VIXX – Hyde

  1. joana shinee

    Still addicted <3 its vixx power <3

  2. Time to say goodbye~ Hyde promotions are over~ TT_TT /sobs quietly in the corner

  3. Megan Feeny

    I know this is like, OOOOOOBER late and they’re really far behind, but I really want to know what Mr. Brohoho has to say about their set usage. And this is just something I’ve noticed, but every time they have a comeback, the theme gets darker each time. SuperHero was bubbly unicorns and glitter happiness, Rock Ur Body was very ‘dance party’, On and On…….still kind of dance-ish, but the beginning of the song was rather organ-esque, old-style horror theme music. Hyde…..just… tops them all. I got goose bumps watching the video and listening to the song. It was creepy, but not too creepy, and still catchy and likeable.

    Joahyo ^.^

  4. ItsNotThatKindaParty-_-

    Hey starlights if you want a place to chat about VIXX then come over to kpopselca in the VIXX official group forum we’re waiting ^^

  5. Chiapanean

    Hey guise I just wanted to say Hi. I’m a new Starlight (I quite literally just discovered them during the Kpop Chart Update) and I really love how supportive all of you are of them. It makes me happy to see such a great group have awesome fans. Also can I just mention that VIXX has now taken over my life. I can’t remember liking any group this much. I think I might have a serious problem (and all of the lyrics from “On and On” and “Hyde” memorized… OTL…). I can’t even with Leo. Ottokaji?!

    • Jenny Equality Lau

      Hi~~!!!!! You’re welcome to join us even though conversations have massively gone down since we’ve pretty much fallen off the charts. I didn’t know about them either until they came out with “On and On” and it became my Top song of 2013 (and still is~ Sorry all-other-bias-groups~!!!!!) Leo’s my bias too~~ I just finished watching all 5 episode of Plan V kyaaaa~~~!!!!!!!!! You have to watch it!! Leo talks and smiles and even laughs and shows emotions and stuff!!!

      • ShootAnonymous

        Omo! You’re still here! Just when I almost thought the page was totally dead. xD

        Speaking of Leo’s smile — have you seen him on Shimshimtapa… Dat smile of his when they’re playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to hit Ravi with a hammer…. Like…idek… do you have to be so excited at the prospect of being violent to your fellow members???? TAT (the entire episode was hilarious :DDDD)

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          I haven’t!!!!!!
          Do you have a link or something? I’m taking summer course abroad and I’ve been having trouble getting wifi. I’ve started camping out at one of the cafeterias >_<

        • ShootAnonymous

          Here you go~ :D The rest of the parts are in the same channel ^^

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          Thank you~~!!!!!!!!!
          That smile~ Now I’m just sitting in the middle of the cafeteria smiling like an idiot. And Ravi’s reaction to all the Minah mentions… Kyaa~~~ so adorable~~~~~

    • ShootAnonymous

      hello&welcome~ :)
      I’m a relatively new starlight myself, hehee (I’m glad that VIXX is gaining new fans!)

      Hahaa I feel the same way. I totally stopped following kpop about half a year back? (too many new groups OTL and I haven’t been into the new releases by older groups). Then by chance I went onto SB, read their review on Hyde’s mv, gained interested and….

      Now I’m a fangirl. D: I’m a fair bit past the 20-age mark, but watching them brings out the teen in me I swear >_>
      Leo especially. I go crazy over every little thing he does…. xD

      o-o-o-o-ottokajiiiii (btw have you heard Ken’s Ottokaji song? it’s hilarious AND catchy….)

  6. ShootAnonymous

    You know… Everytime I see VIXX in that all-red performance outfits…. I can’t help but think of Plan V (Ep2 Leo dressing up Hyukkie) rofl. OTL|


    Leo… Leo…. wardrobe malfunctions how I love thee so TAT

  7. NC☆DEEPStitch

    How can VIXX fall so fast? O___O Last time it was on the 3rd place OTL I want S&M to review this MV e_e

    • ShootAnonymous

      Magic of the decay algorithm. Hyde gets older and older, while there is a never-ending stream of new MVs being added to the chart pushes it down even more. That and probably most people stopped commenting/voting after it fell out of top 10, which further accelerates the fall.

      ^^ Haven’t seen you in the comments section before (I only joined a couple of days ago). What did you like about Hyde? :D

      • NC☆DEEPStitch

        Ho, I understand much more now! Thanks for the answer~
        (To tell the truth, I’m not often posting comments here… My english isn’t the best OTL)

        I love hyde (I love VIXX XD); the MV is really impressive, and matches with the theme, the song, the lyrics. The Jekyll and Hyde craziness is well done, even I’m not really fan of the creepy insects and the spider (omy the first time I saw the MV I fell from my bed ’cause I hate spiders. Really. T__T). The MV isn’t like other K-pop videos thought, it reminds me more J-music PV, with dark concept and dark makeup. I also love troll N, pushing away the model hahaha c':

        • ShootAnonymous

          You’re welcome :) (and don’t worry about your english, it’s completely fine :D)

          Aahh yeah the MV is really well-made isn’t it? (I kinda~ wish there was a suitable-for-children-version of the mv available though. it’s funny how Hyuk can’t watch his own mv xD)

          Ooo yeah I didn’t expect them to actually do anything violent to the female lead, was quite surprised at N and Leo’s parts xD VIXX seems to like dark concepts and the makeup that goes along with it more than their earlier more chirpy and cheery releases (Ravi & Leo felt that way, at least. Read about it in an interview)

          P.S. +1 J-music :D I find it hard to keep up with J-music scene, but I love it nonetheless xD

        • NC☆DEEPStitch

          One korean friend explain me that the system for age is not the same. So in fact, Hyuk can watch the MV because in Korea he is already 19 years old =) (A Korean already have 1 year when he was born. And if I remember, in January, everyone gains 1 year. The birthday is just here to make some party XD)

          Leo’s acting was really great. He was like someone else. I wish he could act more in MV, ’cause he do it well! And all VIXX too, but Leo specially~ The hyung line or 90line is violent! XD

          I love all their releases, but I agree that On and On and hyde are the best. Darker, yet catchy, and it goes better with them.

