TVXQ – Balloons

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  1. Martina, simon…i love that you suggested this for voting <3 :D

  2. This should be Open The Happy’s theme song, lol. Cuteness explosion!

  3. talkthattalk

    i love this song

  4. DAMN!!!!!!!! i miss them sooo much TOGETHER!

  5. Since I don’t see Mirotic in Kpop charts, i’ll vote for balloons

  6. Yoochun fighting! Junsu fighting! Yunho fighting! Changmin fighting! Jaejoong fighting! TVXQ fighting!

  7. Keep on Voting Guys .. Just Always Keep The Faith !! TVXQ fighting !!

  8. TVXQ is simply adorable in this, but they have great variety as a group in general~

  9. Anonymous

    this video is really nice. 
    i was introduced to dbsk through their mirotic video so i was really shocked when i first watch it.
    but i love Balloons.

  10. I could say so much about this MV and DB5K but the real reason why I want to see this dance is because I just want to see you both in your animal outfits singing to Balloons (children song) and doing the Balloons dance; including JJs glance at the end of the video XD

  11. How I miss this!! They’re so cute~ and watching the 5 of them fool around always makes my day better, even if I’ve had one of the worst days in my life… this is the video that charmed me so thoroughly, that I will never stop loving these guys with all my heart xP

    DBSK for life <3 :D 

  12. Ahh how I miss these times~
    I really love this video~ I have this crazy obsession with this song… I really do. I love seeing them fool around like this haha. It’s been a while and they’ve changed a lot but this MV will never die~ Their crazy antics and having fun in front of the camera makes it such a great MV to watch and just laugh. Though it is completely different from their usual style, it’s nice to see them acting cute and just having fun on stage.
    Although it is strange to see this here, I’ll still support all five because they’re meant to be one♥.
    Dong Bang Shin Ki Hwaiting! AKTF♥

  13. So cute~ I love this video, they’re so hyper~~

  14. don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this song and clip
    but it dosn’t belong here.

  15. Simon, Martina and Spudgy, guises and cute dancing… the perfect combination haha