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TVXQ – Something

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  1. i realy love this song it’s amazing ….tvxq keep love

  2. HEEEEEEY!!!!! They did it!!!! They included TVXQ in their mass kpop review ^___^ Thank you so much S&M <3

  3. Misa Shim

    How sad is this… The people stop voting and DBSK go to the button T-T they are in 70 D:

  4. I still have hope, continue voting & commenting. Please all keep supporting, too ^__^

  5. this is bullshit. now way it can go down all the way to #69 so fast, it was in the top 3 for almost 4 weeks. I come back a few days later and it falls to 69?? BS.

    • What? I vote daily for this vid… that shows that I still have interest in it right?

      • that is what im saying lol PPL are still voting and it was at the top for weeks, but in a matter of 2 days it drops down to 69? Thats not possible, really.

        • I can’t understand too. Especially taking into consideration that it’s not possible to vote for VIXX/Troublemaker but they’re still in top 10??? I vote & tweet EVERY SINGLE day!!! wtf

        • EXACTLY. judging these charts so badly right now. #rigged

        • I understand what you’re saying… Its so weird right? =( I’ll keep voting anyway, just in case the voting system still counts it =)

  6. Hey guys, I’m a bit confused right now: Is it only for me or why is TVXQ – Something not in the charts when sort by popularity? I watched every page of the charts. But when I sort by newest they are there….Anyway I’m glad I saved the link to this page to find it as fast as possible to keep on voting for this great song ;)

  7. something is amazing…i love it….^____^

  8. tvxq fighting…..cassiopeia fighting ^__^

  9. i am a yunjae shipper…

  10. dbsk you are the best in the world

  11. I’m no Cassiopeia but I really want this song to be reviewed and I know you’re strong, so keep on fighting for your boys!!!

  12. So I guess Cassies are gonna have to wait for the 2014 EYKAs to see a “Something” Music Monday? =/

  13. i really hope this MV gets reviewed coming Monday.

  14. please please review this!

  15. I really love how different this MV is to other SM videos. The use of the strings is amazing and you have to appreciate the backup dancers in the MV as well. Also love the fact that they added foreigners too (nice touch SM). TVXQ fighting!

  16. TVXQ fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. can’t help thinking of Junsu’s Incredible when I see this title…just saying

  18. So they didn’t do KMM again this week, we have to keep our boys in the first place in order to get review for another week >.< FIGHTING!

  19. Can we keep refreshing and vote?

    • yes. its kinda bad though cause dedicated fanbases make their artist win and some good songs and videos by less popular artists dont get a video. btw this is not directed at something i rly prefer it to lonely tbh.

      • @lornachen:disqus
        Actually, refreshing the page will not allow you to continuously vote. The limit is one vote per day per IP address.
        So in this case, having a dedicated fanbase only helps as far as how many of those fans remember to come back here and vote and/or tweet once each day.

        • but it shows click here for voting instead of the thank you for voting bottom for me.
          maybe it doesnt count?

        • Yeah, you’ll still see the “Click here to vote” message, and after you click it, it’ll tell you thanks for voting, but the system will not count more than one vote from your IP address per day. When I do my one vote each day, after I click the vote button, I can actually see the number of votes increase. However, if I try to vote more than once in the same day, I will not see the number of votes increase when I press the vote button, even though the thank you message will pop up. You can go try it out on some of the new, low-ranking videos if you want. ^_^

        • i dont see the votes increasing anyway so i thought maybe its not an instant thing :( just my crappy internet connection. well at least the votes are fair.

  20. Don’t tell me we need to vote for four week again (T_T) WTH!? It’s the same as with JJ’s “Just Another Girl”! In the 4th week we voted for JJ’s MV we dropped out of TOP3 and then came out the “Special Music Monday Video”! All there is recently are ‘SPECIAL’ videos on Music Mondays… This section is pretty much dead for weeks… Yeah I know I’m complaining right now and all that but can you imagine how hard Cassie’s worked for all those songs to keep them up for 4 FREAKING WEEKS!? Sorry if I probably sound rude but really first “Catch Me” then “Just Another Girl” and now “Something”! (T_T) How long do you intend to make us vote when it’s supposed to be just 1 week from the beginning!?
    I mean if you know you are not be able to do Music Mondays for 4 weeks which is a MONTH (coz of a vacations/trip/health problems etc.) why don’t ‘Pause’ the K-pop chart for that period of time instead of waisting the fans time on voting like crazy for their group to get pushed off from the chart in the end before you even came back to do the Music Monday Video!? *sigh*
    I just feel annoyed at the moment so sorry but yeah those are my honest thoughts. I know you have private life aside making all those videos and I understand that but there are people managing this site when you are gone and you could organize it better a.k.a ‘make a puse in the voting’ for the k-pop chart instead of leading on the kpop fans to vote when you are absent for a month! -end of rant-

    • Maybe they could have their new employees make a music monday for us fans. When Simon and Martina are on their road trips or vacations. They seem to do a really good job with the other videos and they could just express what they like or don’t like about a video they wouldn’t have to do skits or try to be funny just give the video that has won some exposure and shout of to the fans that loved it enough to vote. I’d love to see Suzy and the rest try a crack at it. But I wouldn’t want or expect them to overwork themselves. I do think you have a point a month of no Music Monday where you still have fans voting and a lot of them don’t know or realize that there isn’t going to be a review isn’t fair. And not good for keeping subscribers. Another suggestion, they could post above the Kpop Music charts that their isn’t going to be a Music Monday and post it a head of time so all fans can see it and are aware.

