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U-Kiss – Neverland


  2. …Wasn’t this song reviewed already? Where did the review banner go?

  3. U-kiss is special group, good luck to be a kiss me :) this is one of my favourite, i wish this song can got review

  4. Why didn’t this stay in the no. 1 spot when it came out o:

  5. One of my favorite songs by them :)

  6. You me and the DJ dancin till the breaking dawn! :D

  7.  Woooo! I was the 1600TH person to like this video!! UKISS <3<3

  8. U-KISSSS!!! I love this song with all my heart! ^-^ Neverland is the best song to start out the day with! :D

  9. Go U-kiss! awesome vid and cool dance.

  10. LOVE this video!

  11. u-kissssssssss daebak!!! ^^

  12. i love them everyday! :)

  13. eliiiiiiiiiii ;D

  14. Amazing song!

  15. UKISS FOREVER THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. U-KISS FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  17. go Ukiss

  18. U-KISS is amazing!!! Love you guys!

  19. Great U-Kiss!!! Fighting!!!

  20. Yaaay! U-KISS!! Finally you’ll win something hopefully!

  21. U-Kiss Fighting :D !

  22. please kissmes let’s help u-kiss win at gayo daejun 2011 awards …!!!!~~!!!
    they deserves it…!!!~~! kiss me and u-kiss faighting~!~!~!

  23. j’écoute cette chanson en boucle <3  et tout les jours ^^ 

  24. Keep voting to put Ukiss back on top!!!

  25. They should have left Tick Tack as #1…. TT

  26. KISSME’s will always do their best to help U-Kiss suceed but U-Kiss truly deserves this one because they’ve worked really hard to win something….PLEASE!

  27. Mina-san! Encourage every Kissme to vote for ukiss here.. :DD ^_~

  28. Ah, go U-Kiss! Though I would’ve loved to see Tick Tack count (and win), Neverland is still a suuuuper close 2nd! I love them and this song so much, and the dance is pretty freaking great~~ ♪

  29. I barely turned into a fan of U-KISS thanks to this past Music Monday. :D <3

  30. Katherine Castillo Rubilar


  31. vote 4 u-kiss­?tab=1   if u dont know how to vote the pic help ( u must connect with facebook )

  32. This is NEVERLAND where I’ll see seven hot boys!


  34. Neverland was my favourite album of the year. This song is the reason I became a KissMe. <3

  35. just because they’re simply AMAZING

  36. I love you, Kevin ^^

  37. The reason i became an official kissmes!!!

  38. it a good song for year. they should win in kpop-charts

  39. this must be one of song of the year in awards ….

  40. One of the best songs this year :).

  41. I love U-kiss! They deserve to be on top!

  42. U-KISS Neverland, will never end to be one of my favorite U-KISS songs.

  43. This song is awesomeeeee~ x3

  44. Can’t d votes for tick tack transferred to neverland? Since tick tack is suddebly removed :( but still, dun give up guys! Let’s make neverland no.1!

  45. Yazmiin You Morocara Yana

    yu ki su ggeuteun eobseo never end!!

    yu ki su yeogin neverland !!  

  46. Yazmiin You Morocara Yana

    Keutchen obseo NEVER END !!  

  47. This song made me a KissMe ^^

  48. Love this song :D This song just leads up to another great song - Tick Tack :D

  49. Love It..,, Love It.,. Love It.., 
    U-Kiss definitely Take me to Neverland.., 
    Saranghaeyo  U-Kiss,.., Forever.., 

  50. walang titigil sa pagvovote…hahahahah

  51.  number one! number one! number one! :) lets go ukiss! :)

  52. freeze.then melt. then refreeze

  53. Like Duuddeee. You can’t beat Neverland :D

  54. One of the bests Kpop song of the year in my opinion^^

  55. ukiss is the best among the rest

  56. If you LOVE U-KISS and you’re a KISSME, 

  57. If you Love the Beat and the Dance of this song, VOTE! LIKE! TWEET! COMMENT! GO! :))

  58. for Forr U-KISS – NEVERLAND!  :DD

  59. Ubiquitous! They really know how to rock the world! Neverland FTW~

  60. I love you guys ! keep up the good work :) 

  61. Vote for Ukiss Neverland.
    We got them the SBS MTV best of the best… lets do this one more TIME!!!!

  62. ukiss the best! i hope they will receive more recognition

  63. This song was probably one of the best songs of the year but sadly because UKiss belongs to a “small” entertainment company (not one of the big three) this song just pasted through the cracks.

  64. OH NOES. Why is it not letting me promote this on fb? :(

  65. U-KISS deserves to win because of how much they worked for this song and got no recognition from it! :(((

  66. These guys deserve to win…for their awesome choreography, energy, skill, and epicness. U-Kiss fighting! =D

  67. love this song too much~

    u-kiss u-kiss u-kiss~!!!

  68. This one of the first U-Kiss songs that turned me into a KissMe. I love dance, their outfits but mostly the song! I love how their dances always so much power and energy. Seriously, U-Kiss should recieve way more recognition!

  69. I absolutely adore this song/video/dance. It has always made me upset that U-KISS has been around all this time and hasn’t won any awards for their hard work. But I was never more upset than when they worked so hard to promote Neverland and never got any kind of recognition for it. When you compare this song/video to their past ones like Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul and Shut Up, this shows a much higher level of skill on all levels. The singing is cleaner, the dancing is more intense, and you can see the determination in their faces.

