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Teen Top – To You

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  1. This is Teen Top’s:
    Best video
    Best song
    Best dance

  2. This is the best teen top song, dance and video. Please review it.

  3. AWESOME STUFF! walking around with ma ANGEL-socks… like a boss ;D

  4. angels voten por teen top pliis!! (=

  5. Please still review this song! Even thought it’s a bit old, it would be amazing if you did! Please Simon and Martina!! Spudgy help me!!!! T_T

  6. I still want you to review this! Even though I know you’re going to make fun of the English in this song, especially the “To You” part. I sometimes find myself saying Do You instead of To You

  7. Am i the only one who still votes for Teen Top??
    I wanted Simon and Martina to try their hip thrust and talk about their engrish!! hahaha and their awesome hairstyles and choreography!!
    I can’t get enough of them i love their MV <3

  8. I’ve played this song so much that even my parents are starting to hum it. They don’t even like kpop! LOL Subliminal FTW!!!

  9. Teen Top is one of the most voted and not reviewed ones, but i dont understand why it is the #30 -.-”


  11. KEEP VOTING!!!! Teen Top Hwaiting! (Niel <3)

  12. :( It is still not reviewed:(

  13. asdfhlkdshl…shhhhh too many feelings…

  14. I still haven’t given up! I really want Teen Top to be reviewed >.<

  15. TEEN TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anddddd now they went down to rank 20. o n o

  17. MY BBYS! YOU GUYS VOTE FOR TEEN TOP!!! they need to win!!!!!

  18. WOW! Why can’t I find them on the Kpopcharts?!

  19. i wanted this to be reviewed…

  20. :( aww. We can’t get it reviewed.. I guess.. there’s always a next time right? At least in angels’ hearts, teen top won’t disappear. ^^

  21. WHY DID THIS DISAPPEAR FROM THE CHARTS?!?! it a got a large amount of votes and people are still voting for it!Earlier today it was like #5 and then it disappears COMPLETELY from the charts?!?!? WAS THIS PURPOSELY TAKEN OFF THE CHARTS?!?! I’m extremely disappointed right now! Crazy didn’t get reviewed but THIS SONG ACTUALLY HAD A CHANCE BECAUSE OF ALL OF THE VOTES!!! Simon & Martina…Do you guys hate Teen Top that much?

  22. Did this disappear from the charts already? I only found this page through google search

  23. I want TEEN TOP’s To You to be reviewed!!! (Also cuz their Going Crazy MV didn’t get reviewed ^^:)

  24. when are you going to get reviewed….arrrg

  25. Teen Top <3 fighting Angels~~

  26. really really just want to know what you have to say about this song….personally I AM DIEING FOR THE CHASER by infinite to be reviewed..(car spinning scenes, sync dancing, music, key stealing, bike riding, light smashing, wall climbing, etc…..etc)…but its off the top 10 so no hope there =C

  27. teen top = wave dance = weeehoooo~~~ ^.^

  28. ha i think if the fan clubs name was Teeny Boppers i would die laughing. that name is plausible but it just means a totally diff thing in the states lol. dnt shoot me plz

  29. commenting as i watch the video: spotted one lip caress… only one girl in video… i like that little “oooh” body roll…
    ….okay… were they dead or something? and is this one of those “whole group dates one girl” deals? and did all the ghostly members fight each other for this girl? i hvnt looked up the english lyrics yet so maybe that will explain everything… and their imaginary fight… that never happened… in the video that is… maybe we were suppose to imagine it ourselves… let me stop before someone cusses me out lol.
    anyway, i loved the dance, reminded me of some throwback dance moves like vanilla ice and mc hammer. video just confused the “blue jesus” out of me.

  30. I really want this to get reviewed…

  31. I want this reviewed next please >.< Hopefully it'll raise the popularity… if nice things are said, that is -_-"

  32. I don’t know about the video but I really like their style here and I love this song :D I hope it will be reviewed next…

  33. Wahhh Angel’s let’s keep voting for our boys >.< The dance was so great and so was the song that it needs to be recognized and reviewed T.T

  34. i cant stop listening to thissong i play it everey night when i sleep @.@

  35. I die every time Teen Top goes down in rank.


  37. You would not believe how easily this song gets stuck in your head 0.o Only way to get it out–feature it on Kpop Music Mondays!!!

