U-Kiss – Stop Girl

  1. ELVIN Couple so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you…

  2. why is this still number 5 !! is the site stuck or something !! it has been number 5 for over a month now !!

  3. LOL! Why did I only discover you guys now?! You guys are too funny!!! “U-KISS got a house”, the batman voice and Simon as a girl… Oh my dear…
    My favourite part would have to be those where Kiseop is the main focus and I may be a little biased since he is my favourite all time k-pop star but, hehe, hear me out.
    Kiseoppa has always been behind the spotlight, even in variety TV shows, with neitzens hardly been given the chance to showcase his many talents, other than his loving dorky personality. Comparing his recent performances with previous, we can clearly see Kiseop has come so far with his new image (his hair, which I do not like so much, but nevertheless, love him). Namely, we can see this by comparing the amount of lines he is given in Neverland and One of You&Stop Girl. My chipmunk has come so far, he is better able to project his voice and breathing, thereby being able to be given more lines, which I am so appreciative because he has worked so hard. Also, Kiseop has always been good at dancing, namely the best in U-KISS and we are able to see that in this MV with his solo (which makes me want to cry because it is just so beautiful!). This MV allows us to appreciate and acknowledge Kiseop who has come so far, firstly apologising to KISSME’s for him suddenly becoming a member, promising to work hard in order for their acceptance to be one of the most loving members of which U-KISS is not U-KISS without him.

    FIGHTING!!!! Kiseoppa, Kevin, Dongho, Soohyun, Hoon, Eli and AJ (study hard^^)
    KISSME forever <3
    youtube username: asdfghjkl123451930

  4. Lovely Sakona

    Whahaha~ Elvin revealed xD
    The video was awesome, seriously. I was SO shocked when Kevin and Eli were the one’s who popped up first. And did the showdown O.O
    My vote- KEVIN xD

  5. Why U-KISS #16 on their live performance but when i checked M Countdown site they’re on 4th Spot?

  6. disqus_53pXkXS97I

    love u~~~~~
    love u~~~~~
    love u~~~~~
    love u~~~~~


    i really love u-kiss and im going to korea to meet them! SOMEDAY!
    Im going to meet and perform with them!


  8. I’m begging to all KissMe’s who like G-Dragon to help us win next Monday! Pretty, please?! =)

  9. disqus_53pXkXS97I

    UKISS FIGHTING~~~~~~~~~~

  10. OMG, Ich liebe dieses neue MV, einfach mehr als toll <333333333

  11. builtbymachines

    Knowing this would get reviewed, I woke up happy this morning! I can’t wait to see it! ^^

  12. Natasha Tran


  13. this song is addicting. seriously after all the songs U-kiss has put out, im my opinion this one is the one i cn sing to without even the music… its like perfect to sing along. it has a great chorus which is amazingly in english that makes sense and has a tune tat creeps up onto u… its a song that will be stuck in my head for a long time.. similar to wat happened with jb’s baby… xD! but i am seriously glad that U-Kiss has put out such an awesome song, its great to be a KissMe! ,3 forever with u U-kiss! <3

  14. sone9elf15

    Oh my GOD! I cannot express how much I LOVE this song! I mean, Kiseop had a chance to show off his voice (which isn’t very common), and not only that, but HOLY CARP has Kevin’s vocals IMPROVED! I. LOVE. THIS. SONG. OH MY GOSH.

  15. carolforlife

    I must say, I actually didn’t want Ukiss to win this week. I really wanted GD to win, but this song is not bad at all. It’s actually better than their other recent songs. I think. :)

  16. disqus_sfmBwWaiTY

    Really can’t wait till their new mini comes out- very rarely do I crave to be able to just buy an album, but I’m sitting here ready to go! Come on UKISS- hwaiting!

