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Vixx – On and On

  1. LOVE the zombie dance~~~

  2. Pretty bummed that this didnt get a review.
    Get it next single Starlights!

  3. Is it sad that this had more votes than all of the ones on the first page when it was on it two days ago, and it didn’t even get reviewed. It had a thousand + more than Sistar.

  4. I’m totally in love with this song. And I really want you to review this song
    p.s. VIXX’ Ken is so dreaming~


  6. I’ve been watching videos of all their live performances. So good! :)

  7. Ok, I’ve never heard to songs before but they’re not bad. One that spooked me was the rapper’s eyes. Man, when he widens them, it’s spooky!!

    And I thought they were sent to save the girl. What are they doing there just dancing. When did they even free her from the chains?
    Reading some comments, I think this is a song about a relationship? if so I wonder how this mv connects to it. That might be something interesting to talk about.

    • Maybe their dancing freed her because….um…. I got it! She sees them dance and is filled with adrenaline, therefore, allowing her to escape from… wherever she is from….by the way, was she ever trapped in anything in the first place?

  8. I adore VIXX but the main reason I love this song is because I can relate to it. I’ve been in a relationship like that and was too stubborn to leave it until it was totally finish. LOL, I actually had to have therapy (omo thats to much info), well i was pretty stressed about

    • That was just beyond hilarious. Just the warning by itself at the beginning got me laughing. N seems to be enjoying himself the whole time. xD He’s smiling throughout the whole thing.

  9. I love this MV <3 I hope they get reviewed <3

  10. They are all so gorgeous… The song is great too. ^^

  11. I would love to see this review! Because of the weird ‘story’ but also because this song is really good! I like all the singles of Vixx so far and I hope they keep making these awesome songs. ^_^

  12. Ah! I can see the video now! Time to vote again!

  13. Wait. Maybe we can get it voted in. It just has to surpass Heaven’s Door. I feel confident that if we can just get it into the top 3 Simon and Martina will pick it. It is easily the most interesting mv in the top 10. (That is my personal opinion, I do realize that not everyone agrees.)

  14. apparently this video is private. “what?”

  15. This is really different from their previous concept. The change is really interesting

  16. I watched the dance to this video. Really well done. It is dynamic and interesting. I also like how the focus of the view gets moved around, you aren’t always focused on the middle of the screen. I also like how the group moves among each other as that you aren’t always looking at the same 2 people the whole song… ‘Cause that gets boring.

  17. I know this song is slowly falling and that makes me sad but we did pretty good Starlights! We kept in the the top 10 for almost 3 weeks! We’ll definitely get it next comeback.

  18. omg!dis song is stuck in my head………….saranghae N and Hongbin….you guy were luking hot……..amazing comeback

  19. Ah, I really wish they would talk about VIXX one of these days. It really nice of Simon to talk about their video the other day, but it only made me want to see more. The song and dance are so great, even if the video may not be the best to talk about since it wasn’t plot driven… but I mean… that dance. Ugh… the dance is fabulous.

  20. it really deserves to, and it’s a way better song than the rest on the charts but vixx isnt well known enough to win :(

  21. it’s making me rather depressed that this’ll never get reviewed.

  22. I really they win hopefully sometime…I really want vixx to get reviewed

  23. Starlights we really need to get the view count for this video up. Because even though this video came out before Sistar19′s new song and has more votes, comments and shares Sistar19 is ahead of us because it has more votes. The way videos make it into Music Mondays is so irritating but I still love Simon and Martina and know that it’s not their fault

  24. is there any other way to see the video. does voting for a comment under this video help increases the chances if getting it into music mondays?

  25. i really need to see what martina and simon have to said about this song, personally i think everything is awesome, and for some reason i think they like it too. so pleaseeeee

  26. I love this video, I love this song and I LOVE U VIXX♥♥♥♥ They deserve to be more famous!!!!!!!!

  27. I just discover this song yesterday and it’s really good (except the rap part[personally])

  28. I wish this mv would get reviewed~ VIXX is just too awesome for it to not be reviewed :(
    Btw, they recently released a dance practice video for this song! <3 I LOVEEE ITT haha

  29. this song’s sooooo cooooool!!

  30. Seriously their best song and concept so far! I hope they stick to the masculine images lol
    And I feel like Simon and Martina would have a lot of fun reviewing this MV!

  31. *Looking at the charts* O_O
    ….. Where did BoA come from…?!??

    Starlights/VIXXens (whatever you want to call yourself)
    VIXX fans HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  32. We’re in 4th place!?! Even if we don’t make in 1st place I’ll still be proud of all the Starlights who voted them this close. VIXX Hwaiting!!!

  33. So what’s your favorite part in the MV? ^^ I really like the part where N walks out blindfolded in the beginning~

  34. Isabel Ruby

    can someone tell me the name for the guy with the ponderous eyebrows? he is becoming one of my new biases :3

  35. NOOOO the video went private!!!!!!!!!! WHYYY

  36. I can’t stop watching their comebacks~ :P we need more comments keep talking!

  37. I LOVE VIXX <3

  38. I want this to be reviewed so much! TT__TT

  39. Isabel Ruby

    i’d like to think we have a chance….. but considering the sad lack of comments on this video [300?? really? that's it?!] i say we need a conversation started. so would people kindly share when they were introduced to the band/what song/why you like them/etc? for example: i found Super Hero on youtube in the related videos section from BigStar’s Hotboy and the bubbliness serves as an excellent pick-me-up song for when i’m not feeling chipper.

    • hmm, lets see. I think I found out about VIXX from a random tweet about an article where they talked about B2ST passing ‘Rock Ur Body’ to VIXX. I liked both Superhero and Rock Ur Body after a while, but completely fell for On and On the first time I listened to the song :)

      • Isabel Ruby

        rock ur body was originally meant for batoost? wow, that would have been…. interesting….

        • Yeah, according to the article that’s what happened. Its not a new thing though, producers are often writing songs and offer them to different groups. I also heard that B2ST’s Shock was offered to ZE:A first. I don’t think I can imagine Rock Ur Body by B2ST ahaha I like the original by VIXX :P

        • Isabel Ruby

          yeah; and if ZE:A had done Shock…… i’m glad it went to B2ST, and i think rock ur body fits with VIXX better anyway :P although on and on is my favorite vixx song now for sure XD

    • my friend and I were discussing adorable rookie groups and she sent me the link to Superhero. Although I didn’t really pay attention to them all that much until I saw them at Otakon. They were so cute and nice in person they became my favorite group by the end of the weekend. ^^

  40. this needs to get reviewed by the eyk team


  42. Anyone know why the vid is private now?

  43. I hope thus video gets a chance to get reviewed

  44. VIXX ♥0♥ VIXX ♥0♥ VIXX p(*^-^*)q aaaahh porque no puedo ver el video щ(゜ロ゜щ)

  45. I love the song <3 Don`t understand the music video, but love the song <3 LOVE so catchy! :DDD lol “this video is privat“ wtf privat?

