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Teen Top – I Wanna Love

  1. I really hope that they would review Miss Right or I wanna love!! :’3

  2. I think this MV is so nice and the song is just so good. :’3 And, and I love C.A.P’s hair. So damn sexy! ♥

  3. rising again- i guess i am to focused to let teen top be first place. but i want to do something for my precious guys..

  4. makng this 2nd? xd

  5. coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooll

  6. I love teen top

  7. I just love the song! And C.A.P’s hair, omg, I’m melting! :’3

  8. great ambiente

  9. Gosh this song is so addicting ;3; I’ve been replaying it all day orz


    Im an Angel and really in love with this six hot boys and song ^_^

  11. I keep coming back to this’s so addicting XD Love Teen Top <3

  12. I am I the only one who was a fan of steam-punk C.A.P with cornrows? C.A.P is always so damn hot. But I think this look is one of my favorites of his.

  13. I hope that if TT doesn’t get picked this week that they will review both videos!!!! Both are so different and amazing~ They
    deserve all the awards and attention! I love them both equally. It’s
    like choosing which is your favorite child.

    • haha im going to reply all of your posts :DD
      i dont think teen top will get reviewed this week. but there arent many upcoming popular bands….
      so maybe we have a chance for next week.

  14. I’m dying to see them perform this live! Though I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. :-( I’m curious to see what the choreo would be for this song. I really adore “Miss Right” and “Missing You” but I feel “I Wanna Love” deserves some attention too. Other groups promote 3 singles, why can’t Teen Top do it? Their music is good enough. But then again we don’t want them to be burnt out either. :-

    • it was on their showcase- ( BUT THEY CUTTED LJOES PART!!!!!!)- and it was great! especially when all of them sang the chorus. it was a completely new feeling.
      but now they’re promoting mssing you- which is a great song too but- i wanted i wanna love :(
      i think the mv for i wanna love was a little bit better. so i actually want them to review i wanna love.
      but as long as it is teenttop

  15. I wanna love~ Teen Top! ;-D hahaha. This song is so great. I can’t stop playing and singing it. I’m so glad I ordered a copy of their album. It’s another solid release from TT. ^^ I had missed them so much! I love how the songs are more balanced between the members. Ricky, Changjo, and L. Joe are getting more love and attention. I really want either of their videos to be reviewed. But it’s so hard with SHINee in the running. :’-( (It sucks…I like SHINee…but I LOVE TT!)

  16. Angels hwaiting!! Let’s get Teen Top reviewed <3


  18. Am I the only one that finds that such a cute sounding song is completely wrongly paired with a wannabe gangster MV?


  20. I love CAP’s hair in this video.

  21. [email protected]

    I love this song so much!!

  22. TeenTop Fighting

  23. I love Cap’s outfit. They should make him wear things like this more often.

  24. I hope angels keep voting for this song even though miss right is out!!

  25. I think this video is getting too old for a chance to get reviewed. If you guys want Teen Top to get reviewed you should for vote Miss Right instead. Or you can vote for both.

  26. It’s wonderfull.. They are more mature, really.. ♥

  27. This song doesnt have a dance. (except for that little cha cha dance niel does in the middle of the video). what will spudgy do at the end of the video.

  28. Best Tin Tap comeback evar! I really like the song, the MV is entertaining, funny and cool. The choreo is awesome, and there’s even some crotch grabbing. Perfection I say!

  29. I like this video more- i hope this one will be reviewed.

  30. they are soooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!

  31. Wow, I actually really liked this video! I love that it’s in Hong Kong!

    • I thought it was HK!! I only saw it once and halfway through I realised it was in some Chinese place…which really looked like HK, especially when I saw the tram. But then I thought it might be some Chinese city that I’ve never been to.

      Thanks for clarifying :D

  32. loooooooooooooooooooooooooove yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa teeeeeeeeeeeen toooooooooooooop >>>> teen top lover … angel for ever


  34. The song is totally awesome

  35. los amo en verdad quiero que ganen grrrrrr

  36. *-* L.Joe oppa !

