to befriend each other and not war against ourselves…
    Soshi and EXO unite!!!

  358. I just adore this sub unit!!

    can’t wait for these three to sweep the music shows <3 

  360. olivialoveskpop

    seeing EXO throughout this was the highlight of the video!

  361. Sones and Exotics unite :D Hahahaha They both did extremely well in this mv despite Baek hyuns 2 second worth of screen time.. he should have got more!!!

  362. OH godsssssssss ! They should have put sunny and  jessica in here !!! xD

  363. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed both the song and the album. And Taeyeon rocked in this video! I don’t normally notice her in the full group MVs, but she really stood out with this concept.

  364. 2nd again.. Let’s go TaeTiSeo!

  365. This..This is just amazing ^^

  366. blue7noise

    oh awesome.. so many ppl in this video :P! they r eveverywhere… the they sounds awesome !!! i like … i like allot :P

  367. Hi. I’d Loved to see your review of Twinkle ;-)

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  370. Anticipating;

    They are second!

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  373. I was actually worried about making a sub-group from SNSD and that the image, however exciting and fresh, will be a bit forced at the beginning.
    Then I learned that the members of the sub-group will be changing constantly, so it’s not like they’ll be separated into ‘clicks’ or sth…. and then the MV came along and I had no more worries or doubts about the image not fitting the girls.
    As usual, they’re beautiful, attractive, and now they also have a better opportunity to show their individual skills. ^___^
    I ♥ SNSD/TTS *.*

  374. I like your parody , and i like GG , please we want TTS this time 

  375. Steven Cua

    this needs to be reviewed like next monday

  376. Steven Cua

    this needs to be reviewed like next monday

  377. If it’s not this week it will be next week.BUT THIS SHALL BE REVIEWED

  378. If it’s not this week it will be next week.BUT THIS SHALL BE REVIEWED

  379. pigrabbitx3

    I’m loving this new album. :)

  380. hehe almost there ^^ Good job Sones!

  381. I have to see this on Kpop Monday…this monday :-)

  382. Hi. Like this song but don’t succeed to vote for it. Don’t know why? I click click click on the green button but no effect at all :-(

  383. So, it’s true we can only vote once per 24 hours now?
    There’s no longer unlimited voting in a day?

    Only Facebook send & Twitter tweets are unlimited?

  384.  come on guys, call all your sone and exotic friends!! im dying to see S&M review about this! :))

    TaeTiSeo = Jjang!

  385. this has to win! they’re so awesome! :)

  386. The girls looking super gorgeous in Galliano and other bbanjak bbanjak stuff I know I can’t afford. This sub unit is definitely showing this uber cool chick side of Seohyun you can’t see (yet perhaps) in SNSD
    and oh the Kai in the video–if that smile isn’t twinkly enough for you, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS

  387. BTW, they’re selling the 1080p version of the MV (no embedded ads) on Melon XD 

  388. Christina Cui

    My favorite songs from the album are Baby Steps, Love Sick and of course Twinkle <3
    TaeTiSeo Hwaiting! ^^

  389. miloscytheyoona


  390. vikingcinderella2004

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  393. Olivia Lin

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  395. 365musiclover

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  396. Sufandy Xu

    Is there anyway to beat BAP? They seem to have lots of votes!

  397. I really didn’t think I would like the song based off of what I heard in the teasers, but wow, I’m really impressed by not only the quality of the video, but also the song. Seohyun was amazingly cute, and I even got to see my exo boys in there, all together amazing.

  398. Thomas Gardien

    Must vote and comment for the sake of these beautiful girls !

  399. simpleandclean99

    XDDD so excited to see some exo members in the song XDD love the song and i can’t wait to see the dance live!!

  400. Let’s do this SONES & EXOTICS!!!!!!

  401. c’mon fans, do as much as you can with out being banned! (*A*)/

  402. I’m surprised this song didn’t get as much vote as Sherlock did. I thought this song would crash the site too considering that there are many sones out there. But oh well, there’s still plenty of time and it’s already on 2nd place! Woohoo! Keep voting guys!

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  404. Even if I hide it, I twinkle – what to do?
    It catches the eye instantly
    Even if I’m covered with a veil
    I obviously twinkle
    love it!

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  407. simon and martina i would be so sad if you didnt review this mv its awsome

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  410.  I`m so addicted with sub united ^^

    TTS and GG ♥♥♥♥ <3333333

  411. cool clothes, cool set, cool song, cool dance.
    reaaaaaaaally hope S&M will review this!! :)


  412. I wish they promoted Baby Steps (although I guess it’d be iffy since its a cover). Love TTS’s cover of it :)

  413. Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae!
    Apeurodo So Nyeo Shi Dae!
    Yeongweonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae!
    So Nyeo Shi Dae Saranghae!

