Tasty – You Know Me

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  1. i love this new group!! i hope they become successful!!!

  2. Bianca Grajeda

    I really hope they get picked for Music Monday on day.
    Pretty late to have found them, but since I’ve seen there video and heard a few other of there songs.
    I think it would be awesome if they got re-viewed in a Music Monda :)

  3. We must get this up to the top 10 or higher! It was up there… If we vote we can get this group higher!
    We (The Nasties) Must help the Tasties go up on the charts.

  4. Charlotte M

    They really need to be reviewed!!!!!

  5. bubbleboss1022

    Thus is SUCH a great video! It’d be amazing if this got reviewed!

  6. Please review! It’s definitly worth it for the rookies! I would love for their video to blow up by your KPOP MUSIC MONDAY. It’s a simple video.

  7. I know this has no hope against KARA and GD, but I’ll keep voting :)

  8. -attempts to imitate shoulder wiggle-

  9. Kezia Monica

    tasty fighting

  10. Kezia Monica


  11. 재원 김

    LOVE their dance!!
    Inspirits proudly supporting Tasty xD
    Woollim Family!!!

  12. tasty twins. I LAVA YOU(S)!!

  13. Jimmy Cruz

    WE CAN DO IT!!! :D :D

  14. It has little to none lyrics, but still ~ it’s sooo catchy! I love it! *_* The dance is amazing, not only the wiggle-jiggle part, but also the zombie robot  

  15. Although 6 is my favorite number…these guys should be number 1!!! It’s been a few weeks and I still can’t get “Neo na ara” out of my head… thats pretty good for a rookie group I think. 

  16. builtbymachines

    Before I forget and go back to voting for who I’m voting for (coughNU’ESTcough), there’s something I’d like to say.

    When I heard about this duo’s debut, I didn’t have very high expectations for them. Another, similar rookie group had debuted earlier this year and I had gotten excited, only to be disappointed. Their cute faces had reeled me in, but I was not impressed by their music.

    With that experience under my belt, I stayed weary of Tasty’s debut. For awhile, they were just cute faces. Their teaser came out, and I didn’t think much of it. I saw that they were calling themselves something like ‘the greatest performance duo’ and I scoffed. They’d have to prove it to me.

    When this video came out, though, I was thoroughly surprised and extremely impressed. I love the dance, the vibe, the vocals – everything. Ever since, I’ve had a crush on Daeryong and Soryong, I even followed them on Twitter!

    So, long story short, Tasty is definitely in my top 5 favorite debuts.

  17. I really really love this song and video! I’d love to hear what Simon and Martina think too! If you cant get it in for a Music Mondays, could you at least talk about it on a Kpop Charts Update? Pleeeeeeeease? :)

  18. Maria Rognlien

    At first I only liked the start of the video, but now I love the whole thing. TASTY is a really great name for these oh so delicious boys (or should I say men?;) ) ♥ The best thing is that they’re twins!! :D

  19.  I love this song. I wish I could dance like them. Especially that weird leg wiggle.

  20.  OOOO you are so tasty >->  <–>//
    I ‘m really hooked on this song, it is on constant replay. However I’m a little sad that we don’t get to see their faces clearly :C
    But their dances moves are super, as expected from woolim.*w*

    Hey guise random question..Do you know anything about these guys? :3

  21. this is the next epic song after psy’s gangnam style…totally deserves more attention!!!!

  22. Vii Angelince

    Im in love with Tasty <33 I mean they are sooo talented ! And Im proud to say that Woollim has Tasty in their family :DD and as a Infinite's junior xD

  23. i love this vid, and the music! is perfect!! the music machs sooooo well whit the vid.. is perfect! let’s go!!! 

  24. Tayyabah Naeem

    awwwww man i wish they were reviewed they’re really good

  25. Well we haven’t been pushed to the bottom, which I guess is good, but it seems like we’re stuck at 6

  26. Their different from your usual KPOP artist debut song plus there wayyyyy hottt!!!!

  27. I love how fun this song is!
    But, I became a fan after I heard their song “Solo”! It’s soooo good!

  28. I can not wait to hear what Simon’s nickname is going to be for Tasty! I just know it’s going to be epic!

  29. Bethany Wilson

    I  can hear Mordney Present saying, ‘You know me?’

  30. i really like this song and would like to see them get reviewed 

  31. These Boys needs more attention, like seriously. I can’t get over how catchy this song is to me :) at first when i heared the name “Tasty”  i loled a little,but now it´s grown on me a lot. Now I think it fits perfectly! like it ^____^ 

    I made a twitition ´Get @tastytwins0809 verified!!!´ http://twitition.com/i8i3t 

  32. I love this! Despite it being in an oddly lit room, it’s kinda different! I love the dance too!

  33. so i’m wondering….what will us fans be called ?

  34. I come back and all of a sudden there are lots of new fans. Hey, you guys wanna help me promote the Nomming (instead of, you know, naming…) of the Tasty fandom?

  35. Polish fans are HUNGRY XD
    너 나 알아~~http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElhYG_8ixHY 

  36. Wonder what simon and mrtina would think f a somg that consists mostly of thrcourous. Lol like to see simon dance to this

    • frostedchinadoll

      hi! i would like to ask for your help to vote for nuest this week.
      we are up against superjunior and if we dont win this week we will probably never win next week.
      thanking you guys in advance.

  37. ahhhhhhhhhhh! so this duo is just great i bet martina will have fun with the dance