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Teen Top – Be Ma Girl

  1. oh my teen top!!!!…i love you so much….CHUNJIIIII…….

  2. Teen Top <3 L.Joe <3 
    Russia loves you! )*
    Россия вас любит <3 :*

  3. They are going down on other chart now!!Come on Angels!! 

  4. Please don’t forget to vote 4 them Angels!!! :) they are really going down in other chart ! :’(

  5. Now that Teen Top is reviewed, can the Teen Top fans please help Nu’est? *puppydog eyes* Pleasee <3

  6. THIS. Please I hope they review this over suju’s new song!!

  7. Changjo skateboarding is cool! !

  8. l.joe and ricky, why must you two be so perfect.

  9. I just wanna know, can Suju still win for tomorrow’s episode?

  10. I hope Teen Top gets reviewed this week! As everyone says, SuJu will win anyway next week.

  11. Does Super Junior still have a chance to be reviewed for tomorrow episode? Or has Teen Top won already?

  12. Here to support Teen Top~ Suju will win next week for sure if they dont this week~

  13. Love this video/song! Go Teen Top! :) 

  14. I love Super Junior but I want Teen Top to win, cause either way super junior’s videos are all starting to look the same XD

  15. aww i would like to fan girl about this to my friends but i dont have any that shares my love for kpop:( only one and she has no pc :(

  16.  can’t wait to see the review for this MV! =D

  17. Please do this one!!! You STILL have done THE MOST AMAZING TeenTop Song EVER! (To You..)

  18. I kinda liked their “To You” and “Crazy” image but i love the song>

  19. During CAP’s rap I always hear “Queso!” and i can’t stop laughing

  20. So close~ Im so excited! The outfits in this video are awesome ^^ I
    really liked the styles of their hair and the dance is cute :D

  21. wooooooo! go teen top! they so cool :D

  22. This song has a similar beat to Alone by Sistar……. 

  23. Yeay! Teen Top at the top of the chart! I wish they like this song because I also like this song!

  24. I think they will review this. Its almost monday in Korea. I hope they mention To You and Crazy in the review.

  25. To You is more worthy to be review though. Everything about that song was perfection.

  26. los amo son los mejores!!!!!!!!

  27. omg so awesome o^-^o

  28. We have to make sure this is reviewed!!!

  29. Obsessing over their hair!!
    The hairstylist did a good job this time around ;)

  30. Angels, I think our boys may be getting this week’s Music Mondays :)
    Can’t wait to watch! Let’s keep voting ♥

  31. I love Teen Top!  

  32. yayyyyy, I hope this gets reviewed!!!

  33. I can’t wait dor this to be reviewed! I really love the stylist noona of this mv!

  34. Where’s everyone??!! Ahaha we are so close and I’m getting nervous xDU

  35. Keep voting everybody! I really hope this video’ll make it!

  36. why is teen top awesome?

  37. why my replies aren’t show as replies?? lol

    • I think it’s cos S&M switched to the old Disqus, for whatever reason it is this time….they’re currently experimenting with different commenting systems (since Disqus often crashes), so sorry for the inconvenience :(

  38. Can’t wait for the kpopcharts Update of this week!! >w<

  39. wish they will win :)

  40. Don’t forget to vote them Angels ! ^^ 

  41. Teen Top Hwaiting!! Saranghae! :* 

  42. first time here for teen top…i am not a fan but i find this song very catchy…:)

  43. Worse case scenario:

    S&M won’t do a KPOP Music Monday this week because they’ll be too busy with the U-Kiss thing.

    • They didn’t say anything about that…what they said was they won’t do the kpop chart updates..if they won’t be doing it they would have announced it already..sometimes you just have to have faith in people..i’m sure S & M won’t do something that will deceive their viewers.

    • Lol….by ‘the Ukiss thing’, I meant the announcement video that they posted yesterday. They were busy editing it all afternoon, and also they had the meeting with the U-kiss management yesterday, which is when they usually make the chart updates, so I could understand why they haven’t put it up.
      HOWEVER, it is very unlikely that they will skip KMM. Do you know how many death threats they get whenever they miss a KMM? And I’m not even joking.

  44. Looks like S&M aren’t doing the Kpop Chart Updates today…must be too busy with the UKiss interview thing. Oh well. Your position is pretty safe anyway, since they choose the winner in another hour. Yay for neon bowling alleys? xD

  45. Usually by this time (if the deadline is indeed 00:00 KST), S&M should have tweeted something about the cutoff. Angels keep voting.


  47. Make This MV gets reviewed…vote it ok…


  49. changjo issssss justtt shooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee >.<

  50. this is amazing!!! I just… I can’t!!! my feels~ xD haha ♥♥♥

  51. so cool~~~~~ no1. TEEN TOP no1

  52. Vote fore Teen Top here.
    musicstar . sportsseoul . com/

  53. They are so cool and cute . I love them all :)

  54. 120810 Music Bank Performance Lineup

    01.) Saturday Night – Crayon Pop
    02.) Racer – Chaos
    03.) Different, Different – Park Moojin
    04.) Dreaming I – F.CUZ
    05.) Unfinished – December
    06.) Spectrum – TASTY
    07.) You Know Me – TASTY
    08.) I’m Missin’ You – D-UNIT
    09.) ELVIS – AOA
    10.) SOLO – C-CLOWN
    11.) Into The Storm (She’s Gone) – Supernova
    12.) I Hate You (feat. Yong Junhyung of BEAST) – Eru
    13.) MAYDAY (feat. Kim Changryeol) – Mario
    14.) Busan Vacance (with Jung Junha) – SKULL & HAHA
    15.) Party(XXO) – GLAM
    16.) No Mercy – B.A.P 
    17.) HOT BOY – BigStar
    18.) Me first (ft. Bang Yongguk of B.A.P) – Gilmi
    19.) Love Style – Boyfriend
    20.) Will You Go out with Me? – Teen Top
    21.) Aftermath – ZE:A
    22.) Spy – Super Junior
    23.) Loving U – SISTAR
    24.) Beautiful Night – BEAST
    25.) Only One (with Eunhyuk of Super Junior) – BoA

    Source: KBSWorldTV

    Teen Top will be the 20th performer.

