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Wonder Girls – Like Money

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  1. someone can tell me how works this??? i mean what it takes for the review of simon and martina???

    • - In order to get reviewed, it needs to be No.1 on the charts on Sunday 00:00AM KST.
      - In order to be No.1 on the charts, it needs a lot of votes, shares, tweets, and comments.
      - You can only vote [Green Thumbs Up] once per 24 hours per IP address.
      - Spam comments and irrelevant blabber will be deleted.
      - A video’s value decreases over time, and after 4 weeks, its value becomes 0 and it is taken out of the game – it remains on the charts, but is ranked by date and not by votes.
      - Wonder Girls – Like Money is currently 28 days old, and thus it is too old to be reviewed. Sorry.

  2. I, uh, forgot to vote for this when it first came out… *feels ashamed*, but maybe it’s not too late… maybe.

  3. a review please!! this song is so catchy

  4. love wonder girls,,, love them up close,,, love them from afar,,, loving them loving them wherever they are ^^

  5. i’m in loveeee with this song :D really hope that simon and martina can review it haha

  6. i hope this gets reviewed :D

  7. i Love the song !! but the video is weird O.o and i’m really curious about what Simon is going to say XD

  8. I’m just really curious about what Simon & Martina would think of this video. ^_^ For me I like the song, but the video’s not really grabbing me.

  9. nice song <3

  10. Vote more, request on radio stations! Keep doing your part everyone!

  11. Something about their dancing seems off to me O.o it’s not the choreo, is it lack of synch i’m spotting?

  12. I love this aong! I think that if it got airplay, it could be a huge hit!

  13. I love this song and the preamble at the beginning is classic to introduce them into American mainstream

  14. i want to say i love the wonder girls and this song, but it’s not kpop (the song is entirely english!!) and if they review this song it would not be fair to other songs sung by kpop artists in other languages (snsd paparazzi)

  15. Oops never mind I saw the live fancam already. ;))

  16. Have they performed this LIVE yet? I want to see them dance more polished. They sort of go to all directions in this video. Somewhat messy. I know they dance synchronized almost all the time — heck even their arm position angles are precise — but their dance in this video is just…meh. Maybe they rushed filming or practicing this?

  17. Simon and Martina, please. :(

    P.S. I’m looking forward to your Gangnam Style review, too!!

  18. I’d like to see Simon and Martina grade the english

  19. please, please, pretty please~~ I really really really want S&M to review this MV~~~

  20. Really hoping this can get reviewed!

  21. Love the ‘make it rain’ dance move! And yes Yubin’s rap > Akon’s rap!

  22. wonder girls fighting….

  23. vote for lovely wonder girls


  25. wonder girls is my idol girlgroup……

  26. realy like wonder girl…

  27. wonder girls is the best….

  28. Didn’t realize how much I liked this song until it got stuck in my head! And I love the the rap part. The styling howeverrrr….. sorta makes me cringe. Especially the hair, which reminds me more of the Jetsons than something fashionable and futuristic… Still hoping this gets reviewed at some point!

  29. Best Song Ever

  30. loveeee the song, but does this count as kpop? lol

  31. wonder girls n wonderful Hwaiting

  32. like money is very cool…..
    like this….

  33. Don’t forget to request this song on your radio stations guys! We gotta do our part to spread the wonder!!!

  34. Yes Yes Yes, love the Wonder Girls!!!

  35. 21anis

    Akon, like a dad: “stop listening to your friends”…WG: ..:okay:
    xD lol

  36. Songs stay on the chart for 4 weeks only, right? So if we want this reviewed, we have to beat WooYoung’s Sexy Lady? Oh man. God please make a miracle happen. T_T

  37. Anybody noticed how all of our comments have a single negative vote? I mean even the positive and neutral comments got em. Now, who could that ultimate hater be… Hmm..

    Anyway, we love you Wonder Girls. And we LOVE Simon and Martina’s reviews, so meh, I’ll ignore it now.

  38. I really like the song. I am just super confused about Akon’s part… It doesn’t seem to fit.

  39. I REALLY love this song, but I also want to see how Simon and Martina react to this futuristic concept, especially with the intro! And since it’s all in English, I really want to know the rating ^^


  41. Simon! What will you rate their English? I really want to know! ^^

  42. I love their outfits ^^

  43. so i played this at family cookout and it had everyone dancing….KpOp takes over NJ!!

  44. Omgomgomg I hope this song gets reviewed O: I want to know what they think about the english >x<

  45. Their english is better then some of my friends’

  46. they will make it its the WG !!

