Teen Top – Be Ma Girl

  1. aq adk dye

    oh my teen top!!!!…i love you so much….CHUNJIIIII…….

  2. Teen Top <3 L.Joe <3 
    Russia loves you! )*
    Россия вас любит <3 :*

  3. parkbaekhee

    They are going down on other chart now!!Come on Angels!! 

  4. parkbaekhee

    Please don’t forget to vote 4 them Angels!!! :) they are really going down in other chart ! :'(

  5. iloveminhyun

    Now that Teen Top is reviewed, can the Teen Top fans please help Nu’est? *puppydog eyes* Pleasee <3

  6. THIS. Please I hope they review this over suju’s new song!!

  7. Changjo skateboarding is cool! !

  8. Tuxedosam3

    l.joe and ricky, why must you two be so perfect.

  9. I just wanna know, can Suju still win for tomorrow’s episode?

  10. Luinathiel

    I hope Teen Top gets reviewed this week! As everyone says, SuJu will win anyway next week.

  11. Does Super Junior still have a chance to be reviewed for tomorrow episode? Or has Teen Top won already?

  12. xToastersaurusx

    Here to support Teen Top~ Suju will win next week for sure if they dont this week~

  13. Love this video/song! Go Teen Top! :) 

  14. I love Super Junior but I want Teen Top to win, cause either way super junior’s videos are all starting to look the same XD

  15. aww i would like to fan girl about this to my friends but i dont have any that shares my love for kpop:( only one and she has no pc :(

  16.  can’t wait to see the review for this MV! =D

  17. Please do this one!!! You STILL have done THE MOST AMAZING TeenTop Song EVER! (To You..)

  18. Ruby Kausin

    I kinda liked their “To You” and “Crazy” image but i love the song>

  19. During CAP’s rap I always hear “Queso!” and i can’t stop laughing

  20. So close~ Im so excited! The outfits in this video are awesome ^^ I
    really liked the styles of their hair and the dance is cute :D

  21. Jane Enkhbold

    wooooooo! go teen top! they so cool :D

  22. This song has a similar beat to Alone by Sistar……. 

  23. Yeay! Teen Top at the top of the chart! I wish they like this song because I also like this song!

  24. I think they will review this. Its almost monday in Korea. I hope they mention To You and Crazy in the review.

  25. To You is more worthy to be review though. Everything about that song was perfection.

  26. los amo son los mejores!!!!!!!!