Ulala Session – Beautiful Night

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  1. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    Oh and I think a good reason for Simon and Martina to review this is because of how universally funny the video is. I showed my friend the video and he’s not a fan of Kpop at all, hardly knows what it is, but he ended up loving it because of the dancing and the humor. It reminds me of those youtube videos where there is a serious wedding happening and then all of a sudden they break out into a crazy song and dance. Geezus i love this song and video! lets keep voting and properly commenting (aka not spamming)!!!! Let’s Do It!!

  2. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    Update for all the Ulala fans! This song is now #51 on the Kpop charts! Hooray Progress!!!

  3. this song is unbelievable every time i listen to it i start dancing like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
    it should be totaly reviewed

  4. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    This song is #73 on the Kpop charts. I wonder how we can bump it up??? Anyone have any ideas?

  5. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    ok its back on the kpop charts!!! but its so many pages behind :-( c’mon people!!! lets have simon and martina review this song!!!!

  6. I’m totally playing this at my wedding! Haha! :D

  7. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    This song doesn’t appear to be on the KPOP charts anymore. Is this true for other people too or is it just my computer????

  8. Roxana Novoa

    you cant even see it on the kpop charts anymore

  9. Roxana Novoa

    what hte heck!? i checked the scores this song is supossed to be #8 not 12

  10. jeremy.c.t

    It must be reviewed.

  11. Eventhough it won’t be reviewed.. PLEASE! It’s such a good video to  review.. Come on! It’s about the song+video, not about how hot the guys are in the vids.. (i’m talking about the chart)… But this is such a good one

  12. I just keep listening to this song =P love it =)

  13. i love this crazy song also se7en should be whatching his gf lol 

  14. D: It’s the 11th now… I don’t think it will go up again T_T

  15. jeremy.c.t

    It must be reviewed!!!

  16. Marta_Loves_Spudgy


    this guy totally deserves to win

  18. I can’t remember when I had this much fun watching an MV!!!! This guy (it’s only one, right?) is AWESOME! How come I never heard of him! This is a sin! He is so amuzing! At least his video is!

  19. Roxana Novoa

    i cant beleive that ppl arnt voting this

  20.  Such a cool song!!! totally love it<3<3<3

  21. Roxana Novoa

    i wonder what they have to say about this vid


  23. Katalina Garrido

    This video is pure epicness :D

  24. oh please review this video
    this is great!

  25. Sini Henningsen

    Baby~ Ah, love this song!

  26. americajw

    Please review this at some point! it would be so great!

  27. i think you guys could make an awesome Music Mondays with this video and plus its a fun and cool song love it and ulala session!!!!! 

  28. Who wouldn’t want to go to a wedding where singing, dancing, and a game of football happens? Best Wedding Ever!!!!

  29. This will be a fun song to review!  Let’s vote this one up people!

  30. I really wish S&M would review this. :( Even though I’m a Pink Panda their music video isn’t worth reviewing since there’s not much going on at all. I looovvee Hush. Besides, I already know S&M don’t like APink very much so it would be a painful Music Monday for me to watch….lol. So I’m here to help this song get reviewed. I’m still voting for Apink though so I can get them to the Top 5. :DDD 

  31. Kaela Kontir

    Ulala Session won Superstar K3! There is a reason for that. Yes, this song is gonna be more popular because it’s upbeat and fresh and funky and totally hilarious (while also featuring an already established celebrity) But these guys actually have SERIOUS talent. Check out their live performances, (did a lovely cover of Journey) and their recent ballad. They have powerful voices that blend really well together. Not to mention agile dance moves and great humor. I think because they aren’t young guys being marketed with their looks is why their international fanbase is so small at the moment. so we can call them 목소리 짱 (moksorijjang) right? ^_^ 

  32. anime_fan_st

    As soon as I heard that song and saw the MV, I thought It has to be definitely reviewed on “Music Mondays”. Come on people, vote for “Ulala  Session”.  

  33. I just read up on them, on Superstar K3 the final round was down to them and Busker Busker, both are cool bands in my book!

  34. Loose, Footlose!  Kick off your Sunday… Purse?

  35. I really like this song.  It’s different and it’s just so happy and funny.  Sucks that it probably won’t get reviewed.

  36. this video deserves more than a thousand votes!!!

  37. I really like the song it’s very fun and upbeat!