T-ara – Day by Day

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  1. If anyone is still here, do join our new conversation at Sexy Love.

  2. When will part 2 come out?

  3. I really wanna see what’s wrong with this video.. Haha.. I thought the lovey dovey and cry cry one was perfect until I saw your show and realised that there was a lot to laugh at.. I’m guessing, this has just as much.. Merely for the fact that they still hit people with sticks in 2300.. Haha! Please review it!

  4. It’s kind of a shame that it’s not getting reviewed… I mean, I hate the song, but I at least want to hear Simon rant about the horrible English, lol.

  5. HOW ON EARTH is this video not being reviewed??? o.O
    Simon & Martina, please make an exception and review this? C’mon guise …
    We know you wanna! x-p

  6. Why isn’t T-ARA Day By Day getting reviewed?!?!

  7. krazyasian

    still wondering… how is beg and wg ahead of this. they have less vote, comments, shares tweets and +1s

  8. this keeps moving down and down the list it needs to go UP!

  9. cristina_painter

    awesome song, love it !

  10. LOVE THIS! Huge T-ara fan! Long but worth every second!

  11. i’ll never got to know how they feeeel about this sooooooong /sobs forever

    i just totally am in love with it. i’m still dying to hear simon and martina review it :'(

  12. krazyasian

    wait how is BEG in front of this?

  13. Love it when Simon and Martina review T-ARA videos.

    Playing “Find the Plot Hole” is so fun with them.

  14. krazyasian

    aghhh i was out for a few days and this dropped to 8th? agghh must keep voting

  15. How in God’s name is Wonder Girls ahead of this song? I like them fine, even though I’m not a fan of that particular song, but their numbers are all below ours, how did that happen?

  16. ana faria

    T-ara Fighting! <3

  17. ana faria

    Don´t give up! :D

  18. OMG a cute bunny ♥♥♥

  19. this needs to be reviewed!! keep voting! i would hate to see such an amazing video not be reviewd because idols who are more popular have fans who spam the comments and get them to number one.


  21. Awww….the ranking has gone down….


  23. Hahha seems like there’s a T-Ara hater in here. I noticed that there’s 1 dislike for most of the comments below.

  24. Felipe Lopez

    love this video and song :)

  25. I think if we still vote we can make them be reviwed >.< fighting Queens… I just want to see that music monday :( 

  26. luoi trai mu

    T-ara, the amazing girl group!!

  27. luoi trai mu

    T-ara, I LOVE YOU!!

  28. luoi trai mu

    T-ara no.1!! Hope they will win!!

  29. Somehow, I like ALL of T-ara’s songs. Not even my few favorite groups makes me like all of their songs…

  30. MV’s with plots make the best Kpop Music Mondays! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!