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Tasty – You Know Me

  1. i love this new group!! i hope they become successful!!!

  2. Bianca Grajeda

    I really hope they get picked for Music Monday on day.
    Pretty late to have found them, but since I’ve seen there video and heard a few other of there songs.
    I think it would be awesome if they got re-viewed in a Music Monda :)

  3. We must get this up to the top 10 or higher! It was up there… If we vote we can get this group higher!
    We (The Nasties) Must help the Tasties go up on the charts.

  4. They really need to be reviewed!!!!!

  5. Thus is SUCH a great video! It’d be amazing if this got reviewed!

  6. Please review! It’s definitly worth it for the rookies! I would love for their video to blow up by your KPOP MUSIC MONDAY. It’s a simple video.

  7. I know this has no hope against KARA and GD, but I’ll keep voting :)

  8. -attempts to imitate shoulder wiggle-

  9. tasty fighting

  10. tastyyyy

  11. 재원 김

    LOVE their dance!!
    Inspirits proudly supporting Tasty xD
    Woollim Family!!!

  12. tasty twins. I LAVA YOU(S)!!

    WE CAN DO IT!!! :D :D

  14. It has little to none lyrics, but still ~ it’s sooo catchy! I love it! *_* The dance is amazing, not only the wiggle-jiggle part, but also the zombie robot  

  15. Although 6 is my favorite number…these guys should be number 1!!! It’s been a few weeks and I still can’t get “Neo na ara” out of my head… thats pretty good for a rookie group I think. 

  16. Before I forget and go back to voting for who I’m voting for (coughNU’ESTcough), there’s something I’d like to say.

    When I heard about this duo’s debut, I didn’t have very high expectations for them. Another, similar rookie group had debuted earlier this year and I had gotten excited, only to be disappointed. Their cute faces had reeled me in, but I was not impressed by their music.

    With that experience under my belt, I stayed weary of Tasty’s debut. For awhile, they were just cute faces. Their teaser came out, and I didn’t think much of it. I saw that they were calling themselves something like ‘the greatest performance duo’ and I scoffed. They’d have to prove it to me.

    When this video came out, though, I was thoroughly surprised and extremely impressed. I love the dance, the vibe, the vocals – everything. Ever since, I’ve had a crush on Daeryong and Soryong, I even followed them on Twitter!

    So, long story short, Tasty is definitely in my top 5 favorite debuts.

  17. I really really love this song and video! I’d love to hear what Simon and Martina think too! If you cant get it in for a Music Mondays, could you at least talk about it on a Kpop Charts Update? Pleeeeeeeease? :)

  18. At first I only liked the start of the video, but now I love the whole thing. TASTY is a really great name for these oh so delicious boys (or should I say men?;) ) ♥ The best thing is that they’re twins!! :D

  19.  I love this song. I wish I could dance like them. Especially that weird leg wiggle.

  20.  OOOO you are so tasty >->  <–>//
    I ‘m really hooked on this song, it is on constant replay. However I’m a little sad that we don’t get to see their faces clearly :C
    But their dances moves are super, as expected from woolim.*w*

    Hey guise random question..Do you know anything about these guys? :3

  21. this is the next epic song after psy’s gangnam style…totally deserves more attention!!!!

  22. Im in love with Tasty <33 I mean they are sooo talented ! And Im proud to say that Woollim has Tasty in their family :DD and as a Infinite's junior xD

  23. i love this vid, and the music! is perfect!! the music machs sooooo well whit the vid.. is perfect! let’s go!!! 

  24. awwwww man i wish they were reviewed they’re really good

  25. Well we haven’t been pushed to the bottom, which I guess is good, but it seems like we’re stuck at 6

  26. Their different from your usual KPOP artist debut song plus there wayyyyy hottt!!!!

  27. I love how fun this song is!
    But, I became a fan after I heard their song “Solo”! It’s soooo good!

  28. I can not wait to hear what Simon’s nickname is going to be for Tasty! I just know it’s going to be epic!

  29. I  can hear Mordney Present saying, ‘You know me?’

  30. i really like this song and would like to see them get reviewed 

  31. These Boys needs more attention, like seriously. I can’t get over how catchy this song is to me :) at first when i heared the name “Tasty”  i loled a little,but now it´s grown on me a lot. Now I think it fits perfectly! like it ^____^ 

    I made a twitition ´Get @tastytwins0809 verified!!!´ 

  32. I love this! Despite it being in an oddly lit room, it’s kinda different! I love the dance too!

  33. so i’m wondering….what will us fans be called ?