    Every time these guys performed live, you could see their focus and drive. You could almost see them pleading with the audience to love them, and it breaks my heart that more people aren’t recognizing U-KISS’ talent. So, darn it, they didn’t win any awards on TV, but they sure as hell better win on EatYourKimchi’s page!

  70. What happened?! U-KISS’ TICK TACK WAS IN FIRST PLACE!!! Now it’s not even ON THE CHART?! WHAT THE CRAP?!

  71. U-kiss is a very talented group. It’s sad they aren’t very popular. I’m glad they are getting more recognition now.

  72. Ukiss is making it up there. I can see improvements. Especially with kiseop<3 (was happy the day he got more lines in the vid and in Tick Tack ^^ )

  73. Guys, is the counter for the tweets/posts on Facebook stuck or is it only updating every few hours? I’ve been the 791 tweet for 3 times now o.O

    UKiss and KissMe fighting!

  74. UKISS are my number 1 forever <3 

  75. keep it on Kiss Me’s, u-kiss has the best dance of the year

  76. It’s different – there’s something powerful, masculine and bordering on angry in this and it’s a nice reprieve from the generally fluid dance moves one usually finds in MVs these days. UKISS put in their all, did something different and deserve recognition. 

  77. thisisjustforfunval

    Powerful dance, amazing vocals, great lyrics, plus they dance on water. :D

  78. i love this song!!! ukiss is the group that got me into kpop, and im so proud to see them in the running for the best video!!! (come on kissme’s, we are so close!!!!!!) :*

  79. Fighting, my ubiquitous darlings <3

  80. I think this dance should be number 1 because none of the other dances even have half of the intensity and energy that UKISS brings with this song!!! (Infinite comes pretty close with their Scorpion dance in BTD though~ <3) I just loovee how they move together and when they split into groups and sub formations and stuff. It all just looks very cool, and they very effectively make use of stage space and keep the dance moving. This dance and all of its kicking and jumping and punching always makes me so hyper, and I am determined to learn this dance among like 50 others. lol. Oh kpop, what you do to me… and even if you don't know the dance, the song lends ample ear pleasure for you to make up your own dance! Speaking of the song, UKISS's vocal growth has just been mindblowing! They are soooo amazing! A tremendous improvement from their debut days. I was worried when the whole member shift thing came about, but as much as I LOVE Alexander and Kibum, I think this worked out for the best for the GROUP. UKISS really knows how to pull through difficulties and they always come out better for it in the end. And they really should have won LOTS of awards for this song (and "0330" and "Someday" – I actually like the ballads Simon and Martina lool~ <3). :]

  81. My 2 year old nephew LOVES to dance to this song. He begs me to play it over, and over, and over, and over…. I never thought I might grow tired of a U-Kiss song. :)

    • OMG Same with my niece !! she’s 3 and she always ask me to play “the boys dancing in the snow ” xD 
      Ukiss is really the best ! everybody loves them ^^ <3 
      *sorry for my bad english* <= yea because i'm a French Kissmie :p 

  82. Go U-KISS! I love the part where they’re in a circle towards the end. This dance is so fierce!

  83. U-KISS fighting!
    lug this song so much~ their dance is awesome!


  85. Neverland is awesome! pls do a dance on this :)

  86. danggit!!have to work hard on this mv!!!tick tack will be a NO for this chart T.T

  87. hope Neverland will get a higher rank and TICKTACK will always reach no.1 till the end of this chart!:) UKISS daebak^^

  88. They’re very talented ♥ TuT I LOVE UKISS!!! 

  89. I keep asking myself why haven’t they won any award yet? They’re so talented!!


  91. I was a bit depressed when I heard that Kibum and Xander left the group but the new U-Kiss is incredibly amazing. This video is a prime example of how much they improved. They dance with such charisma and the outfits are so manly (even on Kevin! :O). Those days of man bras are over; the new U-Kiss is in town. ♥

  92. I personally deem this dance, “Karate chop, chopchopchopchopchop” dance.  Honourable mentions to the “Wet and in a white outfit? *Throws-tantrum*” dance and the “I can play ball by myself” dance as well.

    Ahaha, as much as I liked the previous members I do enjoy the new Ukiss. I think AJ and Hoon bring something new to Ukiss that was sadly needed. The old Ukiss was getting slightly repetitive and had too much autotune. They seem fresher to me this time around. 
    Good job Ukiss and keep up the good work :)

  93. They’re so amazing~
    Although it was a bit autotune-heavy, the song was catchy and the choreography was beyond impressive. ^^

  94. U-Kiss U-Kiss U-Kiss I love you……….

  95. Holy  smokes i clicked on Neverland vid and 0330 came on! Ahh! Can’t escape U-Kiss! I get a headache trying to do this choreography. But loooooovveeeeeeeee it!

  96. Wasn’t this #3 for a while? How did it fall to #5!!?

  97. Gather around fellow Kiss Mes! We shall unite and MAKE SURE AT LEAST 1 UKISS MV MAKES IT INTO THE TOP 3. Just keep on voting and sharing,ok? U Kiss has been working hard this year and their awesome effort ought to be paid off. Come on Kiss Mes! We can do this!! 파이팅!!