    • agree…but this is already their work to make videos etc….just sayin’ !!!!!
      ….so your complaining is understable…><'""""

    • I totally agree to this!! We all know S&M have a privat elife and the right for holidays…But why not pause the voting section? I really thought they would do a video though being in Canada cause I got to know them only few months ago.

  21. they should do a kings edition with TVXQ and rain ill be so happy :D

  22. I don’t call myself to Cassiopeia, but I still like their songs ^_^ And I really hope Simon & Martina will review this one because not only the music but also the video is kind of special and gives another feeling than other songs…I can’t really describe it, it’s just amazing and makes me wanna dance =)

  23. It’s been such a long time since a Music Monday was done, I hope this can stay in the top 3 for just a week more!

  24. Anyone can tell how TVXQ Something can be number 2? Since what I saw is, vote-facebook-google+-twitter-comments-youtube view is waaaay more than B1A4 Lonely???

  25. how can they be N° 2 when they have votes more than B1A4

    • It’s the time that they’ve been on the charts as well as the number of votes. B1A4 haven’t been there as long, whereas TVXQ has been since the new year.

  26. #동방신기 #Something

    TVXQ! fighting!!!!

  27. our boys look fabulous in here!
    the song was upbeat, classy and fun to watch..and i really like their concept this time than catch me. good luck to TVXQ <3

  28. ❤ พี่ยุน หุ่นหมู°

    #동방신기 #Something TVXQ! fighting I love u all~

  29. Too much awesomenss filled in a music video! Breath taking.
    #동방신기 #Something

  30. Please, everybody watch this MV for more times in order to increase the views. We need to have five million before 19/1 , it is very urgent and important.Also,share this MV through Facebook and Twitter.

  31. TVXQ won in today’s Music Core! :)

    3 WINS IN 3 DAYS! Congratulations, Yunho & Changmin! ❤

  32. FML…they dropped to 2nd place….CASSIOPEIA FIGHTING!! LET’S KEEP VOTING

  33. Something is a MV which full of love and sweat!! TVXQ used their fully effort to produce it and “Something” is a new style of music that TVXQ never tried it before!! The sound of Jazz music,their line dancing and their sexy voice can really express the feeling of this song! It makes a “Bad boy” icon of TVXQ!! Therefore,Cassiopeia please give your fully support to them!!! #동방신기 #동방신기something 대박!!!

  34. Cooolllll! I really like this song and they are trying their best to show different things to supporters. Like the old boy band style. Fun and playful. Fighting!

  35. TVXQ~~~ Congrats on the music show wins!

  36. Nooo~ We need to get them to No. 1 again! Why do they have more votes and aren’t in first place, this doesn’t make sense.

    • It goes by the amounts of votes they get in a day, along with how long they’ve been at the top of the list, so even though it has more votes all together, it isn’t getting as much daily as the songs beating it.

  37. Gah, this song is amazing and the kings deserve a review!!! They’re really putting their all into this comeback, which makes me love them so much! I’m a new fan, but I feel like I’ve been with them from the beginning when I see them perform. 동방신기 짱!!

  38. <3 O/ TVXQ Something FIGHTING O/ <3

  39. Why is TVXQ 2nd place when it has like more than double the votes of the video in the first place on the charts?

  40. Ooga Jaga Ola Now give me beat!!!

  41. I am commenting just in case this week there’s a review…
    LOVE the dance. It is very complex and fun to watch and I love how TVXQ can handle it even though it is harder for dancers than them but dancers are also a part of the group for years now.. Yunho and Changmin do not go up stage only the two of them unless there is a ballad or something. Also I love it’s theme, it is much better than many SM videos graphically. What I noticed about the MV and the songs in the whole TENSE album that there was a huge amount of western people working for them. Even the designer for clothes was some French important guy lol. What I was gonna say is SM had put lots of market research and money into their comeback and I am so happy to see this.

  42. I don’t get it, they have more votes so way aren’t they 1???

  43. I love the video, I love the song……. #Something #동방신기 Happy 10th Anniversary !!!! ^^

  44. Come on — we can get them back to no. 1! We just need to get some decent discussions going and have everybody pitch in.


    1) Favourite part of the dance routine?

    2) Do you like this new style/direction they’re going in?

    3) How many years of the ten have you been aware of TVXQ for?

