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Teen Top – Miss Right

  1. lolz ikr!

  2. ahh! yes!!!

  3. This is my first Teen Top video I’ve seen and I’m hooked!


  5. I’m not sure I quite understand how this is in 37th place but has 25749 votes?

    • It’s a bit complicated, but it’s to do with the chart algorithm:
      - a video’s total points decreases as it gets older
      - even if it has, say, 10 000 votes, by its 3rd week, only ~10% will count
      - in its 4th week, its total points hits 0%, and it ‘falls off the charts’
      - the video is then stored behind all the newer videos, and ranked by date instead

      And that’s why it’s in 37th place! It’s basically too old ^^;

  6. This needs to be reviewed </3 why do Teen Top keep just missing out :(

  7. La la la la la la…….Can’t stop singing that one part lol

  8. Prison Jumpsuit chic… Love it. I’m still learning to like this group. The only one I know is Neil.

    Every time I see someone with only the front part of their hair dyed I think they went bobbing for apples in food coloring. :) lol But it’s very catchy. I could totally see myself and friends car dancing to this.

  9. Dropped down to 6th place??!!
    I really wanted this to get reviewed~~ ㅠㅠ
    This is actually one of my most favourite MVs by Teen Top&&it DOESN’T get reviewed? D:
    It was like this for ‘To You’ and ‘Going Crazy’ as well… (_ _lll
    If we try really REALLY hard maybe we can get back into the top 3? :’)

  10. Come on! You know you guys have a lot to talk about in this video!

  11. Waited for them for so long! I love this song and MV :D

  12. Lets Vote and help them get reviewed!!!

  13. Oh man I REALLY wanted you guys to review this video for KMM! It’s been in the top three for weeks, I hope it gets back up there this weekend! >_< There's just so much good material for a KMM here!

  14. I love MISS RIGHT~~!! ^O^ ♥ ♥

    Teen Top FIGHTING~!!! :D

  15. I think we have to say good bye to Teen Top now when Infinite also had their comeback. :3 Sad but true. Well I will still vote, but anyway. ^^

  16. This dance and song are just sooo great and catchy…. I really hope this gets voted in this week finally because Teen Top deserves it and they been in the Top 3 for weeks now…

  17. This NEEDS to be reviewed! Teen top always gets screwed over! And Martina said they have lots to say about this video, but then don’t choose it? Even though, U-kiss would have no problem holding down first another week. Please do Teen top! You guys never do reviews for them, except ones that seriously put them down. You guys said you liked this comeback, so I hope you guys do review them!

  18. RAWR!!!!1 Want this reviewed so bad T_T Cmon S&M, this vid has been in the top 3 for weeks now!!!

  19. Isabel Ruby

    it’s pretty amazing how long this video has held out…..

  20. Hey girls!!! Come on.. this week is Teen Top’s!!! Won’t you keep on voting???

  21. DONT GIVE UP ANGELS!!! Im voting like a mad man *O*

  22. I wonder how long this vid can hold up in the top 3..GO TEEN TOP<33

  23. Teen Top managed to be #1 on M!Countdown’s music chart this week~ ^_^ Hopefully they’ll come away with a mutizen finally for this great album! Just hoping they can get reviewed for Music Monday. I absolutely love their music, they just keep getting better and better. As well as their music, their dances and dancing skills are off the charts! They are so synchronized and amazing. They always have been my favorite dancers in K-Pop. I’m glad how they’re getting more recognition in the music world. They work so hard and it shows. You can’t deny their talent, drive, and work ethic. Love these boys!!!

  24. Please, please, review this video! I love it!

  25. never giving up!!!!! TeenTop deserves to be reviewed!!!

  26. This song is pretty fun along with the video. When they perform on Inkigayo they seem like they are having a lot of fun with this song and it comes across natural. Another thing I noticed is how loud Angels are also which also adds to the level of excitement .

  27. go teen top

  28. teen top hwaiting

  29. come on guys do not lose hope pls keep voting so that teen top can stay in the top 3

  30. Review this pls :)


  32. This song has stayed in the top 3 for a while!!
    Angels are so strong!! ><
    I really hope this song gets reviewed cause the video is so awesome!!

  33. I’m disappointed to see so many of you giving already. The week isn’t over, this video is still in the top three. It’s not lost. It’s not over until it’s over. You can still vote here and stream and search to help them in other awards and stuff at the same time. Please don’t give up.

    • But the thing is, they chose Standing Still over Miss Right. That says it all. Nothing against UKISS, but that MV was technically just a dance video. Its not a matter anymore if they will be on the top 3 or not but if Simon and Martina are even considering choosing them.

      I didn’t really mind if they chose Heo Youngsaeng over Miss Right because they said that they want to do solo artists, but over Standing Still?

      • noooo, i think Simon&Martina chose Standing still because it was first place two weeks in a row. So, it was going to be unfair to chose Miss right over Standing still. Now, if TeenTop’s song is still on the top 3 this week, I really thing S&M are going to review it. ♥ Don’t give up n vote!!!!! ♥

      • I think it wasn’t a matter of the U-Kiss MV being a dance video or Miss Right being an interesting MV. Rather, U-Kiss kept 1st place for 2 weeks AND when they picked Lee Hi they heavily implied that they WOULD review U-Kiss if the song could hold its spot for another week. And they implied it during the chart update too. If they’d chosen Miss Right after giving all that false encouragement to KissMe’s, I think I’d blow my top.
        I’m not an Angel, but I do like Teen Top, and I did love this video/song. I think if it stays in the top 3 for another week, it would be ridiculous not to do a review for it, no matter how much they might want to do a solo artist or female artist.

        • And you don’t see the problem in that argument? UKISS was 1st last week but they did Lee Ha Yi which was 3rd at the time. TEEN TOP was 2nd this week. So if they did UKISS last week, they would have been doing TEEN TOP now.

          I don’t think they reviewed UKISS because they were first for two weeks. They reviewed UKISS because they felt some loyalty to them. NH Media have been very nice to eatyourkimchi so they felt obligated to review them and act as a form of PR. And I believe this would be the problem of this chart from here on. Their personal bias will show. When they change the chart, they emphasize that the move will make KMM a more interesting and less boy group-oriented segment. But they chose Standing Still. A dance video. If they can’t keep their word then they shouldn’t have changed the way they do the chart.

          Well, I did my part. I voted and campaigned. And I feel robbed somehow. With Infinite coming up and TEEN TOP’s MV getting older and older, the chances are very slim. And I’m moving on right now. You should too.

        • It wasn’t at all for their own personal bias. Look at it this way; their fans, who they make their videos for, voted U-Kiss up to first place in three hours, and when they chose Lee Hi over U-Kiss, KissMes showed their determination by keeping the first place spot for two weeks. I think they took that as an indication that their fans REALLY wanted that review.

        • But their reason for them choosing from the top 3 instead of doing the top voted is so they will be able to make a good KMM. I don’t mind TEEN TOP not being reviewed. But what irritates me is that they chose a boring MV over Miss Right. If they chose Heo Youngsaeng’s song, I wouldn’t feel this robbed to be honest.

          Everyone works hard. All fandoms vote, comment and promote their bias group. I do understand that not all will be able to win but it would have been really nice if we lose fairly. I am annoyed right now because it seems like TEEN TOP never had a chance because the choice is really up to S&M and all that week’s work were seriously for nothing. It would have been easier if they didn’t put TEEN TOP at all in the charts. Again, TEEN TOP finished 2nd this week. If S&M did UKISS last week, they would have been doing TEEN TOP now.

          I hope S&M understands that a lot of people who supports their channel are students. Young adults that give the portion of their lives outside school to vote, comment, and promote their bias. I feel so cheated right and I think I won’t be doing this again. If TEEN TOP does comes out with a new song, I don’t think I would support them in this chart. I’m starting to see why some people say that KPOP Muisc Monday is unhealthy. People gets emotionally involved but this won’t even affect your bias group in Music Shows. KPOP artists wouldn’t even care if they get reviewed. But why are we doing this?

        • Their reason was so that they didn’t have something like Big Bang month, or a sausage fest forever and ever. And think of it like this; U-Kiss was in first for two weeks. How robbed do you think WE as KissMes would feel if we got snubbed by someone lower in the charts for a second time?

          I understand that everyone words hard. I get it. I’ve been voting in tons of occasions for the underdog, seen fandoms that work so hard, but since they happen to be smaller, they don’t make it very high on the charts. ChAOS, Epik High, Nu’EST are all examples of this. And they haven’t had a single review. Teen Top has been reviewed tons of times by S&M. Hell, their last comeback got reviewed (for Be Ma Girl. As far as I know, that was the comeback before Miss Right and I Wanna Love. If I’m wrong on that, don’t kick me). I know every single U-Kiss song since 0330 has been reviewed, it seems like, but I don’t see how you feel you lost unfairly.

          We choose to give our time, and they give theirs. Have you ever considered how much they might agonize over a decision from the top three for the review?

          Also consider this; Teen Top has a really big Korean fanbase in comparison to U-Kiss. I have no idea why Koreans don’t give as much support to U-Kiss, they are great. But because of this, Teen Top wins tons of awards on Korean music shows. International fans can’t do as much for the group, and most of U-Kiss’s fanbase is international. We try our best, but we can’t help as much as a Korean fan living in Korea can. THIS right here, this review, the fans they can garner from it, THIS is what U-Kiss has. This and the occasional international award from Japan or something.

        • My point is they changed it to TOP 3 instead of top video because they want to do interesting MVs. Standing Still is just a dance video. If they are choosing that because it topped the charts for 2 weeks, then why bother do the TOP 3 thing? That’s what pisses me off. If they didn’t change it. UKISS would have been reviewed last week and TEEN TOP this week.

          It won’t even bother me if they did Heo Youngsaeng than TEEN TOP because Heo Youngsaeng’s MV fit their reason for choosing in the Top 3.