  98. This is nice! One of the song which I can just start singing in public and my sister will join in ^^ I love the dance too. U-KISS Fighting! KissMes too ^^

  99. best song from the best band ever <3 i love you guys

  100. Ukiss hwaiting!! Come on KMs we can do this!! #OneforUkiss

  101. This dance is not easy!  T_T  But they look incredible doing it~

  102. This is the first time I’ve heard Kiseop sing. REJOICE!!! :D This song is great!!

  103. This video was featured on youtube’s homepage I think after 2 days being uploaded. That was the first time I came across a group of talented individuals. I started following their live performances and they are amazing! They’re dancing is so fierce and yet they are able to hold a note. I admire their hard work and stamina. And their songs are very catchy. Their English is very exceptional. I could go on and on but I’m afraid I might take the whole page ^-^

  104. GO GO GO..

  105. The dance in this video is amazing… it should be danced to… please??

  106. At the beginning I wanted to write here something outstanding, but while writing I realized that everything what I wrote comes down to one point – THANK YOU.
    Being a KissMe for me is something special, what makes me feel that I belong to big warm family. It’s incredible feeling, I wouldn’t trade this for anything else.Thank you Kissmes for being as wonderful as you are <3And, of course, I want to thank U-KISS for the fact that they're and appeared in my life – guys, without you… I have no idea who I'd be now. Thank you <3

  107. well to be honest i’m not a fan of U-Kiss… their song usually don’t match my taste, but you can’t actually love every single group right?? ( my bank account wouldn’t like it either lol)
    but THIS song is one of my favorite Kpop song ever!!

    there is a lots of change in the rythm and the melody, it’s hard to sing along!! i love when songs are a challenge ;) and if you listen closely the background music just change for the chorus… but the melody makes you forget the music is so repetitive!! that’s really impressive…

    the dance is just so cool and as usual U-Kiss boys are flawless when it comes to dancing.

    and well i loved that MV too!! i’m just not sure sleevless tops are the right outfits to dance under the snow!! ;))

  108. This was the song that actually made me follow them. I’d always enjoyed their older songs a lot, and really loved (incospicuously) dancing to them while waiting for the bus or in the classroom, but they weren’t enough to really grab my heart and not let it go. They had too much autotune, and didn’t really showcase anything but a crazy beat and pretty images, which wasn’t nearly enough for me. But when this came out, I was really shown that you can have great dancing, great singing AND great eye-candy all rolled into one. Now, I can really expect even greater things from them (and my expectations have yet to be betrayed). They really have the potential, and this song really showcases that, so I really hope it gets the recognition it deserves. U-KISS is great! NEVERLAND rules!

  109. One of the reasons to love U-KISS :D

  110. Whoo! Neverland! I love this song! It’s just awesome. This song is actually the one that made fall in love with U-Kiss. 

    I’d heard of U-Kiss before, but I never really payed them any attention. (I was too busy fangirling over SHINee and Super Junior) but once I listened to this song, I knew could not ignore them anymore. 

    U-Kiss is really great bad full of many great singers and awesome dancers, and they definitely deserve to be appreciated more in the K-Pop industry. 

    Okay now the song Neverland is just freaking awesome. The beat is so catchy and the lyrics very unique. The vocals in the song are awesome! And I love it the decorations that they do in the song it gives the song that special touch that makes all but more awesome. 

    The dance of this song is fudging epic. I love it!  It is definitely one of my favorite dances in K-Pop. Right up there in the top five. 

    It’s full of very powerful moves and cool little moments that makes you go: … Woooooooow… 

    The video was really cool. I really liked it. It was very simple with really cool lighting and I really like how the main focus is the dance since it’s my favorite part of the whole thing. 

    Overall, it was freaking epic, and U-Kiss rocks. I rest my case.

  111. @ukiss:twitter is the best ………..//////

  112. U-KISS has the best singing and dancing skills ever! They are simply an awesome group full of very talented and hot men fufufufu. xD 

  113. U-KISS should be more recognised as they have awesome talent! Please support them!! :D

  114. Go U-kiss ! Fighting ! ♥♥♥

  115. My friend (a boy) got into kpop because of this song~ Now I think he’s… a KissMe…?

  116. KISEOP,i know you from here,you are so handsome…haha…i have bought this NEVERLAND album to support you…fighting…

  117. I love U-Kiss I will support them by voting on this site. I hope they get chosen =)

  118. how is it possible that kevin’s armpits are less hairy than mine? O_O and he’s much cuter than most girls I know…

  119. The choreography is Daebak <3

  120. After this song I became a true u-kiss fan <3 I have listened this song non-stop for a long time and I am still not bored by it! The choreography and vocals are so amazing! And I want to say that we have requested this song to play in the night club in my country and everyone enjoyed it even if they hadn't no clue that this song was kpop :D 

  121. This music video is epic. The song, the dance steps, everything. I have a friend who is into K-Pop but isn’t a fan of U-Kiss who said that this is one of the best music videos she’s seen. *Now working on making her a Kiss Me* Fighting~

  122. This song is amazing, the dance moves are fantastic, the song is great. The boys look so hot, please take me to neverland with you! This is the song which made me fall in love with U-kiss. This song made me acknowledge them as talented artists. Whenever I hear this song I just feel like dancing

  123. I can’t do much since I’ve liked he video via Facebook, Twitter, Google and the GREEN thingy. All I can do is comment. So, COMMENT ! U-KISS ! <3

  124. If the award really based on ‘How To Dance K-Pop 2011″…then this MV should be the winner. As what you have said in your own Kpop Music Monday review, its very cool dance video; with “the dance and the song totally matches the feel and the vibe of the music video”.

