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TVXQ – Keep Your Head Down

  1. One and only kings <3

  2. Amazing!!!! The dance is great and the clothes are the best that I have seen of the them so far.

  3. Amazing!!!!  the dance is great and the clothes are the best that I have seen of them

  4. i like them a lot, they are the best and work very hard … but boy do i hate those brown outfits!!! … they ruined the video for me the first part though is EPIC

  5. Changmin’s scream  = one of the best screams in kpop history!!
    The dance is amazing and so is the comeback :D

  6. I LOVE this song. It’s so amazing. 

  7. This song was the BOMB! After coming back from two years, they managed to make it strong! And the dancing and singing is EPIC, Changmin scream!

  8. We need to make some more noise about this song. Come on Cassies. Where you at?

  9. Best Music! Best choreography *u* TVXQ rules!

  10. THIS IS SUCH AN EPIC SONG!!!!! <33 I love every second of it! ^^

  11. Even more epic than the choreography for this song would be seeing Simon & Martina try to do it for their How To Dance K Pop Style 2011 :))

  12. Love this song and video!  I love the stepping influence in the music and how it carried into the choreography :)

    Good for studying during finals week :P

  13. this song is totally EPIC!
    the best comeback of the year..
    try losing more than half of your members, in an ugly separation, the remaining members as the scapegoats and comeback as awesome as this duo :)

  14. I really love this song, even though I’m not really sure why. Nevertheless you really can’t tell that they’ve lost 3 members. Hardcore TVXQ fans might hate me for this but, in my opinion, them being only two is absolutely sufficient :)

  15. Epic comeback . This is one of my favourite songs now . And I love their dance . Everything about this music video is amazing <3

  16. Everything about this song is absolutely awesome, from the thundering back-beat drums over Yunho’s rapping to Changmin’s soaring scream near the end. The choreography is pretty durn mindblowing, and it’s executed almost effortlessly and with an undeniable air of awesome. I wanted to dance along with it and have been trying to ever since XD 

    TVXQ! has made a comeback that’s nothing short of amazing with this song. It’s been on my iPod and on my YouTube ever since it came out, and I’ve listened to it and watched it at least once a day. It’s simply a fabulous song and dance, and the greatest comeback ever. So come on, guys, let’s have our boys win this! ♡

  17. A lot of the groups in the running are terrific, and I am a fan of many of them. But this is a dance contest. And from a dance perspective I was totally blown away with not only the choreography, but also by the seeming effortlessness in which some of these moves were executed. This dance had me wanting to get up and join them. That is why I am casting my vote for this video. Also, on a less serious note, the dance was so enjoyable I re-watched this video multiple times even though I was slightly horrified by the outfit choices in which their stylists dressed them. If they can wear those ugly-peacock-couch-suits and still exude such charisma and not stumble in their footing, then, really, they deserve to win. :)

  18. They deserve this!! They convey so much emotion and power with only two people. They are amazing. DB5K is amazing!!!!

  19. Everything about this comeback was AMAZING. 

  20. Max Time FTW :)  I love this song, it’s been in my ipod ever since it came out, and I’m still not tired of it :)

  21. Well they aren’t gods for nothing.
    This was an epic comeback, they had to fill up JYJ’s places and they showed us a new side of them. 
    And idk about you guys, but everytime someone asks what the time is, I automatically respond with UKNOW TIME :B
    …no srsly. 
    This is the best comeback ever.

  22. Best Music video ever. The dancing and the song itself is killer. VOTE!

  23. To be honest . I do think Super Junior are good and all but the popularity they have kinda messes up which dances are better :/ just an oppinion.

  24.  HoMin made an epic comeback with this song. Not only does it have an amazing and memorable dance, but the MV epitomized their name “Rising Gods of the East.” It also inspired the awesome running joke of “Yunho time” vs. “Max time.” This video definitely one of my favorites this year.

  25. this is one great music.. yes.not just a song but a music :D ♥

  26. How can you pass the immortal kings of K-Pop? HOW. 

    HoMin did a hell of a good job with this comeback. Yunho and Changmin showed us that they can do a duo without the other three TVXQ members (I’m still hoping that DBSK reunion rumor is true. AKTF!) and who can forget Changmin’s high notes? 

    Hands down the best comeback for the boys. The live performances are mindblowing.

  27. i’m originally a jrock fan who was introduced by a friend to kpop, and to be honest i was totally unimpressed, since it seemed to me that it was all about fangirling over hot guys — until she showed me this song/mv, i just love the bossy sound, the beat and the catchy bridge with its drums as well as the powerful vocals. since i am more of a rocker and into rough live concerts i wasn’t interested in dance performances before, but this dance – among others – made me appreciate the efforts by both TVXQ and the choreographers. it’s looks so impressive and difficult! yunho’s rap is pretty amazing, too, though i prefer the japanese version for obvious reasons 8D i never skip this song when it comes up on shuffle. THAT is how pop music should sound like, not that mellow stuff that’s popular where i’m from.

