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U-Kiss – Tick Tack



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  1. Kevin Jennifer

    Ukiss, hwaiting!!! We support you. Love your reaction EYK!!! ><

  2. Here’s to the epicness that would crush every other video for the rest of eternity ^^9

  3. When ever I hear a clock I randomly start singing this song…

  4. =D I love the song and dance! =D

  5. It gets better every time I watch this. Brilliant job U-KISS!

  6. this single is in 2nd place in GoKpop..

  7. U-KISS deserve many awards for their hard work and excellent outcomes <3

  8. Simon and Martina already have reviewed this vid!

  9. u-kiss you made me listen to clocks ticking sound even if i dont want to hear that before XD

  10. Fell in love like a ton of bricks. <3 

  11. They are simply amazing. 
    One of the few real talented groups out there, in both singing and dancing <3


  12. U-KISS
    has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration I could have ever
    hoped to have in my life. I have made it threw so much because of how
    their outstanding determination has inspired me to keep working as hard
    as I can and to try and do my absolute best. I will always admire U-KISS
    and they will always hold a place in heart. Neverland was completely
    EPIC!!! And Tick Tack is beyonddddd EPICC!!! :DDD

  13. lol at 1;42 leg flicking ….like a man! Not very familiar with u-kiss but this is a very nice track

  14. Derp. Productive, well-thought out comment time. 2AM…this isn’t going to go well. Lalalala. 
    But seriously, this song is really good. I’m much more of a Big Bang fan myself, but it’s just really really catchy. Although it could have to do with the fact that I can sing in Japanese and not in Korean. Must be all the anime I watch :p

  15. ITS BACK!!!!!!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE

  16. to lie, I shall be here!

  17. I love this song. I listened to it nonstop for a week after it came out <3

  18. This song is so addicting! I’m not particularly fond of their other songs, but this one is too catchy!!

  19. Seriously? With the counts I’m worrying that they would easily be first place

  20. i watched this video on repeat for an entire 3 hour train ride home. it never gets old. U-Kiss’s choreo with Neverland and Tick Tack is so crazy good, its one of the few kpop dances ive wanted to seriously learn, maybe since Lucifer. :)

    also i love that they finally made a japanese debut, since im way more proficient at japanese than i am at korean so far. the ‘making of’ video they did was hilarious, all of them tried their hardest to speak japanese, it was adorable.

  21. This song is absolutely addicting. It has just that feel to it that gets you pumping.
    I love this song.

  22. really want to see them cry when they finally win music bank!!!! they deserve to be acknowledged!

  23. Is there a bug or something, couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them in last place XD

  24. why on the last place?? 
    it has the most point though

  25. why is it on the last place??
    i think they have the most points

  26. Why is this in last place if it has more points???

  27. This song DESERVES TO WIN!^^ U-KISS NEVER fails to amaze when it comes to comebacks or new song releases. This song & Neverland have been on autoplay since like FOREVER! The dancing is INCREDIBLY PERFECT! I knew U-KISS could dance amazingly, but this EXCEEDED my expectations! I hope U-KISS gets more recognition in the NEAR future because they’re just pouring talent everywhere they go and with everything they do! I hope this song or Neverland wins; they BOTH had AMAZING dances! This is honestly the FIRST Japanese song that I’m attracted to; I RARELY listen to Korean artists’ Japanese releases because most of the time it’s just a remake of a Korean song. BUT this song is ORIGINAL & CREATIVE & PURELY AWESOME!^^ 

  28. This song is awesome, and I like when K-pop group create ORIGINAL songs for Japan. The dance also is great, as expected of U-Kiss

  29. i love some of the other artists on here but TICK TACK IS AWESOME

  30. U-KISS U-KISS! FIGHTING<3 I think you guys have there requested dance! and has a very recommendable dance! will just hope and pray that this dance or the neverland one will win!^^ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<3

  31. UKISS fighting!! kiss me fighting!! ^^

  32. ukiss !!
    we’ll pray and always support you forever

  33. U-Kiss HWAITING!

    U-Kiss really needs to win this. They’ve all been through a lot and they’ve really worked hard on their MVs, songs, performances, and such. Kiseop even gave it his all by crushing the clock and wearing the man bra in Shut Up. This MV was so beautiful and really eye-catching. The song is so addictive and fun to jam to. The dance is just too great. Their steps were so awesome and really creative. I especially love their clock/ticking movements and the power that they give into the moves. Their moves would be PERFECT for How To Dance KPop Style 2011. Just imagine Martina trying to do the Skateboard step XD (YOU GO MARTINA!!).

    U-Kiss has really worked hard and it would really be great if they win this. U-KISS DAEBAK!! SARANGHAE U-KISS!!

  34. U-KISS really deserves to win. Not just because of their fierce and awazing dancemoves but also beacuse of their great and powerful singing, thrilling and well made music videos and their love for their fans. U-KISS stuggled after their debut to get the popularity they were hoping for, and now that they’ve finally reached it you can clearly tell how grateful they are, in every interview they thank their fans for suporting them. They’re hard working, funny, playful, engaged, ambitious and an absolutely amazing group. And they should really win this! :D

  35. they blew me away with their fierce dancing… its more fierce than neverland… I guess they saw kpop music monday of neverland and really started to do dance fighting- just like Simon and Martina thought and suggested… XP

  36. This video is so gorgeously creepy, complete with creepy possessed puppet-like dancing, a creepy set, and epic glitter showers.  I was somewhat surprised by the lack of manbras, but I think this video shows that they don’t need excessive amounts of exposed skin or eyeliner to be awesome.  The choreography is fantastic!  The formations accentuate the soloists, and the dance break with the back and forth (especially that kick) between the two groups is so fun to watch.  As a whole, the video really adds another dimension to an already great song.  

  37. can’t wait to watch your kpop music monday!!!!
    u-kiss fighting!!




  40. If they win this week, simon and martina will feature them, right?

  41. U-KISS fighting!!!!!!
    Lots a love from KISSME’s everywhere!!!

  42. This is song is epic. The outfits, the style, the concept, the ENGLISH (ahem, simon). I am a BIGBANG VIP but I have also embraced UKISS as my 2nd favorite boyband because they are amazing at dancing, singing, and caring about their fans! Kiss mes and UKISS fighting!!! 

  43. I’m only and only going to vote for U-KISS because i really like U-KISS FIGHTHING U-KISS!!!

  44. firstly i love this vid and u-kiss are amazing, they just surpass my expectations every time but why has the voting like dropped by LOADS i did not spend hours and days voting just for my votes to go

  45. This has to be my favourite Japanese debut song by a K-Pop group.

    It’s about time this group starts receiving the recognition the boys deserve for their talents and hard work. They have come a long, long way since their debut. I’m glad to see them on top here. Kissmes fighting! ^^ 

    On a sidenote, did the votes crash again?

  46. whats going on with the votes?

  47. why the results of the voting will decrease?

  48. Well I guess I should also join in on the tick tack reviews.
    Though out my time listening to UKISS I was not exactly fully impress with them until this year even though I knew them since their manmanhani days and kept an close eye on them since that time as well. At this period of time, however, I noticed an immense amount of improvement in UKISS and it seemed like they are finally showcasing their true authentic vocal and performing skills that they have been suppressing throughout their careers and I am very pleased with this.
    Their choreographies in Neverland showcases intense and powerful moves and is also topped with very great vocals from the main vocalists. Honestly, in my opinion, I prefer powerful moves compare to effective insyncness especially if it can be backed up with such powerful notes as seen in Tick Tack. These kind of things combined together can and did knocked me off my seat and left me in a state if awe (this does not happen often making it even my pleasing).

  49. I guess it is time for me

  50. It would break my heart if they didn’t win this. :( The reason why I vote as much as I could :)

  51. u-kiss daebakkkkk

  52. I really love this song! of course, I’m a PURE BLOODED 101% KISSME ! I’m a DIE-HARD fan of them… ♥ Because they’re INTERNATIONAL Baby~! UKISS is just too talented… ENGLISH, KOREAN and now JAPANESE!!! (not to mention they can speak a lot of languages; too bad Xander is gone ;( )  but I still believe in them! ♥ SPAZZING so hard!!


  53. I do believe that I have previously and sufficiently spazzed about this dance, but…*deep breath* This dance is just so amazing! It has perfect timing and so accurately reflects the song in various ways. Not to mention the energy and precision that the U-KISS members bring to the dance. They completely own the dance, as usual. <3 But what I really wanted to get to, was the epiphany that occured to me the other day. What I think is interesting in the actual song, among other things, is their use of "To lie~" just all by itself through out the song. To me, it sounds like they're about to state the dictionary definition of it, but instead of defining it as what we all know, "a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth, etc…", they define it by what they tell the girl. For them 'to lie' is defined by : "I shall be here" / "I shall be  singing for you through the night" / "I shall be turning on the broken light" – all of which are clear untruths. Basically, the entire relationship at that point in time is a lie to them, so it is the definition of the verb 'to lie.' (If that made any sense? I can't really explain myself well… ) But of course, this just may be my wild imagination going out for a ride. XD

  54. First time i see UKISS top something…this is a major improvement :)

  55. Best Jpop song I’ve heard :D

  56. great korean, awesome english (the use of “shall” :D ) and now SUPER japanese.

  57. I can’t stop listening to this

  58. This dance is so epic. U-kiss always amazes me with really creative dances that aren’t just the average whatever. It looks complicated but at the same time, not. Great job guys!


  60. When it comes to dancing, U-Kiss just kills it. The creativeness of the music video, not so much. But, they always make up dances that are easy to copy and imitate, so when you are listening to the song, you can just jam to it! This dance is just so awesome. Its so epic and looks really complicated but not so much. To admit, Never land had a better dance but this song was way easier to imitate. ;D 

  61. Amazing debut single, proud of my boys! U-KISS FIGHTING!!!

  62. Yeah! Our U Kiss has finally debuted in Japan!! Aishteru!! Saranghae! I luv you!

  63. go hear the instrumental , its sound so good :)

  64. saranghae eli kim,saranghae u-kiss! ^^

  65. Definitely a strong japanese debut song from U-Kiss. ^^ Hope that they are more recognised now, they are so under-rated…they deserved more ♥ !!

  66. I really love the song! It’s one of the best songs this year. U-Kiss never fails to deliver great choreography and songs!

  67. U-Kiss never fails to amaze me with their dances. They’re either in sync or dance with so much emotion. They improved to much this year with the new additions. They deserve to be number one this year! >.<

  68. Coolest dance EVER. I get CHILLS during the chorus when Kevin does his thang.

  69. Yay, all Kiss Me’s are doing such a great job *-* U-Kiss has the best fandom ever!
    Let’s put Tick Tack in 1st again, they deserve the most <3

  70. The dance in this song is amazing
    These boys have a real talent here. ^^

  71. I LUUUUURVE THIS SONG! It’s not one of my favorites, but I love this new clock/time theme going around (like with IU’s You & I AND with our schools homecoming dance). XD AHHH! I like how U-kiss got a NEW song for their japanese debut, instead of using an old song and changing the lyrics. I can’t wait for their american debut. ^^ YAY!

  72. I don’t know why, but for some reason every time I listen to this song, I get sad that this year is almost over. :( But I still think that the music is amazing!

  73. i love this mv and tick tack! their songs just keep getting better and better<3

  74. Kiss mes are raping all the HIT CHARTS!!!! love you kiss mes!

  75. U-kiss have a lot of time in the market.. they have not win any important award they’re not bad, all u-kiss song are catchy and good they deserve start to get some love and start to win a lot of awards. U-KISS Fighting!.

  76. This better win U-Kiss an award, because it’s obvious that they’ve been work so hard, and these talented boys deserve more credit <3

  77. This is so catchy. The dance definitely reminded me of Genie, but this version was manlier. x)

  78. What a catchy song! Love the dance move ♥

  79. TICK TACK TICK TACK :D this song is very catchy and the dance is very upbeat and awesome! 

  80. DEFINITELY DO TICK TACK! Not only would it be interesting to see the “Dance Kpop” masters try this one, it would be like eatyourkimchi’s moving with the Hallyu Wave. Just like when they done SHINee’s replay Japanese version. Eventually a kpop group’s Japanese release is going to be featured in this yearly special so might as well start now :)

  81. Go Go U-Kiss n°1 !!!

  82. This song is AWESOME! I love it!

  83. Go for UKISS!! I love their choreographies <3 They're amazing: 1 year and 3 AWESOME singles: 0330, Nevrland and Tick Tack!! And their 2nd Album is just PERFECT!! So go U-Kiss, KissMes love you and fighting!!

  84. U-KISS FTW! I can’t believe they haven’t tried this song in korea…


  86. U-KISS~ This song is amazing!!! Both the choreography and music are wonderful!!! 

  87. U-kiss 화이팅 (HWAITING) ! kkk ^^

  88. why we keep losing votes .. where did they go ?

  89. Go UKISS! KissMes Loves You!!!

  90. UKISS!! Fighting! <3

  91. Go UKISS!!! Tick Tack Go Go Go! :))

  92. GO UKISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UKISS IN MY HEART!!!!!!!! THE BEST OF ALL THE BEST XD

  93. u-kiss has to win :)
    Tick Tack/0330/Neverland are the best songs of this year :)
    keep it on Kiss Me*s

  94. kevin said on his twitter that in japan, they spell tick tock like tick tack, thus explaining the weird spelling. I think they were just trying to be authentic to their culture. I mean, with kevin and eli, they wouldn’t make such a spelling mistake…lol xD GO UKISS!!!!

  95. If this wins you will propably get to tick tack spelling :P they just wanted to be original, there’s so many songs titled tick tock, tik tok etc. It’s like r square pi, U-KISS code <3 Heh still it's one of the best songs from this year, so time to vote for U-KISS ^___^

  96. U-KISS go go go! The best debut song ever! This need to be reviewed :)

  97. Go u-kiss! They deserve to win! This is truly the best song and dance of the year! :D

  98. Seriously? This can be reviewed? Okay fine. Go Ukiss. 

  99. Wowsa! U-kiss is get some serious loving! Im so happy!

  100. Tick Tack is losing 306 vote :(

  101. ukiss world tour!!!

  102. wait why i can’t vote ? when i click vote, nothing happen , the vote is still the same -_-

  103. I have to honestly say that I have listen to a lot of J-Pop, K-Pop, and Mando-Pop songs for the past year, but never have I heard a song so epic, emotional, and beautiful. Asian Pop Forever! <3

  104. u-kiss is the best kpop group EVERRRRRRRRRRRR

  105. Omg, this is my new favorite song “Tick tack tick tack tick tack.”
    I could listen to this song forever <3
    The lyrics are confusing, but the ones that made sense made me alomst cry T_T 
    So good…..
    I used to not like them, but now, this is my #1 song
    And the choreography is great, it matches the beat well.


  107. Eep! Go U-kiss!!! They definitely deserve an EatYourKimchi title recognition thingy :3

  108. Flight to Japan in 9 hours. Arrival 17th~ Hi Touch Event wuhuuu

  109. they rank 3rd on oricon daily singles chart with this. wohoooo!!

  110. GO KISS-ME’S! Keep on voting for them! <3

  111. Their style is very simple and it does not make them look goofy. The background music is catchy (I did pay much attention to the lyrics) and as always I love U-kiss dances I especially liked the arm moves they did to represent the clock.

  112. I still find it hilarious that they spelled the title “Tick Tack” with an “a.” It makes me think of the candies every time I watch it. But, hey, it’s still a catchy song. 

  113. Come on fellow Kiss Mes! VOTE!VOTE!VOTE! U Kiss has worked extra hard this year and their tremendous effort ought to be paid off. Let’s make sure at least 1 UKISS MV makes it into the top 3. U Kiss is the only group I know who uses exceptional English in their songs,have really talented singers and are really synchronized when it comes to dancing. U Kiss has also garnered lots of fans from all around the world. Talk about them being UBIQUITOUS. ^^ Come on Kiss Mes. For the sake of our beloved boys! Vote! Vote! Vote!^^

  114. This song is STUNNING. i love the choreography :)

  115. U-kiss= the boyband that really connects with fans..

  116. Tick Tack is a really addictive song… It just keeps playing in my mind ^^ U-KISS just keeps getting better! Love U-KISS and KissMes! 

  117. vote U-KISS here —> you can login using your twitter or fb account. you can vote only oce a day. voting start from December 15th until December 27th 24:00 KST. show them Kiss Me’s power!!

  118. Btw, all of them look like they have just landed from some anime or manga… xD I have never seen a kpop band where all members would look so awesome *__* I love this video and them so much <3

  119. this is amazing!!! Because of u-kiss I started to love k-pop! And now when I show this video for my friends, who do not like kpop, even they like this song and all of them admit that they are awesome at dancing! That’s why they deserve to win! :D

  120. U-KISS U-KISS <333
    just one word to describe u : DAEBAK!!

  121. you deserved to win this!!!


  123. Soohyunnie, Kevinnie, Elie, Dongho maknae, AJie, Hoonnie, Kiseoppie :)


  125. Truly worthy of their name! Always something different and interesting! Good work!

    kiss me’s,could we trend something for U-KISS?

  127. U-KISS song is daebak! They clearly have what it takes to become international superstars (if they are not already)! I LOVE THEM!! :D 

  128. To lie i shall be here!!!
    VOTE FOR U-KISS!!!!!!

  129. The best dance, song and video of the year! :D I am so proud of U-Kiss! And they have the best fandom! I hope that they will win this kpop chart and also win many other awards because they deserve it!!!

  130. they really deserve to win :)
    we deserve to see them win too :)

  131. U-Kiss fighting! :D It makes me so happy that U-Kiss are getting the recognition that they deserve (: And thanks to YOU Simon and Martina for helping them out by interviewing them and supporting them too. You guys are awesome! <3


  133. tick tack rocks, ukiss rocks, anyway KISSME rocks too!

