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T-ara – Day by Day

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  1. If anyone is still here, do join our new conversation at Sexy Love.

  2. When will part 2 come out?

  3. I really wanna see what’s wrong with this video.. Haha.. I thought the lovey dovey and cry cry one was perfect until I saw your show and realised that there was a lot to laugh at.. I’m guessing, this has just as much.. Merely for the fact that they still hit people with sticks in 2300.. Haha! Please review it!

  4. It’s kind of a shame that it’s not getting reviewed… I mean, I hate the song, but I at least want to hear Simon rant about the horrible English, lol.

  5. HOW ON EARTH is this video not being reviewed??? o.O
    Simon & Martina, please make an exception and review this? C’mon guise …
    We know you wanna! x-p

  6. Why isn’t T-ARA Day By Day getting reviewed?!?!

  7. still wondering… how is beg and wg ahead of this. they have less vote, comments, shares tweets and +1s

  8. this keeps moving down and down the list it needs to go UP!

  9. awesome song, love it !

  10. LOVE THIS! Huge T-ara fan! Long but worth every second!

  11. i’ll never got to know how they feeeel about this sooooooong /sobs forever

    i just totally am in love with it. i’m still dying to hear simon and martina review it :’(

  12. wait how is BEG in front of this?

  13. Love it when Simon and Martina review T-ARA videos.

    Playing “Find the Plot Hole” is so fun with them.

  14. aghhh i was out for a few days and this dropped to 8th? agghh must keep voting

  15. How in God’s name is Wonder Girls ahead of this song? I like them fine, even though I’m not a fan of that particular song, but their numbers are all below ours, how did that happen?

  16. T-ara Fighting! <3

  17. Don´t give up! :D

  18. OMG a cute bunny ♥♥♥

  19. this needs to be reviewed!! keep voting! i would hate to see such an amazing video not be reviewd because idols who are more popular have fans who spam the comments and get them to number one.


  21. Awww….the ranking has gone down….


  23. Hahha seems like there’s a T-Ara hater in here. I noticed that there’s 1 dislike for most of the comments below.

  24. love this video and song :)

  25. I think if we still vote we can make them be reviwed >.< fighting Queens… I just want to see that music monday :( 

  26. T-ara, the amazing girl group!!

  27. T-ara, I LOVE YOU!!

  28. T-ara no.1!! Hope they will win!!

  29. Somehow, I like ALL of T-ara’s songs. Not even my few favorite groups makes me like all of their songs…

  30. MV’s with plots make the best Kpop Music Mondays! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

  31. ELFs pulizzzzzzzz~!! vote for this MV if you REALLY think that it deserves like hell!! pleaseee!! vootteee!!

  32. This is one of the best Mv of T-ara!!
    This is so meaningful *_* And the lyrics of the two songs are so amazing!!
    Please Simon and Martina, don’t forget this videoo!!!!
    it’s just BEAUTIFUL!!

  33. Dont give up guys!!! Keep voting, sharing and commenting!!!

  34. Don´t give up! Keep voting and commenting please :D

  35. Amazing song! ;D T-ara are the best ! ^^

  36. We´re holding up very well! Keep voting and commenting, don´t give up. :D

  37. Yay 4th again!

  38. got to vote for my girls ^^

  39. alright back to fourth. lets keep voting and commenting

  40. This video really deserves to be reviewed! It’s awesome.

  41. t-ara well done! i totally love your mini-drama-kind-of-music-video :D
    looking forward for hyomin!

  42. Keep voting and commenting everyone!! We’re at 4th place again!! :D ^^

  43. Is it bad if I’m still voting for this video?

  44. I really want this mv be review..It’s awesome! Same like Cry Cry and Lovey -Dovey, This song totally HIT!! I love it :D

  45. Amazing video! I’m so excited for the next one. Not only do I love the song, but I have to see the continuation of the story!

  46. why wont this move up… TT

  47. It’s already dropped to 6th place :/ technically 4th if you don’t count 2NE1 and Super Junior but… all hope is lost

    • It is only lost if you give up. Dont forget that Ukiss “Tick Tack” was released on Nov 23rd and Simon and Martina reviewed the song on Dec19th, 3 weeks after the video was released and still was made number 1. It’s only been 2 weeks for T-ara so we still have hope just dont stop voting, sharing also make comments. They help a lot too!!.

  48. T-ara’s Day By Day needs to be reviewed >!<

  49. been voting everyday, but why isnt this working? T-T

  50. I really like the flute-like instrument! (Sorry, I don’t know my instruments, but I do know that I like the sound I hear.)

  51. I love this song <3 Simon and Martina you have to review it, because of the ENGRISH!

  52. ARG!!! PEOPLE!!! Please vote for this. If you haven’t watched it, please do. You can tell that a lot of hard work went into the making of this music video. It’s stunning and the cinematography is out of this world. The song is just as beautiful. I mean, did you not hear that intro? This deserves to be reviewed.

  53. It’s so tough to get people engage in discussion here, sigh

  54. T-Ara should be rewarded for going against the flow for normal MVs, and trying something different.

  55. its impossible…. no chance at all.

  56. T-ara no.1

  57. the best mv i have ever seen!! T-ara no.1

  58. You need to review this song <3 It's the best !

  59. Dont Give up!!!! Keep voting, sharing and commenting!!!!!

  60. NOOOO!!! We’re in 6th place…. everybody keep voting and commenting!! :O Lets get T-ara to the TOP!!! ^^

  61. I love it how cool it have different songs in one MV :) I love all T-ara songs… this 6th albums I love Day by Day and Don’t leave the most ^_^ This MV is awesome and very cool :D

  62. How do we share multiple times on Facebook? It only lets me unlike it and then like it again.

    • You’re probably only allowed to share once to prevent people from spamming shares!? Or maybe it only works once per day?

      • Well i think the sharing is the one right under the Youtube views and not the ones on top of the video. Thats probably why it only let me like it once and not let me share it more than multiple times, but im only going to share it once an hour since i dont really want to spam lol. Still havent found the button that lets me share it more than once on Goggle+.

  63. This comments section is like half of what the top songs had, lets keep here more lively guys.

  64. It’s really sad that this mv won’t be able to beat out 2NE1. I have a lot of respect for T-Ara for making these long videos (that they must know won’t get as many views as 4 minute ones) with really cool plot lines. Props to you T-Ara.

  65. Even if this one doesn’t get reviewed we will make sure the next part does~

  66. i would love to see this mv get reviewed!! :) Lets keep on voting and get t-ara #1 or #3!! ^^ If simon and martina reviewed this mv its going to be very funny to watch and they will have lots of stuff to talk about i mean its a mini drama!! :D Keep voting and commenting everyone!! ^^

  67. i dont know about this kpopchart review thingy, but i came here to support…so i’m voting and commenting =) t-ara fighting!!!

  68. this is really good! i wish it was like 30

  69. t-ara DAEBAK!!! day by day DAEBAK!!!

  70. really cool mv, would make a great kpop music monday

  71. I loveee the instruments on this song, i lovee the video, i loveee how the girl’s look, I loveee this video…

  72. Soyeon recently said that they don’t plan on doing sub-units or solos. But if they did, which sub-unit would you like to see or who should try a solo?

    • Boram, Qri and Aruem. Give the new members and 2 of the members that have the least spotlight. Also Soyeon and Hwayoung, vocals and rap seems like it would be a good colloab.

      • They really get the least spotlight! However I’d like a vocal unit (like TTS). I think Soyeon, Eunjung and Areum would fit into that group. And a rapping unit: Hwayoung and Eunjung (would be the female version of GD&TOP :D). But the best thing would be if all of them got the chance to do a solo album. I think that way they could bring out their own colors and show their individual skills! :)

        • I wouldnt want Eunjung doing a sub-unit(not because i dont want to) because she has a busy schedule between filming We Got Married and her new drama she is staring in and possibly the next T-ara promotions. I would love her being in a sub-unit only when she isnt sooo busy.

        • Yeah of course! Right now they’re not doing sub-units or solos because they are way too busy. So I meant when they have a less busy schedule (if this is ever going to happen..).