  46. whats going on? why cant you see the video ?!?!?!?!?!?! NOOOOO

  47. What happened to the video? I can’t see it. Does this mean that there is no chance of it getting into music monday?

  48. Isabel Ruby

    c’mon vixxens [cuz that's cooler than starlights] get/keep voting!!! BAP held on extra long, we can too!! and this video has so much more potential than the infinite h video for kmm. fighting!

  49. PLEASE! I NEED AN ANSWER AS TO WHY THIS IS PRIVATE! This song is an AMAZING song and it is now “private”?! What is that supposed to mean? Did their therapist think that they couldn’t handle the fame?!?!? What is up with this??!! Please, someone, anyone, I need an anser

  50. This song is way better than their last two singles in my opinion~

  51. they NEED to review this. ITS PERFECT! I need therapy lalalalalala therapy~

  52. Um… they privated this video o_O okaaay

  53. I just love this groups so much! I have followed them ever since mydol! I supported them from Superhero to now! They are an amazing group to me! I am so proud to be a Starlight! ^-^

  54. I’ve literally spent the last 2 weeks going to as much of VIXX’s promotions as I can and hnnngg!! These boys deserve some more attention (they are getting it in Korea, but I want it here too!!) They’re super sweet and they all have splendid personalities so lets keep vottttinnnnngg!

    • Oh look who finally decided to take a break from hanging out with Vixx every day TO ACTUALLY COMMENT ON THEIR VIDEO. Sheesh.
      But really, what are we going to do when they’re done promoting haha

      • Nothing but spend our days crying because we don’t get to see their beautiful faces. I’ve been too tireddddddd. But seriously this song is too awesome I want to see it everyday O.O

  55. There name always makes me think there a girl group!!! I don’t know why.

  56. Vote every day! Need all the starlights to keep it up! We’re number 4 now!! Vixx fighting! :]

  57. starlights keep votinggggg~! :D

  58. wonder if we still have a chance?? lol probably not :(

  59. I know that this song probably won’t get voted in, but if it does i would be really excited to see simon’s and martina’s opinion about the song and video! VIXX isn’t as popular as some of the top songs in the kpop chart at the moment such as infinite or boyfriend, but VIXX is an overall great rookie group. I’m hoping one day that much more people will take notice of their great music and style. let’s be proud for being Starlights!!! :)

  60. I really love the choreography of this! Especially when they put their hands forward facing down and do the hip roll~ I’m a bit confused about the role of the girl in this video though…

  61. I love this song so much^^ My friend tried making me get into VIXX since Kcon, but I never reallyyy got into them until this comeback! I think it’s the same for many of their fans. Their fancafe just recently hit 10,000!^^
    Not only do I love this song, I love their personalities too~ esp. Leo, ’cause he’s so unique xD
    I love how they’re so interactive with their fans; it really shows how much they love us.
    Let’s hope this song gets reviewed!! STARLIGHTS FIGHTING! <3

  62. vote it up!!! VIXX <3

  63. For once, I’m totally into a K-POP song. Ahhhh, so great~ <3

  64. I LOVE IT!!!!! review please !!! :D

  65. Vixx! I luv u!!! <3

  66. Anyone else reminded of Transformers when they have the white robot masks flashing over their faces?

  67. So, i just discovered Vixx like YESTERDAY, but i love this track – hope it gets reviewed for music Monday! These boys deserve more recognistion so they can afford a car and not get the subway!

  68. Isabel Ruby

    anyone else feel like there was some hard-core michael jackson influence to this song?

  69. Isabel Ruby

    not gonna lie, i seriously love “I’m Sorry”, but this video just has so much more to talk about in it :/ hope it gets in for next week!!

  70. Now that BAP has won this week’s EYK, VIXX is officially in 4th place!

  71. Seriously, what an underrated group. I literally spent my ENTIRE day figuring out who these kids were, watching Mydol and MTV Diary just because of THIS song. Then I realized that I saw their debut stage a really long time ago. It seems like they only get better with time. Super Hero was okay, Rock Ur Body was great, this? This is literally out of this world (pun intended, haha)! Ravi’s resurrection is my favorite part (or maybe I’m being bias). I’ve never seen anything like that in any other choreography (but I’m not very experienced either) and now I’m just rambling so I’ll stop here.

  72. We have to get this reviewed!!!!

  73. I love this kind of choreography where the group interacts with each other! It’s very much like TVXQ or U-Kiss. And the song is so addictive.

  74. They Need a review !!!!!!

    The last time i went crazy for that kind of songs, it was SHINee’s Lucifer ! Dark, Sexy, Awesome voices…What else more ?

  75. I love the zombie dance!

  76. This video….is epic. And makes no sense. I have my own interpretation of these events, but would’ve been funny to hear Simon and Martina’s take on it.

  77. Oooh! That makeup is so nasty! I would love to see Martina put Simon in that kind of makeup.

  78. The song, the video, the dance, the boys and THE CONCEPT are all just glorious and just so effective. Dark and creepy, yet beautiful and stylish. I can’t get the song or dance out of my head!

  79. The Phanton of the Opera’s melody at the beginning of the music, no doubt about it.

  80. The new EYK chart update introduced me to them and I’m absolutely in love with this song. It’s ridiculously catchy. And I love the zombie/alien/vampire dance! It’s kind of a long shot right now but I really hope this video gets reviewed at some point because there’s a lot to talk about since there’s so much hilarious craziness going on. I would love to see what Simon and Martina would do with it. I think out of all the top videos currently on the chart, this one would make the most entertaining Music Monday.

    • In the live performances the dance is slightly altered but it is even cooler yet. They do this part where they like rip their own hearts out and then throw them on the ground.

  81. I LOVE THIS SONG. THEREFORE I AM VOTING FOR IT. Also the video clip is so weird but entertaining.

    But damn this song, SO GOOD. Sorry Infinite H, I wanted to vote for you but this gets my vote. ^^

  82. what are they saying in the chorus? we need to pee??? gotta pee???? (use the flipping bathroom too much info!!!!!!) at least the song is kind of catchy, but am i the only one that keeps thinking of Shinee while watching this?