    • To answer my own questions:

      1) The bit at the beginning with the “bass” strings — I thought that was really clever.
      Though I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t any swing dancing, as the track’s perfect for that.

      2) I actually quite like this new style: it’s fun to see them doing something different.

      3) I first came across them in the 2008 Guiness Book of World Records (I think it was that one — could have been earlier; could have been later). I’ve been actively following their music since 2011. (Not that long in the grand scheme of things, but hey.)

  45. The same story as with Catch Me is happening again right now. TVXQ has so much more votes but because it’s the 3rd week they are second for some reason. Please vote guys!

  46. i love the video, i love the song… happy 10th anniversary n.n!!!!!!!

  47. we kept the no1 spot for almost 3 weeks :(((
    i hope that wont happen with something what happened with catce me ;___;
    hwaitng cassies >< lets vote!!!



  50. It’s oviously the best comeback of the year. :3


  52. Simon and Martina PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE PLEASE choose TVXQ’s “Something” to review! T_T <3

  53. The more I watch this MV, the more I like it ♥♥♥♥♥ #Something #TVXQ

  54. We can make it!! #TVXQ #DBSK #Cassioppeia FIGHTING!~

  55. Cassiopeia!!Where are you???

  56. cmon cassies!!! vote >wwww<

  57. Not giving up until this video gets reviewed! ALSO not giving up watching until we reach the 5M views!

  58. At first, I was a little skeptical about the this drastic change in sound, but then I realized…IT’S AWESOME. I love jazz and swing, and it’s refreshing to hear it in kpop. Yunho and Changmin are both so seductive in this video. I think they were a LITTLE too close to those girls, though. ;D Their voices are always amazing. The way they incorporate the strings in the dance is pretty creative. Okay. I’m going to go and watch it over and over. :)

  59. I love this MV <3 #동방신기 #Something

  60. Please do a video on this before KMM to get other fans watching this! SM has a “mission”: If TVXQ!’s ‘Something’ music video reach 5 million views before January 19 midnight (Korea Standard Time), the video of various blockbuster-scaled(?) match between U-KNOW and MAX will be released :) It’s a catchy song and as someone who has heard it hundreds of times (literally, to raise the views by a million for the first “mission”.) I still haven’t gotten sick of it, which says something.

  61. TVXQ my love <3

  62. Hope this can get a review~

  63. TVXQ’s new mv and song are awesome and one-of-a-kind. I am very proud they took a chance on the mv and song and did it. They are incredible – in a league of their own. I hope they will win this week at the music shows; their performances at the shows just far are unique and amazing. Great job, TVXQ Yunho & Changmin!

  64. I remember watching this MV for the first time with my friends on New Year…
    I remember we were laughing hard because of Changmin’s shorts, Yunho’s too short sweater (seriously, AGAIN lol) and their tattoos (omg these tattooes are so lame lol). However, the MV looks really good, choreography is great as always when it comes to TVXQ and the song is damn catchy! Hahaha my friend wanted to kill me cuz I was walking around and singing “she got that something~~” when she tried so hard to get rid of this song from her head kkk

  65. Secret behind Chang Min’s tattoo :)))

    Flower: Celebration
    Sun – Rising from the East
    TVXQ + Lightning – Gods
    (Put together we have TVXQ – Gods rising from the East)
    Anchor: Stability (for the 10 years)
    88: The year he was born

    By: Hội bấn Homin couple
    Tips from smart-bit. tumblr. com/

  66. This really need to get reviewed!! why are martina and simon always away when TVXQ make their comeback? TT They really need to review this song when they are back!!
    This is really an awesome song <3 awesome MV too~ nad most importantly TVXQ's 10th anniversaary!

  67. no music monday today? :(


  69. When are we going to have a music monday? where are they? /sad

    • Face it Music Monday is dead they’ve lost interest and having just returned from holiday I doubt they’ll go out of their way for a band they don’t really like. Just keep watching the MV and supporting them in meaningful ways

      • true!!!…we did a project to get it to 3mil and succeeded.~

      • Like you said, S&M just returned from holiday. Give them some time to get settled and back into the swing of things. It normally takes a few days to readjust after jet lag, especially after a 14 hour flight. Plus they’ll have a lot to catch up on after being away.
        Until we hear something from S&M we won’t know if there is or isn’t a KMM this week. Its still Monday after all~
        Keep voting to keep TVXQ in the Top 3^^ We can never be sure which video they’ll pick, but they’ve reviewed and enjoyed the TVXQ songs in the past, so I’m sure they’d love to review Something as well. :)

  70. Always proud to be a Cassie <3

  71. Always proud to be a Cassie

  72. 2,935,434
    let’s see more now

  73. The MV is super cool and the instrumentals are amazing, but the song is kinda of forgettable. This is one of the songs where i prefer to only listen to the instrumentals. I wish the singing was arranged better.

