TVXQ – Humanoids



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  1. ritatamii

    I really liked the songs, dances, costumes, and even their own in these Humanoids. I dunno, I feel they look more fresh and look even younger. yaaa, probably on par with Shinee when I see them in this MV. for me, they are becoming increasingly younger. never look old. I actually feel I’m getting older and they are like vampires who no longer aging.
    I don’t know whether it was the influence of make up or something, but I really liked their style in this mv. an energetic dance and of course the songs easy to listening. especially Changmin, woaah he takes my heart. OMO! I’m so speechless..

  2. Mary Byeol

    They are scolding SM Music video writer. CAn I say they are scolding them in my place? ekekeke and the camera men are also so annoying! They’re that good at catching the atractive moment-side-point-time. BUT I LOVE THE SONG, DANCE AND TVXQ!

  3. I prefer U-kiss clock dance.

  4. katrina a.

    i love humanoise! lol…but seriously oi love this song..the dance the melody everything.tvxq hwaiting!

  5. when are simon and martina going to post the KMM ? (i like this song)

  6. jaefortheyun

    Wow, and I call myself a Cassie. I had no idea Humanoids was out O_O but loving the MV, especially the jackets! Both of them look so much more mature now :) I want them to win KMM so bad T^T especially since Catch Me didn’t make it…

  7. love them and this concept, hope it gets reviewed

  8. Rachel Kwek

    Please please please review this please

  9. sheena phua

    The God of Kpop, they have once again prove that a dance need not have many people to make it look amazing. Their wonderful synchronisation, along with once again creative and fresh choreography brought a new life to this song (: TVXQ never fails to amaze me with their unique choreography once again. Together with the perfect faces, what more could I ask for (:

  10. Kayla Perez

    This song is so darn catchy! i love love love this song! it makes me happy to see max stepping up a bit and being more out there instead of just being u-know’s side kick. They are both very talented young men and im so happy they still keep going. Still hoping on DBSK Reunite though!

  11. YAAAAAAY!!!! WE DID I!T!!!!! :D :D :D IM SO HAPPY! wow this has been a pretty calm victory eh llol but anyway congradulations to all cassies / big east <3

  12. I really really hope that TVXQ – Catch Me can be reviewed :/

  13. sheena phua

    Perfect choreography, they are irreplaceable in the heart of every Cassies <3

  14. Haa… *sigh* This dance is awesome…

  15. Yunjae Fanboy


  16. Camila Carvallo

    this MV actually had a mini-plot! AND IT HAS TO BE REVIEWED FOR THE NAME OF KPOP!

  17. YES TVXQ #1!!!!!! ^_^~

  18. hellogoodbye

    yay I’m so happy we made it! It killed me not being near a computer all day I was worried lol. PARTY, LET’S PARTY IT’S PARTY TIME

    I’m very tired…

  19. We made it!!! I’m so happy that this video will get reviewed!!!! All that it’s left to do now is wait for monday…..

  20. so does this mean we win already for this week? The voting’s closed right????

  21. We won, right? (≧∇≦)/

  22. Bolero_55

    Honestly when I firstly heard this song , I was like ” Why ? ” when Changmin sings ” EVERYBODY MAKE SOME NOISE!” then after that they sang ” Cause we are humanoids ” i was like LOL XD

  23. Love this song after hearing it for just once!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. The move they do at 3:22 reminds me of this: xD (also Yunho’s head looks like it’s about to fall of :)) )

    Anyways love the song and dance ( I kinda liked “Catch me” a little more though). Great job! TVXQ DAEBAK!

  25. I love that breaking neck move … soooooo COOL …

  26. Less than 2 hours left Cassies, remember to keep it relavent!
    relevant I actually didn’t really like this song, but I finally heard it playing in a store today and I have decided I can handle it. Its not the style of TVXQ I love but I’m okay with this one.

  27. Please let them win this time! HUMANOIDS! :D


  29. OMG please let them win this time! >___<

  30. Axel Hachiko

    forgive me once, I’ll a self harming ot5 delusional shipper “omg they roll down their sexy window, they are in-in-in-in-indirectly mentioning JYJ!!! Thye still support each other” oh yeah… as if… sorry… I had the urge of makiing fun of myself XD but speaking of movements how awkward is that one at 3:13 ? A bit like something that belonged to KYHD and Catch me

    • I don’t blame you for wishing. :) I admit the move might be more in the styles of KYHD and Catch Me, but I guess I’ve watched this video so freaking many times it doesn’t stick out to me anymore.

  31. Axel Hachiko

    Yes I’m serious (I’m serious) this song is great (in terms of reviewing) because… come on! The jackets, the setting, the not so clear plot, the sounds effects, the AWESOME dance (plus hands movements *_*). Therer’s so much to talk about! It’s a kick-ass pv im(Cassie biased)o.


  33. Respond to this with last minute reminders of what you think eatyourkimchi should talk about for the review!
    “Human Noise”
    Rolling down their sexy monster truck windows.
    Some wacky plot about time travel or teleporting.
    The jackets.
    The dance.
    The facial expressions.
    Changmin’s deep voice.

    • Skippy dance! And I think Martina will mention the finger wiggle, aand the great back-up dancers should get an honorable mention as well. :)

  34. Why didn’t they win in MAMA?!! They’re better than any artists. They are the Gods of Kpop. including JYJ.