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    그리고 엑소오빠들 귀여워요 (:

  415. Such a good song, shows off their vocals and they’re so pretty (;
    Also EXO <3

  416. rainbowice

    i like this song and the video! TTS fighting!

  417. this is one of the best videos girl’s generation ever had even though its a sub-unit, sm made a comeback for their videos…
    sorry for my english!!! 

  418. markushio

    Exotic Generation better come together to put this Music Video to top. I really enjoyed it, and I hope they review it! >:D

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    All the S♡NEXOTIC, let’s vote and make this for next Kpop Music Monday.

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  421. simon and martina you need to review this mv

  422. I LOVE THIS SONG! :D bacon is so cute..fixing his hair^^ and chanyeol as papparrazzi..reminds of genie jap…just vice versa ;D oh and kai and sehun were just like “woah we just met TTS” xD and not to mention TAEYEON TIFFANY and SEOHYUN ;) such beautys..and their vocals! AMAZING!


    please, review this! <3

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    c’mon y’all! we need to get this reviewed for music monday! 

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  428. BrightAndBubbly

    TTS reached 1 million views in under a day! 

  429. Claire1497

    Please review!!! TaeTiSeo Fighting!! <3333

  430. This MV is really good so I think it should be reviewed! It’s also not a “I’m in a box and dance” video, that should be appreciated. And I think the song is good, really a catchy and I think the whole album is best that SME has done for a long time. 

  431. Fantaseas

    Love SNSD and the song, but the advertisement that is literally embedded into the video is super annoying.

  432. aaahh they are so pretty! and the song is so catchy! go taetiseo!

  433. i want this to be reviewed so baaaad!

  434. Valemshlw

    is the song playing in the end another song of their mini-album?

  435. Valemshlw

    they are so pretty : )

  436. lavenderzebra

    So glad Tiffany finally has a chance to show off her vocal abilities.  Her voice has been underrated.  She’s actually a great singer and deserves more singing parts like these.

  437. this has to win! This song is epic awesomeness!

  438. Thomas Gardien


  439. Simon Zhang

    Tiff kinda looks ugly in this one though. ;c

  440. Jameson Ngo

    I love this song hngh ; v ; <3

  441. EviGishki

    I absolutely love the Video! :)) Tiffany looks sooo damn awesome!! *—* But… If I am honest…. I actually don’t really like the song… Maybe it’s because I expected more, ’cause of the really awesome Teasers… And it reminds me at Lady Marmelade.. This.. “Voulez-vous choucher avec moi”-stuff ^^” But hopefully, when I repeat this song one million times in a row.. I gonna love it… xDD
    P.S. I know “EatYourKimchi” since yesterday, and today I spent my day watching your videos. And I really have to say, that you are great! :)) Love your videos. Love your jokes. Love you both. :33 ^_^<

  442. a-box-of-chocolates

    i really love this song! in fact, i love the whole mini album! ^.^

  443. This is really one of their better songs!

  444. twinkle  twinkle… i love this song!!!

  445. Come on Sones
    we have ONE WEEK to beat BAP

  446. shinjicorn

    I really want you guys to review this. There is so much for you to talk about. The constant costume changes, the dancing paparazzi, the dog, the cute dance, exo, the band, seohyun’s perfected wink, the singing. Come oooon Twinkle.

  447. eva maenen

     I would love to hear what Simon and Martina think about TTS

  448. Cecilia G

    oh and you know, ..this video got more youtube views in like two days than b.a.p’s video has in like a week ;3 plus this album hit #4 on US itunes chart…i think that proves the point that these girls ought to win :]

  449. I dont know why but for me .. SNSD is already a legend . Hit like if you agree too :)

  450. Cecilia G

    keep voting, sones! exotics too ;) these girls are superstars! and the song/mv is beyond fantastic! more exciting than “power” so keep voting for real! today’s only tuesday, keep voting voting voting! TTS hwaiting!

  451. I can’t stop listening to this song! I really would love to hear your opinions about it <3 Have you listened to 'OMG'? I love this song as well! The Mini Album is great! SNSD <3

  452. seohyunforever

    I’ve watched the MV for like 100+ times!!!wahahaha..totally addicted to it!! <3

  453. Please Simon and Martina, do this on your next Music Monday~ please please please~! 

  454. seohyunforever

    WOW!!! last I was here it was in rank 5 now rank 3???? that’s great!!!! let’s go to rank 1!!!!! :) #taetiseojjang

  455. Song is awesome, really looking forward the review

  456. We’re technically at 2nd place because U-Kiss’s DORADORA has already been reviewed~ :D
    Great work, Sones and Exotics!! :D

    SMTOWN unite~ Keep it up!
    I love the chorus. It’s so catchy and the vocals are strong.