  55. Can you review this song AND “to you”? Please?

  56.  They were my first kpop group as well !! They are and always will be the No.1 in my heart <3

  57. Exactly!! What the heck is that necklace? -_-U and I’m so agree with you, most of the outfits, not only Niel’s, were just… no no nol! Maybe except for L.Joe and CAP’s, I think they were the less afected by the stylish noonas xDU

  58.  LOL I’m not so sure about the ahjumma pants, but you’ve got a point there xD

  59. I have the same worry!! He looks so hot with every hairstyle he gets but the staff needs to left his hair rest! I don’t want a bald L.Joe xDU

  60.  That’s good news, right??

  61. Yes!! They work so hard to do everything perfect on the stage that after each presentation you can only feel proud of them ^^

  62. I don’t know how they do it but every time I watch this MV I love them more and more. Guess I’m not used to watch them in this kind of vid with tons and tons of aegyo, it’s so rare but they fit that image perfectly, maybe that’s why the vid is so adictive xP

  63. Keep voting everybody! :D I think this’ll beco mea funny kmm! *_*

  64. Neil your hair!!!!! Your Hair!!!!
    Im glad they fixed CAPs hair though. i didnt like it in “to you”
    L.Joe and Changjo are amazing!! <3

  65. Because I’m kinda tired of all the bigger groups getting K-Pop Music Mondays ^^~.

  66. Changjooooo!! <33

  67. Ok, so GD has just started filming his MV. At the quickest it would be done in a day. Plus it has to be edited and approve by the commission thing in Korea. I’m guessing if Super Junior does get released before the end of the week, Teen Top will sure to get next week.

    Well, unless there’s another high profile act that will release a video next week. Is there? GD is definitely out of the question next week.

  68. I’m so excited to see more of their live performances! Aren’t you Angels?

  69. Come on angels keep voting

  70. Apparently Suju’s MV is postponed because of the censorship issue but I do remember reading earlier today that the SPY MV will be released on Sunday. Let’s just hope Teen Top’s lead would be enough, if not, let’s just hope for the best.

  71. I really really hope teen top would win this time. I just hope that Suju won’t release their MV yet. Please2 let’s vote for teen top.

  72. Teen Top!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Niel!! <3

  73. Here’s a fancam of this song in Teen Top’s participation on that concert with SHINee and 2ne1.

  74. i hope teen top gets it iv been dieing to see simonandmartina do another review on teen top i can’t wait to see spudgy reaction haha l.joe and ricky

  75. Oh Spudy~ Don’t hurt L.Joe or Ricky, they didn’t mean it T-T

  76. I hope an ELF can tell us exactly when the SPY MV will be released.

  77. I heard Super Junior’s MV will come out on Sunday. Unless S&M makes their KPOP Music Monday on Saturday, I think we should look into next week. With the number of ELFs, they will be on top in just mere hours.

    • They choose the winner for KMM at 00:00 KST Sunday.

      • so there’s still hope?

        • there’s always hope. The question is what is the probablity. I kept looking at ELFs tweets and no one has been talking about exact dates.

      • Do you ever get tired of saying the same thing over and over and over again? :p… I think they should make a special section (that is easy to find cuz I know they’ve explained it before) that tell people how the chart works.

        To keep this relevant…. I like C.A.P’s cap XDD I got attached to that team since I was like 8, even though I don’t follow baseball closely ^^”…. I just think it’s cool when I see random idols wearing Cleveland Indians’ things. And he wears it on performances too *half in love*

        • Yea they’re working on that :) Having a page to explain the charts and voting and commenting and all that. In the meantime I just explain stuff based on what they’ve told me.

          TKIR: Cap’s cap? lol is his name Cap? How random :O

        • I dont get it either, I guess he likes caps. I’m not into Teen Top that much to know.

        • and @dalzomb:disqus

          Do you think that’s why his name is CAP?

    • Super Junior is a great group and all but you’re on a Teen top comment page so comment about them can ? 

      What is with the arrogant “With the number of ELFs, they will be on top in just mere hours” ..
      And NIEL !! You’re the main here right ?? But I don’t like the outfits !! Just doesn’t click with me much !! Anyway, love this video , love the song and love the members .. Teen Top Hwaiting !!

      • I don’t think the people who are saying that are being arrogant; I think they’re actually using that as a way to encourage themselves to vote more. But it’s true that constantly talking about Super Junior isn’t what this page is for.

      • But its a topic of conversation though. Teen Top fans want this to be reviewed and we are all looking into the release of SPY. That’s what all the people here are thinking of.

  78. Guys, please watch the TeenzOnTop channel vids. Not the LOEN ones.

  79. They always have these awesome hairstyles.I would be a happy man with any of them.

  80. Yup..teen top can definitely work it even with those ahjumma pants! still sexxxy

  81. i hope this gets reviewed

  82. Let’s keep voting and sharing and commenting Angels!

    We can win this!!!
    Teen Top & Angels fighting ♥

  83. asfjkbadfj I want this reviewed sooo bad XD oh my gosh I cant wait! I loved this video and am so glad its at 1st place right now. I hope we can make it stay!!!

  84. We can do this….Let not lose hope ^^

  85. wow, the first song I have listened to from Teen Top and I love it!! Gonna explore these guys and their songs more ^^

  86. We have to show Simon and Martina that Teen Top are not a bunch of bad cheating boys! And please don’t have Spudgy rip up a Ricky/L.Joe picture. I think I’d die TT_TT Okay so probably not, but I’d be like “NOOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYY?!?”

  87. One of the best aspects of this MV is that it has people of the opposite sex in it. I hope Simon and Martina are pleased.

  88. Please win, LOL. I’m kinda bored with all the top groups winning K-Pop Music Monday…

  89. Keep voting everyone! If we want Teen top to win, we need to have the votes high enough so that new videos can’t catch up and steal 1st

  90. I love this song and video, but I just have to say…
    Niel, absolutely my favorite, but oh wow do I hate what the stylists did to him. His hair is great and of course his face is adorable, but I pretty much hate very outfit he wears in this video. Especially that weird puffy necklace gone multi-colored thing… what is that?

  91. Keep voting all possible ways everyday Angels! :D

  92. Teen Top Fighting WOO!`

  93. Teen Top deserves some more spotlight I think! One of the better boy groups out there and loves all the Brave Brothers collaborations! Go Teen Top!