  37. Its been too long since a Teen Top video has been reviewed and I wanna know if y’all will pick up on the HK movie elements! :)

  38. LOVE the heart that C.A.P makes at the end :’)


  40. I’m just so happy!! Ricky is actually singing more than one whispered(?) line :3

  41. Teen Top 브라질에 선반? 브라질에 선반?




  43. Keep voting Angels! And keep in mind that No. 1 MV will be released next week!

  44. I really hope they do this on Monday, c’mon Teen Top fan’s/ Angels , we can do this !

  45. Woohoo their are in Hong Kong!!:D
    Actually one of the place they shot the video is sooooo close to my home:(
    It’s a pity that I dont catch the chance to see them:(

  46. It’s Time to move on here we go teen top

  47. 니엘오빠 이뻐ㅠㅠ
    I love Teen Top!!!

  48. Asasdasdasd, L.Joe’s voice is soooo hot<3 I can't stop repeating this song. I feel like everyone had an equal share when it came to singing/rapping compared to past videos.

  49. wala nang pag-asa toh :((

  50. Niel is so … beautiful man !!!!! I love you so much !!!!!!!! Just … one seconde I’m really good fan of teen top … just for the first of this life Ricky SING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy Ricky is cute but he have a really great voice in this song … Ricky is so cute !!!!!

  51. Teen Top . I Wanna Love .. Teen Top Fighting Oppa’s

  52. Anyone knows who composed this song? Brave Sound or not?

  53. Gosh dang it, SHINee just came back and they’re already ahead of Teen Top -__-.. . . No way we’re winning… *Cries*…

  54. pumpkin_spice

    go teen top go teen top!!!! come on angels vote for teen top!!!! :D

  55. yeah… This song doesn’t even have a chance now that shinee’s video is out :(

  56. Am I the only one who noticed that they absolutely refused to show any clear shots of Niel’s face? o__o

  57. Am I the only one wondering how the hell Chunji ate all those cans of pineapples?

  58. we could have won over nuest-… but now lololoL

  59. I’m totally in love with CAP’s hair and outfit…

  60. Teen top fighting my boys ^^ّ

  61. i loooooooooooooooooooove teen top they are the best !!


  63. I love Niel’s cute little dance in this ^^ Though I don’t get why he is dancing when he broke up with his girlfriend, lol

  64. teen top OK..!!!!

  65. I’d like a music monday on this just to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about Chunji and his canned pineapples.

  66. amo a Teen TOP y me encanto su nuevo mv en especiañ ame a Niel

  67. although I really like the video I miss seeing them dance in this one.

  68. I also love pineapple but I’m not sure I could eat that many.

  69. Anyone else cringe when he threw the picture in the ocean and thought to themselves, “no don’t litter in the Ocean!”

  70. So was Neil trying to salsa dance there? Pretty cute either way.

    • He was doing the mambo~ :D And his name, romanized anyway, is spelled ie, not ei

      • Sorry Niel. =P I’m pretty sure you can mambo to salsa but anyways I stand corrected. And I’m not the best speller English Spanish or any language so have fun correcting every comment I make. I’m also just a fan not a fangirl so don’t expect me to know every members name especially spelled correctly. I only wanted to make a point that I thought it was cute. So did you like his MAMBO dance like I did?? I would of liked your opinion on that instead of having you correct me.

        • Taida_Nirama

          ..see, this is why the internet causes fanwars, because I can’t tell if you are being nice in just explaining that in a nice way, or if you are being snippy. It leaves me conflicted. Pero, si me gusto su baile, era muy hermoso. Ya se que no entiendes español, pero eso ne es razón a regañar me ~ No es mejor a aprender? Porque te quedas enojada? No es mi culpa que yo creo que es bien a saber su propio nombre. Ay, eres unas de esas personas que creen que nada es importante si se no es de tu favorito grupo? Que mal. I’m sorry if correcting you offended you, but I find it polite to know someone’s name if you are to comment on him, and the fact that it is the mambo is important to the mv since it is a reference. Entonces, discúlpame reina~! Ya te dejo sola~