  34. GUUUUUUUYS, let’s keep Teen Top in the top 3 D:

  35. Guise, we have to be realistic, this battle is lost BUT we still can help our boys to win an award on music shows! This week is crucial, we need to stream and search like crazy! if you don’t know how, check this post:

    babyspaceangels (.) tumblr (.) com/post/44136338935/vote-search-stream-teen-top

  36. some more days, pleasee keep voting

  37. not much I like about the song or video :( the colorful hairstyles are nice and the black suits besides that its pretty blah. Like you’re in jail where the heck does the car come from and that punching at the beginning…really -_-

  38. Guys, Teen Top is back in the top three!

  39. c`mon angels fighting!! i really really like this video changjooo O.o :)

  40. I just had a great epiphany! once U-kiss’s video starts falling (because they are already reviewed) Teen Top might be included in the top three again!!! Hope is back! Yay!

    • They got kicked out by Infinite :”””( This was what I was afraid of. S&M should’ve just reviewed them last week, U-KISS wasn’t going anywhere. But they put up a good fight :(

  41. Please keep supporting Teen Top!


  43. i’m gonna keep voting till they review this!!! :3 come on angels, fighting!!!!

  44. Aw, I secretly hoped they would do this instead of Standing Still, but I guess snubbing U-Kiss a second time would be unforgivable. :p
    Well, I’m gonna continue to vote for this video. :)

    • I know, I mean I really like U-kiss but I wasn’t really…into…their song as much. I was kind of repetitive to me

      • Yeah, I like the song and I do like the video and I really love their dancing but.. yeah. There are dancing in a place that is not their home. We get it.
        But I’m not complaining or anything, I mean, next to other really great bands Teen Top got reviewed a number of times, so yeah.

    • I also hoped that. But I don’t know, but it seems like S&M doesn’t like Teen Top. Well it will be proved if they don’t review it next. :3 I’ll also continue to vote. :)

      • Nah, I don’t think so. It’s not like they will always chose one of the songs in the Top ; picking another song than the 1st one is just gonna be some kind of.. emergency measure when they really don’t want to do the first place or have the chance to review someone who never got reviewed previously, for example. I really think not picking 1st place is gonna be an exception and we really shouldn’t think that they hate Teen Top just because they didn’t chose them. Really. And I’m sure the Art of Seduction is gonna be reviewed since (even though the song is kinda meh) the video is absolutly hilarious.

        • True. But no one thinks they hate Teen Top just that they don’t like Teen Top. ^^

        • Oh, alright, yeah, maybe. I mean, the perfume video really had a horrible message, so I wouldn’t really hold it against them if they don’t like Teen Top as much because of their questionable management doing questionable things. Guess we have to wait until another Teen Top song hits 1st place.

  45. Okay, not giving up yet after all. I really hope they will end up doing this song and vid! I’m really surprised they picked U-Kiss since the video is so boring, but oh well.

  46. This video is so much fun! I can’t help giggling all the way through it :)

  47. I’ll just keep voting for this! These guys are so lovable!

  48. Omg, Teen Top so deserves to be reviewed!

  49. Please do not give up!! we can do this, keep voting Angels!!♥

  50. i lost hope and going to give up -.-

  51. My goodness! Teen Top needs to get review already ughhhhh T.T
    This video was so great!!!

  52. Am I the only one that when I first watched this music video and saw Changjo at 0:46 my first and only thought was “skin…” and kept staring xD So much revealed compared to before~

  53. And HEY YOU ANGELS Don’t you DARE give up! Keep fighting until then very end! I mean, there have been plenty of songs that S&M have reviewed that had been on the charts for four weeks, we just have to show them that WE MEAN BUSINESS! Come on, please don’t give up!

    • I won’t give up, but now that there’s a girl group in the top three, I feel like it probably won’t happen. :(

      • I know right? That’s immediately what I thought when I saw Girl’s Day was in second place. :’-( I want them to talk about at least one of their videos if not all. But I kinda have a feeling their going to pick on TT for not being role models again after Don’t Spray Perfume) as we see them “acting” inappropriately, being peeping Tom’s and in jail, etc. I love the video, song, and dance all are so addicting! I think the video is playful and fun. Just like their others. So I love it! Not sure S&M will… :-

  54. KissMe Inspirit here to help out :) This song is really catchy, I’ve found myself singing it at work a lot. The video is fun and colorful, and SERIOUSLY YOU GUISE HAVE BEEN HERE FOR WHAT 3 WEEKS?! I think you guys get cookies. I hope this gets reviewed next week.

    • but isn’t Infinite having their comeback this week?

      • Don’t you dare point that out and make my decision difficult! The way I see it, this video is older, therefore won’t stay up as long. Infinite has four weeks once they come out. The time for this is almost up. I really want this to get reviewed, even if it means pushing back my loves. I think you guys deserve it after keeping this video up in the top 3 for so long.

        • kpopre4lyfe

          Keep Special Girl in mind please… having 4 weeks means diddly squat when there are going to be videos added to the list regularly.

        • harusameiro

          I’m an Inspirit KissMe L.O./.E. and I agree. I’ll be voting for this above all the other groups. 3 weeks of them being in the top 3 is too much effort to ignore. This reminds me too much of Nu’est’s bad luck, and this would be awesome to see a review for. They already did a chart update for them iirc, and they seemed happy with the MV/song. Teen Top fighting!!

  55. Keep it up! I mean, have they ever talked about a jail/school before? It would be original. :D

  56. LALALALALALLALA! Miss right is so catchy and i love Chunji <3

  57. may i saw that CAP is looking gorge in this mv love this hair style on him

  58. now that ukiss has been reviewed its a full on voting blitz for teentop!!! teentop fighting!!!! hope it gets reviewed next monday :)

  59. If you guise review this song…It will be full of epic moments….

  60. Time to review teen top, this song is so catchy and i think simon and martina had a lot to talk about this video, lol

  61. I really love the locker version of this MV. So many funny moments. ^^

  62. I had to see U-KISS get reviewed since theyre my number 1 bias group, but now that that’s done, I’ll be voting for this like CRAZY!!!! I LOVE IT~!!!!

  63. i wonder how long this video can last on the charts lol xD

  64. I really hope that now when they’ve reviewed U-Kiss that they would review Teen Top! :3

  65. Guess it’s a lost cause and they don’t like this song. Sad day. Maybe next time Teen Top.

  66. CAP’s cheeky grin just kills me everytime :D

  67. Not reviewed again :( ….and I thought they would choose it because it has so much to talk about…sigh maybe if we keep it in top 3 for next week???

  68. I wonder if this song will get reviewed. It’s been in the top 3 for a while now. I hope so! :x

  69. I’d volunteer to go to that jail if Teen Top was there. Tbh, who wouldn’t?

  70. They chose to review U-Kiss instead. -_-; Guess they didn’t want to deal with the wrath of Kiss Mes… (I don’t mind the system where S&M choose which MV to review, but the way newer videos get priority in the charts system kinda bugs me.) Anyway this week is Teen Top’s time! We got this! Let’s do it~~

  71. it will take me awhile to get that “” thing off my head!

  72. Can Simon and Matina just review UKISS’s(?) MV next week :( Im pretty sure that standing still can be part of the top 3 for many more weeks to come

  73. This MV never gets old. I just loooove their dorkiness <3

  74. Poor Teen Top! We need to get them back into the top two places~ (Preferably 1st!) They’ve been pushed aside by SHINee, U-Kiss, and now Heo Young Saeng. I don’t want them to meet the fate of NU’EST and get knocked out completely, they deserve attention for all their hardwork! It seems like the new method is even more competitive! :-( Come on Angels we can do it!! I REALLY~ hope that they chose TT this week~ >_<

    • I don’t think this would ever be reviewed. The fact that they chose to review a dance video (Standing Still) means they are bias in their choices. They don’t really want to review this. Let’s just move on.

      • I kinda think you’re right…*sigh* so not fair. Well, I guess U-Kiss had to win somewhere, (them never winning on music shows, etc.) even if it’s to be reviewed by S&M every time. I’m hoping that Teen Top gets a few mutizens now!

    • Why? They don’t need to be in first or second place, third can get them reviewed as well… it all depends on Simon and Martina. And they acted like they wanted to review a Teen Top song, but who knows.

      • I’ll try my best to remain positive…but I’m really scared now that Girl’s Day is ahead of them and you know how they’re trying to break-up the constant sausage fest… -_-;

  75. This is the last night I’ll be voting here. I hope they get reviewed but if they don’t, I think its time to move on. Honestly, I think Miss Right is more KMM kinda video because there’s a lot to talk about, not just the video but the dancing as well. I don’t know how I’ll feel if Simon and Martina review U-Kiss instead of this. No offense but Standing Still is just really a dance video. The song is good don’t misunderstand but there’s just really nothing in the MV worth talking about.

  76. I can never stop repeating the music video… They’re just too perfect!! :D
    Poor Chunji, didn’t get a ‘love’ scene with Shin Bora… But L.Joe’s scene… I almost cried!

  77. L.Joe is sooo happy throughout this music video XD

  78. L.Joe is so happy throughout this whole music video XD

  79. I always had a soft spot for Teen Top and I really, really like this song! It’s very catchy. And the video is pretty funny. Even funnier if you imagine that the girl is actually a boy. Poor, traumatized Chunji!

  80. I keep voting for U-Kiss but honestly I kinda think I might rather have them review Teen Top.

  81. Chunji’s face o.o I absolutely adore this song, and the boys let their personalities show in more than just in the odd dance version (I can’t wait to see a heart version of this, still though ;)

  82. Hey every Angels out there, have you joined Teen Top’s fan community site on Google+? :D If not do it! :D

  83. TEEN TOP!!!

  84. oooo Simon&Martina please review this MV which is awesome!!

  85. Chunji…why? You used to be so….wait, no, a LITTLE innocent. Now your a full blown pedo! Your nickname from here on out is pedji (combining Chunji and pedo) Why Pedji, WHY?!

  86. please review teen top’s video this week please please please
    kiss me’s please wait for another week i’m pretty sure ukiss’ video can hold on for another week ;)

  87. Shin Bora are Hot! Those Teen Top Likes All Nuna’s!

  88. go, go, go Teen Top.

    it’s time!

    I would love to hear something about coeducational prisons :D
    and dancing!

  89. wishing this video would get reviewed <3

  90. i am not here to hate but angels plz plz plz can you give this music monday to our otter prince heo young saeng(ss501)-the art of seduction. if you see the mv you would realize how awesome it is and how awesome the music monday will be. While the mv is cool and the song is really catchy, we never got a review from s&m ever before. SO yeah plz and thank you!