          Hahaha I love k-pop and I love J-music~

  8. today I noticed that I’ve never read the lyrics of this song!! Its’s because the MV and choreo gave me the feeling that I knew what was going on so I almost forgot that I actually hadn’t read them!! xD (well I have now of course x3)

    anyway… for those like me who haven’t read the lyrics (though I doubt there are any xD) here it is:

    So what is your favourite part of the lyrics and/or the choreo ^^

    I really like the part
    “there is a crazy person inside me” (0:40-0:43, 1:31-1:35)
    and those two parts:
    “Don’t leave (leave me)
    I love you (no I hate you)
    I am both Jekyll and Hyde, don’t run away from me”
    “I only know you alone (that’s all a lie)
    You know me (no, you don’t know)
    I am both Jekyll and Hyde, don’t run away from me”
    where we have good team singing and the bad team coming from behind singing the word in the brackets..
    sorry I can’t explain well with my english..just watch the video xD (0:43-0:50 and 1:35-1:47)
    and the choreo for the chorus is also really nice… ah all of it is very good kekeke xD

    • ShootAnonymous

      I looked up the lyrics almost immediately after watching the mv — the fact that the mv matches the lyrics is quite obvious, especially Hyuk&Hongbin’s parts. ^^ Which is my favourite part in terms of lyrics/live performances.

      Leo’s first few lines in the song match the ‘omg what did I just do *stares at hands*’ choreo(?) as well :D

      • yeah I really like this part too!! (Hyuk&Hongbin) ^^
        and Leo’s of course :D
        I also really like how they get into “I can’t control” formation!! The more I watch it the more I think “wow such a good choreo”!! Song title, lyrics, choreo, mv everything matches perfectly! x3

  9. Aminah Henne

    i’m officially a fan of vixx! i’m not sure that i can call myself a starlight since i’m still learning names but their music is sooo good! i’m pretty bummed that this wasn’t reviewed since it stayed at the top for awhile but whatever i guess. i still like them :D

  10. qtgodzilla

    It’s so upsetting that this video isn’t in the top 3 anymore. I really think it should have been reviewed over Wolf (and I love exo). This song is just so amazing and the video along with it. Everything is so relevant to their Jekyll and Hyde love. I think it has brought so much to Kpop. It shows that a song can be relevant to it’s name, and a great dance can be relevant too (and it’s perfect in how it does it). It needs so much more recognition! I never really knew of VIXX but now I completely see them in a different and very respectable light. ♡

  11. Pop is Seoul with VIXX!!
    I’m really liking this segment. I’ve only watch 2 (BTOB & VIXX) but they were both really fun. ^_^
    Unfortunately sometimes a member’s question seems to get edited out and this time it was… Leo :(

    • wooooow i couldn’t stop staring at hyuk’s tummy!! also it’s kind of seems like depending on how either a production team or the host of a show reacts to leo, he’ll either get a lot of the focus or be totally edited out because he’s quiet….
      anyways, this was fun to watch! N is too much!!! all da boys are cute! viiiixxxxxx

    • ShootAnonymous

      A bit sad that Leo’s Q&A segment(s?) were completely cut out, but the whole thing was still hilarious.
      Poor N, gets totally no love from his members xD And he literally has to drag Leo to face the camera so that he can have reactions when he answers the question (not that Leo gave any. dat perpetual ._. face of his….)

      P.S. Ooo BtoB did this segement also? Time to go searching +_+

      • hahaha Secretly I think the like how naggy N can be.
        I loved Ravi & N’s “Yes” game and Hyuk keeping N still.

        Did you find the BTOB episode? I can’t remember who was edited out, but I know someone was xD I should rewatch it again. I saw there were some other groups in the box too. C-Clown and (I think) Ladies Code.

  12. No Inkigayo this week. Kinda disappointed. The Inki performances tend to be the best ones of the week. They had two fansigns today instead though.

    • LyreNeNeN

      Oh so that’s why I couldn’t find any videos! Tsk, too bad. I really enjoy the Inki perfs.. Will there be any next week? They’ll be in Indonesia, right?

      • Well, their calendar says Indonesia from the 20th to the 22nd. They might pre-record though… I just really hope they don’t pull an NH Ent move and stop promotions without a goodbye stage. ><

    • ShootAnonymous

      yeah. Am looking forward to fantaken photos (if any).

      • I know there will be some from at least one of the events because SidneyH tweeted that she was at one earlier. Apparently about 80% of the fans have cameras out during fansigns though, so I’m sure there won’t be a shortage. ^_^

  13. Raine

    I want to vote for this, but the count doesn’t seem to have been reset. Is this in the running at all anymore. I still want this one reviewed. The video ACTUALLY REFLECTS THE LYRICS! Plus it’s awesome.

    • after a certain amount of time the counter kinda stops working and the MVs are placed on the charts according to the date they were added! don’t forget new MVs keep coming out!!
      I also wanted this to get reviewed but there’s nothing we can do now, though I keep coming back here just to show my support for Vixx ;D
      We just have to wait until their next comeback =)
      (a mod also said something along those lines)

      • Raine

        Thanks! I’m new to voting even though I’m not new to the site! GO VIXX!

        • no problem ^_^
          I know the feeling.. I think this might be the first time for me that I wanted a mv to get reviewed so much!!!! maybe because Vixx are still kinda new and I want more people to know about them ;)

        • Raine

          It was just a great fusion of music, lyrics and music and dancing. It was everything an MV should be. It wasn’t JUST a great song or JUST a great video. So often great songs get shafted because of shoddy videos or you have an annoying song with a wicked fun video.

  14. Its kind of sad that u guys reviewed EXO last week when u had the opportunity to review a new group thats not ur topic boy band. EXO has had all their MV’s reviewed. I thought the reason behind the 3 op rule was to give others chance. VIXX even had a song/mv concept that actually matched very well together, which doesn’t happen in K-pop very often. I didn’t even wanna watch the last weeks KMM. I Hope that when VIXX returns to the top 3, then u will give them a chance.

    • I totally agree with you!! Besides Exo could easily remain at the top for a couple more weeks, while Vixx were already at their limits!!
      I mean I’m a blackjack and I wouldn’t mind if Vixx was reviewed instead of CL!
      Well it’s done now! We just have to wait for their next comeback! and hopefully it will be as good as that =)
      Vixx fighting~
      (it’s nice to see that people keep coming back here even though we dropped so low ^^)

  15. Brittainy

    @jennyequalitylau:disqus did you see Vixx on music bank this week??? They wore your ideal outfits with the coordinating bright red/black! :D
    Also is it just me or was beanie on FIRE for this performance?