  38. I virtually like TeenTop, but I’d love a review just to get Simon and Martina’s opinion about that “OoooOOOOhh nori che wei” or something dance move, the one with the body rub! I want there reaction sooooo bad!

  39. Oh yeah. Just like you can only vote once per day, does only one comment count per day or do they all count, no matter how many you post?

  40. Unfortunately sharing this is pointless for me as my friends dont like Kpop and they won’t vote for them just because I ask. I need new friends lol I guess Ill just have to vote and comment as much as I can!!!


  42. Teen Top for the win!! Haha I’m that crazy noona fan lol. Like, Teen Top is my only exception when it comes to fan girling hahaha. They are seriously my favorite boy band out there. Their music is great, they are amazing dancers, and they are just freaking sweethearts. I mean have you seen videos of them? They’re seriously perfect little gentlemen.

  43. I’m new to the Angels but I absolutely adore this song! You guys have to review it!!!!! :3

  44. Don’t stop voting, Angels. I’m voting everyday!

  45. I really, really, love this music video. I like the beat and the music video looks AMAZING! I really liked how changjo got more lines and even got a dance break! It’s a huge step up from their past music videos. I’m really impressed and I hope that EYK can go review it.

  46. C’mon guys! We went down a rank! We can do this!!

  47. wait, teen top has more votes by a lot than boyfriend. but, why did boyfriend got 4th place. and teentop 5th place? O.O

  48. Vote and comment for Teen top!!! Angels fighting!

  49. GAHH…… f(x) and u-kiss are in front of us… I want all three to be reviewed D: (mostly this one though. ANGELS FIGHTING)

  50. C’mon guys! We’re REALLYY close to getting teen top reviewed!! We can do it angels! ^^ fighting!

  51. I really like Teen Top. Their song, their style, and they are funny too :D Angel, let’s vote them ! Teen Top fighting !


  53. I love this song very much but the “To you to you to you know” part sounds like “Do you do you do you now”

  54. someone knows if this is the last week for To You’s video to get reviewed? I just noticed that The Chaser isn’t in the chart anymore D: I really hope no! Please Angels keep fighting, we still can make it!!

  55. Teen top fighting!!! Vote angels!!!

  56. I love this video!!!!! Fighting!!!

  57. I think we still can make it, there isn’t’ a comeback till July so, keep voting ! ^^

  58. i really don’t think this is going to get it
    why ?
    its been too long
    but we can still try

  59. jazminjhnsn

    i think i like this

  60. I hope this will be reviewed soon! :) I love this song!

  61. Come on Angels!! fighting!!!

  62. i really really want this song to be reviewed

  63. Vote for Teen top!!!! fighting!!!


    [DAILY VOTING] For Teen Top :) click the ☆ icon 2. click the yellow 투표 w/ the smiley face

    [DAILY VOTING PART 2] 3. click 투표 (far right) 4. Click the pink ‘cheer’ icon on the left hand side

  66. I really hope Teen Top can win eventually.

  67. i love this video ^_^ ANGELS help get it to #1 to be reviewed ^_^

  68. WE MUST GET TEEN TOP REVIEWED!!! I was very disappointed last time when they came out with their song crazy and even though It had the most votes on the charts it didn’t get reviewed.

  69. I love Teen Top!!!!!!! <3 But I do want to say… C.A.P's hair was… A big no no. Besides I payed attention to Changjo, Niel, and L.joe xD Great video and song!

  70. Is it just me or does this song remind you of Troublemaker’s Troublemaker song?

  71. As for their stage outfits… I want to give their designer a giant round of applause! The color changed are AWESOME. White to green to red to blue and now they are orange! WOW!

  72. It deserves to be reviewed!

  73. I love Niel’s penis grope!


  75. Let’s Go Angels !!!!

  76. It reminds me of This Love by Maroon 5.



  79. Oh~ Ga-In used this room! It’s really dark and eery feeling… thats showing how love can be.

  80. We have to make them reach the top! Come on Angels! let’s do this together!

  81. love teen top, !!