  94. Oooh I really really really want this to get reviewed!!!!! And as much as I love Super Junior and am psyched about their video (which needs to come out ASAP) I really want this one to be reviewed instead. Im always an Angel first over anything since Teen Top was really my first Kpop group. I loved this song and the video is so cute and colorful. If Suju comes out soon theres no way itll get reviewed this week. Maybe next week but the sooner the better right?

  95. Angels VS ELF who wins??? btd i just heard CAP moaning O.o

  96. in this devastating situation here in our country,this song and these boys are the reason why i’m still smiling.

  97. i love their outfits in this mv…by the way angels,they will be in etude’s pink play concert tonight,7pm kst here’s the link

    you’ll see be ma girl live till the next music show don’t dare miss it!

  98. Aside for Super Junior, what other high profile group will come out with a song? I know T-ara is supposed to release something but I think CCM is actually thinking now and postponing that comeback.

  99. Let’s keep voting for Teen Top. Its highly unlikely we beat Super Junior but we can still make it for next week. Come on guys!!!

  100. vamos angels !! nosotro (a) podemos :D

  101. by….helping them a lot?

    To keep it relevant, uh, I agree this song is not as catchy as crazy, because a while ago I heard the word ‘baby’, and instead of thinking of Bieber’s song like I usually would, I started humming Teen Top’s Crazy. And I’d only heard it once. Crazy huh. :p

  102. ugh you should review this MV. wanna know what you would say about them. Loving the neon thingy going on mann~

  103. raunchy thrusting and dougie? You know what to do Simon :)

  104. ahhh…i love and cute at the same time..

  105. I really didn’t like this song much at first but after a few repeats, I couldn’t take the song out of my mind! It gets awesomer the more you play it :))

  106. I’ve watched this MV over and over and over again, and that shot of L.Joe at 1:28 is still my fav…. and I’m Chunji biased!! Oh gawd this boys, you can hardly pick one as your favorite <33

  107. When I heard this was in first I was pretty excited but then I heard about SuJu and I was like “NOOOOOooooooo” -falls dramatically-
    But frankly knowing SM it’ll come out pretty late. Besides with others helping us I’m sure Teen Top will get this! ^^

  108. I really hope that TEEN TOP gets reviewed this time around! They haven’t been reviewed since “Noona don’t spray perfume”…=[ And they have improved so much since then.

    And does this video remind anyone of Justin Bieber’s MV where he’s in a bowling alley? Oh wait, did he ever filmed a video in a bowling alley? Hmm…

  109. I screamed when I saw the wallpaper xDD

  110. Simon: plz dont ruin the choreography, its not like they CHOOSE to dance those steps.
    Teentop hwaiting <3

  111. omg teen top’s mv is so awesome

  112. L. Joe’s hairstyle kinda looks like Spudgy…

  113. yay come on angels we can do this! keep voting guys keep up the good work! :D <3

  114. i hope they will be reviewed next week! this song is great !!!

  115. I hope this will win! Angel’s hwaiting!

  116. COOL VID

  117. Hey Angel you duh sexy! :D

    Baby here helping you vote, since some Angels helped BAP. :) The song is not as catchy as Crazy, but I enjoy their dancing anyways.^^ Also a lot of colour going on in the video, and I want to go bowling now. :D

  118. i gotta feeling teentop’s be ma girl will be reviewed next week! s&m put teentop’s wallpaper. kyah!

  119. MEXICO love teen top <3 please plase i wish them win!

  120. TEEN TOP FIGHTING!! <3 always brighten up my days with your adorableness ^^

  121. has uploaded the wallpapers and jacket pics of Be Ma Girl

  122. it is soooooooo nice this song soo good

  123. cant wait till this song gets reviewed..i bet simon and martina will be glad that there are finally girls in an mv and its not just one girl lol. and they’re probably gna compare it to 2NE1 so fans will choose at the end who does it better with the glow effects.

  124. TEEN TOP fight to win!

  125. I have great hopes they’ll be reviewing this after watching their latest KMM review…they had TEEN TOP on their laptop!!! hoping for good reviews this time..S & M,please be nice to them?

    • I don’t know why but I have the feeling that if this MV gets review, S&M will smash them xDU so I join you with your petition of being nice to them! keke

  126. Ricky’s hair reminds me of TOP. :> lol. i hope you guys review this for next week. wooohhhoooo!

  127. If they review this video,
    It will truly be a blessing. *-*

  128. this song deserves to be #1! teen top hwaiting!

  129. Hello (: New Teen Top fan helping out with the voting. Seriously i’ve been spazzing since the MV came out and i haven’t stopped spazzing yet :D Really , I never payed much attention to them , after watching this I have, i’ve gone as far as watching their older MV’s and downloading A TON of their music. Well I guess I’m glad to finally call myself a fan of Teen Top and hope this comment helps !

  130. this video.. so many emotions.. song is weak. must stop collaborating with brave sound. so many hair colors. where did they get birthday cake ice cream hair dye. dance was cool with the dougie but that humping crotch grabbing move.. so painfully awkward. but the english was pretty impressive. needs more scenes with hot black haired guy

  131. I hope Teen top can win next week. I love this song ^^ (even i admit that i cringe at L.joe’s cheesy line part lol)

  132. love this video please review it^^
    Spudgy please don’t be mad at Ricky and Ljoe oppa~

  133. Well, tis video is just too cute to take seriously! I cant stop thinking of them as my little brothers for some reason ( and not in a crazy fan kind of way) is just, they look too innocent so I couldnt concentrate on the video? – Like the concept was totally above their level of maturity and age kind of thing.

  134. hey guise, because i love this mv and teen top, i think a fair warning should be put in place. I am 100% an Elf, although teen top is definitely second in my heart. Super junior’s repackage album recently came out and the mv should be following any day now… (i hope, and think it will too). i hate to see teen top lose out again, so VOTE NOW!! suju (i think) can hold a place for two weeks, but teen top has to fight hard to get reviewed if suju comes out soon. try to get a strong head start before suju comes out! I love super junior, but this video will get a much more entertaining review. (if SM stays true to its stereotypical super junior video -__-)

  135. i hope it means they kinda like the song and mv…

  136. Just watched KMM and so freaking love it that they have TEEN TOP as the background of their laptop,and S & M are practically showing it,like a tease hahaha…really hope they review be ma girl coz they said we’re winning so keep it up,ANGELS!