    • fuck yeah!!!!!
      definitely one of their best, if not their best, performance!!!!
      I got really excited watching this… so much energy!!! :D
      Ken’s voice did not crack… I also like the fact that even though Leo is so shy when he goes on stage….. when he goes on stage……. xD
      Also Ravi’s energy! I love it!!! Very powerful!!
      and N, Hongbin and Hyuk! nice energy… nice singing!!!
      keep it up guys!!!!!!! =D

    • Jenny Equality Lau

      YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
      Oohhh~~~ HECK YES!!! I was spazzing about it a bit down in the posts.
      I only wish that Ken’s outfit was of a different cut. There’s just something awkward about it. I just don’t like that whole thing going on in the neck area. If you only want a little exposed something like N’s looks cool but… Coordi-ssi, what the heck were you thinking with Ken~~~??? AND he’s only one with sleeves. *sigh~*

      • Why is it always Ken with sleeves? He’s got great-looking arms. I don’t get it. ><

        • ShootAnonymous

          I’m beginning to wonder if it’s because he doesn’t shave his underarms so the coordi-noonas are reluctant to put him in sleeveless or something ROFL. >_<

        • Oh he doesn’t? I noticed that most of them do, which … I gotta be honest … I appreciate more than I thought I would. Armpit hair just isn’t attractive.

        • ShootAnonymous

          I have no idea. I rarely pay attention to stuff like this. So just speculation. xD

        • LOL Now the obsessive-compulsive in me is going to be bothered until I can go inspect the video of the performance where Ken is sleeveless to look at his pits for hair. omg what is my life OTL lol

        • ShootAnonymous

          Go go go go!!!

          Bwahahaa XD

          (Now that this topic has come up…. If I ever meet VIXX in person/get the chance to ask them questions, I’m definitely going to ask about this. Mystery of the Sleeves.)

        • Well that was a new experience. I’ve never intentionally looked at guys’ armpits before so much LOL

          So the results …
          Leo, Hongbin, N: Shave
          Ravi: Shaved, but doesn’t keep up on it really well
          Ken: No shaving, but it’s not like you could braid it or anything.

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          *slow claps for you* Wow… I’m slightly amazed you actually went and did this.
          *Looks at the results for Ravi* How many videos did you watch?!?!
          I’m glad they shave. I just find armpit hair disgusting………
          *looks at Ken’s results* ROFL “but it’s not like you could braid it or anything” I <3 you and your choice of words~~~

        • Thank you kekeke

          This is getting totally of topic, but …. I really don’t understand why guys don’t shave their underarms more often.

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          *sigh* LOL Ravi

          Yeah…… I know some guys here that pretty much have a tree growing down there and it’s like…… *looks away* eewwwwwwwwwwwwww………………..
          I don’t really mind chest hair *cough*AJ*cough*Simon*cough* or facial hair or even arm hair or leg hair that much (though of course I’d prefer my guy to not have them) but armpit hair is just nasty, bad nasty………

        • I only checked out a couple of videos, but you can tell Ravi shaved for the comeback, but might not have since then … I feel rather sheepish now that I’ve done it and posted it out there. It’s kinda weird LOL Oh well >_<

        • ShootAnonymous

          there we go. mystery solved (?!) :D thanks for your hard(??) work! *salutes*

        • hahaha I love that you took the time to research it^^
          Thanks for the info xD

        • I’m procrastinating cleaning my house LMAO I’d rather inspect pits than clean my house. ><

        • lmao I know that feeling!! hahahah though if I have to choose between studying and cleaning.. cleaning comes first!! xP
          (I’m still laughing with “but it’s not like you could braid it or anything.” xD)

    • I’ve watched it and yes bean kinda look a tad bit psychotic at the 2.31 ? mark … That head movement … Love it ! Soo much energy from them .. And i noticed that in the recent perf of hyde,ken’s voice did NOT crack during the chorus and that’s a really good improvement ! ^-^

      This was totally one of the best perf .. (mainly cause of the friggin hot contacts + leo’s sexy hair)

  16. Ellen (alatariel)

    It’s the same with VIXX as it is for 100% with me, I really like the song (it’s amazing, the chorus OH GOSH!) and I really enjoy their performances on the music shows (the dance is sooo awesome)! But I’m not a fan yet! ^^

  17. ShootAnonymous

    Latest Hyde performance…. Short-haired Leo in black + yellow contacts is so…. living up to his lion-name :DDDDD

    Great Ravi- closeups, but the rest of the camerawork could be better. (I find myself wishing the camera could translate upwards 2mm or so for a good part of the performance)

    • I saw that … omg that was the BEST look for the best outfit+hair+contacts..everything is just soooo sexy ..omg…..

      • ShootAnonymous

        Hyde’s concept just suits Leo so much better than their more cheery concepts in Superhero and Rock Ur Body ya? I’m so glad Jellyfish decided to let them change their image

  18. ShootAnonymous

    So I saw someone asking for interpretation of Hyde’s MV storyline a while back. (then I didn’t really have a concrete opinion, but I do now, so here’s me sharing :3)

    Okay everyone get’s the Jekyll and Hyde part about the VIXX members, but the girl — what role does she play in the MV? According to a number of interviews (SST, Jjang etc) VIXX has said that the song was about them being hurt by the one they love and therefore turning into monsters. So my interpretation is that the girl is six-timing (lol) VIXX. She’s the cause of their ‘darkness’ which would explain that weird CGI moment of the dark!VIXX members appearing in/on her chest i.e. the darkness comes from her.

    As to her apparent lack of emotion (face it, she’s super blank-faced), it makes me think that the acts of violence towards her depicted in the mv are actually the imaginings of the six-timed VIXX members. Kind of like how when you love-hate/ like-dislike a person you sometimes imagine doing very mean things to them.

    Edit: also explains why hyuk and the girl would be in a random forest all alone. Imagination has the weirdest and more cliched settings. xD


    So basically the mv depicts the inner conflict of someone engaged in a hurtful relationship, one that’s making him turn hurtful in turn.