  134. i really really love U-KISS.., This is the only K Pop Boybands that i Want.., U-Kiss Fighting.., 
    God Bless.., 



    Sike!! Lol

    I really like the dance and music for this song!! Eli looks so fine too! <3

  136. They never cease to amazed me! All of them are exceptionally talented!

  137. So this song was INSTANT addiction for me! Right when I heard the first 20 second teaser, then the half of the MV, and then the whole thing. Not only that, but the dance is just amazing!!! Honestly I never thought of SNSD’s “Genie” when I saw the dance at all because to me UKISS looked like they were almost just running in place? They spread out their formation while doing the move too, not to mention the fact that they put their own energy and flair into this and made it their dance! I only realized it was similar to SNSD’s dance when I saw the other comments about it. And the dance so perfectly reflects the song and it’s subtleties – mostly relating to one of the themes of time. UKISS just gets better and better with each new song they release – vocally, in their choreography, and visually (ha~ couldn’t resist~!!). They would definitely be one of the most improved over all groups in kpop, and they stillll have room to expand and just be even more amazing if that’s even possible. I also liked the symbolism in the lyrics of this song, like the “I shall be turning on the broken light” line… <3 Overall a very nice piece of work and an original one for a Japanese debut too! yay! But Big Bang seems to be catching up to first place which makes me sad as much as I love them because I think UKISS deserves this more and the dance was WAY better!

  138. This video is doing so good holding it’s place at the top. Haha~ It makes me so happy to see Ukiss doing so well :D Keep it up!! FIGHTING!!!

  139. U-KISS FIGHTING!!!! =)

  140. U-Kiss♥ U-Kiss♥ U-Kiss♥ U-Kiss♥

    U-Kiss♥ is my Life~~ *-* 

    AWWW~ I love U’ Kevin Woo~♥  :3 

  141. BAY AREA PRIDE. Kevin hwaiting!

  142. tick tack may be j pop but its a kick ass song :D

  143. かっこいいよ!!! ファイト!


  145. daebak tick tack! UKISS hwaiting!

  146. I think U-Kiss kind of had trouble in the kpop industry before ‘Bran New Kiss’, but I think they’re taking the right approach for the j-pop industry. They definitely have really good coordi noonas :) 
    Seriously, this song made me spazz ^^ And their English is actually pretty good ^^
    They have definitely improved. I think they should get the award for ‘Best Improvement’ ^^

  147. one of the many reasons to love u-kiss… <3

  148. How did it drop to 280 likes? =O

  149. Tick Tack is amazing. Perfectly well done. I hope it goes on Kpop music monday as well. U-Kiss will be proud :)

  150. The dance in tick tack is totally amazing and the chords are really catchy as well, i love it, once i listened to it i just couldn’t stop, and coincidence is a good song to. I like auto tune LOL :) Just a bit confused if they are singing to lie or tonight….. people say its to lie idk. and i think this gets the third place on oricon or something. the next k pop monday has definitely to be it!

  151. KissMe’s passionate dedication to the voting on EatYourKimichi made the voting break! :D Hurrah! They’ll get it fixed, don’t worry!
    Good job U-Kiss on TICK TACK! It’s amazing!!! I’m looking forward to more live performances so we can hear the fans reaction. If only there was a Korean release of this as well. :)

  152. o.o am I the only who sees the votes with 189 D: ?! What’s that ? Is it like a bug or something? e.O it’s still #1 though.. 
    (I want it to be #1… don’t misunderstand me…)

  153. After 3 years of hard work it’s time these guys get recognized.
    I love that they debut with a newly made japanese song especially for the the occasion, and kiseop is so sexy <3
    UKISS <3

  154. It is good you vote here, but much better if you vote on the big awards which are the ones that really matter.

  155. These guys are the most underrated band in Korea and im still trying to figure out why. They have never been given the credit they deserve. Simon and Martina’s interview with them was what got me started listening to them, and i loved all their songs from the get go, so when i learned they have never been number one i was bewildered.
    About this song, it is one of the best songs and video  i have listened to this year. Their vocals sound beautiful, the choreography is superb and they look formidable. If they don’t win a freaking award with this one, i will be mad. This song and someday, are my favorites so far.

  156. Why did the votes for this suddenly plummet to 175? Yesterday they were at 5000+!


  158. what happened to the votes????????? And before this the voting system was messed up too…. I remember i saw the votes go up to 5000, and when i refreshed, it went back down to 4600…. and now it’s back to the hundreds??????? :( 

  159. This song will be stuck in my head for quite a long time :) I can’t help but notice that Hoon and AJ look really handsome in this video; like REALLY fine~

  160. I was thinking about something as awesome as this video so i could comment, but then i took an arrow in the knee and i gave up. This is just too epic!

  161. 10 minutes ago they had over 5000 votes and now they have 60. WHY??? What happened?
    Well, at least they still in 1st place

  162. How come they were with 5000 votes and now they have 12???? Didn’t get this! o-o

  163. I came here with the plan to vote for Super Junior.. But hey, changed plans xD This comeback is amazing! It’s the first time I listen to this song and it has me hooked right from the start! Great work!! My vote goes to U-kiss!

  164. love this song!

  165. Yaay for Yukiseu, they deserve it the most <3

  166. In addition to the song and dance being completely awesome, I am so tempted to paint a giant green clock on my wall the only thing I’d need to figure out is to make the hands and get them to work..  hmm…

     ^_^  Anyway U-kiss has earned themselves a new fan!  

  167. Tick Tack is the best U-kiss has done so far, GO GO GO!

  168. Everyone, please vote for U-Kiss~! They truly deserve to win this.

  169. U-Kiss never ceases to amaze me. They comeback stronger and improve with every song/single/albm they release. Continue the growth U-Kiss and keep on rockin’!

  170. Yay! another great song of U-KISS, I’m totally amazed, I love their energy. And I like that they have less make-up than in the last one, they look much better.

  171. every new song and video make me cry… thanks u-kiss… may god bless all of u guys…

  172. They’re the only ones who can do this so perfectly . :) U-KISS FIGHTING ! :D

  173. Ah~ U-KISS will forever hold a special place in my heart. Maybe they aren’t as popular in Korean as us fans think they should be, but the fact that they are number one in this poll there shows that they have a large international fanbase, and they definitely deserve it. I’m super excited for their Japanese debut, considering this song is new and not just a worn-out remake of their old songs. They’re so talented and deserve so much. U-KISS fighting!!

  174. UKISS do your best :D Fighting! Work your way up to the top! UKISS FTW >:D

  175. omgg they’re first!! hahaha LOVE LOVE LOVE them

  176. Ukiss is so talented yet underrated..dont know who to blame but i love the way they`re!! they`re good singer,good dancer and they1re so innocent and cute!!! head to toe,UKISS is the best ^^v

  177. Wew~ #3 on Oricon Daily Chart.. ^_^

    U-Kiss Fighting!

  178. U-KISS are really talented and this is probably one of the best Japanese debuts from a Korean group that I’ve seen. They weren’t as popular in Korea as they should have been, and I really hope they find success in Japan. The dance is awesome!

  179. amazinG ……..// music video …. 
    iLove ukiss 

  180. SooHyun amazing~~~~~~~ U-Kiss daebak!!!!!

  181. Their leg dance is very smexy and the singing is superb! U-KISS is just a great group to support forever!!! :D

  182. Congrats for reaching the 3rd place on Oricon! =)

  183. the song, the dance and the group! UKISS HWAITING! Tick Tack Daebak!

  184. Today is the release of their DEBUT single “Tick Tack” in Japan!! and guess what? they reach TOP 3 on Oricon chart.. yay!~ Congratulation U-KISS..i hope it will climb up on the NO.1 spot like here :D

  185. The single is finally out! Congrats to U-KISS for debuting at 3rd place on the oricon chart ;D

  186. guts….keep voting for them……this video is so great…as great as the song…..i really luv it….

  187. This is one of those music videos that you can look like a million times and still be totally amazed by it. Must. Keep. Staring. At. Kevin.
    I’m totally addicted to the song too, it’s been ringing in my head ever since it came out. Loving it and loving U-Kss <3

  188. i came to vote!! i really like u-kiss tick tack!!
    i love u-kiss!!!
    i love simon & martina too…

  189. I came by everyday to vote. That is how loyal I am to U-KISS. They deserves the BEST and their talents of singing and dancing abilities is always out looked. They are amazing in many ways! KISSME forever ♥

  190. Awesome song! The leg flick reminded me a bit of SNSD Genie but with a more intense and raw energy. Overall, I think UKISS have improved in singing, dancing and presentation by quite a lot. 

    The setting matched the mood and lyrics of the song and the choreo did justice to all three! 
    What pleased me the most was… nice fashion sense and less makeup! UKISS has a tendency of going overboard on the dark eyeshadows…  
    My favorite thing about this mv is the unbridled passion and energy of the vocals and  the dance. I shall be listening to this one on repeat for quite a while~
    UKISS is proving themselves to be one of the major talents in K-Pop and I wish them luck and success for the coming years :)!

  191. Dear KISS MEs , I welcome you to punch me , since I feel like punching myself for having to inform this . U-KISS have not won the Best Male Awards for SBS MTV Best of The Best yet . Apparently , the one where we voted like mad on the internet was just the online votings .


  192. U-KISS deserves only the best .

  193. U-Kiss~ So proud of my boys! Showing off killer choreography, awesome singing skills, and amazing charms~ So proud to be a KissMe! Go U-Kiss! Forever! Keep fighting!

  194. yeah…gogogogo we can do it..

  195. Go Ukiss go!!!!!

  196. #UKISSTickTack whoa~!!! U-Kiss fighting!!! 

  197. For me this is like  the mandly version of the leg flick( Genie – SNSD)  with a military touch.


  198. U-KISS has grown so much over the years! They’ve been through a lot(what with losing those two members) but with this song they’re showing that even though they lost those two they will continue to stay strong! This song is awesome and shows their manly side ^^ Powerful voices, on the dot choreography, and good looks?! U-KISS DAEBAK!!!! <3 

  199. my bias is KISEOP,cause of him and only i pay attention to U-KISS,haha…love u all so much…wish your japan album sell as many as possible…^_^

  200. Awesome voices,  awesome dance skills, awesome songs – nuff said :3 

  201. 내가 박자를 사랑 ~ ㅋ ㅋ ^ _ ^ U - 키스 싸움 ~ 똑딱의 압정, 틱의 압정, 틱의 압정.
    당신에게 김치 싸움을 먹어도 ~ ^ _ ^ 사랑 해요!

    I love the beat~ ㅋㅋ ^_^ U-kiss fighting~ Tick tack,tick tack,tick tack.Eat you kimchi fighting too~ ^_^ saranghae!

  202. U-kiss are amazing!!!! What talent!!! They are true artists, I watched the live version and it was great .They sang & danced without their vocals being affected. I just love these guys!

  203. This is the song which changed me from just liking U-Kiss to a full-fledged KissMe!!!! The song is so catchy, it has a great balance of vocals & rap. Everyone gets a moment to shine. The dance moves are so cool! I will be a kissme always & forever. I hope they will continue to succeed & I hope Japan will love them just like we do.

  204. This video is AMAZING :) I been a U-kiss fan ever since their debut, and I’m soo glad that they are popular now!! U-kiss I hope you become even more successful, in the future :)

  205. Their live performance today was AWESOME!!! They’re amazing and i can’t wait to see more!!!

  206. GO GO U-KISS! I’m curious what you’ll say about this new MV. There’s not much to it in terms of plot. That doesn’t matter though, this track is a power house! 

  207. it’s so awesome I love it :)

  208. I’m not a KissMe but both song and video are awesome. 

  209. amazing song cant stop listening to it

  210. U kiss really deserve to get some recognition (they are so talented) even though this is not a award vote. Kevin (who could be watching this poll happening)  will be very happy to see that there is so many fans that support and love them…….and some fangirl moment… it me, but the way AJ sing/rap his parts, it so captivating esp. the we have no choice part ^ ^

  211. Kevin eyes are so sexy <3 

  212. I have no words to describe how amazing this song and video is! T_T When I first saw full mv I wanted to cry because everything was sooo perfect! I keep singing and singing this song all my day, it is so stuck in my head and I love it <3 They have improved so much and they really deserve to win!

  213. I love them , this group is composed by talented vocalists and dancers who deserve our support and love ! I liked their last album and I just love this song … !
    I voted U-KISS and i hope all KissMe and the other will do the same !

  214. Wow, this song made me a fan of U-Kiss!  The beat is sick, their voices are smooth, the lyrics are easy to sing along with, and the dance moves are both intriguing and amusing at the same time.  Plus, I had an irresistible craving for Tic Tacs after listening to this song multiple times. (I’m a dork – I can’t resist shaking the Tic Tac containers to the beat.)  Well done U-Kiss!

  215. Hoon has such a beautiful singing voice! Also Soohyunn, Kevin & Kiseop have great voices too. AJ, Dongho & Eli’s raps in this song are brilliant. I have almost learned them all & i love singing along to the music video whilst attempting to do the dance moves. I would love to see Simon & Martina dancing to this song =)

  216. I can’t do much since I’ve liked he video via Facebook, Twitter, Google and the GREEN thingy. All I can do is comment. So, COMMENT ! U-KISS ! <3

  217. I have really come to love U-Kiss, they are a group with so much talent. They have so much determination, they never give up. Each song they release is better than the one before. Tick tack is a song with great dance moves, powerful vocals and 7 very attractive guys. I love U-Kiss and I will continue to support them. I can’t wait to see them progress even more as artists. There is no limit to their potential. U-Kiss hwaiting!!!!

  218. U-KISS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  219. omygod. i just saw the LIVE performance of TICK TACK on Made in BS Japan.. they are.. they are…dfgrtyfyyufty.. *O* though i don’t like the audio and the the outfits? hmmmn.. well all in all daebak! esp. SOOHYUN and HOON’s collaboration.. if you’re curious search “UKmariSMASH” on youtube.. :D

  220. TICK TACK TICK TACK <3<3<3

  221.  u kiss is the number one boy band group for me :)) forever and ever :))..i love DONGHo moves it’s really cool, cute and at the same time a manly charismatic move :)) love it very much !>.

  222. i m not very huge fan of U-Kiss but they always have the greatest song to dance ! ^^ 
    and this song stick on my head lol xD. thank you ^^ 

  223. I ♥ U-KISS . the BEST kpop band!

  224. I’m not a Kiss Me but I love this song. Congratulations for U-Kiss and all Kiss Me’s for the epic win at the MTV Best of the best :)

  225. ukiss jjang!!! they are improving more and more… i’ll always continue to support them..
    Go UKISS!! Go KISSMEs!!

  226. go UKISS!!! this is the start of your SOMEDAY fulfillment.. fighting kissme’s we can do this ^^♥ xoxo

  227. 파이팅 유-기스! 시링해요 케빈오!!

  228. Sign of a truly epic dance video: You start hearing beats in your head even when you watch it in mute….

  229. As soon as I watch the video, I was found addicted to it. Soohyun was damn too hot in this video. :)

  230. i love AJ Kevin & ELi <3 ^^ 

  231. This song is sooo addicting i love Ukiss <3

  232. absolutely brilliant debut! the time concept, the intense choreography, that high note ~swoon~, you could tell that every little detail had some meaning to the mv. i was really impressed by how u-kiss completely immersed themselves in the choreography, the still-doll thing at the end really hit it for me. and every person had roughly equal camera/vocal time, finally! i know they’ll do really well in japan (but pray to god they’ll perform this is korea too :D). congrats on the MTV win and many blessings for a brighter future. u-kiss fighting!

  233. UKISS HWAITING!! ((: <3


  235. And in the chorus , you go TO LIE ~ :D

  236. And in the chorus , you go TO LIE ~ :D

  237. This song is so addicting LOL. The energy they bring in this mv is ridiculously awesome. Makes me want to dance along with them alll the time whenever I watch this mv! LOVE U-KISS! 

  238. Ukiss had so much improved ! guys go vote Ukiss for most improved artist on allkpop ! they deserved it ! <3

  239. Don’t spam the vote counter, poor simon and martina , need to fixed its again and  again , 

  240. U-KISS truly is improving each time. I’m so proud of d boys! Tick tack is definitely a catchy jap song with a cool dance routine. I bet d japs r gonna love it. Cant wait to get d single! N Kevin looks so hottt!!! XD

  241. My love for U-Kiss, a band I used to sort of know about, has grown so much with my love for EatYourKimchi. So Im voting for U-Kiss because they are the best under-rated talent in Korea. Their videos are fueled by their singing and dancing of epic-ness!!

  242. does anyone else just love the part when soohyun and hoon suddenly sing together near the end ?

  243. i hate youtube, the viewers forever stuck ! -.-

  244. Don’t Forget to vote Neverland and 0330 too ! ^____^

  245. YAY ! lets keep they being number 1 !

  246. IDC About my other favorite artists except U-KISS at the moment. They TRULY deserves to win! They worked so hard and have pure talent.  And the Fact that Kevin watch your videos, he would be so HAPPY to see his group win!

  247. While I might be new to U-Kiss, this whole ensemble of the song really impressed me – from the music, which really pops out during the chorus, to the dancing (clockwork hands! So cute! And at the end when they freeze like windup dolls, perfect!), to even the set which I felt had a mythical “time” feel, from the giant clock that reminds me a bit of the Broadway set of Wicked to the dilapidated room where U-Kiss looks emotional and gorgeous all at the same time. Definitely one of my new favorite K-Pop (It’s in Japanese, does that count?) videos of all time.

  248. This boy group(UKISS) is one of a kind! because they have the looks,talent and the good personality!!
    Saranghae Ukiss<3 and  Keep up the good work!