    • Soyeon Boram Qri, don’t why I just want to see the 3 eldest in a sub unit if they do one.

  73. Seriously loveeee this song and mv <3 totally introduced me to t-ara ^^

  74. How many times can you vote per day?

    • we don’t know, they never explained. but some people say it’s once per hour, others say once per day.

      • An FAQ would be very useful on this types of questions.

        • I guess they don’t want to reveal everything in detail to keep the competition fair.

        • I dont see how revealing how the system works makes the competition unfair.

        • Right now nobody has an idea how many votes they really have (with votes I mean votes+shares+comments). We know we are #4, but we don’t know if we need 10 or 10,000 votes to get to #3. If we knew the amount and let’s say the difference between us and Nu’est was only 200 votes some would try spamming comments. Then of course Nu’est fans would also start spamming. Maybe even creating fake accounts to share more often or create bots that vote for you every hour (or every 24 hours… we don’t know). Simon and Martina dont want that. If the difference was very high then people would stop voting for T-ara because it seems pointless (they don’t want that either). However right now we don’t know how much we need and it doesn’t encourage anyone to spam. People just vote “normally” and without a specific strategy and hope that their artist will rise in the charts. It’s more like a surprise whether or not we can make it to #3 or even #1 and you can’t really come up with a strategy like “oh I will vote once per hour and write 50 comments per day, then we will get #1″. I hope that makes sense.

        • Well technically we can find out how much we need to get the MV higher in the chart but only during the first week. Since all of the votes+sharing+comments count without being deducted the week per week deadline.Its impossible after it passes the first to figure out. And the strategy that you mentioned is kinda what ive been doing lol. Voting once per hour and commenting/answering as much as i can without spamming lol.

        • We actually don’t even know if the thing with the 1-week-mark is true. Look at Wooyoung, he’s already passed the 1-week-mark and doesn’t have a lot more votes/shares/comments than Nu’est but he’s still #2. Maybe it’s a different mark (like 8 days e.g.) or maybe they count the averge votes per day or something completely different. They only gave us hints about the 2-weeks-mark and that it’s very difficult for those videos to get reviewed (they mentioned it in one of their videos) but we still don’t know any details and it will be difficult to find out by ourselves. (But we could find out a bit if somebody wrote a program to log the votes for let’s say the top5 and then see “oh at this point they got one rank higher” etc. But too much work XD)

        • Yea thats true we just have to keep voting until get this MV to number 1. And now that you mentioned Wooyung, he just dropped to number 3 and now Nu’est is number 2. The good thing is that it seems we dont have to worry about dropping ranks since the rest of the MVs dont appear to getting a lot of votes unlike the top 4 MVs. Except Psy, he is going higher.

        • Yeah I just noticed! Maybe we can get to #3 now. That would be awesome :)

        • i think they actually rank depending on the average daily vote+sharing+comment activity going on every video.

          so even if [for example] Wooyoung has a lot more votes than Nu’est, but Nu’est has a higher daily average than Woyoung, Nu’est will go up rank faster.

          Wooyoung=30000 total and 6000 daily average, while Nu’est=20000 total and 10000 daily average, then Nu’est ranks up.

          Again this is an example only.

        • Yeah I think it’s a combination. Not only the average amount but also the age of the video. But if it was only the average amount of votes this could be good for us!

        • That’s a very detailed analysis on how this Kpop chart works.

    • Im guessing you can vote once an hour and on commenting theres no limit as long it is not spam.

  75. Almost 14,000 votes!!! We can do this!!!

  76. Come on lets keep comments going!!

  77. Hands down bunny stole the video!*nibble*nibble*nibble*nosetwitch*

  78. T-ara!! gah this song really needs to be reviewed! it’s such a shame that other videos are getting more attention! this has so much to talk about! and epicness! but im not terribly dissapointed because they’re going to release two new songs very soon so i bet one of those will get reviewed

  79. Such a beautiful video! I would love to see this reviewed. :)

  80. Which song in the MV do you like better: “Day by Day” or “Don’t leave”?
    For me it’s “Don’t leave”. Imho one of their best songs ever! :)

  81. Ahhh this song really needs to be viewed. I hope Simon and Martina end up doing a review on this since it actually has an interesting plot and not just another dance video. >w<

    • Then please keep voting for T-ara! If we don’t give up we can still get them to #1! I predict Wooyoung falling back to #4 by tomorrow since it’s reaching the 1-week mark and isn’t getting a lot of new votes (not hating, I actually like Wooyoung!). Then we only need to get past Nu’est!

  82. I have to say, I’ve been watching T-ara since their first album, but this mv and their songs are by far the best I have ever listened to. I am not biased at other groups, but I really like how the mv and the songs match up with the mood perfectly… almost perfectly. Definitely brings out the movie-watching-inner-feeling out…

  83. I want this to get reviewed so bad, it’s my favorite video like ever.

  84. How the did this song fall off the rank??? And here I thought we could get T-ara after they done review with 2NE1. Stupid spammer ruin the chart!!! T-Ara deserved to be review on the next Music Monday!!!!

    • We are almost on par on the votes, but losing on the rest of the parts…

      • I’m pretty curious what will happen to Wooyoung. His MV just passed the 1-week-mark and it has nearly the same amount of votes, shares and comments as Nu’est. If what I think is true (with the 50%), he should now fall back behind Nu’est and even behind us. But we will reach the 2-week-mark soon, so it won’t help a lot XD But anyways I want to figure out how the algorithm works.

        • I kinda looked it to that and it maybe found the answer but not so sure. Apparently how the chart works is the votes but also the activity on it. If the other videos has 100 more votes a day and 12 more comments than other video per day, it will make that video go up because the chart thinks its more popular than the other videos. I am not too sure if this is true or not but it may answer the question on how the Kpop Charts work.

    • Older songs always get less votes (per day) because people are not so eager to vote for older songs. And the algorithm in this voting system weights the counts for newer MVs higher than for older ones.

  85. daebak! .. t-ara always no. 1! .. keep on voting queens >.< T-ara hwaiting!! .. Jiyeon<3

  86. lets see t-ara get reviewed

  87. still ongoing?: t-ara fighting!!

  88. I would really like this for music monday after 2ne1~ hope it will :P

  89. The comments are finally starting to shoot up! Come on, let’s bring T-ara to the top!

  90. The situation now remind of when I was hoping for Roly Poly to get reviewed...

  91. T-ara
    hwaiting <3
    Keep voting and commenting! :D

  92. Simon and Martina, I want you to review this MV so badly :(

  93. I really want to see this get reviewed for Music Monday. >: The video is gorgeous, the acting is relatively good, and the song is amazing.

  94. Too bad the population of kpop voters are mostly female, which is why male bands are on the top, I really want either t-ara or sistar vid to be reviewed sigh.

  95. I love this MV! T-ara doesn’t disappoint.

  96. What is your favorite scene in the MV?
    I really like the part with the bunny (I’m sure Martina also likes it :D) and I love the scene with Dani in the cage <3

  97. Man I’m totally just dying to hear what Simon and Martina think of this song and video, but there aren’t as many t-ara fans as there are fans for other groups so they’re always beaten… if simon and martina never speak of it again i’m gonna be so sad! i really want to know their take on it.

    • I think the competition was just to tough. It’s not like they don’t have enough fans, it’s just that SuJu and 2NE1 have a HUGE fanbase. And now this video is almost 2 weeks old and the votes don’t count as much :/ But we can still make it! Just keep voting and commenting!! :)

  98. Epic! Wish this can be reviewed but so many comebacks.

  99. This song is sooooo gooood and i love how theres a story with it. I feel like the music fits the story so perfectly at times. But the flute is so pretty and the beat of the song is really good. Omg this song is just awesome all around k.(:

    • Yeah they really did a good job! I think the previous story MVs weren’t as good as this one. The music and the lyrics didn’t seem to really fit the video. But this one is perfect!!

  100. Why do I feel like this video will never get reviewed? Eternally in fourth…always a bridesmaid

  101. NEED MORE VOTES! This HAS to be reviewed!!!!

  102. Big day for Queens, today will mark the opening of T-Ara’s official fanclub!!

  103. Come to think of it, it’s impressive for T-Ara to have 2.7mil views in youtube. The length of their MV usually turn people off.