    I too love the angry energy they bring. Remember Kevin elbows Kiseop and AJ at the beginning of the song…that is super cool that you rarely seen on other MV (never I come across so far). And after that AJ part where everyone else fall down to the ground and only AJ keep standing…super cool.

    They also let loose and be wild in this MV resulting awesome “Emotional In Sync” dance move. I really love when they all jump up, punching and kicking and really dance like it was their last dance of their lifetime.

    Overall, I think their choreography is totally insane but UKISS have done well, so this MV deserve to win “How to Dance K-Pop 2011 award”

  125. More power for NEVERLAND !!!! Super Man away

  126. Can’t stop listening to it <3

  127. I saw this on MTV last night and I was like ‘oh my GOD!!!its neverland!!!’ I wasreally happy. Its was the first time I saw this video played on mtv since last month…:)))


  129. Irene de Tomás Codina

    this song’s awesomeeeeeeeeeee!

  130. How many comments can we post here ? 

  131. We can do this together! Kissmes, gogogo !

  132. <3 UKISS forever (:


  134. UKISS jeil jal naga  ! lol

  135. I hope they do more songs like neverland! But i also like their slow songs. U-KISS is so multitalented! Fighting guys~

  136. i wish Ukiss can sing some christmas songs!!!! hope they’ll perform sth liek that during christmas!

  137. ukiss add oil i suppot u kiss 4ever I LOVE U KISS

  138. ukiss add oil i suppot u kiss 4ever I LOVE U KISS


  140. I think this is an awesome Music Video. Yet, I am a KissMe, so I already like it. but, this just reminds me on how I liked U-kiss at the first place. Having super-awesome beats on a U-kiss song makes it a lot more uh. well, Awesome~! The dance is awesome, much more better than what I see from other Kpop boy groups. U-kiss ftw! -Love, an international KissME!

  141. whoaa. mv is quite good and i also check their live performance. it’s incredible ^^

  142. COME ON KISSMES, WE NEED TO BRING NEVERLAND TO SECOND (considering Tick Tack is in 1st).

  143. Definitely one of the best dance moves I’ve seen by far that I actually like. There was one live performance where they have water on the floor and you can see how consistent (or aligned?) the members are! The water splashes at the same time when they do a dance move. Totally worth being on the How to Dance Kpop 2011 of the year :D

  144. Kissmes, gogogo ! 

  145. UKISS! <3 FIGHTING !! ((:

  146. I always loved U-kiss from the start of their debut! I can’t believe I have lasted this long with them! XD Improved so much! ❤

  147. UKISS best ever music video THE BEST..esp. SOOHYUN


  149. U-Kiss daebak!! KissMe hwaiting…!


  151. It’s UKISS vs. BIGBANG again. Just like before, UKISS will win the top positions!

  152. This is my favorite song of theirs. Favorite come back of the year as well. The dance is so strong, and the vocals are great. Even though this is just a dance video, I still enjoyed it because their agression and power are top notch.

  153. I feel that this song (and it’s follow-up “Someday”) really should have bagged UKISS some awards. “Neverland” really highlights amazing, powerful vocals from Soohyun, as well as from Kevin and Hoon (mainly Kevin seeing as how he’s more prominent than Hoon in this song, but we all know that Hoon can sing very well too – “0330″!) Not only that, but to me Dongho also came into his own in this song. He would be one of the most improved members, especially when it comes to his rap (which you can really see in “Tick Tack”), and he just seems more settled in general now. And naturally, Eli and AJ have as awesome of english/rapping skills as ever. :) Not to mention that the members keep getting more and more good looking with each new video~ heehee! Couldn’t resist~

    Members aside, I found the song itself to be incredibly addicting. It had a great beat to it (very danceable – not a word I know… :] ), and I feel like I could show this song to my nonKpopaddict friends and they would like it too. And the dance~… the dance was so AWESOME!! They really showcased raw fierceness that literally melted the stage. Especially since UKISS is usually super synchronized in their dances, which of course is and looks very awesome, but for this, they let loose a little more and that made everything look more cool. They were still very together as a whole, it’s just the lack of robot precision, primarily in the chorus parts, made a difference in a good way. All the jumping, kicking, punching, sharp movements, etc… literally had me feeling their energy. (Kudos to Eli for performing this with a leg injury initially.) You can clearly see how hard they worked and how much of themselves they poured out into this song/dance. I also liked their formations and how every member gets a chance to be in the front/center. One of my winter break goals is to learn this dance with some of my friends because we all loved it that much. Dunno how well that’s going to work out though >> … Anyway in conclusion this song is a perfect example of how UKISS is vocally talented, as well as a greattt group of dancers with very catchy/cool choreography! UKISS hwaiting~!! <3

  154. Ukiss IS THE BEST :D

  155. I have to be honest! The best band, so I thought, was Super Junior. I really love Siwon and Super Junior’s songs, but only the promoted ones are the ones I listen to. I like ballads thought, but not their.
    Then I got to know and love U-Kiss. The reason I learned members names, birthdays and their characters was the Star Date with Eli and Kevin. My friend (Martina Truliza) and I were reading the news and started to inform us about them. I liked Eli and gave her Kevin ahah.
    From then on I started to really love them!! Each member is precious to me, their songs are always stuck in my head. And I love EVERY song till now and I will love every single song that U-Kiss releases in the future <3<3