    • i think simon and martina decide this not really we- and theres ukiss too
      but you know we’re waiting since three weeks and were never no1 so we’re wishing to get this revewed too.
      and after this week miss right wont be there anyway :(
      and heo young saeng has actually a pretty good chance becauses&m want to review more solosinger…

      • aww…..i know i liked miss right better than standing still (not bashing) mv wise…….it was so much fun and peppy and chunji was so funny with his perverted side lol……even though i liked both standing still and miss right for song…..but miss right mv was more fun while standing still was like super junior videos handsome guys dressed well in a odly lit room….btw why miss right woudnt be there after this week?

        • Chloé Waynee

          yep i think ukiss song is nice, but the mv has not much to review
          i think because its too old- like a deadline.
          even though I’m currently not sure if its this or next week.

        • Tayeba Monsur

          yeah it shows how over worked they are…..they need a break

        • Chloé Waynee

          i think so too- but nearly all idols are overworked unfortunately
          teen top got not one day free since debut its sad..

        • Tayeba Monsur

          aww thats sad.i thought andy would understand since he himself is/was an idol especially under SM

        • Chloé Waynee

          i thought so too, i really wish for idols to live healthier..

    • But won’t it be more fulfilling if he won on his own terms instead of the competition backing down?

      Also, its not really US who decide.

      • i know.i thought of it afterwards…….but you know thank you for not bashing me for my comment……i see angels are one of the peaceful fandoms

  91. Is it me.. or does the wall say “Hate You” at 3:21 O_O”

  92. Ahh Jealous of her *_* LJOE<33

  93. That girl is Shin Bora right????

  94. Just for our boys …just for our boys ill keep posting

  95. we’ve been waiting for 3 weeks already, its not fair that u-kiss can auto matically get it quick -.-

  96. i just hope it work & they do a review

  97. Posting as much comments as i can, even tho it can count for only like a point ill comment as much as possible for our boys

    • better comment other comments, sometimes they see it as spaming if you just comment, but its really nice that you support teen top that much :)


  99. WE CAM DO THIS !

  100. This is really getting me fustrated ! but for TEENTOP ill do it!

  101. I really hope that this video will make it to Kpop music monday, because like S&M said.. Every ukiss video has been reviewed so far.. And I absolutely LOVE ukiss, but I think ‘Miss Right’ would make a funnier Music Monday : )

  102. Guys, are simon and martina purposely avoiding this video? its been in the top 3 for, what 3 weeks now?? last monday they said if ukiss stays in first then thats what they are reviewing…..
    not fair to teen top….
    i know they dont hate them but dont love them because of dont spray perfume but really? this is kinda harsh…..
    and i wanna love was over looked too…..
    s&m, i love you guys but this isnt fair to teen top who have had decent messages in their songs and have managed to stay in the top 3 for 3 consecutive weeks…..
    im just saying……

    • Agreed! I think that “Don’t Spray Perfume” has just really stayed with them. It’s a shame. How about showing more love to songs that manage to stay in the top 3 for 3-4 consecutive weeks? Basically, that’s the same thing that happened to NU’EST and it’s not right. They have NEVER been reviewed. So they at least deserved to be recognized. TT has been reviewed before, but each time have earned themselves a bad rap. I know it’s all in fun, mostly, but come on this would’ve been the chance for them to clear the slate where both “I Wanna Love” and “Miss Right” were such great, addictive songs! I personally think that “I Wanna Love” should’ve gotten attention for being different in sound and in MV concept from their previous releases. I ADORE “Miss Right” and “I Wanna Love” equally they are both such strong releases. I just hope they win some mutizens on music programs instead. :-P haha!

      • RIGHT!!! they need to forget dont spray perfume because that was like what, 2 years ago? and yes the message and mv was bad but it wasnt their choice…
        They at one point had both songs in the top 3 and NEITHER got reviewed……
        NU’EST fans, i know your feel….
        this literally sucks and i wish they would FINALLY choose teen top…

    • Precisely my point. If they did UKISS last week, they would have been doing TEEN TOP this week. I really feel robbed somehow. I don’t mind losing to Heo Youngsaeng because that video was really interesting. But to lose against Standing Still? A dance video?

      • Ok, I love U-KISS don’t get me wrong , but that video, meh, not alot to talk about for a kpop music monday, an amazing dance and song, but the video lacked….
        I actually do kind of mind losing to Heo Youngsaeng because it just recently came out, where as Teen Top has been fighting to stay in the top 3 and are completely and utterly over looked….
        This really isn’t fair……..
        I feel robbed too…

  103. We have to win this ! We need more help

  104. I Loved the song and the coreography! But te video is actually pretty awkward. It would be so funny if they review it!

  105. [] Taken

    [] Mentally dating every single member of teen top

  106. TEEN TOP!! Fighting!! Yopu have potential to be reviewed by simonandmartina :)

  107. *-*

  108. I hope this get reviewed because seriously, this is the last time it can win. After this week, it would be too old to be even ranking high.

    • yes, and it wouldnt least too!!
      so I just keep commentin everything haha- but theres so much to say about it!
      it was in the top three for so long!

  109. chunji *-*
    i love this guys and there voices

  110. [] Taken

    [] Single

    [x] mentally dating every single member of teen top

  111. I feel that if this video can manage to stay in the top 3 for the next 46 hours they might review it. I know they love U-Kiss, and I love that song, but the video is so…boring. It’s pretty much a dance version music video. They could pick D-Unit, I’m not personally a fan, but I don’t think they’ve ever done them before. I really hope they pick this song though. There’s so much going on in this video that they could talk about. Well, here’s hoping. *fingers crossed*

  112. leader C.A.P became the new maknae!~ lol SARANGHAE ╤EEN ╤OP! :)

  113. Oh I hope this video can stay in the top 3 and they’ll review it this week. I love these boys and this video and would love to see them talk about it.

  114. I really like CAP’s hair. I hope they keep it like this :p

  115. i wanna love isnt there anymore, why?

  116. the lalala part is so catchy ! :)

  117. I’m not even a teen top fan, but this one could be such a funny music monday! I mean, how do you kiss through a hard mask? Looks difficult to me. And of course there’s still only one female…


  119. How do you guise think, are they in jail from the beginnig (excluding the intro)? To me it looks like they’re having a lesson, then the girl enters the classrom and Teen Top are sentenced for… staring at her? If so, why is she in jail with them? IDK, I guess I’m just looking for sense in something that wasn’t meant to make sense ;]

    • Maybe instead of a real jail it’s supposed to be like detention “jail” at school. I mean, it was the teacher who threw them the jumpsuits. Some schools make the bad students wear orange jumpsuits. And they probably were sent there for not paying attention.

    • not really.. :D i think they’re in a prison school and then a girl comes and they’re imaging these more or less romantic scenes with her…

  120. This theme surprisingly suits Teen Top so well~

    Bad boy but still innocent for a pretty girl? Hm..

  121. I come back every hour everyday to check on this…THIS NEEDS TO BE REVIEWED! U kiss can wait, they can definitely afford to stay in its place for 2 weeks.

  122. When I thought this song would be reviewed this week’s monday :’(

    • I did too, I love this song

    • Me too. U-Kiss’ MV doesn’t really have depth. I don’t know what they will be talking with that MV and Lee Ha Yi’s is too cute.

      • I agree. But they haven’t reviewed Teen Top yet, yhyy! :3

        • I don’t think they want to review TEEN TOP. I’m moving on. You should too. Even if we get them at the Top3 another week, I don’t think SImon and Martina will choose them. TEEN TOP went up against UKISS and Heo Youngsaeng. Its obvious what vid is more KMM worthy. But they still didn’t choose them. If they didn’t pick TEEN TOP at this instant, its more likely they won’t pick them at all. This was a golden opportunity. Miss Right up against 2 boring (no offense) MV.

        • Ah~ to give up sounds kind of depressing though, I mean wouldn’t it be a waste to give up on rooting for a band you like so much? Even if they don’t get reviewed, it makes me happy to see that there are so many fans out there like me

        • I don’t think that either, but I’ll continue to vote. Sad that you’re moving on. :)

  123. ouu..chunji is so nastyy..this song makes me love teen top very much! and this is my first tme voting in eyk. but i really hate their hairy outfits in this mv! ugh,its like bigfoot or something. anyway, i hope this song will be review soon!

  124. I personally think this MV should be reviewed rather than U-KISS because ‘Standing Still’ was a bit… boring.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest Kissme here, and my favourite group is definitely U-KISS, but this MV didn’t have the same effect that would make me fangirl to death, love the song individually though.

    Teen Top’s ‘Miss Right’ however, addicting song, hilarious and artsy MV, and I’m looking forward to all the jokes Simon and Martina will make about this song and MV :’) :D

    Hope you guys understand my point, so vote for Teen Top :D

    *Kissme, Bana, Baby and Angel here!*

    • “Kissme, Bana, (…)”
      Oh my, I read “Kiss my Banana”… Intoxication, what are you doing to me?!

      I get your point and agree with almost everything you said :) But I wouldn’t call this MV artsy… Funny and awesomely random – yes, artsy – not. But it’s quite a vague term, so we may have differnt ideas of what is “artsy”.

      • omg i read “kiss my banana, baby” too! XD

      • But Simon and Martina will definitely have a lot more to say in this MV than Standing Still.

        • Yep, Martina even said in Kpop Charts Update that there’s so much to talk about in “Miss Right”. Maybe that was just my biased point of view, but it seemed to me that she was more enthusiastic about Teen Top rather than Lee HI and that’s why I was surprised to see “It’s Over” being reviewed.

        • To me, between Lee Ha Yi and TEEN TOP, I knew they would pick Lee Ha Yi. Just look at the KPOP Chart Update. They mentioned Lee Ha Yi first.

          But bet TEEN TOP and UKISS, logically they should pick TEEN TOP. No offense to the UKISS fans that are reading this but Standing Still is a dance version. There’s no depth to the MV. There’s nothing there to talk about aside for the dancing. But then again, UKISS and NH Media has always been kind to eatyourkimchi.