  74. Can I hope a little you will review this?

  75. Ginalyn Teneros Usman

    can i please just say that SHIM CHANGMIN and JUNG YUNHO are LIFE RUINERS?!?!
    why the fudge won’t let CASSIOPEIA rest even for a day!!?!?
    *sigh* as much as i “hate” TVXQ is 10 times that i love them…
    p.s. by hate i mean they are very DISTRACTING FROM MY STUDIES!!!!

  76. We need to increase the Youtube views we have an aim for 3 million views! If we get it there will be a surprise video for us


  77. I hope EYK will choose a winner this week! so they review this awesome song and MV :D

  78. tvxq fighting ^^


    I feel like Yunho and Changmin will always look hot/cute/sexy/adorable no matter how much they age ;D . I love the classic style of this vid and lol of course SM had to end it with Yunho and Changmin teleporting AGAIN…


    I’m really happy I’m not the only Yunjae shipper now ;D

  81. I love the song and the video is great

    But I have no motivation for Music Mondays any more there’s no point.

    If you’re a fan it would be much more beneficial to take the discussion to Youtube view and comments there will count towards Music shows

    Lets show our support!

  82. She got that Something! #something #동방신기

  83. This music video was so fun to watch, very interesting. It was also quite troubling. The use of foreigners disturbed my sister and I. My sister found an article which expresses our thoughts better than I can right now;
    To make up for this video my sis and I decided to watch Rain’s new MVs. This did not help! Please oh please oh please mentions these problems in your next Music Monday!!

  84. Sakura Chan

    you cant say no to these guys i mean come on
    they are the KINGS!!!

  85. Sakura Chan


  86. go dbsk!!!! #something #동방신기

  87. Wow, I really love this song! It is so upbeat and jazzy.
    I don’t like how many women there are, not because they are women, but because they aren’t dping anytyhong. They are just there to look pretty. And TVXQ look a bit awkward. Oh well
    I do like the rope thing. Very cool

  88. Definitely different and very un-TVXQ~ish and I’m just glad the producers didn’t clash 3 songs in one and made it a dubstep nightmare. MV wise, love the dance, love the ropes, love how they made the dancers more actively in line with the MV and the dance instead of just being in the background, not sure about the girls hanging around the boys, I have nothing against foreign ladies/men in MVs, just wished SM gave them a bit more of a role to play rather than just props, but i guess it also works with the song, if you go by the lyrics, the boys being players surrounded by beautiful women that though pretty, are not entirely exciting, terribly forgettable and decorative at most until he meets that someone with that spark, that something, then I suppose it does work, but for the international fans ilke me who didn’t really got to the translated lyrics when it was first released, I was all “bleah these girls are placid, what is going on here”

  89. I love the jazz sound of this song! SMEnt finally re-invent TVXQ successfully this time. The mv is great and they look really good!!! Changmin-ah~<3

  90. Does anyone know, when Simon and Martina are coming back to Korea?
    Will they have Music monday this week?

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      they just arrived korea today if im not mistaken… dunno if they will hv KMM this week…but nuest’s KMM will b 1st priority i think…

      • Yeah I saw they came back. But there is no Nuest in the chart tops now. So TVXQ this week :)

        • yanagiba yusuke22
          yanagiba yusuke22

          yeah…its no nuest…but dont forget EYKA’s award… nuest won for the potential KMM…so,Nuest is the priority for next KMM…hope its clear…just like onfinite-the chaser last yr

  91. awesome song

  92. The return of the KINGS!!!

  93. This song SO MUST get reviewed!! it’s an amazing comeback song, fresh, new, different from what kpop is offering lately. And not only this song but the whole album is awesome!

  94. Dorian YunJae Fujoshi

    TVXQ <3

  95. Dorian YunJae Fujoshi

    Los mejores <3

  96. I’m obsessed with this song; I can’t get enough of it. The dance is amazing and very creative with those ropes. I love EVERYTHING about this video and song. TVXQ are the absolute Kings (if not Gods) of K-pop. (Why you so biased? hahahaha)

  97. really great song. very unique and the dance is awesome!

  98. RAWR! Why is this comeback so perfect *flips table*
    *does not study*

  99. It’s cool

  100. Why don’t they review this?Are they still on vacation?
    We should hold the video in first place for the next week as well.