    • I really like this kinds of MV’s. Its not just a simple 3-4 minute video.I would still watch anything with T-ara though :D.

    • When does it count as a view on Youtube? Do you like have to watch the whole video? And it seems like it doesn’t count if the same person watches it over and over again. However great MV and the dance MV is also nice but the camera man and the flashing make me dizzy lol.

  104. Keep voting and commenting!!! Dont Stop!!!

  105. I wish they’d kept their unsual hair colors. They’d stand out and it looked pretty cool :)

  106. let’s comment and comment Diadems~ and T-ara admirers.. we are falling behind #4 T__T let the deserving girls get the review~

  107. I love this wonderful tiara, Song ,and MV…
    Queen’s go go to Vote for our girl…

  108. Yay 500 comments! :) Celebration question: Who’s your favorite member? <3

  109. Wow 500 comments. Awesome :)

  110. When will Dani be officially in the group? With the release of the next song or later? I’m pretty curious about her.

    • She was supposed to join in December but Dani said she wanted to join the group earlier so she could be officially in the group when “Mirage” comes out. Which is the next song.

      • Ah okay. Thanks :) That’s pretty early I think. She should have stayed a trainee for longer. Because the rest of the girls also had to go through that process first. But anyway, I’m excited to see her in their live performances! :)

  111. This video totally deserves to be reviewed!T-ara hwaiting! <3

  112. hope you will make a vid for T-ara ♥

  113. This MV got to be reviewed since it’s like a mini drama!! I’m an ELF and i love there songs but t-ara has caught my eyes this time!! T-ara Fighting!! Everyone lets vote for them!! ^^ Btw does anyone know how the voting chart works cuz I’m confused… :|

    • From what ive read so far, after a week has passed since it was posted the votes count 50% less and they decrease more the more time its in the charts. But the comments and sharing seems like they dont decrease(not so sure about sharing)

      • I posted that with the 50% but it was just an assumption!! I’m not sure if it works like that because they never explained it in detail. We only know that the votes count less for older videos and it seems like this doesn’t go gradually each day but more like each week. That’s why we dropped so suddenly after 7 days.

      • But is it Nu’est mv have less voting then t-ara’s?? then why is it #3?? that’s what makes me confused…

        • Nu’est Mv came out this week on the 10th so it favors the voting to the newest MV’s in the chart. T-ara’s MV on the other hand came out on the 2nd and its going to hit its 2 week mark next Monday so the votes somewhat count less and, this is my own assumption, the votes that they have get cut in half for every week that its on the chart. So even though its has more votes that Nu’est , its just the fact that T-ara’s MV is considered old now. I hope i didnt make you more confused and cleared it up a bit.

        • oh i get it now thanks!!! ^^

        • I guess you mean the voting count that is displayed. The displayed counts are always the overall counts but there is an algorithm in the background that weights the votes differently. So the votes you see basically don’t tell you anything.

  114. i wanna see this reviewed…

  115. T-ara no.1
    T-ara no.1
    T-ara no.1
    T-ara no.1
    T-ara no.1
    T-ara no.1
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    T-ara no.1

  116. So guys, what do you think about the new members?

  117. Please try to share this wherever you can! I tried posting it a few times under some T-ara videos on Youtube and reached a few people this way. But we need to comment often because older comments won’t be noticed anymore. So let’s do it!

  118. I was a bit pessimistic in some of my previous comments because we fell back at #4. But it doesn’t matter. Because I know we can make it if we try! Let’s get our beautiful girls at #1 <3

  119. We are in 4th. Doesn´t matter i´m gonna keep voting!

  120. Best mv of all of them <3

  121. <333 can't wait for part 2 of this MV :))….T-ARA HWAITING!

  122. but somehow I still don’t want to give up >_< but guys you also have to do something… please comment… let's start some discussions about the MV, the song, the lives, etc. this wouldn't be spamming, just normal discussions.

  123. ok i’d say it’s over. i’ve done my best but now we’re #4… nothing can be done anymore… pretty sad. let’s just hope that we’ll make it to #1 with the next MV.

  124. t-ara has dropped to no.4 o.o? i dont get it. based on likes and shares t-ara has more. but nuest is no. 3.

  125. we can do this!! lets work hard to beat wooyoung! theres no chance to beat 2ne1 but i hope dis vid gets reviewed after i love you!!!

    • it won’t. in 3 days even the votes we have now will count less and less. i’d be surprised if t-ara stays in the top 10 until the end of the next week.

      • a miracle would have to happen to get this at #1. it’s so sad. where are all the queens? can’t believe they don’t have enough fans who would vote for them :(

        • Its not that they dont have fans, its just that they must of figure out that they wont get it to number 1 with Super Junior and 2NE1 releasing songs almost at the same time and we know they are going to get reviewed no matter what.

        • yeah must be that. but they shouldn’t give up… I know it’s not impossible to get them to #1 >_<

      • how sad. i think theres alot of ppl besides queen’s who wants it reviewed too but looks like noting much we can do if its dragged further and further back

  126. T-ara Music Bank Comeback today!! Keep Voting!!

  127. I just realized something important! Wooyoung’s MV will pass the 1-week-mark tomorrow! This means his votes will count less than now and currently we have a lot more! Our votes will count again less after we pass the creepy 2-weeks-mark which will be in 3 days. But I still think we can make it <3

    • And 2NE1′s MV has just pass the 1 week mark today, so the vote will count less towards them. Still dont think we can beat them but you never know!!!

      • I also don’t think we can’t beat 2NE1 anymore. They’ll win by a clear margin. But after that it should be easy as pie if we just keep voting and commenting every day :)

        • 2NE1 music video is like almost a locked, they never failed to not review a YG song so far you see.

        • Hm Big Bang and 2NE1 yes but not all YG videos. I mean Gummy for example is also with YG. But yeah… Big Bang and 2NE1 are huge and have a big international fanbase. Let’s hope that T-ara will also get this big one day :)

  128. Let’s reach 13k votes and 600 comments today! I know we can do it <3

  129. Guys I think we’re pretty close behind Wooyoung! Keep voting, sharing and commenting and we’ll get back to #2! We can get this reviewed after 2NE1. Don’t give up!

  130. I’m really afraid that Nu’est will soon be #3 >_< They have only a little less votes than Wooyoung and he's already #2. So keep voting!! We can get back at #2! Hwaiting! <3

  131. Lets get this to number 1!!!

  132. I have a friend who is an ELF and a Blackjack and she doesn’t like any other groups. When she saw this mv she was like ‘this is the same group that made Lovey Dovey…?’ and now she’s a hardcore t-ara fan!

  133. really want simon and martina to go over this!!!! ^^ T-ara Mv’s are soo awesome!! :D

  134. Just keep voting, sharing and commenting and we can get this to number 1!!

  135. Guys we need to beat these following songs:
    -Sexy Girl-Wooyoung
    and well yea…. we cant beat 2NE1 but still VOTE VOTE VOTE!

    FIGHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGG i wanna see this reviewed real badly

    • We don’t need to beat 2NE1. It could get reviewed after 2NE1… And maybe if 2NE1 gets reviewed next Monday then Wooyoung fans might stop voting. This would be our chance! (And I don’t think there are any relevant comebacks next week. Or are there??)

      • Brown Eyed Girls are releasing a new song on the 17th. They are only ones i can think of for a comeback next week.

        • Oh that’s bad. But I think they don’t have such a huge international fanbase. Look even Wonder Girls are doing bad on the charts here even though they are one of the most famous and popular K-Pop groups!

  136. Keep Voting and Sharing!!!

  137. I really hope this gets reviewed.

  138. I love this song. Spread & vote!!

  139. Lovvvvveeeeeeeeeeee it so so so awesome

  140. i love it ! hope to see you girls in morocco one day *__*

  141. Okay I think I got it.. a bit. It seems like the votes count only 50% after 1 week. So right now Wooyoung has little less than 50% of our votes, but A LOT more comments and a few more shares. If we comment enough (and vote – of course) I think we can get back at #2. But we need twice the effort as Wooyoung fans..

