Teen Top – I Wanna Love

  1. I really hope that they would review Miss Right or I wanna love!! :’3

  2. I think this MV is so nice and the song is just so good. :’3 And, and I love C.A.P’s hair. So damn sexy! ♥

  3. Chloé Waynee

    rising again- i guess i am to focused to let teen top be first place. but i want to do something for my precious guys..

  4. Chloé Waynee

    makng this 2nd? xd

  5. coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooll

  6. Sonia Kapoor

    I love teen top

  7. I just love the song! And C.A.P’s hair, omg, I’m melting! :’3

  8. Chloé Waynee

    great ambiente

  9. Julianne Dupras

    Gosh this song is so addicting ;3; I’ve been replaying it all day orz


    Im an Angel and really in love with this six hot boys and song ^_^

  11. disqus_QCubdcidtd

    I keep coming back to this song..it’s so addicting XD Love Teen Top <3

  12. I am I the only one who was a fan of steam-punk C.A.P with cornrows? C.A.P is always so damn hot. But I think this look is one of my favorites of his.

  13. I hope that if TT doesn’t get picked this week that they will review both videos!!!! Both are so different and amazing~ They
    deserve all the awards and attention! I love them both equally. It’s
    like choosing which is your favorite child.

    • Chloé Waynee

      haha im going to reply all of your posts :DD
      i dont think teen top will get reviewed this week. but there arent many upcoming popular bands….
      so maybe we have a chance for next week.

  14. I’m dying to see them perform this live! Though I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. :-( I’m curious to see what the choreo would be for this song. I really adore “Miss Right” and “Missing You” but I feel “I Wanna Love” deserves some attention too. Other groups promote 3 singles, why can’t Teen Top do it? Their music is good enough. But then again we don’t want them to be burnt out either. :-

    • Chloé Waynee

      it was on their showcase- ( BUT THEY CUTTED LJOES PART!!!!!!)- and it was great! especially when all of them sang the chorus. it was a completely new feeling.
      but now they’re promoting mssing you- which is a great song too but- i wanted i wanna love :(
      i think the mv for i wanna love was a little bit better. so i actually want them to review i wanna love.
      but as long as it is teenttop

  15. I wanna love~ Teen Top! ;-D hahaha. This song is so great. I can’t stop playing and singing it. I’m so glad I ordered a copy of their album. It’s another solid release from TT. ^^ I had missed them so much! I love how the songs are more balanced between the members. Ricky, Changjo, and L. Joe are getting more love and attention. I really want either of their videos to be reviewed. But it’s so hard with SHINee in the running. :’-( (It sucks…I like SHINee…but I LOVE TT!)

  16. Angels hwaiting!! Let’s get Teen Top reviewed <3


  18. Carmensitta

    Am I the only one that finds that such a cute sounding song is completely wrongly paired with a wannabe gangster MV?

  19. disqus_UIAT6m1VQd


  20. Kerrie Johnson

    I love CAP’s hair in this video.

  21. [email protected]

    I love this song so much!!

  22. TeenTop Fighting

  23. I love Cap’s outfit. They should make him wear things like this more often.

  24. Chloé Waynee

    I hope angels keep voting for this song even though miss right is out!!

  25. I think this video is getting too old for a chance to get reviewed. If you guys want Teen Top to get reviewed you should for vote Miss Right instead. Or you can vote for both.

  26. It’s wonderfull.. They are more mature, really.. ♥

  27. This song doesnt have a dance. (except for that little cha cha dance niel does in the middle of the video). what will spudgy do at the end of the video.

  28. SparklyTheCrow

    Best Tin Tap comeback evar! I really like the song, the MV is entertaining, funny and cool. The choreo is awesome, and there’s even some crotch grabbing. Perfection I say!

  29. Chloé Waynee

    I like this video more- i hope this one will be reviewed.

  30. TEENTOPHolic

    they are soooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!

  31. Wow, I actually really liked this video! I love that it’s in Hong Kong!

    • fuuko4869

      I thought it was HK!! I only saw it once and halfway through I realised it was in some Chinese place…which really looked like HK, especially when I saw the tram. But then I thought it might be some Chinese city that I’ve never been to.

      Thanks for clarifying :D

  32. miss-korea

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooove yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa teeeeeeeeeeeen toooooooooooooop >>>> teen top lover … angel for ever