  101. I just hope Simon and Martina will comeback soon from their vacations, because I will be so mad if they don’r review this again because they were not here, even if we keep the video on 1st place for weeks

  102. Awkward! Two groups from two companies releasing the same name song so close together! :$ I love this one so much more than Girl’s Day’s though

  103. Please review it!Finally the mv is out of the box~

  104. this is an amazing music video i really hope EYK reviews this. i love how they use the strings in the mv

  105. This needs to be the music monday winner the video and the live stage has awesome choreography.

  106. Like this song a lot more than their previous ones…They just seem like they’re having fun rather than being serious and sexy all the time? And look at all them white ladies and sequins and more shininess!!!!! And also like the dance sequence where Yunho is so awesome there’s 5 of him and Changmin likes ladies so he makes them out of thin air =P

    And the ending where they are immortalised(?) forever in a painting[as gods maybe...?] and a coin =P

  107. They tried this genre for the first time and it suits them so freaking much. I neomu neomu neomu love this song!!! ^_~ :D

  108. Dorian YunJae Fujoshi

    Los mejores es Genia *·*

  109. TVXQ have got that Something <333


  111. Their MBC perf. was flawless #something

  112. It was different to what I expected, but I absolutely love it!


  114. TVXQ<3333 Their best comeback yet with great vocals~~

  115. While I miss their badass/futuristic image they had, this song is freaking great. The mv makes no sense. Please review!! Also, where did T.O.P’s Doom Dada go? It just disappeared D;

  116. I saw the live this morning. In my opinion, KBS didn’t show this dance perfectly.

  117. Swing Jazz, awesome!!! plz introduce this song~

  118. “she got ‘a’ something” again probably a cultural misstep, general telling some one or pointing out a “something” is not considered positive unless it is qualified with “that” or “a certain”. Like the french “je ne sais quoi” just saying “quoi” would be taken much differently…right now all i can think is she has a mole, extra toes or penchant for eating live goldfish. Also swing died it has 15 more years until its resurrection; in Screamo/Swing fusion bands in 2019.soz

  119. today, they have just perfomened this song on KBS world
    amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. THIS

  121. One of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time ♥

  122. DBSK baby yeah !!!!

  123. You seriously have no idea, I have been listening to this facking amazing song nonstop since it came out, now I cannot wait for the album to come out!!

  124. YESSS!! <3 cannot wait for their jan.3 comeback and for their full album to be released (jan.6)! i want my coy noww!!! <3

  125. it is something…Inccredible :DD

  126. #Something #TVXQ #동반신기 Are the Best! ♥

  127. Rain is Catching up really fastly.
    Let’s vote more! This is return of the kings!

  128. up up up ^^~

  129. Dorian YunJae Fujoshi

    Amo esta cancion es realmente buena y muy pegajosa. la combinacion es uff y Changmin con fuego!
    Yunho con los nudillos escrito: SEME *Q*
    Perfecto. Ahora espero el comeback en vivo >o<
    TVXQ es el mejor. <3

  130. Loved everything about this video. From the use of the horns to sound like an old school, swinging jazz club, to the intricate dance moves and string work, to the presence of diversity in the women who have the something…TVXQ has surely come back in a unique way for their anniversary. My only hang up was the awkward spelling on something on Yunjae’s knuckles at 4:33. I had to pause and rewind it several times to see what I’d missed, even tried spelling it all out on my own knuckles.

    Other than that, it was a great song to kick off 2014 in the Kpop world and for SM.

  131. changmin pants though

  132. More than 1000.000 view in 24 hours. This is the power of Cassiopeia~~

  133. She got that Something!!!!!
    Oh Simon and Martina! Please please!!!! <3

  134. Dongbangshinkiiiiiiiii!!!!! omona!!!

  135. Lol TVXQ have another comeback and Simon and Martina are away AGAIN?! That’s so ironic xD Let’s hope they make a Music Monday for this video eventually, I really want to hear what they think about the jazzy, mature, playboy-ish feel of the new song ^^

    • OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH??????? really??????? TT____TT i will cry ;;
      we have so bad fortunate :///:((( they didnt review Catch Me too ;_____;
      this is so good song ;; this has to get reviewed ><"""

  136. NightCassie

    I love this new concept of TVXQ! It’s very fresh to the K-Pop scene! I will forever put this on repeat! My ovaries exploded while I watched this MV. ><
    They are so handsome~

  137. Ya me hacian falta los eche de menos y que buen comienzo este 2014 empezando con los dioses. #1!!

  138. TVXQ is Big

  139. TVXQ los dioses estan del vuelta son los mejores!

  140. Swing jazz and TVXQ – you can’t go wrong there! Love it!!! Looks charismatic, sounds charming and makes me smile every time I hear it!