  249. i have watched this video over and over again and have not gotten tired of it. the choreography is so damn good! in one of the comments from earlier someone called it “refreshing” and i’ve got to agree. this is some of the best/original/perfectly themed choreography i’ve seen in a while. 

  250. Great. UKISS breakthrough is finally hear <3 It's time for them to win an award.

  251. LOL guys. C A N ‘T  S T O P blasting this song in my ears. Like if u n me r trying to get deaf to all those k-pop haters. :)

  252. the ending part .. is just… O.O

  253. u kiss must fighting i support u kiss
    i love u kiss

  254. I love the quick yet easy dance movements in this video plus I love the song. <3 U-kiss!

  255. u kiss i love u kiss u kiss add oil

  256. kiSSmeS fighting!!D0NT L0SE UP T0 VIP!!!

  257. i loves the Epic jumped ! <3

  258. ♥ukiss!!! forever! This music video is just awesome!!! I’m just speechless.
    They sang it really natural and perfect, even though it is in Japanese. 
    I love all kpop groups, but I have to say, UKISS is the best of the best!!! 
    I love KPOP♥

  259. U-kiss!<3 They look really good here!^_~

  260. The first time I saw this, I was literally tearing up after watching the whole video. They’ve improved so much over the past few months, and they’ll never fail to impress us. With the powerful choreography and strong vocals, each song gets better and better. Thank you, U-KISS, for everything. :)                                                         –陳宓妤

  261. This song is really awesome!! U-kiss never fails to impress kissmes!!! U-kiss hwaiting!!!!!

  262. I really don’t know why U-Kiss isn’t more popular. In my opinion they are all extremely
    talented vocalists and dancers. I feel as if U-Kiss is more popular OUTSIDE of
    Korea because they are so international that more overseas/international kpop
    fans like them because they can finally relate to a kpop group on a more
    personal level (for me it’s Kevin and Eli because their Americans like me).
    Especially since three of the members speak fluent English so they are on more
    international programs (Arirang Pops in Seoul and US M! Countdown).

    That said:
    This video really REALLY impressed me. I have seen a lot of Japanese debut
    songs which are just a translated version of a previous song and there is
    nothing wrong with that, but putting together an entirely new song is so much
    more impressive. Also, the dance was incredibly precise and complicated. In my
    opinion, U-kiss is one of the more prominent dance groups out there. The song,
    too, was very catchy and easy to sing along too even if you don’t speak one
    word of Japanese (like me). The English was also very well done (they are certainly
    improving in that department). My only complaint about the English is that the
    chorus which is “to lie” sounds a lot like “tonight”
    instead, but words that sound similar often get mixed up even in English songs.

    I am really
    looking forward to what U-kiss will bring in the future. Tick Tack topped
    Neverland… I’m hoping that their next song will top even Tick Tack!

  263. I love this MV their choreography is getting more intense each time!!! Same goes for the song, it’s incredible and i love it!! All members are looking good in the video =D

  264. I’m a shawol but I reaally like this choreography.

  265. I love this song!! U-Kiss has such an amazing group of boys! First, this song is really catchy with the clock ticking at the begnning. and then in the video, they all act so dramatic and they dance to the beat of the tick and their dance are like robot popping style or like crazy drunks. and while the whole group seems like hypnotized and crazed, SooHyun’s like the only one happy and smiling. and then AJ goes and looks sexy going “no no no” at 1:54. Then Hoon and Sohhyun are like having a duel at 2:35 and SooHyun attacks Hoon with a brush to the shoulder, causing time to slow down!!! Not to mention their pocket dance and manly body wave……… LIKE A MAN!!! lol more like………….. LIKE A MANLY BOSS!!!! ^^

  266. U-Kisssss *3* Their dancing always amuses me, U-Kiss totally knows how to wipe their shoes with style XD

  267. I love this song!!!!
    Ukiss is the best!!!!!

  268. To Lie, I shall be singing for you thru the night. To lie, I shall be turning on the broken light.

  269. the dance rocks :)

  270. U-KISS Fighting!!!! <3

  271. What? I voted once and it rose to 5000, but then when i refreshed the screen it went down to like 4600….. what’s going on with the voting system???? 

  272. U-Kiss is amazing, I favor them a lot and I hope they become more popular because they deserve it. U-KISS Fighting!

  273. WOOOO GO U-kiss! XD

  274. U-KISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  275. u-kiss,please come to Malaysia again ^^

  276. Like a man U-kiss, much much better than the pee dance LOL

  277. I love to share this goodie for my friend :D

  278. U-KISS’ choreography keeps getting better and better! The choreo for this song is b far my most favorite out of all their songs!! U-Kiss is doing an AMAZING job! KISS MES ARE DEFINITELY PROUD!! UKISS FOR LYFE!!!

  279. I love U-Kiss!! UKissMe Hwaiting…!

  280. Tomorrow is the day! ^^ Even tho U-KISS and BIGBANG have the same date of release of their Japanese albums I hope that U-Kiss comes second to BIGBANG. I mean 1 and 2 on Oricon Chart.. Hahah!

    유키스미 화이팅~~~!! ^__^

  281. This video is awsome and they all look EXTRA HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. I’m super amazed by all the Kiss Me’s all around the world! U-Kiss is already winning Best Male artist and now rising to the top of eat your kimchi! I’m really proud that all of us Kiss Me’s have band together to create such a big movement to help U-Kiss. We are like on big family! 

  283. I would like to show Ukiss we’re supporting the best way we can~
    I’m still shocked they don’t have enough recognition ._. (Yey for me for entering in the kpop world in 2011 =_=)

  284. Nice choreography…

    Song is catchy…
    This song should win…


  286. AJ is so hot in this video <3
    stop messing up my bias list! x.x

  287. its so catchy…
    the dancing is amazing too XD
    but i kinda wish there was some sort of plot..

  288. u-kiss hwaiting!!! no matter what they say, i’ll always vote + support you, guys… ^.^

  289. This is one of those rare songs that will get you hooked at the first play. I love the fact that the mood in the video suits the song and the dance is awesome too. I felt that the dance for the chorus(running) fits with the lyrics of trying to run away from their lover but maybe that’s just me :p Also,good english is well appreciated. 

    Overall, this is one of the best songs Kpop has given me this year. <3

  290. i hope they’ll win
    they really deserve it
    also the dance is so catchy
    Ukiss the BEST!! ^^

  291. LOVE LOVE U-Kiss! C’mon KissMes!!! We gotta do this for U-Kiss!!! U-Kiss Hwaiting! <3

  292. This is the first time I have watched this and wow…. That was amazing. I loved the whole video. I really loved the dance. It really fit in with the music. It sounded alot better then most japanese versions k-pop song. I think it was really powerful and the raping was oh my gosh! I loved it. :) I think the camera work was also really great. U-KISS Looked really cool in there outfits. There shoes, jackets, pants, ties…. everything looked really cool and pritty classy (Is that the right word xD) I loved the vocals through out the song. I think U-KISS did an amazing job on the video and song.

  293. wow! this song is completely awesome!! it’s has been on my replay list! hehe :)…anyways i love the dance and how it goes with the title of the song! also even though it is Japanese, it doesn’t sound weird like a lot of k-pop songs that turn into j-pop songs. (not to say that i don’t like the Japanese versions of the k-pop songs, but this one is really good!) the lyrics are awesome, and i think, it makes sense. the lyrics are catchy and their Japanese pronouncation is awesome!  the scene  of the video is cool and they all look amazing in this video! I also love the vocals in this video! they are powerful and the rapping is awesome! so that’s my love rant on this video! U-KISS FIGHTING!!!! ;D

  294. Amazingly done Ukiss! I loved their use of onomatopoeia in this; it makes much more sense than “BAM BARATATATA, TATATATA, TA.” It’s also supremely catchy and fast.  I clicked the “play” button and the first thing I thought was, I want to run the mile listening to this. My toes were tapping through the entire song.

    Admitedly, though, the best part about this song is that it’s original. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a foreign debut song that’s one of a band’s previous hits re-written in another language, and eventually those songs are just ruined for me because every time I listen to either version it just sounds wrong. The difference in tone and soundbetweent eh original hit and the remake just get jumbled up in my head until eventually it becomes one big ball of dead cat much. It makes me so excited to see that Ukiss is not succumbing to the hole bands like SHINee and B2ST have fallen into with their foreign debuts. Ukiss daebak!

  295. u-kiss is the best and i think they always be u-kiss hwaiting 

  296. I love the dance and the feel of the music video. It is so amazing and they have more SNOW!

  297. At 0:44 their dance move look like Girls Generation – Tell me your wish HAHAHAA…. ammm but you can notice that they are working hard and doing it LIKE A MAN!!!! good luck U-kiss :D

  298. gosh~ XD~  my classmates are so “L.S.S” to UKISS songs especially to TICKTACK and Neverland+[bingeul2] ~ i think…i already spread the U-KISSME virus to my classmates~ LOL!! XD

  299. This song caught me! Gosh these guys are awesome!!! They need to win!!!!

  300. This song gives me yet another excuse to bring Kpop related stuff into my Japanese class. Kpop Idols singing in Japanese- the perfect combo for my class. U-Kiss fighting!

  301. watching ukiss grow was amazing. When you go back to their Ronald-McDonald-Soulja boy-days to now, its just a huge WTF THAT WAS THEM!! they have grown amazingly as a group and each video they have come out with this year just got better and even better. they have a lot of potential and i can see them going very far in the kpop world. the dance for this video was amazing and signifying. Stating that this video had something to do with time. (if you didn’t understand it) also they have started to give more parts out to the other group members other then kevin and soohyun which is another bonus point which makes me like the group even more, and i know that the rest of the group members are not jus dancers but can also sing or rap. thats why i think they deserve to be number one, just for the fact that they have improved and tried so hard to fix every bit of detail to themselves and their music for us to enjoy !! 

  302. these boys deserve it more than anyone else. really. the lineup of their releases has been absolutely amazing. 0330, shut up, neverland, and tick tack, just absolutely perfect. the choreography, the vocal improvement, the passion that went into everything is absolutely amazing. its the first time ive seen a japanese PV that was not a remake of an original korean song in HD on the artist’s official channel too! NH Media does such a good job of taking care of their boys ^^

  303. Ukiss IS THE BEST :D

  304. KISS MEs! Let’s keep it UP~~~ For ♥♥♥U-Kiss♥♥♥

  305. I AM IN LOVE with this song and I know you guys are too! :)

  306. I was actually pretty much speechless for a few moments after watching this. This is so good, they’ve improved so much this year, and I really hope that Japan does give them the attention they deserve. I mean, UKiss is one of the few groups that actually debut an original track in Japan instead of reproducing an old one. And the choreography is even better than the one for Neverland. This deserves to be on top, just like Neverland <3

  307. I totally love this song! I listened like 100 times already and I can’t stop dancing haha, I’m happy with this comeback of U-Kiss, and I imagine Simon and Martina dancing it like the are slipping  because of the wet floor xD
    (if there are any wrong word, i’m really sorry, i don’t know how to speak english very well) :)

  308. Best Japanese debut evar and the choreography is super cool (^-^)b

  309. I simply love EVERYTHING! I love U-Kiss (by the way, one of my favorite K-Bands), I love the song, I love the lyrics, I love the dance, I love the concept…. OMO, I’m addicted to this! *0* And I’m so happy they won ‘Best Male’ on SBS MTV Best Of The Best :’) So Proud Kiss Me <33

  310. C’est ENORME !!

    i really like this :)) u-kiss fighting ♥

  311. Where have I seen that leg dance before…hmm… Genie dance rip off! 

  312. Probably one of the best Japan debut ever! I love the dance, I love the lyrics and I love the clock!  

  313. OMG amazing video. I adore this so much. Best song I’ve heard in a while.

  314. They’re so wonderful. ^_^ I’m so proud of the way that they’ve grown.

  315. Okay, I think this is my 6th comment, but I have to say this. The lyrics oddly remind me of the poem, “Curtain.”

  316. OMG! I love how they dance on this video and the song is so catchy! I can’t wait for watching you dancing this :D

  317. U-KISS has really improved this year! I’m so proud of them and I’m happy that they’re getting the recognition that they deserve. :D

  318. I can totally imagine Martina and Simon dancing it… They would probably randomly pick spugy and make him dance… anyway, i am waiting for simon u-kiss jokes and mordney XD

  319. I was extremely excited when I heard that U-KISS would be debuting in Japan with an original song. I was waiting for U-KISS to leave Korea and start promotions elsewhere because Korea wasn’t giving them the full attention they deserved. The choreography is awesome, and there’s even a bit of a break down dance sequence before the rap bridge (which was awwwwsomee!) I wish them great success in Japan and hope they come to Canada soon n_n

  320. For god sake! Does Eli never get tired of getting hotter every time they release a new MV? He should care more about his fans hearts, i am almost having a heart attack here and is all his fault!

  321. honestly this is my first time listen to this song =P i know right. but well this song is great.. Nice Dance moves… Cool lip arousal haha… Well nothing much i can say. But the conclusion is I Like this song FULL STOP. NO ARGUMENT .. CHALLENGE? ACCEPTED. YOU LOSE. xD

  322. Kesha should learn from these handsome lads!

  323. I’m really not a big fan. When they release a song, I’d go “I’ll listen to it soon. Maybe or maybe not. Well see.” that’s how I literally reacted when the song came out. But seeing it #1 here, I told myself to give it a try. Now I know why it deserve to be on top. I usually wait for KPop Mondays before I listen to a song. Like Neverland which I like. This song is basically in Japanese, but U-Kiss needs the recognition that other group has. They are more talented than the one who is very popular. I like them better than SuJu. Their voices are great, especially Kevin (who is 1 of the only 2 members I know now). This song who be downloaded and be played over and over again in my phone. I will probably anticipate for their song. U-Kiss should know that because of eatyourkimchi they gained a new fan. Thanks for your time and I really hope they bag this. I’m a huge fan of YG artists but I really really want U-Kiss to win this one. :)

  324. great song eventhough the dance is kinda stupid xD but u-kiss is just great <3

  325. This is one UKiss song that I never tire of repeating over and over again. The dance execution is terrific. I must say that I see some repeats and snippets from past videos nonetheless it all blended well. Worthy for The Best KPop Dance 2011. Hope UKiss wins!

  326. This is a great song. From the moment I saw the short mv, I found it catchy enough that I liked hearing it in my head for hours without getting sick of it. The dance is really good too, they must have gotten a good choreographer.

  327. the dance was so awesome !
    there are many part of dongho too .. <3

  328. I really love this song and U-Kiss ^^

  329. I really love this dance. Especially all the little tics for the “tick tock/tack” moments. I also find myself really liking the backwards body roll thing. I wish that I could control where the camera went so I could see some of the moves a little better or closer though. Anyways, this song is super addicting and I really love the dance!

  330. they are so awesome. there nothing i can say :3

  331. You’ve seen the way they fight , the way they sweat , the way they fall . Never have I come across a group as determined as this . They gave it their all . And I believe it’s this effort that’s commendable . For that , U KISS forever , fighting . A proud Kiss Me signing off .

  332. i vote for tick tack because i want to marry all of u-kiss.
    all of them.

  333. Personally, I think the “to lie” lyric is a wordplay on “tonight”. At first I also thought it was “tonight” since it made a little more sense and was in line with the title Tick Tack which is an onomatopoeia for time/clock. The deception is thus on the girl and on the listener because both are fooled by him. I think the wordplay heightens the tragic heartbreak by the girl for being cheated on (assuming the song is about cheating) and then lied to. The listener also get that sense of being lied to because of the misheard lyrics.

    I like how he felt he’s “burdened with a crime in (his) heart that (he) wants to resolve” – much, much better quality lyrics than coughcoverformyinfidelitynoonacough. He likens cheating to being a crime and wants to right his wrong which is a good message. Awesome, U-Kiss!

  334. In terms of the video, it’s very impressive as KPOP videos go. The suits are interesting and the set is very nice, with the huge clock as a constant reminder of the song’s title. I like the motif of the “tick tock” sound in the beat of the song too because it ties the song together and gives it a cool, rhythmic feel to the music. The lighting of the set is dark and gives the song a harsher, harder feel to it. In terms of story though, we never get one, which is very disappointing because they could have come up with a good story for this song. However, the boys and the set suffice to keep the audience’s interest, which is the point of the video. I also love the end when the U-KISS title turns to the sound of the clock.

    The dance is also way cool, with some semblance to IU’s “You and I,” using their hands like clock hands and popping to the beat of the clock. The most memorable though is probably the leg flip, which is almost “genie”-like, which why I call it, “the manly genie.” Another memorable one, at least for me, was at the end when the boys all used their hands to move like clocks, but in different directions, and then their heads moved from side to side, giving them an almost “I’m crazy” look to them.

    The English in the video is very good. Definitely a 4.5/5. Why 4.5? Because when I first heard it, I thought Kevin was saying, “Tonight” not “To lie.” It might have to the do with the note the last syllable is on, but “To lie, I shall be singing to you through the night” and “To lie, I shall be turning on the broken light” doesn’t make as much sense as “Tonight, I shall be singing to you through the night” or “Tonight, I shall be turning on the broken light.” I love though that Kevin got to sing the English lyrics because he really gives the song some clarity when he does.