  142. Srsly guys, I’ll start crying if we don’t at least get our #2 spot back. VOTE VOTE VOTE, comment and share! 2NE1 and Wooyoung have over 1000 comments, let’s at least get 500 for T-ara!

  143. How come Wooyoung’s Sexy Lady is number 2?!?!! D: T-ara has more votes though…

  144. sigh all the queen’s are missing. how sadd.

  145. Keep voting!! :) 

  146. if the wooyoung song is reviewed i wont be looking forward to it. allkpop reviewed it and decided is was a really baddd song

  147. this song is epic! please review it!!! based on s and m comment i tink dey liked de vid too

  148. I think there’s no song currently worth reviewing other than this. Agree?

  149. I wanna really see EatYourKimchi reviewing this XD ! Many things to say about the mini drama and the beautiful melody <3

  150. I think we’re really close to getting the #2 spot again. We can’t give up just yet >_<

  151. If we don’t keep voting and commenting we could even fall back behind Nu’est :( They climbed to #4 pretty quickly. We have some serious competition…

  152. After 2NE1 I hope T-Ara gets reviewed >< ~

  153. This deserves million times to be reviewed. People keep voting!

  154. why isnt tara in 2nd place? tara’s day by day has clearly more votes than wooyoung’s sexy lady

  155. I want this to be reviewed!!! This has a story unlike other MV’s :)

  156. is commenting once every hour considered spamming?

  157. The other video got so many commenting and engaging in the comment section, lets do the same here guys.

    • Yeah it’s really strange how a lot of the other videos have >1000 comments when most of them have no story at all. Here we could at least talk about how we understood the whole story and what we think is the meaning behind it.

  158. Really enjoyed this video, thought they did a great job! :)

    • yeah they really put a lot of effort into this MV. like they had to learn their lines, learn how to fight and besides they also had to learn the choreography for the live performances. they work so hard and deserve so much more love <3

  159. loooool this video cray-cray I wanted to leave but couldn’t it’d be a hilarious MM

  160. I don’t care. I’ll keep on voting for this no matter what!

  161. Guys lets keep comment and vote for this

  162. Guys Wooyoung’s mv has overtaken us already! We need to keep this up! Let T-ara be reviewed pls!

  163. How can this not be #1, this is like of the best MV out there. They would have so much to work with. AHHH 

  164. Plese review T-ARA’s Day by Day for next week!!! >.<

  165. I love this video! T-ara= AWESOME videos~

  166. I feel like eating a cup ramen…

  167. this should win for next weeks mm imo, it was way more exciting than i love you

  168. Darn it. This rank 3rd on the chart now. Please vote!!!

  169. T-ara fithing!! Nosotros podemos!!

  170. This really needs to be voted in! It’s amazing.

  171. This is a lovely ballad.

  172. This is a lovely ballad.

  173. Anyone having issue of sharing  on google+? the popup kept closing before i have the chance to share, help appreciated and thanks in advance.

  174. gooooo t-ara .. pls review ‘em .. both the songs featured in this mini drama are awesome especialllyt Don’t Leave Me!! i love the melody .. soo addictingf ..pls pls pls review it!!!!!

  175. INCOMING!!!! WG has entered the chart!!! Lets not lose to them and hope this will get review after 2ne1… >_<

    •  But being 3 weeks old, this music video will have so much disadvantages. Sigh…

      • Yeah I don’t like how the voting algorithm favors newer MVs so much. I mean it’s necessary, of course. But a MV that is 2 or 3 weeks old is not really “old”. They should change that a bit. Sometimes there are 5 interesting videos in the same week and then 5 boring MVs in the next week, but the boring ones will have higher chances of winning. 

  176. THIS NEEEEEEEDS TO BE REVIEWED!!! im going crazy xD lol! i just love T-ara this much xD my favorite k-pop song and mv EVAR!!!! I LOVE T-ARA, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, AND HOT! Favorite Girl Group ever since i got into K-pop and will always be FOREVAR!!!

  177. Please review this after 2NE1.

  178. PLEASE review T-ARA for next week!! >.<

  179. I’m absolutely in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this song, MV and mini album!!! <3 :3

  180. i’m getting bored here to see KMM review Kpop MVs with dancing plot. I mean, without story plot. Though they’re still funny, but i miss them to review this kind of Music Video.

    But i bet T-ara still continue this story. so… maybe the next MV will do? ^^ hahah

  181. Please review T-ARA’s Day by Day..

  182. This song and MV is AMAZING.

    Please review it! :D

  184. T-ara’s dramas have improved so much since their Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey dramas. This is SO much better, and one of the best videos they’ve ever produced. This is such a unique video, and song.

    But unfortunately, it probably won’t get reviewed because of fan wars. Back in the day, Simon and Martina actually had a say in which videos they reviewed. People recommended them videos, and out of the videos with the most recommendations, they CHOSE the one THEY WANTED to review. The video wasn’t based on if it had the most recommendations.

    I miss that. Like, they used to give their actual opinions and KMM used to be good and expose actual good music videos. Music videos that sucked but were produced by popular artists weren’t always reviewed. Oh, remember “How to Dance K-Pop Style 2011″ and how a song without a dance won #1 when songs like Roly Poly and The Boys weren’t even on the chart? Again, stupid fan-wars. Simon and Martina, please stop being so push-overs for fan-wars and review things that you guys actually feel like reviewing. 

  185. This is the first time I’ve actually seen a music video from T-ARA and I’m completely stunned by how amazing their mv is. O_O I love the music in the beginning and the rap and the singing. I am completely hooked into the storyline and I desparately want to see the next part of the story >.<

  186. I know T-ARA isn’t as popular as 2NE1, but their music ideo is soooooo much better!
    I hope this gets reviewed

  187. Why is nobody voting? :( Let’s get at least 10k votes!

  188. I cannot express how much I love this MV.  Honestly, I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic stuff and exotic hair colors and movie-like music videos.  Omg.  Well done, T-ara. 

    BTW, SIMONANDMARTINA, while I love the whole voting thing, it sort of becomes a fan war.  You guys should have a say as to what music videos you review!!!!!

  189. This music video got so much anime feel to it, such a waste its not getting reviewed

  190. I really want this to be reviewed! It’s even better than their previous drama music video!! Also I really like the concept. I don’t think any other kpop group had something like this before. At least none that I know of.

  191. Even though its unlikely that this music video will get review next week, I hope the following week it will have the chance even though its 3 weeks old

    • It will be difficult but U-Kiss also got reviewed with a song that was over 2 weeks old. And it seems like T-ara won’t have tough rivals next week so we shoudln’t give up just yet :) The MVs for Wooyoung, Wonder Girls, Nu’est and Ajax are already out but not doing very well on this charts. And I don’t know if there are any other comebacks next week. Maybe Brown Eyed Girls!? 

  192. Hoping this will get review, there’s much more things to say about this kind of music video isn’t it?

  193. Want to see this reviewed so badly!!

  194. The song is really good and the video is definitely something different, but if there’s one thing that I hate, it’s watching an MV with cuts where people really talk and all that. I’m not a fan of those : But the story was impressive and so I’d like to see this reviewed ^^ 

  195. how long has this been out on the chart for?

  196. This is awesome, review it!

  197. Please do this over 2NE1, I love 2NE1 but please do this.

  198. T-ara! love you guys! even if you continue to grow in size – be strong!

  199. HUEOFL. The song is so amazing. and the video, gahhhhhhhhh. I really wanna know what ends up happening

  200. This is my prediction:

    Next week will be 2NE1Then… T-ARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fingers Cross or…Next Week: T-ARA!

  201. i really like the song n.n to me it sounds like a pirate tune lol and the video with just the two girls in the beginning the one with black hair and the other with red [sorry dont know their names - not a major fan of T-ara] looks like it was from a game called Heavenly Sword but it was good :)

  202. I want to see S&M reviewing a long MV, maybe this could be the first and I hope the KPMM will be loooong too ;P

  203. Omg I love this song! Cry cry, lovey dovey, roly poly were all great, catchy songs but this…*speechless*. Hwayoung’s fierce rap, and Soyeon’s voice are all fantastic! And the acting! Jiyeon is so badass XD She’s forever my maknae bias!