  83. this is seriously great <3

  84. I love this song!! The dance the outfits the singing! I like it :D

  85. I seriously cannot get over this song. Got me into the group hardcore. It’s so flippin catchy and the thriller “I need therapy” part has been danced to and yelled throughout my house for days. I NEED THERAPY. VIXX HAS STOLEN MY FANGIRL SOUL.

  86. So after listening to this song over and over and over and over again and being obsess with kpop and kdramas I think “I need therapy lalalalala therapy”!!!!!~ XD hahahaha

  87. the song and MV are epic. perfect to be reviewed…but we know how this goes LOL

  88. I really wish this could be reviewed, but as a ST☆RLIGHT I’m really just glad they’re getting more attention TT^TT It’ll happen someday if we can’t make it this time!!

  89. *wondering why this isn’t higher on the charts* Being completely unbiased, I listened to all the songs above this and I freaking love this most!!! BAP’s song and MV just makes me confused >_<
    Don't tell me this song is just doomed to be added to next year's "Best Potential KMM" list T_T

  90. This music video is definitely a must to review on! From their contact lenses, dance moves, concept’s all so spectacular and is worth reviewing! VIXX got me hooked to this song and I have to watch this everyday now :D

  91. Wait… On which planet is there moss on the rocks? On which planet is it? Humanity needs to know!

  92. Wow! Really like this one! It’s evil with a dash of bad boy look. Very interesting indeed! Never heard of this band before! Def going on my fav list.

  93. I want those glasses!!

    The song is really catchy. The video, interesting. Maybe the non-asian girls are Russian. The escengraphy is kinda.. mmm low budget production? jajaj I loved the rapper. And the glasses. I’m confused, are they aliens or zombies? Anyway, Vixx, fighting!!!

  94. I still have hope that we would get reviewed otherwise i would be pretty sad :( because this song is amazing and i want to hear what Martina and Simon has to say about this amazing video and song

  95. I have been OBSESSED with this song. Like nonestop playing in an hour travel from Fort Worth to Dallas TX. The sound, the makeup and the dance. LOVE IT!

  96. I love this song so much!, i haven’t voted in these charts since bigbang last year, but i wish this song would win! >.<

  97. Cool song and weird video. Perfect for a KMM!! Can’t see it getting reviewed but can always hope.

  98. I love the opening scene! So creepy

  99. YAY! We made it to the Chart Update~

  100. I love them so much and I didn’t even think to look for it here I’m sorry V.I.X.X lol I always just assume itll never make it. I bet alot of other people think that way and thats why less popular groups don’t make it :/

  101. Just wondering. Anyone else freaked out by the eyes??
    Having contacts like that (no matter who wears them) just freaks me out >_<

    • I absolutely love colored contacts, wearing them and seeing other people wear them. So I loved this concept straight away, but I did find it a little creepy at times.

      • They are pretty cool, but it’s not the whole colored contacts part that creeped me out. I have a few brown-eyed friends and one more on the hazel-green side that love wearing blue-eye contacts and one cosplay loving friend who is in love with her red-eye contacts and they look pretty awesome with them!!!
        It’s the whole they’re suppose to have brown eyes, but they’re like grey/silver. The contacts only creep me out when they’re like grey/silver or white-ish. *shivers*

        • Yeah, the abnormal colored contracts do take some getting used to, especially the silver/white ones. For some reason, I really liked N with the colored contacts, but Hongbin I think it was, was the one that creeped me out. haha same concept, same contacts but one was creepier? not sure why. xD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          The blue haired dude doesn’t look horrible w/ them, the black haired dude w/ his hair kinda to the side actually kinda looks cool w/ them. The rest… meh didn’t fit as well on them.

        • Meh…….

          Oh and I did watch the live version and you’re right. It’s awesome!!!! >_<
          I feel kind of happy that I'm not the only one that fails at naming them. I can name Ravi and N, but I keep forgetting the Red-head's name and out of the others, I can only say that one of them is Ken, but I somehow can't really distinguish them quite yet.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I never tried figuring out their names tho lol. SHINee is the only guy group I know the names to, and I sometimes switch a couple I think. lol

          Oh and Big Bang because you can’t go a day w/o hearing about them…

          But yes the heart ripping/throwing dance is pretty awesome. They need some Wolverine claws for the dance. *nods*

        • *gasp* THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! Like *enter really large boy group I believe you once said you hate seeing mentioned… maybe(?)* did during one random concert, though at the same time it could have been SHINee… I can’t even remember what song it was, but they have these glow-in-the-dark Wolverine-like claws. It was pretty awesome!!! It’d be cool if VIXX had those during that part. But it might be pretty awkward for some of the other parts of the song. Like when they have to lift someone…
          like *tries to lift* *STAB*

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ugh Super Junior… You’re really killing me.

        • but… but… cool, glow-y, shiny claws!!!!

        • Well, they do all look different and apparently looking creepy doesn’t affect me much because the song is amazing!!! I’ve been listening/watching it over and over again. I don’t know if I’ll ever be “used” to the silver/white ones, but at least I know I don’t run away screaming XD

  102. I’m sorry but is that Phantom of the Opera I’m hearing in the background of the opening???

  103. AWESOME live performance!!! me encanto ♥3♥ VIXX !!

  104. anyone here have watched the performance on today’s mubank? OMG they finally did it. Leo and Ken finally sang the chorus fully LIVE! Ken even did those adlibs! when I watched last week’s perfs I thought it would be impossible seeing the hard dance moves but wooooooow I’m so amazed by them! AANNNNDDD!! they’re #13 on this week’s K-Chart!! so close to the Top10 (my statement when I saw On and On teaser) really really happy!! ><//

  105. This is one of those videos where even though I’ve never heard of the group, I got completely entranced by the dancing and song. And the video is so….ridiculous. I’d like to see what Simon and Martina think of it. If not in a Music Monday, then at least a mention in their chart update. I’m happy it’s in 5th place now, cause more people will check it out and hopefully like it.

    I cringe every time I think of their makeup, but I really like their contacts. It must take a lot of prep for live performances.

  106. this is such a solid song! definitely a fan after this mv and catchy tune~! VIXX HWAITING! <3

  107. VIXX HWAITING!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  108. LOL I was thinking that they sings here “Oh mystery” not “I need therapy” >.< but I love this song, their concept (even these creepy lenses ^^ ), theses boys since their debut :) I hope that you will review this video :D

  109. omg it’s #6 now that IGAB went down ahhhh VIXX I’m so happy TT_TT

  110. I just got back from M Countdown and they KILLED it live! They were so on point that they only had to do the pre recording once and Starlight fan chants were definitely the loudest (and that crazy considering Girls Generation was there…)
    Keep it up 별빛!