  335. I vote for tic tack due its fine beats  of the song. I would prefer this one than the other ones

  336. Now for the review. LOL….I noticed that, other than my mini-diary, I hadn’t reviewed this song. :P

    Anyways, I have to say, this is the best Japanese song ever! No song can be compared to this!!  I’ve never like the Japanese releases of any K-Pop group cuz it all sounds so AWKWARD. But this, this absolutely does not. It sounds as if they’ve been speaking Japanese for years. Yea, I’m not a pro at Jap, but I do feel that way. :)

    Mebbe the reason why the jap songs of other k-pop groups sound weird because they make a remake of their Korean songs, and since we’re all used to listening to it, we feel weird when it’s sung in another language. I feel this is the main reason. Thus, it was clever of U-KISS to compose a whole new song. :) 

    The song has so much meaning in it too! Esp. the line “I shall be turning on the broken light.” Well, according to me at least. You can come up w/ hundreds of interpretation.
    The dance….the recurring – infamously known as – “Manly Genie” step. That takes the cake. The difference in this ver. is that it’s more….harsh…fierce?..I hope you understand. Not to mention it’s so HARD to do!! :O

    The company was smart in letting the English speakers sing the English part of it. So, there aren’t any grammatical mistakes or stupid lines (the review of 0330 has obviously made them weary of mistakes and mild stupidity :P). The beat is so addictive – is that a word? :P
    Esp. the background “Tick Tack Tick Tack…” and their jerky movements were awesome too. They’ve improved so much at their dancing and in their vocals! Hmmm…what else? I likes the new looks, esp., Kisoep’s anti-gravity hair-do! 

    Oh, the entrance of the rap part was a little abrupt, but you get used to it. :)

    Overall, the song is KICK-ASS!!

  337. Sorry I’m posting another comment. :)
    First of all….

    Those of you who are new to the song. Kevin, on his twitter, made the reason for the title known. If you ask anyone in Japan, or even a foreigner who reads a manga (like me), you will find that “Tick Tock”‘s pronunciation in Japanese is TICK TACK. The vowel ‘a’ is pronounced as ‘ah’ which gives it a sound of “aw” as in Tock. “Tock” would be wrong since the “o” in Tock is pronounced as the letter itself, “o”. I hope you understood since I’m not good at explanations. If you didn’t, then google ‘japanese lessons’ and the site will teach you the pronunciations of all the vowels.

    I think Simon and Martina explained the reason for SHINee’s Japanese replay. What’s with the sudden doubts?
    First of all, this song has been sung by a K-POP group, thus, they have taken this into consideration.
    Second of all, you guys didn’t seem to mind SHINee’s Japanese replay being reviewed on K-Pop Music Mondays. I mean no offence cuz I’m a huge-ass fan of SHINee. :P

    One more thing, if you listen to the song, like REALLY listen, you WILL hear “To LIE.”
    I heard it the third time I listened to it, and then a few hours later, I saw the tweet. :P

    Thank you for reading this. I hope this helped?…

  338. Lately I’m so busy that I totally did not expect this one to come; to add to that the new YT layout makes it difficult for me to notice the videos I’m really interested in ~ I guess I have subscribed to tooooo many channels >_<

    anyways I [somehow] noticed an new MV of U-KISS and decided to give it a try ~ and let me tell you that since the very begining throughout the whole 3 minutes and 43 seconds I was totally mesmerized

    I absolutely love the song [JD Relic knows how to do his thing], I love the choreo and I love the MV ~ definitely one of the best releases ^_^

    on a side note ~ I love this project of yours ~ It'll make it easier for me to keep up with kpop ^^
    regards from Poland from fellow English teacher ~ can't wait for Christmas break o.O

  339. The dancing in this video is sensational! Actually, the whole video is pretty sensational, I love the backdrop with the giant clock face. Their English pronunciation is good as well. Some blatant face arousal, but the raunchy thrusting seems to be kept to a minimum. I love how the dance moves mimic the clock hands, and the camera pan around the end move (right at 3:32) is pretty awesome. Well done U-KISS, well done.

  340. Irene de Tomás Codina

    This song is really awesome. 
    The lyrics are really meaningful and the rhythm is really catchy.(not to mention the tick tack background that follows the entire song, that will NEVER EVER be erased from your mind, no matter what you’re doing).The vocals are really powerful, especially in the Soohyun’s and Hoon’s bridge at the end of the song.However, I think the dance is the best part of it. It’s really strong and I think it’s their best dance so far.
    They look super duper handsome, as usual, and those grey suits are definitely sexy smexy.
    Anyway, I give this song a… five out of five!  

  341. at my first try in dancing the chorus part (“like a man” version of genie) i hurt my heel. it was so hard but they made it look highly effortless. i would like to see simon and martina do that part. kekekeke >:)

  342. So I’ll break down my toughts into a simple comment by making a list!
    - Great suits.
    - Kiseop’s Hair sucks in the 2 color shirt part.
    - Don’t know if i liked the 2 color shirts.
    - The room that seems to be in ruins didn’t quite convince me.
    - I really liked the giant clock set, starting with the GIANT CLOCK and the lighting effects.
    - The precise and strong moves were awesome.
    - The strong chorus and the sticky melody is really good.
    - They song is awesomely complemented with the vocals. Each one of their voices and notes were perfect with the melody of the song.
    - The clock-like movements, reminded me of IU’s you and I. But they were acually really smooth and cool.
    - What I think about the whole dance: The precise and matched moves combined with the suits gave it a SMOOTH, SHARP and ELEGANT look tho the whole giant clock part.
    - The rap part was really melodic I think AJ’s and Eli’s part matched the song the best.
    -The third scene to appear (the neon lights at the back) looked as if it was from a rookie’s MV.
    - Also about the members, I think Kevin is the one who has improved the most in all aspects (Vocals visuals, dancing, etc)
    - And lastly: Maybe I’m biased but it’s the first time I think someone doesn’t look lame in a helmet haircut.

  343. This is a Japanese release. Is it ok to have it reviewed though the artists are Koreans? Anyway, What I truly love about this MV/single is that it’s the most awesome MV U-kiss has made. The song, its beat, tempo, lyrics, melody and even the parts of each member fit perfectly. Not to mention, the choreography is the best.. the members are not the best dancers in the Kpop industry but they nailed the dance in this MV. Indeed, a company’s group is one of the key factors for a group to produce good songs.. Thanks to Avex Japan   

    I can say that U-kiss is a progressing group in Kpop. From the ‘Not Young’ days to the not so good songs until Man Man HaNi came to Neverland.. they continue to grow… I just love how U-kiss is determined in every endeavor they take. I’m a proud Kissme. 

  344. God…I love the dancing in the video. The moves are sooo complicated and I actually tried to learn some of them…but failed miserably. Their synchronization is always perfect. And the part where they do the little separate dances…*mind is blown*. I love the song itself as well…It’s SO catchy…this is the only song that I’ve been singing for the past two days…I can also sing along to more than 3 lines *cough* neverland, tell the Dj turn it up up up, and d-d-dance a little more, and we’ll stay forever young *cough* so I’m a happy Kiss me :3. The only thing is…I actually thought the lyrics were…”Tonight…I shall be here” but turns out that it’s actually “To lie…”…but other than this…time for fangirling: Soohyun was soooo sexy! *drool* and his voice is so UNF, eargasmic. And Kiseop’s hair…his hair is still the same as in Neverland…only one word: SEXY. Kevin looks beautiful as he always does…and AJ is so hot on that…chair. And Dongho the cutie maknae is starting to be a little sexier…Me gusta :> 

  345. Soooooo, does this mean that if i keep posting in the comments, the probabilities of this vid being pick,increases..if so…ill be spamming more often~!^^

  346. PIPOL~!! Watch Tick tack in the ukis2008 chanel AS MUCH AS U CAN! 1MILLION VIEWS BEFORE dec 14!!

  347. THEY R GONNA WIN~! SIMON< MARTIN~!! If u dont review this soon..ima die..DIE I TELL U~!…. ^^

  348. Tick Tack for the Win~! Who wouldn’t love their awesome voices, amazing choreography, and mouth-watering looks?? XDDD

  349. U-KISS ! GO ! KISSMEs ! GO ! Totally love the video and the song ! It shows that U-KISS had grown a lot for the past three years ! They just put a lot of effort into it ! Hoping they’ll win ! FIGHTING <3 ~~

  350. I love UKiss…..and I love this song…….but…..tick TACK? XD
    Oh god, please. I can see Simon and Martina tearing it apart already.

  351. the ending dancing part was epic to me. Love the song, lyrics, their voices & obviously the DANCE ROCKS!!!

  352. UKISSME rock!!!

  353. I freaking love the choreography. Like a BOSS!
    U-kiss is da bomb XD

  354. doesn’t the beginning sound a little like Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For”?

    lol they had a ‘like a man!’ version of SNSD’s “Genie” choreo.
    love the vid! U-KISS great job!

  355. I voted for this song because i really love their vocal abilities in this song, which has improved by…… A LOT. And even though the song is Japanese, they nailed the pronunciation. The dance was terrific and energetic, and really synchronized and you can see that U KISS put in their very best in the dance. The rap was equally awesome and the song is really addictive. AND there is not really and grammatical mistakes or misunderstandings because all the English speakers are the ones who are the ones who are speaking English.  The lighting and setting is also good and appropriate, giving viewers the appropriate effect that they are supposed to feel. sooo… yeah…..

  356. vote for ukiss plz! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  357. the best of u-kiss so far

  358. Anyone else want super fresh minty breath when hearing the name of the song?
    It doesn’t at all come across as a clock to me.

  359. This is my favorite Japanese song made so far by a K-pop group. The mv, dance, music was all soo GREAT! I am very HAPPY that they didn’t try to translate their Korean songs to Japanese like many groups that are debuting now in Japan. They are so Talented and to see them win once would bring me happiness. Their hard work could finally be paid off. KISSME ♥ always

  360. I recon Tick Tack is one of ukiss best songs so far. Even though it is in Japanese, it has amazing singing, amazing dancing and amazing rapping. The camera work is great, the lighting and the setting is too. Ukiss definitely deserve to win something at least something since everyone is disappointed about korean music charts. Ukiss Fighting~~

  361. Is it true their not singing “tonight”, but “to lie”??
    I am confused.

  362. As far as I know Ukiss was in the lead till the end of the MTV awards voting. ^.^ happy for them, they deserve it~

  363. best video U-kiss has had yet… the camera work was great… GO UKISS GO KISSMES~~~

  364. this song is so addicting XD
    UKISS FIGHTING~!!!!!!!!!


  366. I don’t get the points thing…I’ve commented on a lot of stuff…but it says I only have one point for commenting…and same for the voting and liking on fb…it doesnt show…

  367. Everyone’s posting massive long comments ;__; I don’t think I have anything nearly as awesome to say… apart from HOLY DSHDHKDJKHASLDHASKLHFHCNC men in grey suits= me gusta.

    I kinda think U-Kiss are more popular outside of Korea…if so they should totally tour *hint AUSTRALIA hint*

  368. tick tack is like one of the best japanese songs this year!


  370. Through a weird search I found ManManHani and saved it to my favorites,
    but never tried to find more songs or more about the group. It was
    seeing them interviewed by Eat Your Kimchi that made me see how friendly
    and real these guys are. They didn’t have that aura that said, “Oh no, don’t bother me. I don’t have time for people like you.” If anything I’d say I fell in love with U-KISS as a group of admirable guys first which is how they continue to inspire me. I wish and fight for only the best for them.

  371. I have a huge amount respect for U-Kiss.
    U-Kiss’s style is unmistakable in the k-pop scene. No one thing makes or breaks them. Instead, every little detail comes together to form something amazing. The unique lyrics, the stunning vocals, the aggressive synchronicity… even the very key of the song!!I was never a fan of U-Kiss before Eat Your Kimchi, but I’m so glad that I was exposed to such great sounds through Music Mondays. Thanks to all my fellow k-pop lovers for voting!!

    • Me too!! THANK YOU SIMON AND MARTINAAA!! I truly DISCOVERED them after I saw their interview w/ Simon and Martina…and that also made me fall in LOVE with everything that had to do with Simon and Martina…>_<

  372. This song is really catchy, I agree.
    Also, the dance is super fun to watch.
    I could watch Kevin dance for hours.
    But the dance is like a mix between “The Running Man” dance and SNSD’s “Leg Pop” dance from their Genie MV. 
    I looove J-pop.
    right guys?
    I understand that they are Korean, and they are trying to widen their audiences/popularity, but listening to Japanese doesn’t help my Korean…

  373. I was really impressed with this song, dance, video, everything. First of all it’s a Japanese release, and as most of us know, Korean agencies don’t always like to release quality Japanese videos. This video, however, is good quality, the dance is entertaining, and the song is extremely catchy. I really enjoy the use of the clock theme and Kevin’s “shall” is simply brilliant. The concept is simple and I’m not being bombarded with 7 different outfits, sets, and hairstyles. The simplicity of it all allows me to focus on the song. Though I’m not a KISSME, I honestly think it’s a shame U-Kiss isn’t very popular in Korea (I use popular loosely). They are a very hard working group and I think that shows in this video. I really hope this video gets voted to the top. I’m counting on  you KISSMEs!

  374. Like you say , “Based on the responses we’re seeing, U-KISS is insanely popular on our site and with international fans. ”
    And yet they have not managed to win any award on any music shows .

    Both U-KISS and KISS MEs are trying really hard to win this . We’re not like any other fandoms who don’t even need to lift their finger so that their group can win , thanks to the fans in Korea .

    We’re always thrown into disarray because U-KISS has not win any awards from music shows . Not because we think that they are lame and weak , but because we know that U-KISS has worked hard and do everything they can to win as Number One and make us KISS MEs happy.

    Did you know ? People even started creating rumours that U-KISS will disband if they can’t win an award in the near future . See how that throws us into a disarray ?!

    They’ve already been here for 3 long years , and yet they are not acknowledged for their talents and skills in Korea . Do you even know how heartbreaking that is for U-KISS and KISS MEs ?!

    Us international KISS MEs are literally doing every single thing we can to raise U-KISS to the top and make them happy . We’re trying out best .

    And EatYourKimchi’s K-Pop Charts is another one where we’re doing everything we can so that U-KISS can win , be it a mini event or a major event .

    PS. U-KISS won Best Male awards with 38.68% followed by GD & TOP and DBSK with 22.05% and 12.97% respectively . * I know they didn’t release the results OFFICIALLY yet , but come on , the results are displayed right in front of your eyes and U-KISS is winning it :D

    • It’s true, we work soooo sooo hard for our U-KISS…and Korea doesnt seem to appreciate it, so we feel really good that you guys do. I literally stayed up all night the day NEVERLAND came out on YT, Naver, and I kept trying to spread the news of it. I also suggested we start Twitter trends including million kisses and get well soon eli and all the fans worked so hard to make U-KISS proud. Also, as soon as NEVERLAND came out on iTunes, we bought the song right away. I really hope they win awards and their effort will pay off.

      Do you know when the mtv sbs awards finish?? I voted, and I really hope they win…I think they’ll really appreciate it and I’ll feel so proud of them…it really seems like they’ll win the award!! >_<

  375. 1. No mordney present TT^TT
    2. OOOH~ engrrrish XD at first i thought they were singing tonight but they were actually singing to lie XD (lol!)
    3. I LOVE THE DANCE HOLY CRAP xD u-kiss is better with their BADASS STYLE xD
    4. yayy not as much as make up XD Me gusta~
    6. I can definitely see the tick tack thingy the MV fits the song really well XD
    7. SMALL COMPLAIN! the suit and the combat boots… just… doesnt go well ._.
    8. I loved their badass rap XD
    9. Definitely should be the song of the year… REALLY REALLY CATCHY! and definitely have a signiture dance (the manly Genie dance XD )

  376. This new song is really catchy ^^


  378. im loving this new image that u-kiss is giving and the choreography which seems to be becoming more and more fierce =)

  379. just gotta love this XD ^^ omg~ <3 <3

  380. I’m an occasional K-Pop fan, as I listen to almost anything and not really tend to follow the news much (my current fav song actually comes out on 2003, yeah you know the drill). I start to really know K-Pop after Sorry Sorry (who doesn’t know that song anyway?) although I already jam on TVXQ before that (only their Japanese songs, heck I never knew they are Korean at the first place =_=||). So when people ask I usually identifies myself as both Cassiopeia and ELF, because it’s not a rule that one can only be a fan of a group, right?

    I have a friend who is a VIP and he (yes, you read that right) introduced me to U-Kiss after Man Man Ha Ni. I admit I heard of the existence of the group (my sister once listens to Not Young on loop like crazy on my laptop) but somehow they never impress me much. I have to admit it’s hard for a K-Pop group to make an impression on me, mostly because I’m more bias towards J-Pop/J-Rock and bands like Mew, Linkin Park etc, which considerably a far cry from the standard K-Pop.

    So when I first listen to Neverland it really caught me by surprise how much I love it. I have it on loop and the MV is a constant watch on my playlist, especially the dance version. I’m still not tired of the song when THIS comes out. I mentioned that I’m more bias towards J-Pop, because I know the language better and can follow the pronunciation easier. But that also makes me harsher I guess, I never listen to any Japanese song by Super Junior despite being an ELF, because I can’t stand it somehow (ironic when I can listen to the Korean version effortlessly).

    If I fall for Neverland hard, I fall for Tick Tack harder. I spazz about it on Twitter, share the (short version) MV on Facebook, and fangirl with my sister (not one that loves Not Young, she’s too busy for K-Pop now) like crazy. I turned into a rabid fangirl in one night, despite not even listen to the full song yet. I never thought there’s any Japan debut that can beat or reach the same level of awesomness after CN Blue’s In My Head (which is awesome, as I always want them to make a rock song), but this sure hit the ball out of the park.

    It irks me that Korea does not give them much love (Neverland deserves the No.1 in every music show!) so I sincerely wish Japan will give them what they deserve. And with this song and it’s awesome slick choreography (I wish they’ll release the dance version soon!) that wish is not that far off their reach, hopefully.

    I’m an occasional K-Pop fan, but to be able to make me write this crazy long comment; U-Kiss, you deserve each respect from me. U-Kiss, hwaiting!