  82. liu teen top…this song is the coolest

  83. hoooo my God i love the dance…..especially how changjo had his mini dance break

  84. Let’s gooo angels~ keep voting! Just like teen top, we’ll get them to the top! (of the kchart!) ^^

  85. This song has a storyline!!

  86. I was gonna vote in every category but i dont hav a twitter. aw poo.

  87. I love Niel’s voice sooo soo much. I know some criticize it, but my baby’s voice is so sweet and angelic and my baby is so cute and sexy!! <3 Teen Top love! <3<3


  89. Vooote. :3

  90. Hope they win!!!!!!

  91. Go Teen Top!

  92. Angles fighitng!! Vote!! and comment!!

  93. Keep voting guys! I really want to see Teen Top on KMM.



  96. I hope you will review this!! Teen Top hwaiting!!

  97. I want them to be reviewed so bad !!!



  100. I love this song and vid so I do hope we manage to stick out the two weeks to get it reviewed. It’s one of Teen Top’s best songs. And whilst I’m a kissme i can’t say the same about U-kisses Believe, which whilst a decent song, is not one of their best. So i’d rather this got a review. :]

    Niel and Cap. <3 Hate his hair in this clip though, and i miss Neil's 80s wavey fro. :<

  101. Vote, share and comment ANGEL’s, let’s make it to the TOP ! ^^

  102. I love TT, : )

  103. Not a Teen Top fan, but WOW, this is the best song and MV I’ve ever seen from them! Color me impressed.

  104. Voting. ^^ I actually really like this song.

  105. So, how did you become an angel? Or what song made you become an angel? =D

    … Wait, I am a crazy fangirl .. o.o

  107. i’m a Angel <3, I love this song <3 and all of them, i want hear your comments

  108. Is there a limit to the number of comments you can post that count for votes, or is it just whatever?

  109. I read in some comments of other videos on the chart that there is a time limit for a video to be reviewed for a music monday. How long is this time frame? 


  111. TEEN TOP FIGHTING!! ^_^

  112. Let’s comment, vote, and share! =D

  113. Let’s goo Angelss!!!

  114. Trying not to get upset over people dissing CAP. He does has eyebrows and his theme was love is an ordeal, so he had to act mean! Please don’t think hes really like that… hes a big teddy bear of sweetness for real. ;n; 

  115. get them to the top




  119. Wow, we’re somehow inching our way closer and closer to the top. Now that I know it’s actually possible to win, though I have a feeling f(x) might win it in the end, I’m definitely going to be more diligent about voting everyday.

    • Yeah me too!! Let’s vote angels!!!

    • But after seeing F(x)’s video… I don’t really feel like theres so much of a story behind it. >< I don't know if I feel this way just because I like Teen Top better, but It just looks like a dance tune to me. I feel like To You has a special meaning about how love is painful~ It should be reviewed for this!

      • Don’t get me wrong. I prefer Teen Top too, but this isn’t really about who’s music video or song is better. It’s just who has the most votes, and f(x) is from SM. They have a large fanbase, and more people seem to know about them. That’s why I had that feeling, but I hope Teen Top fans prove me wrong. I really want them to win ^^

        • True. I think it’d be better if time weren’t as much of a factor to be reviewed though, because it would also be nice if S&M reviewed older kpop videos too, like Boa’s Eat You Up or BigBang’s Haru Haru – there’d also be a lot to talk about in the review. =D

        • Even if f(x) is better in company, there still isn’t a lot to be said about their video. What can S&M explain about a couple light rooms and shock toys? Not as much a they can say about the sets of Teen Top.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think there’d be as much to say about the f(x) video except the dance and costumes. I think that To You’s video is Teen Top’s best video and dance, if not song. We must get this reviewed!!! TEEN TOP FIGHTING!!!! VOTE ANGELS!!

  120. I really, really like this new song… and I wasn’t a big fan for awhile there, after their song “No perfume on You” I was a little turned off by the group. 

  121. love their crotch dances! :)

  122. God, I can’t get enough of these boys! Definitely my favorite boy band out there :) Hope they win for MM.

  123. Im really hoping for this video to be reviewed!>.< i loved it so much!^.^

  124. C’mon, we can do it, vote vote vote ! 

  125. COME ON, i keep voting for teen top :( i know it’s going to be a good review, it just needs to reach first! come on angels, let’s make it a kpop music monday review!!