    Yay? Nay? Think I’m cray-cray? Let me know :D

  19. Does anyone know what rank VIXX is now? Like I can’t find them…like they just suddenly disappeared from the charts… :/

    I’m kinda disappointed that VIXX didn’t get reviewed since they’ve been in the top three for so long but I know they’ll get reviewed eventually. This song was absolutely pure awesomeness! Even the dance was like so cool! I’m proud of VIXX and my fellow starlights :)

    • ShootAnonymous

      I have no idea, and frankly once it’s out of the top 20ish the exact ranking doesn’t really matter to me. >.<

      I feel the same way ^^ I've been listening to the Hyde album on repeat lately, and even songs that I didn't like initially (Chaos) are starting to grow one me xD Which part of Hyde's dance did you find the most eye-catching/awesome/i-want-to-learn-this-dance-move-y? :D

      • The whole dance just blew my mind! I wanna learn the whole dance but I’d probably just end up looking like a seal flapping around trying to be a mermaid bird thing ._.

  20. I know this mv is obviously never getting reviewed! But I’m very happy that people keep voting to show their support!! =))
    though I’m thinking… maybe it’s a mistake that we suddenly dropped to 40th place? hmm… dunno… the video above has has like 36 votes and only 1 comment… and I wanna believe that our way of showing support to VIXX wasn’t that annoying for simon and martina…hmm dunno…
    I’m saying that cause in the past they didn’t review a MV cause people got overly obsessed about it and annoying.. I mean maybe we also had some spaming and spazzing here and there but I wanna think that we were ok in general xD Instead of pissing off simon and martina we were just trying to support vixx right? right? xD

    • I’ve seen a few questions about this so I’ll attempt to shed a bit of light on why its in “40th place” now. Basically after a certain amount of time, videos stop being ranked by popularity and they are listed by the date they were released/added to the kpop charts. The video in 39th place was added to the charts after Hyde and 41st place as added 3 days before Hyde. When more videos are added to the charts, Hyde will move to 41st, 42nd etc. Not because of the votes, but because of the date.

      As for the videos not getting a review because people were obsessed/annoying. I’ve only heard people mention this in the last 2 weeks, and I have no idea where it came from (seriously I don’t know which video it is) so I can’t comment on that… But I do know that you guys didn’t annoy S&M. Martin loved the song when she spoke about it in the chart update. She praised everyone for keeping it in the top 3 which brought it to their attention.
      Your (the fans on this page) comments have been on topic most of the time and there were no dramas or large amounts of spam. That’s why there are 2,500+ comments on this page.

      So don’t be too disheartened about not getting a review this time. Considering the difference between the amount of vote & comments VIXX got for On and On and now with Hyde, its clear to see that VIXX’s fan numbers are increasing with each comeback. We’ll just have to wait for the next one and vote as much as we can. Hopefully then we’ll be able to get that review~ right? :D

      • ah I see! ok thanks for explaining ^^ though I suspected as much but wasn’t really sure hehe
        I love Simon and Martina and I never second-guessed the kpop charts voting system.. just saying ^_^

        I’m watching/reading eyk since the beginning.. so I also don’t remember quite well which video was it..
        and I’m not really sure if they chose to not review it.. or they did review it and just pointed out that they almost felt like not reviewing it because people got overly annoying!!
        ah wait.. I think it was when they were out of Korea for some reason so they missed a KMM and people got really annoying “oh u missed KMM and now u r not gonna review our song blah blah” anyway whatever the reason was they were totally right! people at that time were way too hmm demanding u know..

        anyway.. thanks again for clarifying things.. =]

        • You’re very welcome^^ I know how frustrating it can be not knowing what’s going on, so the least I can do is try to explain the process a bit. :)

      • ShootAnonymous

        Thanks for explaining. Somehow the logic behind VIXX’s 40+ rank didn’t occur to me OTL (like, I knew Hyde was getting older but didn’t quite realise that influx of new songs would also add to the quick drop in rank ): )

        yes I’m already looking forward to their next comeback (and seriously hoping for a full-length album sometime in the near-ish future :3)

    • I think we were (and are) pretty darn great in general ^_^

      • yeah!! xD
        a mod also answered me and said “Your (the fans on this page) comments have been on topic most of the time and there were no dramas or large amounts of spam. That’s why there are 2,500+ comments on this page.”

        that makes me love this fandom even more!! ^_^
        in my previous comments I said I’m not a starlight, I just like Vixx and their songs that’s why I’m supporting them! But this fandom is so “inviting” me in haha x3

  21. Kasih Naga

    VIXX has more votes then MBLAQ yet they’re in #40 when they were in 3-4 like..last week and MBLAQ is first.
    What the hell.
    Just because it was released a little over a month ago doesn’t mean it gets to be debunked 36 places.

    • it’s not about the total points.. it’s about how many votes they get per day or something like that.. it’s about the rate of votes in other words? though it really is weird how it got debunked so low so suddenly!! anyway….

  22. I just checked out the MVs that are on the top 10 right now on the eyk kpop charts… I was curious how many comments the rest of the videos had.. and wow VIXX is the only with like 2,5k comments!!! xD no wonder.. ;)
    (I just checked the top 10 though.. dunno about the rest..)
    kekeke xD

  23. Janna Loh

    How the actually freaking frick did this drop from, like, 3rd or 4th to 40? FREAKING 40. WTF.

    • Heather Choi

      Yeah I wanted to see where vixx was so I kept on talking to my self like “I’m still going and going and why am I still going?…WHAT 40!?!?!?!?!?!?” then I continued to spazz out.

    • greenecrayon

      I know… so freaking sad

      especially in comparison to After School… love UEE, but not that song…

  24. Erini J. Sari

    Noooooo…!!! They really went down so far!
    Let’s vote more guys, VIXX deserves it! :’)

  25. Jenny Equality Lau

    Anyone still here? Because I’ve been making my way through old VIXX TV videos (No work today~~ ^_^ )
    The ending to ep. 11 is adorable!!!!!!! Especially watching the progress of Ken’s back at the VERY end Kyaa~~

    • ShootAnonymous

      I am I am~ ^^
      I’m like in the middle of (attempting) drawing VIXX fanart so every time I take a break I come here to check up on what awesome conversations are going on :3

      • Jenny Equality Lau

        Lucky~!!!!! I’m not talented enough to do fan art. I think mwave/mnet is doing a fan art competition if you finish it before the deadline!!!