  111. Honestly I just want them to review this because the video was completely rediculous XD

  112. guys making off video of this MV has been uploaded by vixx’s official youtube channel! chack out realVIXX :D

  113. VIXX fighting!!!! :)

  114. I hope they’ll be even more successful with this comeback. VIXX HWAITING!

  115. really, really hope this gets mentioned in the kpop charts update! i want everyone to know how good this song is!! my hopes are high because VIXX was probably a group with really bad engrish to simon and martina, but now they’re #5 here!

  116. Thanks for that almost crotch shot at 2:06 mr cameraman.

  117. they have really come far! I love Vixx and have been watching them since they started. They’re on their way up! Yea <3

  118. I’m a major fan of BAP but I was hoping they’d come back with something rough like their first albums, so though I like Rain sound, it doesn’t really speak to me, but this song had me hooked from the first time I heard it. I got to know VIXX via eyk and I’ve been listening to them for joirs now and I still like them. I really think they deserve to be on music mondays :)

  119. This was VIXX’s “Sorry Sorry”. Nuff said.

  120. I really love the concept !!! Please review this song ;)

  121. It’s too bad this song put so much auto tune, despite they have a great voices .__.
    but yes, very addictive song

  122. This song is amazing. Floored me at 0:50.

    • I like your dp. And I see you like the chorus – it’s good hey :p
      Did anyone notice that bollywood-like background music right before the chorus? I like :D

      • Yeah that’s one of my fav parts, although I didn’t think Bollywood… I did think something but now I can’t think of what it was. :P

      • Thanks! I’m a huge fan of Skip Beat ^_^
        I guess 0:50 is the chorus, huh >< I feel a bit silly~ I was a bit put off by the Phantom of the Opera opening, actually, but that grew on me. I've listened to this song probably over a hundred times since my last comment. No exaggeration here. It's addicting.

  123. I really like this song and that move at 2:15 was pretty cool.
    Those moves at 1:40-ish (with their arms out…) umm…. a little… awkward……

    And can anyone tell me who’s who??? I’ve never heard of them before this!!

    • The one in the capsule with red hair at 1:11 is Leo, Main vocal, 2nd oldest and the quiet one. Around 1:26 is N, the leader who helps choreograph the dances. Near the 2 minute mark is Hyuk, the bratty maknae. 2:10 is Hongbin, the visual and second youngest (although you can’t tell because he’s being creepy). 2:15 is Ravi, the only rapper, my bias and the third youngest. The in the front at 1:46 is Ken, the other vocal, third oldest and resident 4D, he also does all the awesome ad libs in the background after Ravi’s rap.

    • Following on from Rachel’s post, this is the picture that is helping me learn who is who :)

      • Thank you!! I saw this picture before reading Rachel’s post and I was thinking that N was the maknae… “”>.>
        (I don’t know any of their ages… Except for Ken because he’s only a day older!!)
        Why does the leader look younger than all the other members?? >_<

        • Wow! I just looked at their ages hahaha
          I knew N was the leader and the oldest and that Hyuk was the youngest, but I didn’t realize that he is a 95 liner! From looking at this concept, I would have guessed that they were all around 20 years old.

        • I know!!! I can’t tell ages anymore, because I’m used to people being older than they actually look! Like Teukie does NOT look like he’s turning 30 this year. He seems closer to my age! (I’m 20…)
          Another example is that I told one of my friends/coworkers she looked 40 when she’s in her early 30′s…… She was all like O_O I forgot to consider the fact that I’m not trying to guess the age of a k-pop idol and I actually need to factor that in before guessing >_<

        • Guessing age is a really difficult thing to do! I never seem to get it right, as seen by my guess of VIXX’s ages. hahah I had the same problem with BTOB, Minhyuk (who is the 2nd oldest) I thought was one of the youngest xD

        • Well, actually before K-pop came into my life I was actually decent at guessing a range. K-pop destroyed that.
          Though, I might be getting SOME of it back since I’ve been watching a lot CSI, Castle, The Closer… like a lot of crime/forensic shows with my mom lately.

    • I like the part w/ their arms out, like they’re levitating something.
      But in the live versions they don’t do that dance, instead do do a dance that’s like them ripping their hearts out and then throwing them on the ground. (Which is even cooler yet.)

  124. i guess that to me Vixx are the proof that you should not judge a band from their debut song. tbh i didn’t like Super Hero (at all) actually. But i really really loved Rock Ur Body and same goes for On and On. So. Yep. I have good expectations on these boys :)

  125. I love them! they are sweet hearts
    !! please review them!

  126. I really like VIXX. All of their title songs that have come out are fun (though this one is dark).

    In the On and On music video there are parts that confuse me, but it’s addicting enough that I keep watching it. And their live performances are great! Maybe even better than the music video. A lot more energy is put into each performance than even some of the groups I listen to often. What I’m saying makes it seem like I don’t think the video should be reviewed, but I do! Really. :D

  127. VIXX <3 This is amazing, mygosh Dx <3

  128. This song is such a change from the image they had all of last year, and I really love it! I hope they stick to this style. But I can also see sooooo many things Simon n Martina could use to make of this video, I really hope it gets to the top, or at least to the k chart update!

  129. Oh please review this MV! This song is just awesome!

  130. WAAA This song Rocks!! ST☆RLIGHT hwaiting!! VIXX HWAITING!! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

  131. I got confused to the storyline of this MV lol. So they’re all dangerous creature? and then, these women sent them into the….moon? and o my gosh, where did those clothes go?! and they arrived at.. moon? and then.. dancing?



  132. Oooooo I want this reviewed so bad cause there are so many things simon could say about this! The hipster glasses and nazis and horror flickesque background. Not to mention how addicting the song is.

  133. Have you guys heard the song they released right before this MV?
    “I Don’t Want To Be An Idol”
    ugh, I love love love it.

    • I thought that’d be their title track…

    • I knew it their voice are lovely, and this song prove it ;w;

    • oh my gosh, that song is flawless. it popped up on my iPod while I was driving one day, and I started listening… and tried so hard not to cry from their sincerity in their words. I just had to go home and look up the translation. /endless weeping. if only a guy would sing something that wonderful to me one day.

  134. ♫ I. need therapy~lalalalala therapy~♫
    So addictive.
    I got into VIXX after Rock Ur Body and now they’re one of my favorite groups. *_*

  135. ♫ I. need therapy~lalalalala therapy~♫

  136. This song is….just…awesome, period.

  137. this song really got me lolll. it sounds like opening for anime XD
    But i think it’ll be hilarious if S&M review this video (if you know what i mean) 8D

  138. I mostly watched cause the Phantom of the Opera intro drew me in.

  139. Damn N, hot transformation.

  140. THIS SONG CAN MAKE IT! CN Blue and Infinite H, great as they are, will probably grow weak after being on the charts for so long and they’ll lose appeal and fall. I Got A Boy and Mine will drop as they’ve been reviewed already. My guess is that it’ll be a battle between VIXX, Boyfriend, and BAP with BAP having a strong lead. Though I think age and time is on our side! We can do it! Stay with it!