  34. I come back and all of a sudden there are lots of new fans. Hey, you guys wanna help me promote the Nomming (instead of, you know, naming…) of the Tasty fandom?

  35. Polish fans are HUNGRY XD
    너 나 알아~~ 

  36. Wonder what simon and mrtina would think f a somg that consists mostly of thrcourous. Lol like to see simon dance to this

    • hi! i would like to ask for your help to vote for nuest this week.
      we are up against superjunior and if we dont win this week we will probably never win next week.
      thanking you guys in advance.

  37. ahhhhhhhhhhh! so this duo is just great i bet martina will have fun with the dance

  38. :3 I want the fandom to be called Lollipops.

  39. Uh…I totally had something I wanted to say, but then I got to reading comments and now I’ve forgotten…
    OH YEAH. When I first saw them was on Inkigayo and I was like “This song is catchy” so I looked it up I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS FROM WOOLLIM (I have a major Woollim bias right now~) But anyway, watching the video the first time I was like “Okay, I KNOW not all Asians look the same, I know how to tell the differences between face types WHY DO THEIR FACES LOOK THE SAME?!” So then I read some comments and found out they are twins XD I don’t feel bad anymore for thinking their faces looked the same. 
    I have a feeling this is a lost cause with all of the big name artists coming out with new videos, but I would have like to see a review for this one. Oh well, maybe next video?

  40. aww  Tasty has no chance now to be reviewed. :( I’m really excited about this group because they bring something new. Thank god it isn’t another boy band.

  41. ahhhhh simon and martina,, pls review this.. PLEASE ;____;

  42. I really wish they would review this! :D

  43. Why is this not #1!? This shit makes me want to dance RIGHT NOW! A catchy song that also has a fly beat? Sign of the Apocalypse…

  44. I want this reviewed so badly! They are really amazing. I love the entire album :D The dancing is so good *fangirls*

  45. Want this so bad to be chosen :3 ♥

  46. At first I was like o_O then I was like, bring out the pole its time to dance!!! NOM!!!

  47. love the song it suits them both

  48. i really hope this gets reviewed. 

  49. love this song. its just…catchy and fun. the singing part a bit random, but still awesome. :)

  50. The more I watch this, the more it grows on me. :D

  51. I’d like to see Tasty and Nu’est reviewed ~ Not a fan of girl groups but gave EvoL a try and didn’t like it : / 
    It started off cool but then… idk just meh.

  52. Review this song please!!!

  53. In love with this song omomomo *w*

  54. Wow these guys are so different from Infinite. I like.

  55. I really hope this gets reviewed!! i don’t think it’ll beat Suju this week but hopefully it’ll stay up long enough for next week!!!! These guys are great! They really don’t seem like rookies and i love their song ^^

  56. This video would make such a fun music monday!!!! Am I the only one who thinks this??

  57. This is awesome… it kinda looks like a high-end electronics ad though… (sort of like how Boyfriend-Love Style looked like a Gap ad and ExoK-What is Love looked like an anthropologie ad).

    But anyway this is so good. And current! It even has a Gotyeish world music chanting bit. Like!

  58. The amount of crotch grabbing in this mv is stunning….well done men on making it look inconspicuous…i think…^^ 

  59. I’m loving these boys to death and I’d really really like them to get reviewed. Unfortunately with Super Junior’s video, GD’s solo coming up, and all other videos I don’t think this one is gonna make it (so so so depressing).
    As such, I plan on voting for Nu’est (i’ve official been converted into a LO/E lol). I think it would be amazing for them to beat Suju. I’ll still be voting here because keeping these boys at the top of the chart could help them get noticed, and who knows, maybe they could get their review!