        • ShootAnonymous

          Pssh don’t say that! Drawing just takes practice ^^

          wahhhh thanks for sharing :) I was intending to send in my fanart to this competition withvixx is holding :3 I have a piece that doesn’t match the withvixx’s competition’s requirements though, so I might send it in to this one =d Need to work fasterrrrrrr +_+

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          Well, if you do submit it send me the link so I can vote for it!!!!!

    • one of my favourite episodes was episode 9! ^_^ (from the otakon fetival in Baltimore x3)

      • Jenny Equality Lau

        Yes~~ I liked those little microphones! They were so freaking cute and tiny!
        And the aegyo!!!!!!! XD And all their cringing afterwards. OMG~
        And I swear the more I watch them, the more Ravi reminds me of Brian Joo. That pose he made. That face.
        AND OMG Leo……. When it was his turn to do aegyo?? I love that little bubble popping up~~ His refusing to DO aegyo IS his aegyo~~~ LOL
        And now I wanna buy Ken a Chopper….. Kiyopta~~~~~~~

        Oh~ Don’t mind me.
        I’m just spazzing off the walls.

    • Im still here.. ;)

      • Jenny Equality Lau

        Are you living here too~?? I still come back once a day to see if there’s anything new LOL

        Out of curiosity, have you ever wondered about how the siblings of VIXX are? Like, since Leo’s older sisters used to call him cute and everything. I’m assuming they’re all on the girly side.
        I’ve been idly wondering about Ravi’s little sister. The other VIXX members say that he’s a fool for his little sister, but I wonder if she kind of has some of her older brother’s sass and attitude or if she’d be that little princess type with the scary older brother (not scary to us, but probably in the eyes of any guys interested in her)

        • Yess… im really curious .. esp leo’s sister .. i really wanna know more abt his childhood … leo being cute and funny ? I really cant imagine that… :) hahha .. and its kinda weird but i really wanna know how ken’s ex gf looks like ..not hating just curious ^_^

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          Yeah~~ They were only the radio show that’s hosted by Shorry J from Mighty Mouth and some other guy…. could have been the other guy in Mighty Mouth but I can’t remember…… And they were kind of talking about siblings and Leo said something about his older sisters. I think they used to dress him up as a girl and stuff. Then one day they came in and apparently said he was disgusting and never gave any reason why and he still doesn’t know why either……
          I’ll post a link if I can find it again.

          And yeah…. For Ken, I’m imaging a cute girl. I really can’t imagine Ken with one of those hottie type. Just… someone with a nice smile and that seems like she can match him well and keep up with his crazy gags and silliness and stuff~~~

        • Here’s the video about Leo’s sisters. It was on Studio C about 4 weeks after their debut.

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          THANK YOU!!!!! I love this clip.
          “They just suddenly came and said these word to me then went to eat ice cream” ROFL!!!

          Reminds me of my uncle…. I guess they didn’t dress Leo up then. I just mixed up the memories with that of my uncle who was also the youngest of four and the only boy and apparently my mom and aunts used to dress him up as a girl and would go around introducing him to people as their little sister.

          And of course Ravi’s mistake LOL~~~

  26. Holy crap this plummeted fast… It went from 4th to 40th in like a day. Definately going to need to vote this in for the “should have been reviewed” category at the end of the year awards.

  27. They are 11th ? O_o

    • it’s literally not possible for them to win anymore since the mv’s relatively old, i think the older an mv gets the less each point counts on the charts… this thread has become less “get vixx to 1st place” and more “spazz about vixx” lol

  28. ShootAnonymous

    Anyone watched their latest performance? Just noticed that only the ‘Hyde’ group (in black) had yellow contacts on :) Nice touch, IMO.

    • Jenny Equality Lau

      I just did and it was AWESOME~~~
      FINALLY THE BRIGHT RED vs BLACK COMBO~!!!!!! BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! Kind of wish Ken’s outfit was a different cut but….. I LOVED IT~~~
      And the yellow contacts were definitely a nice touch Kyaa~

      • ShootAnonymous

        YUSH. awesome work by coordi-noonas (^v^)/
        the contrast between red and black shows up /so/ well on screen :3 (I’m seriously tempted to download this performance, except I wouldn’t know what to do with it apart from rewatching it again and again)

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          And the yellow contacts show up a lot better than the red contacts~ I was tempted into thinking about whether or not it would have been cool if the red team also had the red contacts, (just because I’m me and I think the red contacts were cool~) but decided that it might just be a bit of a red over-kill (like when Leo dressed up Hyuk in Plan V over-kill) At least they wouldn’t have had red shoe to go along with it~~~ N looked real good though~~~ And Leo~~~ >_<
          And resisting temptation to watch in HD and pause on shots of Ravi……… You know what I mean…… THAT SEE-THROUGH SHIRT!!!!!

        • Ravi’s got that same outfit in white, but it just looks SO MUCH BETTER in black. XD

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          Yeah~~ The black gives it a better effect.
          It‘s not as noticeable *cough*skin*cough*abs*cough*

  29. And guys .. Did you see the After School Club EXO episode on wed ?

    At the end for the ‘ TOP SHOT’ section ..
    Our leo won as the best picture ..

    I can;t find it anywhere though.. Can someone please post it if you have ? :)

  30. They’re in 9th place now … omooo…

    Can we maintain them in first page please please please … :(

  31. ok guys…I have a suggestion to make.. I was very disappointed today when I saw that we dropped at 8th place! :/
    BUT we can’t give up!! I know that from now on (with all the comebacks that keep happening) it’s way too difficult to get up to the top 3 again!
    However I was thinking that a way to show our support to VIXX is to keep voting! It’s not that difficult.. you just come here when u wake up or before u go to sleep vote and leave :P
    Maybe this way we can keep them at least at the first page? idk!!
    think about it…. it would be a nice act of support!
    Most of the mv’s disappear from the first page after they get reviewed.. let’s see how long we can keep VIXX there!!it’s already been a few weeks!

    I hope you can really be with my on this guys! =)
    (If you agree just vote up so that other people can see it too!!)

    • ShootAnonymous

      I’ll still be here ^^ (probably not as much as before, but I’ll check back daily…?)

