Topp Dogg – Arario

  1. idk if we should give up this song keeps falling lower n lower.. why the concept is amazing!!!!!!! the song is soo good!!!! I think this song would be perfect for a review as its so different!!

  2. It would be interesting to review this video because, well, the lyrics does not actually coincide with the MV, but it is still a MV worth watching and reviewing. Like “No Mercy,” it has a mix of salmunori and hip hop sounds, making the song quite addictive. I would love to see what Simon and Martina will say about this. :)

  3. Tayebe Izadi
    Tayebe Izadi

    Guys! this video is so damn good! review this please!

  4. Khristine Viane Verzosa

    Traditional meets Modern :))))

  5. Love the traditional clothing and Instruments.

  6. Wow. Much oriental. Very talent. Amaze. Such music. Many sing. Wow.

  7. Feeffer Jelden

    this is such a good video especially with the end trick and stuff.. i really want them to review this!!

  8. Autumn Deighton

    We’re so close to the number 3 spot! Keep voting, tweeting, and google+!

  9. Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue

  10. Autumn Deighton

    This video and song is so awesome!

  11. Sara Suzanne Berg

    WOAH This is awesome!!!!

  12. This song is great i like how the traditional music mixes well with the modern music and it has a nice beat to it

  13. This song is pretty innovative.

    It’s so rare to find traditional instruments being used in any pop music. This brings a breath of fresh air and introduces some possibilities of using traditional instruments in modern music. (Provided they are used correctly and not as smashing targets.)

  14. Kelly Madison

    Not normally my style, but the video had me hooked. It was a fun, interesting mix that is now stuck in my head. I iust need to find a version with the English lyrics, lol. I loved the dance battle thingy at the end.

    • Wishy

      Eh… the English lyrics are… arrogant. Generically so. But they do throw little historical phrases here and there, and give their arrogance a historical metaphor, so it’s all justified.

      • I think Simon will have fun with the lyrics ‘God bam Atom got a bom bom and pow.’ I can imagine him saying tht

        • Kelly Madison

          LoL, now I HAVE to find them. I’m a dork and lyrics are normally more important than the composition to me. If a song has an amazing score but crap lyrics I usually don’t bother with it. But, that English songs. With ‘World’ music I give some leeway. I was an exchange student in Italy twice and learned that just because something can be translated doesn’t mean it should. ;~}

          With a line like that, I can’t help but be curious. Also, “give their arrogance a historical metaphor, so it’s all justified” …come on, a warning like that just begs looking into. Thank, both of you!!

        • Kelly Madison

          Ok, so I found a version with English subs and I love it even more. Yes they may be arrogant and a bit silly at times, but they fit well with the theme & feel of the song. The guys portray that whole “Oh yeah, I’m the best’ attitude and even without knowing what they were saying, that’s what I felt coming across. The mix of traditional and modern was a pleasant surprise, the lyric about the mask was awesome! It also grows on you,lol. The more I watch the video, the more I’m hooked.

        • Wishy

          Yes, I agree. They are naturally arrogant (XD I say that in a nice way). Starship Entertainment casted the members really well. They aren’t awkwardly and fake-ishly arrogant like some groups.
          I feel really proud of my “give their arrogance a historical metaphor” comment. :3 All the lyrics about mapaes and officials just makes me happy.

        • Autumn Deighton

          Stardom Entertainment*

        • Wishy

          *Ahem* Sorree. But anyhow. SO CLOSE TO #3~!

  15. This is one of those songs that comes around so rarely in Kpop that is just so unique and SO worthy of attention. It’s the kind of song I want desperately to get people to watch, even non-Kpop people, because it’s just THAT GOOD.

  16. F-Mis Fidomom

    I voted every way I could! This is my clear favourite ToppDogg mv/song (and I love all of their mv’s/songs)! They need to be promoted way more! o/

    ~FM :)

  17. Avery Williams

    on youtube and here there are only good comments so why dont they have more views ):

  18. This is the song that finally got me to learn all their names. They only way from here is up.

  19. Knookey

    Like the others said, breath of fresh air!! It sounds different! All these Kpop boybands are doing the annoying hiphop song route, but they’re taking a slightly different approach. Catchy song and well worth a review S&M!

    • Wishy

      I’d say that this is still the hip hop route (and I don’t dislike that concept), but intertwined with a more unusual style. They are quite underrated though. I think they deserve more recognition.

      • Knookey

        Oh yeah, I didn’t mean to insinuate this WASN’T hiphop; just that, like you said, it took an unusual route (and a catchy one at that!).
        For me personally, I am not quite a fan of Hip Hop (and some of these groups doing that concept don’t seem to do it quite well) so thats why for now, I find myself gravitating towards the girl groups more.
        But! Back to Topp Dogg, this song was fantastic!! Promote this more!!!

  20. thisisjustforfunval

    Heard the song on a streaming station and it massively stood out and caught my attention. This is the first Topp Dogg song to peek my interest in them, hope they keep pushing this way. I read the English lyrics, and very egocentric/arrogant, but I never really pay attention to lyrics as it is so, no point in starting now :-P

  21. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    This was actually pretty cool.

  22. Wishy

    。◕‿‿◕。 I love this. I’ve always liked the traditional-oriental/pop style, and this video is really well made. Though the lyrics are generically arrogant, there are the unique historical references, and they can actually prove what they boast.

  23. HannA Almance.T

    They are SOOOO talented
    And fresh!

    Love their songs
    Hope you will do to REVIEW ON THIS MV

    And all the bands are already known SO …. you have something new here……IT WILL BE COOL

  24. Suzan Luz Cruz

    Please please!! Jebaallll!!! Review this! TOPP DOGG deserve so much recognition and you guys can help them get noticed because they are really really talented. This MV is EPIC and I look forward to your review on Arario! ^_^

  25. Elena Nedyalkova

    I love it! It’s really catchy.

  26. Haruhi Skots

    you guys review this for the sake of all thats sailor moon and morthney present!!! it is awesome¬_¬

  27. You guys should really review this! The song is really catchy too. IT IS AWESOME.

  28. CaelanWorld

    None of Topp Dogg’s releases have really hooked me, but I think this is their best yet! And the concept is awesome and original! Simon and Martina would have plenty to say about this fun, new concept.