Teen Top – To You

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  1. This is Teen Top’s:
    Best video
    Best song
    Best dance

  2. This is the best teen top song, dance and video. Please review it.

  3. AWESOME STUFF! walking around with ma ANGEL-socks… like a boss ;D

  4. angels voten por teen top pliis!! (=

  5. Please still review this song! Even thought it’s a bit old, it would be amazing if you did! Please Simon and Martina!! Spudgy help me!!!! T_T

  6. I still want you to review this! Even though I know you’re going to make fun of the English in this song, especially the “To You” part. I sometimes find myself saying Do You instead of To You

  7. Am i the only one who still votes for Teen Top??
    I wanted Simon and Martina to try their hip thrust and talk about their engrish!! hahaha and their awesome hairstyles and choreography!!
    I can’t get enough of them i love their MV <3

  8. I’ve played this song so much that even my parents are starting to hum it. They don’t even like kpop! LOL Subliminal FTW!!!

  9. Teen Top is one of the most voted and not reviewed ones, but i dont understand why it is the #30 -.-“


  11. KEEP VOTING!!!! Teen Top Hwaiting! (Niel <3)

  12. :( It is still not reviewed:(

  13. asdfhlkdshl…shhhhh too many feelings…

  14. I still haven’t given up! I really want Teen Top to be reviewed >.<

  15. Koreanpop

    TEEN TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. SadisticallyMine

    Anddddd now they went down to rank 20. o n o

  17. MY BBYS! YOU GUYS VOTE FOR TEEN TOP!!! they need to win!!!!!

  18. SHINeeDubu_Tokki

    WOW! Why can’t I find them on the Kpopcharts?!

  19. Nur Annisa

    i wanted this to be reviewed…

  20. :( aww. We can’t get it reviewed.. I guess.. there’s always a next time right? At least in angels’ hearts, teen top won’t disappear. ^^

  21. DashelDashSlash

    WHY DID THIS DISAPPEAR FROM THE CHARTS?!?! it a got a large amount of votes and people are still voting for it!Earlier today it was like #5 and then it disappears COMPLETELY from the charts?!?!? WAS THIS PURPOSELY TAKEN OFF THE CHARTS?!?! I’m extremely disappointed right now! Crazy didn’t get reviewed but THIS SONG ACTUALLY HAD A CHANCE BECAUSE OF ALL OF THE VOTES!!! Simon & Martina…Do you guys hate Teen Top that much?

  22. Did this disappear from the charts already? I only found this page through google search

  23. I want TEEN TOP’s To You to be reviewed!!! (Also cuz their Going Crazy MV didn’t get reviewed ^^:)

  24. when are you going to get reviewed….arrrg

  25. FantasyNaily

    Teen Top <3 fighting Angels~~

  26. really really just want to know what you have to say about this song….personally I AM DIEING FOR THE CHASER by infinite to be reviewed..(car spinning scenes, sync dancing, music, key stealing, bike riding, light smashing, wall climbing, etc…..etc)…but its off the top 10 so no hope there =C