  137. oh,they don’t have individual twitter accounts…they have it as a it is

  138. c’mon angels we can do it!! boa is catching up

  139. Since the last impression Simon and Marina had of Teen Top was being slimy cheaters of Cheaterville, I am excited to see what they think about a regular video. :D

    I really liked “To You” way more, and I think they would have loved it, but this is cool, too. (Hmmm… Simon and Martina, if you guise see this comment PLEEZ check out To You!)

    • “To You” and “Crazy” are probably my favorite Teen Top songs, so I’m bummed that neither MV got reviewed. (Two words: body roll.) But “Be Ma Girl” is cute and poppy, and I love Niel’s cosmic bowling date. ^^

      • Call me crazy but NMPOY is still one of my fav, I know that the lyrics give a wrong message to teens, that cheating is bad thing and so and so but srly every time I hear it I remember the MV and the whole Roman promotion and is so nostalgic that I can’t help but love that song xP

  140. the neon lights came off really cool in my opinion and i really liked it :D it gave off the “fun” in summer <3

  141. Whaaa :D love this mv
    Keep voting  angels <33 we can do it!!



  143. I hope our boys get next week’s Music Mondays. I wanna see Spudgy’s reaction to Ricky and L.Joe too XD I almost lost it when I saw my beautiful bias (Niel) with his new hair ♥o♥ This video is so cute and so much fun! All of our boys look awesome and the song is great for the summer :)
    Let’s keep voting Angels! Teen Top fighting ♥

  144. I would love to see a review of this video.! I enjoy watching videos from eatyourkimchi! Teen Top fighting! :D plus I wanna see something about Ricky and L.joe about their hair color and Spudgy…maybe add some T.OP.

  145. Wow! So many things about this MV! :D The hair and pants XD I really like all their hairstyles wahhh~ I didn’t think Niel would look good with short hair, but I LOVE it <3

    Can't wait for what S&M are going to say about this MV~

  146. I saw the teaser and was like omo..I like totally addicted to CAP’s find myself saying it all day ^^

  147. love teen yop

  148. They must be reviewed this time!

  149. YES. lol love that niel finally got rid of his afro. PLEASE NEVER GO BACK TO THE AFRO.

  150. We can do it! Keep voting! We have to have Simon and Martina review it!

  151. I wasn’t really a teen top fan, until now. Their song “to You” got me real interested, but “be ma girl” finally pulled me in! i’m glad that their lines are more split up and more equal more! LOVE RICKY and his blue hair! Also loving C.A.P.

  152. The dance O.O ….Not sure how I feel about parts of it xD

    This is perfect for KMM in so many ways

  153. Teen Top have to reviewed…; )

  154. wow 2012 is definitely Teen Top’s year ^^ I’m so happy because I’m a fan of them since their debut and I was so sad to see they didn’t receive the love they deserved.
    I’m so happy that they now let sing not only Niel, I just wish they could give more lines to Ricky.
    Anyway, I love the song it’s perfect for summer and Teen Top rocks on stage as always ^^

  155. son los mejores del mundo :*

  156. i can’t believe they beat PSY in gagnam style!!! Teentop daebak!

    • It was only for a moment. When BoA and LOEN Tree and Davinchi released their songs, they also got to #1 and beat out “Oppa Gangnam Style.”

  157. L.Joeeeeee <33

  158. can’t get enough of this song… ♥♥♥

  159. TEEN TOP HWAITING! win win winn!!!

  160. Chunji *-* Teen Top *-* Sexy.♥ Beautiful♥ Stylish♥ Handsome♥ Voice♥ Awesome♥ What can I say.. I LOVE TEEN TOP. Chunji *-*♥ :*♥

  161. words cannot describe how proud I am of Teen Top :)♥

  162. I absolutely adored Niel’s hair in this video. It looks cute and shows off his face more. And it makes him look younger and older at the same time. I really like the blue on Ricky and Chunji looks great blonde ^^ Really hope this mv gets reviewed! The song was fantastic and the video was cute XD I really like the dance too, even though they do the cat daddy hahaha

  163. I love how colorful the video is :) Teen Top fighting!

  164. Angels,no time to be pessimistic with other groups coming back…let’s just do our best…TEEN TOP be ma girl should gain more views and must get featured kpop music mondays!

  165. L.Joe 오빠 ~~

  166. I love the song…it upbeat and cathchy ^^


  168. Ricky’s hair, C.A.P’s smile, Neil’s heart, Chunji’s voice, Changjo’s skills, L.Joe’s eyes and rapping :D<3

  169. No new comments about the video? keep on working,Angels!!!

  170. go teen top! fighting!! We’ll get this song to be reviewed. :DD


  172. Gonna help out the Angels now that B2ST is pretty much assured for KMM this Monday. Hopefully Teen Top will be reviewed before Super Junior’s “Spy” comes out.

  173. Nu’est fan here to help TeenTop now that Nu’est is a goner. Oh well. Anyways, I liked this song! I thought it was a huge improvement since ‘To You.’ And I like the aegyo used here. It wasn’t all out, but it was subtle and it suited the song.

  174. I love this song sooo much XD And the video is absolutely adorable. I really hope it gets reviewed if not next week then the week after that. (Super Junior IS coming out with another video after all and the ELF fanbase is huge)

  175. I liked the song, I think it’s the time for them to win xD

  176. yay! he has green hair? lmao I was hoping he would change it to green :D

  177. I want this video review because simon and martina hate aegyo but this is all cute and happy lmao I wanna see what they come up with

  178. is it just me or why do i allways go crazy when they are doing like :”ohhhh, we are teen top we have to be cute and adorable!” the song is actually really cool, but the mv? well, trying to be cool on their skateboards but ending up dancing really cute is not a good concept of a mv…
    just to get this right: i completely LOVE this song, but this mv takes a bit of the awesomeness…. just my opinion :)
    Vic <3

  179. Wow!! GO TEEN TOP! GO ANGELS! xD <3

  180. wow! niel,chanjo and ricky know how to skate boarding!

  181. BABY here to help get this MV reviewed for next KMM :D

  182. Its highly unlikely we’ll beat suju so let’s look forward to the next week. From what I know, T-ara is the next high profile act that will make a return that week.