  204. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH, I HAVE BEEN HEARING IT LIKE 100 TIMES A DAY xD i love the music video and how they made it and the song is great!! i love t-ara cuz they always make the best MV, even though its 15-20 minutes long, and they are really good actress’s! this is why T-ara is my all-time favorite girl group! i love T-ara!!! T-ara Hwaiting~ !!

  205. I really though T-ARA was gonna win Suju this time … Dream shattered D:
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Suju . There are like 50 times more ELFs than QUEEN’s … So I don’t know why I was expecting T-ARA to win out . Idunno, I just thought that Day by Day and Don’t Leave are like the best songs ever :D

    • T-ara has a pretty small international fanbase (compared to others). I bet they wouldn’t even win against U-Kiss who are less popular in sales but have a huge international fanbase. We really need to keep voting (and commenting!!) if we want Simon and Martina to review this MV.

  206. I may be bashed for this but to be totally honest, I’m not a fan of girls bands in general, I think their music is far from something new (and that goes for choreo, lyrics, fashion…), BUT this song is awesome!! I absolutely fell in love with the tune, especially the flute and piano and the rap and singing are just: WOW!! *O*

    The story line from the MV looks awesome, too bad I don’t understand korean -and the intro- but from what I could understand, I can actually say that the lyrics and the story are related and it’s been a long time (imo) that we didn’t get a really MV with a story line and an original one! yay o/ Now, I can’t wait for the sequel! :D So well, I’m just stunned by this song, and I guess, I’ll keep an eye on them from now on! ^^’ T-ara thanks for making such a song, really, it’s refreshing imo! XD

    •  i feel the exact same way, i really have a hard time finding girl groups that really catch my eye

      • A lot of girls bands are too much, like there’s bands with too much pink, girly/cheesy acting and then others with the sexy image! I think there’s more concepts that girls bands could use but I don’t think they want to try something new when they know what works (or should I say sell? XD) best! ^^”

        • I know right it’s so annoying. Even those concepts, for some reason girls over do it compared to guys. Thank god for Lee Hayi she’s so cute but in a natural way that makes me wanna pinch her cheeks

  207. this was like a mini drama :)

  208. I really hope this, gets reviewed! Next week will unfortunatly be 2NE1′s I Love You, which is a really good song but has a really boring MV. Two weeks from now is T-ara’s week! Is there any other big group debuting though in these next two weeks? 

    • Wonder Girls and Wooyoung (from 2PM) released their MVs yesterday. They are currently #9 and #6 respectively. So far they don’t seem to be tough rivals, but as we know when a MV is older than 14 days the votes count less and it magically disappears from the high positions. This will happen to T-ara in 6 days. 

    • Oh and NU’EST is releasing their new MV today. And I think Brown Eyed Girls should have a comeback soon.

  209. this video is amazing, It has an Anime Feel, because of their colorful Hairs and their  Outfits

  210. can’t wait for part 2!  T-ara’s MV and songs are amazing! ;D

  211. Now that suju won, im for T-ara. I want this reviewed so bad!!! Great MV.! i fell in love

  212. I reeeeaaally want this video to be reviewed!!! ^^

  213. This would be so much fun to review! It’s got so much to work with~

  214. I am in love with T-ara’s music videos/mini films! It’s good knowing there’s more to watch rather than just a group of girls dancing and singing. I think the three members-Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Dani-did a very good job portraying their characters. Hyomin is the loving, protective unnie, Jiyeon the evil queen, and Dani the innocent playful girl who is sought by Jiyeon. I LOVED IT. Very good job T-ara. HWAITING! <3 (Dani, I'm waiting…) xD

  215. Please keep voting and commenting! We shouldn’t give up yet :)

  216. did you guys hear? T-ara Part II might come out soon! It called:


  217. Can’t wait to see their reactions~~

  218. Its such an unique theme music video, definitely hoping this getting reviewed


  220.  I read on tiaradiadem that Day by Day dance version comes out Monday (tomorrow!) Does that just mean a techno version of Day by Day, or the continuation of this MV? Anyone know?

  221. One of my favorite music videos this year no doubt.

  222. T-ara IS AWESOOMEEE!!!!!!!!!

  223. omg, it’s so sad, the mv is not gonna be reviewed =(

    • Maybe there’s some hope.. This week it’s gonna be SuJu, next week 2NE1 and then… T-ara? :) I don’t think anything interesting is coming out in the next 2 weeks. Or is there some comeback I’m missing?

  224. I can’t help but think that Super Junior is up there only because of their fanbase :x but then again, isn’t that what most of this voting is ^^; /kill me not please/ But seriously, as much as I’m a SM stan, their MV’s are…well… “unoriginal and recycled” soo…
    …I hope T-ara gets reviews also though. I wanna see what they’ll say and if they talk about the  new members >v<

  225. This whole voting for what you want to be reviewed is a bad idea for all the people that watch your vids. It gets you clicks but it also isolates all of us who are tired of seeing mostly boy bands all the time. Not only that, great videos like Girls Day’s “Oh My God” and Sunny Hill’s “Princess and Prince Charming” never get the exposure that they should.

    • I agree. I mean it’s great that people get to vote and they should keep that. But they should also choose some interesting MVs personally and review them (like once a month maybe!?). I know they did this before and I loved it. But it’s been quite a while :(

  226. I love SJ and 2NE1,,, but I really want to see Simon and Martina review this MV!! 

  227. okay i’m a TOTAL blackjack and i love suju…
    but i still want this mv to win music monday..think about the EPICNESS of it
    i’m still voting furiously!!!
    i’m not even a fan of t-ara lol
    but i love this mv

  228. We can keep this in top 3 right? And we COULD GO HIGHER!

  229. I really really hope that Simon&Martina will do Day by Day MV review and forget about fuckin’ polling, seriously i’m getting tired if they review about box again. i need different! and sorry if the way i said is too harsh

    • I agree with you completely. We all know what Simon and Martina are going to say already.
      “Good song, average dance, weird 360 camera, good English although the use of bingo was funny. SM is lazy and keeps on giving SJ boxes, although this time, there was more than one box :o.

      • Yeah that’s predictable, i don’t understand why ppl really want Simon and Martina going to review box MV again

        • But they said in their tweets that it’s going to be the best k-pop music monday ever… hmm I dunno. I’d also rather have them review T-ara :( They once did some reviews on MVs they personally picked. Maybe they’ll do that again.

  230. woww…finally T-ara got 3rd position!!!! t-ara is capable to get the position..

  231. I haven’t given up on T-ara quite yet – they got me voting on the Kpop Charts after so long. But since they have no chance of winning this month, with so many other comebacks, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for their next video :D

  232. Guys c’mon there’s still a chance this might be reviewed. There ren’t any major groups making their debut this month right? So if we come here like, everyday at vote for Tara as much as possible,there’s a high chance that they’ll be able to review this after reviewing Suju and 2NE1 videos.

  233. Really hope this gets reviewed, I thought it was a bad a** video!! There’d be tonz to talk about.

  234. i hope that by some miracle this will be reviewed on monday….or next monday

  235. I agree with it seems like everyone here. The SuJu song and 2ne1 are more oddly lit rooms and boring scenes no one wants to see, with songs that in my opinion, were disappointments. I for one am an ELF, and their entire album was a disappointment. I like 2ne1, and though not a blackjack, I usually like their stuff. To me, I Love You was just not 2ne1. It was really boring to me. T-ara did amazing, and it has plenty of material to review and talk about~ The song was amazing, the sword fights, the outfits, the storyline, just amazing! I want T-ara to go to the top of the charts so there’s actually something to review! If not, this should at least be worthy of a K Crunch Cocktail or something :/

  236. I would just love if this music video was reviewed, theres so much that happens in it.. way better than reviewing a group in a oddly lit room hahah ;)

  237. By far one of the most interesting videos yet it probably wont get reviewed :c

  238. I feel bad that T-Ara isn’t getting reviewed… But i’m not a Queen… I’m an ELF. Personally, I liked Lovey Dovey, and Roly Poly better; this song just kind of sounded like the track for a cheesy video game ending… And I hate how long T-Ara’s videos are! I actually hate it. They just drag on for me. I’m not trying no hurt feelings though! Just expressing myself.