  141. everybody needs to give Vixx a chance, because dang man this song is solid, the concept, the dance, everything. Vixx is totally Under appreciated, everyone needs to give them a chance!

  142. These guys are so awesome, and I really liked Superhero and Rock Your Body was just fun! But this song is just… my new earworm, I cannot get enough of it and they need more promotion so why not on EYK? Now I’m going to go back and listen to it another 100 times. XD I’m so happy to see them so high on the charts! Last time they were stuck in the 20s or something crazy like that…

  143. Let’s make this the first VIXX song to get reviewed…. it is the best out of all their other songs!XD

  144. #7…so close to top three!!! We have to keep voting starlights!! Vixx Fighting!!!

  145. i don’t get the mv but i just love this song~!!

  146. omg they seriously gotta review this MV!! it’s THE most UNIQUE and AMAZING MV EVER!! VIXX totally deserves more publicity than this :/

  147. I really love the part at 0:29 in their Live Perf (you can’t see it in the mv) where Leo sort of has Hongbin’s arm and it looks like it went through him? And then Leo shoves it out and they all jump backwards. So cool.


    I’m doing they’re new concept. :D robot zombie ftw

  149. VIXX FIGHTING! I realyy hope they review this. I am in love.

  150. I agree with everyone about the odd MV but really…the choreography and melody are the highlights of this song. I hope EYK would discus this MV if only for a minute or two. It’s just too awesome. Especially the lives! Have you heard the fanchants?!?!?!? Amazing job Starlights.

  151. Please please, review this MV, pleasseeee? I will give you… a chocolate bar (?) What do you say? lol please,VIXX is a great group, unfortunately they’re not that famous and i think this group deserve it. I will love you forever and more if you review this MV *—–* btw: i love your videos ~~

  152. PLEEASEEE~ review On and On…i really want them to win. waaaah~ give them a chance.

  153. Huzzah to their Inkigayo performance.

    I haven’t been able to post here yet. xD I blame school and BAP.

    I swear, this song is just… so addicting. It has been stuck in my head for days. O_o Especially the “I need therapy” bit.

    The music video… is plain strange, but that’s what makes it special. xD

    • Omg the best stage imo their charisma show more here (and also maybe cus there’s a lot of clear closeups xD) they’ve already started being playful to the camera with Leo and Ravi lips licking at their closeups respectively yfghfgvdsgdhsegdhhjcgxh

  154. Since Jaejoong’s video will be reviewed for this Monday, VIXX IS OFFICIALLY IN THE TOP 5 ON THE KPOP CHARTS.

  155. Ugh, this song is too good. Vixx has my heart forever.

  156. I really like this song and I think it’s a great change of pace for ViXX. However, I’m really not in love with the music video. The teasers looked cool but the plot makes no sense. Odd explosion. Chained then unchained idols. Rocket ship to save (?) chick tied to a tree. Then chick disappears from the video completely to make a random appearance at the end. Meanwhile the non-dancing parts of ViXX are just to show off their glow in the dark contact lenses ignoring the fact they were suppose to be doing something (and that was?). I want ViXX to have a review but I have a feeling this M/V is going to get ripped to shreds. Starlights, vote with caution.

  157. At first when I watched the video I was like O_O…The concept just wasn’t working for me. But then I watched the live performance and I was blown away. I went back to the music video and watched it again and now I can’t get the song out of my head (I don’t want it to get out of my head) :D It’s just a fantastic video with a fantastic song!

    I recently became a fan of VIXX like earlier this month and my bias already changed like three times. Currently it’s a tie between Ken and N and both their hairstyles in this video just work for them!

    And the dance! I thought Super Hero and Rock Your Body were good, cute, fun dances but this…this is just AWESOME! VIXX Fighting!

  158. I really hope this song gets reviewed. I feel like VIXX deserves it. The live performances of this are so good and they actually sing live. I’ve seen VIXX both times they were in the US and they did not disappoint. C’mon Starlights!

  159. hmmm we should get this MV to be reviewed.. i really liked the concept and the song is really good

  160. I remember when Superhero came out, there was a lot of buzz on the Kpop Charts about it. Glad VIXX is so high on the charts this time! Let’s get them to the top 5!!

  161. The story is…I don’t get it -_-” But I love the concept, the makeup and their creepy eyes. They are trying something new and it’s pretty good. I liked their first songs for the cute side and now I love this one for the sexy and manly side. VIXX you deserve more attention and love <3

  162. I like this song…. especially the signature tune from the movie The Phantom of the Opera on the beginning :) !!!!
    …It’s catchy sound, the members looks like vampires in the moonlight (which is sexy :D) ….while dancing like zombies with hands outstretched in front of him :D :D …It would be funny if Martina with Simon reviewed this :)

  163. OMG I want this reviewed soooo bad!

  164. I didnt like this song when I heard it at first. But today I keep humming this. :)


  166. Ok I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I’m still awake and that it’s saturday because I have to comment here about this song so badly:
    HOLY COW This song is so good, so good it even managed to get Infinite H and CNBLUE (which are in my top 5 groups) out of my toughts.
    And the DANCE WOW I don’t know about you guise but it’s so mesmerizing to me and just- I’ve been replaying their Music Core performance (which just happened! unnoficial vid, MBC uploads the performances tomorrow) for the last 40 minutes, and I already can do the choreo for the chorus because of that OTL. The zombie-ish dance they do in the “I need therapy” part wow I freaking like it. And that thingie they do at 1:15-ish I have no idea why but I went crazy when I saw it >_<

    And the guys look so good geez I think I died for a second when I saw N's hair (my bias) dudeeeeee he is working that silvery hair. And Leo wow red really suits him A LOT. Ravi has carrot hair LOL but it looks so damn cool. Hyuk, Ken and Hongbin have so handsome faces it would be a sin to take the focus out of them, so yay for "normal" hair on them :P
    Ok now lets move into the lyrics (and have a slightly more serious talk):
    I was totally expecting something diferent, but I'm so mindblown by them nonetheless, I'll just say that I kinda relate to the lyrics (which is a very sad thing if we think about it ._.). So after recovering from my "OMG THEY KNOW ME OR HOW DID THE WRITER GOT THAT IDEA" mental breakdown, the song started growing so much in me (I think it was more melody wise, but still the lyrics had quite the effect) and I can't get it out of my head, Just today, I played it 6 times on my way to uni and another 5 on the way back home, then I blasted it at my room, probably annoying my brother because of the volume hahaha.