  381. Awesome song, awesome choreography and awesome singers/dancers… This song and U-kiss really deserve it! Like every track I’ve heard/seen of them so far! Go U-kiss! <3

  382. U-KISS fighting!!! KISSMES we can do it lets get 0330, neverland and tick tack to the top~

  383. kissemes let’s show our powers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ukiss deserve the 1st place!!!

  384. I LOVE the dance for this song. The coordination is beautiful, and it works so well with the set.

  385. This is probably the only Japanese debut song from a Korean group I am actually looking forward to. This song definitely possesses great qualities to it whether it is the dance, the vocals or even the effects to it. KISSMES FIGHTING! UKISS FIGHTING!

  386. kissmes show our powers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  387. Best Japanese debut of this year <3

  388. Vote for U-kiss!! do it for the Mordeny Present xD

  389. Ukiss have worked so hard, it makes me proud to be a Kiss Me (: Their Japanese debut song is strong, I hope they make it big. At least they didn’t remake one of their previous korean songs like most kpop groups. Individuality is the key these days, no one makes it big just on talent anymore sadly.

  390. Most of the Kiss Mes know that U-Kiss deserves to win 1st place on the music shows. And we have been waiting very patiently for that day to come; from their awesome choreography and amazing vocals to their creative concepts, U-Kiss really has worked hard since their debut but to no avail. But even though they aren’t winning Music Bank 6 times in a row, Kiss Mes will always stick by them no matter what.

    Kiss Mes all around the world love and support them, and even though things are tough for the guys, I hope they know that there is an amazing force that will stand by them till the end.

    Kiss Mes let’s show them all what we can really do.

    U-KISS FTW! <3

  391. kissme hwaiting! u-kiss hwaiting! 

  392. U-Kiss really deserves to win. They have fought so hard and for so very long and yet they still just keep getting better and better. These men so win hands down. I love their music it lifts my moods when I’m feeling bad. This song especially was just hands down amazing. U-Kiss hwaiting!!

  393. It’s been a long hard road for U-Kiss and Kissmes. Undoubtedly the most underrated kpop group, U-Kiss has had a lot of downs and not quite so many ups but they continue to hang on and I really hope Korea, Japan, and everywhere else Kpop is loved, can recognize this group’s hard work and start to love them like I have.

  394. They just get better and better :’) This song…omo I have listened to it SO MANY times on repeat and Im not even sick of it… I really hope they do a Korean and/or English version.

  395. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kissme’s let’s show our power!!!!

  396. #OneforUkiss! They need to get this! Awesome dance, vocals, EVERYTHING <3

  397. This is the best! The dance was awesome. Vocals awesome. Rapping awesome. Fav part is 2:20 onwards. Great job, U-KISS!

    And I’ve never seen the set before… Isn’t that good? :DD

  398. I really hope U-kiss wins something soon. I’ve been working hard as a KissMe, voting my butt off and  doing my best to spread the word of U-Kiss’s awesomeness. This is, imo, the best release from them yet. And they continually get better with each new release. I’m so proud of those boys and all their hard work.

  399. U-Kiss No.1
    I absolutely love dance, love song, love voice, love everything belongs to you.
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  400. i think the english rating on this song would be fun to do. not so much bad english, as kind of over-the-top fancy with the whole shall thing. :)

  401. Our boys have worked so hard since 2008, yet they have barely won any awards! They have amazingly catchy songs and dances, and many enjoyable shows (U-Kiss vampire, Chef’s Kiss). They’ve also went through so many hardships as well, such as Kibum and Xander leaving the group. These boys are underrated and should definitely get more praise for their outstanding music. I’m a shawol and a kissme, but the difference in popularity I see makes me very sad. Although SHINee also debuted in 2008, they seem so much more popular and won more awards. Even newer boybands like BEAST and Infinite won more awards then U-Kiss. Simon and Martina, you’ve met the U-Kiss boys before, right? Aren’t they such the sweetest boys? Anyways, about “Tick Tack”, I think it’s definitely one of U-Kiss’ best songs yet. It’s extremely catchy (tick tock tick tock tick tick tock~) and choreography synchronizes well with the music. It’s my favorite U-Kiss video yet and the boys look so handsome! U-Kiss, fighting!!!!

    • Shawol, ELF and KissMe here!! It really is sad to me too how large the attention gap between them is…I discovered SHINee first, but when I fell in love with U_KISS, I couldn’t understand why they weren’t just as popular…was it just because of the SM label, or what? It didn’t make sense that such an amazing group of fine young men weren’t making it as big as they deserve to be. At least their popularity is climbing now. Makes meh happeh.

  402. at this rate, we’re gonna get to 3000 votes very soon!


  403. I absolutely love the dance for this video. I think that it incorporates clock movements well and I love that it showcases Kiseop’s dancing a bit more. I really love Kevin and Kiseop’s dancing because it’s really different from the others and I think that they stand out. My eyes are always glued to them in the dancing segments because they’re so cool to watch. And this dance seems more in sync than “Neverland” and it just looks sooo cool. I really can’t believe that they haven’t won anything yet because they are so hardworking and really an amazing group.

  404. Oh yes! U-kiss ftw! Kevin will be happy!

  405. I think this is my favorite songs from U-KISS. :D I hope they do a Korean version.

  406. Saranghaeyo U-Kiss.
    All songs of U-Kiss, to me, are wonderful.
    KissMes will make U-Kiss win.

  407. Oooo I like just about everything about this video…I love when the song starts to pick up around 0:44 sec, its got some nice power to it and mama likey. I also really like how they incorporate the sound of the clock into the song, as well as the clock-like movements in their dance. The only thing I cannot stand if the use of the word “shall” :/ it seriously bothers me for some reason. Other than that…well done U-kiss, well done.

  408. U-Kiss has really improved their sound. Every year has been better than the previous one. Even if they don’t become popular in Korea I think they’ll be around as long as they continue to improve and gain more (money-spending) fans. :)

  409. u-kiss needs recognition for their hard work! 
    u-kiss fighting~ <3 

  410. UKISSSSS!!!

  411. Although U-kiss might not be the best group, but this video is really a great work of them!!! ^^ Their japanese is really better than mine!!! I hope they will win more awards and be more popular!!! U-kiss saranghae! By the way, kiseop is so hot in the video!!! ^^

  412. Umm…so question, what kind of responses are ”creative?” I want to see one…I don’t feel like I’ll ever win something like this cuz I don’t know what they’re looking for. Maybe ONE DAY…ONE DAY I’ll win a kpop cd.

  413. This is U-KISS=It will be featured on Simon and Martina’s How to Dance Kpop 2011
    ’nuff said.

  414. ukiss-jjang <3 i only knew them during 0330 era, but i love all of their songs and they're one of my favorites. they never fail to brighten up my day with their cute and sweet personalities. i admire their determination and just as a fan, i am proud of what they've accomplished. because this group is truly talented and wonderful. tick tack daeback!!~

  415.   I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! I LOVE them so much they never disappoint me I am so proud to be a Kissme ( [Warning Fangirl Outburts] Dongho oppa I LOVE YOU !!!!! ) I love you guys always make my Mondays great ^_^

  416. I think the song and the dancing was AWSOME! I think they will do really well in Japan. U-Kiss Fighting!!!!!!!!! Hope it stays at #1

  417. I LOVE THIS SONG <33

    the dance move is totally captivating my eyes O.Oand soohyun, hoon and kevin's vocal are AMAZING AS ALWAYS (Y)
    btw AJ is super cute in the mv <33

  418. U-KISS TICK TACKK! since I think TICK TACK is better than NEVERLAND (My opinion) but both are U-KISS’ tho.. U-KISS FIGHTING!! :D (this is not spam right) Love Martina and Simon, always make my Mondays :))))

  419. This song makes my heart happy ^__^ I hope Simon doesn’t like…injure himself trying to do it, lol

  420. I went in, expecting a ballad, but ended up with “Neverland”. This song, is so great!….just so great.

  421. U-KISS is gonna make it big in Japan. :D

  422. I’m absolutely obsessed with the dance here. They’re so synchronized.

  423. I’ll admit, when I first heard that U-Kiss was releasing a song called Tick Tack, I thought it was gonna be an ad about Tic Tacs. I actually would’ve been excited for that if that were the case.

    Of course this is just as excellent. Soohyun and Hoon’s vocals are amazing, the dance fits great and really hooks you in, and the set of the MV was actually pretty captivating to me (the flying confetti was a little distracting though even though it created a cool effect. i couldn’t stop staring at it. x]). These guys are so talented and it pains me that they’ve yet to win an award. Go U-Kiss! <3

  424. U-Kiss is an UNDERRATED TALENTED group!

  425. U-KISS should not be in Korea~ Their own race is not being supportive to them! U-KISS is being loved more internationally! :P

  426. How U-KISS has never achieved #1 on the Korean kpop charts for over 3 years sometimes baffles me. This song should definitely be promoted in Korea! =)

  427. They deserve to win !!! Kiss Me !! lets go !!! vote for our lovely oppadeul !!
    I Love U-Kiss !!! >.<

  428. They deserve to win! Let’s go Kiss Mes!

  429. UKISS gogogo!! <3 ((:


  431. I love the dance and the vocals and rap – you can see they’re putting all their effort in. And I totally accept AJ and Hoon (Love them! ^^) My favorite part is the SooHoon duet :) Can’t wait to see that live!

  432. U-KISS Fighting!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!! ♥

  433. ;__; Us KISSme’s have been working very hard recently!! lets have another #OneforUkiss pretty sure  I have listen to this song 100′s of times >.<

  434. They deserve to win.  They’ve worked so hard ever since they debuted and they haven’t won any awards yet. I hope they do in the near future!

  435. Wow go Ukiss. They’ve improved so much since ManManPanties. With 0330, Neverland and now Tick Tack they better get the recognition they deserve. 

  436. Groups like U-Kiss are the ones that deserve the most recognition. Even if they don’t get it on Korean award shows, we can help them win in this. They promote on the streets, THEMSELVES, not someone their company hired to promote for them. I love groups like SuJu, 2NE1, Big Bang, etc., but have they ever gone on the streets and asked people to support them and buy their album? No, because they haven’t needed to. They have every thing handed to them but they can’t produce a video that blows U-Kiss’s away. U-Kiss has to fight for what they get and I feel they are one of the most, if not the most deserving groups of this title. I mean, did you see the preciseness in the dance and did you see the dance to Shut Up, if that is not perfection, i don’t know what is. The song was great too, I heard it one time and it’s suck in my head already, it’s one of the best K-Pop songs ever and I know it will be one of my top most played songs on itunes in a short time. I can’t get enough of the music video and dance. Long story short. it’s an amazing video and I have high hopes for U-Kiss and their future. i hope they win, and if not maybe another very deserving group will. U-Kiss and EatYourKimchi Fighting!!! :)

  437. But this isn;t k-pop oAo WTF?!?!?

  438. Ukiss Daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  439. For at least 4 months, Doushite by DBSK was my favorite J-POP song from a K-POP group. Not until U-Kiss came to Japan with Tick Tack. I was so glad that U-Kiss was coming back with Neverland after 0330, but I was more excited for this. I waited for the full version, and to me, it felt so long. U-Kiss deserves the praise, they worked so much to make Kiss Me’s happy. Not to mention I’m a brand new Kiss Me, ever since the 0330 era. We should all be proud of what our U-Kiss oppas do for us. Without them, we wouldn’t have Not Young, Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul, Shikkuro!!, 0330, Neverland, and/or Tick Tack. Just because some Kiss Me’s still don’t accept the fact NH replaced Xander and Kibum with AJ and Hoon, doesn’t mean their not U-Kiss. We should all be happy that they are still together as U-Kiss. They are our Ubiquitous Korean International Super Stars. <3

  440. I actually heard about this song a way while back, after they released 0330, but this is my first time hearing/watching it,, and I have to say I love it! Even though it’s in Japanesse, it’s still really catchy and really good! The video is also really nice to the setting to the dancing. I hope they make a Korean version though,, then I can actually be able to sing along. (lol)

  441. It’s so hard to be precise with every one of your moves…and this song requires that precision the whole time. I was so impressed with this dance…especially how it relates to the song entirely :) I can’t help but think it must hurt moving your legs and feet that way the whole dance…but our boys never fail in bringing their best to the table :) I looove Kevin’s finger moves when they dance the chorus :) Oh U-Kiss…you definitely turn on my broken lights :) I find myself doing the head and finger flicks when this song comes up on my playlist and I’m pretty sure my parents think I’m crazy :) Not that I mind…good job U-Kiss <3 the best videos came from you guys this year (: Makes the Kiss-me in me feel so proud…

  442. this song is the best …!!! u-kiss lovee you so much…!!!

  443. I LOVE THIS SONG SOOOO MUCH :) on repeat since its been out!

  444.  I have to say, this is now my favorite Japanese song from a Korean group. I love how they created an original song for their debut instead of remaking one of their Korean songs. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but now there’s nothing to compare it to, and you can enjoy it in its pure beauty. By the way they’re dancing, you can see they’re giving it their all. I especially love the raps and vocals. My favorite part was the duet with Soohyun and Hoon and Soohyun’s falsetto. ^^ Much love for U-KISS!!

  445. yeah..u-kiss <33

  446. So, I’m new to the kpop scene and only started to get really into it after watching every “Music Monday”… therefore this was the first ACTUAL U-Kiss song/MV I have ever seen/heard.

    Wow. I must say I loved the clock dance in IU’s mv but… U-Kiss’s clocks are a bit sexier and much cooler. Also, I tend to find that I prefer mv’s that have some sort of story as opposed to just dancing but I really enjoyed this mv. I think I may be a U-Kiss fan now….

  447. This is my first time actually listening to this song and watching the video. I really did enjoy the dance greatly. It was a very dynamic dance, and the members were on point. The transition from dance to dance was nice also. The song is awesome too. They both have there own type of zest to show. The dance was on varying levels, as to when they get low to the ground, which is also very important in dancing. The use of arms, hands, legs, feet, and the body is really well done. I really like the outfits they had on, which was freaking SEXYYY. The whole feel to the video is dark, but fun. I really did enjoy it.

  448. I absolutely adore U-Kiss. It makes me sad they don’t win any awards and work so hard on amazing songs and music videos and don’t really get recognized for it. They have improved and grown as artist too, I really hope that they win an award either at the end of this year to bring them into a fantastic, award winning 2012, or at the beginning of next year, to start their new year with celebrations. They really deserve it!

  449. U-Kiss has improved so much, its amazing. This song is so catchy too, I keep replaying it over and over. They need to win something for all of their hard work! GO U-KISS!

  450. love this song soo much….not cause the members look awesome but also because of how the video is made and how the song was made as well. love how the song really brings out all of their talents….hoon finally gets to show-off his awesome vocals alongside soohyun, dongho final gets to showoff his rapping skill, kiseop finally gets more lines and eli, aj, and kevin are definitely showing what’s up with singing/rapping in english and japanese….also we can’t forget their awesome dance….even though they were never meant to be considered a dance group with they debuted they can still dance as if they did debut themselves as a dance heavy group
    when i watch the video sometimes…..i sometimes fangirl not for the guys but for the brilliant cinematography of the video…the camera angles, lighting and everything about the video is so well done
    ok my rant about this video is now over

  451. U-kiss continues to amaze me. I will never stop loving them.

  452. STAY #1!!!! U-Kiss is amazing!!!

    Everyone… keep this as #1…!!!

  453. I have loved this song ever since the 10 seconds of it was shown on a Japanese News Program… Now that the MV (and whole song) is out I cant stop listening to it…. I love the dance and the vocals… One of my favorite parts is when SooHyun and Hoon have a long note battle thing…. SO EPIC….  UKISS Fighting


    Vote for them for BEST MALE! <3 
    Let's see them win #1!

    When the short version came out, I couldn’t stop listening.
    And I didn’t think they couldn’t top Neverland….so wrong.Plus the dance is absolutely amazing. I’m mainly talking about the chorus part. A sort of SNSD Genie-esqe foot movement while running (except its totally better than SNSD) then the ‘tick tack’ with shoulder pops and my favourite move which is kinda hard to explain. At 1:04. Its sort of like flailing, except…not. I may have learnt it as soon as it came out…
    ANYWAY. This video is brilliant. In all senses.
    The song, the dance, the english, the set, the camera work, the colours. I love it.
    ….I’m not too keen on the silver ties/jacket lining though.

  456. im mad how u-kiss makes these amazing and great songs but they never give them a award =( U-KISS should get one right now! KISSme’s said so!

  457. Can honestly still say that I love this song, been listening non-stop for about a week and I’m still not tired of it….if anything I learned the whole song ! LOl :) Go U-KISS


  459. I really love this song :) I heard it once and I am hooked! When I first started listening it gave me the shivers, I don’t about everyone else here but it makes me think… bigger. Like, there’s more. I haven’t read the translations yet and this is what I feel from the song, a moonlight quality. Definitely getting my vote :)

  460. HOLE-Y MAX’S WEIRD LIGHT POWER! People are writing essays here. While I am not going to analyze the song (it has been analyzed to the point of death), I will say that UKISS deserves this win because the dance is really awesome and fresh!! Their Japanese is not bad, men look great (they’re all older than me  and I can’t say ‘boys”), the lighting, the stages, the symbols look fantastic. This song reminded me of Arashi’s Monster but UKISS did it better! I really liked the dance break where the guys on the right “kick” the members on the left. That one move made me vote for UKISS. I can’t really explain it; it just looks catchy! 

  461. What I think U-KISS should be commended on is their placement. Their producers really think out the order of their choreography and their dance formation which really accentuates their abilities. 

    I’m not a U-KISS fan but I think they deserve more than they are receiving right now…maybe their vocals aren’t as great as SJ-KRY and their dance isn’t as great as, say, Taemin, but how they work with what they’ve got is really amazing. 