      • wow that was sudden!! we’re like 40th now x.x
        well yeah whatever I come here to vote on the charts everyday anyway.. so it’s not a problem to keep voting for vixx, even if they get last place or whatever haha
        anyway.. I hope they’re coming back again soon xD (+with a good song again)

        • ShootAnonymous

          You’re so positive :D o/

          hahaa good things come to those who wait too~ (I’m a big Nell fan so yeah, waiting no problem)
          My ideal(?) comeback frequency would be 1~2 times a year. =d enough time for them to rest and prepare :3

          Yes good songs :3 Jellyfish has been giving them great songs so far. I’m really impressed :D And of course VIXX has the vocals to make the songs their own too~

        • I gotta be haha ;D

          yeah I gotta agree on that! besides a true fan should be patient ^^
          (I like Nell too btw!)

          I just need one thing from Vixx now… a full-length album~~~ xD

    • Jenny Equality Lau

      It’s nice that you want to do this, but as a MOD has commented here earlier. This MV is just too old now. It’s not going to be able to make it until Saturday because of the decay algorithm. What we can do is wait for their next comeback and be ready to get them into the Top 3.
      I don’t think they will, but I really hope they don’t disappoints ^_^

      • I know it’s not going to make it back to the top 3.. I’m just saying to keep voting to show our support that’s all ^_^
        Like I said (on youtube) I’ll just keep voting until their next comeback haha ;)
        Unless they get to the 3rd page, then I guess I’ll stop xD

    • We’ve been in the top 3 for 3 weeks in a row and managed to stay on the first page for almost a month ..
      That shows some serious dedication guys ..
      Starlights are getting bigger day by day so our boys will eventually get the limelight they deserve.. :)

      Starlights fighting ! VIXX fighting !


  32. I want this to be reviewed so badly!! Please Review This!! Their song is so good!!

  33. Arashi Ally

    Can someone explain the decay algorithm? And Just so you know because of the Kpop chart update, I have become a Starlight. So I guess top 3 for 3 weeks didn’t account for nothing. You got more fans.

  34. Heather Choi

    …vixx is now in 8th place…I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gahhhhhh (sobs)

    • VIXX is just going to get bigger and better from here :)

    • XLovelyFantasy

      It’s okay. There’s always next time. Because of the awesome job everyone did keeping Hyde up this far, we won VIXX more exposure to the other Nasties. Next time around we’ll have a better chance of getting VIXX up higher and faster and maybe even getting that review. Waiting for next time :) Hwaiting Starlights and VIXX!

  35. OMG No !!! ;'( We are 7th… :'(

  36. ShootAnonymous

    Ouch. decay algorithm kicked in hard. >_> Hyde’s out of the top 5

    • LyreNeNeN

      Yeah. It’s down to #7.. >.<
      Oh, well! It was great talking to you all here ^^ Kicking off my Starlight days has been memorable thanks to the people here :D

    • I guess it had to happen someday, but it’s been great to get to talk to other Starlights!

      • ShootAnonymous

        yeah. I was feeling pretty sad (still am a little), but I’m glad I got to know so many other fans of VIXX :) And also learned a lot of about VIXX themselves too :)

        • Yeahh .. These few days have been a blast .. Thanks guys ..
          :) So we’re you guys hanging out after this .. I’ll prob chill at ..


        • ShootAnonymous

          I have a withvixx account as well. ^^ Mostly just so I can check their upcoming schedule but I like to chat on the free page sometimes.

        • I have an account at, but I’m usually on twitter. (*cough*kissmekate7*cough*)

        • followed ^-^ .. Ohh goodness .. It’s been soo long since i logged in to twitter …

  37. Ohhh on another note .. Have you guys seen this pic ? :) Our predebut leo …

    ^-^ Got it from a fanpage .. Hope i can post this here ..

    • What a cutie. I love that little smile, it makes me feel less sad. Thanks for posting!

    • ShootAnonymous

      *dissolves into fangirl internal squeals*
      sdgfsa;kbf;kasf >.< he looks so adorable xD Less polished and celebrity-like, but adorable nonetheless xD

    • Jenny Equality Lau

      *dying in a puddle of flail and feels and spazzing off the walls*
      Why is he so freaking adorable?!?!?!
      I love this hair. Might just be my favorite haircut of his now~~~

      • Yeah … I like it when his hair is falling flat infront or the short hairstyle he had in superhero days .. Those were awesome ..
        And is our leo drinking ? Hahhaha .. Cass ..
        He’s soo adorable nonetheless .. Happy to see he’s not that shy when he’s around people he knows :)

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          Well, he was also ‘drinking’ in Let This Die.
          And I think he was old enough soo…..

        • Let’s see … Everyone but Hyuk is old enough to drink, right?

        • Yeappp.. Our hyuk-kawaiii is still a child .. Hahhaha :)

        • I wonder if any of them are any more … amusing … when they’re tipsy. Like I can’t see Leo as a giggly drunk (that would just about kill me), but maybe more huggy-touchy-feely. XD And if anyone was going to be the sappy drunk, it’d be N.

        • LyreNeNeN

          My imagination is now running wild!! Drunk VIXX! But drunk Leo is hard to imagine >.< i just see him silently drinking at the side. (-_-)/

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          LOL I came across this comment and it’s hilarious.
          I just have to add that Ken would probably the giggly aegyo drunk LOL

        • I could totally see N being like that .. Ken too maybe .. He’ll probably be singing he’s ottokaji song .. Hahhaa ..
          Leo .. omoo…i can;t imagine .. My fangirl feels will run wild .. :P

        • ShootAnonymous

          I bet at least one of them is the *immediately K.Os* type. Possibly Leo, but Leo looks like he can hold his alcohol quite well so…

        • Ooooh Hongbin. Giggly, then passed out. Okay, I’m entering fantasy land now, but can’t you just picture a giggly, red-cheeked Hongbin??? XD

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          Oh dear~~ I can see Hyuk like that too

        • ShootAnonymous

          asdfghjkl too adorable TAT my heart…. *clutches hand at chest*

  38. Starlights ..
    As mention by our mods below .. VIXX MV will be dropped even before Saturday midnight ..
    But till then,i hope we can try our best .. Like best of the best or the best to increase again ..
    Cause even though it’s harder now,i believe it’s not impossible .. Commenting and voting is 1 point .. Sharing is 4 points ..
    So lets do this guys …

    On saturday when it finally drops,at least we can feel satisfied that we keep them in the TOP 3 for almost 4 weeks ..
    Are you guys with me ? :) :)

    Fighting ! ^-^

    • ShootAnonymous

      Fighting ^^ Generally I don’t like sharing(or liking) stuff on FB, but for Hyde I made an exception >.<

      • Me tooo .. I’ve never commented on EYK before .. Never ever .. Just cause i could’nt really care that much .. But VIXX .. Well let’s just say they’re special .. :) :)

        • LyreNeNeN

          I never really commented and spazzed this much on anywhere. That’s just how much I wanted this to get a review. Hyde is awesome. VIXX is daebak. Starlights are jjang :)

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          You even finally changed your profile picture to what seems to be N with a weird funny face~

        • Hhahhaha .. This is what i call N-avatar derpie face level 100 ..


