TVXQ – Catch Me

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  1. I am very sad, because Cassiopeia is getting weaker…Comparing to how strong our faith and friendship was few years ago, now it’s sad. I think we all should cheer up. TVXQ are always the best ♥

  2. hellogoodbye

    Still here everyone remember to buy the repackage! Goodbye Catch Me it’s time for Humanoids!

  3. I’m still voting for TVXQ. Hwaiting!

  4. hellogoodbye

    new song “Humanoids” out 26th November. Be prepared!

    Will be really sad when this leaves the chart :( Everything about “Catch Me” is wonderful song. video, choreography let’s hope the new song lives up it it!

  5. i will vote for them until i dont see the on the list or eat your KImchi peep review the video on PLAYLIST MoDe !! LOL hahaha uuuuu your so nasty!! ajjajajaj


  7. keroppi84

    TVXQ!!!! WHEN I WILL SEE YOU TO BE REviEw !! :( totalmente triste! :(

  8. keroppi84

    WHEN THIS VIDEO ITS GOING TO BE REVIEW!!! WHEN!!!! :”””””( sooooo sad!!!

  9. vote for them on mamas !!!

  10. keroppi84

    I WAnt CAtch me to be REview!! :'””””””((((( when this will happen!! CUANDO???

  11. what happened with this video, I don’t seem to find it on the chart. I just did cuz I had the link saved :/

  12. please EYK review this video…. I’ve been waiting for so long ;_;

  13. For those that wants to have this video review let’s all vote for it again!!! I know that we Cassies will never fail when it comes to supporting our idols!!! If you want to see this video getting review let’s all vote again!!!!!

  14. WHERE IS THE REVIEW FOR THIS VIDEO??? TVXQ have a lot of votes! ¬¬

  15. why is this so low on the chart =(((((((

  16. Does this have any chance of getting ever reviewed if we continue voting ???*_*

  17. so.. did this like. not get reviewed? … D:

  18. SM review it :(
    you broke a lot of hearts

  19. Zihao Shen

    Vote for them on MAMA!!!!

  20. Review on TVXQ!!!Betraying!!!!!!

  21. Janice Park


  22. hellogoodbye

    So sad this song was released at the wrong time, it caused many misfortunes. The album was released just before a public holiday in Korea leading to slower initial sales, they lost during music shows because of the unexpected Psy phenomena, and they didn’t have a review here due no Music Mondays being recorded! Hoping was better luck next time!

  23. TVXQ should be number one come on cassies move your butts.

  24. JIAYOU CASSIES AND TVXQ! We are slipping in position! this won’t do!

  25. I cant understand why ‘Catch me’ goes down #53

  26. simon and martina, i just wanted to ask you guys this:

    why are you refusing to review this video?

    it might not be the case, but it certainly looks like it. just last week Catch Me was in the top 5 and now it’s down half of your top 100 videos? why?

  27. well, of course they didn’t get reviewed, block b had to be the one – they will have the interview with simon and martina, meaning their company probably paid for the advertisement. obvious thing is obvious. ukiss had the same pattern back then. no hard feelings on the groups themselves, tho.

  28. What happened with TVXQ? They were in 4 or 3 place last time and now there in 53. they were in 1st place tooo. I think its not fair to not review them when they were on top!

  29. I feel so sad that this video didn’t get reviewed in the end even though i voted for it like everyday T.T

  30. mis hermosos oppas los mejores los mas talentosos y los que mas se esfuerzan para dar siempre lo mejor son tvxq <3<3

  31. Tries to copy the dance *FAILS HORRIBLY* the dance move alone isn’t easy, what more singing while dancing it? O.O Praise for the boys

  32. No matter what the concept of the MV is, as long as I see TVXQ, everything becomes the best of the best :D

    I believe every Cassie will support them no matter what MV they have

  33. why are they in the position 51 O-o????!!!