Trouble Maker – Now



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  1. YanisMC-B2ST!!!

    TroubleMaker is the best ♥

  2. I agree with many people that this mv is a lot more mature than “Troublemaker.” Now that I think about it, there were some parts of “Troublemaker” that seemed a little childish in the mv, but all the same, both songs are amazing. I kind of wished they could have found a way to have made “Now” more mature, sexy without being too sexy, and still a great song over all. Like maybe Hyuna could’ve had a little more clothing on and it could be the kind of romance story that many K-poppers have come to know and love with a twist of sexiness. It’s not that it was hard to watch, but sometimes it can be a little weird watching two people jump at each other with their hands all over with more skin showing than normal. Either way, the mv is still great showing the more mature and sexy side of Troublemaker, but in the end, it’s not the mv that matters. Just enjoy the song and continue supporting your favorite idols :D

  3. yanagiba yusuke22
    yanagiba yusuke22

    so sad this song isnt in top 3 b4 closing vote few days b4….

  4. ketsia Amenyinu

    Damn i’m still stuck on that part….. with that big guy……… all over tiny hyuna……(⊙_⊙’)…….. huuuuuuge.

    Idk maybe its my mind, its weird place

  5. I really like “Troublemaker”, but
    I really dont like when Hyuna or other female singers use this BITCH concept, this radicaly.Because she looks like a hooker not like somebodys lover

    • fuuko4869

      I agree with what you said about going to Asian pop to avoid those themes in mainstream American pop. I like enjoying my music without having to watch disturbing music videos.

      • Sorry to post this here, but do you know whats wrong with the BAP voting page? All I get is a blank page, when I click on the link :/ But I can go to any other page one here. Will this be fixed soon?
        Thank you :)

  6. Trouble Maker <3

    wae!!! miss a i love your song but WHY DID YOU BEAT TROUBLEMAKER??????!!!!!! okay im better now T______T

  7. BluePrimadonna

    i want to EYK review this!! >w< 9mil views!!!| *.*

  8. 13teddies13

    I also want EYK to review this, so they can redeem themselves for the harsh, harsh review on Troublemaker’s first single. I agreed with many of their points, but they were too harsh. Hopefully this time they will talk about Troublemaker’s talent, rather than the mess the company has made of Hyuna’s image.

  9. Aminah Henne

    um when did this video hit 9mil views!?! congrats troublemaker for being amazing and on those wins so far!

  10. Emma Apina Kilpiö

    This truly is a very catchy song all in all! I like Hyuna and I like Hyunseung so why not to like this piece :D

  11. BluePrimadonna

    i hope simon and martina tal about this mv next monday !! :DD

  12. BluePrimadonna

    i love this mv!! more than troublemaker its cool~~! and i love this dance more than the dance in troublemaker

  13. NordicPastor

    I was kinda disappointed when I saw the live stage and found out that HyunA’s line said “Call my name, 내 이름”. When I first saw the MV I was hearing “겁많은 내 이름”, meaning “My cowardly name”… which is far more interesting than “Call my name, my name”.
    Ah well, I’m still sticking to what I heard the first time. Anyway, I love the MV and song; hope it gets reviewed!

  14. yanagiba yusuke22
    yanagiba yusuke22

    this song is perfectly to b review since it already has 2ver….mny thing u can talk abt…. plzz s&m….

  15. Sasha Phierce
    Sasha Phierce

    HYUNA I LOVE YOU.. but sorry:

    Since in korea the Alcohol, cigarettes, sex, etc is banned on videos, i think the video have this idea of “we want to show we are “troublemakers”.. so we break the rules, and show all that is not allowed to show”.. Besides, im sure that every KOREAN girl who like hyuna and MBLAQ it’s going to be like “OMG.. They touch each other”.. But for the foreign doesnt really mean anything because, at least in argentina that video have the same rated as a dinosaur Barney video…

    And sorry.. but yes… the video looks like “Love the way you lie” and “We found love” of Rihanna..

    Im really disappointed… HYUNAA!! I WAS EXPECTING MORE!!..something like a video with a story, something like cry cry of T-ARA but less long and boring.. uuugggghhh!!! Please make it better next time Troublemaker!!! :( -Snif snif-

    Well.. that’s what I think… any way.. I LOVED THE SONG VERY MUCH..