  141. really have “something” in it ^_^

  142. Simply amazing !!! I can’t stop replaying it !!!

  143. Well. I love this. It’s just. QUQ
    I feel like I should write a proper review-ish comment the way I did for Just Another Girl, but I don’t know what to say. I didn’t expect myself to like it so much because at first glance it reminds me a little too much of TTS’s Twinkle… That was when I saw the preview. And musically as a song it shouldn’t have pleased me the way it did ( … my logic’s failing help ), but it just did. I like the mix of swing and jazz that I find to have some sort of timeless vibe but in a way it’s just very… DBSK. I loved Catch me, Humanoids and it’s been a while since I was reminded of the old DBSK music that I love so much. Since Maximum, I believe. And this is it. I’m extremely fond of this song and I’m just spamming it on loop, which is weird, because I hardly ever do that. I get tired of songs, no matter how good, when played about 3-5 times in a row usually and this has been playing since the morning, which is saying a lot.
    The narcissistic lyrics I’m not so fond of because to be honest I’m getting quite tired of the alcohol/hotladieshotguys/dancing/partying/yolowethewildkids-themed songs – almost as tired as I am of repetitive love songs but this song is just so cute that I managed to overlook it.That and I don’t know Korean so I can definitely force myself into forgetting it after a while. :’D
    The MV is… Well it could have been a little more creative ( i like the strings tho :’D ) and it still does remind me a lot of Twinkle… And that it’s basically just them going around being all ‘yo kids look we be cool’ and being surrounded by girls ( the stroking and touching bit was sort of awkwards tho imo ). The dance break was a little odd and out of the blue imo but then well since they have no storylines they have very little left to do i imagine. >.>
    All in all I love this song.

    I also realized that I rambled, irregardless of the fact that I’ve just said at the beginning of this comment that I ‘dont know what to say’. Ha what the heck I really need to stop rambling. Did I say I love this song? :’D Ah I did.
    I really really hope it gets reviewed. ;__;

  144. Yep, now I know which song will ruin my life for the next few months. Awesome song and music video, just as expected!

  145. Me wants this to win! >.<

  146. TVXQ! is really SOMETHING! The MV is really SOMETHING! Everything about TVXQ! is really SOMETHING!

  147. TVXQ good song and dance

  148. waww so amazing dance

  149. Honestly I wasn’t expecting it but I absolutely LOVE THIS SONG!!! I love the jazzy feel and it’s super catchy and fun!!!
    The mv though….wasn’t really my thing. Random floating violins and trumpets aside, I don’t know to put it simply, something about men stroking a group of surrounding women just makes me feel icky on the inside. And then there’s the scantly dressed backup dancers. I guess I’m a bit childish…ha..ha….ha… Nah that’s not cool in my books sorry DBSK. So that girl has got that “something” aye? What exactly is that “something” cause as far as I can see the girls have got nothing…..on.

    Back on a positive note – the choreography is fantastic! It’s been my secret hope that one day a kpop group would have a dance which involved string or rope in some way, and although this wasn’t really what I imagined, it’s still super creative and really awesome!! It was really slick and smooth and I liked how they used the rope to paint different images in the dance. I can’t wait to see the live performance and the complete dance!!

    I’m really interested to see what Simon and Martina have to say about this anyway, I think it would make a really great KMM.

  150. New genre, New style, Amazing dance moves and not just Yunho but also from Changmin….SM improving their boxes(?) theme..LOl…What can i ask more for a 10 year debut anniversary?
    Anticipating their Live performance more and more. This song, poles apart from usual K-pop songs, perfect to start the year…XD
    TVXQ! FIGHTING………….!!!!

  151. hhhhhh tvxq ,….theyre really enjoing them self are’nt they? :-)hhhhhh

  152. TVXQ!! #동방신기 #Something #TENSE 77

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    TVXQ!! #동방신기 #Something #TENSE TVXQ!! #동방신기 #Something #TENSE

  158. This song got that something(: The MV though….I don’t know. No boxes??? Yunho mocking me by showing his preference for white girls? Unnecessary superpowers? But this song makes up for it all, even the fact that my beloved TVXQ are now trapped behind some mysterious force field until next year’s mv.

  159. Los Dioses están de vuelta!!! tan geniales como siempre!! desde Chile apoyándolos con todo!! espero que se lleven todos los premios *w*

  160. love is that “something”!! I love the song. the concept of the video. rhythm. Letter. dancing. everything. It is so cheerful and contagious. I love it!

  161. love this yunho handsome tvxq king

  162. Oh you HAVE to review this video!!

  163. ɢ ᴀ ʙ ʀ ɪ ᴇ ʟ

    SUCH A GOOD SONG! <3 #동방신기 #Something THEY SHOULD WIN!

  164. I think this is the kind of song that you don’t like at the first time you heard, but suddenly you fell in love when you heard it for the second time.

    Bye bye dark strong powerful SMP style. I like this kind of song more..

  165. daebak, daebak, daebak!


  167. Expect The Unexpected


  168. Dorian YunJae Fujoshi

    Los Dioses estan de vuelta y Cassiopeia los apoyara por completo. el MV fue un concepto diferente y la mezcla de swing and Jazz fue buena , me ha agradado y ya muero por ver sus presentaciones en vivo.


  169. Here’s to SM starting a trend of modern jazzy/swing style music in K-Pop this year. Like seriously, I’m praying that they give SNSD something this good (IGAB will forever be my jam, but it was so unnecessary XD).