  126. i really want them to review this ugh 

  127. Ok I have a question. Is the Teen Top fandom that small on here? Or is just because of S&M’s not so favorable reviews on the previous Teen Top videos keeping people for voting for this video? Because if anyone reacted like I did to this video, fangirling and screaming and drooling over the boy’s sexy dancing and hotness, more people would be commenting and voting and Teen Top would be higher. Not trying to criticize Angels, just plain curious.

    • probably some people here lost interest? idk either this is the first Teen Top song that I like but the video is just not that interesting for me but so did the other videos so hmm

    • I hope it’s not because of the previous review videos of past mv’s… Yeah I wonder why there aren’t as many comments hmmmm… Anyway let’s keep voting!

    • I think it’s because S&M don’t really post positive, er, favorable reviews on Teen Top music videos. Because I’m a hardcore (hehe) Teen Top fan, and I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I truly think Teen Top is one of the popular K-Pop bands, especially in Asian countries.

  128. Vote!!!!

  129. Angels Hwaiting!! So I just watched the standing version of To You and I replayed the sexy body rolls like 6 times just to figure who did it best. In my opinion it was Niel, Chunji, and L.Joe. Who do you guys think did the best body roll?

  130. While my parents wonder if I lost my sanity, I’m going to stay here and watch Teen Top do their sexy body rolls. 
    Teen Top needs to be reviewed, this song is amazing<3

  131. This song is getting into me~~ ^^

  132.  I REALLY WANT THIS TO BE REVIEWED. We can’t let it go like Crazy! This video and song are too epic!

  133.  This song is so amazing~ I hope it can be reviewed soon. It’s moving up slowly but surely ^^

  134. love this song

  135. This MV is too good to not be reviewed

  136. I love this song sooo much. Please review it!

  137. I want Teen Top to reviewed~!!!!!!!! 

  138. I cannot believe Wonder Girls is ahead of Teen Top… Even with a video that seems that stray from their usual style and a fantastic dance.

  139. Let’s keep voting!

  140. I know we got a lot of competition, but I hope we get a review for this video eventually. That would be awesome.

  141. they seriously need to practice their pronunciation… like… i was wondering the whole time what this “do you do you do you now” means -.-
    that is, until i saw the title of the song.

  142. I can see Simon and Martina talking about them having U-kiss’ abandoned house problem and how hard and tiring the dance is with the jumping. Also, see them talking about CAP’s hair and the face he makes in it. Love CAP but it was kinda creepy.

  143. This song and video are awesome ! I hope it gets to be reviewed. <3

  144. VOTE FOR TEEN TOP ALL YOU ANGELS!!! This song should totally be reviewed!!

  145. Totally in love with this song <3

  146. Vote, share and comment !! Let’s GO


  148. I get it now, thanks!!

  149. Let’s goooo angels! btw, make sure to vote for them on music shows!! (mnet and etc.) ^^!! fighting!

  150. Vote as many times as you can! Lets go angels!

  151. Teen top fighting~ Maybe we can get them reviewed this time!! ^^

  152. Let’s go Angels! We can do that!!!!!!

    Let’s vote let’s vote ♪

  153. Dont vote they’e just gonna bash teen top, like no more perfume and supa luv. All angels know what i’m talking about.

  154. Why do I feel like I’m spamming the comment page? O_o Or maybe my love for Teen Top has gotten out of control.. Haha. Anyways, I really really want this video to be reviewed, because Teen Top truly is my favorite band, ever! Please help out, TEEN TOP and ANGEL fighting!

  155. Teen Top is amazing, but I’ve been noticing that Niel and some other members seem quite puffy eyed and tired lately. They still have bunches of energy, but they seem a bit more tired than usual. Is it just me, or is anyone else seeing this too?

    • Maybe it’s just you? >.< .. Haha, I can't really tell that they're tired, but I definitely know that they work really hard, and probably are really tired. However, I'm glad that they have the ability to show their energy!~ Teen Top fighting!