  17. i don’t speak english… i speak spanish soo… u-kiss desde el primer momento en que los vi me gustaron mucho… cuando los conocí en el fanmeeting se metieron en mi corazón y no se salen.. he aprendido cada una de sus canciones y los bailes.. me apasiona mucho escucharlos.. cantan ASOMBROSO … amo cada presentación que hacen .. cantan cada una de las palabras con un sentimiento que me llena de cosas inexplicables…. cada vez que los veo me dan mariposas en el estomago, los amo demasiado….. mi bias es dongho y pues no, yo amo a cada uno de ellos.. los 9: DONGHO, AJ,SOOHYUN,HOON,KISEOP,ELI,KEVIN,ALEXANDER,KIBUM…….. THEY ARE THE BEST GROUP IN THE WORLD … NO FUI KISSME DESDE EL COMIENZO PERO LO SERÉ HASTA EL FINAL…..PLEASE READ THIS .. TRASLATE.. OK?….. I HOPE THAT U-KISS WIN…



  19. Los Amamos desde Colombia nuestro Apoyo y amor…Gracias por venir esperamos pronto vuelvan,…..Kiss Mes Arriba…

  20. Jazz Manzana


  21. guys we 30 minutes to vote for U-KISS in mnet.com let´s help u-kiss now in mcountdown . go kiss mes

  22. Alex Andra

    I’m so glad that they win this week on eyk! now…I’m going back to searching on nate:X

  23. I just watch the interview and, what can i say?, i just love this guys even more (if that´s possible), they have worked so hard and just make me fell like i own them something for always putting a smile on my face, even in the hardest times, i know that i will never have the chance to know this awesome guys, and that makes me kind of sad, but i will go crazy if i see them just once on stage, so i hope they will work hard for more and more years and pray for a miracle to see their performance. Love this guys with all my heart

  24. I love you, U-Kiss. I’m rooting for you guys and voting for you! Kissme For Life!

  25. [email protected]

    OMG! Kevin so hot

  26. Despite the tone quite a few of the comments over on GD’s video have had, I think we should help them out to win next week because I’m sure a lot of the GD fans actually helped us out here this week.

    I’m so glad this video won this week and I can’t wait to see what S&M say about it, especially since it will show the people who have been whining how boring the video is, because it’s black and white, all the AWESOME and artsy things actually happening. (FEMALE BACK UP DANCERS AGH! <3) ;w; I love this video and I'm most amazed by how grown up they all look in it. I just can't get over that and have been watching it over and over! I have to say I've been really disappointed in their work since Neverland. The songs were catchy, but I got tired of them so fast and there were a few songs I HATED right away that slowly grew on me recently. I'm really glad to see a song that caught me right away that I will be listening to on repeat for quite a while. X3 Also, that part where the girl just APPEARS from behind Kevin, that part is probably my FAVORITE as far as the dance goes. Just the sharpness of both of their moves right there is… wow… <3

  27. I know It will be totallly awesome to watch them live !!!!!
    The music is catchy and the dance is amzingly sexy :)
    I think I like this white and black version mora tha the color one , It feels more glamorous :D

  28. i guess thyre still homeless. thy hav loads of furniture in the video but i dont really think theyre in a house. it just looks like one of those boxes that super junior dances in.

  29. I loved this song and video a LOT. I agree with everyone saying that they were glad that the female dancers were a bigger part that just in the back. The song has seriously been stuck in my head for a while because of how amazing it is.

  30. disqus_4meKa088rG

    I heard that Kissme’s are helping out VIP’s against TVXQ’s MV that’ll come out in 8 hours (?). Thanks you guys~ :)

  31. askldh;sjfhdskjfg omg please review this!!! i need to see that….please!!

  32. JasmineXu007

    i love u-kiss since their debut. i’m not joking. ok i know i’m just a fan like another but i really like their songs. i actually look more at the faces of the idols in their music videos but with u-kiss it’s different. not that i’m saying they’re not handsome! NOO not at all they’re very nice! in their mv and live concerts, i just enjoy their performance (dance and song) . U-kiss, you guys seriously need a rest. I understand (and i’m sure all the kissmes understand) that you work really hard to provide us good music as often as poddible, but we prefer you guys take a rest… you guys have to stay healthy!! we don’t want you to be too tired… take some rest and comeback again! We will love as much as before! Hwaiting u-kiss WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! WE WILL SUPPORT YOU FOREVER!

  33. U-kiss is winning…why? Because they’re awesome!! :)

  34. Go! Go! Go!

    AJ, I’m missing u

  35. ryansgirl050400

    Hello Kissmes, As I was commenting in the crayon room to keep the votes up. I caught myself singing “Stop Girl, in the name of love”. I had to shake head a couple of times and say Why ur serious, Get your Crayon…LOL Anyway, I bought the new UKISS Album. I hope it helped towards MNET. :D