  60. Whats even there names because i looked all over the internet and can’t find it anywhere. it’s kind of depressing.. also i think they remind me of GD and TOP but the only thing that bugs me is the fact that there company is able to market them as asia’s #1 pop duo. ….. how do you get away with that. Please if you review this video please review the fact they shouldn’t be giving false advertising. like there not #1 yet there fore they should not be aloud to put that in the music video, or advertising. i know they want to be #1 which is understandable how ever what place has gave them that rank. that is my rent

    • The one with the blond/pink/blue/whatever color hair is Daeryong. The one with the dark hair is Soryong.

      As for the number 1 duo thing…singers do that all the time. It is kind of how music industries do things. Advertise your group as the best, catch people’s attention. And it does work. It is the same thing with movie “greatest action movie ever” etc., those things are all subjective and it is just an attention grabbing statement to help gain a larger audience.

  61. can’t stop replaying this song

  62. freakin super junior! why did they have to put out a new song now? they could have waited just one week! I really wanted tasty to get reviewed. :(

  63. 너 나 알아!

  64. it feels like voting for a music show like music bank, mnet countdown or inkigayo because whoever you vote for, it’s often the groups from the big 3 who win whenever there’s a comeback. I’m not bashing Suju, 2NE1 or other groups because I like what they are doing but I wish S&M could review songs from more different groups.
    Anyway let’s see what gets reviewed, it’s always a pleasure to watch their video because it’s soooo funny :D

  65. one thing i don’t get is how can the company market them as number 1. there a rookie duo group even if the singers have been around for a will. you know by putting number that is going to make jyp work hard for jj project. i like both groups but i find i like all of jj projects songs and just this song for tasty. I like the song but there is flaw in marketing

  66. Hrm…  Things aren’t looking good, here.  With SuJu and Nu’Est leading the pack right now (though I’m not at all upset about Nu’Est being up there), I’m not sure this’ll get a chance in these next two imperative weeks.  That, coupled with the fact that both Xiah and G-Dragon’s new videos should be released before the month is out (despite the new MV rating rules pushing things back), may mean that this is a lost cause.

    That being said, I’m still going to vote for this (and Nu’Est) whole-heartedly.  We need new groups to be reviewed, not just the biggies, and I definitely think that Tasty is worth it.

  67. SIMON! MARTINA!! you guys should promote this video next week. (like you did for psy) :) PWEAZE!

    • Considering the amount and severity of abusive comments they received after promoting Psy, I doubt they’ll be doing that again any time soon.

  68. At first I was like what the hell?? then suddenly it grew on me now the song is addictive and I like their body roll like dance though :D

  69. THIS SONG IS JUST PURE AWESOME! :D ^_^ -awkward silence- ;D PULEEZE REVIEW THIS SONG -puppy eyes- :D ^^ -waves- -bows- -run away- :D ^_^ 

  70. We all know Super Junior is going to win this week, but I’m still going to keep clicking because I can. 
    Nom nom nom

  71. I want them to review the dance!! I want to see them do the shoulder wiggle xD

  72. holy crap i just can’t get enough of this song ♥

  73. I love them soooooooo much! :D

  74. Twins for life! Hell yeah! It would be so much fun to see you review this. And it could be that I just like them because they are quite handsome and at the same time twins, just like me (not talking about the being handsome part…)

  75. OMG Even if this video is a bit weak. Please vote for it. I just can’t stand another Suju review. I considered myself an ELF but I haven’t seen anything interesting from Suju since Don’t Don.

    But I do love these Tasty guys. While the western scene caters to the male fantasy about twins, thank god SK caters to the female demographic. My twins fantasy finally coming true, and it’s even better they are not underaged. XD That shoulder wiggle is too cute. Newbies being so charismatic on stage must get a review

    • Agree with the Suju thing, I love them, but I really can’t take the reviews anymore because nothing changes for them. (plus I’m really not digging Spy…like at all). I’d like to see new groups win a Music Monday.

    •  Agree with you on the shoulder wiggle. It’s the best part of the MV for me.
      I like Tasty so far, but I’m not really interested in a review for this particular MV. It just looks too much like…an ad.
      When their next one comes out, I’ll probably vote like crazy for it.

      I’m an ELF too, but yeah, I don’t get excited about Suju reviews anymore. A-Cha is the first MV that got me into K-pop, so I can’t say I don’t think their stuff is interesting (I happen to like MV’s with lots of dancing, so I actually like almost all SJ MV’s)…but there’s not much to talk about in a review. :/

  76. I loooove this song. And these twins. And the music video. After watching it, I was thinking how I’d love to see Simon and Martina review this for music monday, especially the english and the dance parts.