          So let’s see. I am hoping that they will review TEEN TOP next considering G.NA and Girls’ Day are coming back. Simon and Martina did say that they prefer female artists. Its not about getting #1 anymore. But who they will be with in the Top 3,

        • Maybe I was just too optimistic… I’m a bit concerned with these two comebacks too. But since they reviewed Lee HI this week and BoA not long ago, the point of “not enough female and solo artists” is no longer valid. Or at least not as significant as before. But maybe it’s me being too optimistic again *sigh*
          BTW Is writing TEEN TOP more correct than Teen Top? I never really paid much attention to caps.

        • I don’t know. I just like writing it in all caps because from far away, it looks like their logo.

          But I actually like that they are choosing instead of the fans. I think they notice it as well that their KMM have become boring. And that’s because they are forced to review MVs that they don’t like or don’t really have any substance. But I hope they won’t be bias because of this new system.

          Right now, between UKISS, TEEN TOP, and D-Unit, TEEN TOP does have the more interesting video. If they do pick UKISS, I hope it has genuine intent and not because its #1 and the fact that eatyourkimchi has a good relationship with them.

      • LOL I guess I haven’t been a Nasty (and a Junsu fan) long enough cause my mind didn’t play that trick on me xD

      • That was my intention :’)

        • Oooh you so nasty!!!

          Are B1A4 releasing a video anytime soon? I miss them on Music Mondays, it’s been quite a long time since they were reviewed. I feel a little bit bad for not helping Baby Good Night and Tried To Walk enough on the Kpop charts. Both are awesome but BGN was competing with The Chaser and TTW with 60 Sec. and I’m biased towards Infinite… Next week Infinite have their comeback (yay!) and I hope I won’t have to choose between them and B1A4 again.

          (I know this is a completely irrelevant comment, but Miss Right is not going to stay in the top 3 for next week anyway, so it doesn’t change anything I guess)

    • in my opinion this mv really gives so much to say!
      not only because ‘m an angel but also if i see it objective

    • Stop Girl didn’t have a storyline too. And it also looked like a dance MV but there was a lot of things to say about Stop Girl. Standing Still, it just felt a tad bit rushed.

  125. Love this song so much Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah l.joe is so hot!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Even though this was kind of random (jail? school? hybrid?), I thought it was cool and kooky. They really looked like they were having fun when they were bouncing around in the locker room. Although the integration of the girl was kind of weird…


  128. I’m waiting… And voting… And then, it’s not reviewed yet D:

  129. Is there any other comeback coming soon? Do we have a chance to make them stay in the top three for another week? :

    • G.NA and Girl’s Day. Girls again… I don’t know if their fanbases are well represented among Nasties, but I hope their videos will be boring ;] Otherwise there is a big chance of them being chosen over Teen Top. But I’m going to vote for “Miss Right” anyway.

      • lol me too, but martina and simon want to review more girl groups and solo singer…
        so idk if we have big chances

      • If I remember correctly, Simon loved Girl’s Day “Oh My God”, if they do something similar and they get into the top 3, well, one can imagine the result ^^U. With G.NA I have no clue, I think she is big in Korea but here in EYK I’m not sure…

        Anyhow, we have no other choice but to keep voting! :)

  130. Oh Teen Top I love you…
    This is such a good song. I hope eatyourkimchi will review it.

  131. Miss right !!!! Exeptional song .. !!!!!!

  132. Oh I hope this video can stay in the top 3. Teen Top have been on the Kpop charts so long. I hope at least one of their songs can be reviewed. But you know how it is. This song is older so it’ll probably drop. Sad days… T_T

  133. I really love this video and song.
    It’s actually what made me grow to like Teen Top when I really didn’t like them before.
    The hand shake part is SO catchy. I always bust out in dance along with the song when I listen to it.
    Also when Ricky sing’s ‘Molla molla molla….’ it’s my favorite part!
    The video is also really goofy and shows the fun side of Teen Top. ^^

    It’s sad this probably won’t get a review even though it’s been in Top 3 for about 2 weeks. -sigh-
    Because I’m pretty sure next week will be U-Kiss

    • ikr, we kept fightin but they were never no 1 long enough… would ukiss been just a little later :(
      cant they let ukiss wait for just ONE more week, i bet they would make it, seriously… kissmes are pretty dominating here..

    • I also always start dancing to this song. Especially to the lalala part. I just love the hand shake move. ^^ I think fans should start doing covers of the teen top shake! ^^

      And yes it’s really sad that this wont be reviewed. ‘Cause this MV has much more to talk about than U-kiss. :3

    • I like to think of myself as a kissme but I have to agree. This video is pure gold and would make a better KMM then Standing Still would

  134. I like U-Kiss, but I think S&M might have more to talk about with this MV… so, fans of Teen Top (is it angels?), if you want this to get reviewed, then comment – you can only vote once a day, which is one point, but you comment plenty of times (which is also one point), so long as you keep the discussion relevant, i.e. about the song/music video or artist. Sharing on twitter is also worht one point, whereas sharing on facebook and G+ is worth 4 points each.

    • I totally agree!! ^^ S&M would have much more to talk about with this MV. U-kiss MV is good but it’s just the same those 3 minutes. :)

      • Well, I like the dancing in Standing Still, and I think it would be interesting to see how S&M would explain the girl with odd contacts, but I’d like to see them either review this or D-Unit…

    • yep, i hope angels read this tip :)

    • It’s in the top 3, so if S&M want to review it, they will! In theory…

      Simon and Martina, if you read this, I really want to have your explaination of their break-out plan. Please. You can handle one more week of haters’ hate. I know you can.

    • Really? Wow…I keep clicking the “like/vote” button and refresh the page but I guess it doesn’t count. I thought you could vote multiple times a day that way, they must’ve changed it again. I’ve been doing it wrong all along. >_< Thanks for letting us know!

      • No problem :) check out the drop down menu where is says ‘first timer? Learn how to vote on the KpopCharts’

        • Alright, cool. Will do! ^^ Also, what are people’s opinions in regards to the fact that newer videos carry more weight on the K-Pop chart then older MV’s with tons of votes? Personally, it frustrates me!

        • I think it’s something to do with the MV views that causes older ones to drop down the chart – but I’m not sure. I’m not sure what peoples’ opinions are, and I can understand your frustration, but at the same time, I think it’s a good thing, as it gives newer MVs a chance to be reviewed.

          If you want to know more about the voting system, I’d ask one of the mods :)

        • Wow…I just read the way the system works. That is SO messed up! I don’t like the math that is used at all to see which video is hotter and “more interesting” to the system. It’s like dealing with electoral college votes versus the overall total number of votes. SO frustrating! And once again, in their example, Teen Top was beaten out by Sunny Hill. Though…that was a great song…but so wasn’t “Crazy.” -_-; ugh…it’s hard being a fan sometimes. You just end up getting your hard broken by vote counting machines… :’-(

        • Well, it’s the system they have atm, and I think if they want to change it, it would cost quite a bit… as well as that, while they were changing systems, wouldn’t they have to shut down the voting for a while? IDK, it’s what we have to work with atm – I think if you want something to get voted in, you need to start a discussion – while comments are only worth one point, you can write up a lot of them in a day (so long as they are relevant!), especially if there are a group of people commenting a lot..
          I think this is beginning to turn into a spam chain, considering this song is still in the running for a review, so

          TKIR, who is your favourite member of Teen Top and are you happy with their style in this vid?

    • As a KissMe you know I needed to vote for U-kiss.. but this week I totally want Teen Top to win, but this song needs some more votes, where are the angels when I need them here?

      • I don’t know. But if people want a video reviewed, they need to learn to discuss the MV/song/artist.
        I’m really curious as to what S&M would have to say about the fashion and plot of this vid

  135. Why why did they review Lee Hi and not this, buhuu!! *crying* :3

    • because they want to review more female&solo-idols
      its okay, i hope they review this next time.

      • Yeah they say that. We must just hope that they review this next monday. :3

        • Chloé Waynee

          i bet ukiss would mantain their position even after one more week…
          but kissmes are going to kill simon and martina if they dont review it next week…

        • Well it would be quite boring if they reviewed Standing Still, there isn’t so much to talk about Standing Still. :3 It’s a really good song and I like it but it would be boring in KMM. :)

        • Chloé Waynee

          yes they could talk instead of the normal 7 minutes for 3…
          because its actually just the dance with some closeups.

        • Yeah! :) I hope they would review Teen Top or D-Unit. :)

        • Chloé Waynee

          I didnt watch D-Unit but i think they even would prefer D-Units, because they arent that well known.. and i dont even know if they like teen top.

        • You should watch, so good!! ;) Well it would be sad if they didn’t even give Teen Top a chans. :)

        • Chloé Waynee

          yep, especially since teen top is in the top three for sooooooo long..
          okay, I’m going to watch, i dont really know them haha :D

        • They really have been there a long time! We must cross our fingers that S&M gives them a chance.
          I didn’t either know them before saw them here on the charts. ^^

        • Chloé Waynee

          ah really?? you didnt know teen top before?

        • I mean D-Unit.
          But I found out about Teen Top about a month ago. A little before I wanna love was released! ;)

        • Chloé Waynee

          oh sorry XD

          well me too, i did know they exist but i did not even know all of their faces…
          but after Gayo Daejun- Yesterday it changed because I found LJoe rap so good!

        • Yeah, I also knew they existed but I didn’t know who was who and so on. :)

        • Chloé Waynee


          i knew there was niel and that i had a big problem with the name ‘supa luv’ and why not super love
          how did you started to like them?

        • I started to like them when I heard and saw Be ma girl. I really liked the song, and i heard it just before I wanna love. And the when I wanna love was released, I started loving them even more. C.A.P is also one of the reasons I started liking Teen Top, ’cause I thought that his hair in I wanna love was so cool and sexy. :)

        • Chloé Waynee

          yes i loved caps hair too haha :D
          he looked really good- surprisingly

        • I have this thing that I like guys with braids and dreadlocks. :)

        • Chloé Waynee

          really? ahaha
          i just like guys with a cute face

        • Yes! :D Haha! Well that I like too.
          I didn’t like Sukkie (the prince of asia) (I have my reasons to that, haha), but then when i saw the What is your name MV, and Sukkie had dreadlocks I just loved him. That hair, OMO so hot!