  457. SONES & EXOTICS!!!! VOTE FOR TTS FOR NEXT MUSIC MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  458. I hope you will review this <3 Love this song and EXO :D

  459. Valemshlw

    aaaaaaa lets reach #1!

  460. hwaitingya

    tiffany wink compilation XDDDDDD!!
    this song is the best!! please review this!!!

  461. Victor Bujor

    Fellow Sones 4th place on the chart isn’t right for our girls, let’s show everybody what crazy kpop fans really means :) SNSD fighting!

  462. aissssssshhhhhhh… ㅜㅠ why won’t the ‘promote on Twitter’ button work for me??? any ideas? *.*
    every time I watch this I love it more and more!!! Kim Family FTW ^-~ MWUHAHHAHHAAA ^O^

  463. woah! up at number3. keep on voting SONEs.. fighting :)

  464.  I really wasn’t expecting such high quality music for a sub group, but this is just amazing! I hope when the whole group makes a comeback they go for something more along these lines:)

  465. kristina borreo

    finally, an awesome SM video!!
    i hope SM continues to create more awesome MVs in the future! no more cheap productions please SM!
    this time, if they review this MV, Simon and Martina are gonna stop ranting abt SM putting their artists in some studio :)))
    so inlove with this MV by TTS 

  466. I was iffy on the idea of a SNSD subgroup but I love this song and video! It’s been so long since we’ve heard anything from the girls i would love it to be reviewed! :D

  467. I really want a review of Twinkle because I htink the music video is very fun and the song is great! Plus I love SNSD!


  469. Cecilia G

    let’s do this! c’mon, power sounds just like warrior but is still #1. we can win, sones ;)

  470. Steven Cua

    Let’s go again! TTS Hwaiting!

  471. Not only Sones and EXOtics, I think fans of SM Town should unite!! I’m a Shawol and I’ll be voting everyday for Twinkle!

  472. Loving the old Hollywood glamour thing going on in this MV ^__^ I hope Simon and Martina gets to review this! ^____^

  473. Jule Kröger

    i didn’t expect it to be so awesome :D at first i didn’t like the song, but i waited for the mv, because the teasers made me curious- now i totally like the song AND mv! TTS and EXO hwaiting :)

  474. keep on voting SONEs (^_^) (^_^) (/^_^)/ (/^_^)/

  475. Spread the link to Soshi fanpage and also EXO fanpages!
    We can do this!

  476. OhMyTaeNy

    Go Go TaeTiSeo!

  477. Kimberly Nguyen

    Twinkle FTW

  478. oExoPlanet

    Lol why did is not 1st ? GG is power but why :(

  479. The 9 angels and the 12 Forces! Come On EXOTICS AND SONES! MAKE THIS NUMBER 1!! <3

  480. Wow. They look gorgeous O.O They’re so pretty!! > < Lol. Chanyeol seems like he's so crazy about them. And LOL Kai & Sehun.

  481.  Tiffany’s eye smiles literally killed me. I’m writing from heaven now. TaeTiseo, Girl’s Generation and EXO fighting!

  482. is it weird that two songs from this album share their name with girls day songs

  483. I really really want this to be reviewed and not the bap one.

  484. go TTS! you should be on the top! XDDD  snsd jjang :) ~Sone:)

  485. ruecambon

    This MV is really amazing, need to be reviewed soon. Taetiseo fighting

  486. Why is this not first already?We have the whole week though 

  487. THIS MV REALLY NEEDS TO BE REVIEWED :) I love simonandmartina <3 and EXO + SNSD is here.. WHAT MORE CAN ANYBODY WANT!! :D 

  488. fully support for twinkle TaeTiSeo

  489. I don’t even know why you guys are calling EXO-fan-peoplings … anyways I love this video, the song is so what can I say FUNKADELICEOUS!!!! hopefully this will win!!! XD over a million views in 8 hours is pretty darn good XD 

  490. Wow! Twinkle JJANG!^0^ i love their concepts for this MV, and the thing that their Hoobaes (EXO) are in it ^^ for sure EXOTICS and SONES will be unite for this ! ♥ FIGHTING TTS! :”>

  491. I can not figure out how to tweet vote, someone with a brain please help me

  492. Cmon simon and martina you guys gotta review this !! T___T

  493. TAETISEO!~ <3

    This song has a superrrrr funky vibe to it! Realllllllly realllllllllllly awesome! Amazing voices, Amazing song & Amazing MV! Bringin back some classic soul! EPICCCCC!
    As much as I'd love for them to win it this week, there'll be a lot of people wanting to see B.A.P's 'Power' as well so I don't know if we'll win. Next week for sure though! Still, don't give up fellow SONE's!!! We still have hope ;)

    - Aussie SONE <3

  494. Simon Chung


  495. Simon and Martina need to review more girl group music videos. There was a huge sausagefest a while ago when it was just boy group after boy group after boy group.
    No interest in manly concepts so TTS for me!