  77. I really don’t know you…. even you keep on asking…… I still don’t know you after I finish the song……

  78. You know why I want to be a Nom? Think of the t-shirts that could spawn from this!

  79. Voting every single day for these boys! Don’t give up! 

  80. This would make such a fun music Monday!!

  81. It would be interesting to see them review this. 

  82. Oh myy… I can’t stop listening to this it’s so catchy. They should get reviewed!

  83. Okay, how the heck did Tasty get below Beautiful Night, which has already been reviewed. C’mon, my fellow Noms! clicky clicky! 

  84. please i really want this video on eat your kimchi because i want to hear what simon and martina will say!!! 
    my heart is broken because they never NEVER!!! did The chaser – INFINITEso want Tasty kekeke

  85. Uuuu love them so much~ they are AMAZING~ ^^

  86. This group is amazing <3 Watched them on Mnet Countdown. Blown away by their performance~!!! 

  87. I would love to see this reviewed, and here’s why.

    As with any rookie group (or in this case, duo) that I hadn’t seen much from in the way of teasers, I really didn’t know quite what to expect from Tasty, but I took a chance and purchased their album anyway.  What I got was pleasantly surprising.  As a whole, “Spectrum” is strong and very well executed, as well as presenting a distinctly self-assured and concrete style.  It doesn’t bounce genres, and I enjoy that.  Not that a group can’t pull off multiple genres successfully (see B.A.P’s “No Mercy” album), but it knows what it is and sticks to it with a firm confidence.

    While I believe that “Buster” would have made a better debut single for them, “너 나 알아” certainly presents a unique starting point for the duo, and manages to catch the ear and get your head bobbing.  A strong debut song is practically imperative for a rookie group, and “너 나 알아” is definitely an attention grabbing song.

    The video, while a “just dancing” video, is still fun to watch, and showcases their dancing skills quite well.  The dancing itself is technical enough to be interesting to watch, while being simple enough to follow and learn, with a little practice.  It’s also very apparent that the Jung twins are enjoying themselves immensely.  There’s a simple enjoyment to the video, and in that simplicity it seems to be stating that you don’t have to build elaborate sets or have complicated CGI to create an eye-catching and engaging video.

    Going forward, I will be quite eager to see what Tasty has to offer us.


    As a side note, on the whole fanclub name thing, I think we should be called Tastebuds.  The tastebuds are the parts of the mouth that enjoy all the “Tasty” flavors that we present to them, just as we, the fans are the people who get to enjoy the wonderful music that Tasty is presenting to us.  Just my two cents.  :D

    •  (I tried to edit this into my original post, but the edit function seems to not be working)

      EDIT:: Damn…  Reading through the other comments here, I have discovered that my super-awesome I-thought-it-was-original idea about using TasteBuds has apparently already been suggested.  Sad panda.

  88. Lots of people have been calling the fandom Treats o:

  89. My vote for fanclub name is Delicious. Or, no, wait….how about Noms. We should be the noms.

    • :D
      If they do end up being called Noms, I actually wouldn’t mind joining.

      • I’ve decided that no matter what the official fanclub name is, I’m a Nom. Kind of like with B.A.P where instead of a Baby (except, okay, I’m totally a Baby but) I’m a Banger (because lets face it BYG is epic). I always wish I could articulate myself in Korean so I can get these things out there. EVERYONE, START CALLING YOURSELF A NOM! I’m going to pretend that typing in all caps will further the cause. 
        NOM NOM NOM

    • Oh my gosh, NOMS!

      Haha, this one is great! I wanna be a nom!

  90. I really hope that they succeed and bring in a lot of profit for Woolim just so that their next music video can have an Infinite (lol see what I did there) budget, because I want epic dance and epic story and epic oddly lit rooms for the next one, not just a white wall and a strobe light.

  91. I love this song
    And I cant wait to see what’s going to say Simon :P

  92. I want to learn this dance so bad.

    HAHA I wonder about the things Simon will say. 

