TVXQ! – Spellbound

  1. Meiwa Iwasaki

    THIS SONG MAKES ME SATISFIED. I like this video (y)

  2. This song, video, and dance make me so happy. I can’t help but smile while I watch it. And the fact that Yunho, Changmin, and their backup dancers smile as well. So enjoyable.

  3. I really want to see their opinion of this video/song. I’m in love with everything about it.

  4. I can’t believe this song hasn’t been reviewed! (OoO)/

  5. I think Changmin out dances Yunho in this video. Yunho’s movements seem a bit exaggerated at times. Only mention this because I always felt like Yunho was the better dancer. Over all I really love the performance in this video especially from the back up dancers. My favorite part of the dance was around 3:57 – 4:22. And I also noticed and liked seeing Changmin having fun dancing with his dance partner around 3:35 – 3:46. Also did anyone else notice that they seemed to switch hair colors from Something to Spellbound. In Something Yunho has the dark hair and Chagmin the honey color. In this video it’s the opposite, LOL.

  6. Like the one location only video… Magic being that they can produce women out of thin air? Loved Yunho’s dance sequences… though his continuous staring at the camera was a bit scary, prefer Changmin’s kinda flirty glances =P

    Felt that at the end the lady kinda grabbed my attention more than TVXQ… was that the purpose so that I can concentrate on that last ‘TVXQ’ card instead of staring at the 2 hot suit wearing guys (read: Yunho and Changmin)?

    Also, felt that 2nd version was cooler because Yunho was not staring the whole time, left me kinda wanting more? (Oh me, make up your mind…) Also liked that house of cards room =) And the 2 King cards set =D

  7. Naomi Censored

    Have to say, I’m super disappointed that Orange Caramel had to come back now and stop TVXQ from getting a review for the first time in years. I suppose they’re not cute and fun enough for S&M to consider…

  8. Oh no this MV is on #2 now. Keep Voting guys! We can’t lose to Orange Caramel!! How could this video lose to that weird Catalina MV

    • Cyber_3

      I really like Orange Caramel and their songs/videos and I’m was not a particular fan of TVXQ but I would like to see a review of this song even just based on the fact that there are two versions of the video and the second one is finally something sexy-fun for a change. I also really like the new sound of TVXQ on this album so far, makes me actually want to listen to the whole thing. I could wish that they will stick with this fun sound but I’m not getting my hopes up since it’s kpop (crossing my fingers though – if they keep it up I am a fan!).

    • hellogoodbye

      of course this will lose to a weird MV. It’s weird > quality here.

      • Naomi Censored

        I actually didn’t dislike the Orange Caramel vid/song as much as I thought I would (they are very hit-and-miss with me…) but I think this video really deserved its own review. TVXQ has been putting out stellar songs and videos this year, and I’m saddened that they aren’t getting their chance to shine here. Though I’m sure S&M would just think it’s a boring “sexy boys in oddly-lit rooms” concept and just leave it there… so maybe it’s for the best.

      • tbh, That Catalina MV is cool & yeah, better than Spellbound. But still.. i’m Cassiopeia & i want TVXQ To be Reviewed!

  9. Mariam Badra

    S&M if you review this please consider version 2, even though both versions are freaking awesome! <3

  10. Sakura Chan
    Sakura Chan

    reminds me of…… ahem seungris vvip…
    please dont kill me

  11. this mv and song are really meh for me. even the dance wasn’t that memorable imo. its like something minus the good parts.

  12. Naomi Censored

    I have loved many TVXQ songs in the last while, but these two are so on their game right now it’s insane. Keep Your Head Down has been the pinnacle of TVXQ title songs for me since I got into them, but Something and Spellbound are now definitely entries 2 and 3 on my top 3 TVXQ singles list. *___*

    The retro, big band, jazzy sound. The incredibly well-choreographed and deliciously performed dancing (GODDAMN Yunho is out of control). The smooth, sexy vocals. The hair and wardrobe choices, a perfect blend of class and cute. And this one has some super fun touches, like them throwing the cards in the air. And the GIRLS! Hot as hell, great chemistry with the boys, danced WITH Yunho and Changmin instead of just “on” or “around” them… I literally have stars in my eyes.

    The only thing I’m not super happy with in “Spellbound” is that they had the boys sing it almost entirely in chest voice. This is fine for Changmin, but while Yunho has a beautiful falsetto and a strong lower register, but I feel like this key wasn’t great for him. Especially when I watched the live performances where they are singing live, Yunho was having a hard time. This song’s just in an awkward place in his range, and I wish the song’s key could have been just a few semitones lower, so that Yunho could have sung with more power. Maybe the songwriters are Changmin-biased… come on guys, give Yunho a chance to shine!

  13. I love this song so much. It’s so fun to listen it. I wanna dance around playing this song. And those dancers are gorgeous!!

  14. Norma Rodriguez

    The more I listen to this song and the more I watch them dancing to it the more I get obsessed with it!!!

  15. Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
    Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

    Okay so for me this has been their catchiest comeback in a while! Yunho’s dancing made me fan myself and say woooo out loud like I use to, when I first saw Mirotic! Damn that man has some moves on him <3 I dig the energy from the back up dancers too!

  16. Skye Walker
    Skye Walker

    I have to say…backup dancers stole the show on this one IMO. They look like they could be their own group. Loving the song too!

  17. Kela Cassiopeia

    This really gotta be reviewed!I am totally hooked onto this song!

  18. Sakura Chan
    Sakura Chan

    amazing song that kinda reminds me of seungris vvip
    (just me???)
    love the outfits and love how they are confident and are not afraid to show what they got but……
    the mv is kinda…. meh….
    the song kinda throws me off at some points and i love their new concept dont get me wrong…
    minnie is growing up and i dont like it T_T

  19. Jaeni Jejung Kim

    The best video dance
    The good’s.