    I can say I have been finally converted into a Starlight (Which is an awesome fandom name because I always remember the Sailor Starlights and it makes me happy :D), I have liked them since their debut, but with this song they won me!!

    • welcome to the Starlight wagon o/

    • Loving your fangirl rant. I totally get what you mean, I’ve been replaying this song over and over all week and it even beat out Infinite H too! hahaha

      btw if you have time, check out the Up thread :)

      • Hah thanks, me being sleep deprived for watching the performance over and over again like 2 hours straight usually has that effect >_<

        I should go check it!! Haven't been there actively in ages! (I stalk it like every two days but I lose the thread of the conversations you have I end up not commenting anything at all)

  167. I know they won’t be reviewed for KMM but I just want them to be in the Kpopcharts update ;___;
    They deserve it! :)

  168. OMG Please review this music video!!! IT NEEDS SOME SIMON & MARTINA LOVIN!!!

  169. VOTE THIS NOW…just do it, no questions..

    • Talk about the MV or the artist cause this is a spam :)

      TKIR: The makeup is just fantastic, they doesn’t look human at all. Reminds me a little bit of 2PM’s I’ll be back but their makeup was a big fail lol

      • it’s not spam? I haven’t said it 40000000000 times… I’ve said it once…saying stuff about the MV won’t make it win any faster…

        • Hi there. We do like people to talk about the video because one of our rules is that it must be relevant and stay on topic. Encouraging people to vote gives you one vote, to which no one would be able to respond but saying stuff about the music video actually does make it win faster it encourages conversations, which generates replies and therefore gains points. So therefore your comment about saying stuff not making it win is actually flawed.

          Also, if too many people do comment things like ‘ vote for this’ it will be deleted because that would be spam, just by different people saying the same thing.

          Our guidelines are:
          Be Respectful
          Do Not Spam
          Stay On Topic
          Mods Are Watching

          TKIR: The makeup makes them look ethereal?

        • I could always not vote…it CLEARLY says to “make a comment”…IN FACT, I said “Just do it, don’t ask questions..” MEANING the video obviously amazing and people should vote for it. If someone is voting for this(or any) video to be reviewed they clearly already know what the video looks like and how badass it is…

          I watch videos and then comment, plus no offense to anyone, but I don’t come here to talk to people or engage in conversation, just to vote for the videos I want to be reviewed. Lastly, this is the first time anyone has ever had a problem with a comment I made on here…

        • As it is a part of my duty as an EYK moderator to answer and clarify questions and comments, I was just sharing with you what our commenting policy was, and also showing you that your comment that ‘saying stuff about the MV won’t make it win any faster’ was not necessarily true. If you prefer not to engage in conversations, I have no issue with that.


        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well then quit commenting because we don’t want your tude or your pointless irrelevant comments.

        • tude??? ._.

          Btw, I believe this discussion has somewhat resolved, so um, just leave it ^^;;

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Tude as in attitude. Hey I can’t help it I was slow!

          *sigh* fine…

        • Only one here being rude is you…Just sit down please, this conversation is already over.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Blah blah blah apparently it’s not over if you’re replying to me.

        • I’m replying to you because you seem to be the kind of person to butt into other peoples conversations when you should just keep your nose out. You weren’t even a part of the original thing I was talking about. If you want to start something private message me or sit down like I said.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Oooh you so big and bad.
          You seem like an idiot, and most likely are one.
          Nobody was originally in it except for you with your stupid comment, so ppl tried to nicely warn you and you decided you didn’t have to abide by any rules. You reply and become part of it, pretty simple concept.

        • Um are you blind or something??? I was talking to a mod and replying to someone else… just shut up already.

  170. Kinda upset this didn’t get into kpopcharts update ;__;

  171. So does anybody wish they could be Ken in the live performance? I mean the way Leo almost bites his neck is unf.

  172. I’ve been passive for too long. Come on, Nasties!!! This review just has to happen.


  173. I really don’t know what the hell is going on in this MV, are they some kind of supernatural creature trying to save the girl ? How how will they leave the planet with the girl ? So much questions without answers. But the song is so catchy, I can listen to this all day without getting bored. Good job VIXX your music always makes me want to jump ! INEED THERAPY LALALALALA THERAPY §§

  174. ok this song is just soooo addicting!! and you guys never review on vixx yet…please please review it. i see some mistakes already XD i love this mv. i need therapy <3

  175. Can we please try and get this voted in? I am dying to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about the weird plotline of the video and the zombie dance and the contacts and makeup. C’mon Starlights! We can do this!

  176. I love this song, so much. I’m even planning on buying the single as soon as I get my allowance. :)

  177. Guys if we want Vixx to get reviewed we cant just beg! We need to spread the word!! Vixx fighting~!!

    Also to get comments up we NEED to discuss the mv! What do you guys think of the plot, where do you think they landed? I loved that htye had foreigners in it~:) i also ADORE THEIR CHOREO!!
    what about you guys??

  178. I really really love this song!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS SONG!! I really want it to be reviewed!!!! REALLY DO!

  179. Aww man I don’t think it’s in here, in one of the live’s I just wacthed there was a part of the dance that’s like them ripping their hearts out and throwing them on the ground, was pretty sweet.

    • why u no give us a link?

      • Ummmm….
        The newest on on Music Bank. I saw it on AKP and then closed tab.

        I guess I can go find it. *sigh*

        • Thanks :)
          The choreography for that song is pretty awesome

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah the zombie part of the dance I’m not the biggest fan of but the rest is pretty dope. They don’t do the random like orb holding move w/ both hands in the live tho. :/ But heart ripping is better.
          And the song is amazing too.

          Hmmm was considering buying it on iTunes but I don’t like paying $1.29 for a song. I don’t get how they decide prices because all of KARA’s are $1.29 and so is SHINee’s last album…

          $0.99 is as high as I’ll go lol, I mean I’ve even bought some at $0.69 I think.

        • Yeah, I think the prices are determined by the companies.
          At least they are available to you. Half of the K-pop stuff aren’t available in my country, so you can’t even get them if you wanted to. You are forced to buy the CD or use another site.

          TKIR: I would have got an actual CD for this release, but they changed the Album art. I loved the concept and the coloured contact lenses. The new album art isn’t as good, but the fans didn’t like it, so I understand their decision to change it.

  180. Starsania

    This is certainly one I would need Simon and Martina to explain to me. Cool song but very confusing video.. Anyone have any theories?