  93. NEO NA ARA

  94. :D it’d be an interesting review if this vid ever get one…
    (imagines new shoulder wiggle dance)

  95. Something refreshing from kpop

  96. I really love them altough this is not the kind of music I usually listen to… but their dancing is awesome! And they’re also twins just like me and my sis~ ^^

  97. OMO…you know what ?? Simon just gave me a great idea on how/what their fanbase name should be… OWEHH YOU SO NASTYYY ♥ lol

  98. People should vote more for this awesome music video ♥♥

  99. I am so addicted to this song!

  100. Everyone got more info about So-Dae? like who’s the oldest (yeah I’m this obssessed ) and who’s the leader? And also if there’s a fan cafe for international fans?

  101. Review please!!!

  102. Twinssss….. I think I’m dead. 

  103. Catchy and the beat is awesome! They kinda have a slight look of GD – I like :’)

  104. Oooooh U SO TASTY
    Really hope Tasty make it! (^-^)_v

  105. mls

    I don’t really know if I like the song or not…there are so many effects: camera, zoom, light, etc I can’t concentrate on the song. Pity really. Will have to listen to the song without the vid. Though a Music Monday would be really interesting…The vid is kind of artsy, but it’s a bit too much. Though the twin idea isn’t a bad one…^_-

  106. The first few seconds of this mv (when the funky beats came on) I already became their newest fan…but then when they started singing AND dancing…holy moly….I can’t even begin to articulate…it took me about 10mins just to type this comment because I couldn’t find the words…

  107. Let’s get this to number one!

  108. fantastic at dancing, six feet tall, hot….

  109. “Tasty” is an understatement! xD
    The song is so catchy! And I love the dance <3

  110. This song is so catchy. o.o And the fact that they’re twins is awesome! I foresee epicness because of this.

  111. TASTY TWINSSS!!! :D

  112. I need to see simon do the dance xD Even if it will spoil my eyes, it’s just worth it. Tasty’s fanbase should be called the “Tastebuds” or the “Hungries” ooooH =o or it could be the “Grumblies” xDlol I can’t.

  113. This some is just so catchy! <3

  114. Their debut stage blew me away! <3

  115. it’s really not my genre of music, but I really really enjoyed the dance, the mv (maybe not the epilepsy part) and their singing part, and then I just ended loving the whole thing…

  116. I like how one twin has a bad boy appearance, and the other twin has a good boy appearance

  117. Can you differentiate between their voices when they sing? I think DaeRyong has a slightly huskier voice  

  118. Just want to send out a little reminder, if we want this to get reviewed don’t leave spam comments. Discuss the video and the group. Have a conversation with someone. Spam is just deleted by the mods and therefore doesn’t help in anyway.

    Now, in regards to the the beginning when they’re standing on those….platform/table/things, is the design of that supposed to mean something or is it just decoration? It looks cool with the triangle side and like backwards F.

  119. So many close shots of hands in this video, yum!

  120. Which one is your favourite? Mine is Dae <3 Pure awesomeness

    • I’m thinking Dae as well. The faces he makes and idk, he seems to have this energy when he dances that pulls my eye to him. 

    • How can you guys pick a bias so easily?
      It takes me a while to figure out which member I like in a group and we have only seen one interview and one MV by Tasty. But what makes choosing a bias even more difficult is that they are identical twins… 
      I’ll hold off on choosing until I know them a little better.

      • Or you don’t have to chose a bias and love them both equally :D after all they are twins

      • I’ve been surprisingly quick about picking biases. There is usually at least one person who catches my eye in a group. And to this day every single one has remained my bias of that group. The only exception to this is Infinite….I’m pretty much in love with all of them and can’t pick a bias for the life of me. 

        Daeryong caught my eye the most (probably the hair as said below) so I’m thinking at the moment it might be him. Plus he seemed adorably shy in that interview :)  (i like shy guys haha)

    •   I personally don’t have a bias yet, but for having two twins (twins +
      other twins) as friends I know how different they can be from each
      other. So I’m sure that as soon as we have more interviews and more tv
      appearences of them, choices will be made (I already started to
      sliiiiiiightly like Soryong -for I don’t know which reason-)

      But then again even with other groups I never really stick with one
      bias, I tend to  change them the more I know about them, but at least
      now my choices are narrowed down to two :p

  121. from a film POV, that editing is awesome! Love the contrast of colors and grayscale too! Vote for this one please! 