  28. one of the best videos and songs of the year! Everyone expected for this!  TVXQ came back as the!  as the Gods they are!  

  29. This was the video that first got me into Kpop. It’s a shame I never got to see TVXQ as five… but really, were it not for this video and it’s all-around AMAZINGNESS I would never have gotten as deep into kpop as I am right now. Honestly, I think this deserves to be in the top three videos and dances of the year, no question. The only thing we might need to change for this video is the wardrobe choices…. :P

  30. amazing comeback, amazing song, amazing dance, amazing performances….. because DBSK is totally the return of the king…… U-Know time and Max-time

  31. I usually don’t post for these things…however, I must say that my love for Lord VolderMin and Marshmallow Yunho Time (he’s so squishy) knows no bounds…that epic note at 4:19, just wow..even better live….best note to have ever to graced us common folk…Perfect dance, epic song, but only rightly so because godly beings of legendary talent/charisma/poise/looks have put it on stage for us. Have any other ‘group’ do this and it would have been a hot mess…seriously, them jeune homme fatal(s) owned it, flew with it, birthed some sugar fairies in the process and almost, just almost doubled the rate at which the globe is heating up…Epic dances of all epic dances, and what makes it better is that oh-so-horribly-awesome (I believe to be) Indian ”cover….”  5 super duper squishy marshmallows out of 5 marshmallows to Yunho and Max Time.

  32. Best comeback of the year! :D (if only for Changmin’s glorious jacket sans shirt ㅋㅋ) No but really, 동방신기 영원히 화이팅!  ㅋㅋㅋ

  33. This was by far my most anticipated comeback. And I think they did really well, everything considered. And who doesn’t like some Max Time :D høhøhø ~

  34. Return of the Kings! powerful dance is ♥ -AKTF

  35. This MV is just the best.. the Dance and everything.. so powerful ♥ TVXQ! jjang! :’3

  36. It’s return of the kings! Never before done choreography in kpop. And the fact that they sing it live with the intense choreography, makes them THE best. They pull it off seamlessly everytime they perform it, what more for the music video<3 MAX TIME!

  37. i love this video, the music the dance but some of clothes i don’t like it. i think this is the best video of 2011.

  38. Everytime I see this video I remember Simon and Martina saying: “Max time!”. About this video, I like the coreography, and i can’t stop saying: ♪ Keep your head down ♫, but i hate the clothes they wear at minute 2:10. This is one of my favorite k-pop videos, and TVXQ is one of my favorite bands! ♥♥

  39. TVXQ have everything ma shaa Allah (^ _ ^) for me they’ll be the best group in this world I just love them the 5 of them of course d(> , <)b

  40. If you’re a Cassie, check out they’re latest video ‘Winter Rose’ … So cute (but please someone do something about Changmin’s hair… :O )

  41. Oh my god, this song is… WAOUH ! I just keep listenning to it, even if it’s been release a long time ago… You know, people keep forgetting about how hard they’ve been working for this song.  But i’m always happy to see that some Cassiopeia are still here to congratulate them !

  42. they deserve to be known even with or without JYJ… both groups are the best in asia thats why there are called The God Of The East!! Always Keep The Faith!!

  43. Definitely one of the best comebacks of the year! We’ve been waiting for so long for Yunho & Changmin to return to the music scene and finally seeing them on stage again made me so happy! They’ve worked hard for the past two years, improving their singing and their dancing and just trying hard to make it right as two. Undoubtedly, it was difficult to make up for the loss of the other three but seeing them make it through as two is definitely worth praising. I’m proud of them for being proud of what they do and doing their best to protect the name of TVXQ. They’re meant to sing and this comeback definitely reinforced that.
    The MV itself was amazing. The first month that it came out, I had it on repeat for god knows how many times. Their dancing and singing is beyond what we all expected. Although I am not entirely fond of the weird outfits, they definitely made it work so I’m not complaining. I’m so proud of them for their achievements and there will definitely be more to come.
    TVXQ Hwaiting♥

  44. I think this was the most powerful comeback song out of the year…the dance was powerful…the concept was awesome…the clothing design was extremely unique and they worked so hard on this song + MV after 2 long years. Even though DBSK has only 2 members now but I’m sure that the two oppas are working hard to keep the name as DBSK for all of the 5 members JUNSU + YOOCHUN + JAEJOONG + CHANGMIN + YUNHO!! I hope you guys would help make their name as DBSK shine once again to new kpop fans that don’t know them. hahahah it’ll be awesome if you guys would do this dance for the HOW TO DANCE KPOP 2011!