  47. I really want to vote like crazy but..but..I don’t want to spam. Huhu. Please vote for this, guys!

  48. Pretty please! Let’s get them review this! Good or bad, I want to hear what Simon and Martina thinks about this!

  49. i think that Akon sings to much, i mean, he sings like half of the song? kinda… nothing against akon and i’m not being biased. i wish the girls had more lines, Sunye and Yenny only sing the chorus and Sohhe and Lim only sing in the beginning… but i like the song, it’s addictive (:

  50. 21anis

    i love the rap part n i love yoobin’s hair >.< I love it when Yoobin goes "and if u plan on being the one" and stands there, so cool n chic~but sunye's hair, why oh why~
    ( ._.)

  51. Does this mean that kpop is now starting the phase of using english correctly?

  52. Omgg this song is so catchy XD

  53. I totally love this song but I’m not too keen on akon’s part…

  54. i thought my computer was broken at first
    it felt really weird watching it like that
    i realaly like this song its really good

  55. This should get more attention on Eatyoukimchi, Like money is awesome song among Kpop here

  56. I love this song to death

  57. :) nice song

  58. I wish they would play this on the radio…
    The video is awesome too!

  59. To spam, or not to spam, that is the question…

    JK SPAM!!!

  60. YEAH!!!! Yu BIn so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. This song is preeeetty awesome :)

  62. VOte vote vote !!!!^^ we can do it (:!

  63. please review..i love this song though sunye hair is screwed T.- WG fighting <3 i love SUNYE forever (:

  64. I likey!

  65. these girls are amazing, i hope this gets reviewed as well :)

  66. also tweet @theseena #request Like Money by WONDER GIRLS FT. AKON :) dont forget to say please

  67. dont forget to tweet radio stations your request!

  68. I think this song deserves more attention!! Especially in the US! They should be playing this on radio stations!!

  69. yay !!!! love it like money <3

  70. I like Sohee the best, but now it’s difficult to point to one member. They are so talented, it’s difficult to say which one I like the best.

  71. one more thing, Tron anyone? just getting a little Tron vibe over here.

  72. so many things to say. first, LOVED IT, wondergirls have some of the best songs in kpop when it comes to english… kpop english… moving on.THEY HAVE MARTINA’S HEADPHONES!!!! and is that scientist actually JYJ… oh you so sneeky. my one issue, even thought the intro and set was fabulously done, it really didn’t relate to the song… but I loved it this song could go mainstream america.

  73. Wonder Girls powers ACTIVATE! Form of KPOP Music Mondays! Make it happen people.

  74. Love it. I hope it gets recognized

  75. so i saw some comments regarding why simon and martina allowed like money on the kpopcharts and i just wanted to clarify that they excluded kpop groups that promote in japan, ect. not because they’re not in korean but because they’re not relevant in korea. so the question with this song is if it’s relevant in korea and in my opinion it is. it reached #1 spot for a little while on korean music sites and is also going to be performed in korea during the green groove festival in daecheon beach, because of this like money is relevant in korea so it should have a chance to be reviewed

  76. I think everyone’s fave part is Yubin’s rap <3

  77. Yubin’s rap was totally amazing O__O

  78. Getting some airplay sure is hard work! Imagine how accomplished we’d feel after we hear on the radio though!

  79. i want this song to be riviewed! :D

  80. tell me who’s so hot like wg? nobody <3

  81. dont forget to request this on your local radio stations!

  82. Pretty good song. I hope it gets the recognition in America :)

  83. i wonder what their reactions were to the intro xD “oh noes, my computer!!”

  84. love this song, see now if simon and martina didn’t show me this i would have NO IDEA how awesome this song is!!!!!! thanks guys! <3 me
    C $¥¢£₩₤₡₤

  85. This was pretty awesome! Definitely great to see a wonderfully-written song for the Wondergirls in English

  86. an english kpop song! i hope this gets reviewed

  87. dont forget to vote on

  88. i wanna see how S&M will summarize the vid :)

  89. pls let this get reviewed! the song and mv was awesome!

  90. Absolutely love this song finally an English K-pop song yea !!!

  91. please please support them by buying the music on itunes and sharing this via social media sites, almost at 2mil views. go go :-)

  92. i really thought they weren’t going to make a full music video i’m glad they did

  93. Totally love this song. hoping it gets reviewed. :”)

  94. I love this music video. The song isn’t repetitive, and Wonder Girls actually sings the majority of it. Definitely loving the Tron inspired sets hahaha. Did anyone else see JYP ? XD

  95. The intro is pretty epic and I really like Sun’s part XD

  96. So has anyone else seen Akon’s lovely little video message about the Wonder Girls and Like Money? I don’t think he meant to be insulting…but he sure as hell got me angry.