  122. I’m only commenting because I want these boys to have more votes. It would give them a much deserved exposure. These boys are amazing. Just…UNF.

  123. they’re delicious!! xPi love these tasty2wins <3

  124. Yes!! I was so surprised to see them this high up on the chart!! I’ve been doing the shoulder dance all day. 

  125. review!! cool dancing xD

  126. The shoulder wiggle is my new favorite dance move, I mean who doesn’t love that?! :D I already love this duo! But wouldn’t fan service between them be incest? xD

    •  Ya! how can you >__< stop imagining things guys, seriously TT_TT

      • I think shipping people in real life is creepy enough (i mean, i can do fictional characters, but actual people?), but then to ship brothers??

        (it really grosses me out, its like my friends who ask about my brother being hot and such and such….HE’S MY BROTHER!!!!)

  127. This MV needs to get reviewed!

  128. Cool song! Not a fan of the MV, but the dance looks super fun.

  129. - Simon needs to do the chorus dance while saying, “You so Tasty.” Wait.. If Martina joins as Simon’s twin… MARRY2WIN! Lol…

  130. hahahaha I want to see their reactions to this

  131. But seriously, Woolim must have been ecstatic to get their hands on these guys, synchronization wise. Being identical twins gives them an almost supernatural synchro advantage.

  132. Though honestly not much happens in the video except dancing, the dancing is so freaking epic that it deserves it’s own Music Monday. Okay, I AM getting these supermegafoxyawesomehot twinsies to the top if it kills me!

    • supermegafoxyawesomehot?!
      Totally awesome!

      Lol, I feel the same. I think that this video is meant specifically for showcasing their talent, which makes sense coming from Woollim because of how Infinite is known for their dancing and how synchronized they are.

    • I’m sorry but did you just say SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT?

      Damn. Didn’t know there are Starkids around this part of Kpop, haha.

      • Starkids are everywhere, hidden with the muggles…quite like kpop fans. Lol, fandoms with similar fates.

        • haha, pretty cool. I don’t see a lot of starkids in kpop, actually.

          btw, leakycon and AVPSY. i’m pretty much dead right now. it’s like, why can’t I ever go to kpop concerts AND neither can i go to leakycon WHY.

        • AudreyKoopman

          I feel you on that one. So frustrating!

          I actually don’t know many starkids who are into kpop, the only other one I know is my friend and I kinda introduced her to both she didn’t even pop up randomly lol.

        • Maybe because it’s just two different fandoms so it’d be weird to suddenly fangirl over a kpop idol by replying with a HarryPotter!darren “superfoxymegawesomehot” gif, haha~

          Well, I still follow Starkid activities but I haven’t been hanging out in the Starkid fandom part of the internet these past few months.

          Also damn, Evanna Lynch was in AVPSY like damn really. I thought they were just kidding when they mentioned that last year but turns out it’s true.

          ANYWAYS… we’re talking about a Harry Potter subfandom in a Tasty MV discussion page, lol, what even.

        • I’m just sitting here at the moderator page, reading your comments and feeling utterly flabbergasted. I’m like….is this some Nu’est inside joke or something? >.>
          lol……..yo! keep it relevant bro! xD

        • Haha, which is why I’m stopping right about… now.

        • Hey, I’d totally have gifed it if I had a gif handy. Never waste an opportunity to fangirl over as many things as possible all at one time.

  133. Woolim. I love you guys for you bringing this duo! <3

  134. OH U SO TASTY~
    *wiggles eyebrows*

    >_> ah…i love those twins

  135. LOVE Woollim this duo is so awesome! <3333

  136. I feel like the shoulder wiggle belongs in the same category as the rolling down the sexy windows and BAP’s ‘baby wassup’ grind dance…its totally a ‘hey girl’ move.

  137. Simon: YOU SO TASTYYYYY

    Yes they are ;u;

  138. Love Woollim (: Best company everrrrrrr

  139.  A dance you have to watch in HD.

  140. Saw the performance and was like “THAT DANCE IS AWESOME”

    I would love to see Simon do the dance ^-^

  141. I can just image Simon going like “mmmmm you so so tasty”. 

  142. Should we be named delicious? hahas 

  143. woollim is tha best! these rookies stand out to me :)

  144. Ok, from the album, the song Buster…I’m in love with it. Their voices are killing me. 

    I’m stanning Woollim like no other at the moment. Been listening to Infinite and Tasty all day!