        • Chloé Waynee

          haha XDDD
          weell everyone got his likes.

  136. Chunji still able to melt my heart! prood noona!

  137. :O It’s in 4th place now?????? U-Kiss really did bomb the charts -_-
    As long as EXO or something doesn’t have a comeback………………………………..

  138. Just watched Lee Hi’s Its Over, I think between the three videos in contention, Miss Right has more substance. I mean more things to talk about. But it is still up to Simon and Martina.

  139. thesillyone4

    Am I the only one that thinks that this deserves to be reviewed than UKiss’s video? I like their song and all, but there’s not much to review about the video; it’s only dancing and posing at the camera. But Miss Right has actual interesting stuff to talk about I hope this one gets reviewed!


    Please look at this, I’m sure anyone who isn’t as fan of Teen Top will become one immediately! You have to watch the whole video though to understand

  141. I ♥ TEEN TOP!
    AAAAA, I’m going crazy xD ♥

  142. Such a great song!! And I like The dance too!!

  143. what’s wrong with this link?why are they in no 3? they have more views than Ukiss right? i wanted simon and martina to enjoy the music and the mv’s craziness.

  144. Use two different web browsers,then you can vote two times! ;)

  145. Teen top for K pop music mondays ! All Fans unite and vote ! We can make it happen :)

  146. VOTE GUYS :) goooooooooo teen top!!
    PS. NIEL♥

  147. OMO,, I’m not even an Angels but watching Cheonji singing it live yesterday on TV,,, #asjkadadf I lurvvvv his voice~ >__<

  148. This video should have way more views! I heard it is because of some searching problem (when you type “Teen Top Miss Right” it won’t appear), but Angels should still make an effort and go to their official channel and listen to it!

  149. I really like this mv compared to their older ones, the I always have little issues, but this one is really amazing, I can totally appreciate their awesome dancing and acting :P

  150. I really hope that Simon and Martina would review this one, they would have so much to talk about! :’3

  151. I wish Simon and Martina should say it already if they are gonna do this or Lee Ha Yi or U-Kiss.

  152. changjo has grown up so much >.< our loving maknae is a man now kekeke<3

  153. I really want Simon & Martina to review this. It doesn’t make any sense but that makes it kind of funny, especially to the tune of “La la la la la.” I really like the dance in this video! And I really like the song.

  154. ChunJi lost his innocence at 2:85:P

  155. i so wanna see simon and martina dance teen top shake..make it liked harlem shake but more cuter!!

  156. ok, i want this to be reviewed so badly. buut one more week and theres lee hi+ infinte maybe coming back

    it will bepretty hard

  157. wooow this is so cool ! such a fun video !


  159. The more I listen to this song the more I like it =D

  160. hoping Teen Top gets reviewed this week and Ukiss next week love them all, but there can only be one a week.

  161. My mother’s comment on the video; There’s only one weird thing, why are they so happy being in jail?

    Dear mother aside, I love this video and I love the song. It’s so happy. Lalalalalala ~~

  162. the 21 la la la are(and dont kill me) just sound a little odd. otherwise i LOVE the video

  163. then should we try for next week?

  164. This is sooo good!!

  165. This video is much more exciting than U-KISS’s Standing still, I really hope it wins…

  166. This song is SOOOOO GOOD!

  167. Is almost 3am and here I am checking the charts lol I just couldn’t go to sleep without doing this first

  168. hi Simon and Martina! seeing that this video is in the top 3, i would just like to say that it would be nice if you chose to review this video not only because the video is interesting and it poses a lot of questions to the viewers, but also because i want to see Simon copying the dance. not the “shake” dance they do during the lalala lalala part, but the one where they squat, hold their crotch and then thrust until they are standing. that’s so nasty and it would be a shame if we don’t see it on a music monday!

    also, chunji is incredibly nasty as well.

    hoping to see you shaking it in multicolored pants on monday! :)


  170. They need to win this No.1!!!

  171. omg so i know that Ukiss made a comeback but i really wanna get this reviewed!!! angels please keep voting :))

  172. This actually is like the most fun prison ever.

  173. come on angels lets keep on voting only a few more hours left!!!

  174. Simon and Martina should totally do the “Teen Top Shake” on the street! XD

  175. Oh I really hope this wins. I’m hoping Simon and Martina don’t just pick U-Kiss because they know them, or Lee Hi because Simon knew her… I would love a review of this song!

  176. Teen Top!! I love this song!

  177. Leggo Teen Top!!!! SARANGHAE <33

  178. Vote vote din….

  179. love this song <3

  180. I really love the lighting and vibrancy of the video as a whole. I mean I do with every video, but when I first saw this my reaction was “omg so bright so pretty”. haha they always make the best comebacks ^^

  181. Can’t believe Teen Top stayed in the charts for almost 2 weeks, and when they finally got first, they got knocked down by U-Kiss. I’m pretty sure the Kissmes can help U-Kiss stay first for another week if Teen Top can, so simonandmartina should review Miss Right since it has stayed on the top 3 for a long time, and might not be next week.

  182. Now that Nu’est is a goner (sort of), I think I want to come over here and support the Angels.
    I liked this song, and the video is pretty hilarious and it would definitely be KMM material.
    I hope S&M choose this among the Top 3. I think it’s the best option personally :) I will vote for this video whole-heartedly now~

    • I think it’s so sad that Nu’est isn’t on the list any more. ‘Cause I also like Nu’est. But awesome that you’re now voting for Teen Top! ^^

      • so this song came out on my iTunes when I saw your reply so it was like OMG COINCIDENCE~
        Teen Top hwaiting! :) I’m liking this song more and more now. It just uplifts my mood and removes all the gloom. XD
        Strangely, I fear I’m turning into an Angel…
        but I really can’t afford to be a part of anymore fandoms lol~ oh well Kpop you have consumed me whole. :D
        (omg so I decided to buy the Teen Top album, and then I looked over to my Kpop shelf and saw it was full. I then decided to buy another shelf and realized all of expenditure is going into Kpop now. I then imagined that I’m going to die drowning in a sea of Kpop albums XD)
        what a lovely way to die ~ :P
        Simon and Martina, please review Teen Top next week. Pleaseee?

        • Well that was an coincidence, haha! :D
          I know what you’re talking about, first when I listened to this song I were like “yeah this is a good song, but notso special” but after listening to it a little bit more I started liking it more, AND then I saw all these Teen Top Shakes and I were so in love with the lalala part and the rest of the song. :3
          Awesome that you’re turning into a Angel (some how that sounds strange)!^^ Can I allready say welcome to the fandom? :)
          Sounds like you have a lot of albums. :3 Which idols? ^^ I don’t have a single album jet , ’cause it’s so expenssive to buy them here to Finland. :3 But I’ve decided that when I one day travell to Korea I must have with me a suitcase just for all the albums I’m going to buy. Hehe! :’)
          And I’m hoping the same as you, Please Simon and Martina review Teen Top next week! You would have so much more to talk about than if review U-kiss.

          (Haha, it took 23 minutes to write this. I’m so slow at writing on the phone. ; P)

        • iloveminhyun

          omg the Teen Top shakes were amazing lol
          no don’t welcome me into the fandom just yet. Welcome me when I start watching their reality shows, which I don’t have time for now. unfortunately. But I will get to it I promise! Any recommendations?
          I have lots and lots. I have nu’est (of course :P), b.a.p, btob, big bang, sistar, 2ne1, tvxq, jyj, junsu, b1a4, 2am, block b, boyfriend, tablo, wooyoung, epik high, after school, u-kiss, evol, eric nam, super junior, hello venus, Jo Kwon, son dam bi, orange caramel, cross gene and yeah I’m a bit obsessed XD
          Teen Top, this will be my first Teen Top album yay. I wanted to buy I Wanna Love but then changed my mind because it was a single so yeah :P
          oo a kpop fan i talk to a lot online from Finland :) I love her a lot, she’s really sweet. so sweet, I’m thinking of going to Finland just to meet her. :) ~Blueberries if you’re reading this, saranghae <3~
          When you have K-pop albums, trust me, you feel so happy. They just make you happy. Especially your first one, it's so precious. My first one was 2010, I bought TVXQ's Mirotic and it's like my baby.
          What will your first album be? :)

        • Well there is a lot of reality shows. But maybe Teen Top rising 100% and weekly idol. I’ve watched those. ^^
          Gosh you haveso many albums that I also want!^^ And I don’t think you’re obsessed that’s just awesome that you have so many albums!!:D
          Seems like you really like her! ^^ Can I ask in what country you live?
          I trust you. :D Even when i got my One of a kind t-shirt I were so happy that I were dancing and lying on the ground, haha!! ^^ I think my first album will be Bigbang’s Alive. ‘Cause it was because of Bigbang that I started liking k-pop. ^^ But there is so many albums that I want, so maybe it’s a another album that I buy first. :) It can be that my first album will be CNBlue’s I’m Sorry, ’cause I’m planning to see them when they come to Europe this year. So then I should have their album. ;)

        • iloveminhyun

          I shall keep your suggested reality shows in mind :3
          and I live in Qatar :)
          oh you have a one of a kind shirt? I have a super junior t-shirt and wear it a lot lol. It just showcases my pride of being a kpop fan :)
          ohhh lucky you’re going to see CN Blue~ aish I wish kpop idols come to this part of the world. *sigh* I wanted to see ZE:A when they went to Dubai, but it wasn’t worth the plane ticket there and I’m not even a fan of ZE:A so I let that oppurtunity pass.
          But yeah, go see CN Blue, that would be so awesome :)

        • I also wear my t-shirt a lot, I love it. :D
          Maybe in the future the k-pop idols will come there? :D

      • Me too~ I was SO SAD! DX I really wanted NU’EST and TT to be reviewed more than anyone. TT_TT

    • Thanks for helping us Angels :D The next time Nu’est releases a new mv, we will also help in voting it :D :-bd

      • Thanks~ I’ve been an Angel for a while, but I always have and will vote for NU’EST. Even though I was voting for TT I was also voting for NU’EST. I really wish they could’ve hung in there or S&M gave their attention to it since it was in the top 3 for at least 3 weeks. >_< I liked each of NU'EST's songs and I think they definitely deserve to be reviewed! Same as TT.