  156. Their videos get better and better with each comeback! 

  157. Ok so I have a suggestion for all you Angels. I really want to see this MV reviewed but right now I’m voting for Bilasa, so I don’t have time to do this. To get more points with comments, don’t spam comment, but have good conversations about Teen Top and this MV, it’s what we’re doing on B1A4′s video and it seems to be working.  This way you guys can comment several times an hour because of discussions without Simon having to remove comments because they are spam. So have meaningful discussions and work hard to get To You to the top. Hwaiting Angels.
    Here, I’ll get you guys started, what did you like best about this video, what did you not like?

    From a BANA who loves Teen Top. <3

    • Thanks for the support!! I’m a Angel but, because of work and school, I can only support my boys at this hour and for a little time </3 in fact, I gotta go… Teen Top & Brave Sound ~ Whoo woo hoo Whoo woo hoo Whoo woo hoo *starts dancing* (<— that's how much I'm obsessed with this song lol)

    • My favorite thing is the small jump! In their practice you can hear Niel count it down and say jump and I think it puts ore power into the next set of little foot dances. 
      What I didn’t like was probably how Niel wasn’t clearly the lead. Sure its great that this is a whole group video, but I expected it to be Niel’s as L.joe was in crazy, Chunji was in Hyangsupullijima, and CAP found the girl in Supa Luv. I have total confidence in whatever comes out next! (And next comeback, Niel will be 18 so maybe he will show his tummy? hahaha) 
      So, what about you? What did you like best and dislike? 

      • I loved the sexy body rolls the best. I’m sorry but when they body rolled my  jaw dropped and I literally replayed it over and over and over again. I also love anytime that Niel came on screen because I <3 Niel. But I really like Changjo's dance walk thingy.
        I disliked exactly what you disliked. I was getting ready to cheer for Niel and root him on but then I'm like… wait… why are Chunji, C.A.P., and L.Joe also part of the story. All Niel's doing is sitting in the bathtub. Mind you , he looks sexy while sitting in the bathtub, but that's all he's doing.  YES!! Niel should show his tummy. That boy should get some awesome abs <3

        • I think he secretly does have really awesome muscles! You just can’t see it. xD Teen Top HWAITING! ANGEL HWAITING! EatYourKimchi HWAITING! 

        • I agree, Niel did look good in the bathtub! I think he’d pulled it off the best out of all the members of teen top haha. Yeah I also liked Changjo’s dance walk thing too!! XD 

        • Yeah I didn’t really get why Chunji and L.Joe were fighting. And why was Changjo running? But at least they looked cool doing it! haha

        • They all represented some kind of way to deal with rejection of love! CAP was in denial, Niel was in depression, Ricky was innocently waiting for it to come back, Changjo was running away from the rejection! L.joe and Chunji were fighting over the girl and arguing it out, but in the end she didn’t want either of them!

        • Oh I see!! Nice!! I understood what all of the members represented before except for Ricky and Changjo. But I still think that the mv creators should’ve linked the girl to the members more so that the audience could understand the members’ emotions better. :P

      • I agree. The mini jumps really made me feel like jumping every time I hear the song playing, I like the part where L.Joe raps and Chunji “replies”. It’s so cool

    • I think that the choreography was the best part of the video, including the jumps and the body rolls – which really surprised me haha. I also like the fact that Changjo got a little more spotlight with his dancing, since he is called the “Dancing Boy.” I also like that the lines in the song are distributed a little more evenly because before, it was Niel who had the most lines. The thing I disliked was that there wasn’t really much of a story to the music video. Like, there should have been some photos of when they were together with the girl or something – the girl was just walking around. But other than that, I really loved the music video!! Angel fans, what did you think?

  158. I always visit this website to promote this to be reviewed..

  159. Please I want to see the review of this MV!~

  160. Ahaha I just saw clips of these boys singing on radio shows which occurred yesterday and they were all  over the place. They were dancing, laughing, and looking like they were having so much fun. I was I love these boys so much!! They have fun everywhere they go!

    • I saw them too! ^^ I really enjoy watching them goofing around and being silly, they’re young and they act their age but still, when they perform on stage, you can watch their professionalism and hard work, I’m so proud of them! x)

    • I like the fact that they sang all of Baby U – I got to hear L.Joe sing!! The beginning of the song with the whistling and snapping especially is catchy!! 