  183. Come on guys, keep voting. Crazy and To You wasn’t reviews. Let’s get this one reviewed.

  184. “I wanna love you all day, wanna love you all night, you got me feeling so hot…” o.O L.Joe, is that supposed to have a hidden meaning?

  185. Best song ever!!!!! ♥ and like alison yuen said watch it on teenzontop channel
    (not loenent)

  186. I thought he dyed it grey? I’m probably just couloir blond though ==;; But whatever colour hair he has he looks awesome :))

  187. LOL, it’s been a while since Kpop Mondays did a Teen Top MV! Please do this one!

  188. Neil’s continued sexiness, CAP’s just CAPness (sounds like Katniss hmm o.O), Ricky’s cuteness, Chanjo’s awesomeness, L.Joe’s mischievous oldman-ness (?), and even if others disagree…Chunji’s maximum LoLs…But really Neil is sexy.

  189. I really really want Teen Top to be reviewed this time.. They haven’t been reviewed in ages >_<
    TEEN TOP & Angel fighting!~

  190. -_- poor spudgy always being copyed I feel your pain TT-TT

  191. I love Teen Top!!! since the beginning!! they never dissapoint me!!

  192. So Niel is the star in this one

  193. Oh Spudgy~ don’t hurt L.Joe or Rick, please^^

  194. I want this reviewed… But to be fair I checked out Beast’s music video… I feel conflicted… T^T MUST STAY STRONG FOR TEEN TOP!

  195. Btw what is with Loentent? they are just re-uploading the videos -.-

    • It’s actually because Loen Ent. is a huge Entertainment company, and many other companies are under the control of Loen Ent, or something like that :)
      That’s why smaller companies’ (not YG, SM, JYP) music videos will usually be re-uploaded by Loen Ent.

    • I think Loentent is like a record company, that’s why they upload so many videos of different groups, they don’t own the groups but they make the albums and distribute them? I’m not so sure, maybe I’m totally wrong lol

  196. After they review Midnight Sun then they have to review this video :)))

  197. a great way to start the day…watching TEEN TOP BE MA GIRL

  198. por que con tan pocos votos están segundos estos chicos? alguien me explica?

    • Mari Carmen Sanchez Alamilla

      Bueno, por lo que tengo entendido no solo están en juego los puntos que obtenga cierto vídeo de los votos y de las veces que lo comparten sino también la “antigüedad” que tenga dicho vídeo en el chart. Ellos (S&M) tienen es su tumblr un post donde lo explican mejor jeje espero que esto haya sido de ayuda :)

  199. We’re running low on time for this weeks kmm…

  200. I hope this gets reviewed after BEAST cos they haven’t reviewed teen top songs for so long now since NMPOY so I’m excited to hear simon and martina’s opinion! love the song even though i thought it wasn’t as good as To You but i found myself listening to it nonstop like its a crazy addiction >__<"

  201. Our boys have really been on their game this year, GOOD JOB TEEN TOP!

  202. As Alison has said,pls watch it on TeenzOn TOP not LOENENT..spread the word,ANGELS!

  203. Niel and C.A.P looks much more close than Niel and this girls…

  204. Part of me wants this to be reviewed, but the other doesn’t want Simon to ruin the crotch thrusting….

  205. Do views count as points or something????

  206. I feel like S&M will have something to say about the “I wanna love you all night” line XD

  207. Ill be voting every day until this gets reviewed. Seriously, I love the song and mv so much and they all look freaking fantastic with their new hair. asjbfab my excitement is uncontainable. asofibkndgajfnlsajkn

  208. Michaela Ysabel Arnedo


  209. Second on the charts! If we hurry and keep voting maybe it can beat out b2st for this week? (but otherwise there’s always next week XP)

    • Mari Carmen Sanchez Alamilla

      Beating Beast is kinda impossible at this point and SJ is releasing a MV next week :S … maybe two weeks from now? ^^’

      • Maybe, but why do you say it’s impossible to beat Beast? We still have hours until S&M wake and start scripting for KMM. If not this week, though, we can hope for 2 weeks from now. Hwaiting!

        • Mari Carmen Sanchez Alamilla

          Well I think it’s kinda impossible ’cause I’ve only seen that happening with the comebacks of groups like BigBang, SuJu and SHINee… but I don’t know, maybe I’m just being pessimist because Teen Top hasn’t been reviewed the past two times… Anyhow, I’m still voting like crazy, hope is the last one to die, right? :)

        • Yea. But Teen Top is getting to be a big group (my friend in Korea said they’re getting really big over there at least). But yea I thought there was a chance since they had gotten to second place so fast, but maybe next week or the week after, right?

        • Mari Carmen Sanchez Alamilla

          Yes, definitly! And they deserve recognition, not only in Korea, that’s why we Angels are gonna make this MV reviewed no matter what, to show the world how amazing are our boys! So keep fighting !! xD

  210. Veronica VeruTzZa

    i love these boys :X:X
    their new concept rocks

  211. Teen Top’s been my rookie group since they were the first group to debut when I joined the K-pop craze back then. It’s my duty to bump them up ♥

  212. OMG!

    Teen TOP must win! KYAAA I love the MV and song… And wanna to see what spudy will “say” about L.Joe and Ricky’s hairs! ^-^

  213. I love this mv. I’m always so proud of these boys.
    I am concerned about their health though. I know many idol groups are always busy, but Teen Top has been promoting and coming back A LOT this year. They have had 3 comebacks and it’s only the first half of the year. U-KISS did the same thing and I freaked when Kiseop got sick.=( I believe BAP has also had 3 comebacks this year. Plus I’m sure there are other groups that have had just as many or more comebacks this 2012 year. I just wish the best for them and hope they stay healthy because idols work so hard to live out their dreams, and I don’t think any of us fans would want any idol sick since that would complicate their lives even more. I hope everything works out for the best for all the idols. Teen Top Fighting! <3

    • Yea after the Kiseop thing I got very worried when I heard Teen Top would be coming back AGAIN right after they finished To You promotions especially since they said To You was such a difficult dance energy/stamina wise. I mean I love this song, Crazy, and To You, but they need a break, too. I mean SJ was so busy with everything last year that SJM didn’t even have a comeback and they had only put out 2 MVs, so compare that with 3 in 8 months for Teen Top and their management crew loks crazy. I just wory about these boys…

    • Other groups had a comeback, variety shows, interviews and tons of tours. I think that is more unhealthy and they are still alive and healthy so don’t worry

    • so true…notice that they’ve been losing weight also,although i’m not complaining about Changjo coz he looked sooo good when he lost his baby fat..the rest with the exception of cutie RIcky are getting skinnier.