  183. I want you guys review this MV because it has so many things that are no normal….I love the song but if you look at the video it has so many errors…that are so obvious,,,,lolz

  184. its really frustrating to lose after there was only one day left.

  185. [] taken

    [] single

    [x] mentally dating every single member of Teen Top

  186. forever replaying this 0.o i like it so so much

  187. is it even possible for teen top to win…
    one more week will be difiicult

  188. yesterday teen top were first and i was so happy, but today- ukiss was first and lee hi is near.
    WHYYY ? :(
    also feel bad for nuest. if not teen top then nuest, because they deserved it..
    please angels, fighting!!

  189. as much as i love U-Kiss i hope that S&M will use their new top 3 voting system thingy and choose to review Teen Top if they don’t make back to n°1 until the dead line. ‘Cause as i said as much as i love U-Kiss and their new song is nice indeed, there’s not much to say about the mv, and there’s quite a lot to say with this one. Now i don’t know what are their criterias to say what video has a good potential ti be a good KMM or not, so…


  191. shit happened -.-

  192. You may be thinking: “Ugh, another K-pop video where all 50 members are in love with the same person T_T”, but this one finally makes sense! They’re in jail so they haven’t seen a girl in ages in this….. co-ed jail??? The hell??????
    It’s co-ed, so why aren’t there any other girls? Or any other guys? Seriously, did all of S. Korea’s jails fill up? Is that why they were forced to bring the extra prisoners to this one jail cell? Seriously, what the hell is going on?

  193. What is wrong with the kpop charts? here it says this video only has 76 270 views! But it really has 691 575 on youtube!!!! :( That isn’t fair!!!!

  194. they are so amazing
    chunji *-*

  195. What is wrong with the kpop charts? here it says this video only has 76 270 views! But it really has 691 575 on youtube!!!! :( That isn’t fair!!!!

  196. What is wrong with the kpop charts? her it says this video only has 76 270 views! But it really has 691 575 on youtube!!!! :( That isn’t fair!!!!

  197. come on angels vote! let’s get this mv to 1st place!!!

  198. where’s angel ? kissme is trying to catch no 1 now!

  199. Jordan

    It seems like Chunji is always playing the scumbag in Teen Top’s videos. First he’s cheating on his girlfriend, now he’s a peeping tom and it’s even worse because he’s pretending to be blind to get the peek! Their management is not creating the best image for him…

  200. Jordan

    I really hope this gets to KMM!! U-Kiss can hang on until next week! It’s been too long since S&M have reviewed a Teen Top song!


  202. Finally ! we can finally see a music monday out of TEENTOP, c’mon angel’s lets keep them in the No.1 spot.

  203. honestly cap should stick with wearing muscle shirts lol those arms are just heavenly <3 and the hair, LOVE the hair! So hot!

  204. Angels! If you wanna help our babies to win #1 with Miss Right on music shows but you don’t know how, just go here —>

    babyspaceangels.tumblr (.) com/post/44136338935/vote-search-stream-teen-top

  205. I wouldn’t mind going to that prison *^*

  206. Are they wearing Pom Poms on their hands o_o..

  207. I hope this gets reviewed!!!! ><

  208. I love this song!!!

  209. at the beginning i was like wtf….. then cool

  210. sigh
    …. not legal for guys to be so hot

  211. lol there are much weirdness on this video :’D ♥♥♥♥♥

  212. can they hold onto the first place with Lee Hi and Ukiss? I wonder…

    • Let’s just see. But I think holding on to #1 doesn’t matter anymore. I’m not really a fan of KPOP Music Mondays. I just come here from time to time. But from what I heard, the top 3 is considered and S&M will pick 1 from those three. So even if this gets #1, if S&M want to do Lee Ha Yi, we can’t really do anything about that.

      • It’s not likely they’ll do that though. ^^; They instated that rule because they don’t want to do something like 4 weeks of Big Bang/G-Dragon again. They said they’ll mostly stick to the number one so it’s still about getting the video to the top.

        • if martina&simon would review after what they want teen top were probably last haha
          they like ukiss&lee hi more
          bbut i think tt mv is better than ukiss… i didnt watch lee hi’s yet

        • Well, yes, they did say that but the real reason for this new “rule” was to give girl bands and soloist more chances to win a KMM, because we all know KMM is always dominated for boy bands… so after all, if S&M review Lee Hi next week, it wouldn’t be that surprising U.U

        • I hope they’ll pick what they want. Even if its not TEEN TOP as long as they want to review it. I mean KMM gotten boring through the years because S&M are forced to review what they don’t like. Let’s see between TEEN TOP, U-KISS or Lee Hi. Who will S&M pick to review?

          With all due respect to Kiss Mes, U-Kiss new video, there isn’t really anything going on or to talk about it. So if TEEN TOP won’t be reviewed, I hope it would be Lee Ha Yi.

        • Yeah, all that remains is to wait and see what S&M will choose to review. Lee Hi’s MV is fun and cute and I really like it so I also prefer it over U-kiss’, although they are one of my favorite boy bands

        • Don’t get me wrong. I do also like U-Kiss but this new MV of them is just so blahh. There’s no depth. No offense. That’s why If its not TEEN TOP, I do hope its Lee Ha Yi.

    • mehehee :(
      not really, a shame.
      but still keep fightin

    My top 10 songs of Feb. Teen Top is on the list twice.

  214. yay nr 1

  215. NOOOOO 1- for real.
    but keep voting :)
    i hope they win on some music shows ….

  216. i miss Niel’s sexy long locks but i have to admit changjo and cap are looking good! this mv is really cool!

  217. I love this song and it’s theme and Chunji’s face XD

  218. come on!!!! vote votes!! niel… gahhhh… cap. dang his smile. every time it gets me. dang it!

  219. I love this video niel & cap look cute & ricky & chunjo get the main parts even through im used to niel but im super happy that they all get a turn : )

  220. I love this video niel and cap look cute and that they let ricky and chunjo be the main parts

  221. The dancing in this video just makes me SO HAPPY!! I LOVE IT!

  222. i noticed ukiss new dance has some teen top features….
    crotchgrabbing and hip-trust XD

    • I heard U-Kiss’ MV will be released later than expected so we lesser competition. I think we can beat NU’EST. Hello is on their 4th week. They can’t stay #1 that long. But we need to do our part as well. I think half of their points in each category will be enough to overthrow NU’EST.

      • well we got it♥♥
        but i saw theres lee hi. i think she could maybe win.

        • We’ll see. But I think they will do Lee Hi no matter what. Simon did say she was a former student of his. There’s this emotional attachment.

        • Chloé Waynee

          3 more days..?
          but if they goin to do it instead of teen top i’ll never watch this show again°!!!

          (they wont :DDD)

        • Well it is their site. But if they decide to do Lee Ha Yi, I hope its because they want to and not because they think it will crash their server or something. No offense to Simon and Martina (if they are reading this), but KPOP Music Monday is starting to be a drag since last year. You can tell that they’re more careful with their opinions and that the review itself isn’t as funny as it was.

          Honestly, I want TEEN TOP to be reviewed because of the added publicity the song will gain. That’s all.

        • Chloé Waynee

          i guess they got much hate, because some delusional fans took a joke too serious.
          actually me too :D
          so people see how great teen top is.
          but.. i also wanted to know simon&martinas opinion..
          just SUDDENLY UKISS CAME >_<

  223. CAP and L.Joe are forever amazing but when did Changjo grow up? One minute he’s a kid and now…I feel like a pedonoona. I’m going to stop. Must focus on CAP’s biceps.

  224. L.Joe!!!!!!!!!! Chunji stop winking you are killing me!

  225. I just love this MV, so awesome! And the dance is even more awesome!

  226. the chorus is stuck in my head…

  227. They did a really good job on this song! I like it much better than Nuest’s and I really hope it gets voted up more. It’s just so much more fun and danceable.

  228. am i the only one one who thinks cap’s hair looks sooo freakingly amazing????

  229. this song is soooo catchy i’ve been singing it all day :D

  230. I can’t stop watching this video but I really need to. My prescription is already horrible and the bright ass colors are killing me. Oh well.

  231. Aah~! This is the first [maybe third..>.>] Teen Top song that i absolutely loveee!!
    The “LALLALALALALA~~ ” part is so catchy!!
    And i love how the main chorus is all about “she, with long, straight hair” xDD
    And also, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a teen top dance which doesn’t have wild, flailing hip thrusts! XDD thought, i love the main Jump-Step choreography!

    • i like the main chorus too because i have long straight hars haha :D
      yes, i really wonder why they’re so obsessed with hip trust..

  232. This song is so addicting!



    i got new energy from this :D

  235. under the kpopchartvideo for i wanna love they posted:

    Teen Top released two videos…I’m sure we’ll review at least one of them!

  236. LETS VOTE THIS UP, ANGELS~ We need to see some Simon&Martina action on this one. ㅋㅋㅋ

  237. Saw their concert in Barcelona, everything was perfect, these boys deserve everything <3 vote up everyone!
    ps- pause the video anytime to laugh your guts out :D

  238. Also this marks the first album where C.A.P isn’t weird looking. haha he looks normal…and hot.

  239. Changjo got so much lines!! Not just in this song either. Ahh if only Ricky got more lines lol

  240. Cute song, fun MV. ^^ I cant stop myself from giggling watching the vid. LOL.

    Btw, does the number on their white t-shirt have meaning or is it random?

  241. i freakin this song! The video fits like perfectly. Love Niel in this video!!! :) <3

  242. This is such a great MV to be reviewed!!

  243. ugh they did again. the beginning i was like oh this might be a bad ass song BUT NOOOOOOOOO! they start in a teen topish way


  245. I’m so glad that the lines are getting distributed more evenly now! I love that C.A.P. and L.Joe have pretty a verse to themselves. :) And Changjo! So happy that he’s getting to sing more. He deserves it. Now for Ricky’s turn…

  246. What I can say… Beautiful song, awesome dance, great album!!!
    About the video… well still a tipical kpop video, but still funny and nice to watch =)

  247. It seems like no matter how many times I watch this video, there’s something I didn’t catch the first time~

  248. I love this mv! I think it’d be great if they reviewed it because Simon will get to do some thrusting and the crazy hair and funny mv ^^ I love Teen Top and I hope they win for next week!

