Wonder Girls – Like Money

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  1. someone can tell me how works this??? i mean what it takes for the review of simon and martina???

    • fuuko4869

      - In order to get reviewed, it needs to be No.1 on the charts on Sunday 00:00AM KST.
      – In order to be No.1 on the charts, it needs a lot of votes, shares, tweets, and comments.
      – You can only vote [Green Thumbs Up] once per 24 hours per IP address.
      – Spam comments and irrelevant blabber will be deleted.
      – A video’s value decreases over time, and after 4 weeks, its value becomes 0 and it is taken out of the game – it remains on the charts, but is ranked by date and not by votes.
      - Wonder Girls – Like Money is currently 28 days old, and thus it is too old to be reviewed. Sorry.

  2. I, uh, forgot to vote for this when it first came out… *feels ashamed*, but maybe it’s not too late… maybe.

  3. Bunny Tsukino

    a review please!! this song is so catchy

  4. love wonder girls,,, love them up close,,, love them from afar,,, loving them loving them wherever they are ^^

  5. i’m in loveeee with this song :D really hope that simon and martina can review it haha

  6. i hope this gets reviewed :D

  7. i Love the song !! but the video is weird O.o and i’m really curious about what Simon is going to say XD

  8. I’m just really curious about what Simon & Martina would think of this video. ^_^ For me I like the song, but the video’s not really grabbing me.

  9. Samaah Bijli

    nice song <3

  10. Vote more, request on radio stations! Keep doing your part everyone!

  11. Something about their dancing seems off to me O.o it’s not the choreo, is it lack of synch i’m spotting?

  12. I love this aong! I think that if it got airplay, it could be a huge hit!

  13. I love this song and the preamble at the beginning is classic to introduce them into American mainstream

  14. i want to say i love the wonder girls and this song, but it’s not kpop (the song is entirely english!!) and if they review this song it would not be fair to other songs sung by kpop artists in other languages (snsd paparazzi)

  15. Oops never mind I saw the live fancam already. ;))

  16. Have they performed this LIVE yet? I want to see them dance more polished. They sort of go to all directions in this video. Somewhat messy. I know they dance synchronized almost all the time — heck even their arm position angles are precise — but their dance in this video is just…meh. Maybe they rushed filming or practicing this?

  17. Simon and Martina, please. :(

    P.S. I’m looking forward to your Gangnam Style review, too!!

  18. I’d like to see Simon and Martina grade the english

  19. please, please, pretty please~~ I really really really want S&M to review this MV~~~

  20. Really hoping this can get reviewed!

  21. Love the ‘make it rain’ dance move! And yes Yubin’s rap > Akon’s rap!

  22. Liem Meiliana

    wonder girls fighting….

  23. Liem Meiliana

    vote for lovely wonder girls

  24. Liem Meiliana


  25. Liem Meiliana

    wonder girls is my idol girlgroup……

  26. Liem Meiliana

    realy like wonder girl…

  27. Liem Meiliana

    wonder girls is the best….

  28. Didn’t realize how much I liked this song until it got stuck in my head! And I love the the rap part. The styling howeverrrr….. sorta makes me cringe. Especially the hair, which reminds me more of the Jetsons than something fashionable and futuristic… Still hoping this gets reviewed at some point!

  29. Denise Gonzalez

    Best Song Ever

  30. loveeee the song, but does this count as kpop? lol

  31. wonder girls n wonderful Hwaiting

  32. like money is very cool…..
    like this….

  33. Don’t forget to request this song on your radio stations guys! We gotta do our part to spread the wonder!!!