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Two X – Double Up

  1. one of my fav songs at the moment! ^^

  2. It’s hard to win against male idol solo/group. =/ Two X has one of the best vocal abilities among the rookies this year and their MV is good.  That iguana (?) at the start reminds me of all the MBLAQ’s reptilian pets that they keep in their dorm lol.

  3. they are still on the first page but i doubt they will get a review xD well at least they survived for like 2 weeks x) right on TWO-X, this song is AWESOME ^___________^

  4. two x fighting!


  6. I love Two X! :) They’re so pretty, and I have high hopes for them!

  7. A+ Supporting MBLAQ’s Junior….

  8. aahh we fell one spot. phantom is in front of us now!

  9. welcome to the family :)

  10. they kind of remind me of sistar

  11. I wish could have been reviewed… ;-;

  12. This group has potential I can’t wait to see more from them =)

  13. the votes should Double Up, double up, double u-u-up

  14. Give your best shot bish,..heheheeee…

  15. TWO X is 8th, we can get them to #1 A+! Two X hwaiting!

  16. promoting TWOX since they just newly debuted. MBLAQ as their sunbaes and A+ as supporters are happy that jtc added them to the agency :) let’s all welcome twox warmly :)

  17. I don’t really like girlgroups and I don’t know about two x, but I would like Martina and Simon to review it. 

  18. Seriously, I wanted this to be review next week!!!! Awesome song!!!

  19. Please review it.. :)
    it’s fresh and different (and because they are part of jtune family :)

  20. Welcome to JTC family~ The song is also good, of course i’ll give my support for them.. :)

  21. For a group named Two X to have a song called ‘Double Up’…
    Let me just say I was surprised to see five girls. 

  22. Welcome to JTC family Two X! A+ will support!

  23. they just debuted and I love them already, I’m really looking forward to TWO X’s development as idols, and I hope they are as funny as MBLAQ in variety shows~

  24. Oooohhhhh, Junsu just came out with his video. I’m a JYJ fan first and foremost but I really want this video to be reviewed for first. I will keep on voting >.< !

  25. I don’t know if I like this song or not, it is just meh…I don’t know, something seems off or missing??

  26. Not a fan of kpop girl groups, but this might work for me.
    They can sing so I’ll give it a try.

  27. Can’t wait for them to do a variety show omg

  28. Yes, MBLAQ finally has another group is the JTC family :3
    can’t wait to see them all interact with each other in a brotherly/sisterly way I hope
    lol I am still a little jelly, but I honestly hope the best for these girls!

  29. Two X is such an interesting group. Their debut song gives off a really mature feel without being overly sexy. I can’t wait to see and hear more form them~

  30. I hope they can be reviewed !

  31. I think I’m going to really like them a lot… I’ve been walking around the house singing this song all day!

  32. Two X, our new family, MBLAQ Sister’s! A+s here to support them <3 

  33. I mean i really really love it!

  34. I totally love them /°A°/ And the song is so great >u< And the dance too ! I'm so happy JTC debuted such a good girl group !

  35. I totally love them ! I’m so happy that JTC debuted such a good girl group !

  36. As an A+ I feel the need to support these girls!!  Welcome to J.Tune Family!!!

  37. not bad for a rookie group…. :)

  38. JTC Family! MBLAQ has hoobaes now, finally *3*

  39. Two X ^^ Min Joo unnie is so pretty<3

  40. I’m also suffering from remembering names and faces but I’ll eventually have it down. I’m so glad people are voting so this video can get reviewed ^^ I can see these girls going places!

  41. is so good for a rookie group in this time !!
    not overacting aegyo or very rude badass girls.. just saying~

  42. The song’s just ok. Not a group I would keep up with.

  43. A+ supporting the family~

  44. Core and Loyal A+, please DO vote for BLAQIES hoobae!!

  45. whooo. jtune family support right here! lots of love from a fellow A+ :] lets give two-x as much attention as possible to make them stand out from the huge number of rookie groups!

  46. I really like these girls, I really think they can bring something new and interesting in a different vein of girl-power music, like 2NE1. Of course J.Tune always brings something refreshing, so if MBLAQ is behind them, so am I!

    Simon and Martina, can’t wait to see what you think! :)

    A+ and Two X Hwaiting! XD

  47. A+ here to support !!! :) Welcome to J.Tune family !!! :) 

  48. Support from A+ right here♥

  49. Their vocals ‘w’

    but the name though…. top win one x ….

  51. I love the rap! still suffering from remembering their names and faces lol

  52. they were better than expected…. this deserves to be reviewed 

  53. I like the song xD Pls review it.

  54. I really like Two X! They are different, come on Double up!

  55. Catchy song and interesting video. Please review it. Come on A+, we can get this reviewed!