    One thing I really want to mention is the guy in the middle during the dance (blonde…i think his name is Kevin?) He puts a really heavy emphasis onto himself during one particular move where they step backwards and wave from their hips at the same time, and it makes it seem like the whole group is performing just as seamlessly. (when, in reality, if you look at the members at the back/sides the wave is irregular, stiff and just really odd looking.) 

    Love the movement in their dance. Combination stiff/jerky and flowy/showy movements.

  462. U-Kiss!!! *-* I love LOVE this video!! i hope you win!!! ^-^ <3

  463. U-kiss Fighting!! <3 i hope they get the award they deserve ^-^ i love SHINee but U-Kiss's Japanese song is 1000 times better

  464. U-Kiss fighting ! They deserve it. <3

  465. Even though this song isn’t Korean it’s already dominating these kpop charts, haha. The dance is really strong and you can see their ‘fierce’ sides. Maknae Dongho is showing his powerful rapping skills in Japanese that kinda blew me away ^-^! And omg, I love it how they put Kevin in the middle during the chorus for dancing. Leader’s vocals was beautiful nonetheless. But I wish Jaeseop and Eli had a bit more rapping. Maybe give Kiseop a few more lines? And Hoon did wonderful~. I hope the next time they come back to Korea, it’ll be something powerful like this. ((Or they’ll remake this song into Korean like other idols, lol))

  466. Agreed, Yujin Cho. U-Kiss seems to be able to pull off suits and semi-formal attire waaaaay better than most other boy groups.
    The english of this song confuses me a little. “To lie” isn’t a phrase you would normally just put on its own in a chorus. The song itself is great though. Vocals are great as always.
    The sets have that stereotypical kpop feel – they’re obviously sets, and are a little cliche (dark, old dusty rooms with white powdery stuff floating down/) and almost irritating sometimes (the fact that the music video took many tries to complete is obvious from the sudden changed positioning of the clock hands every five seconds, which is a little disturbing to me). But I do like the lighting and the vibe of the whole video.
    I also really love the dance. The combination of stiff clock-like movements and wild jerky ones seems odd but really works with the beat.
    Love the clothes and dance, like the song and vibe, meh on the set, and a little upset by the english sometimes (but I do get a little OCD with it, and this one really doesn’t commit as many grammar/usage crimes as many other kpop songs.
    I’d give it a 8.5/10. I really like U-kiss songs in general.

  467. I really think this video should be on top of every chart nowadays. The song is one of U-KISS’s best of all times (I already got 2 of my friends into U-KISS after showing them this MV alone lol), the lyrics are awesome and pretty refreshing, the lyrics about lying go well with the whole mysterious scenario of the MV, the producers didn’t hold on the budget with the effects and the epicness of each room with all the cool vintage clocks and the dusk that makes everything more mysterious and the perfect lighting, etc etc etc lol Also, just as a back-up reason for U-KISS to be at the top, just go take a look at the ukiss2088 channel and see the comments on this video. Almost the whole international KISSME fanbase is there chatting away and having good spirit and showing their love for U-KISS and kpop while they’re trying to rise the views of the MV because Kevin asked if they could make 1 million views until December 14th that is when the single is out in Japan. Besides KISSMEs, there’s a whole lot of other fandoms there trying to get to knoweach other more while helping rise the views aaaand vote for U-KISS on the MTV Best of the Best poll so they can FINALLY win a 1st award. I think this MV does not just show how awesome U-KISS is and how much they have grow, how hard they’re working to start their japanese career in the right step, but it also shows how the kpop fandoms CAN pass throw all the bitching that sometimes happen between them and they can unite as one to make something happen for the better. This MV just shows how proud of a KISSME I am now :D

  468. I can’t be called a full Kiss Me, (I’m more of a part-time :P)  but I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH <3 Sure glad they didn't go for the whole Cutesy-Happy-Aegyo style, plus  the music and the dance go so well together! U-KISS really made my day with this song. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was crazy about the close ups and the guy-liner.. (Ahem…Kevin…MyBias..Ahem)…I think I saw a face arousal in there :3
    Good Luck on doing the dance (I know this is going to be one of them!) Don't hurt anyone…or anything at that XD Tick Tack, Tick Tack~

  469. I have sooo much respect for these boys, they have been through so much this past year and the fact that they are able to jump back with this MASTERPIECE is amazing. It shows just how much they are dedicated to they’re music and no matter what happens, us KissMe’s will ALWAYS be here for you. Forever.

    KissMe’s love U-Kiss <3Saranghaeyo oppas!

  470.  Though I’ve never heard of ‘Tick Tack” other than when speaking about mints I really like this song! It’s catchy and has proper English in it (except for tick tack but maybe it’s a culture thing/they didn’t want to be confused with ke$ah…) How could you not love that WHOAooOAOOAOoooo? I do the dishes to this song and have fun when I do them. I was afraid for the music video I must say though, but I was pleased when I saw it. At first I was like….is this like a Super Junior music video? As I watched farther in though I really enjoyed it. The little soloist and just a few of them in the shot for more than just a ‘look at my pretty face” was nice. But can we just talk about how AMAZING the dancing was? U-kiss is truly unappreciated. Good work boys, you deserve it. :)

  471. YES! one for UKISS!

  472. Not gonna lie, I am a Kiss Me and a fairly big fan. But I will be completely honest when other groups I support a lot (coughSHINee/B2STcough) come out with Japanese songs and they kind of suck out loud. 8| However, U-KISS did not disappoint in any way! My biggest pet peeve is when a KPOP group releases a “Japanese” song that still has Korean in it..WTH?? Tick Tack is a powerful and intense tune that I can definitely groove to and the Japanese is awesome. The dance is well executed and energetic and in the MV the camera work/lighting/sets create a great atmosphere. Even animating their logo to move like a ticking clock, their attention to detail is amazing! I’m so proud to call myself a Kiss Me and of the boys for releasing such a stellar track. Their group has been through a bit of trauma with their member switching and all, but they’re so strong and keep moving forward.<3 U-KISS 화이팅! (:

  473. Ok, here’s an unbiased opinion. I totally don’t know these guys, as I don’t listen to k-pop, j-pop or whatever. The music is exacly something as I would expect to get when serching for good, solid piece of pop music. Very catchy & powerful, great dance moves and I actually CAN imagine letting myself go on a party when dancing to this. Oh and their Japanese is super duper cute and definitely a great plus for me, since I can understand them /lyrics freak (weirdly proud of it)/ Anyways – to reach a conclusion – other videos present in this selection (I quick-checked the first 20) makes me feel really awkward to listen to them or have always something that annoys me OR are simply boring. There are some parts that ticks (- tacks – couldn’t help myself :) me off, but always in a tolerable amount. The first place for them is well-deserved!

  474. I wonder how much more successful U-Kiss can be. They live on three years of beautiful music, and now that they finally won an award, I wanna see how much further U-Kiss can go.

  475. Hey~~ Is anyone else having problems sharing on G+ or Facebook? I might be doing it wrong….is there an FAQ or something? ;;;;;;

  476. I’d love to see Simon try and dance the dance break.
    Everything in their house would be destroyed. c:

  477. Uuuuuuuuuuuuu-Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiisss!!!! <3

  478. This is so exciting!! Ukiss’ fans will always be trying to get them to the top <3

  479. Guys, you need to share the mv on facebook, don’t forget about it! : DDD

  480. U-kiss is a band that has really grown on me. This song, even if it’s jpop, is catchy, great vocals and an awesome choreography, and I’m SOOO HAPPY they’re number one right now! 
    … But Hoon will always be my number one anyways ^^

  481. i know that this vid is technically jpop, but it’s from an amazing korean band, U-Kiss, to i’m really hoping you guys do it, even though it’s japanese. To me, it’s very reminiscent of Neverland with it’s powerful dancing and also the colors are both very blue and serious, though this song is much more serious i think than Neverland. The dancing displays their fantastic skills and how much they have improved since their debut. Also, I couldn’t help but mention just how amazing every one of them look in this mv xP Kevin’s my bias and when I saw the first solo shot of him in this vid he had me just speechless he looks so great. The make-up people and the producers did an awesome job with the set and the apperances of each one of the members, and it makes me immeasurably happy that they are number 1 on the list :D U-Kiss Fighting!!!

  482. How could I miss this? The song is so powerful and the choreography is perfect! It turns doing the laundry into an awesome epic battle!

  483. Omg :3

    I’m so excited that U-kiss is top on the list. I really hope that it stays this way. Im praying ! :D
    They work so hard and in this video in particular you can see all of their hard work showing. They are such great dancers and singers. The dancing in this video is just…Wow. Im soo proud!
    U-kiss fighting!

  484. My babos need to win…Their dance, voices, looks, it’s all amaizng… The more I watch them then the more I love these boys… U-kiss fighting!

  485. The clock is ticking coz they are so winning this. ;)

  486. I’m really excited that U-Kiss is up at the top of this list so far!  :)
    I’m really impressed with this video, but I am disappointed not to see a story. However, the dancing is totally top-notch! As U-Kiss keeps releasing more MVs and songs, they keep progressively getting better and better and I’m really proud to have been seeing them grow from the time they released Not Young and Man Man Ha Ni.
    I’m not sure if this song is a step up from Neverland, though. The production quality of that song and that entire album was really fantastic, and this song, although totally seamless as well, seemed a bit noisy to me. It could just be my computer speakers, which are a bit too trebly, but I couldn’t get past what sounded like overkill on the background music. It was almost like white noise and it took the edge off of their voices, which actually kind of got annoying. I just wanted to hear their beautiful singing!! (Which, by the way, has also improved a ton! They use some auto-tune but less than before and now they use it more as an effect for certain feelings rather than a crutch. Their voices sound absolutely gorgeous.)
    But that was just a small complaint. I am majorly impressed by their dancing skills, which of course are totally in sync and perfect. The dance in this video was, in my opinion, much improved from Neverland, and reminded me more of Shut Up!, where the group dances in sync, as opposed to the more passionate self-directed dancing. However, this dance also allowed for some individuality in their movements while still looking together, and it wasn’t ALL that almost robotic style; they had their moments of individualistic dance moves. I think this style of dancing fits them a lot better, because they have a bigger group and it looks a lot tighter to have everyone dancing the same; furthermore, this style fits the song and video better. The moves were also really original and corresponded to the song, such as clock like movements. Not to mention there was definitely some good face arousal there, I am sure I saw Dongho do it at least once! Oh but at about :58-1:00 with their hands in their pockets it reminded me a bit of B2ST’s Fiction… and at about :40-:50 with their leg kicking dance, i couldn’t help but be reminded a little bit of SNSD’s Genie. It was definitely a different vibe, but it was a bit similar in theory. All in all, though, this dance ran as smoothly as a clock, pun intended.
    The English in this song is great too. I couldn’t find any problems in pronunciation or grammar, which is just awesome. Ever since Neverland, I haven’t been hearing problems with their English in their songs- a huge shift from songs like Shut Up! In fact, the English lyrics really actually add to the song and aren’t just carelessly thrown in! They got the message across to non-Japanese listeners and surprisingly touched me more than many dance pop songs. “I shall be singing to you through the night” and “I shall be turning on your broken light” are both really thoughtful lines, in addition to the other expressive English phrases throughout the song. (I understand that you can’t turn on a broken light, but that seems intentional here, not a mistake. Maybe some sort of symbolism about doing the impossible.)
    Finally, the videography is great. This was a video that was able to still show emotion and have a climax, even without a “story”. The video built up to everyone dancing, starting out with an empty room and then doing slow shots of each member until finally the whole group was dancing. It was a wonderful way to have personal connections with each member while still making a tight dance video. And I loved how the video threw in a lot of shots between dance breaks, which showed each singer’s emotion and how they really got into their parts. Also, the set was relevant and looked convincing and cool. The clock tower (I’m assuming it was the top of a tower) was beautiful and the lighting was neat (not too oddly lit like Super Junior!) and the other room was spooky and beautiful. It was an abandoned bedroom, right? Creepy…
    Anyways, this video, song and dance is altogether really awesome and I am definitely going to buy it! U-KISS FIGHTING! Vote for them and invest your time in their music- you won’t be disappointed! :)

  487. if we comment more than once, do we still get the points?

  488. We, the Eat Your Kimchi audience, must learn how to dance to Tick Tack from Simon and Martina. Actually, you don’t have a choice since Mordney is you Director of Photography.
    What makes Tick Tack unique is the fact that it’s U-Kiss’s Japanese industry debut song. They have decided to step out of the box and use a completely original song for their debut instead of re-making one of their past hits. Not only is it an original song, but U-Kiss can also speak Japanese, so they know what they are singing. This song is just as amazing as Neverland. It’s kind of like Neverland’s follow-up song, except it was made for a different audience. Both songs have widened U-Kiss’s audience which will only keep growing from now on. Despite Kevin being in the center quite often in the music video, each member has their shining moment. To name a few: There’s that part where Kiseop is singing and sand is falling from his hand. At 0:43 Soohyun extends his hand toward the camera then pulls back with a mischievous smile on his face. At 1:54 AJ sways his finger left and right with this luring stare in his eyes. Then at 2:48 they do a crazy jump to the sides while Dongho comes up to perform his rap. Throughout the entire performance I felt as though I could see Soohyun’s humbleness through his eyes. This video deserves to be included in How to Dance Kpop 2011 as well as its own Kpop Music Monday. I actually do not listen to Japanese songs by Kpop bands, but Tick Tack is a huge exception. Mordney must be very proud.

  489. tick tack dance is really powerful ,, U-kiss show how great Hot dancers are they 
    U-kiss are really the BEST

  490. let’s do this guys ^^
    KissMes Hwaiting !! :D

  491. I’m so happy with their japanese debut, usually bands just change the lyrics and make the video in different outfits, but U-Kiss made a whole new song with a great video! The dance was cool and fit in with the time scheme. And I love how I could realize that there was english in the song. When it comes to most songs, I don’t even notice there was english, like b1a4′s Beautiful Target (that one really blew me away, about half the song was english and I couldn’t tell…) but for U-Kiss, my mind actually sensed every english line, well except that one where Eli says, “we are falling down” I kept thinking he said, “Get the f**k down and you say what!” I was like woah…Eli…
    I loved that rap session where it goes from AJ to Eli to Dongho, amazing~ but the part I was confused about in the MV was when Hoon and Soohyun had that long note and Soohyun just like took something out of Hoon’s shoulder/chest…. it looked pretty deliberate…but after that the rap was awesome ^_^ For me this is the catchiest song of the year, they better win at least one award for this! And I’m happy that for this song they’ve moved past Mordney, but he will probably be prseent in the next song ^_^

    • completely agree with you on everything single point you just made :P haha it’s kinda creepy… but i get what you mean about soohyun and hoon, when i first saw it i was like “did soohyun just punch hoon?!?” it really lookes like it… but i love it and the dance is just stunningly fantastic and u-kiss really shines in this japanese single. i LOVE that they made a whole new song instead of resinging one of their’s in japanese. i love it when bands writie new songs because i tend to not really like the japanese versions since i absolutely like the way they sound in korean :D

  492. This song is really powerful! The set adds the mood to the MV. The beat makes the song very attractive. The dances are unique, strong, and awesome <3

    Overall, this song is just PERFECT! :)

  493. Out of all the kpop groups that officially debuted in Japan this year I have to say UKISS was the best (and I was shipping for 2PM and MBLAQ). This song is high grade producing and talent at work. This video is just AWESOMES. I was glad UKISS decided to produce new song for the Japanese fans and not repackage what they’d already done. This song is on repeat in my phone RIGHT NOW!

  494. Reasons why I love this song+its mv:
    1) Everybody looks especially hot (esp. Eli and AJ :D)
    2) The dance is super powerful just like in neverland
    3) The beat is catchy though I didn’t like it the first time 
    4) The set looks very detailed
    5) Their powerful vocal and the feelings they put in

    These are the main reasons.  If I were to list all of them it would take me more than a day :x

    Anyways UKISS fighting ! 

  495. I was already excited for it before the release mainly because it wasn’t a recycled Korean song. After every new song they promote, they just keep on getting better. I didn’t really like their Man Man Ha Ni and Shut Up! that much because it was just full of auto-tune. But 0330 and all of the other songs after were beautiful. It showed that they didn’t need to rely heavily on auto-tune for everything. The way their dance moves represented the clock was also amazing. The only problem I only had was the English. I mean, you really can’t turn on a broken light unless you fix it or something. Also, the part where Eli said, “We’re falling down and you say what?” What I comprehended through that part just came out, yeah… xD;

  496. Even though it’s not a Kprean song, it’s by a Korean group and I thought it was very catchy and done really well. 

  497. This song has the coolest dance in my opinion. When I first saw the mv I thought the dance looked really different and AWESOMMMMME :D I only became a fan this year with 0330 but I am in love with U-kiss more than any other group now. Their singing and dancing are the best. I LOVE THIS SONG ^^ I really want to learn the dance LOL!

  498. i really like this new song. i have been listening to the short version for like a week. i found it accidentally and marked my calendar for the full version release date as soon as i listened. Go U-Kiss!

  499. Song is really catchyy where ppl would reallyy make the effort to learn how to actually sing it even tho its hard to pronounce the words . And the dance moves are really unique , the same thing applies . Ppl would also learn the dance moves . The concept is great is actually suits them . Especially those high notes whr Soohyun and Hoon can actually hit . Kevin and Kiseop’s dancing were so attractive . AJ , Dongho and Eli’s Rap was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Unlike other groups tt debut in Japan (Just Saying) , UKiss havv a new song , while others just had a remake of their Korean song to Japanese . UKiss will definitelyy do well in Japan w’ suchh good choreographyy . Their talents are one in a million but sadlyy didn’t win anyy award up till now . Winning an award to them would probablyy means theyy havv done well aft all these hard works . It’s really an honour being a KissMe & always be there to support UKiss . All KissMes would always Love UKiss ;)) UKISS FIGHTING♥ !