    • Yes i know what you mean. I found the english translation to a interview they had in a japanese magazine, and when asked their current concern, LJoe answered his health because he has had a cold for the past 4 weeks!! :( I just hope he did end up getting over it, and that all the members stay healthy! Because i love their music and want to see lots more in the future! :) <3

    • I agree so much.. Hopefully the CEOs are aware if anything bad happens to the members, because I would hate to see any idol promote themselves while being sick at the same time.. It would just break my heart T_T

  214. Oh Spudgy…Ricky and L.Joe copied you again. asdfghjkl;

  215. We’re in second already! Keep it up! We can’t lose!

  216. I don’t know much about Teen Top but I really liked their To You song and dance. This video is kinda cute and I like that they are acting like real boys their age would (as much real as idols can act in a music video) instead of all of them creeping on one single girl. The members also seem to be cute and funny in real life too.

  217. They put my faith back in KPOP boybands, I don’t usually listen to boybands but these guys are amazing :D I don’t even have a favourite member @_@ <3

  218. OHMYGAD. TEENTOP must win :DD

  219. It is as if now the hip thrusting were their signature! LOL just like Chunji’s winks for no reason and L.Joe’s stares. Not complaining xD

  220. Teen Top is one of the few groups who have such consistently awesome songs!! As usual I love their choreography, which is both intricate and in sync, but still individual. It’s nice to see the lines being distributed more evenly, but I kind of wish that L. Joe’s rap part was styled more like it was in “Crazy” and “To you” . . .and I have to check the lyrics, but from the live performance his lines were rather awkward . . . lol

  221. To be honest, this is Teen Top’s best MV and song so far. I bet Simon and Martina loved it because it has nothing to do with cheating xD On the contrary! It’s a sincere confession~ and they all look dreamy ^^ Teen Top fighting! I know B2ST is going to win for this week’s K-Pop Music Monday but let’s keep voting so it can be reviewed for next week’s.

  222. Veronica VeruTzZa

    2nd place…so fast !! <3

  223. i love this mv so much~
    they are so cute ^.^

  224. Teen Top Faiting^^

  225. TEENTOP! I will vote everyday for this! yay!

  226. I though Teen Top was gonna be on the Kpop Chart Update of this weekend, I was expecting it so much because it was gonna be their first time! Guess S&M had already filmed it at the time the MV was released, anyway we will have to wait one more week :)

  227. One of my first thoughts upon starting the video was, “Wow, Niel’s lips look especially fish-like. That’s kinda cute.” And I’m loving his new short hairstyle (wait, it IS new, right? I don’t really follow Teen Top, so I’m not sure).

    • Well is not exactly new, he used to have short hairstyle back at their debut time but that was 2 years ago, and now we all were used to see him with long hair, so the short hairstyle kinda has the feeling of “new” xP

    • yup,that’s his trademark and yes he got a haircut..he’s especially cute in this vid..thank you for watching though,i hope Teen Top grows on you..if you watch their variety shows,i’m sure you’re gonna like their personalities too..i still remember your “sexy spectrum” comment and i love it!

  228. Give Teen Top a chance to redeem themselves. I find the review last time just so unjust and it gave Teen Top a bad rep. I don’t like this song that much but the video is cool. Too bad To You didn’t make it, because that song and dance was awesome. It really showed Teen Top’s growth; talent, dancing and career wise.

    • Simon and Martina was correct in their review of NMPOY and this is coming from someone who really loves Teen Top.

      NMPOY had a really bad message. It was about cheating but not just that. There was also the undertones of pedophilia because Chunji wasn’t of age at that time and the noona was obviously older than he was.
      S&M mentioned that they would like the song if they couldn’t understand the lyrics but since they did it turned them off of it.
      I personally like the song. When I first heard it I watched the dance version instead of the full version. I watched the video for about a week before I decided to look up English subs on youtube and clicked on S&M’s video instead.
      Trust me when I say I felt extremely uncomfortable to have been jamming so hard to a song like that. Granted the song was stuck and it was one of my favorites for a while, even after watching the review, but I had a sort of guilty feeling every time I listened to it.

      • I agree with you, I loved it when I first heard it, but then my best friend sent it to me with subs and I was like, “but.. I really like this song…” I love the melody and beat of the song and it sounds amazing… if you don’t know what it means…. if you know what it means you feel weird listening to it because you know such a thing is wrong. I love it, but I don’t because I hate that this is encouraging young Korean teenagers to cheat.
        But, on the bright side, if you look up the lyrics to this new song as I imediately did, it has the opposite meaning to NMPOY. It’s actually a really sweet song and goes along well with the cutesy-ness of the video. It’s quickly become my second favorite by them (It’s gonna be hard to beat To You XP)

      • And S & M didn’t throw the criticism to our boys but on the producer and the agency..that’s why i’m also happy about this song,not just because of the beat,but the lyrics are really so nice,about teenage love and confession so i think they’re not that harsh to put our boys down for this let’s work hard and bring be ma girl on top!

  229. Make sure to watch it on the TeenzOnTop youtube channel, not Loenent. The view count is only for the TeenzOnTop video!

  230. teentop this mv is so good
    i love this song and teentop
    teentop fighting

  231. We have to work harder Angels,SJ’s repackaged album is coming out next week,they’ll be coming out with SPY so we have to keep the votes up before their mv is released..TEEN TOP!

    • I just hear about it yesterday and it’s makes me feel kinda sad and frustrated :( cuz it’s so hard to compete against the major Kpop groups with their larger fanbases

      • That’s why we really have to work harder,although i love suju because they are great sunbaes to Teen TOP,especially shindong who gave his post temporarily to them as DJ’s in SSTP,i want to give our boys a fighting chance so work harder,ANGELS!

        • I love SuJu too and I understand that the company needs to release all they can before Leeteuk leaves for the military service but, couldn’t they wait a little longer, like one more week? xD
          Anyway I gonna keep working hard o/

        • niellover0816

          I know right? but this is kpop and competition is really tight so let’s just keep watching and put be ma girl at the top!