  97. We need this to win over woo young at least!

  98. That’s JYP right there @ 2:33 . I’d recognise that chin from a mile away hahah.

  99. Yhea! K-PoP will take all the world…
    Love Akon + Love Wonder Girls = *ç* as soon as i learned about this song…

  100. I dont think this can be reviewed because it’s in English O.O

  101. it’s a really good song :) Hope it my win in the future!!!

  102. WONDERFULS , please do vote for wooyoung sexy lady too. Hottest will vote for Wonedr Girls too !

  103. Love the song so much. I do not listen to “American” music like I use too. I will listen to Linkin Park and some other rock groups but most of the time its j-pop and k-pop. This song though should do well in the US market. The rap is awesome, but I hope to see a version without Akon as well like the DJ is Mine song. Still love it either way though, so it should be review eventually.

  104. I like this song but not much singing parts for Sohee and Lim. Yubin’s rap was the best part :D

  105. OMG i spazzed so much when this came out :D frtghj

  106. I LOOOOVVEEE THIS SONNG!!!!! “Love me like MONEY, love me like CARS, love me babe, love me babe, where ever you ARE!!!!”

  107. eatyourkimchi please review this!!

  108. Fav Part was Yenny’s part:) Yubin rap was pretty good expect of her “listen to my instructions” accent

  109. This needds to beee reviewereddd! ahhhh

  110. what an amazing song~ i love it~ as well as the MV- very future-ish(?!)

  111. Please share this video with everyone guys!

  112. this should have more votes / m
    personally I really enjoy this song, and it should get american airplay, it should also get a review on eyk because id love to hear what their opinions are on american marketing for kpop. / m ;

  113. LETS GO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. 21anis

    i really love the black outfits~ n i love the last part where the music stops n they froze, so cool :) Sunye’s short hair wig reminds me of Seo In Young when she was in Jewelry back in the days :D

  115. I hope this video gets reviewed!

  116. It’s a gr8 work! love Wonder Girls all the way!

  117. Good luck girls!!! ^_^

  118. yes! they are climbing the charts little by little, then they’ll be reviewed!

  119. I really hope this gets reviewed! I’m curious what they’re gonna say for the English section, probably like 100 out of 10 because the whole song is in English XD

  120. i hope this get’s reviewed!!

  121. so excited to review this ..(LOL im sure simon and martina will be commenting about UNEXPECTED appearance of JYP) …

  122. wonder vote! that’s what i’m gonna do for this awesome song!

  123. i hope EYK gets to review this :) an actual all english song.

  124. i really hope for airplay on this song :D

  125. Oh pretty please… (Sidenote: Where are the others? VOTE, you!)

  126. This song is amazing!!! I really hope it gets reviewed even though it’s technically not a kpop song

  127. Perfectly designed for a complete domination!

  128. The bionic women given the name of Wonder Girls <3

  129. Loving the song and Yoobin is so freakin amazing !
    World domination Oh yea !

  130. Man with the WonderGirls making a song with Akon and 2ne1 making songs with Will.I.Am, kpop will be famous here in the states in no time!
    I love this song and the fact that Akon is with the WonderGirls just puts a big smile on my face! <3

  131. YAY!!!!!! but it’s weird because it’s in english. oh well… YAY!!!!!!!

  132. love me like… love me love me love me like… love me like money!

  133. i love the wonder girls but speacially sohee in this, love them always!

  134. I think Sohee’s english has really improved!

  135. I am back!!!!!!!! Vote vote vote

  136. Come on people, Nuest is above the girls, wait, that doesn’t sound right! You know what I mean! I already put out the message that Akon himself makes good remarks about the girls and that the song is awesome!

  137. Please support the girls by purchasing their music on itunes and also please vote for them over on Popdust . com for the Pop off! share with your friends to so we can get their VEVO/youtube views up. Also please remember that this is not just for the Wonder Girls but to make more people aware of Kpop in the U.S. Lets support every group in the future to, K-pop lovers fighting!

  138. cnt wait for their live performance with Akon on the 21st at green groove festival :)

  139. Yubin and sohee had some accent Buh srsly the song is rocking 

  140. i want this to be reviewed!, it’s my favorite song of the year!!

  141. i want to say that please support WG

  142. Well we are 2526, and 2ne! is about 20,000 more than us, but today I saw some brave wonderful promoting this song which is great, I hope it gets reviewed this Monday!