    • Buster is such an awesome song, and so are all the other tracks on the CD (*___*) Seriously, I am definitely buying this album. THEIR DEBUT STAGE. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED. I LOVED IT. AND THE VIDEO WAS DEFINITELY WORTH WAITING FOR.

      I understand the Woollim stanning xD I have such a Woollim bias. I love so many of their artists. I’m hoping for cute interactions between Infinite and Tasty (or with any other artist in their company, I don’t mind :D)

      • I’m in need of this cd too lol. And the debut stage, hooked from the beginning. (Love Daeryong’s little smirk thing he did when the song broke down into the techno part and they were like, pushing their shoulders and head…makes sense in my head haha)

        Why are Woollim artists so perfect?? 


          After watching the teaser, I thought that Woollim’s girl group was finally debuting xD I felt so surprised finding out that it wasn’t them, but a completely secret duo who we’ve never heard of before (it was a nice surprise, though :D)

          I’m guessing you have a Daeryong bias, then? x]

        • AudreyKoopman

          If thats what it is, KEEP THE MAGIC FOOD COMING!!!!!!

          I was thinking it was the girl group too (hope they come out soon!) but I have no complaints!

          Eh-heh…maybe >_>

          He just stands out to me. I was thinking about it, and one of the pluses is that in quick flashes I think he looks like Dongwoo who is in the higher rankings of the Infinite bias list (love love love him so much!). 

          But I can’t wait to learn more personality wise.

        • I’m looking forward to the Woollim Girls’ debut. I think the last time we heard anything about them was their appearance on Running Man xD But yeah, I was still very happy (=w=)b

          Yeah, Daeryong kind of stands out to me too… He might become my Tasty bias, only the future will tell (fingers crossed that someone likes them enough and decides they’ll sub Tasty stuff…)

          Haha, Dongwoo is still my ultimate bias xD I remember seeing your tweets after Infinite released the Japanese PV for “She’s Back” (>w<)o HE WAS SO CUTE IN THAT VIDEO. ASDFGHJKL.

        • AudreyKoopman

          You’d think it’d be hard to pick one so fast with so little to go off, especially because they’re twins. But twins can be so different from one another. The subs are needed though. (I just wish I could understand every language. Would make things so much easier.)

          Dongwoo :) The scene with the birdie on the street and he was trying to shoo it, and him running/shuffling in the sand. Gah, he’s moving up very fast. I don’t have a bias in Infinite (so impossible to choose), but I can definitely put him at the top.

          (my ultimate is Onew…i adore him)

        • Well I think it’s probably because I like Daeryong’s haircut more than Soryong’s right now. Like you said, with them being twins and everything, it’s kind of hard to pick a bias off looks alone. I’m definitely gonna need subs to pick a real favourite (if I /can/ pick a favourite in Tasty xD) The only languages I know are French and VERY basic Chinese. Unfortunately things are rarely subbed with French subtitles, so it doesn’t come in handy much here in the K-Pop world and I can’t really help with translating xD

          The Japanese version of She’s Back was such a cute video! (That and Lately are pretty high on that list… xD) DONGWOO IS SUPER ADORABLE (one of the many reasons why he’s my ultimate bias, lol) Onew is my SHINee bias. HE IS SO CLUMSY AND I LOVE IT.

  145. Hahaha, they look the same, and their voices are so similar (i hear a deeper voice for soryong)


  147. The dance is amazing! I love it, it is cool and so clean cut (no extra moving that is not suppose to be there).  The song is super catchy!  <3

  148. I love them!… That shoulder dance is deabak!

  149. Love the song, love the dance and love these guys!

  150. i can already hear simon saying “uuuuu U SO TASTTYYYY”

  151. i love woollim <3

  152. I wonder what fan name Simon will make for us..

    tasters? uh, tasties? 2winning!

    haha, idk

  153. The Nasty’s want Tasty!

  154. Such ‘tasty’ twins.
    I will look forward to their future releases. <3

  155. That shoulder wiggle dance. It is pure amazingness! My favorite dance move ever!