  20. Clover ZiHui Ooi
    Clover ZiHui Ooi

    i actually like the dancers more than i like them. lol. those girls look like superstars themselves. like they’re from a hot girl group.

  21. Oh, simon and martina please do review this, i loved this song so much and i would be really glad if you can do a full review of this T.T

    • Cyber_3

      Wow! While I originally thought that the first video was good, it looks kind of boring after seeing the second version. While I focused more on the dancing in the first version, I think that I prefer the second just because it is so much more dynamic. I can’t be sure without watching a bunch more times, but there seems to be even more interaction with the backup dancers (which is cool) in the second version? At first I was wondering if the entire video (even the first version) was done using green screen and no sets at all, but they seem to really be there in both cases. Those cards sets from the second version are pretty cool (and new to me) so the set change really helps to perk up the video towards the end. So, I guess that I focused more on the interaction with the female dancers and the sets in the second version rather than on TVXQ itself but……….the 2nd version seemed sexier to me because it looked like it was a lot more fun and the interactions/smiles less contrived and well, I’m too old and happily married to find those boys sexy all on their own. Thanks for posting the link ^_^v

    • hellogoodbye

      is it strange I still prefer the first one no fancy sets/clothing changes just amazing performers

    • I love the second one more, personally :)

  22. As a whole from Something and Spellbound, TVXQ didn’t disappoint this year. The whole concept was thoroughly though out and there were not any misses in the whole concept. I have accepted that SM MV’s will always have a box set but this mv was so brilliant. It was not boring at all and the whole atmosphere of the whole music video was intensely entertaining. I loved Changmin and Yunho’s hair in this music video and how Yunho looks great and really handsome with the gray colored contact ( 2nd version mv). The oneshot of them smiling to the camera was so wonderful and i loved how the back-up dancers was more incorporated into the mv instead of being only the background. Though i do must say that i am intensely jealous of them, i sincerely wished that i was their backup dancer also so i can grope them however i want (oops :P). In all, great job TVXQ in your tenth anniversary year ! Keep bringing us great music for many decades :) <3<3<3

  23. Dorian YunJae Fujoshi

    Los mejores <3

  24. Eleanor Kirk

    Maybe it’s just a problem in Chrome, but is anybody else finding that all of the voting buttons have vanished.

    Anyway, does anybody else want to know what happened with the casino plot? I was really digging the beginning….

  25. Norma Rodriguez


  26. i like how this is a jazz feel for a song. it’s nice and different’ but it really goes with there image. there starting get me to like them. i don’t normally listen to TVXQ! but i actually like this alotand my fav part is 2:20 min in when the hand appear on his body

  27. Dorian YunJae Fujoshi

    La coreografia es cool y de otro nivel. #수리수리 #동방신기 me gusto. n_n

  28. Those backup dancers are fine as hell. I love this song, it’s so catchy, and really I think that a box set was actually perfect for this song because the dance is one of the best parts and I think a slapped together plot(that SM is sort of famous for) would take away from the amazing dance, dancers and our boys.

  29. Kela Cassiopeia

    I like this song more than something and i feel that this song is their best one so far!
    Love the song and the dance!
    It is just so awesome and perfect!
    Can you please review this?

  30. TVXQ just proved themselves that they have indeed debuted for 10 years by yet another AMAZING song. In my opinion TVXQ is WAYYYYYY underrated then what they should be credited for. Instead of being like mainstream K-Pop, they’re keeping their own style of music but never afraid to explore and try out different genres of music. The concept this time is probably the only one I’ve seen in the whole of K-Pop unless some random group that I don’t know has already done it. AND YOU HAVEN’T DONE A KMM SINCE 2012 SOLELY BASED ON TVXQ T.T I’m sure you’ll have lots to talk about it, and trust me, that chorus *수리수리마수리수리사바* is gonna get stuck in your head.

  31. Puffycake

    The video reminds me of Seungri’s VVIP

    #MrBrohohoComeback ;D

  32. Yay, sexy dancers, not sexy props!

  33. hellogoodbye

    when do people think the second MV will be released?

    Why do you think this one, which must be the dance version, was released first?

  34. hellogoodbye

    The way Yunho moves his body in this MV is magical~

  35. at some point of the video, I imagine Simon in the middle of the backdancer girls and damned! the feeling was different but sooo funny ! lol

  36. i love how the choreography is lively, suave and continuous. it was amazing and fun to watch and listen to!
    love love YUNHO AND CHANGMIN <3

  37. The dancers are so hot!

  38. Rosefairy Steep

    The video is or has the image of one-shot sequence without ever changing the cam like exo’s growl and I really like it. Along with the dance moves and the shooting angles that matches the music, the video is kind of hypnotizing, which goes along well with the song’s chorous “Suri suri ma suri susuri sa ba” (I guess some kind of abracadabra/hocus pocus phrase) It seriously needs to be pointed out that it is the first time TVXQ used girls in their video at this level. Choreography is awesome, fun to watch and sexy at the same time, but unlike other Korean groups that use overly-sexy erotic stuff in their dances and videos nowadays, this wasn’t at an alarming level even for an overly-obsessed and jealous fan like me. :P I think whatever they do, TVXQ manages to remain classy. The song is hard to catch at first, you can’t really guess how it will continue, and it feels messy but after listening to it a couple of times it sounded genious to me. Yoo Young Jin is a great composer.

  39. I loooove the outfits of the backup dancers! They just look so beautiful and classy. And I’m really liking TVXQ’s new songs! :)