  496. I really want you guys to review this video. I think this might be one of their better songs.

  497. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna like this song and concept, but it’s growing on me so fast! :D


  499. Wiiisha

    The more I listen to this, more it reminds me of Lady Marmalade. Not complaining, though.

    The girls are gorgeous at the MV and their vocals are awesome. TaeYeon is so freaking beautiful <3

  500. CYMC0905

    TTS being the best voices in SNSD together with Jessica.. I kind of start to see SM will bring the good voices from SNSD to make an album.. and i was right.. SM really give them chance to bring their voices out..

    Tiffany shocked me most, her voice is really powerful compared to the SNSD Tiffany, where her voice seems softer & not so clear.. occasionally her voice covered by the other girls..

    Taeyeon’s voice is definitely a voice i will not get sick of it at all.. The OST Songs she lends for Dramas, Never fail to make me go “Wow” ..

    Maknae Seohyun Voice gets pretty high these days and you can just hear & say: ” That’s maknae’s voice.. the high pitchy one..”

    Is time we don’t see TTS as SNSD members for the time being.. recongize their voices as Taeyeon, Tiffany & Seohyun for now.. we will go back to SNSD once they comeback.. :)

    The music wise didn’t really get me in for the first time, but coming to the middle part of the video, i start to like it.. Maybe this wasn’t the kind of music i thought SM will let TTS do..

  501. I’ve never really understood the whole Girls Generation thing. Like I don’t get it…I’m just not a big fan I guess :/ Even though I do like them as human beings, like Taeyeon and Hyoyeon are freaking awesome!

  502. Cecilia G

    come on, why is this video in 5th place? COME TOGETHER SONES AND EXOTICS. this is GIRLS GENERATION we are talking about, and their three best power voices at that!!! VOTE! SHARE! GET THIS VIDEO TO #1, it is wayy better than BAP’S POWER!

  503. The music video was very fun to watch. I couldn’t get tired of it at all! Everything looked so pretty, especially Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. And… it didn’t even feel like it was an SM produced video, y’know? No 360 slowmo cam and no dancing in a box set. And even though the teasers looked like Alice in Wonderland meets The Capitol (Hunger Games), their concept actually looks amazing. I really want this to be reviewed, either next week or next next week as long as it’s reviewed. :D I can wait and keep voting. But IU bb’s video is coming soon, so…

    The lyrics have wordplay too: 태연 Taeyeon – calm and 소원 sowon/SONE – wish :D

    And of course, there are some EXO members too! Yay, EXO! Their sparkly costumes fit in with TaeTiSeo (except for photographer Chanyeol XD)

  504. i love simon and martina and i love snsd

  505. sones and exotics unite to vote for this mv

  506. simon and martina you have to review this mv its awsome

  507. The girls are amazing in the MV! Never get enough of them.

  508. SM Entertainment really knows how to keep fans waiting. Nonetheless, I love the music, the music video, and how TTS’s voices are in the spotlight. Their outfits are great, too! Girls’ Generation, fighting!!!  

  509. My Favourite Dear Foreign Korean-ish Couple,

    please review this song. I will die happy if you do.

  510. lol, this song reminds me of JYP – Honey

  511. This many votes in less than 24 hours… COME ON SONES, GO GO GO 

  512. LinaKim

     I love their vocals! <3

  513. Anticipating;

    TTS is awesome!

  514. Paco Fernandez

    The three look amazing here! Girls Gen and EXO hwaiting!!

  515. I see a lot of BABYs comments, If we win this week we’ll def help you guys next week too :)

  516. Pretty cool MV, and such a good song, TTS daebak!

  517. kllrnohj

    I love the set variety, and some of the sets have some nice details (can spot Girls’ Generation pictures on the walls, etc..)

  518. Tara Wekhyan

    Wow the video was released yesterday and it’s already placed no. 5. I hope they do it though I actually loved the video alot. 

  519. I love this song! It’s so catchy. :)

  520. Pierina D'Amico

    C’mon! There’s even a play on words in the lyrics!!
    ( )You HAVE to review “Twinkle”!! :DEXO Generation FTW (:

  521. Loki Chicane

    I think this MV’s converted me into a SONE lol. I never really liked any particular SNSD song after Gee, but Twinkle is really catchy. Simon and Martina, this deserves to be reviewed!

  522. this song…. I cannot explain. It’s good, different from SNSD songs. Good voices and vocals in this song. I love it.

  523. Kate Allan
    Kate Allan

    I really think you two would enjoy breaking down this video.  Girls’ Generation FIGHTING!

  524. stephen chan

    Review this : D 

  525. you should review this video because of its pure awesome taetiseo-ness. there wasnt a bland empty set room thing and TTS werent forever alone :D