  239. Voting for this too. I’m not even a Tara fan, but this is one awesome video. I love girl kick butt plots and there’s lots of that going on.

  240. Maybe it’s a good thing that this video isn’t being reviewed this week. Actually, next week T-ara releases a dance music video for Day by Day so for the dance section of EYK they could review that instead of just live performances.

    All right Queens/ Diadems and casual fans of T-ara, make sure you keep on voting for them next week!!!

  241. The flute reminds me of the flute in Stairway to heaven. It has a really sweet sound, I think it matches the video very well

  242. The video is long but it is worth it. It was a mini movie that I want to see the rest of. Their last mini movie MV for lovey dovey and cry cry I watched but I didn’t like it as much. The songs didn’t feel like it suit the video. This video and music suits each other. I know SuJu will be review as well as 2ne1 but this definitely needs review after. I know new music and videos are always coming out but this needs to be voted up to number one at least to review.

  243. This is really an extremely intriguing music video. T-Ara is doing a fantastic job at breaking away from the usual MV cookie cutter mold… The action stuff with the swords is pretty terrible but the fact that the agency and the girls actually went for it and tried something new is venerable. I’m a big black jack and the Super Junior video is hilarious, but this music video deserves attention. It’s sad that it’s length is going to cost it so much popularity. Really just a stupendous music video and I CANNOT WAIT for part two. I hope that in some way this video will win, if not this week, the next.

  244. this should be reviewed and not the two tops that are on now as this one has a plot and something to talk about besides the dancing and how their rooms are. It has a story to be picked in pieces and not just the song. I truly liked this song.

  245. I am absolutely in love with the song and concept of this video. They truly worked hard to make it and deserve to win.
    I love dance videos as well, but kpop videos with an actual storyline is really great!

  246. I’m kinda dissapointed. The competition for being reviewed in this K-pop Music Mondays is now between 2NE1 and Suju u.u In my opinion (and that’s all, just my personal opinion), this video deserves being reviewed more than “I love you” or “Sexy, free and single”. Come on! It’s freaking epic! And i’m not a hardcore fan of T-ara, actually I consider myself a Blackjack.

    • exactly, im an elf and i actually want them to review day by day more. i can already tell what they’re gonna say about suju, but id love to hear their input on t-ara.

    • I don’t know about that… I truly wanted to like this as others do, but because of my Western tastes, the story and the acting (and even the music) are too campy for me. I’m afraid that Simon and Martina may share the same sentiments (I can just imagine them being all confused and ripping on the plot already). I guess we’ll only know if this gets reviewed. I do like how they aren’t dancing in boxes, but at the same time, this is just as distracting.

  247. This song is freakin awesome! The MV too!

  248. Come on!! this is the BEST MV of this week!!!
    a real production, not just a dance in a 3 rooms made with a low grade of imagination… I’m Just saying… xD

  249. All SM’ mv not worthy to get reviewed, unless it’s for a joke. They already huge in Kpop n no need good mv. Just make sure the fans can seetheir faces.

  250. support to T-ARA aLwasy!!!
    LovE T-ARA <3

  251. kpopfan123

    This is probably the first T-ara music video I really like! hope it gets reviewed! :D

  252. unquestionably T-ara is best with filming+music+song so on…. ^_^

  253. T-ara’s MV and song is absolutely amazing. The members look amazing in here..! especially Jiyeon who looks totally stunning! T-ara’s song should definitely win because we can see they put in a lot of effort to this MV and song! So T-ara fighting! will continue support you guys! ;D

  254. This video really moved me.

  255. This music video is amazing! And T-ara’s songs keep getting better and better <3 I hope this gets reviewed for music monday ^^

  256. This is one of the best MVs out there! T-ara really did amazing, and I will continue to support them

  257. It’s has been a long time since I really saw a good MV that has a story recently

  258. the music video reminds me of Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children with the damaged buildings, leather clothing, the swords and the motorbikes lol

  259. is the counter broken, cause it says there are no comments…..
    anyway, i love the idea for this music video, and the song is really beautiful! I hope it gets reviewed this week, or at least next week…..

  260. cant wait for the second part!!!




  262. This video is much more deserving of a review than sexy, free and single. I like SuJu’s song but really, it’s just the same as all their other MV’s. I love this song from the weird flute to the storyline. I really want this song to be reviewed, it really is the better MV by far. I personally think this is T-ARA’s best music vide and once again, it should be reviewed. I’m not trying to say Super junior is bad or anything because I am an elf too ~ If it doesn’t get reviewed this week, then I hope it will next week.

  263. t-ara amazes us once again with such a high quality production music video. i’ll never get tired of them.

  264. besides the uber long video, this is pretty awesome.
    T-ara impressess me again :T
    even with the new member getting all the vidtime <_<

  265. Honestly i wish T-ara could win kpmm because they worked so hard, and it shows. This has to be the best MV they made. Everything was good. There is just so much more to say then doing Super Junior’s song. Oh yea “Here we see them singing, and over there some good singing.” Not hating on the song, it’s still good, but T-ara’s is just more of an eye-catcher

  266. I just love this storyline I can’t wait for the next part!

  267. I will go all out and vote for T-ARA after suju gets reviewed though.

  268. how has this not bee reviewed yet?! this is so awesome!!!

  269. i am really loving how t-ara has been evolving. i used to think that their songs and mv’s were too poppy and jpop-like, but now they’ve recently been so much more in-depth and intense, and i’m really starting to like them more and more.

  270. :) really love the MV!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. i can just imagine simon’s score for its english HAHAHAHA Kiss me I must be stay here LOL


  273. come on queen’s we can’t give up let’s do what we can to get T-ara on kpop music modays♥

  274. Every single music videos of T-ara was very inspiring
    CCM had been putting a lot of effort into making these vids
    Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Dani did an amazing job making this MV
    Not only they did a fantastic job with the MV
    The song was very flowy and has a touchy feeling as well….
    Super Junior only winning because they has a larger fan base than T-ara
    But Suju better watch out ;) T-ara is coming right behind you

  275. Wow. I was not disappointed with this music video. T-Ara is known for having well down MVs, so I was expecting a lot. I’m glad they didn’t let me down!

  276. I know this won’t make Music Monday, but I’m still pretty happy it made top 5! Let’s get it to top 3, Queen’s!

  277. As much as I love SuJu, I almost wish that they hadn’t released Sexy Free and Single this week. I barely listen to T-ARA, and yet when I watched this video, they completely won me over! I think it’s a great little mini-movie, their BEST little mini-movie, and I really want Simon and Martina to review it!
    Of course, SuJu will 99.99999% win this week, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next week :)

  278. best music video ever <3<3 Queen's T-ara Forever <3

  279. This is my favourite video from T-ara so far!!<3

  280. i really think they should review this next monday!! SuJu’s video is all the same and it would be boring. but with this mv there are tons of things to talk about! and i think the two will have fun doing it.

  281. I suddenly realised….if this is supposed to be a sci-fi mv set in the future, why are they using samurai swords that look like they’re from ancient Japan?

  282. if this doesnt get reviewed im not gonna be to happy

  283. I love this song! I love this MV! Please review this!!!!

  284. This song is good but I don’t think there a chance this song will be review >..<

  285. Love this song!

  286. love the song!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  287. There’s really nothing to review for SUJU’s new song except for their choreography and how they’re still in a box. This video is so well thought out, although with some flaws. I’m pretty sure S&M would like to review this much more than the typical SM MV.

  288. This MV was So good! This mv deserves to be reviewed! T-ara and CCM put in so much work into it! Lets go!

  289. T-ARA !!! you need to do a music monday on this ! so much to say <3

  290. super junior Mv is an Original MV i don’t understand why they should review it because its just going to be ohh they danced in a box again i really don’t think they should review it I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR AND ALL but i like being entertained and T-ARA MV did entertain me and i think Simon and Martina can make a great script by reviewing this MV :)) sorry Super Junior I still SUPPORT YOU but i really like T-ARA better it caught my ATTENTION BETTER THEN YOURS :((

  291. i love this MV why isn’t it NUMBER 1 :||
    they are amazingly awesome :))

  292. T-ara seriously have one of the best video’s out there. There’s plot, CGI and good acting. First lovey dove and now this :) awsome!