  161. I really like this MV!!! well, more like it I liked the dance!!! And the song really catch my ear (hehehe). I really want to see Simon as a Teen Top member and doing the jumping of the dance, I tried to do it and is really fun to watch!!!

  162. Come on ANGELS!! fighting!!


  164. Let’s keep voting, sharing, and commenting angels!! TEEN TOP FIGHTING!!!

  165. I’m listening to this song right now! So Awesome!!!! Keep voting ANGELS!!!!

  166. Now I feel like Teen Top are hitting their pace. The dance is great, love the body rolls and the jumps. Niel is so close to sounding like a baby but instead it’s just so charming. Waah!

  167. “I really hope this MV gets reviewed! The song has definitely gotten to me and the dancing is amazing. I hope Angels can come together and get this high up on the charts.”

  168. Give them a chance to be reviewed..

  169. Teen Top is the best *o*♥ 
    I want Teen Top in Germany *-*♥ Teen Top Fighting :o 
    Chunji is so hot v.v I love him !!! :O♥ 
    Cute Boy♥/ Sexy Boy♥ / lovely boy♥/ hot boy♥/ 
    AWESOME Boy♥ *o*♥
    I love Teen Top♥ 

  170. I’m sad that the Teen Top fanbases aren’t sharing this. With their help we would have a better chance for our boys to win :( I’m still giving my best ^_^ Angels of the world UNITE!

  171. it wont let me share on facebook :(

  172. how come they look so different to me here i had to re learn there name

  173. So torn…  I love Teen Top’s song and want to contribute as an Angel, but JJ Project is so good.  B1A4′s song will be a hilarious review, but I really want to support Infinite cause I can relate to their situation after the whole deal with Nu’est and EXO…  Voting for all 4 gets so confusing.

  174. Ok so here’s what I want, B1A4 for the next KMM and then Teen Top, so I’ll start helping Teen Top out now, so it can be easier for them to reach #1. But then there’s the added threat of f(x), but we can take them. I mean these are after all the boys whose body rolls makes girls hearts beat fast everywhere <3

  175. I think TEEN TOP may be reviewed not this week maybe next, next, next Monday.. But i’ll do my best to make it all up..:) TEEN TOP FIGHTING!!!~

  176. Guys! let’s help them to win..

  177. This song is so awesome! I don’t really get the MV but the song is awesome. 

  178. i love this song so much and the mv haha i have jst always loved there dancs

  179. This is Teen Top’s:
    Best video
    Best hairstyles
    Best song
    Best distribution of lines
    Best girl who didn’t have aegyo, but swag ^^*
    Best dance (that is possible for me to learn)
    I used to think of Teen Top as the Korean Justin Biebers. NOT ANYMORE. They have REALLY matured, and I love their new style.
    Now that BigBang’s been reviewed, I’m a VIP here to support teen top and Angels<3 

  180.  Hope this video gets to number 1~! I would really like to see them review it :)

  181. the dance… So incredibly skilled. i would also enjoy your reactions to their pronunciation of “To You”

  182. This song is only 6 days that is upload on YOUTUBE but I have it on my phone!!!!!!!!

  183. I have this song on my phone and I’m LOVING IT!!!!!!! ^_^


  185. Mia Top

    So before i start my real comment i just have to fangirl over Niel really quick (OMG!!!!!!! NIEL DO YOU GET SEXIER EVERYDAY!!!! I MEAN THE BATHTUB SINGING?!? AMAZING!!!! AND THE LITTLE BODY WAVE WITH THE LIP BITE?!? had me on the floor passed out because I was overwhelmed with sexiness!!! ) okay I’d done now but come one Angels let’s make Martina into a pedobear and get Teen Top’s review!!!!! HWAITING!!!  i just wish Big bang debuted their new music video next week maybe then Teen Top would’ve had a better chance :( 

    •  OMG I SPAZZED OVER NIEL TOO!!! He’s like one of my top biases now. I just recently got into Teen Top like 2 months ago, and Niel like immediately climbed to to top of my ultimate bias list. He’s like number 3, right after BB’s Daesung and SS501′s Park Jung Min. Though Teen Top is number 5 on my favorite groups list. Niel is in the top three! He is just tooo cute… wait in this MV he was SEXY. I was all like SEXY HEY!!! If you saw the dance version, every time Niel was on screen and danced I died a little inside. I love Niel so so much! <3 <3

      • Oh, I know someone likes Niel ;) But Teen Top’s improved so much! Especially their dancing and singing (have you heard Changjo and Ricky sing?? *_*).