  156. When they put in the new members I was really really scared they might end up going a “new way” – musically – because 0330 was so different to their previous dance tracks, which were the reason why I started to love them. 0330 was good, I love it endlessly, but there are only a few “ballads” that I actually enjoy longer than a month. So with two new “voices” of the group (AJ is great, and he can even rap! And Hoon as a balladsinger is of course top notch), I was afraid I might love future releases less – and Neverland took that scary thought away. Neverland is all the things that U-Kiss was before and Hoon and AJ pulled it off so well. They still can dance as great and insane as they did in Shut Up! (synchro!! <3) and make me dance along to them. And they even sound great live! While dancing!!!
    Neverland is what made me finally see that U-Kiss can only improve – and with that, they can only make me love them more. <3

    Thanks for turning me into a fulltime KissMe! XD~

  157. i love this video ///<
    this vid was the reason i really started listening to k-pop, well in fact it was kevins face on the thumbnail xD

  158. I really love U-Kiss but I’m not a big fan. I love and hate some of their songs. But Neverland is the biggest exception of them all. It’s not as synchronized as what you have mentioned before but the dance is really insane. Whenever I hear this song, it makes me dance and follow them. This song and dance just proves how talented these boys are. And I really hope that they get the recognition they deserve. Go U-Kiss!

  159. i really3 LOVE this video .. U-Kiss look so coool!

    i love the dance .. u-kiss members too..
    i’ll always support you all .. fighting ! <3

  160. To be honest, U-Kiss to me, as always been that one that I never really got into. Which is odd, because I’ve always been impressed with how they danced and I’ve always loved their songs. I’ll be honest, Neverland didn’t really change that. I didn’t get crazily addicted to them, I didn’t start calling myself a KissMe. But Neverland did help me see them in a bit of a different light. The boys are obviously insanely talented, especially when it came down to their dancing. It took me a while to watch this video, but I was blown away instantly. And though I’m not a KissMe, this video made me agree with what they’ve been saying for a while now–they need to get some sort of award for all of their handwork. It’s time for them to get a little more recognition.

  161. I don’t think I’ve posted my review here…but….if I type any more, I might get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But I NEED to type a few lines! :O

    This song and the video……I was speechless. I thought 0330 was cool, but that pales in comparison to this. 

    The choreography is SO fierce! I even heard that Dongho injured his tailbone while practicing! For a few weeks I’ve been listening to Neverland and Tick Tack in order to reach 1 mill views (for the latter), and not once have I gotten sick of the song. It really felt like I was in a!

    Everyone is so awesome in both dance and vocals! Dongho’s rap was coooool! The part where everyone except AJ fall…that was pretty awesome too! SIMPLY AMAZING!

    BUT!! I didn’t like the fact that Eli hardly said anything, except for “tell the DJ turn it up…” and “money, fashion…” lines. :(

    It’s awesome either way. My wrist is aching, so now I’m gonna stop here. I still wanna type more, but I don’t have the strength to anymore. :P

  162. The most powerful choreography I’ve ever come across , accompanied by the strong vocals and unwavering determination . That’s simply all I’ve got to say , the rest is up to you to judge .

  163.  Love the dance, the outfits, the setting, ALL OF THEM!

  164. this dance is their best yet! i love the part where they danced on water. you really have to put a lot of effort to do that and still look so badass. the moves fit the song awesomely. i’m actually interested to know who their choreographer is.. i’m gonna google it right now XD

  165. Neverland is soooooooooooooo awesome~ U-KISS just keeps getting better and better! >.<

  166. GO ! U-KISS ! Don’t ever disband and never give up ! Because we KISSMES will always support you ! 

  167. I let my dad watch this MV…

    Dad: “Ew. They’re wearing to much make-up. that’s…disgusting.” 
    Me: TT^TT …I don’t know  you….

  168. Please don’t forget to view Tick Tack! Kevin requested 1mil views by 14/12! <3

  169. Honestly, one of my favorite song of 2011. GREAT BEAT and SOUND! Totally addicted. The MV was GREATLY made to satisfied :)

  170. Neverland is pure awesomeness!

  171. the song and the video is perfect.

  172. This song was the song the introduced me to ukiss. It’s my favourite at the moment ^^

  173. This song REALLY showed their intense dancing abilities. They’ve all worked so hard and deserve the best.

  174. U-KISS fighting!!! KISSMES we can do it lets get 0330, neverland and tick tack to the top~

  175. This is the song that got me hooked on U-KISS. I first came across U-KISS when Simon and Martina did the backstage interview with them. I thought they were a cool group, but never gave them much thought after. When they released Neverland, I became a KissMe. The dance choreography was timed so well and I could tell that they put a lot of time and effort into their comeback (I watched an interview where Kevin said that they practiced for 6 hours a day @@). I felt that U-KISS deserved to win an award for their excellent comeback! Unfortunately many other groups that had a much higher popular status came back during the same week :(

  176. Oh my. This song, dance, video, everything about this had me hooked! I screamed for joy when this came out. U-Kiss is really one of my favorite bands. These guys have worked so hard all the Kissmes are fighting so hard right now for them, because we have seen these guys fight. To me no one deserves to win as much as these. They are so nice, cute, and completely amazing artists. One day the world will see why I love U-Kiss. U-Kiss you will always have me. U-Kiss fighting!!

  177. U-Kiss’ awesome choreography and amazing vocals rock throughout this song. The choreography is so intense that Eli and Dongho were both injured just trying to film this music video and I’m pretty sure Kiseop was ill with a bad flu. What a sacrifice they made just to entertain their fans, obviously they didn’t want to disappoint us either, but still! 