        • mira perdon entindo que es importante a ti que yo escribe el nombre de el cantante correcto. pero pa mi lo que yo qerria expresar es que me gusto cundo Niel estaba bilando en una forma latina me dio mucho gusto mirando esso. And again you made no mention of how you felt about that. Si ,Teen Top es uno de mi favorito grupos that is why I’m here commenting and voting on for them. I think it just would of been nicer of you to not just correct me but to actually answered my statement with and opinion of your own. people like just discourage people like me that are a bit shy about writing for commenting at all on this web site.

        • Taida_Nirama

          Doing what? For me it’s a personal thing, growing up, when people will get my name wrong and others name’s wrong on purpose. I didn’t mean to come off rude really when I corrected you, but I always find it nice to learn a little everyday. I, personally, try to address members correctly by their names even if I hardly listen to them. No se, es como mi mama me enseño. Y a la igual vez, dices que te encanta Teen Top, entonces porque me regañas? I’m sorry, I really am, if my comment offended you or upset you in any kind of way. I’m not a grammar Nazi, I just have a thing with names. I don’t know, blame it on how I grew up. And yes, Niel was cute, especially how his sweater looked so big X3 I’ll leave now, and if you reply I’ll reply unless you don’t want me to. Again, sorry for seeming like an ass, I didn’t mean to really. Discúlpame, y me voy. Que lastima pero adiós ~!

        • As cute as he looked in this video, I think he looked the hottest in Crazy

        • Taida_Nirama

          OMG Is was really cute! For me, I always love him live. It’s just something behind the power of his performance. This pretty much sums up my feels:

  71. i really love this!!!!^^ so good

  72. I love this song so much. I really wish they come to New York to film a MV next time.

  73. This is so refreshing <3
    Even though it's not exactly Teen Top's style, it's grown into me.

  74. i love niel oppa <3 <3

  75. is bap actually confirmed to be reviewed?

  76. I really like this song, and the video is like eye-candy a million times over.

  77. TEEN TOP IS JJANG~ They’re so unique~

  78. I really love it ! <3 you teen top

  79. i wish them the best in everything … FIGHTING !!

  80. pumpkin_spice

    i really hope teen top get’s reviewed next week because I absolutely LOVE this song and its freaking amazing and omg i’m so happy that they’re back after so long!!! and now im freaking out like a crazy fangirl XD ANGELS HWAITING!!!

  81. This is one of the best Teen Top songs ever! I really love it ^^

  82. I really would like them to review Teen Top!!!!

  83. actually ricky still had the shortest part..

  84. chunji played basketball in supaluv , now ljoe in i wanna love

  85. Mynamemeansparty

    Oh oh, does anybody now where it was shot? Was it in Singapore? I need to visit that place…

  86. Mynamemeansparty

    I don’t really like the song that much, it’s not bad, but it’s a bit… Like many other songs. But I looooooove the music video! The beautiful cityviews, funny parts like chunji eating all those cans, Niel dancing,… And everything! Only the cornrows on cap, not my thing :P And maybe they should think about giving him some more clothes, i mean the top with the low cut armholes AND the ripped jeans! Why wasn’t he naked! :P

  87. I wanna Teen TOP in Eat Your Kimchi ♪ haha~ This MV is really amazing and even I’m in love with BAP’s One Shot MV and found a tense history the NU’EST MV, I really wanted to know what they would speak of “I Wanna Love”

  88. I totally love it!! L.Joe rap is amazing!! and Ricky got more lines that he usually do!! im so proud of these talented boys!!! Well Done teen top!!!