  293. Come on!! we must do this!! :)
    i love suju but this video is the BOSS!!
    i’m surprised at the amount i love this song as i thought i’d love suju’s song but i ended up loving this more!
    It would be so much more interesting to review as well!!
    think of all that plot and awesome costumes and stuff
    not to mention the copious amounts of hilarious engrish!

  294. hey.. t-ara are just amazing…¡¡¡ they deserve much more…
    I’ll support them…. I loved this video¡¡¡¡

  295. I am an Elf ,,, but somehow I find my self voting for T ara! This MV is just so good!

  296. i neeeeeeeeeeed this for kmm if (obviously) Jo Kwon can’t make it!

  297. T-ara T-ara T-ara T-ara T-ara T-ara T-ara <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  298. <33333333333

  299. probably won’t be reviewed cause of suju, but hopefully it will be next week! it was a really interesting mv, i liked it a lot better than their other ones. and the song is pretty awesome as well :)

  300. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    so… so strange 0_o but shall be good material for KMM, lots to talk about.

  301. Love them so much. Can’t wait for the new MV on 9th.

  302. ✔concept
    = Perfect Mv
    T-ara Daebak! keep up the good work, Fighting^^ t-ara the best korean girl group.

  303. T-ara Fighting!!! Queen’s VietNam always beside you ^0^

  304. WoW! i really like this song! I love you, Park JiYeon! You are beautiful!

  305. This song is amazing! And I love how T-ara always surprises with a new detailed story-based MV!!! Love, Love, Love!

  306. Oh my, I need Simon & Martina review this mv. It’s really EPIC.

  307. i like T-ARA MV…… “perfect”

  308. Please review this!Lets spread it Queens^^

  309. Awesome song and video! It really stands out from all the other more generic ones. T-ara Fighting!

  310. This video is amazing!! JiYeon is so badass. I can’t wait for the next part.

  311. I hope they put up english subtiltles for the opening soon. They put english as the first language in the explanation box, but no subtitles yet. I really liked this mv, it was like a 12 minute drama. Maybe this was a little much for one song, but O.K.

  312. I would seriously love to hear you guys review this MV! xD

  313. I really REALLY want this to get reviewed. I don’t care if SJ gets this week but next week it should be this video. It’s just too freaking awesome to not get reviewed. I’m actually kind of sad knowing SJ will probably get the next review while their video is just… another video of them dancing in boxes. It’s getting old. Not bashing SJ, but just getting really tired of SMent’s way of making videos.

  314. I know SuJ but will end up winning, but Simon and Martina should take matters into their own hands! Everyone know’s what they’ll say anyway, just go back to any other SuJu review. Simon and Martina do NOT like the box (only die-hard ELFs or SMTowners can accept it) . Day by Day would be a much better review. There’s just SO much more to review.

    Or they could wait till next week when T-ara releases the dance version of Day by Day and review both MV’s.

  315. I loved it! this has to be one of the better videos i’ve seen this year. Awesome job T-ara! hope this makes number 1.

  316. I love this so much! When will the album be released? Anyone know? I want it now!!!

  317. go t-ara!<3 I'm not a full on queen, but they definitely deserve this vote for their ah-mazing mv and song!

  318. How didn’t they afford guns?!

  319. Awesome song. T-ARA does it again! Fighting! I want to see this reviewed!

  320. i started crying when dani got tooken away tara allways make me cry like in the crycry/lovey dovey story

  321. dancingpartytime

    This is easily my favorite out of T-ara’s mini movie style music videos. I’m genuinely excited to see part two!

  322. I’m so sorry for T-ara. This mv is awesome, as well as the song, which is not a “well, it’s summer so we’re gonna party” one. But they’re gonna be faded because of Suju, first, and then 2ne1. So sorry, really, ’cause I think this song -and mv- deserves so much love that is gonna have, after all.

  323. This better beat super junior -.-

  324. I love this song!! Really good! I love the plot too!! Let’s keep voting!! *hoping this will get on kpop music mondays!!*

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  326. misspricilla

    I hope that this MV wins…..I love Suju but the last 2 years they keep repeating the same concept with other costumes colours and some new dance moves…i miss the “cooking cooking” days :( oh and although i think this MV is epic i miss the other t-ara members the song is great the storyline is good but where are the others??? i do understand that they might not have great acting skills but still I feel sorry for them..

  327. Im not a huge T-ara fan, but wow, I was blown away honestly, loved both songs in the video and loved the video itself! Just Wow

  328. i seriously love the music videos they do…i can’t wait for the second one :D

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    reviewed !!! is so awesome, cool, well done and the story line is pdsjhfodsjfcoas´j´vojds´vbióibvójeó

  333. Oh! This MV is awesome! I definitley love -TARA! And this video is really deserving to be reviewed by Simon and Martina.. All I can say is let’s bring T-ARA to the top! And I absolutely love the storyline, the video and of course the song..the rhythm was really amazing and catchy!

  334. This mv just was AMAZING!! I have to admit that I was disappointed with t-ara’s other long mvs, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!! The story line is epic, the outfits are perfect, and don’t even get me started on the song! Even though the mv was really enthralling, it didn’t distract me from the song its self, surprisingly!! I think thats because the song its self was SO distinct and beautiful that it stood out through the whole awesome mv. Suju’s mv was boring and expected, ELFs will hate me for that but it’s true, you can tell that t-ara worked so much harder and this SO deserves to be reviewed! For once, I can’t wait for the sequel!! Sexy Eunjung xD Come on guys lets get this to the top! I’m not even a t-ara fan, but this video just blew my mind xD

  335. i love suju and but this would be juss a better song to review and is a mch more interesting video they would have more to talk about

  336. Awesome MV, vocal, story and acting is perfect *–*

  337. Suju’s probably gonna win, and Simon and Martina will be left reviewing another mv about a box, which frankly sucks for all of us. I know we’re probably not gonna make it for this week, but if we can help T-ara maintain the lead for another one week, then the week after the Suju mv, they’ll probably review this! C’mon guys, we can do this!

  338. This is such an amazing MV

  339. @ 9:18 LOL if she got that much fluid at once I think she’d explode….

  340. Come on Suju fans you know this review will be longer, funnier and better.

  341. [Chart] T-ara Day By Day :: 2220KST :: PERFECT ALL KILL


  342. Omg! I really hope this gets reviewed.

  343. dude this is absolutely beautiful!! Im an ELF and as much as I love suju and the new song… This is just far more beautiful and a VERY well thought out MV. This deserves to be reviewed since an effort was at least put into the video and not just another box.
    There were plot holes but it was still absolutely beautiful!

    • Wow….respect. Did not expect that, coming from an ELF. You guys are kinda famous for being hardcore fangirls who are oblivious to the world. I’m really happy to see people who take things at face value rather than being blinded by rose-tinted glasses – wait does that even make sense? But yea. Keep it up :D

      • thank god some ELFs are can understand how generic their videos are getting. I’m just wondering when some hardcore fan will wander here and start bashing T-ara…always happens in my experience.

        • etcha sketch

          elf here… when i saw suju in a box again i was literally headdesking >< so disappointing….

    • I feel the same as an elf too :D because I was expecting to like SJ’s song more than T-ara’s song but somehow, I like the oddly lit rooms and the use of color for SJ’s song and i LOVE the song, but T-ara this time won me. Just like Simon and Martina just reviewed f(x)’s Electric shock saying that SM doesn’t really have a storyline nowadays, it’s the same with Super Junior’s sexy free and single. But this, this isn’t even finished! IT”S TO BE CONTINUED WHICH IS FLIPPIN AWESOME! Not only does this song feel like it should be in a movie of tragedy and hope, the mv for it just felt so different than the ones before. I heard that Kim Kyu Jong was making a 15 minute mv, and I was like how can you fit a regular 3 minute song into 15 minutes? I thought the same for this mv and it ASTOUNDED me. No wonder it was delayed, the computer graphics and camera work here are superb!