  500. First of all, I am very impressed with this song. I remember the U-Kiss back to manmanhani days where I was SUPER ticked off (no pun intended) by there massive auto-tuned explosion of songs. It really covered there voices with artificial bleeps and robot sound. But ever since 3003, U-Kiss seemed to leave the auto-tuning out and go for a very natural sound with there voices, and resulted in a BEAUTIFUL song. The only question was, could they be able to sing more with natural voices with a dance song? With Neverland and Tick Tack, they definitely proved that they could.

    I really like the music video despite it not having an actual plot. 
    1) Because they aren’t in an oddly lit room like Super Junior through out the ENTIRE mv.
    2) They have sets that actually corresponds to the song. One is a Clock/Clock tower and the other is an abandoned bedroom which corresponds to the lyrics (an girl and guy breaking up). But I must say U-Kiss gets that whole bed intruder thing going on.

    Now for the dance of this song: First comment on the chorus dance. SNSD’s Genie!!! U-Kiss did give there own feel for the dance but sorry Kiss Me’s SNSD had it first. When the “Tick Tocks” came out, they introduced the popping skills and it gave off a “clock” like feel with the jerky motions. The dance break was really interesting because U-Kiss seemed to split into 2 “teams” doing two different dances. But the dances seemed to “intertwine” like when the “team” on the right did a kicking motion the “team” on the left seemed to be taking an arrow to the knee (Skyrim. I know. sorry I couldn’t help it!).

    Aside from their improved vocals and less auto-tune, I give their english a 3 out of 5. Their English has improved so much! Yes, Kevin, AJ, and Eli are all native born Americans can speak english fluently BUT Dongho has improved so much. Okay, all he says is “yea” and “hey” but those yea and heys actually sound like actually English yea and heys! 
    Some of the phrases of English seem a bit off. “I shall be turning on the broken light”? How can you turn on a light that is broken? And I couldn’t tell if Eli’s line was in Japanese or English because I thought he at first said “We oh fong down and you say what?” but it was meant to be “we are falling down and you say what?”…if we are falling down then wouldn’t we be screaming? Also towards the end when Soohyun and Hoon have there “moment” together, the lyrics sound like “I’ll never never never be.I’ll never never never be.” Never be like what? So Many questions….

    And now I would like to ask a question for YOU, Simon and Martina…
    Who do YOU think did the Genie dance better?
    U-Kiss In Tick Tack or SNSD in Genie/Tell Me Your Wish?
    Leave your comments below and don’t forget to like and comment this video. And if you want to see more Kpop Music Mondays…oh wait…today isn’t monday…and this isn’t a video…oops…

    • Just thought I would mention that “I shall be turning on the broken light” actually makes sense in the context of the song because Kevin has explained that the theme of the song is lying. They’re lying to the girl that they’ll be with her, and they’re lying that they’ll turn on a broken light because obviously… you can’t turn on a light that’s broken. lol. They’re just using symbolism I guess. The light could represent the relationship, and to them it’s broken. But they’re going to lie to the girl and say that they will turn the broken light on, or in other words lie about making the relationship work again. And I thought Eli spoke clearly enough, but maybe that’s just me~ ^__^ I do agree with most of everything else you mentioned though~ Oh and AJ isn’t American. lol. He is a native of Seoul, it’s just that he went to an international school, so he speaks english fluently. <3

      • Thank you for clearing that up. i never knew Kevin gave a song explanation. Also I COMPLETELY forgot AJ was a Seoul native LOL. But his english IS pretty fluent I must say. Thank you!!

        • No problem~ The explanation came about because everyone thought they were singing “Tonight~” in the chorus, but Kevin was clarifying that it was “To Lie~” and said that the song was about how they’re lying to the girl.
          Haha it’s a good thing that you forgot though because that means his english is THAT good~ yaay~ lol :)

  501. Frankly, I wish that this video was currently in the lead for a Music Monday, not just the HTDKP 2011. That being said, I’m very excited about this dance! I actually utilized many of their moves for a recent dance project at my studio. They’re always sharp, always on point (even when they choose to focus on passion rather than precision), and always entertaining. Their music is catchy in a way that still makes their songs appealing even after many KPOP songs have lost their appeal. At 27 years old, it seems a bit silly to be besotted with a boy group…but U-Kiss is a magnificent talent. To this day, 0330 and Neverland remain two of my favorite songs, so please continue doing what you do!

    I r-squared pi U-Kiss

  502. I should be studying for my Physics final exam that is taking place tomorrow, but then I saw that Simon and Martina created this new voting method and posted this video along with Neverland and now I lost all motivation to study. It’s the eatyourkimchi syndrome! 
    I haven’t even been able to squelch my addiction for Neverland yet and I already have a new U-Kiss addiction!! Every time I listen to a new U-Kiss song, my initial reaction is “Omg I was just hit with a wall of auto tune…” But then I find myself listening to it again and again and I become so addicted that I can make any conversation into a U-Kiss song reference. ^^ I am a definite Kissme, but I wonder why their producers don’t allow them to completely display their singing abilities without the auto tune crutch. Through all the reality shows I’ve watched featuring U-Kiss, they have shown their exceptional ability to sing without auto tune, so why don’t their producers allow them to take their performances a step further? 0330 and Someday were a good examples of the balance between raw singing ability and using auto tune as a minor editing device. I really believe U-Kiss has the talent to win, even more so if their producers allow them to display their raw talent. I mean really, U-Kiss dances are difficult by themselves, but to sing and dance to that choreography perfectly, is a talent that can compare to the top kpop idol groups.I am a fan of Super Junior, but I think U-Kiss’s variety and complexity overshadows Super Junior any day. Neverland’s choreography was explosive, and is such difficult choreography that they need to come with a “do not attempt at home” warning. I sprained my ankle attempting those moves! However, with each song, they do include an easier dance move that any fan can duplicate, so they are still thinking about their coordinately-challenged  fans. I think Neverland’s lack of crispness allowed each member to show a bit of their own personality in the dance. I also love Tick Tack’s symbolism of a clock’s ticking and rewinding, it reminded me of IU’s You and I and the idea of waiting for someone and feeling frozen in time. I normally don’t like kpop artists singing in Japanese because I find that they sing more confidently in their own native tongue, but I have to make an exception for this song. They sang Tick Tack with such confidence that I was fooled for a moment on whether it was Korean or actually Japanese…Derp Derp. Keep up the hard work U-Kiss! 
    Ok, must…study for…Physics final!!!

  503. I am so proud of U-KISS. With every new video, and every new round of promotions, I see them giving it their all. It makes me so sad that they aren’t getting the recognition they deserve in Korea. When Neverland came out, I was so impressed; it was the best work I’d seen them do. I was really angered and saddened that they didn’t win a single award for that song.

    With this video, I see even more growth, and I wish them all the best in Japan. Here’s to hoping the Japanese fans will be more receptive and supportive of these wonderful young men.

  504.     After I finished watching the How to Dance K-Pop 2011 Teaser and came to this page, I was really happy that I saw U-Kiss winning. And I know a lot of Kiss Me’s and other k-pop fans know that U-Kiss hasn’t won any awards on KBS music shows. But this song leaves your breathless.  The music, the video, the choreography, the singing, the song, and the members. Don’t tell me you weren’t left breathless. This mv is just as amazing as Neverland. 
       We’ve been all wow-ed by Neverland but they didn’t win any awards, why? I guess some k-pop fans have been too blinded by rookie bands to notice U-Kiss anymore. I know I did. It makes me feel sad that they’re doing a Japan single, not because I don’t think that’s a good idea, its a great idea. It’s just sad that they can’t even win awards in Korea so they decided to do a single in Japan. I wonder if people think that U-Kiss is underrated. After 3 years, no awards but they’re still doing great. And even if they don’t win, they don’t complain or become angry at anyone. They just tell themselves its okay and that they will work harder.    They’re also a very stable group. Kevin and Kibum came from XING, they lost Kibum and Alexander and were replaced by AJ and Hoon. I’m sure a lot of people disliked that change. I really did, I liked Alexander and Kibum a lot. But I couldn’t do anything neither could other Kiss Me’s. I think it was hard for AJ and Hoon to adapt to everything because they probably got a lot of haters. But look at them now, if you weren’t a Kiss Me before them, you would’ve thought they were originally in the group. They fit in well. Each of them has grown so much. Dongho maturing and rapping. Kevin just showing all his energy. Soohyun helping the group as the new leader. Kiseop actually getting lines ! Like come on, finally they give lines for Kiseop to sing. Yeah he’s the lead/main dancer but he doesn’t get much of that. I’m happy to actually hear and see Kiseop sing. I’m just so proud of all of them, even though they don’t win awards, it’ll be just as great if they win number 1 for eatyourkimchi’s How To Dance K-Pop 2011.

       Well that was a mouthful… support U-Kiss ! :)

  505. thisisjustforfunval

    This song has so many dance moves to pick from, especially that side leg slide. The tick tack motions, and the stand up snake move. It fits the song well, and listening to this song, you would never know these guys are not fluent in Japanese. U-KISS are hard workers who always give 100% :)

  506. i normally don’t dig Kpop artists Japanese albums, but this one is too good not to love! This will be the first japanese album i buy. I am seriously disappointed U-Kiss has not won any awards yet…wth??? These guys are awesome and i wish them all the best. I had the privileged of seeing them live at the Korean music festival in Hollywood this year, best night EVA!! Love the dance moves in this vid, especially the poppin robot moves, and i just gotta say it, Eli is HOT!! ok , got that outta my system ;) .  Love the fact that they take the time out to tweet with fans on twitter too, when you realize how little personal time these guys get, yet they always give their best, get very little sleep, yet take time to talk to their fans.  LOVE EM! ok, i’m done fangirling kkkkk. U-Kiss HWAITING!! XOXOXOXOXO

  507. I think this is one of their best songs – it’s catchy (like, insanely catchy), and it’s got a dance that really fits with the song.

  508. ooops, U-kiss did it again…what an amazing and awesome song and unique dance…as always I love soohyun’s high notes part but soohyun and hoon duet of high notes is so freakin DAEBAK !!!! love every second of the song..i didn’t feel bored at all watching it

  509. This is has to be my favorite Japanese debut this year. U-Kiss did an awesome job! I really do enjoy them as a group, and while I haven’t been a huge fan of their past efforts (particularly their work with the Brave Brothers) I do believe this video is a step in the right direction for them.  Although, for me, 0330 was U-Kiss at their best. I just love how freakin cute they are. Anyone who has paid any attention to them knows how likable they are on a personal level. I wish more of their personalities could come through in their music. I think that alone would set them apart from other groups and give them an extra boost they need so badly. I’m definitely going to keep following them as a group and keep my fingers crossed that they start getting more attention. 

  510. u-kiss has done it again. not only do they have a really catchy song, that i’m addicted to, but their choreography is really clever. they’re totally in sync, and how they are broken into mini groups doing different dances. i love that. but my most favorite part of the video is the rap sequences between eli, aj, and dongho! as each of them rap, the song gets even more violent and aggressive that i can’t help but have these shivers. and who doesn’t love that explosion dance move when dongho begins to rap? IT’S AMAZING! and the at the very end, i love how the do the “tic toc” moves and freeze as if time has ended. super clever~

  511. u-kiss has done it again. not only do they have a really catchy song, that i’m addicted to, but their choreography is really clever. they’re totally in sync, and how they are broken into mini groups doing different dances. i love that. but my most favorite part of the video is the rap sequences between eli, aj, and dongho! as each of them rap, the song gets even more violent and aggressive that i can’t help but have these shivers. and who doesn’t love that explosion dance move when dongho begins to rap? IT’S AMAZING! and the at the very end, i love how the do the “tic toc” moves and freeze as if time has ended. super clever~

  512. It has been established that this song is definitely original and not just a recycled Korean version, but I’d like to point out the balance between sharpness and fluidity in the choreography. Tick Tack’s dance, especially in the chorus, perfectly fits the theme and beat of the song. Their shoulders move like a clock would tick, but then slowly rotate as how a clock would rewind itself. The lyrics “Bokura ni wa kasanette kita suteki na omoide mo arukeredo (I must be up right now) Kono yoni asurosu gosanai kara ookina oh so tsukuderanai” talk about how the lovers have piled up memories, but they can’t spend tomorrow like they did that day. The dance also represents that, as the jerkiness after the first part of the chorus shows the hesitation in moving on to the next day. While reminiscent of Neverland’s choreography in some parts (the punching, the division of the members by one person), I’m giving my vote to Tick Tack for its crispness and clean movements. 
    And to end with a comedic note: yes, I am also going to mention that the pre-chorus dance highly resembles SNSD’s Genie with the leg rotation action. I’d like to think that the movement, which makes them look as if they’re running (when in actuality they’re stationary, somewhat), symbolizes how the lovers are stuck in the moment that the song describes. 

    Or perhaps I’m just over-analyzing this… It’s come to the point where English teachers have changed my way of thinking….

  513. I was just talking to one of my friends last night about U-Kiss. Besides
    Big Bang(and let’s face it that’s everyone’s favorite band), U-Kiss is
    my absolute favorite! But it seems like Koreans aren’t feeling U-kiss
    and just aren’t giving them any love. I told her that I hope Japan
    appreciates them more. I worry that since they haven’t won anything that
    they will give up or be disbanded. It really sucks because they are so
    good. Here’s hoping Japan is more receptive to the talent of U-Kiss

  514. Ah, I became a huge fan of U-KISS not only by watching them on variety shows, but also because of their music. Eatyourkimchi’s

  515. Sandra R you said everything I thought. Thank you. Nothing to add.

    This is what U-KISS really needed and what KISSMES have been waiting for and asking for.
    *whisper* though i would like to see more of Kevin….
    U-KISS HWAITING! You DESERVE it for real! It’s like a new start ^-^I’m sorry for all this caps but… it really got into me. Especially for the fact that it’s a completely new song, with rawesome dance moves (like we all know and love from U-KISS), extremely awesome vocals and a beat and lyrics that are now stuck in my head for good.I can’t belive I only found it now, I definitely curse school for that.U-KISS, FTW!

  517. I don’t even know where to start with this group. I became a fan when they released Man Man Ha Ni, and since then, their growth has been explosive! With Bran New Kiss they solidifed the fact that they have some FANTASTIC vocalists in their group, and that they are capable of producing amazing music and not just “dance based noise” as some have described their music as. And then Neverland came out… that song and that album completely blew me away. Next to B2ST’s “Fiction and Fact” album, the “Neverland” album became the most played on my iTunes. haha <3 I just can't even begin to process why in the world they have not won ANY awards on music shows in Korea. They are tremendously underrated, and I thought that with their "Someday" performances especially, they really could have won an award because that song underscored near flawless vocals – especially when it comes down to Soohyun and Kevin, and now Hoon. Not to mention that that song had such a beautiful meaning behind it. 

    This group has had more than their share of ups and downs, especially with the member shifts, but I really feel that they come out stronger in the end from all of their troubles. They're so humble and down to earth, and they have a clear understanding of how hard they've had to work which keeps them grounded. They have amazing vocals, amazing (and very synchronized o.o) dance, and very fun personalities. I just hope Korea can also see that. I also hope that they're looking at your website Simon and Martina! So that they can see how much love they have from their international fans! <3 And I must say – for a Japanese debut by a Kpop group – this song was SO AWESOME!! And they're the first group that I know of that debuted with an ORIGINAL song, and not just a remake! The dance and the song itself are just sooo addicting!

  518. Well, I didn’t saw this one when i’ve voted for Neverland… but this is the beeest! totally worth of winning! :D U-KISS FTW!
    PS: I wonder why my name appears in Pink… not that I don’t like it, just for the record :P

  519. the fact that they didn’t recycle one of their korean songs is definitely something great. it’s a really catchy song with good vocals, nice lyrics even in the english parts (Kevin ftw) and the choreography definitely fits the whole concept of the clock.
    i’m glad UKiss didn’t lose their drift after getting two members replaced. it’s a great japanese debut in my opinion, however i wouldn’t vote for it as “the song of the year” but rather a great choice for a kpop music Monday :)

  520. Ohh this sing has been in my head for daysss, please include it, Simon and Martina!

  521. Though it’s technically a Japanese release I believe this song will put U-Kiss on the map finally as one of the best k-pop groups out there. The dance is powerful, the song showcases all of the boys talents, and they all look great. It’s just a great song and I almost wish it was released in Korea (maybe then they would gain more Korean fans), but I’m just very happy for them. =)

  522. I love this video and song. I’m so excited to see some of the old U-Kiss flare coming back. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Neverland and 0330 was good, but it just wasn’t quite the same. U-KISS always had this ability to dance completely as a team almost as if they knew where everyone was all the time. They finally seem to have that back in this video, it’s like AJ and Hoon are finally fully integrated. It is good to see their sharp dance moves back in action again. Not to mention I am completely excited that they are debuting in Japan with a new song! Imagine that!

  523. This has been on replay since it was released! I rly love that UKiss didn’t just make a remake of one of their Korean songs, but instead came out with this epic song! <3

  524. When i saw this video, I felt proud of U-Kiss that they had a successful foray into Japan. The dance is amazing and I can’t stop watching. Oh, and I like Kevin too =)

  525. I love this song so much <3 I listen to it at least once a day, not just cuz i love it but cuz I want Kevin to happy <3 I think we can do a million views by next week ;) I noticed that in some scenes Dongho doesn't look like he's wearing alot of makeup, which is good! They all look good without makeup anyways! And i LOVE the clock concept, and how they matched the choreography to the theme _< hehe, U-Kiss hwaiting! <3

  526. I am so proud of Ukiss for their awesome debut in japan. Not only is the music different from other songs, their dance moves are intense as well and it was just awesome. It seems different from their other songs as well

  527. There needs to be a button for, “I like but…” I like U-Kiss dont get me wrong, but after watching MIB, Tablo and a few others, this video is MEH. I like the song, great for when I am on a treadmill. And again the dancing is great they have a handle on that. I just wish this band would step out of the Kpop box. I think that they would go farther.