  89. This song has a nice feel to it and I loved it after the first listen. It’s upbeat but you could still fall asleep listening to it~! Each of the member’s voices sound very nice together too! ^^ And the video is just weird and entertaining to watch! XD Mmmm pineapples…. XD

  90. El mejor video *—-* i wanna love me encanto

  91. What the? I barely saw Niel!!! Did anyone see him? And, pineapple tidbits? Seriously?

  92. Dangit. They pulled me in. Now I am even more of noona fan…

  93. Teen top saranghae !!!! Ricky … Niel and … all the members are so cute and sexy !!!!!!

  94. Wow love the song, i really do.. still can’t believe i saw those guys in real life and up close like 2 weeks ago:’)

  95. i guess we have a chance to win this!!

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    • unicornsgalaxy

      Posts like these are not going to help this video. These are considered spam and will be deleted by our lovely mods *waves to mods* *Hi Mods!!!*
      Anyway, if you really want to help Teen Top win or get to the top 3, write something relevant about the video or Teen Top. Like what did you think about the random shots of the members dancing by themselves? Teen Top is known for their knife-like choreography but it looks like the might be going with a more flowey style here.

      • I like the solo shots of each of them doing their own dancing I think it highlighted each member more kinda showed their personalities well. I’m guessing that is what they were going for. But I am a big fan of Teen Tops choreography In Supa Love, Crazy and To You so I kinda missed it I think that is there strongest attribute. Also liked hearing C.A.P get a longer rapping part thought that was pretty cool he looked cool too. Sorry if I didn’t get his name right.

      • Thanks for the advice :D

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  103. I died a little inside when Ricky started singing first followed by Changjo. Video aside, this is such a great song!

  104. yay i’m so happy the full mv is out :D first full-album :D

  105. I’m craze coz this song >> Like Like Like <3

  106. I started paying attention to Teen Top when they released To You because that is a really nice song with a really cool dance. I wasn’t crazy about Be Ma Girl but I really liked this video and song. The video is so pretty to look at and the song sounds really nice. The members look more mature too. Well, except for CAP’s gothic digimon outfit and L.Joe’s emo whatever is going on. But I heard some people say they were representing characters from Chinese movies so I guess it’s not as bad as I thought lol

    • I think a lot of people started giving interest to TEEN TOP because of To You, me included. I think To You is one of the most underrated song in 2012.

      Regarding the MV, I don’t know the other parts but I know that the “Chunji eating pineapple” part was taken from a Hongkong romantic movie about this gay who was dumped and ate canned pineapple for a month hoping he’s lover will return to him. Or something like that.

      • to you was really great, especially the song. i liked the dance too, besides the body roll- i know everyone is going crazy- but i dunnow sometimes its just to much least they got an award at gda :D

        • I didn’t like Be Ma Girl when it came out but now I do. And looking back, its because Be Ma Girl came after To You. For me, To You is an epic promotion cycle of TEEN TOP. From the clothes, to the MV to the choreography. And then Be Ma Girl comes along. You know what i Mean?

        • I know what you mean. I liked Be Ma Girl but not as much as I liked To You and now I Wanna Love.

        • Be Ma Girl is a good song but coming after the epic To You really hurt its chances. But as I said, I like it now. I like it more than NMPOY actually.

        • I wish they got an award for To You instead. No offense, but I really think To You is the better song. Give credit where credit is due.

  107. About the pineapple : it’s a quotation of a movie called Chungking Express, by chinese director Wong Kar-Wai. In the movie, there’s a guy who’s heartbroken. He buy a pineapple box everyday since the girl he loved dumped him with the expiration date of his (or her – i don’t remember exactly) birthday. Then, when the day come, he eats them all, one after the other. When Chunji eat the last box, he does exactly the same moves as the Chungking Express character.

    So yeah. It’s weird though cuz the MV is somewhat alike the movie, but not that much either. But that part as to do with heartbreak and strange ways to get over them I think (since that’s what it’s about in the movie).

  108. Guys~ please don’t misunderstand about their characters… the characters are from famous Chinese films~ Thanks for voting ~ @TEEN_TOP 사랑해요 또 사랑하고싶어

  109. YAY my babies are back !! I’ve been counting down the days for this comeback since they announced it and oh god they’re sooo perfect in this MV *O* and I’m loving the song, it’s awesome! It’s the kind of music they do best!

