TVXQ – Something

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  1. i realy love this song it’s amazing ….tvxq keep love

  2. HEEEEEEY!!!!! They did it!!!! They included TVXQ in their mass kpop review ^___^ Thank you so much S&M <3

  3. Misa Shim

    How sad is this… The people stop voting and DBSK go to the button T-T they are in 70 D:

  4. I still have hope, continue voting & commenting. Please all keep supporting, too ^__^

  5. this is bullshit. now way it can go down all the way to #69 so fast, it was in the top 3 for almost 4 weeks. I come back a few days later and it falls to 69?? BS.

    • What? I vote daily for this vid… that shows that I still have interest in it right?

      • that is what im saying lol PPL are still voting and it was at the top for weeks, but in a matter of 2 days it drops down to 69? Thats not possible, really.

        • I understand what you’re saying… Its so weird right? =( I’ll keep voting anyway, just in case the voting system still counts it =)

        • I can’t understand too. Especially taking into consideration that it’s not possible to vote for VIXX/Troublemaker but they’re still in top 10??? I vote & tweet EVERY SINGLE day!!! wtf

        • EXACTLY. judging these charts so badly right now. #rigged

  6. Hey guys, I’m a bit confused right now: Is it only for me or why is TVXQ – Something not in the charts when sort by popularity? I watched every page of the charts. But when I sort by newest they are there….Anyway I’m glad I saved the link to this page to find it as fast as possible to keep on voting for this great song ;)

  7. xia mozhgan

    something is amazing…i love it….^____^

  8. xia mozhgan

    tvxq fighting…..cassiopeia fighting ^__^

  9. xia mozhgan

    i am a yunjae shipper…

  10. xia mozhgan

    dbsk you are the best in the world

  11. I’m no Cassiopeia but I really want this song to be reviewed and I know you’re strong, so keep on fighting for your boys!!!

  12. devilz_angel231

    So I guess Cassies are gonna have to wait for the 2014 EYKAs to see a “Something” Music Monday? =/

  13. i really hope this MV gets reviewed coming Monday.

  14. please please review this!

  15. I really love how different this MV is to other SM videos. The use of the strings is amazing and you have to appreciate the backup dancers in the MV as well. Also love the fact that they added foreigners too (nice touch SM). TVXQ fighting!

  16. TVXQ fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Esther D. Schmidt

    can’t help thinking of Junsu’s Incredible when I see this title…just saying

  18. Norma Rodriguez

    So they didn’t do KMM again this week, we have to keep our boys in the first place in order to get review for another week >.< FIGHTING!

  19. Can we keep refreshing and vote?

    • yes. its kinda bad though cause dedicated fanbases make their artist win and some good songs and videos by less popular artists dont get a video. btw this is not directed at something i rly prefer it to lonely tbh.

      • @lornachen:disqus
        Actually, refreshing the page will not allow you to continuously vote. The limit is one vote per day per IP address.
        So in this case, having a dedicated fanbase only helps as far as how many of those fans remember to come back here and vote and/or tweet once each day.

        • but it shows click here for voting instead of the thank you for voting bottom for me.
          maybe it doesnt count?

        • Yeah, you’ll still see the “Click here to vote” message, and after you click it, it’ll tell you thanks for voting, but the system will not count more than one vote from your IP address per day. When I do my one vote each day, after I click the vote button, I can actually see the number of votes increase. However, if I try to vote more than once in the same day, I will not see the number of votes increase when I press the vote button, even though the thank you message will pop up. You can go try it out on some of the new, low-ranking videos if you want. ^_^

        • i dont see the votes increasing anyway so i thought maybe its not an instant thing :( just my crappy internet connection. well at least the votes are fair.

