Vixx – On and On

  1. theraloveN

    LOVE the zombie dance~~~

  2. Pretty bummed that this didnt get a review.
    Get it next single Starlights!

  3. Is it sad that this had more votes than all of the ones on the first page when it was on it two days ago, and it didn’t even get reviewed. It had a thousand + more than Sistar.

  4. I’m totally in love with this song. And I really want you to review this song
    p.s. VIXX’ Ken is so dreaming~

  5. Nur 'Izzati Johar


  6. I’ve been watching videos of all their live performances. So good! :)

  7. Ok, I’ve never heard to songs before but they’re not bad. One that spooked me was the rapper’s eyes. Man, when he widens them, it’s spooky!!

    And I thought they were sent to save the girl. What are they doing there just dancing. When did they even free her from the chains?
    Reading some comments, I think this is a song about a relationship? if so I wonder how this mv connects to it. That might be something interesting to talk about.

    • Maybe their dancing freed her because….um…. I got it! She sees them dance and is filled with adrenaline, therefore, allowing her to escape from… wherever she is from….by the way, was she ever trapped in anything in the first place?

  8. I adore VIXX but the main reason I love this song is because I can relate to it. I’ve been in a relationship like that and was too stubborn to leave it until it was totally finish. LOL, I actually had to have therapy (omo thats to much info), well i was pretty stressed about

    • lumierenoire

      That was just beyond hilarious. Just the warning by itself at the beginning got me laughing. N seems to be enjoying himself the whole time. xD He’s smiling throughout the whole thing.

  9. Jaywalkerforever

    I love this MV <3 I hope they get reviewed <3

  10. They are all so gorgeous… The song is great too. ^^

  11. I would love to see this review! Because of the weird ‘story’ but also because this song is really good! I like all the singles of Vixx so far and I hope they keep making these awesome songs. ^_^

  12. Ah! I can see the video now! Time to vote again!

  13. Cindy Hatch

    Wait. Maybe we can get it voted in. It just has to surpass Heaven’s Door. I feel confident that if we can just get it into the top 3 Simon and Martina will pick it. It is easily the most interesting mv in the top 10. (That is my personal opinion, I do realize that not everyone agrees.)

  14. apparently this video is private. “what?”

  15. This is really different from their previous concept. The change is really interesting

  16. Cindy Hatch

    I watched the dance to this video. Really well done. It is dynamic and interesting. I also like how the focus of the view gets moved around, you aren’t always focused on the middle of the screen. I also like how the group moves among each other as that you aren’t always looking at the same 2 people the whole song… ‘Cause that gets boring.

  17. I know this song is slowly falling and that makes me sad but we did pretty good Starlights! We kept in the the top 10 for almost 3 weeks! We’ll definitely get it next comeback.

  18. omg!dis song is stuck in my head………….saranghae N and Hongbin….you guy were luking hot……..amazing comeback

  19. Ah, I really wish they would talk about VIXX one of these days. It really nice of Simon to talk about their video the other day, but it only made me want to see more. The song and dance are so great, even if the video may not be the best to talk about since it wasn’t plot driven… but I mean… that dance. Ugh… the dance is fabulous.

  20. emily-exotic

    it really deserves to, and it’s a way better song than the rest on the charts but vixx isnt well known enough to win :(

  21. emily-exotic

    it’s making me rather depressed that this’ll never get reviewed.

  22. Riariamaria

    I really they win hopefully sometime…I really want vixx to get reviewed

  23. Vicky Bieber

    Starlights we really need to get the view count for this video up. Because even though this video came out before Sistar19’s new song and has more votes, comments and shares Sistar19 is ahead of us because it has more votes. The way videos make it into Music Mondays is so irritating but I still love Simon and Martina and know that it’s not their fault

  24. is there any other way to see the video. does voting for a comment under this video help increases the chances if getting it into music mondays?

  25. i really need to see what martina and simon have to said about this song, personally i think everything is awesome, and for some reason i think they like it too. so pleaseeeee

  26. I love this video, I love this song and I LOVE U VIXX♥♥♥♥ They deserve to be more famous!!!!!!!!

  27. I just discover this song yesterday and it’s really good (except the rap part[personally])

  28. Alice Chan

    I wish this mv would get reviewed~ VIXX is just too awesome for it to not be reviewed :(
    Btw, they recently released a dance practice video for this song! <3 I LOVEEE ITT haha

  29. this song’s sooooo cooooool!!

  30. HttestBlckjckVIP

    Seriously their best song and concept so far! I hope they stick to the masculine images lol
    And I feel like Simon and Martina would have a lot of fun reviewing this MV!

  31. *Looking at the charts* O_O
    ….. Where did BoA come from…?!??

    Starlights/VIXXens (whatever you want to call yourself)
    VIXX fans HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  32. We’re in 4th place!?! Even if we don’t make in 1st place I’ll still be proud of all the Starlights who voted them this close. VIXX Hwaiting!!!

  33. So what’s your favorite part in the MV? ^^ I really like the part where N walks out blindfolded in the beginning~

  34. Isabel Ruby
    Isabel Ruby

    can someone tell me the name for the guy with the ponderous eyebrows? he is becoming one of my new biases :3