    TEEN TOP hwaiting!!

  110. Anyone else noticed the f*** this graffiti in the end of the video? lol

    And Chunji makes me want to dig out canned fruits from my cupboard right now .__.

  111. unicornsgalaxy

    Cap’s hair reminds me of Eric’s (from Shinhwa) hair a few years ago. That’s kinda sweet if it was the inspiration for Cap’s hair. Wanting to be like appa Andy’s group’s leader. :D

    • LOL. You must have been in KPOP for a while now.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        Hahahahahahahahaha! Not really, about 2-3 years or so maybe? But Shinhwa is my bias group even though I’ve only been into them for less than a year… Plus yesterday (Korea’s yesterday…not my yesterday…well I guess it was my yesterday but not the same date…o_O???…time difference makes me confused!!) was Eric’s Birthday (02/16) so my twitter was filled with all things and pics related to Eric, so when I watched this video and saw Cap’s hair I was like…”Oh! Eric had that hair”.
        umm….I think that was more than you wanted to know. Don’t mind my rambling!

  112. I read somewhere the video is based off of classic chinese movies. so yeah i stole this from someones tumblr: “the scene of chunji eating pineapples comes from chungking express. There is a famous line in chungking express: ‘We split up on April Fool’s Day. So I decided to let the joke run for a month. Every day I buy a can of pineapple with a sell-by date of May 1. May loves pineapple, and May 1 is my birthday. If May hasn’t changed her mind by the time I’ve bought thirty cans, then our love will also
    expire.’ “

    • I forgot to add every member is portraying a different character. stole this from @oursupaluv: In the video, the members of Teen Top transformed into main characters from Hong Kong films of the past. Niel re-enacted Leslie Cheung’s “mambo
      dance”, a famous scene from the film “Days of Being Wild”, while Chunji transformed himself into Takeshi Kaneshiro from the film “Chungking Express.”

    • There’s a lot of people in tumblr that are saying that and it kinda make sense.

      But I just wanna ask, are those just assumptions of fans or did TOP Media really released something about that.

      • My second post was a clip from a translated article and there is another article that mentions who cap is supposed to be. I’m pretty sure its true though I can’t read korean and haven’t seen anything directly from top media.

  113. I cant wait to see the dance for this song!!! I admit I was scared for their comeback (not knowing what direction they will take) but overall I was very impressed with their comeback. This song is slowly growing on me :)

    • Me too! I dying here waiting for the choreo, they always impress us with their dance moves >w< …. but I'm not sure when we will be able to see it TT-TT

      • But the song doesn’t seem to be a routine-friendly song. Its fast-pace song yes but it feels more like a song you would listen to while driving or something like that.

        • I thought the same way when I first heard To You, “how could they pull off a good choreo with that kind of song?” but they blew me away! Since then I can expect anything when it comes to Teen Top’s choreografies ^^

          And you’re right! I Wanna Love has the feeling of “a song that you listen to while you drive”, I can totally picture myself doing it lol I wonder if they would say the same when someone ask them to discribe the song xD

    • I don’t think there’s a dance, this is a pre-release song. They will concentrate more on the routine of the promoted song. If they do perform this, I think they will be just standing and hyping the crowd.


  115. L. Joe is like absolutely perfect in this song <3

  116. MYGAAAH, L.Joe and CAP finally got more lines~ This needs to be reviewed!

  117. Even though I think ‘One Shot’ is the best video currently in the running for KMM I know that Simon and Martina would have some hilarious things to say about Chunji’s new found love of pineapples.

  118. I just love Everything about this song and music video!

    L.Joe is incredibly sexy with those black clothes on, and that black basketball.. His rapping is so freaking perfect<3

    I'll be honest, at first I didn't absolutely love Cap's hair, I forever believed only Zico could pull it off, but no, now I love Cap's hair like that!