  181. i definitely need therapy thanks to them <3

  182. Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX Review VIXX

  183. Vixx is in the top ten! Let’s keep going, Starlights!! :D

  184. I’m really hoping this song gets mentioned in the Chart Update this week! More people need to be introduced to this song! Amazing.

    • I doubt it. Vid in 1st, Boyfriend, and CN Blue are most likely getting on it this week. Maybe Infinite H instead of CN Blue, idk.
      But hopefully the week after cause this song is awesome and the vid is crazy lol.

      • Simon and Martina don’t just pick the big groups to put on the update, VIXX actually has a very good chance of getting on it because they are very new to the chart and they are very high up for a still up and coming group :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah I know, they usually pick the three highest tho that haven’t already been discussed tho and all three of those are new too. Sometimes they pick a random song that they like tho like Have, Don’t Have and Dual Life. Neither of those were on top 10 when they chose them.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Happy belated birthday btw lol.

          (Pretty sure u said urs was same day as mine… Maybe not… Pretty sure tho)

        • Are you a New Years Eve baby too?!! Happy Belated birthday wooo~~~

  185. wheee it’s #9 now STARLIGHTS! :D

  186. if this mv doesn’t get reviewed, i hope you’ll still talk about it in the kpopchart updates! ;__;

  187. There is MORE than enough to talk about in this MV. Seriously.

  188. vannia

    SO AWESOME!!! I would really love to see this get reviewed!

  189. This is just pure awesomeness!! <3

  190. oh hai guys. I posted this on my blog… and I thought I would share it here as well. Sorry it’s so long, but I tried to explain the MV:

    My first couple watches of this video, I was completely lost and confused. Still, I feel like the director of this MV tried to make a plot line… but failed miserably. However, this doesn’t make me love this video any less. So, I watched it a few more times, and this is what I think is going on:

    During the first few moments of the MV, we are introduced to three random foreigners. Why are they foreigners? They are dressed in some sort of military-type outfit, and are working at a rocket facility (on the wall, we can see Rovixx and a spray painted message saying No-A.03/Cannon Rocket Rovix. The 03 most likely alluding to this being their third single, and showing that this contraption is, indeed, a rocket launcher. oh dear indeed). The girls are preparing for a launch. Two of the quietly chat while the third is off someplace making stuff blow up (causing the other two lazy girls to get angry, but whatever). They are preparing for the rescue of another girl on another planet someplace. And since these girls a foreigners, and kind of retarded, they got together and decided that they were going to fly these six Korean guys that they conveniently had laying around, all tied up (omo~) to go rescue her.

    And so, they unwrap them like presents and fly them out (but… when they loaded them, they had clothes on, but when they are in the missiles… they are magically naked… and when they land they have clothes on again. This literally makes zero sense, but just go with it. You get to see some sexy collarbones. I’m pretty down with that).

    However, when they land (and magically get changed… and somehow survive impact of crash landing on a planet… and can breathe just fine on a planet with questionable living quality… are they turning into EXO here or), they just kind of just stand up and start dancing and singing. Wow, maybe there was a reason why those foreigners had them under lock and key. That would probably get on my nerves. Not to mention that they aren’t doing what they were sent there for, to save the girl in the white dress. I guess that isn’t a priority since we’re about half way into the MV and we haven’t seen any of the dance yet. Good job director.

    Also at this point, the plot kind of disappears since they are just dancing and telling us that they need therapy (um, yeah you do.. there must be something wrong with you if, within the first few moments of your freedom, you just start singing and dancing with your buddies. that’s really… not a good reflection of your mental functioning level).

    But I guess they ended up saving the chick since she can be seen rubbing Hongbin’s face at one point (jealousssss) and they all are standing around her at the very end. But this leaves so many questions, why was she there? How did they save her? How are they going to return her to her friends? Why does Hyuk get so little screen time? What was the director even thinking?

    Overall, this MV is really pretty and nice to watch, but the beginning makes it seem like there is a plot… and then it all fizzles out. I wish there could have been a more solid plot/dance throughout the video rather than you either get one or the other. But I still quite like it.

  191. I think the Michael Jackson Thriller inspired dance is really cool. And the part where they pull Hyuk and Ravi up before Hyuk’s dance. Whoa.

  192. wow VIXX, we’re now StarLights ^^, they’re amazing and i wish and hope they get more recognition, plus i swear JeklyFish entertainment does not disappointing, they have amazing talented people in that company ^^ <3 VIXX FIGHTING !! STARLIGHTS FIGHTING!!

  193. It’s about time simon and martina talks about VIXX!! They are one of my favorite rookies along with B.A.P last year! Not only do they have great music but they also have lovable personalities ^^, I love Superhero and Rock Your Body! and i’m sure I’ll be singing their new song On and On and On xD The mv IS confusing.. I wonder what simon and martina would explain the storyline

  194. This totally needs to be reviewed! It’s so amazing! Let’s do this, Starlights!!

  195. “I need therapy lalalalala therapy~” *hip roll* you guys… this is pure k-pop gold. even though we won’t be voted in, I really hope people stop and take a look at this video… VIXX constantly puts out solid music, great dances, and unique concepts with each comeback they have, and this is no exception. Starlights Hwaiting~ ^^

    • it’s sad that they don’t have much fans and fame ;/

      • Their fan chants during performances are good as though :D

      • Yeah if you look at their comments on their youtube videos they seem to have more fans overseas than in South Korea.

        They will get more fame.. ive seen VIXX raised in popularity after this song.
        When i watched their debut Super Hero and their second single Rock Ur Body they didnt recieve as much attention as they did with this song.
        Oh and sorry for my bad english xD

        • I hope they get more fame! they are so talented! they had lots of fans @Kcon

        • Yeah i hope so too :3
          They definatley deserve more attention!
          Ohh you watched them at Kcon? :D
          I wish i get to see them too one day!