  16. Uncut video is much better. Please review that one instead if you’re going to do this song! :/

  17. …Wow
    This is a big improvement from “Troublemaker”.
    Nuff said..

  18. yanagiba yusuke22
    yanagiba yusuke22

    simon…u wanna review hyuna mv rite? its already on top 3… take this chance coz jaejong n u kiss can handle top 3 spot as long as u can… mayb u can remake this mv just like u do ‘gentleman’ mv long time ago??

  19. yanagiba yusuke22
    yanagiba yusuke22

    this song cant beat the power of jyj n u kiss nasties voting….

  20. BluePrimadonna

    i love this song!! and the mv is other new level i liked troublemaker too but this song is attractive and the dancing is more complex

  21. Camberly Beatty

    I became sad when watching this video. I hated the scenes in the trailer. They put me back to some unpleasant places in my past. I’ve woken up hung over/cracked out the morning after. I was so depressed during that time. I think they did pretty good acting. Their faces are what I imagine mine to look like. Just sad and empty. This video is not something that I would watch recreationally.

  22. Reira Evans

    we can’t make it to this weeks Music mondays, why?:( I wanted the review so bad.. maybe we should ask for votes on youtube?

  23. dev_null0

    3 million views and “all kill” status in less than 24 hours is impressive. Two reasons why this is so successful, the first is obviously the previous Trouble Maker track from 2011 and two I think there is a pent up demand in Korea for such a racy concept. I suspect the other entertainment companies are following this effort closely. It will be interesting to see if any other company has the intestinal fortitude to try something similar within their stable of artists. I don’t foresee SM or YG trying this, as there is too little reward for such a risk given their stable environments and predictable revenue streams, but I think we will see it again from one of the smaller companies.

  24. 13teddies13

    Wow, this is so good!
    I am disappointed with all the people saying its a copy of ‘We found love’. In a way, I see what they’re saying, but videos about a dysfunctional couple who drink a lot, smoke, cheat, and generally focus on lust rather than actual companionship, are bound to have similar scenes. Looking back at We found love, I get a very different vibe from Now. WFL seems to be more from the woman’s point of view, but Now is from both their perspectives, if not more on the guy’s part. I also LOVE the Joker scene, so well done, and it shows the confliction so well! :D

  25. Verodora77

    Hyuna and Hyunseung are good actors in here, but sometimes Hyunseung has this angry face on him that makes me think that he doesn’t like to be shirtless all the time

  26. Jessica Shankle

    I was really looking forward to this duo. The song is catchy and the lyrics are nicely written. The part where huyna says “call my name nareum” was really well thought out.

  27. Asela Cheung
    Asela Cheung

    The Joker scene is my favorite part of the MV! :D

  28. Helene C

    I like Troublemaker and I hope that Simon and Martina will review it. ^_^

  29. Verodora77

    This song is very lovely it has more depth into it, also the video is not tacky for once, it actually shows that is this kind of love in the world.

  30. AfizaFarhanaPija

    Hopes Simon and Martna will review this on this Monday… This video so much to talk about! <3

  31. This song is amazing. When I first heard it, I didn’t see the video, but I absolutely loved it. Now that I’ve seen the MV, I love it even more. This video compliments the song perfectly I feel. The song and MV are both smooth and upbeat. Who wouldn’t head-bob or hum along to a song like this?

  32. Jackie

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much making out in a kpop MV before!

  33. Tam

    Doesn’t a comment equal a point?

  34. Tam

    <3 <3 <3 I just love the song so much. SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. :D

  35. Elizabeth

    i love the song and MV

  36. sorry if this has been asked here before, but what do you think about the accusations of plagiarizing Rihanna’s we found love? I saw her song after this one, and though it does have similarities, I just like this one better. Then again, I’m biased :)

  37. ♪ Georgy Ella ♫

    I have just one word to describe this: Perfect :X:X

  38. Niel-is-My-Coke

    let’s vote!! :D i love this song and I have been looking forward to this comeback for so long! and the video did not dissapoint I love it!