    I stayed up last night at 2am (when it was released my time) and kept watching it until around 3:30am… spazzing about it to everyone! ♥
    Chunji is just so adorable, his pineapple obsession is really weird but…cute? XD.
    Changjo's dancing is really short (and out of nowhere) but you can clearly see he's a pro even in those short seconds.
    Niel's dancing is kinda weird though but I still like it XD.

    I love Cap's heart at the end so bad<3 It's cute^^

    I know this MV probably won't get reviewed because the competing groups are far more popular, but I really wish it would anyways.. </3

  119. FriedChickenOnew

    I really love this style! I wonder if pineapple is good when you are depressed…I only go for sweet things ^_^

  120. FriedChickenOnew

    Lol did you eat enough pineapple? 0:09

  121. This song is pure addiction!!! ♥.♥

    • Seriously think this is the best that TEEN TOP has released.

      • Well beside ‘to you’ n ‘crazy’… I think all their song are great but these songs are few songs that I can hear all day long without getting annoyed ♥ ever since they released ‘I wanna love’ I kept repeating the song and only listened to it… I love this song so damn much xD at first my mom like it too n she even shared it on her fb but after some time she got annoyed by it coz I kept replaying it like there’s no tomorrow LOL xDD

        • I think part of the reason is because the song doesn’t follow the normal flow. You know, verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus thing. It keeps you on your feet. I don’t know what the chorus is. People say its “its time to move on here…” but I think Niel’s part is the chorus,

  122. Yay for equal amount of lines in the song, especially for Ricky! He is sooo cute! :) Also C.A.P is looking damn fine in this MV! I think it’s official: I’m a pedonoona now. XD

  123. I’m really happy that Ricky got more parts in this song, the same goes for L.Joe and C.A.P! <3

  124. not to forget LJoes finger at 2.46!!

  125. I love this song so much! the parts are finally equal for everyone (ricky!!)- and melody&lyrics are great and LJOE’s rap is so flowing&fresh ♥ mv is pretty good too, hong kong scenery is truly unique. chunji eating pineapples and maknae line throwing things in the ocean XD

  126. I can dig it.

  127. I’ve always been interested in Teen Top. I love ‘No More Perfume on You’ and a bunch of their other songs. The last two comebacks with ‘To You’ and ‘Be Ma Girl’ were okay, but this song really pulled them up for me. I’m loving this song. Such a catchy tune :)
    Teen Top hwaiting!

    • You weren’t a fan of To You? A lot of people got interested with TEEN TOP bec of To You.

      • I thought it was okay but it didn’t stand out. Like I didn’t like it enough to buy it. I like this song a lot more :)

        • Ah really? For me, To You was the reason I shifted from Infinite to TEEN TOP. I didn’t really like The Chaser and The Chaser and To You came out at the same time. And from then on, I stick to TEEN TOP.

        • I agree with you, I personally love To You. If I hadn’t been a fan before that song came out, To You definitely would have made me a fan. Out of all their MV’s, To You is my favorite, though not my favorite song. (I personally love their songs like Shake It and The Back of My Hand Brushes Against)^^

  128. Teen Top hwaiting! <3 hope they get a lot of views and votes, they sure deserve it!! :D

  129. AYO FINALLY! Let’s vote like crazyyyyyyyy’1

  130. Am I the only one who’s really, really happy that L.Joe finally rapped in the song instead of saying random english words at the beginning or end of the song??

  131. This video is so different from all the other Teen Top videos and it’s the only one without a dance (besides Angel), right? I don’t mind though, cause they look so fine ^^

  132. honestly, I wasnt really ‘into’ the song when I first listened to it but daaaaaaaaamn the fifth time I listened to it “ASJKHFGDJA ITS TIME TO MOVE ON !! WE GO TEEN TOP TOP~!!” ;_____; I didnt even bother watching the whole MV >,<

  133. Hmm I really like the song (aside from their group name being all over the chorus). Not much really happens in the video. Then again the target audience is girls so… what do I know right? Is just standing around looking attractive interesting? The scenery is really nice though. Also, damn, that guy really stocked up on Dole pineapple slices. I don’t know if they were advertising, but hey I’d like some pineapple slices too.