    *ahem* SM did right by TVXQ with this song and music video. Sure the music video is them dancing in oddly colored rooms and sets, but there’s more to it than that :D The transitions, special effects, and dance routine all combine to look pretty awesome (them plucking out the cello notes in the microphone cords, those dance breaks, the band playing while tangled in said mic cables, dem dance breaks, just everything!!). And the song is simply sex to the ears. I love these modern jazzy/swing style songs because they’re really timeless. When will jazz ever go out of style. NEVAR!!! (At least, I hope so XD) All in all, I love this and I can’t wait for them to start performing this live. My body is *so* ready for them to decimate every boy band in their paths :3

  170. did you recognize that big X on the floor ???? wooow~
    its so meaningful <333333 10th anni :D:DDD

  171. This is possible the best mv I have seen from SM if not ever, than in a really, REALLY long time! While these were just sets, they were interesting sets and really fit the feel of the song! And the band was so cool!
    I am absolutely in LOVE with TVXQ’s backup dancers! Seriously, they are some of the best dancers every and I love how they use the same dancers every time. The dancers in TVXQ’s videos are really a part of the show, they interact with the singers, they make the performance and aren’t just relegated to the background to fill up stage space. TVXQ’s backup dance team is incredible and deserve an epic slow clap. I really loved the 2 girls in this video too, I hope they become a permanent fixture in TVXQ’s team because that would be so cool! =D
    Way to start off the year with a bang TVXQ!

    • yeeahhh, back up dancers ftw!!! :DDDxD

      they are yunho and changmin’s constant dancers since 2010^^ i cant imagine the korean performances without them < dbsk "team" would be really cool with some female dancers^^ <33333333 and they looked so beautiful *ww* they would bring a little softness among the testers machines xDDDDDDDD its possible dbsk can get new fans bcuz of them xDDDD lol i watched misterpopo's reaction video to something, and he fell in love with red hair dancer xDDD (Y) cool ne? :D

    • I agree. This time SM gave TVXQ! the senior dancers, so. Different from the usual TVXQ’s dancers, but the old ones were as amazing as the new ones ^^

      • i watched the live perf…bcuz the dancers’s face arent visible XDDD
        and you’re right, there are just about 2 tvxq dancers…i dont know the others xDD + female dancerts too.

    • yeah it’s been a long time since I saw something this good.

  172. lol :DDD very foxy, sm :DDD

  173. The jazzy, big band sound of this song is great! The video concept is well done and is very entertaining to watch, definitely one of my favorite MVs from SM in a while. Thank goodness since this is after all TVXQ’s 10th anniversary. If they ever needed an excuse to break open the production piggy bank, this is it.

    I can’t wait for a live performance. TVXQ always has such great live energy and stage presence.

  174. This song and mv are amazing, the concept is sooo good

  175. Person'srandomopinion

    The best song of 2014 so far

  176. The best start to a New Year I’ve ever had…This video is awesome :)

  177. I love this song. TVXQ did something truly amazing. This mix of swing and jazz really suits them. It brings something fresh to Kpop. And Changmin’s voice… I’m falling in love all over again. It’s just… He’s got that something… And of course the MV is stunning. I can’t take my eyes off them. so classy. and these cars ^^ I want one like that…
    BUT, In this shiny little room… There are 5 * Yunho, but then only 1 Changmin with 2 girls? It’s so unfair… I’d rather see 5 * Changmin…

    Oh WHATEVER! I still love it :D It’s amazing start of a new year.

    동방신기 화이팅!

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    DBSK fighting!!! cassiopeia stand by DBSK, forever!

  179. Misa Shim

    In some can of way, is tottaly different from what they do. Good bye beats, let’s the classic take us away~

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  181. Im so in love with this song! Our Gods are back! This is amazing!!! <3

  182. None of the TVXQ song that I dislike so far, this song is amazing together with their refreshing style in MV ! I think this is the best catch eye of opening for 2014 ~ can’t wait for their live ~ woohoo^^

  183. U know what time is it ??? * This.. is.. return of the KING*

    TVXQ #동방신기 #Something FIGHTIIIIIIING O/

  184. Wawwwww TVXQ so amazing MV , it’s really something new , fighting

  185. lady_kire

    I realy like the song right now. The 1950s jazzy style music that they’re doing is groovy and I appluad SM for doing something outside of boxes and generic dance music.

    I have mentioned that Tasty did the 1950s jazzy syle music as well with Mamama. However, I found that the music video did not fit with the song. With Something, the background musicians and dancers fit in with the theme and make the mv appealing.

    I only have 2 flaws with the mv though…

    1) When they shift to a Yunho time dance, the music turns techno(?) all of a sudden. I don’t know… I didn’t think it fit with the mv too well and I don’t think it was necessary to just switch to weird techno al of a sudden.

    2) SM, What is your obsession with making TVXQ disappear at the end??????? Seriously, this is the 3rd mv where you made them disappear. At least this time you see where they disappeared to, but still. STOP WITH THE DISAPPEARING END. YOU DID IT ONCE, YOU DON’T NEED TO DO IT EVERYTIME.