    The choreography that U-Kiss has been doing recently has increased in power.
    First there was: Shut Up!
    Then: Neverland
    And now: Tick Tack (~~Dongho broke his tailbone as a result~~)

    Either way, U-Kiss has yet to disappoint in these new albums and singles; and the vocals, of course, are bellisimo!

  178. The dance for Neverland is nothing short of AMAZING! I am just blown away by each of their dances and I really can’t understand why this group keeps coming up short. I think my favorite part of this whole dance was how they fell to the ground after the first chorus. I remember watching one of their performances in which they performed in water (very awesome!) and I kept thinking, “Oh… oh no, this is going to be bad, They are going to get soaked.” But they just kneeled down, which both disappointed me and made me relieved. My second favorite part to the dance is at the very end. The way they close out the song is pretty awesome. I was so addicted to this song and dance that I think I sang it in the shower every day for like two weeks. NOTE TO ALL KPOP FANS: DO NOT TRY ANY OF THESE DANCES IN THE SHOWER. >.<

  179. UKiss HWAITING. They deserve to win :):) #OneforUkiss

  180. This song is great because it takes all of U-KISS’ strengths and melds them together into one SUPERVIDEO!
    Their signature electro sound is well composed and thought out so that it sounds funky and fresh without the autotune hindering or overpowering the main vocalist voices of Kevin, Soohyun, and Hoon.  The beat and rhythm sit perfectly with the rap so that the lines are integrated without sounding all “OHMIGAWD WHY ARE THEY RAPPING?” like many kpop videos have.  Plus, the English sounds great (although Mordney may be sad that he didn’t make an appearance in this one, but we know he’ll be back~) so we don’t have to worry about crazy pronunciations.
    The dance is well-executed and synched, the choreographers obviously took time to think out how the moves would look while they sang.  The members really seem to have put their heart and soul into this one.
    This video deserves some recognition, and U-KISS definitely deserves some awards this year.

  181. This song is really good!!! I really can’t describe it with words!!! ^^ Hope this song will gain more popularity because it’s so hot!!!

  182. They really should have won a bunch of awards for this album.This song is a awesome.My favorite(s) on this album are Top That<3<3<3, Neverland, and Someday. I really wish they made a music video for Top That but still love em. A Devoted Kissme

  183. I wanna see Simon recreate  this dance <3 U-kiss hwaiting~! ^^

  184. THIS SONG IS SOOOO GOOOD and the dance is even better :)

  185. UKISS  hwaiting!  <3 (:

  186. This is a great come back for Ukiss! Though I did love 0330, this showed, yet another side of them. I really love how they don’t stick to one style, but explore around. The dance too is really fun to watch too, plus to dance along with. It really just lets them cut lose and not have to worry about staying together, but to just focus on putting all there energy into it. Love it! Good luck to yall Ukiss and hope yall win!

  187. Really, this is one of U-Kiss’s best songs…ever. I finally got into them when I saw your backstage interview with them, and boy am I glad I became a fan. They try so hard and it hurts my heart when they don’t get the recognition they deserve :( This has got to be one of their best dances ever…and I can see how tiring it is to do this a million times. Especially since there’s so man jumped and moving from the ground to the floor. Also…the moving the arm thing hurts after a while :P I totally adore the way the jump and softly go back down to the floor…like angels (: U-Kiss deserves their number 1! :)

  188. Soohyun looks so hot in this… He said that if they win this we’re going to marry… So, please, keep voting. : p

  189. This is great dance song, why? well i’m always getting in trouble when putting away the dishes because this song comes on and i have to stop everything and do the hand banging dance in the chorus, it’s totally addictive!!

  190. all i can say is that if i were one of the members and was given this song and dance to do i would have been like “BRING IT ON!!!!” and judging from the videos and the lives i’ve seen of this song the u-kiss members were also thinking the same thing

  191. U-KISS!!!!!!! <3

  192. i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Smh this song has got me in so much trouble lol!! I’m always singing it in class or when I’m supposed to be doing something else… -sighs- U-Kiss what are you doing to me?!

  194. This was the first song I heard and MV I saw by U-Kiss. The song is fantastic and I could replay it so many times. I’ve watched many of their pervious MVs but this still probably my favorite (next to Tick Tack).

  195. After all of this time U-KISS DEFINATELY deserves to win #1. I’m a huge U-KISS fan and I have to say that they always have awesome dances in their videos and have some of the most talented dancers in all of kpop (whether they’re dancing their own songs or even covering other groups’ dances too). Plus this video finally convinced my sister to get into kpop and convinced me to get into doing dance covers! U-KISS Fighting!

  196. Boys, believe in KMs<333 We're going to make it

  197. Ya es hora q gane U-KISS se lo merecen se han esforzado mucho ….FIGHTING 

  198. This MV totally shows how U-KISS improved since 0330 and also how AJ and Hoon got to finally be a total part of the team :D (because let’s be honest, a lot of KISSMEs and other kpop fans didn’t even wanted to check them out just for the fact that they were a “replacement” for Kibum and Xander :/ This song is like the spin off of everything that U-KISS can and WILL show on the future <3 Aside from the fact that they look super hot in this mind me saying ;D I still can't believe they didn't win on any music program with this song. If it wasn't for KARA and their default votes from their fanbase, they would have won :/ (not bashing KARA nor Kamilia in here, I also love them and I'm a Nicole fangirl <3 but really, let's be honest, as much as I also like Step, Neverland was a waaay better song :/)