        • That’s right! We have to do anything we can to put this MV at the top!!

    • Yea we have to get it to the top before SPY comes out! Let’s make it this week! Quick! Before they wake up and start scripting!

  232. i’m really looking forward to them reviewing this,as far as i can remember i don’t think Teen Top’s songs have made a good impression on simon and martina..this song really rocks and yes,i agree it’s appropriate for their ages and the lyrics are so sweet..i really hope it wins…Keep voting,dear Angels!

    • I think they may have like Supa Luv for the song and not for the video and Eric’s questionable role in it but they definitely didn’t approve of NMPOY for the message and the video even though they did say the song would be good if they didn’t understand Korean, which they do.

      • Yeah,that’s why for a change i’d like them to say good stuff about the song and mv as well,coz the boys deserve it this time around :-)

  233. go TEEN TOP!

  234. TEEN TOP!

  235. OMO!! Angels I think there is a possibility that we might overtake Batoost!!! >.<
    We didn't get to see Crazy or To you get reviewed so I really hope this one gets reviewed!
    Everyone just keep voting!! Fighting!!~~ ( ^_^ )/

  236. Todays performance was totally awesome, makes me want to see a dance version even more because these boys know how to rock the stage!

  237. Let’s Go Boys!!
    Ustedes pueden ganar♥

  238. I like the ahjumma pants xD
    They look really cute here o.o

  239. awesome^^

  240. THIS SONG HAS BEEN REPLAYING In MY HEAD NON-STOP! I seriously hope this gets reviewed! Hopefully GOOD things this time! TEEN TOP HWAITING~!

  241. keep watching this and i will die soon lol

  242. me just so love themmmmmmmmmmm…
    they weren’t emo~ hahahaha good vibes~~~

  243. Niel and Changjo so cute !!!!! Changjo voice is so beautiful!!!

  244. And their hair colours look like ice-cream :3

  245. The Heart they made is really sweet ^^

  246. the chorus of kpop song always become stuck in your head but the chorus in this is like, no umph or for instant like sp sorrysorry every body know that part, it its stuck in your. your head like forever “sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry ”

  247. If we keep this up, the Angels could possibly take over the B2UTYs! That would be pretty monumental for Teen Top!

  248. They are so awesome!! ^^ <3

  249. i see in the future a very gangster Spudgy :D

  250. kyaahhh spudy’s hair in teentop! teentop fighting!

  251. Wow. we’re 2nd. what high profile group will come out with a vid next week? If there’s none, maybe we’ll win this.

  252. WIN WIN WIN. We must prove to Simon and Martina that Teen Top isn’t the “dirty cheating group” they used to be in Don’t Spray Perfume.

  253. We’ve lost, like, three times in a row man. We’ve gotta take this one!


  255. I really want to get this song reviewed! :D


  257. มหรรณพ โสภาชัย

    C.A.P So cute>o<

  258. TEEN TOP daebak!!!! At first I don’t really like the song but after I watched the MV, I get addicted to it!!! L.Joe’s english is awesome and Kyaaa~ the heart at the end <3 <3 <3

  259. I like that song…. It is so fantastic….It makes me CRAZY….I CLAP for my lovely Teen Top….I am an ANGEL>>>> TO YOU (teen top)

  260. omooo is great!!!!!!!

  261. This is such a catchy song~
    I love L.Joe’s hair too!
    I wonder what S & M will tell bout the hair!

  262. Chunji Love u Forever marry me >,<

  263. Keep voting Angels… I think this could get reviewed after B2ST or maybe BoA.
    To keep it relevant: TEEN TOP loves hip-thrusting… Seriously!

  264. Don’t get me wrong TEENTOP’s cool but i kind of feel like its missing something i can’t quite put my finger on what tho

  265. Spudgy’s blue hair is going viral >.< Now i want blue hair! (1:37 3:06) Spudgy blue hair FTW!

  266. I really hope this song gets reviewed since they didn’t review Crazy or To you!! >.<
    The video is so cute&&I love the glow in the dark stuff<33

    ANGEL's vote!! Hwaiting!!~~ ( ^_^ ) /

  267. Spudgy’s blue hair is going viral >.< Now i want blue hair! 1:37 3:06 Spudgy blue hair FTW!

  268. Ricky is a cold city guy. Angels will know.

  269. Niel is so hot in there. I never imagined he could be so.

  270. Esse MV tá mais amor que um caminhão de Sazón.

  271. RICKY BLUE HAIR !!! AMAZING !!!! >,<

  272. Hahaha I can’t get over their crotch grabbing, it worked pretty well in “don’t spray perfume” and they’ve been repeating it in every choreo since then

  273. I wasn’t feeling the song at first, but after the second time listening to it…I fell lol. These boys are just great! Seriously they sing and dance so well, it is hard not to like them and their music.

  274. this music video is so fun! glad they finally did a MV and song that plays to their strength- being a cutesy boy group. In no more perfume they sort of did that, but the lyrics of the song pissed me off to much to enjoy it. So yeah awesome song :)

  275. I’m a bit new to Teen Top, although I’ve seen their collaborations with Infinite and their MV for Supa Luv. Is this the first time they’ve done an aegyo concept? My impression of them was that they stay firmly on the sexy side of the cutesexy spectrum.

    • i love how you described it! sexy spectrum!

    • xD I like the way you put it! And well, yes, they usually stay on the sexy side, especially with the past two singles. With Clap and Supa Luv I guess they were more neutral but with NMPOY they showed their cute side for the first time on a MV concept, but still with some sexyness in it ^^
      Making the long story short, Be ma Girl wins the first place for aegyo concept! xP

  276. aside for the 4 group pics, has anyone seen jacket pics? They haven’t updated yet.

  277. I want teen top to be reviewed!!!!

  278. Ahh I love this song :D It’s not my favorite but it is growing on me and I’m quite Teen Top biased haha. But I do like it a lot still and the dance is awesome yet again. Still not over the fact that they did the Cat Daddy that was just too epic for me to handle XD

  279. My absolute favorite set from their MV’s

  280. go teen top! c:

  281. I love this song and I hope that you can review this ^^

    i want this MV is reviewed!!!