  45. People tend to forget the songs that were out at the beginning of the year… I will never. It was the comeback I waited for, not knowing if they would show up once more or were completely forgotten. TVXQ! will never be forgotten thanks to Yunho & Changmin. Dance does not have to be complicated to be remembered & epic. It has to be done in a way it shines. & TVXQ! do shine ;)

  46. I don’t think there could be a better comeback video for TVXQ. This
    music video is symbolic from the beginning to the end. Here’s my take on
    the video: After Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu left the group, the
    remaining two members were in despair to the point of fighting between
    themselves (shown in the video). However, the two knew for them to
    return as the Rising Gods of the East, they would need to reunite their
    strengths (shown in the video as their super powers – Yunho with his hot
    charisma and dancing skills and Changmin with his powerful vocals that
    could pierce through the universe) as a duo. The clasp of hands at the end indicate their unity and the kings of kings have returned to take their throne in kpop back!

  47. I don’t think there could be a better comeback video for TVXQ. This music video is symbolic from the beginning to the end. Here’s my take of the video: After Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu left the group, the remaining two members were in despair to the point of fighting between themselves (shown in the video). However, the two know that for them to return as the rising gods of the east, they would need to reunite their strengths (shown in the video as their super powers – Yunho with his hot charisma and dancing skills and Changmin with his powerful vocals that could pierce through the universe) as a duo. The clasp of hands at the end indicate their unity and the kings of kings have returned to take their throne in kpop back!

  48. I find this song and video infectious! It gets stuck in my head and becomes an earworm that can only be eradicated by playing which of course exacerbates my condition! Could do without the freaky owl eye/70′s sofa cushion suits though! (some stylist got one hell of a deal out of the discount pile of the fabric store then uses a lot of SoJu to make those seem like a good idea!)

  49. Basically this song started out 2011 for me. It also brought back the name “Tvxq” in the more recent songs!!!!! I LOVE DBSK! ^^

  50. Oh my goodness. I was sooooo happy when the teasers for HoMin started getting uploaded. I was so excited for the, but I was also anxious for them because of the split from JYJ. Luckily they got such good feedback and I love’d their practically 15 minute comeback on Mnet Countdown. I love the intro part when YunHo and ChangMin dance to the intense beat with the slowmotion mixed in. I also really love their outfits (yes, even the creepy owl couch looking pattern ones) especially YunHo’s in the main dance sequence. I love ChangMin’s high notes and YunHo’s rapping. My favorite part, though, is Yunho’s hip dance at 2:20 and his finger dance at 3:14 . And my favorite dance part that both do is that weird shrug at 3:06 ish.

  51. :) Yunho and Changmin’s first comeback MV as two. They worked so hard for this come back! Plus, Yunho is undeniably one of the best dancers in kpop and this song is so original and yet catchy! ^^ DB5K fighting!!!

  52. Tvxq-keep your head down
    Its so powerful and different from other dances. It would be soo cool to see you 2 dance it! Also because the boys worked really hard. After what they’ve been through i felt the whole album was a great comeback. Its not easy to have such a powerful captivating and cool dance when you are only 2. I felt this was an original song with good beat and amazing dance!
    And also, EVERYONE has to know the classic keep your head down move :D

  53. Is it right to say this was one of the most interesting comebacks of the year? I think so. I was first introduced to kpop through TVXQ, nearly 4 years ago with Mirotic and the Japanese versions of Somebody to Love and Purple Line. I cried right along with all of the other Cassies when I heard they were splitting up. How different was the song, dance, and image style going to be now that is is just the two of them? Many people did not think Changmin and Yunho could pull it off alone. When this song, this video came out, we proved that even though it was DB2K, they still were our Gods from the East.

  54. After so much hardship and internal problems within the group, I feel that Yunho and Changmin really worked hard and successfully brought out the special points of the dance and made it stand out. To me, this was the most memorable dance in 2011. Sure, it didn’t have any moves that could be copied right away (except the Keep your head doooown~ part) but it was complex, challenging, and having them sing while dancing that was extremely impressive, reiterating their title: The Rising Gods of the East. It was their first comeback in years and you can be sure that they didn’t disappoint. Despite all problems they’ve had, they made their comeback explosive and being a Cassie since 2006, I feel so proud of them.

  55. must be easy in Korea to tell the time, ITS ALWAYS YUNHO TIME!

    hrrrn. for some reason that image is attached to this comment too.. O WELL =p

  56. So. Uh January 3rd I stayed up all night waiting for this.  i still remember the moment and exactly where I was when i first saw this awesomeness. like a true fan girl, i  had tears in my eyes. sorry but Rihanna called and Changmin, she wants her suit and hair back.  that and the fur owl suits gotta go, but somehow changmin and yunho made it work. thats why this was the most epic video of the year. ALL YEAR. 362 days. of 2011

  57. I love this dance so much. The way TVXQ made their comeback was just right. This was how Yunho and Changmin is supposed to sounds like. I have to say some of their japanese tracks they have released this year have better dances than this one. But OMG.. the manliness and charisma that just pores out from this dance is insane. It’s powerful and it’s a song with impact and the dance totally matches that. it might not be the easiest dance to follow but it’s truly and amazing dance.