  199. Honestly I am a big fan of UKISS and totally think that they should win something, though they haven’t.

  200. How do I share this on google+ ?

  201. I’ve been a U-Kiss fan since 2010. As I was getting to know their music, I grew to really love them. But as time went by I moved on to like other groups. It wasn’t until Neverland came out that I grew this huge love for them that just won’t go away. Neverland is super catchy and exciting. I’ve found that even people who are not too into kpop or U-Kiss really enjoy Eli’s “Tell the DJ turn it up up up.” Their trying to fly move in the “E-e-e-end” might have come off as silly, but they delivered it so well that it looks super cool. My favorite move is when Kevin sings “Ni bal miteuro heuteojineun sueok gaewi stars, hey!” And they do this crazy jump in the sky then fall back down. This choreography has a lot of small details to pay attention to. Neverland was amazingly done. U-Kiss was already doing great, but with this song, they have gained so much support that now Kiss Mes are spending entire days voting for U-Kiss to make sure they get their first win soon. U-Kiss deserves it and so much more.

  202. the choreography is extremely powereful in this vid and it really hurts me as a die-hard kiss-me that they didn’t win an award for this!!! they deserve so much more than they have.. i really wish that they could see this page and see all our supporting comments!! U-Kiss fighting!! We kiss-me’s will always love and support you guys!!

  203. I just love the powerful dance!! <3 and The set also adds the 'neverland' feel it it, lol

  204. Out of all of UKISS’s upbeat songs, I love Neverland the most.  It has like the most awesome choreography ever!  I just love it :D

  205. I actually also want to point out that the YouTube views aren’t counting on this video for some reason. Is it a glitch? It’s working for all of the other videos.

  206. what an awesome comeback!!!

  207. Befre this mv was released 0330 was lykk the onlyy mv i actually playyed on Youtube and soon aft this mv is release i’ve actually spend a few hours repeating the video over and over again . Its really amazing how the choreographyy can be so awesome . Its really sad tt UKiss didnt win anyy award since debut when theyy did great . Despite tt , theyy still work hard for all the fellow KissMes byy making awesome music videos and updating us about whr they are and what they’re doing on Twitter . They worked so hard even in live performance , putting in all their effort in singing and dancing . I believe all KissMes out thr would support them till the veryy end . UKISS FIGHTING♥ !!

  208. When this video was released, I was completely engrossed in it, and to be honest, I still am. My friends and I are going to learn this choreography, in fact. U-KISS has always appeared to be a very hard-working group of young men, and this was the hardest I’d seen them work. Every live performance they did was flawless, and their energy was outstanding. I am still so very disappointed that they always get overshadowed by a lot of over-rated groups in Korea that have bigger entertainment companies. Alongside “Neverland,” they released a song called “Some Day,” and I think it’s very autobiographical for them. All of us keep saying, “this will be the one! They’ll win an award for this one!” and then it doesn’t happen. We all know they deserve a win, but they just keep getting snubbed. I always pray that they never get discouraged so that we can continue to be inspired by them, and hopefully they will be inspired in turn by our love and support. U-KISS FIGHTING!


    p/s: KissMe from malaysia :D

  210. International Kissmes are DAEBAK! hahaha :D brazilian Kissme right here!

  211. This song SERIOUSLY deserved an award! I loved it so so much <3 My second U-Kiss song, after Manmanhani :) First time i listened to it, "ooh this is catchy :)" second time "Kay this is SO going on my iPod <3" and i have loved it ever since <3 love the concept and dance, one of my fierce and energizing songs during morning bus rides ^^ i will cry tears of happiness when they win, and I know they will, because they never stop inproving <3 Love my weed idols forever :)

  212. ukiss really deserved a win for this song…. i was really sad when they didn’t get one :( 

  213. I don’t really follow certain bands but when I heard songs that I like.. I like them. Lol xD? Well… this is from a non-crazy-avid-walalallaa fan. It’s a good song ^ ^

  214. Honestly, i was so surprised that they been able to win at a music program with it. I know, however that this song helped them be more out.

  215. Honestly, i was so surprised that they been able to win at a music program with it. I know, however that this song helped them be more out.

  216. Thy’re really great… U-KISS FTW!! (they’re actually the first kpop group that I’ve ever listened to :D) so they HAVE TO WIN

  217. U-Kiss should win more awards! They are amazing dancers and their songs keep stuck in my head for days. Also I am going to see them live in Paris!!! *runs around screaming*

  218. Love the dance and the live performances of this song were always awesome! UKiss FTW! <3

  219. As usuall U-Kiss has great dancing scenes. I enjoy this song it is defently a repeat song. It gets me going in in the morning and pumps me up. This video and song I believe is a true representation of Kpop.

  220. yay!!! ukiss jjang!!! <3 

  221. I really like this video because the tune is catchy and the dance is powerful and the English is really good. I like their outfits and make-up. I’m a really big KISSME so if you could send me the CD that would make my day :D

  222. Vote for U_KISS.

  223. I LOVVE the tune!~ tell the DJ turn it up up up~ And if you actually listen to the lyrics or look up the translation, the lyrics are really amazing!! Not to mention their dancing is spectacular as ALWAYS. I also love how they incorporate english, and their pronunciation is really great! I never thought of u-kiss as a big band, but now i see that they truly deserve an award!!