  283. Hi Angels,
    Just want to remind you that
    - You can only vote once per 24 hours
    - Links are ok to share as long as they’re relevant
    - Spam, repetitive fangirling, ‘vote vote vote’, and off-topic comments will be deleted, so try to keep them relevant.

    To keep it relevant: Just saw the video. That heart they made at the end was pretty cool.

  284. The same thing he did to Zelo >.<



    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  288. Kinda wanna see what Spudgy’s gonna say about L.Joe’s hair XD
    LOL~ He’s probably not gonna be happy

  289. OMG OMG OMG !!! I loved the MV, is so colorful and enjoyable, beside it is so much fun to watch and there’s a lot of aegyo going on !! xD it’s so addictive
    They all look gorgeous of course *w*

  290. Mari Carmen Sanchez Alamilla

    YAY mis niños están de vuelta !!! No puedo ser mas feliz >w< me encantó el MV, especialmente con todos esos colores fluorescentes xD se ve que se divirtieron grabandolo!!
    P.D. Qué bien se ve L.Joe en el video *O* y a Changjo le va muy bien el cabello rojo! Qué decir de mi bias Chunji, perfecto como siempre <33
    Teen Top Hwaiting!!!

  291. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! More than ONE girl in MV and ALL of them are singing equally and looking adorable and cute. I just wanna eat them up! ;)

  292. This has to be reviewed! I mean c’mon. They fucking CAT DADDY in this video!

  293. tbh i kinda liked ‘to you’ more and it sucks that simon and martina didnt review that one, but i really hope they review teen top this week or next

  294. I really like this song ^^ It’s catchy, it makes me wanna get up and dance :p

  295. I don’t know Teen Pop that well, but this song is great. High energy, and the video reflects that (even if they are bowling…..)


  297. teen top Ljoe <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  298. I love the song, and the concerpt looks good on them, the MV is amazing
    omg l.joe <3


  300. Keep voting angels~ i wanna know what Spudgy will do to Ricky and L.Joe for having blue hair~ ^^

  301. Yayyyy Teen Top!!! I like the neon bowling alley a lot!!!

  302. Okay~ I really like this song a lot…but, I’m voting for B2ST this week because they’re my babies and I love their song too~ <3 I want this song for next week, though! ^^

  303. We have to get this MV to the top! We can do it guys! Teen Top hwaiting! :D

  304. Ahhhhhhh <33
    I love this song and MV
    Keep voting, guys!! ^___^

  305. I’m not sure if Teen Top can beat Beast for this week, but if not this week, then next week, right?

  306. Angel please keep voting!!! Crazy and To You already disappointed me. I don’t want to feel like that again.


  308. i want review this video!!!

  309. How do I vote for this video to be on Music Monday!?


  311. I think the video’s a copy of Justin Beiber’s Baby, minus Ludicras and plus dancing. They are in that bowling place and all that!!!!

    • I never saw any Justin Beiber’s mv, but I saw a lot of mv that take place in a bowling place… with all the music videos on this planet, almost all setting have already been made, so I won’t panic over that personally.

      • Hey guise, thanks for handling that so well!! Usually, in the kpop fandom world, when anyone dares to compare anyone to anything, people will immediately flare up in defense, no matter how legitimate that observation was. I find that very unfortunate, as comparing two things is not necessarily bad, and it can actually lead to some interesting discussions.
        I haven’t actually seen the MV, but I go by the saying ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. Everyone takes inspiration from somewhere else, and while it may or may not be blatantly copying, they clearly want to create a good product using ideas from other good products they’ve seen – and that’s good.
        Discussing the differences is also good – while remembering that not all cultures believe that different = better. Some cultures in fact praise people for recognising what model works and choosing to stick to it.
        So next time you see such comparisons being made, I’d encourage you to keep up that mature attitude and just discuss it civilly. Cheers!! :)

    • This video ( ) takes place in a bowling alley. There are girls that the group take interest in. There is dancing in front of a crowd at the bowling alley.
      Did Justin Bieber perhaps copy this video? No. Of course not.
      Just like Teen Top didn’t copy JB’s video.
      Similarities =/= Copying
      Please realize that.

  312. Mini Top! Lol jk, I like Ricky’s hair<3

  313. The text is sooo sweet~~~ Teen Top is always so unique :D Their songs, dance moves, mvs and their outfits >_< so awesome~~~

    But they should give Ricky more line :( It's not fair -.- poor maknae

  314. I love this song way more then Crazy and To You! Don’t get me wrong these were awesome songs too but I feel like this one is more appropriate for their ages, they seems to have a lot of fun but there’s still some sexy crotch moves for the noonas! XD

  315. I want to finally know what Simon and Martina think of TT new style for this year and colabs with Brave Sound!

  316. The mass of chunji in this PV makes me want to watch it again and again. *_*

  317. I just want to eat Chunji’s face, he’s so adorable and delicious looking……. D: That’s a bit morbid but seriously, talk about an ultimate bias. Anyways, Teen Top Fighting ~ (: Let’s Go Angels! <3

  318. Niel looks so cute in this MV~!<3

  319. This video is amusing!!!
    I want to know what Simon and Martina think about it…
    Angels… Let’s vote for TEEN TOP!!!

  320. Veronica VeruTzZa

    love teen top !! <3

  321. I don’t know how are they doing it, but every time this year a song come out, I’m like: “I don’t like it, I wont listen to it”, but then, when mv come out: “It’s so awsome!” and I’m singing it for a week or so… Only Teen Top can do that to me…

    • Really?
      That usually happens to me with other bands! Like B.A.P’s Power.. I was like NO >:( ABSOLUTELY NOT! But I end up listening to the song everyday after I saw the MV :3

  322. Heck yeah! I”m so excited–The singing parts are distributed a little more, and CHANGJO!!

    Niel’s little romance is so cute!!

    • Me too!! I’m so glad that L.Joe and C.A.P got more lines, but I really think Ricky and Changjo need just a few more lines >.< Or at least a dance break, yeah? ^^

      I don't approve of Niel's relationship LOL..

    • Thanks to this song, Changjo is on top of my bias list. And L.Joe’s rap is sexxy!

  323. Let’s go Angels! :D

  324. Wooo let’s get this to the top!! Teen Top!

  325. Where is everybody? Come on guys, lets keep voting!!

  326. ANGELS!!!! Lets vote for Teen Top!! O/