    • i like suju’s song but the music video is same as before (not that i was expecting better)
      however this video is creative and the song is also great

    • Sexy, free & Single’s MV really deceived me :( ! Uwa to compare it to Day by day…LOL
      SME should stop its ridiculous MVs.

  344. Seriously, all these RPG-like costumes, tattooes, and badass sword fighting is really winning me over. I’m not really into kpop but T-ara is impressing me lately. And they played at the World Cup Qualifiers too. Extra points. :)

  345. Oh right didn’t Vic Meija say something about T-ara having a new member? Oh maybe it’s that black haired girl, she looks young….

  346. It’s Cloud’s bike!! Final Fantasy!! Is that a plane!! Omg it’s a bunny!! Wow her legs are so skinny!! This is SOOO Final Fantasy VII!!! Oooh the bad guys has gold eyeliner!! Nooo don’t kill the birdie!! The white shirts in the shop!!! Dude did you draw on that beard with a texta?? Ahahaha his tattoo is lame too!! Oh wow is she blind?? How did I not get that!! It’s TOP’s mask thing!! Ooooh badass car although I prefer import over muscle. I love katanas!!! Oh no I better turn down the volume!!! Gee girl stop screaming or the neigbours will complain….who would kill such a hot, girl seriously. Wouldn’t you like, uh, *cough. OMG it’s a guy!! I hope he’s hot!! He’s alright…….Ooooh nice bikes. Haaaah I love this video so much!! Ahahaha she’s playing music on the bars Yes I do that too!!! Is that her name? Nice nails. ANIME!!! :D animated scenes rock. Like Kill Bill. Lol what kinda getup is that. Is she a goddess of war or something? aaaa………… HUH WHY to be continued??? There’s still 5 more minutes….oh so NOW’s the real MV? Huh? Oh the filming? Why do they put it all in one video :S
    Yes, this is my first time seeing the MV. And I will shut up now.

    • XD I was so distracted by the kawaii and uber cute bunny. But I do have a question, if they are in an era where they have cars and motorcycles, don’t you have guns? Or do people out there still use swords…..because I like the sword concept, just the modern world, I think I’m the only that still uses Nerfs and metal kabob sticks that looks like swords to play with. XD

  347. Oh boy! I’d really like a review of this! This is a pretty interesting mv.
    And don’t get me wrong, I like suju, but their new single is reaaaaaally predictable… sometimes I’d really like S&M to choose the mv to be reviewed instead of fans voting for it xD.

  348. this MV is amazing and should be reviewed …

  349. OMG! This video is so amazing! There is so much they can say about it!

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    Hope it does! FIGHTINGGGGGGGG


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  358. This MV’s much more worth a review than sexy free and bingo. Because of the apocalypse scene and, of course, because of the panda-faced bunny.

  359. Uwaaaa~~~ I’m in love with this song!! <3

    And I was actually really excited while watching the MV too!
    ^O^ Hyomin’s sword fight with the 12 well-built, criminal guys is pretty funny
    though… Does she have some kind of a superpower that they’re not trying to
    attack her like mad?? O.o

    Well, I’m looking forward to the next MV to find out! ^___^

  360. im not a really big fan of Tara but this song and mv is really awesome. This mv review would be a better review than a box mv -.-… Tara fighting ^.^

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  362. 15 minutes??!! I suppose I should’ve expected that. But I have no time for it now so….imma watch it later :S

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  364. Remind me a lil bit Sucker Punch, a lil bit Resident Evil but still good! I like the song.

  365. They really have to review this one! It’s so epic!

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  367. I know Suju will probably win, but seriously, this is one epic mv. I think Simon and Martina would much rather review this than a new box mv, lol. Let’s do our best to bring T-ara to the top!

  368. But anyway it was epic :)

  369. The song is awesommmme >:]
    However, Dani’s studs were just tooo much :DDD
    I laughed so hard

  370. omg this has to be one of the best kpop mv ihave ever seen! Honestly, this is way better than suju’s new mv. I really hope people will vote for this song instead :P

    • ikr… Everyone is like Hello it’s SUJU.. and honestly i didn’t like the Sexy,Free, and Single.. I was very dissapointed..T-ara rocks! I can’t wait for part 2 <3

      • I know, T-ara’s song and MV totally rock! And I pretty much only like Suju’s song to make fun of the Bingo lines, haha. Sorry Suju, I still love you, but I cannot take that song seriously.

  371. Love the MV. Hyomin’s acting was great. I hope they win something.

  372. I really like the video and song..Hwayoung’s Rap was amazing it was my favorite part..Jiyeon was such a boss in this MV her acting skills are really good.♥ T-ara fighting i hope they can beat super junior..

  373. This video Is epic!!!!! I love it so much!!!! Can it beat super Junior???? IDK but I would really like it to!!!! SO people vote like crazy (as much as you can)

  374. I think Martina will love the fact that there is a cute Bunny In the clip

  375. Daebak! Day by day sounds so catchy.

  376. Loved the MV, but I can’t imagine myself watching this over and over again.

    Once is enough because I already know what’s going to happen and I don’t feel comfortable watching that minor dressed like that in such a mature video. Just my opinion.

    The song, on the other hand, I will go for and I can’t wait for the performances!
    (Though… I feel guilty for saying that cuz these girls look so exhausted… I also want them to just rest. :/ Torn.)

  377. Omg~ Even though I love SUJU~ I hope you guys do this one T.T

  378. This MV was epicly awesome!

    I still am quite disgusted with adding a 12 year old to this group (she’s 12, right? Cuz she’s 14 in Korean age, but is TURNING 13 this year internationally). I just think songs like this are GREAT for T-ara, but definitely not for the 12 year old. She doesn’t look right in tight black clothes. The song’s way too mature for her. And the butt shaking in the club at the end…uhh…yeah, definitely past PG-13 (which she doesn’t even qualify for).

    Otherwise, the story plot: awesome! The vocals in the song: amazing!

    But omg… I swear T-ara is one of the hardest working groups ever. Hyomin has like a double or triple eyebag! And that’s not something to be proud of! They look tired as crap. I don’t like this, CCM. Other than your awesome MV plots, awesome songs…. I don’t like what you’re doing to your artists.

    • Whoa. 12. #lolialert

    • Look, does anyone even believe she’s 12? My friend who’s not into kpop was watching the mv with me, and when i told her Dani was 12(or 14, doesn’t make much diff anyway) she was like “O.O But the girl looks like the same age as the red-haired chick(Hyomin)!”

      Likelihood is that stupid KKS is blatantly lying about the age. But anyway, don’t let Dani distract you from this video! Hyomin and Jiyeon’s acting skills are so awesome! And Jiyeon’s badass face…just can’t wait for Eunjung to get on the scene too.

    • She’s not 12 though. She’s from 1998, her birthday’s in December. So she’s 13 going on 14. People need to stop with the rumors and check the actual small piece of official information we got… which says she’s from December 1998.

  379. great MV great Son, good job T-ara!!!!

  380. This mv was so epic and I can’t wait for the next part!

  381. I thought this was such a clever way of introducing their newest member! I’m really interested in hearing what you guys have to say about the new addition to the group as well as the mv! I love the setting and the styling of the video~

  382. I <3 how much effort T-ara puts into their music videos and this doesn't dissapoint :)

  383. im totaly loving this.more than suju i must say.soo vote guys vote.

  384. EPIC mv! can’t wait for you guys on what you think about it. :D

  385. I would love to see them make fun of the sword in hyomin’s stomach hehe

  386. I’m greatly surprised with this MV and song… I really really like both the song and MV!!!!!…

  387. omg! the video is really something that S&M would like to review! it has storyline and not in the box *cough* boring *cough*. even i’m not into the song, but i always like every t-ara 15 minutes videos! :) i definitely will vote this song everyday before 2NE1 release their videos.

  388. Omg!! T-ara is freaking good. Loss for words.

  389. Soooooo goood!! But sooo long… I miss normal MVs honestly

  390. Wasn’t Impressed. It reminded me of Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey. Kinda got bored watching the mv. But the song is catchy.

  391. Ok Queens we can do this

  392. LOVE IT PLEASE REVIEW !!!!! :))