  224. So goooooooodddd!!!!!  So proud of them and their new Japanese song! AMAZING~


  226. Never thought I’d love this song. One day I found myself humming the song while I was at school and I hadn’t even listened to the song in months neither did I buy the song for my music storer device(ipod). Right then I knew they deserved a win since they won me over with their catchy tune and upbeat rhythm. :D

  227. Hi (or Hallo(german)),
    U-kiss made a very good comeback this year….their dance to neverland is new and resourceful…with their new style was/is only PERFECT…they really worked hard for their comeback and I think their work was a complete success!!To the song: for me is it new (K-Pop is for me new this year) and very catchy and I noticed that they sang in the song most in choir (I mean they sing all together in the most time) the dance have a main move (example at 0:57)…wich is really easy to make this move…but after this (where they’re lie on the floor and one of them sing continue) is pretty cool…The video: It’s kind different like simon and martina said it last time in snsd/super junior’s MV “they are dancing in an empty room”…in this MV not (it’s my thought)…they’re dancing in water and in look-like cold places…that is cool…U-kiss fighting!and sorry for my bad english

  228. Please God please, it’s their time to shine. 

  229. I just wanna say this to all KISSMEs, even though I’ve already left a comment. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! THESE PAST FEW DAYS ON YT WERE THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!

    The endless hours of voting, the sleep deprivation, the chatting, the Tsunami of comments, the new fans, the spazzing, Google translator’s pic failures of translating Hangul written Tweets, even the TROLLS! I’ll always remember this!! I LOVVVVVEE YOU!! KMs and U-KISS FAMILY FIGHTING!!

    Please follow me on twitter (@whisperingnotes) or add me on FB (simply_aries_kool@yahoo:disqus 

    Again, THANK YOU ALL FOR THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!! And sorry for being so over-emotional!! T_T <3

  230. UKISS did a very great job on this song. The choreography is jjang and the most important thing is, ILOVEIT <3

  231. U-KISS synchronized choreography is DAEBAK!! :D

  232. I remember when this first came out, I replayed it over and over and over again. BEST SINGLE EVER FROM THE BEST ALBUM EVER! 

    “You get some right. You get some wrong.” All those music shows definitely got it wrong by not giving U-Kiss an award for this song!

  233. The dance is soooo powerful it keeps me in a trance and i can see how much the boys have grown and improved, and i am very proud of them. They make me anticipate much much more from them in future, now.. with Tick Tack!!! GO GO KISSMES! and kissmes community has demonstrated how strongly we can come together to help Ukiss through SBS voting site. I feel really touched :)

  234. By the way that they dance in this song with such power charisma, you can tell how badly they are fighting to get to number one! They must of worked sooooooo  hard to pull off great choreography like this and even though they maybe haven’t won a award for this song, it has all payed off as it makes us proud to be a KissMe and hopefully they have gained a lot more KissMe’s too! 

    U-KISS fighting! They will get number 1 one day and even if they are not for now, they the are growing better and better each time they make their come back!

  235. being a Kiss Me was one of my best decision ever! i never regret being a Kiss Me :)

  236. Seriously! U-KISS is the best ♥
    Their dancing is so awesome *O*
    I can already imagine Simon and Martina trying to dance this XD

  237. i’m a proud KissMe :)

  238. After all their hard work, sweat, and even tears (Someday perf), definitely they deserve more. Much more. Their dedication to KISS MEs are all so evident, they always make it a point to update their twitter, so that we KISS MEs know what they are doing. They never give up, and its really such a pity that they dont have much korean fans compared to international fans. U-KISS, stayed strong during their member change crisis, and though I’m still a little sore about it,we should really step out of the past. There is nothing we can do about it but wish the other 2, Alexander and Kibum all the best.
    U-KISS, you never fail to inspire me and really, there are many international fans around the world supporting U-KISS, so U-KISS hwaiting!

  239. UKiss needs to get the fame they deserve. This choreo is srsly awesome. So powerful and strong :) UKISS HWAITING.  #OneforUkiss

  240. U-KISS has the best coreography EVER! Specially on this mv! It shows that they r working really hard!

  241. I really love the choreo of this song. Too bad, they never won any awards for Neverland.


  243. Ukiss really do deserve more credit!!  Come on KISSMEs im sure we can at least get these boys to the top where they are ment to be ! :D

  244. Ukiss are the best! They deserve to win!


  246. this is my favourit song ever..
    U-Kiss is the best!!!

  247. One of my favorite concepts by U-Kiss! 8D They really do deserve to win an award already ><

  248. When I first listened to U-Kiss – which was when they made their debut – I was thought ‘Hmmm….they’re okay.’ I wasn’t in love with their music. But I still kept my eye out for their releases. And it was then that I noticed it. All the members are amazing. What I love about them is that they are so down to earth. They’re arrogant sometimes, but which celeb isn’t? :D

    Not only them as individuals, their music affected me alot too. And when I learned about Kiseop’s suicidal thoughts, well, I really felt a connection, and the fact that he, in the end, didn’t give up, inspired me to never give up either. No, I’m not in love with him or any of the member, lol. But I admire them a hell lot. And THEN, they started improving like crazy, and I fell hard for their music. All the KMs are working really hard for MTVK and AKP. All of us have slept for only 5 hours totally in four days just so that we can reach a million views and vote for them, and I hope its fruitful (is that a word? lol). I’ve never cried for a group/singer before, but when U-KISS wins this, god, am I gonna cry.

    I’ll stop now. Sorry for boring you guys, but I just HAD to type it. I all of us KISSMEs can make U-KISS happy! U-KISS Hwaiting! (It’s hwaiting right?..I’ve never done this before so.. :P)