  134. The MV is really good and the song seriously shows TEEN TOP’s maturity as singers.

  135. Teen Top always gets ripped off on K-pop Mondays. Let’s get them reviewed this time! :D

    • lol Teen Top always gets ripped off? XD
      have you heard of NU’EST?

      • But that’s different… Nu’est are, well, new… New groups don’t usually have a chance of getting reviewed because they haven’t gotten that many fans yet. It takes a while for their popularity to grow.
        Teen Top is different because they’re been around for a few years, their popularity should be higher than what it is and they should have a chance to get reviewed but they don’t because other groups are more popular and They end up getting reviewed instead..

        • iloveminhyun

          hmm lol well you seem to not hang around the charts often then :D
          Nu’est is actually really popular on EYK and has ALWAYS gotten first place, but is ALWAYS pushed down because of big groups. Even S&M acknowledged that and Nu’est is known to have the eatyourkimchi curse because of it lol.
          And Teen Top has been reviewed 2 or 3 times, which is good. I don’t think Teen Top is screwed over at all actually :)
          Anyways, enough talking about Nu’est in the Teen Top thread. XD
          TKIR: I really like the rapping in this song. It’s so smooth. And there’s this one guy’s voice (I think Niel?) that sort of defines Teen Top’s sound. I like that Teen Top has their own sound :)

        • Eh, well, you’re right about that, I haven’t really been focused on the charts when Nu’est videos were released. (Except for now, because I am split between wanting B.A.P, Nu’est, and Teen Top to win… I’ll be happy if either of the three get reviewed)

          Yeah, the rapping is really good. Normally I prefer L.Joe’s rapping but in this song I prefer Cap’s =P.
          And Niel’s voice is surely amazing throughout the whole thing^^

        • Yes! Definitely Niel’s voice is what makes Teen Top’s sound so unique! Although some people find it annoying, I love his voice ’cause he’s the reason you can identify a Teen Top’s song just by listening to it once, even if you’re not a fan ^^

        • pumpkin_spice

          I LOVE NIEL!!!!!!! (idk if you noticed by my profile pic XD) his voice is AMAZING he’s the reason that I became an Angel :3

        • NUEST always had the short end of the stick. They always competed against high profile groups.

        • Well, that is unfortunate.

          ~ : Do you think Teen Top or Nu’est even have a chance this time at getting reviewed next week?
          I was really surprised yesterday at how quickly Teen Top got onto the first page, and then checked in today to see they’re in fourth place!

          I felt very proud of Angels and others who just voted for this song^^

        • SHINee is coming back though. I think TEEN TOP has more of a shot the following week considering I Wanna Love is a fresher song than Hello. If not, then let’s just hope the other TEEN TOP vid will do well.

        • They are? Aw, I didn’t know that :|.
          I feel like groups always comeback at the exact same time and then there’s a giant period where no one comes back.. It’s irritating.. Hopefully Teen Top will overcome SHINee, if a miracle happens…

        • I doubt TEEN TOP will win over SHINee. As I said, I think the week after SHINee gets reviewed is the best chance of TEEN TOP. From what I know, there’s no other high profile act that will come back and I Wanna Love is a fresher song than Hello.

        • isnt it better this week?
          because the song is not that old

      • I know right. If only the deadline existed during Face vs MAMA.

        • iloveminhyun

          yeah I always get all sad inside when I remember the Face incident. Face was such a perfect song with such perfect KMM material.
          Oh well, at least NU’EST is now special on EYK, which is a good thing :P
          Anyways, Teen Top. I really like the color of this music video. It’s not bright, but not dark. It’s mellow almost (Like Face!) :)

        • If only the deadline existed back then.

    • Nah, I think TEEN TOP fans stopped caring about KMM. I mean they were really into it on Supa Luv and No More Perfume on You.

  136. This MV is awesome!!! Please review it!!! <3 Teen Top Oppa's hwaiting <3