  249. i have the feeling simon& martina will dislike the mv-
    …. :(

  250. i dont get the end..
    but still great song :D

  251. lalalallalal!! TEEN TOP MISS RIGHT!


    So awesome!! 6 hot and cool guys ever ^_^

  253. to be honest though, Teen Top would probably be flattened by other inmates in less than a second if they were ever thrown in jail LOL

  254. This song made me an angel :)

  255. Chunji you so nasty.

  256. I love this video!! and pervy Chunji xD

  257. Funny MV- i was laughing all the time while watching it

  258. Looove this !!!

  259. Did anyone else notice in the beginning when Shin Bora walks into the room, L.Joe wears a cap and in the next shot it’s gone. Same with CAP, while checking her out he has the headphones around his neck and when L.Joe “kicks” him, they are gone, lol.

    It’s such a fun song and I can’t help but smile every time I watch it. Very Very VERY catchy

  261. This video is a goldmine of randomness. Why are they in school and then theyr’e cosplaying as SNSD in a jail cell? Then there’s only one girl in that prison (lucky girl), then they call out to their wolf buddies, then they attach pom poms to theyre hands, then niel starts tangoing with the girl, then chanjo dips his shirt in oil(?) and like throws it on a smoking car @_@??, then chunji watches her change…theres so much more to say but ill stop here.

    I love this video *o*

  262. 1:11 is my fav part!!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaah! CAP! his smile… shizzz!

  263. C.A.P looks cute with the clean cut, mop of hair. I like it. ^^ But I also liked the cornrows…please don’t hate me! DX Either of those styles I think were my favorite of what he’s had so far. Though C.A.P is hot no matter what his hairstyle or clothing. ;-D

  264. I really would like Teen Top to be reviewed. I think both videos are great. The only thing that would make it better if TT didn’t get reviewed this week is IF both videos get reviewed the following week!! ;-D That is the only way to do justice to these amazing songs and videos. Love Teen Top so much. They keep getting better and better. I am addicted to their music. New and old. I can’t stop listening to them~~~

  265. I’m greatly enjoying Teen Top’s latest release. I’m not sure which single I enjoy most. Plus the entire album is amazing~ I’m so glad our boys are back. Teen Top just keeps getting better and better with each comeback. They’re making this noona proud. ;-) hehehe. I’m streaming their tracks on Bugs, Melon, and Olleh trying to give back to them by helping them win a mutizen. But it’s so hard to do when they’re up against the SHINee. TT_TT Come on Angels! We can do it!!! Teen Top FIGHTING~

    • ikr- teen tops timing is so bad. a few weeks later would be more advantage- but NOOOO
      i think this album is one of the best, because first of all ITS A FULL ALBUM and the nonpromoted tracks are sooo good!! every song could be a promoted one (besides maybe mr bang hahaha)

  266. ANGELLLLLS~~~~~ Keep spreading this link around so more angels can vote!!!! ^^
    Let’s get Teen Top reviewed by EYK again!!! YAYAYA :D:D

  267. I love this song and all, b-but my hair is way too CURLY !! Wae? WEA?!! TT-TT /rolling on the floor crying

    Ahahaha ok, I’m calm now

  268. watch this in ripito flipito sipi slow motion! it’s hilarious xDDD there is so much going on in the background and their expressions are priceless. And the dance…it only becomes more faboulous xD

  269. If nothing new else get release, I think this will win next week. NU’EST will be in its 4th week next week. They won’t be able to hold their position with that much decline.

  270. teen top is great! :D chunji is my bias, and the song is so addicting.

  271. Chunji is so a pervert…. first he wants noona now he pretends to be blind and sees the girl get undressed…. Chunji “you so Nasty”

  272. this looks like an old micheal jackson mv… but just better qulitiy and korean

  273. if this gets voted in simon is going to say why the hell was there a wolf sound??? they don’t turn into werewolves

  274. We really need to get people here. I know majority of TEEN TOP fans are not really fans of eatyourkimchi but if we want this to be reviewed, we need to get these people here.

  275. I love everything about this comeback!! Since they pre released “I Wanna Love” I knew that the comeback was gonna be epic, and so has been *A* first, They flew to hong kong to film that awesome MV with all those references, then the teaser for “Miss Right” and all the trolling with the concept, the release of the album… THAT ALBUM! Every single song is awesome, I love them all! Right after the Miss Right MV came out, uff so colorful and funny, how not to love it! And then the showcase and thier first comeback stage… I don’t know how am I still alive ^^U

  276. This song is so addictive! La la la la la Lalalalalala!

  277. I just watch their M Countdown comeback performance and it was AWESOME !!

    The “Missing You” choreography is way to epic *A*


  278. I was going to vote for I Wanna Love because it’s in Hong Kong, which is just cool. But now I like this song and I think it would make a better Music Monday. So torn! I’ll probably switch to this one…

    On a side note, do you think they will eventually change their name when none of them are teens anymore?

  279. this is such a great song, teen top has to win with this :D

  280. I really hope this reaches top 3 and gets reviewed >///<

    • i wanna love is in the top three haha- well after dream girl is reviewed. then maybe two songs are in the top three.
      actually we just have to win against nuest!!

  281. kpoptown keeps rejecting my mum’s 2 credit cards(LIKE SERIOUSLY WHY?!) -.= Now I can’t buy Teen Top’s limited edition album.. omg I’m so sad… T_T I got all excited to buy it for nothing..

  282. Omo !
    It was extremely awesome ! :D
    The choreography was perfect and their clothing style were perfect ! xD
    Proud to be an Angel ! xD
    All the best , TeenTop ♥

    • yop! i did not like their clothes in the mv (dancing..) because- for example ljoe wore way too big pants over others pants. and i thought WTF is this?!
      but for the performance they were cool

  283. TeenTop ♥ TeenTop ♥ TeenTop ♥ TeenTop ♥ TeenTop ♥ TeenTop ♥ TeenTop ♥ TeenTop ♥ TeenTop ♥ TeenTop ♥

  284. I’m not a gigantic Teen Top fan, but I really love the choreography for this song! Plus, the video and song are both super fun! I’d love to see Martina do the cute little tripping dance part in the chorus. They could make such a cute skit out of it. Martina’s aegyo hop vs. Simon’s nasty hip thrusting. I think it needs to happen.

  285. [email protected]

    Chunji’s dancing always gets better
    Ricky gets more cuter
    Niel gets more hyper
    Changjo gest more handsome
    L. Joe get more attractive
    CAP gets more coller and handsome

  286. I reeeeeaaaaaally want this video to be reviewed next week! I’m a big Teen Top fan and this is such a a great song and video! Their dancing is so good and so on point too! There’s a lot of hilarious potential in this music video for a great music Monday, so hopefully fans can get it into the top 3 and then Simon and Martina will pick it! =D

  287. I like the song had to play it a few times before really getting into it. Only a few things missing. One, more Niel. I love the sound of his voice and I didn’t get to hear much of it. Two, Love Teen Top’s dancing so not enough of it but maybe during live performances I can see more. 3 Maybe too much color made the video teenie boppish, but hey they are named Teen Top. Other then that I really liked it and the song’s becoming a little addicting. On a side note I Liked the girl in the video she doesn’t annoy me like most girls in K-pop videos.

    • They released a dance version already^^ You can watch that and see the amazing choreography ~

      I think Niel didn’t sing as much because they’re trying to be more fair now.. in the beginning, more than half of each song was only Niel’s voice..

      • Just watched it, thank you, it was great! Choreography was amazing like always fun song with fun dancing. You are right about Niel too they should all have their chance to shine. I like the dance version better this song should have an all dance video it’s definitely made for dancing.

  288. Love this song!! so addicting!! GO TEEN TOP!!

  289. My my my, I am greatly surprised! I was rather skeptic because even though I like some of Teen Top songs, most of them are just… meh for me (including “I Wanna Love”) but I liked both the song and the video a lot!

  290. “Apparently achieving all-kills on music charts and search charts weren’t enough, because the boys completely sold out the limited edition of No.1″

    I’m so proud of our boys TwT


  292. TeenTop Fighting
    Angel Fighting

    • And such comments are considered spam so they won’t help Teen Top win. Share your opinion! Ask questions! Start a conversation! For example: which member you think is the best comedian? I won’t be original by saying that Chunji’s expression was priceless :]

  293. NEEEEEEOMU YEPPEO- my favorite part hihi↨

  294. This is my favorite song on the album.. I can’t stop listening to it.

  295. This is actually one of Teen Tops better songs. I never understood the howl… the dance is also really good but i still feel so disco about it. it’s weird.

  296. The music video still misses something. Oh wait! What about a random pillow fight in a prison cell? Haaa I’m a genius pure gold pure gold… What?

  297. I wish I were locked up in prison with Teen Top, it looks fun.

  298. i really like this MV

  299. I’m really happy with this MV, but I can’t help but be dissapointed.

    Does anyone else remember their debut when it was more like “Niel and Teen Top” rather than just Teen Top? From the amount of lines Changjo’s getting (I feel like he’s gotten more than the singers…) and the lack of lines Ricky has, I’m scared this is turning into “Changjo and Teen Top”.

    On the other side of the age scale, CAP and Chunji are really men now….perverts….

    • ljoe too !!

      i dont think it will become changjo and teen top- its just for this album, because they want to show how he’s grown up.
      and i mean- in comparison to niel and supa luv, changjo has not that many lines

  300. Love this song, but i don’t get what’s going on in this video lol

  301. This whole music video is just great XD

  302. ok they HAVE to get 1st this time. they totally got screwed over the last several songs-_- LETS GET THEM TO FIRST!! :D

  303. Six gorgeous guys. One jail cell. Two beds. The possibilities are endless.

  304. This song is so awesome <3 It's totally stuck in my head. I just run around the whole day singing "kinseng mori keunyo" and lalalalalalaalalala XD
    Teen Top never fails to put me in a good mood with their songs!