        • ShootAnonymous

          roflmao. I have this mental image of N-Derp-O-Meter. With like various pictures of N being derpy. OTL

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          The newest K-pop meme~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • N’s weird faces are the best~! XD

  39. Hi fellow Starlights and Nasties,
    Sorry to be the bearer of some sad news, but unfortunately this video has started to read its last few days on the Kpop Charts. You may have noticed it has started dropping lower on the charts and this is due to the decay algorithm.
    Hyde has been on the charts for 23 days now and in a few hours it will tick over to 24 days. On its 25th day it will drop off the rankings, so sadly its not going to make it until midnight on Saturday for a review.

    Feel free to continue having on topic and non spammy conversations about the song, video or VIXX in general though. :D
    And Congratulations for keeping it so high on the charts for so long, getting a chart update and turning Martina into a VIXX fan too^^ We’ll get that review next time right?

    • Thanks for letting us know. I was wondering how long it would be until the time decay really kicked us in the gut. I think we can take pride in having kept it up on the charts for so long, particularly for a group with a smaller international fandom. I’m so happy that Martina’s a fan of VIXX now too. We’ve stayed pretty positive throughout this, and I hope that we keep going like that. And we’ll definitely get it next time! Starlights fighting! VIXX fighting!

      • you’re right .. coming from a small label .. Their rising really well .. With each comeback they gain soo many new fans .. I’m sure they’ll be on top one day .. Starlights.. You guys are the best ! One of the most positive,peaceful and friendly fandom i have encounter ! ^-^ *hugs*

    • Huh ? Oh wow .. I don’t what to say .. I feel very sad cause it’s like we did not manage to get our boys to where they need to be ..
      I guess everything has its ending .. Well i gotta say starlights did put up a good fight and it’s a pity that the MV would not get reviewed…

      :( :(

    • LyreNeNeN

      Awww~ now I just wanna cry.. :'(

      • Can I cry with you? ;__________;

        • LyreNeNeN

          ㅠ_______ㅠ I wish we could’ve made it to at least 4 weeks on the Top 3. *DEEP sigh*.

        • It’s a credit to VIXX that with so many other popular groups they have stayed high on the chart. But I’m so sad the review never happened on what was a perfect song for a great review :[

        • LyreNeNeN

          well, that’s true! We’ll definitely get a review next time! It’s just too bad that this one didn’t get it’s review.

        • Yes they have definitely been brought very much to EYK’s attention this time round so I think that review will come…we just have to be patient now and that’s the hard part!

        • LyreNeNeN

          I’m suddenly itching for a comeback right now! I wonder what kind of concept they’ll go for next? I hope that they keep making awesome MVs like Hyde..

        • ShootAnonymous

          I totally share your feeling of anticipation/excitement. Really looking forward to what they’ll show us next time :3 I definitely prefer darker concepts, but so long as the concept mature and well-thought out like how Hyde is I’ll be receptive ^^

        • LyreNeNeN

          I approve of dark concepts! I’m not really into the bubbly stuff (which is why On & On and Hyde reeled me in rather than last year’s songs), but if they do choose bubbly, but it’s themed well like this, I’d definitely approve! ^^) Although I do believe these boys have the capability to pull whatever off. Jellyfish is also able to utilize the boys’ different personalities/images pretty well, so I trust them. (Unlike some other companies where you just have to brace yourself for what they’re gonna do with their artists. Haha)

        • Coming from being basically just a KissMe and dealing with NH entertainment’s crap, I have to say that Jellyfish is a flippin’ breath of fresh air. There are very few things they’ve done that I’ve either been annoyed with or disagree with. I think it may partially be due to the fact that their CEO also produces the albums.

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          I love U-Kiss, but when it comes to concepts and MVs it’s almost always like WTH?!?! The one that bugged me the most was Stop Girl. You’ve seen the practice video? The intensity and amazingness of it!!! I felt like NONE of that came across in the MV. I blame it on the tuxs. Made me feel like the choreographer and the coordi totally had no connection or interaction to make the dance and the outfits complement each other.
          0330, that was like… their ONE good MV.
          So, VIXX and U-Kiss are now neck to neck as my top favorite K-pop groups, but VIXX are only just rookies so they have a lot of time and room to grow and improve.

        • ShootAnonymous

          Hijacking this comment (don’t I always) to say I lovelovelovelovelovelove Stop Girl’s choreography. Sad that the mv didn’t match up to it though. (I actually enjoyed the dance practice more than the actual mv, even on first watch OTL)

          So far VIXX hasn’t had this problem (yet?). Like there’s always something in the mv that value adds the viewer experience. Except maybe superhero. >_> At the very least the mvs have been as entertaining as the dance practices.

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          I KNOW~~!!!!! I freaking LOVE the dance practice video, because there was just this high intensity there that was just not there at all in the MV and I couldn’t have been able to take my eyes off of it it even if I wanted to (I did want to punch my laptop when it lagged though…) and the beginning was really awesome too~~ IMMA NEW THANG!!!

          Yeah… Choreography-wise, Super Hero was definitely on the bottom of the list. Not say it wasn’t good, but while I can start spazzing about the choreography of On and On, Hyde, and Rock Your Body. I have to stop here and go look up the Super Hero MV before I can comment on it. It’s not very memorable.

          But I think that we can forgive that since it was their debut song.