  528. Cool Dance :)

  529. (dramatic mordeny present voice) ukiss always brings amazing new trending dances including with man man hani
    this year they bring the clock dance…
    ever need the time but dont have a clock?
    just dance like ukiss and ull become a clock of ur own

  530. Yay the power of KissMe’s!!!!!!!! :) I’ve been on this PV for almost three days straight now :) The view count is wrong tho… It’s above 355,555 for sure. Stupid Youtube. Only showing my views… 

  531. OMG ! I wasn’t on my computer for almost two hours, Tick tack was 3th with 300 votes and right now I just came and Tick tack is 1st… KissMes daebak !

  532. From the moment I heard this song and saw the video, I couldn’t help but sing it all the time.
    I like the band very much since I knew them with “man man ha ni”, and I’m so glad they did such a great job. I particularly like the “duet” Hoon/Soohyun.
    I really hope they can win

  533. UKISS ftw, I really hope they win~ They really deserve it.

  534. this song this song this song AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH <3

  535. I’ve been very addicted to this song/PV lately! =D

  536. I love this song and video! But really guys….don’t you mean tick tock? u.u

  537. The music video is sexy, yet mysterious. The dance is very powerful looking, and the song is extremely catchy and quite easy to sing. I hope that u-kiss can finally win something this time!~

  538. There once was a man named Spamson. It was the only name he had… The only name he had ever known. He had no friends, but he wasn’t lonely. He just didn’t need people. He had no job, or rather, he had no life. He stayed at home throughout all hours of the day, wearing his grimy tank top and his never washed underwear. Spamson liked browsing the internet. He not only browsed, but left comments. Comments that made everyone hate him. He occasionally thought that this is why people never talked to him. His normal comments were those like, posting “First.” on a brand new video, or entering arguments that he was sure to lose, but would never actually admit defeat. Acts like this made made people angry. But he wouldn’t care, he would take their anger and transfer it into his own energy, ready for more comments.

             One day, when Spamson was gliding through the internet and comment pages he stumbled upon a video. It was titled “How to Dance Kpop 2011 Teaser – Vote Now!”. The only thing he could focus on was vote now. He knew those words. Felt them. He had previously taken part in many votes. (He had of course won them, because of his massive amount of comments, and cheating.) He clicked on the link to the video, he then paused it immediately and click the link in the description box. It led him to a blog-type post talking about this new competition of K-pop groups. He started reading. He then stopped at the part where it said “all add to the tally, as well as comments.” He started to grin wildly. He couldn’t stop. How were they going to stop him!? The entire competition was placed into his hands then and there! His cheeks were stretching so much it hurt. His dirty teeth were sticking out as he laughed furiously, at their stupidity in allowing comments to count as the vote. He went to the voting page, and went to the video that was in second place. U-Kiss’s Tick Tack. He knew this video. He loved this video. Spamson had been listening to this video on repeat for the past two weeks. He knew that U-Kiss was going to win this competition now… Because they had Spamson’s help. His cursor hovered over the leave a comment button. He typed in a random string of letters that had no meaning. He clicked Post as Spamson. This was just his first out of many. He then hesitated at leaving a second comment. It couldn’t be this easy. There must be some catch. He quickly went back to the blog post that showed instructions. He scanned the writing as fast as he could, deeply hoping there would be no catch. Then he read it. “We’ll ban spammers that try to vote multiple times in the comments.” All the air left his lungs, and blood pounded into his head. How could this be? He couldn’t help his favorite group the way he knew best? HOW COULD THEY HAVE DONE THIS TO HIM!? He felt light-headed. He was about to faint. He then realized that Simon and Martina, had defeated him. He powerlessly went back to the U-Kiss video. Clicked the vote button, and clenched his fist, as he slammed his head on his keyboard. Spamson had been defeated.

  539. Let’s go U-Kiss !!
    I really wish they will win here :D

  540. Love the manly genie from the chorus :D For once there’s a Kpop band that actually creates a new song for their japanese debut, yay o/

  541. I really hope we can reach 1 Mil for UKiss buy the 14th!
    lol I’ve had so much fun over the past week voting and viewing! UKIss and KMs fighting!

  542. I hope U-Kiss win this time!
    They deserve to win at least once.. 
    We shall make them happy! XD

  543. I think this is U-kiss’s best song, next to Neverland. Both songs are amazing, and well choreographed. Tick Tack is very creative. 

  544. Whoo! Us international fans can vote and comment to finally get UKISS to win something!!! I have not listened to this song yet and know its hit.
    After listening to the song: Oh baby their sharp, but smooth moves are back and their english pronunciation ain’t bad either! Love it! So catchy!!! I’ve never gotten to see a kpop group perform, I wish the’d come to the U.S more often :(

  545. This song really blew me away. It’s so intense and dark, it really shows a new side of U-Kiss. The video was done really well. It reminds me of something from Alice and Wonderland with the clocks. The choreography is really good as well! And I really love all the SooHoon scenes. ^O^ Everything about this video is pure perfection, and really showcases U-Kiss’ talent. 

  546. I must say that I think this is U-KISS’s best song yet. They’ve come along way from Mordney presents, and WTF english lyric awards. They were actually one of the first kpop groups I discovered and I credit their song Man Man Ha Ni to solidifying my kpop addiction. They are definitely underrated in the kpopesphere, but if they continue to progress like this, I know they’ll make it to the top soon.  That being said I, think the dance went fantastic with the song. All the sharp arm movements and the little head flicks that represent the clock/time theme well. I really want to see it performed live to really see the whole thing. I like the use of their formations and different members doing different moves. I don’t even mind that the chorus has the male version of SNSD’s Genie dance. Again, best song and dance of theirs yet.

    • I agree with you. I actually really love the “male Genie” dance. I always liked the Genie dance, but U-Kiss has made it even better and more exciting. I have noticed that no one is calling U-Kiss a copycat or having a move that’s similar to an SNSD move, which is insanely great. U-Kiss surely is getting better and better, though I love Mordney’s presents. He’s really great at picking presents. :)

  547.  I love U-Kiss because they were the first k-pop band I ever listened to and they really deserve to be number one here.  They haven’t gotten any awards so far and they might disband if they don’t win anything soon, and if they don’t, well, at least they won in your channel =3

  548. I found U-Kiss through your videos and I came to love and appreciate their music and dilligence! They honestly work so hard and they all sing beautifully. I really want them to be recognized by all the other kpop fans and be showered with as much love and support that all the Kiss Me’s have given so far~ Tick Tack is yet another song that was wonderfully accomplished by these boys and they deserve to be nominated as one of the best kpop videos of the year! :)

  549. U-kiss has been my favorite ever since their debut. Truthfully I liked their personalities and chemistry as a group than their music, but their music quality and sound has changed, evolved, improved so much since their debut. I’m so proud, I think they really deserve to win. But regardless, they are freakin’ daebak. mwahahaha. And their Japanese single is チョーカッコイイよsuper awesome. One of the best Kpop-goes-Jpop singles I’ve heard so far. Just sayin’
    U-kiss Hwaiting~! ファイト!

  550. This kpopchart is a really great idea for all of us kpop international fans!! I hope this become a really Big Hit among Kpop Fans!! so let’s spread the word!!

  551. I’ve only been known about Kpop for about a year, but when my sister and I discovered it, U-Kiss was the group that we immediately loved. We first saw SS501, but we were attracted to U-Kiss because of their English skills and we got to know them through U-Kiss Vampire. My sister and I still love this group and have followed them (although we were upset at the member changes). Their songs keep getting better and are always stuck in my head. Tick Tack is no exception. So U-Kiss Fighting, and come visit the US sometime!

  552. I want to hear “This is mordney present” again… 

  553. I have a question… are these videos stacked by the number of votes (Eg. The video with the most number of points will be #1, the second most will be #2, etc.)? Because Tick Tack should be leading Troublemaker in that case, right…?

  554. THEY DESERVE SOME RECOGNITION!!! (and i want them *especially kevin* to see simon and martina dance their dance-moves) Same with Neverland. Why haven’t they won? Don’t ask me! Ask the TROLLS!

  555. I first found UKISS from their “Man Man Ha Ni” song. Then there was “Bingeul Bingeul”. In school, I found myself singing Kevin’s part from the second song. It was at that point did I realize that UKISS was awesome. :D They have changed so much from “Not Young” to their latest song, “Tick Tack”. I loved the vocals from “0330″, loved the power behind “Neverland”, and I absolutely LOVE the choreography for “Tick Tack” so so so so SO much. It was the first thing that caught my attention from this song. It’s a shame that they never won anything, since they obviously deserve it. I think it’s because they promote outside of Korea a lot, and we international fans only get so much say in what happens. T.T

  556. A Korean group choosing to debut in Japan with an entirely new song is basically unheard of, and the boys of U-Kiss knocked it out of the park!  This is an addictive song with a catchy tune that stick in your head and will not let go.  While many Korean groups have issues with the pronunciation of the Japanese in their songs at least at first, there is little to no problems that I can detect with the pronunciation in this song, either in the Japanese or the English.  While some of the English used may be a little over-the-top for everyday usage (who uses ‘shall’ on a regular basis, really?) it fits with the song and adds to it rather than detracting from it.  While U-Kiss had a shaky start with the fans in regards to the new members and the radically different style of “Bran New Kiss” compared to other releases, between this and Neverland, they have proven that they still have what makes U-Kiss the group they are, and that while the former members will be missed, the new members are assets to the group.

    (On a side note, kudos to NHMedia for going back to what the fans want from U-Kiss and making the newer things sound less like they were simply using U-Kiss as a launching pad for AJ and Hoon, as many of us were suspecting after hearing Bran New Kiss.)

  557. Seriously. This is way better than trouble maker. *tears* 

  558. I’m hearing this for the first time and I really like. I love that their dance incorporates how a clock works and that their dance follows the tick tacks in the background, which I thought was good. Also, I love it when groups have separate dancing (half does something different). The footwork totally reminded me of 2PM of I’ll Be Back but the legs going to the side, if that makes sense. 

  559. I honestly believe that UKISS deserves this break… the song is amazing. The vocals give me the chills and the dance is strong. Plus it’s addictive as hell. :3 GO UKISS <3

  560. I absolutley love this song and their awesome dance moves/choreagraphy!!
    Although I think the song should be called Tick TOCK, it’s still a nice catchy song that gets engraved into your brain!  

    • They’ve already clarified that “Tick Tack” is the representation of the ticking noise used in Japan… :)

    • The reason it is Tick TACK is because of the way Japanese is pronounced.  To get the same sound as “tock” in English, you romanize it as an ‘A’ in Japanese.  If it were written/romanized the same as in English, the pronunciation would be “Tick Toh-ck”.

  561. This song is just perfection. 

  562. this new song by U-Kiss is truly amazing and way to catchy! I like how they did a whole new song for the Japan debut..instead of doing one of their old songs. <3 U-Kiss! <3Eat Your Kimchi!

  563. Honestly.. i never get addicted to any songs.. but this!! this is so addictive!! when i first watched this MV..i got GOOSE BUMP. O.O U-KISS is getting better and better.. :DD

  564. I know this is a Japanese song but it is by a Korean pop group so I do believe Simon and Martina have reviewed a video before under this premise.

    On to the song, I wasn’t a big Ukiss fan for Bingul Bingul and Shut Up.  I liked them and thought they were ok songs, but it was 0330 that stole my heart and Neverland that affirmed they would never lose the spot.  But this song, this song is amazing!!! From the lyrics, to the dance to the video it’s all perfect and fits! Their outfits and hair aren’t overly done (no man bras XD) The dance is perfect its clock related and fits the song so well!

  565. this song is DAEBAK! I love the concept. The big clock for the background is simply awesome ❤❤
    I’m sure that U-KISS will receive an award with this song. U-KISS FIGHTING!!

  566. We can do it fighting :D ~ WE CAN DO IT KISSME’S ALL AROUND THE WORLD :) <3

    from canada :)

  567. I love U-Kiss !!! They are the only boy band that I love^^

    Tick Tack is awesome :D Hope that they can win this vote :D

  568. I just wanna say this to all KISSMEs, even though I’ve already left a comment. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! THESE PAST FEW DAYS ON YT WERE THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!

    The endless hours of voting, the sleep deprivation, the chatting, the Tsunami of comments, the new fans, the spazzing, Google translator’s pic failures of translating Hangul written Tweets, even the TROLLS! I’ll always remember this!! I LOVVVVVEE YOU!! KMs and U-KISS FAMILY FIGHTING!!

    Please follow me on twitter (@whisperingnotes) or add me on FB (simply_aries_kool 

    Again, THANK YOU ALL FOR THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!! And sorry for being so over-emotional!! T_T <3

  569. XD Like everyone else said, I just really love how this song is so addicting and that the dancing fits perfectly with the theme. I was much happier with it than I was with Neverland, which was surprising for me because I thought that was going to be a hard one to beat.
    Also, while this MV wasn’t really a story or show a plotline, I have to say that I like the background way more than the latest Super Junior videos or “The Boys” by Girls Generation. The giant clock with its hands stuck in the beginning really gives the video a more magical and urgent feel, combined with their dance moves that seem fast yet robotic, like the clock behind them.

    Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling. Awesome job U-KISS ^_^

  570. OK. The guys are really hot in the MV, I like the song and the dance and everything but I don’t get it. Ok, KPop boysband but why a japanese song enter this top ? (As far as I know, japanese MV and korean MV are pretty different and don’t target the “same” audience)
    Shouldn’t this top be only about KPOP MVs ?

    * btw, I love U-Kiss ! I just wanna understand how this top is made =) Because if we can include ALL the japanese song and japanese MV made by Kpop bands, there is A LOT since they all go for a japanese “carrier”….

  571. The video and song really show the continued development U-Kiss has made since the unfortunate member replacements! I’m really in love with AJ and Hoon right now, plus other members have made significant improvements in their singing (Dongho & Kiseop <3) :]

    Like in Neverland, U-Kiss keeps their video simple, focused on the though & in-sync dance moves that really brings out the songs highlights. And I might add the song is freaking awesome!!

  572. The choregraphy is really impressive but as for the music I don’t really know…That’s a bit “déjà-vu”…BUT I LIKE IT !!!
    Anyways…Kpop producers seems to have something with clocks these days

  573. I just love the end of the dance with their heads “tick-tacking”
    perfect incorporation of a song title into a dance!!

  574. U-U-U-U-KISS HEY! Always and forever <3  these guys are EXTREMELY  talented!Their choreography is outstanding and so are their music ! How can you not vote fro U-KISS??

  575. U-KISS~~ They are very under-rated since debut though.. T__T
    They went through so much yet they still didn’t receive any award yet..
    This song should get some award in Japan since it’s not some remake of any of their Korean song…


  577. The song is unbelievably addictive I’ve been listening to it constantly <3

  578. Wowwwww. U-Kiss really blew me away with this song. First of all, I love how they’re breaking into the japanese market with an original japanese song!! I don’t know about everyone else, but when a well-known korean song is translated into Japanese for a japan debut, I always hear the korean version instead of the japanese version and hence, sometimes I dismiss the japanese one instantly. But because its an original japanese release, I can enjoy it for what it is :) Also U-Kiss’ japanese is almost flawless, it makes listening to it much better!

    I love the beat of the song, it fits really well with the clock ticking theme. It’s fast-paced and aggressive and the boys’ energy in the choreography fits with it perfectly. Like in Neverland, sure it wasn’t completely synchronised (but synchronised much better than Neverland imo), but it adds to the power that the song that the video literally oooooozes!! The choreography kinda reminds me of a manly version of SNSD’s Genie though hehehehe :P

    The song itself is so addictive. Kevin’s english bit (although perhaps strange) will never get out of my head and neither will TICK TACK TICK TACK. It’s seriously one of those songs that will get into your head at the worst of times… like in an exam or something :P My favourite part of the song is Kevin’s “tsumi wo seiyou(?)” near the end of the chorus. Such a good hook line <3 Also I really really really love Soohyun's solo with his high note & the sudden BOOM when AJ/Eli/Dongho starts rapping is so powerful. Everytime I hear that bit, it feels as if i've been knocked out of my seat.

    The video really shows how much the boys have grown. They all look so mature and handsome <3 I love the lighting and the slow-motion bit when Soohyun and Hoon share the note. The video was just the boys dancing and singing, but I think its the energy they emit that makes the video so engaging. The emotion in their faces and the power of the choreo really captured me. Its like I felt their pain when they sang the song, which imo really helped the errr… basic/typical? video format.

    Also I will always love U-Kiss in suits and this is no different. I liked the different outfits! I applaud their stylists. However Kiseop's hair…… um I shall end it at that :) sorry for the long comment Orz. I'm not a die-hard Kissme but really, they did such a good job <3!!! U-Kiss hwating!

    Ps. SORRY FOR THE LONG COMMENT Orz. -carried away by their amazingness-

  579. The madness of the MTV site is finally over so everyone is coming here lol!! Oh and i just saw the ‘Get this song on iTUNES’ Is it really on there omg!! o.O Excited!! :)

  580. i love this song! ~so catchy :D


  582. I love U-Kiss and this Japanese debut is by far the best and original than many other idol groups who have just done remakes of their songs. And at first I was confused with the title “Tick Tack” instead of Tick Tock. What are they endorsing Tic Tacs? Until it was explained that in Japanese the sound of a clock goes tick tack. It’s one of those sounds effects that are different in other languages. U-Kiss fighting!!!! Support all the way!