  305. Everyone looks really ………. but Ricky still looks so innocent xD no matter what you do~ he looks like a cute baby~ xD I wish they would give him more lines… really, it’s so unfair :( poor baby

  306. I love this video!!! But why do CAP and Ricky have on red jumpsuits while the rest have on orange?

  307. Niel !!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teen Top I love you !!!! I love the dance of this song it’s really … woderful !!!!! Teen Top fighting !!!!! <3 <3

  308. Yes, want a review of this MV :D

  309. This song is so addicting! I hope this mv gets reviewed D: Gahh, it’s too many feels!!!! FINALLY CAP’s hair looks good AHAHHA. So jelly of Shin Bora! She’s so pretty ;-; this darn tune is still stuck in my head wahh

  310. I love how the little intro seems super intense… and then as soon as the music starts they are wearing happy colors. Almost super hardcore, Teen Top, you’re getting there.

    • lol i thought the same, so at first i was kinda dissappointed. but after listening to the song- i loved it!!
      but i still want a more manly image for them

  311. The boys were on drugs haah a !!

  312. They want to kill me omg *_____________* ♥♥♥

  313. It has been such a long time since a Teen Top video has been reviewed by Simon and Martina. And this is such an awesom song and fun video! I really want Teen Top to win this time!! ♥

  314. My favorite part would have to be when Chunji pretended to be blind. Hahaha it’s horrible yet hilarious at the same time. His face is just priceless xD

  315. WOAH!! this reaaaallly goood MAAN!! I LOVED THE SONG<3

  316. ♥♥♥♥♥
    i just keep singing 라라라라라라 the whole-day long kekekeke

  317. Ok, who else wants to do the hand flail la la la la la la dance when they feel like “ohhh! You got served, son!” Lol at Chunji. Good plan, my man.

  318. GANGJOE11 <3

  319. Just saw Teen Top’s showcase online!! It was awesome!! :D

  320. Shin Bora is so lucky ^^ I really like her, she is smart and funny and beautiful and … gets to dance with Niel? arrrgh! lol jk

  321. i’m not lying. i have seen this video 50 times, and it is like the first time

  322. OMG… dont know what to say… besides I LOVED IT :D!! And also they all look so good! Especially C.A.P! (he’s my bias but I always thought he could do something nicer with his hair ^^;)

  323. My gawd!! I love the song, I love the album, I love them even more!! I know some can feel trolled about this MV, I started to suspect it was gonna be like this after I watched the M Countdown preview so I don’t feel that trolled lol.

    Anyhow, although I prefer I Wanna Love MV more, I do like and enjoy Miss Right MV! They are young, cute and dorks, this is the kind of MV that suits their age, but dont get me wrong, I’m not saying they can’t do more mature concepts, they did it before with To You and they nailed it, all I’m saying is that we have to enjoy and appreciate this kind of cute concept now that we can. They still are Teen Top after all, when they become ADULT Top we gonna have more deep and meaningful concepts, but all in good time, don’t rush Angels! ;D

    • I don’t actually like the fact that they will be making their comeback in MCD. M Countdown has terrible audio. If they want to impress with their comeback they should make their first performance on Music Bank, Music Core or Inkigayo.

  324. teen top as a jailbait, eh? XD

  325. if 2:58-3:09 isn’t your favorite part of this MV, then you’re lying.

  326. great video…. watched…soo ….much!! changjo and niel and l.joe and…ah! so good ^O^ love the MV and the song. and the dance is cute! I love it!!!!!

  327. ok, who’s smart idea was it to let Changjo just wear the jumpsuit?! I’m seriously dying over here from so much sexiness >.<

  328. It’s just not a Teen Top video until the mostly underage boys grab their crotches and do a little thrusting toward the camera.

    That being said, C.A.P’s hair looks WAAAY better in this video than “I Wanna Love”. I was not a fan of the cornrows.

  329. So I like just re-watched it again and again and stuff and omg >___>

    Changjo’s chest at 2:15 . *Drool*

    Niel at 3:13, literally shaking L.Joe and L.Joe’s smiling like “’re shaking me…”

    And I just realized (after watching this for the millionth time) that the place they’re dancing in has their names in the background^^

    Okay but forget the fangirling for a moment. I can already tell this song will lighten my mood any time I listen to it. It’s so upbeat and catchy already. I’m already addicted to it >__<…

    I don't even know what my favorite song by them is anymore. It used to be To You.. And then I Wanna Love comes out, and I think it's tied with To You.

    And now there's this! I just can't.

    I love To You because of their dancing, and how sexy they look XD..

    I love I Wanna Love because it's just mellow and the meaning is epic. (Moving on… dumping away the memories you and ___ had.. like literally throwing them into the ocean XDD.) And I find it amazing that it's based off of some movie.

    And I love Miss Right because .. well, like I said, it's upbeat, catchy, addicting…colorful! XD! Amazing!^^

    But Ricky doesn't have many lines.. I was so happy he got lines in I Wanna Love.. oh well.. maybe next time :|

    And does anyone notice that it says "Hate you" at 3:21 ? o.O

    - Longest comment ever .-.

    • indeed this is probably one of the longest comments ever… but dont feel bad I’ve read a longer one b4 ^^

    • I also love the choreography, especially the “tripping” part :D
      CAP’s look at the girl when she sits in class made me go “I wanna be her!” and I want to be locked up together with him, too :)

    • What a long comment.

      Anyway, the choreography is classic TEEN TOP. It won’t be a TEEN TOP routine without the hip thrust.

      • Yeah.. I wonder if they will ever be able to dance without throwing their hips into the air xD.

        • Chloé Waynee

          i think this time its kinda TOO MUCH! I mean this was just pure crotchgrabbing.

        • I think Be Ma Girl was more over-the-top with all that hip thrusting… or maybe I’m already used to it lol

        • I think this time it’s very less, I barely recognized any crotch grabbing or hip thrusting and thought it is kinda missing, lol. The most was in Be Ma Girl and To You and I think Crazy was the beginning of this series :D

        • Chloé Waynee

          you dont really see it in the mv, at 2.28 this part
          was for me well- i thought to you and crazy were okay …

        • Omg now that I watched out for it I have to say you are right – Be Ma Girl and To You was nothing in comparison to this xD But somehow they covered it quite well (or I am just stupid for not seeing it, lol) or their clothes just distracted me. I didn’t notice it in their showcase performance either… I’m gonna focus on this part tomorrow at MCountdown :)

        • Chloé Waynee

          hahaahaaa !! XD
          yes I noticed it kinda late to- but since i watched the mv like thousand times i noticed it ….
          it is really extreme :D
          do this, i’m excited for tomorrows performance too

        • Did you watch it? The performance was great! I liked that they wore the colourful outfits similar to those in the MV. And I focused on this part and laughed so hard, when it came XD I still extremely love the whole dance though ^^

        • Chloé Waynee

          YEEEES, saw it! ah they were so great♥ I LOVE TEEN TOP- ok i have to calm down..
          lol i did focus too. It was not as much as i expected. and the camera did not focus that much on it.
          it was a reaally good performance- not only singing and dancing but also the feeling :)
          even though i wanted them to perform i wanna love instead of missing you

        • Me too. I would love to see a dance performance for I Wanna Love. And the Missing You performance was such a different style and awesome!

          Did I already mention that I love Niel’s hair? But what about Chunji’s – in the MV it’s too purple and permy for me ^^

        • Chloé Waynee

          niels hair is better than in crazy for sure haha- i dont know why but the hairs combined with his eyebrows- he looks like a player.
          i like chunjis hairs !!
          i actually like all hairs but ljoes- not that he doesnt look great.. but the other were better.
          i have to watch the performance from today!!

        • Really? I like Niel’s hair in Crazy, it goes well with the sunglasses, lol. Yes, L.Joe’s hair looks kind of flat here, except for the scenes with the Taeyang-hair-band ;)

        • Chloé Waynee

          well dofferent tastes, its ok :D

          yes !! I think i want to see his natural hair just OOOOONCE- next is maybe green or blue haha

          and teen top on music bank were great too! they always seem to really enjoy the performances!

        • Maybe I’m just biased since Niel was the one that caught my attention right from the start when I discovered Teen Top ^^ But I never called him my bias, now after I saw them live in February, I’ve decided that CAP is my bias :D

          You are right. They really seem to have fun in every performance. You can see that this is want they really want to do so I think they cherish that they are able to do it.

        • Chloé Waynee

          haha maybe! UUh you saw them too?
          you are right cap was really cute- and with the new hairstyle he looks much more handsome- even though i thought he didnt look bad with the others.
          i love that so much and that they’re singing live! i love live voices haha

        • So you went to one of their concerts, too?

          Well I also always thought that CAP looks good, but I don’t know I just had to wait til that point that I could decide on my bias ^^ He was so appealing on the stage and I think he is more outgoing now. I used to think that he is kind of shy, since most of the time the other members talked more in interviews and such.

          I only love live singing when the voices are so good that I don’t think “I like the studio version better”. It has always been like this with singers I liked to listen to before I discovered K-pop – most of the time I didn’t like their live performances. But in K-pop it’s so different, I really enjoy watching performances of K-pop artists.

        • Chloé Waynee

          yeeah, the europe tour :D
          Haaha, he was really nice and smiled the whole time!!
          I like the live version nearly always more. …ok not if they are to baaaaad or there are really loud scream between.
          AAh, kpop is like a new world haha

        • yay for the luck we European fans have :D I guess they were a bit nervous if there would really be fans to come to their concerts here. So they must have been very happy when they saw us cheering and dancing and singing along to their songs :D *sigh* I can’t wait to see them again… That’s why I’m happy they released I Wanna Love and Miss Right not long after the tour.

          Right, especially with fancams the screams can be annoying when they are louder than the singing.

          And yes, K-pop is a whole new world that you will never want to leave once you got into it :)

        • Chloé Waynee

          yep we are- but korean are even more haha
          i wanted them to release the album before the concert. but well after is also ok :D
          next tour will maybe be in 3,4 years… not soon.
          yes kpop is also a life ruiner XD but really its like an undergound movement. if you arent into it you know nothing about it but then suddenly BOOM