        • I also have been watching them since their debut~ well, not entirely. I saw Superhero and thought it was alright until, about a week later, I found myself singing “achil achil fantastic~” yeah, I guess it went downhill from there. They aren’t my all time favorite group (ughhh they would have to beat out Infinite and B1A4 for that. Good luck), but they are so solid. They improve with every comeback, they all can sing and dance well, and while their company isn’t a huge one (Jellyfish), their company allots a very appropriate amount of money and time to them (Whereas some rookie groups tend to get a larger or smaller amount spent on them).
          My biggest fear about this group is that they don’t stand out. I have watched their MTV diary as well as VIXX TV, and I feel that some of the member’s personalities are SO fake and overplayed (mainly N and Ken). While they have all of these great things going for them, there isn’t anything that seems uniquely VIXX, and they tend to fade into the background. I am not saying that they haven’t tried to stand out (Roxiv, VIXX TV, etc), but they just… seem lacking. I wish I could give a better reason or a solution to this problem, but I think that’s why they don’t have more fans and fame. They just seem like another boy group that puts of good music…
          I really hope they can break through this though (I kind of feel it with this comeback… they’re getting there!)…
          Oh, sorry for the tangent~ and your English is just fine. (:

        • Out of the shows you mentioned, do you have a recommendation about which show to watch? I’m curious to learn more about VIXX but don’t know where to start :P

        • Wan Fang Goh

          Well, u can try VIXX Diary or VIXX TV( subs r provided by Jellyfish ENT!!). I recently started to watch them and i think they r really cute and funny! My bias is LEO!! Loved him dince i saw the ep of MYDOL wif MBLAQ!

        • if nothing else, watch all of their VIXX TV episodes! They are uploaded straight to their official youtube account and already have hard subs. Their company, Jellyfish, has been working so hard to appease international fans, and it’s quite unique to them.^^

        • Tatiana Lapina

          B1A4 lol- that would be tough :P

        • Stephanie Lu

          they do have leo, though, and he’s definitely a unique one ^^

        • oh gosh, that is so true. I have never seen anyone quite like Leo before!

        • really, I kinda like Ken’s personality. he’s just all over the place and be funny on his own (that’a an ABer for you XD) kenjhumma is always nice to see LOL as for N he always makes faces or hits members from afar when he doen’t have any topic.. well I guess it’s a habit of his now~

          and Leo.. he definitely try not to lie and be his true self which we see as a shy cool guy X3

      • BIG FAN IN ME and my bestie. They are absolutely adorable and my friend and I screamed our butts off in concert for them at Otakon 2011! AND that Zombie dance is funny.

        • It’s hilarious! The video is great and dramatic without taking itself too seriously.

      • I actually think their fanbase has increased rapidly from the last comeback! Before they barely had anyy fans but now when you watch their lives show you can hear them fanchant pretty loud! Which make me really proud of being a STARLIGHT <3

    • I’m a newbie fan, not quite a Starlight. I think I’ll just use Simon’s name for VIXX fans until I can actually name them all.

      And I agree. I’m really loving this MV ( the contacts still scare me a little but…..)
      I really hope VIXX gets voted in *fingers crossed*

    • They are gold, if we work hard we may be able to vote them in. It would take a lot of work but we can give it a try!

      • I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get them voted in now (since the video is so old and they have some pretty rough competition), but they were mentioned on the S&M’s Kpop charts, and I really feel like we gained a LOT of starlights with this comeback! Our boys are working hard, and it’s paying off. (: we will just have to work extra hard for their next comeback (which, so far, they have been having a comeback every 4-5 months, which is a fantastic pace for a group btw, but they will probably have another comeback in April-May… but I feel like I am counting my chickens before they hatch by saying that. Just enjoy this single for now and support VIXX~ ^^)

  196. I hope wanna see Simon wears contact lens and dances the “zombie”(?) dance to go rescue Martina haha
    Please review VIX once…you haven’t reviewed any MVs of them :) I want to know how both of you think about VIXX’s concept this time.

  197. I know it doesn’t show up on the Kpop Chart page, but we are technically in the top 10!
    We’ve only been up for a few hours! Congrats VIXX!!!

  198. This is actually my fav song on the charts right now. Pretty awesome song, pretty odd vid.

  199. Really hope this one gets reviewed! VIXX & Starlights Fighting ~

  200. my babies grown sob sob i love u hope dis song get successful :)

  201. What am I watching right now?! 0_0

  202. I love this mv! The choreography was awesome (especially the part at 1:58) the contacts were cool, and the boys all looked really, really good. The plot was a little confusing though, especially when the girl tied to the tree popped up and then they were shirtless in those pod things. How did they get changed so fast after they crashed on the moon, lol? What do you guys think about the plot?


  204. this MV is so cool and the song is so addicting! vixx are awesome


    This video would make a great KMM because I have no idea what is going on, but I love it.
    Also that dance move. You know the one. DAEBAK.


    This video could be a lot of fun for a KMM since I have no idea what is going on but I love it.
    My friend went to their comeback stage yesterday and I cant wait to be back in Seoul in a few days so I can join her for the next one!
    Also, that dance move. You know the one. Daebak.


  208. I LOVE THIS ONE !!!! ON & ON !!!!!! BEST EVER “!!!!!!!!!! ARGH

  209. Haven’t been that into a rookie group song and mv since BAP ! Pure good stuff !


  211. So different from most rookie groups these days! Love love love this!!

  212. well, i was waiting for this… it is quite good… please review:d

  213. I JUST CAN’T, THEY’RE TOO GOOD… I have this feeling that vixx is so underrated…STARLIGHTS FIGHTING VIXX FIGHTING

  214. I would really like to see this reviewed pleaaase

  215. I like the Phantom of the Opera bit in the beginning. And omg, that zombie dance move is awesome. I actually started to do that part along with them, while I was sitting down, lol. Macarena: The Zombie Edition anyone? :P

  216. It would be awesome if you guys reviewed this MV :D
    i’m so happy they’re back and got a fanclub name ♥

    Forever a ST☆RLIGHT

  217. Zombie dancing, beautiful harmonisation in the chorus and awesome contacts! Loving this song and its concept, even if I’m not sure what they are singing about (yet, waiting an English translation)
    Did anyone else think of B1A4′s Baro when Ravi started rapping?

    • I totally thought of Baro too :D I love quirky rap voices~ <3

    • Lots of people think Ravi is like Baro’s long lost brother… so it’s not just you. I can see their similarities… but I don’t completely agree with it (maybe because B1A4 is a favorite group of mine… so I stan Baro more or something /I need therapy lalalalala therapy~)

      • Oh cool, so other people think that too, not just me. I know a little bit about B1A4 from watching their season of Sesame Player, but I know very little about VIXX. It just happened that my playlist played a B1A4 song and then this song XD So it was the first thought that popped into my mind at the time.

        Damn I love this song, still singing ‘I need therapy lalalalala therapy!’

    • Yes! The zombie dancing! That must have been intentional, right?


  219. everything about this song is amazing *_* and I seriously love the dance!!! but yea the MV plotline is reeaaally confusing XD

  220. Please, please review this MV! I absolutely love their new concept.

  221. Zouk

    yes please, review!

  222. I love the dark concept of this MV, I can’t pick a bias in this group anymore, they all have such endearing qualities. Took forever to realize they were saying therapy XD