  186. I hope they can review this to fix the impression they had with No More Perfume on You

  187. I will be sad if this is not reviewed, since the previous one was not reviewed…

  188. Teen top! I am addicted to the song!!

  189. Hwaiting Angels! I hope this MV is reviewed soon! <3 I feel that Teen Top is seriously underrated, and they should get some love and attention.

  190. These boys have finally pushed me over into the unknown world of fangirl-ing. I am totally fangirl-ing (noona-ing) over these boys >< They have always been my favorite, but it just seems they keep on getting better with each comeback. They are seriously amazing, they are some of the best dancer out there and their music is just awesome.

  191. Angels let’s keep voting for our boys! This a brand new week, we need to work harder!! ^^ 

  192. I love this MV, especially the choreography, I just watch the dance/performance ver and there’re so many sexy moves *A*  … but then I remembered they’re younger than me and I felt like a pedo noona lol
    Anyway the song is very catchy, I play it all day long, nonstop xD
    Teen Top sure deserve more recognition!


  194. please review this wonderful song

  195. Ah! The dance version of this MV is to DIE for! The body rolls, crotch rolls, crotch grabs. EVERYTHING!! So hot!

  196. Teen Top<3 Will forever be an ANGEL~

  197. TEEEN TOOOPPP!! <3

  198. Let’s vote for TEEN TOP angels! ♥

    Let's vote MORE Angels!MOREEEEEE~!

  200. We all know big bang is a HUGE group…(and i love their video too) but don’t lose hope Angels!!! This video NEEDS to be reviewed!!! we need vote and keep we can do it for next week!!! FIGHTING :D

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    Los sets estan geniales, muy acordes con la canción, me encantó el cuarto lleno de cubos LED *O* y sus outfits cuadriculados!! No he visto en videos de Kpop mejor guardaropa que ese xDD
    Como dijé, amé el MV, ellos se ven geniales (con excepción de CAP, por qué le hacen eso a su cabello? ¬¬) y la canción es adictiva! Me gusta mucho, mucho más que la anterior, sin duda alguna xP
    Vamos Teen Top! Vamos Angels!! Nosotr@s podemos llevarlos hasta la cima!! ^^

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    • The first time I watched the MV and encountered 1:17, I was just like O_O
      * coughs *, haha. But the dance is amazing! It’s so.. unique! :D


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    Anyone know what the plot is?  

    • I wondered that at first as well. But then I read something about the video so it cleared everything up. As far as I gathered, the video wasn’t supposed to have so much of a plotline (like in Crazy) but was supposed to more show emotions. For L.Joe and Chunji, they were continually chasing after the girl and fighting over her, trying to get her back. For Changjo and Ricky they were waiting. Not actively trying to get her back, but hoping that she would come back if they waited long enough. For Neil and Cap, Cap was dealing with his rejection of her and trying to get over her, but Niel was upset over losing her and couldn’t get over his grief. I know there are some flaws in that, but the article I read was translated from Korean so it had some grammatical errors and such that I had to guess at.

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  293. Adriana [email protected]

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    • I have to agree but my god they need to find an English speaker to help l.joe on his sentences. Engrish is cute with little little kids and grandparents or in my case, my parents. But yeah that needs to be fixed it’s driving me up the wall.

  320. Loving the dance and the song! I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Changjo got more lines (now just Ricky needs actual parts). And I like how he got to show off a bit more dance-wise because even though he’s the “Dancing Boy” he’s usually in the back and not really showing his skill.

    Cap’s part was really creepy, though. His expressions and that hair combined just made him seem like someone I’d want to punch.

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    • If you look on the side of the page, there is a thing you can click to add those videos to the charts. As long as they aren’t already on there and are K-Pop, they’ll be added onto the charts.

      • Thank you, but I know it. It doesn’t work. I’ve submitted some videos weeks ago, Simon and Martina told me they can’t see them. Thus, they’re not added and it’s a pity.

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