        • ShootAnonymous

          Mhm mhm~ And the thing is for Superhero the point that I rmbr the most about the choreography kind of overlaps with Rock Ur Body’s choreo. (the chorus part where they bob? swing? jive? left and right)

          yeah for a debut song it was okay, I’m glad they stepped up their choreography afterwards though :D

        • YES. Kiseop is my ultimate bias, so I’m particularly partial to Stop Girl because of his role in the choreography. I usually enjoy the dance practice videos more than the MV though. One reason why I enjoy k-pop so much is because of the choreo. Hyde is an exception for this. I think I like the MV and the dance practice pretty much equally, but for different reasons. (I’m still amused at ravi in plaid shorts hehehe)

        • ShootAnonymous

          oh yes, Hyde’s kinda of an anomaly. It’s not exactly a storyline mv (honestly, just different scenes of girl + VIXX member), but it’s definitely not a dance-in-a-box either. Kind of a ambiance-heavy mv? Like the atmosphere was absolutely striking.

          (buahahaaa now that you’ve mentioned it I can’t help but notice Ravi’s shorts. xD I kinda thought it looked good and matched well, but the more I stare at it…. the more mysteriously amused I am xD)

        • LyreNeNeN

          True. This MV doesn’t really have a direct storyline, but it doesn’t really need it since the lyrics basically explain what’s happening. This is another reason why I loved Hyde. Once I paid attention to the lyrics, I was able to dig deeper into what was happening in the MV.. It’s also why I REALLY REALLY wanted a review for it. *sigh*

        • Ravi is ALL OVER THE PLACE in the Hyde choreo, too. He’s practically running around the stage at some points. Probably because he’s the rapper and one of the stronger dancers, so they don’t have to worry about him being out of breath as much. But he does tend to over-exaggerate some of the moves. >_<

        • LyreNeNeN

          I had to watch the choreography vid all over again just to see the plaid shorts. Haha! I didn’t notice that before… It seems okay, though? It’s Ravi-style after all. LOL. But I see what you guys mean about him exaggerating the moves.. Especially at the ‘Just can’t control’ part :P

        • I certainly hope they keep going in the direction they are in currently because it really suits them. I enjoyed their music in the beginning but these days I absolutely love it and I think they are definitely at their best right now.

        • LyreNeNeN

          I actually hope that they keep with the themed songs that match their MVs and choreography so they can make it their trademark. They can obviously pull it off..

        • I hope so too, they’ve been doing that very well and I think it will give them a more solid position in the industry if they can keep it up.

        • N recently described the group (on simply kpop) as fantasy-idols, which I thought was interesting. I think they’ll continue with darker themes. It really suits them.

        • Fantasy idols ?
          They’re more like role-play idols now ..
          Superhero – Well a hero ..
          Rock your body – Gamer
          On an on – Vampire
          Hyde- Fallen angels/demons sort of ..

          Next concept ? Mermaids? Hahahhaa .. I’m sorry my mind is running a bit wild now .. Please forgive me XD

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          LOL Role-play idols??
          Turning into the darker, male version of Orange Caramel??
          If they do turn into role-play idols, there should be a collab between these two groups!
          The cuteness would be over-whelming. Or it might just be a really interesting love-themed song that incorporates the idea that they have OC with the overly-cutesy and adorable and fun image collaborating with VIXX with the dark, mature, chic image (polar opposites coming together)
          I’d like to see what they can do with that kind of a concept~~~

        • ShootAnonymous

          m-m-m-mermaids? XDXDXDXD

          N as a mermaid…. Leo as a mermaid….. Ravi…. Uhh…. XDXDXDXD
          (weirdly enough I /can/ imagine Ken & Hongbin, Hyukkie with a bit of effort, as mermaids)

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          Leo as a mermaid >_<
          My brain is too scared to even try to imagine that!!

        • Hahhahah .. I’m watching the little mermaid right now ..And the thought just came to me .. *weird.for.a.20yearold..i.know* XP

          Leo as a mermaid is like every fangirl’s dream came true..
          Ehemm..coconut bikini and long shiny pink hair .. hahhahaa .. :D

          i’m all over the place right now XD

        • ShootAnonymous

          I think I nearly spit out my drink… xD I think Leo might very well commit murder if the coordi-noonas tried to put him in a coconut bikini + long pink wig

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          Meh~~ I’m 21 and I still love Disney movies~
          Classic Disney movies FTW~!!!!!

          That mental image…. O_O
          Not. sure. if. want……..

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          I don’t know why but reading that word I’m all the sudden thinking
          What if they did a concept based on an anime series?
          I would LOVE a Kateyo Hitman Reborn concept XD
          Or an Ouran concept. THAT would be interesting~~~

        • ShootAnonymous

          I’m thinking that if VIXX themselves got to choose they would do either Naruto (Hyukkie said something along those lines) or One Piece (at least Leo and Ken, probably N as well, follow the series)

        • Death note ..

          Leo as L Lawliet would be super duper perfect .. XD

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          LOL Hyuk would probably make a nice Light…
          Ravi and Ryuk???

          N AS MISA!!!!!

        • Misaa … OMG poor N … But i guess he fits the image though .. Hahhaha ..

          Hongbin could be light .. I can imagine him being a tad bit psychotic .. :D

        • N as Misa …ROFL

          I can’t see Hyuk as Light … the kid’s too innocent-looking. >< Leo as L Lawliet would be awesome though hehe

        • Jenny Equality Lau

          LOL Those would be awesome too~
          Leo would make a nice Sasuke I think

          Ken or N would probably end up as Naruto XD

        • I feel like the dark concept really suit them .. The bubblegum sort of concept is cute but too many groups are doing that .. I feel like VIXX’s image now is all dark and chic .. :D

        • I think one of the reasons it works is because they are all good at portraying the darker image, they all have a lot of charisma on stage. Cuteness might be fun at times but we all know how Leo feels about that kind of thing right? lol he said himself the darker image is something he enjoys much more because he feels it suits him :)

    • ShootAnonymous

      Mark me for spam if you want but i really don’t know how to reply to this other than:


  40. We’ve been putting VIXX in the top 3 for a long time now.But still no review..T^TWHAT HAPPENED MARTINA!?!?WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU ST⭐RLIGHT SPIRIT!?!?Please review them…They really deserve this review.This is the best song for their first review from EYK