Teen Top – Miss Right

  1. kim sung min

    lolz ikr!

  2. kim sung min

    ahh! yes!!!

  3. HelloEunny

    This is my first Teen Top video I’ve seen and I’m hooked!


  5. I’m not sure I quite understand how this is in 37th place but has 25749 votes?

    • fuuko4869

      It’s a bit complicated, but it’s to do with the chart algorithm:
      – a video’s total points decreases as it gets older
      – even if it has, say, 10 000 votes, by its 3rd week, only ~10% will count
      – in its 4th week, its total points hits 0%, and it ‘falls off the charts’
      – the video is then stored behind all the newer videos, and ranked by date instead

      And that’s why it’s in 37th place! It’s basically too old ^^;

  6. This needs to be reviewed </3 why do Teen Top keep just missing out :(

  7. La la la la la la…….Can’t stop singing that one part lol

  8. Prison Jumpsuit chic… Love it. I’m still learning to like this group. The only one I know is Neil.

    Every time I see someone with only the front part of their hair dyed I think they went bobbing for apples in food coloring. :) lol But it’s very catchy. I could totally see myself and friends car dancing to this.

  9. xXStarryAngelXx

    Dropped down to 6th place??!!
    I really wanted this to get reviewed~~ ㅠㅠ
    This is actually one of my most favourite MVs by Teen Top&&it DOESN’T get reviewed? D:
    It was like this for ‘To You’ and ‘Going Crazy’ as well… (_ _lll
    If we try really REALLY hard maybe we can get back into the top 3? :’)

  10. Come on! You know you guys have a lot to talk about in this video!

  11. Waited for them for so long! I love this song and MV :D

  12. Lets Vote and help them get reviewed!!!

  13. Oh man I REALLY wanted you guys to review this video for KMM! It’s been in the top three for weeks, I hope it gets back up there this weekend! >_< There's just so much good material for a KMM here!

  14. I love MISS RIGHT~~!! ^O^ ♥ ♥

    Teen Top FIGHTING~!!! :D

  15. I think we have to say good bye to Teen Top now when Infinite also had their comeback. :3 Sad but true. Well I will still vote, but anyway. ^^

  16. ZackEager

    This dance and song are just sooo great and catchy…. I really hope this gets voted in this week finally because Teen Top deserves it and they been in the Top 3 for weeks now…

  17. This NEEDS to be reviewed! Teen top always gets screwed over! And Martina said they have lots to say about this video, but then don’t choose it? Even though, U-kiss would have no problem holding down first another week. Please do Teen top! You guys never do reviews for them, except ones that seriously put them down. You guys said you liked this comeback, so I hope you guys do review them!

  18. RAWR!!!!1 Want this reviewed so bad T_T Cmon S&M, this vid has been in the top 3 for weeks now!!!

  19. Isabel Ruby
    Isabel Ruby

    it’s pretty amazing how long this video has held out…..

  20. Hey girls!!! Come on.. this week is Teen Top’s!!! Won’t you keep on voting???

  21. DONT GIVE UP ANGELS!!! Im voting like a mad man *O*

  22. I wonder how long this vid can hold up in the top 3..GO TEEN TOP<33

  23. Teen Top managed to be #1 on M!Countdown’s music chart this week~ ^_^ Hopefully they’ll come away with a mutizen finally for this great album! Just hoping they can get reviewed for Music Monday. I absolutely love their music, they just keep getting better and better. As well as their music, their dances and dancing skills are off the charts! They are so synchronized and amazing. They always have been my favorite dancers in K-Pop. I’m glad how they’re getting more recognition in the music world. They work so hard and it shows. You can’t deny their talent, drive, and work ethic. Love these boys!!!

  24. Please, please, review this video! I love it!

  25. never giving up!!!!! TeenTop deserves to be reviewed!!!

  26. This song is pretty fun along with the video. When they perform on Inkigayo they seem like they are having a lot of fun with this song and it comes across natural. Another thing I noticed is how loud Angels are also which also adds to the level of excitement .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF9mwTO7Qzo

  27. teen top hwaiting

  28. come on guys do not lose hope pls keep voting so that teen top can stay in the top 3

  29. Dwi Widya Astari

    Review this pls :)


  31. xXStarryAngelXx

    This song has stayed in the top 3 for a while!!
    Angels are so strong!! ><
    I really hope this song gets reviewed cause the video is so awesome!!

  32. I’m disappointed to see so many of you giving already. The week isn’t over, this video is still in the top three. It’s not lost. It’s not over until it’s over. You can still vote here and stream and search to help them in other awards and stuff at the same time. Please don’t give up.

    • But the thing is, they chose Standing Still over Miss Right. That says it all. Nothing against UKISS, but that MV was technically just a dance video. Its not a matter anymore if they will be on the top 3 or not but if Simon and Martina are even considering choosing them.

      I didn’t really mind if they chose Heo Youngsaeng over Miss Right because they said that they want to do solo artists, but over Standing Still?

      • harusameiro

        I think it wasn’t a matter of the U-Kiss MV being a dance video or Miss Right being an interesting MV. Rather, U-Kiss kept 1st place for 2 weeks AND when they picked Lee Hi they heavily implied that they WOULD review U-Kiss if the song could hold its spot for another week. And they implied it during the chart update too. If they’d chosen Miss Right after giving all that false encouragement to KissMe’s, I think I’d blow my top.
        I’m not an Angel, but I do like Teen Top, and I did love this video/song. I think if it stays in the top 3 for another week, it would be ridiculous not to do a review for it, no matter how much they might want to do a solo artist or female artist.

