U-Kiss – Tick Tack



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  1. Kevin Jennifer
    Kevin Jennifer

    Ukiss, hwaiting!!! We support you. Love your reaction EYK!!! ><

  2. glacierkn

    Here’s to the epicness that would crush every other video for the rest of eternity ^^9

  3. KpopLove1011

    When ever I hear a clock I randomly start singing this song…

  4. KpopLove1011

    =D I love the song and dance! =D

  5. It gets better every time I watch this. Brilliant job U-KISS!

  6. this single is in 2nd place in GoKpop..

  7. U-KISS deserve many awards for their hard work and excellent outcomes <3

  8. Anonymous

    Simon and Martina already have reviewed this vid!

  9. u-kiss you made me listen to clocks ticking sound even if i dont want to hear that before XD

  10. Anonymous

    Fell in love like a ton of bricks. <3 

  11. They are simply amazing. 
    One of the few real talented groups out there, in both singing and dancing <3


  12. U-KISS
    has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration I could have ever
    hoped to have in my life. I have made it threw so much because of how
    their outstanding determination has inspired me to keep working as hard
    as I can and to try and do my absolute best. I will always admire U-KISS
    and they will always hold a place in heart. Neverland was completely
    EPIC!!! And Tick Tack is beyonddddd EPICC!!! :DDD

  13. lol at 1;42 leg flicking ….like a man! Not very familiar with u-kiss but this is a very nice track

  14. liliac1234

    Derp. Productive, well-thought out comment time. 2AM…this isn’t going to go well. Lalalala. 
    But seriously, this song is really good. I’m much more of a Big Bang fan myself, but it’s just really really catchy. Although it could have to do with the fact that I can sing in Japanese and not in Korean. Must be all the anime I watch :p

  15. ITS BACK!!!!!!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE

  16. to lie, I shall be here!

  17. I love this song. I listened to it nonstop for a week after it came out <3

  18. This song is so addicting! I’m not particularly fond of their other songs, but this one is too catchy!!

  19. Seriously? With the counts I’m worrying that they would easily be first place

  20. i watched this video on repeat for an entire 3 hour train ride home. it never gets old. U-Kiss’s choreo with Neverland and Tick Tack is so crazy good, its one of the few kpop dances ive wanted to seriously learn, maybe since Lucifer. :)

    also i love that they finally made a japanese debut, since im way more proficient at japanese than i am at korean so far. the ‘making of’ video they did was hilarious, all of them tried their hardest to speak japanese, it was adorable.

  21. This song is absolutely addicting. It has just that feel to it that gets you pumping.
    I love this song.

  22. really want to see them cry when they finally win music bank!!!! they deserve to be acknowledged!

  23. Is there a bug or something, couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them in last place XD

  24. Kyulene Bunlya F.

    why on the last place?? 
    it has the most point though

  25. 노비 우

    why is it on the last place??
    i think they have the most points

  26. Why is this in last place if it has more points???

  27. This song DESERVES TO WIN!^^ U-KISS NEVER fails to amaze when it comes to comebacks or new song releases. This song & Neverland have been on autoplay since like FOREVER! The dancing is INCREDIBLY PERFECT! I knew U-KISS could dance amazingly, but this EXCEEDED my expectations! I hope U-KISS gets more recognition in the NEAR future because they’re just pouring talent everywhere they go and with everything they do! I hope this song or Neverland wins; they BOTH had AMAZING dances! This is honestly the FIRST Japanese song that I’m attracted to; I RARELY listen to Korean artists’ Japanese releases because most of the time it’s just a remake of a Korean song. BUT this song is ORIGINAL & CREATIVE & PURELY AWESOME!^^ 

  28. This song is awesome, and I like when K-pop group create ORIGINAL songs for Japan. The dance also is great, as expected of U-Kiss

  29. i love some of the other artists on here but TICK TACK IS AWESOME

  30. U-KISS U-KISS! FIGHTING<3 I think you guys have there requested dance! and has a very recommendable dance! will just hope and pray that this dance or the neverland one will win!^^ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<3