    • You know, I was really confused with Yunho’s dance break too because I thought that it was really random wouldn’t fit, I was like, “really, a dubstep breakdown in this?!” But it actually isn’t techno! It’s a guitar and drums breakdown and really fits in because they use the same instruments that are included throughout the rest of the song. If anything I think it makes the song even better because you expect the typical dubstep breakdown that was in just about every song of 2013 but instead it’s really original and refreshing! Try listening to it again, you might like it more now =)

    • >SM, What is your obsession with making TVXQ disappear at the end
      It’s a subliminal message telling they’re going to japan in 3 months at max and spend more one year and half there promoting :o

      • yunho has to enlist in the end of this year, or in the beginning of next year. so there wont be 1,5 year for japanese promotions.
        imo they will have ‘something’ promotion in korea, and japanese tour (i think maybe they will release a japanese album too), and after tour i dont know their schedule.its possible this is their last comeback before yunho’s enlist and even changmin’s too. TT__TT
        if 2014 will be successful for tvxq (korean and japanese promotions), its possible both of them will go to the army, and then they can have comeback after 2 year hiatus^^

        • lady_kire

          I wonder… Jaejoong announced that he is enlisting, I believe, at the end of the year. I wonder if he will be able to see Yunho again…

        • who knows…:// its possible

      • lady_kire

        Even if it is that, they don’t need to make it obvious that they are promoting in Japan. Everyone knows that they go to Japan to promote for a year at least. SNSD promotes in Japan as well, but we don’t see them in their Korean mvs disappearing.

      • dont forget the military time..

      • oh god so true, seriously though. they are losing their fans from SK bc of that.

  186. I think I just raped the replay button. :)

  187. I think I just raped the replay button. :3

  188. This concept is so different and fresh! I really like this song but my favourite one in this album is probably going to be the sixth track (which is maybe called Off-Road)

    The highlight medley is so wonderful! I’ve been listening to it constantly since it came out.

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    i love everything in the MV its really perfect <3
    they are sooo hot, sexy, handsome, cute, beautiful …. etc

  190. TVXQ fighting! :)

  191. 11th year for the kings! Love it ♥

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  193. What better way to start off 2014 than going crazy over this freaking cool and amazing MV. It’s a very happy new year’s day indeed for all Cassies. TVXQ never fails to impress us with their awesomeness. ❤

  194. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! DBSK “BABIES” are back <33333333

    i love this jazzy-swing concept so much, the big band is awesome :3
    anyway i love jazz, and now my fav kpop group made this genre KYAAAAAA~ *totally fangirling*
    so the song is 10/10 for me :PPP
    their outfits are very good too^^ the choreo seems easy but im sure its not that xDDDD those moves with ropes…< but we got some yunho hign notes (Y) :DD he has so good, smooth voice too ;; the "no no no~" part is just perfect :DDD
    this is a genre what dbsk didnt try it, but they did now and its very good…it fits to them *—-*

    i hope they get chance and they will be reviewed^^ <3333

    p.s.: THOSE TATTOOES !!!!!!! holy mother <3333333333333

  195. I really like this concept and now I just cannot wait for their album! <3

  196. Amazing song !!!! And amazing music video !!!! No one in k-pop has ever done something like this before

  197. I LOVE IT! So different and they killed it. Completely worthy of their title of KINGS of Kpop

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  199. a great way to start the year!!

  200. They got something! :D Love it, love this style :3

  201. a great way to start the year

  202. This is totally amazing! I think a great KMM episode would come out of this!

  203. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SONG, but I would like to point out that in the dance break down, when Yunho was copied he looked like himself. When Changmin was copied, he turned into a girl and a little boy… ;)

  204. the gods are finally back…


  205. They totally rock their new concept <3 No more Changmin screams, though. Haha

  206. this is their new concept and they’re COMPLETELY rock this jazzy song. this song suits perfectly for people who want to start this year with brand new spirit. <3
    TVXQ jjang!

  207. I don’t think this will get reviewed but I will vote anyway .

    • dont say this!!! ;___;
      in last year s&m didnt review for catch me…:/// it would be good, if they would make a video about this, 10th anni comeback song~ TT__TT

  208. What a great song and MV! TVXQ is back! Seems like SM finally figured out that weird boxes get pretty boring after the millionth time…lets hope the trend continues! Great start to the new year!

  209. I love the use of all the brass! It sounds like a mix of swing and jazz and you don’t hear songs like this anywhere anymore. It’s very refreshing to hear a song like this in the kpop scene where you tend to get the same sound in a lot of songs. The dance also looks amazing! I can’t wait to see this performed all the way through!

    • Actually, IU’s “Red Shoes” just recently came out and it also had a lot of brass in it. There was also Ailee’s U and I which featured heavy brass. If anything I’d say that Jazz is in season right now and this is one of many that will be coming out in the next few weeks. It’s a fantastic song and by far my favorite usage of instrumentation so far (since I’m a Trombone player myself), but it’s hardly anything unique at the moment.