        • And you don’t see the problem in that argument? UKISS was 1st last week but they did Lee Ha Yi which was 3rd at the time. TEEN TOP was 2nd this week. So if they did UKISS last week, they would have been doing TEEN TOP now.

          I don’t think they reviewed UKISS because they were first for two weeks. They reviewed UKISS because they felt some loyalty to them. NH Media have been very nice to eatyourkimchi so they felt obligated to review them and act as a form of PR. And I believe this would be the problem of this chart from here on. Their personal bias will show. When they change the chart, they emphasize that the move will make KMM a more interesting and less boy group-oriented segment. But they chose Standing Still. A dance video. If they can’t keep their word then they shouldn’t have changed the way they do the chart.

          Well, I did my part. I voted and campaigned. And I feel robbed somehow. With Infinite coming up and TEEN TOP’s MV getting older and older, the chances are very slim. And I’m moving on right now. You should too.

        • It wasn’t at all for their own personal bias. Look at it this way; their fans, who they make their videos for, voted U-Kiss up to first place in three hours, and when they chose Lee Hi over U-Kiss, KissMes showed their determination by keeping the first place spot for two weeks. I think they took that as an indication that their fans REALLY wanted that review.

        • But their reason for them choosing from the top 3 instead of doing the top voted is so they will be able to make a good KMM. I don’t mind TEEN TOP not being reviewed. But what irritates me is that they chose a boring MV over Miss Right. If they chose Heo Youngsaeng’s song, I wouldn’t feel this robbed to be honest.

          Everyone works hard. All fandoms vote, comment and promote their bias group. I do understand that not all will be able to win but it would have been really nice if we lose fairly. I am annoyed right now because it seems like TEEN TOP never had a chance because the choice is really up to S&M and all that week’s work were seriously for nothing. It would have been easier if they didn’t put TEEN TOP at all in the charts. Again, TEEN TOP finished 2nd this week. If S&M did UKISS last week, they would have been doing TEEN TOP now.

          I hope S&M understands that a lot of people who supports their channel are students. Young adults that give the portion of their lives outside school to vote, comment, and promote their bias. I feel so cheated right and I think I won’t be doing this again. If TEEN TOP does comes out with a new song, I don’t think I would support them in this chart. I’m starting to see why some people say that KPOP Muisc Monday is unhealthy. People gets emotionally involved but this won’t even affect your bias group in Music Shows. KPOP artists wouldn’t even care if they get reviewed. But why are we doing this?

        • Their reason was so that they didn’t have something like Big Bang month, or a sausage fest forever and ever. And think of it like this; U-Kiss was in first for two weeks. How robbed do you think WE as KissMes would feel if we got snubbed by someone lower in the charts for a second time?

          I understand that everyone words hard. I get it. I’ve been voting in tons of occasions for the underdog, seen fandoms that work so hard, but since they happen to be smaller, they don’t make it very high on the charts. ChAOS, Epik High, Nu’EST are all examples of this. And they haven’t had a single review. Teen Top has been reviewed tons of times by S&M. Hell, their last comeback got reviewed (for Be Ma Girl. As far as I know, that was the comeback before Miss Right and I Wanna Love. If I’m wrong on that, don’t kick me). I know every single U-Kiss song since 0330 has been reviewed, it seems like, but I don’t see how you feel you lost unfairly.

          We choose to give our time, and they give theirs. Have you ever considered how much they might agonize over a decision from the top three for the review?

          Also consider this; Teen Top has a really big Korean fanbase in comparison to U-Kiss. I have no idea why Koreans don’t give as much support to U-Kiss, they are great. But because of this, Teen Top wins tons of awards on Korean music shows. International fans can’t do as much for the group, and most of U-Kiss’s fanbase is international. We try our best, but we can’t help as much as a Korean fan living in Korea can. THIS right here, this review, the fans they can garner from it, THIS is what U-Kiss has. This and the occasional international award from Japan or something.

        • My point is they changed it to TOP 3 instead of top video because they want to do interesting MVs. Standing Still is just a dance video. If they are choosing that because it topped the charts for 2 weeks, then why bother do the TOP 3 thing? That’s what pisses me off. If they didn’t change it. UKISS would have been reviewed last week and TEEN TOP this week.

          It won’t even bother me if they did Heo Youngsaeng than TEEN TOP because Heo Youngsaeng’s MV fit their reason for choosing in the Top 3.

      • noooo, i think Simon&Martina chose Standing still because it was first place two weeks in a row. So, it was going to be unfair to chose Miss right over Standing still. Now, if TeenTop’s song is still on the top 3 this week, I really thing S&M are going to review it. ♥ Don’t give up n vote!!!!! ♥

  33. GUUUUUUUYS, let’s keep Teen Top in the top 3 D:

  34. Guise, we have to be realistic, this battle is lost BUT we still can help our boys to win an award on music shows! This week is crucial, we need to stream and search like crazy! if you don’t know how, check this post:

    babyspaceangels (.) tumblr (.) com/post/44136338935/vote-search-stream-teen-top

  35. some more days, pleasee keep voting

  36. not much I like about the song or video :( the colorful hairstyles are nice and the black suits besides that its pretty blah. Like you’re in jail where the heck does the car come from and that punching at the beginning…really -_-

  37. Guys, Teen Top is back in the top three!

  38. c`mon angels fighting!! i really really like this video changjooo O.o :)