  58. This song was a great comeback for them Seriously, just look at their fab wardrobe! I love it, LOL. The dance was really cool too. Other than the move they did at “KEEEP YOUR HEADD DOOOOOWN.” That was just sexy xD The beat is really catchy. This is one of the most memorable songs of 2011 hands down.

  59. I love this song so much! I think for a comeback this was such a surprise! They put so much work and love into this album for the fans and I was so impressed. Seeing it live was insane the whole place was swinging to the beat. A monumental song of 2011

  60. Keep Your Head Down!

  61. Max Time <3 I listened to this song throughout the 2011, it's definitely one of my 2011 favorites :)

  62. These boys, no MEN, worked so hard to give their fans the best comeback they could. They deserve this. The passion and energy they put into all of their work is always truly remarkable, and they remain strong in despite all of the adversity they may face.

  63. TVXQ! heheh i thinks this comment will be very cheesy :P
    but , bleh its tvxq :P
    first , they are TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin 
    The screams, the dance movements , the outfits(?) 
    i really think they deserve to win , the have been working really hard this year and without the other 3 it must have be very tough not because they are not enough but they used to be 5 and if the other 3 are not there , they have to fulfill their empty spaces (?) not as a replacement but they really had to work harder and although its a youtube contest i think they really deserve to win :3

  64. “Can you please keep your head down so I can watch the kings dance? It’s Max time and Yunho time, so move!” is what I have to tell my dog when I watch this video and he is sitting on my lap….

  65. Everyone,
    I REALLY think we should vote for TVXQ! They deserve it so much, and so
    far have yet to win anything. We all know Kpop stars all have worked
    hard and you know how much I just LURVE many of the other choices…but I feel like these guys were automatically judged for keeping
    the name and being only two. They’ve worked even harder. Let’s all vote
    for them and show them we appreciate it! JYJ would be happy too, because to them they are still brothers. Else, why other than that would Jae keep ‘JYJ from TVXQ’ on his twitter? ^^ And I’ll be voting for JYJ for the same reasons too. ^^


  67. I adore TVXQ. They’re really devoted performers — they had to be to wear those suits *coughstheowlones..youknow*
    But really, all jokes aside, they’re amazing .. Changmin with his vocals and Yunho with his dance.. just… so great. I really hope they win :)

  68. total movie-esque mv with 2 hot guys,, plus u-know’s awesome dance skillz n magnae’s high-pitched voice.,.,. super cool

  69. By far, the best Dance MV ever. Seriously. It’s got powerful dance moves AND super powers! Lol. Anywho, those two can command a stage better than any of the larger boy bands out there. They take their music seriously, and they’re not involved in any scandals (minus the whole suing SM thing that the JYJ guys did.) Despite the breakup, they came back and conquered with this very MV! Plus they can perform this song in Korean and Japanese. Changmin’s killer notes and Yuhno’s killer rapping and dancing skills are in a word: Daebak! [Side note: they should've gotten at least one award at MAMA 2011!] Back on topic.. this MV is the definition of a K-POP DANCE MV. Wanna see K-Pop at its finest, check out this MV, and you will not be disappointed.

  70. Most awesome dance of the year.(personal opinion)

  71. Yes! I wanna see the ”Keep Your Head Dooowwwwnnnn~~” part :D

  72. This mv is resposible for my new way of ending conversations. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOOOWN, and then the wtf stare of the stranger :P

  73. So this is how you’re supposed to dance when wearing a cross between my grandmother’s couch and a Navajo rug?! I see…

  74. This song’s definitely my personal song of the year! I love the powerful vocals & the complicated dance~

  75. I may or may not have used this video in my classroom to help students practice new vocabulary words. Prompt: watch this video and debate whether this is a “bromance” or “frenemy” relationship. :)

  76. The dances moves are so rememberable and changmin’s high notes really make this song powerful. And i bet there is no one who wouldn’t have tried imitating their fantastic choreographed dance moves. TVXQ Hwaiting! 

  77. The dances moves are so rememberable and changmin’s high notes really make this song powerful. And i bet there is no one who wouldn’t have tried imitating their fantastic choreographed dance moves. TVXQ Hwaiting! 

  78. My favorite dance ever! I love it! The song is so powerful, and the dance looks like you can beat someone up by dancing it (and you probably can) I love it. Really the song that made me love TVXQ. Whoo! Way to go TVXQ!