  20. Don’t tell me we need to vote for four week again (T_T) WTH!? It’s the same as with JJ’s “Just Another Girl”! In the 4th week we voted for JJ’s MV we dropped out of TOP3 and then came out the “Special Music Monday Video”! All there is recently are ‘SPECIAL’ videos on Music Mondays… This section is pretty much dead for weeks… Yeah I know I’m complaining right now and all that but can you imagine how hard Cassie’s worked for all those songs to keep them up for 4 FREAKING WEEKS!? Sorry if I probably sound rude but really first “Catch Me” then “Just Another Girl” and now “Something”! (T_T) How long do you intend to make us vote when it’s supposed to be just 1 week from the beginning!?
    I mean if you know you are not be able to do Music Mondays for 4 weeks which is a MONTH (coz of a vacations/trip/health problems etc.) why don’t ‘Pause’ the K-pop chart for that period of time instead of waisting the fans time on voting like crazy for their group to get pushed off from the chart in the end before you even came back to do the Music Monday Video!? *sigh*
    I just feel annoyed at the moment so sorry but yeah those are my honest thoughts. I know you have private life aside making all those videos and I understand that but there are people managing this site when you are gone and you could organize it better a.k.a ‘make a puse in the voting’ for the k-pop chart instead of leading on the kpop fans to vote when you are absent for a month! -end of rant-

    • I totally agree to this!! We all know S&M have a privat elife and the right for holidays…But why not pause the voting section? I really thought they would do a video though being in Canada cause I got to know them only few months ago.

    • agree…but this is already their work to make videos etc….just sayin’ !!!!!
      ….so your complaining is understable…><'""""

    • Maybe they could have their new employees make a music monday for us fans. When Simon and Martina are on their road trips or vacations. They seem to do a really good job with the other videos and they could just express what they like or don’t like about a video they wouldn’t have to do skits or try to be funny just give the video that has won some exposure and shout of to the fans that loved it enough to vote. I’d love to see Suzy and the rest try a crack at it. But I wouldn’t want or expect them to overwork themselves. I do think you have a point a month of no Music Monday where you still have fans voting and a lot of them don’t know or realize that there isn’t going to be a review isn’t fair. And not good for keeping subscribers. Another suggestion, they could post above the Kpop Music charts that their isn’t going to be a Music Monday and post it a head of time so all fans can see it and are aware.

  21. they should do a kings edition with TVXQ and rain ill be so happy :D

  22. I don’t call myself to Cassiopeia, but I still like their songs ^_^ And I really hope Simon & Martina will review this one because not only the music but also the video is kind of special and gives another feeling than other songs…I can’t really describe it, it’s just amazing and makes me wanna dance =)

  23. devilz_angel231

    It’s been such a long time since a Music Monday was done, I hope this can stay in the top 3 for just a week more!

  24. Anyone can tell how TVXQ Something can be number 2? Since what I saw is, vote-facebook-google+-twitter-comments-youtube view is waaaay more than B1A4 Lonely???

  25. Âmél HàrRâth

    how can they be N° 2 when they have votes more than B1A4

  26. #동방신기 #Something

    TVXQ! fighting!!!!

  27. our boys look fabulous in here!
    the song was upbeat, classy and fun to watch..and i really like their concept this time than catch me. good luck to TVXQ <3

  28. ❤ พี่ยุน หุ่นหมู°

    #동방신기 #Something TVXQ! fighting I love u all~

  29. Too much awesomenss filled in a music video! Breath taking.
    #동방신기 #Something

  30. Changmin Lam

    Please, everybody watch this MV for more times in order to increase the views. We need to have five million before 19/1 , it is very urgent and important.Also,share this MV through Facebook and Twitter.

  31. TVXQ won in today’s Music Core! :)

    3 WINS IN 3 DAYS! Congratulations, Yunho & Changmin! ❤

  32. Norma Rodriguez

    FML…they dropped to 2nd place….CASSIOPEIA FIGHTING!! LET’S KEEP VOTING

  33. Cassiopeia Gigi Wu

    Something is a MV which full of love and sweat!! TVXQ used their fully effort to produce it and “Something” is a new style of music that TVXQ never tried it before!! The sound of Jazz music,their line dancing and their sexy voice can really express the feeling of this song! It makes a “Bad boy” icon of TVXQ!! Therefore,Cassiopeia please give your fully support to them!!! #동방신기 #동방신기something 대박!!!

  34. Cooolllll! I really like this song and they are trying their best to show different things to supporters. Like the old boy band style. Fun and playful. Fighting!

  35. TVXQ~~~ Congrats on the music show wins!

  36. Nooo~ We need to get them to No. 1 again! Why do they have more votes and aren’t in first place, this doesn’t make sense.

    • It goes by the amounts of votes they get in a day, along with how long they’ve been at the top of the list, so even though it has more votes all together, it isn’t getting as much daily as the songs beating it.