  143. Love the sound, great new video. :)


  145. I loveee them so much

  146. And also, what do you guys think of Akon’s part? I’ve read (and watched) a lot of mixed reviews about this collab already, and what do you guys have to say about it? :) 

  147. Hi everyone! What’s your favorite part of the dance? :)

  148. I just love this this soooo much!!!!!!!!! I was really shocked when  Yu bin’s part came up later in that song cause it was just AMAZING!!!!!!!! LOVE U WONDER GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful from MALAYSIA here.,….

  149. SpressLoves WonderGirls

    Tough competition from 2NE1… C’mon WonderFuls!  Let’s get this crossover K/Am-Pop MV reviewed!! Wonder Girls hwaiting!!!!!!!!

  150. Awww man… WG enter the charts now… I was hoping T-ara – Day by Day will get their chance for the review after 2NE1 – I Love You…. I guess not…. *shrug* :(

    Well, I admit the song is really awesome… But… Does all the big guns in K-pop have to release their single at the same time? I mean, we got SuJu, 2NE1, and now WG. This is truly a battle of the fittest of the three big company!!!

  151. guys, go to this website and request the wonder girls’ song to be played on the American Radio. Just follow the instructions! Help the Wonder Girls break through America! Anyone can vote and it takes like 5 seconds.

  152. I keep singing this song unconsciously XD

  153. wonder girls will make a history..

  154. wondergirls<3

  155. i soooo want this to be reviewed!!!

  156. Yay Wonder Girls!! (^_^)  Ew….Akon. *sigh*  Overall, loved the song, despite Akon being a part of it. 

  157. vote vote vote

  158. btw the wondergirls are coming out with the japanese “nobody” and there’s a teaser on allkpop!

  159. I really want this to be reviewed!!!!

  160. I wish they would play this on the radio here in Chicago :P 

  161. I thought this was KPOP charts..? Which means no Jpop or any other pop… so why do I find Apop here..? If it’s because Wonder girls is a korean group.. then why not include “Opera” by Super junior or other Jpop song sang by Kpop artists..? Lack of logic here.. 

  162. KPop breaking into American mainstream music??? I really hope so!! :D 

  163. Well, 2ne1 is on top of the charts but I hope this song really makes it for KMM because I would be voting for it like crazy!

  164. This has to get reviewed >.<

  165. WG!!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! <3<3<3

  166. They can totally make a break through in the us with this!!

  167. I LOVE this video so so so much :]]

  168. vote, share, and comment every one over and over again 

  169. comment every one

  170. share every one

  171. vote ever one

  172. “Hold me like diamonds, treat me like a star”

    ^That line is my favorite by far. :))

  173. To add up comments, I want to ask you guys one thing: What was your most favorite part of the video (Pick one! Haha.) and why? :)

    Mine was when Yubin’s Diamond Tears headphones magically appeared. :))

    • 21anis

      i’ll pick the part when JYP suddenly appear, lol, jk! i gotta say that the part when Yoobin did that sexy smirk in the car after she finishes her cool rap is my favorite, haha~simply because i think she looks really cool but at the same time she was like lol-i-got-a-cool-car-and-u-don’t~ xD

  174. People chill out already! Maybe they put this video because Wonder Girls are friends of the show. Or maybe because the song is just cool! The thing is that is their decision after all, and as a reminder, they always say on their K-Chart Updates, “In our personal charts”, meaning is their decision not yours,mine or no one, for that matter, but them!

    Now, back to the video itself, I believe it is awesome that the girls were transforms as androids, very futuristic!

    • Thanks for reminding me! I kind of missed out that part (“In our personal charts”). So maybe they’d like this reviewed that’s why they put this here? So yeah I’ll just support because I really want to know what Simon and Martina think about this video. Haha. :)

    • Very well said.:) I don’t see why people feel the need to complain. I’d have loved to see SNSD’s Paparazzi reviewed, but I understand that they stopped reviewing Japanese MVs. And you’re right, it’s S&M’s decision to make. We should be thankful they’re always making videos to entertain us, even giving away stuff and interviewing our fave idols.

      And yes, the Wonder Girls are truly awesome! They never cease to amaze me!^^

  175. hope they will be on BET’s 106 and park since they are with akon

  176. it will do really good in america

  177. love this song

  178. This is awesome I have it on my Ipod! Is so additing!

  179. Let’s vote guys!!!

  180. 와 진짜 대박!!!! I”ve been a wondergirls fan from day one, They never seem to fail me with their talents. Yeah I had to admit they’re were a tad shaky at first and only had a few hit songs but they have gone soo far now and making it BIG! So proud of them! Their English have improved so much and I’m not hating but way better than snsd lol. LOVE LOVE LOVE the music/concept and basically everything. Akon was so so ..but meh who cares! WG FOREVER!!! <3 <3 

    Shout out and love from Australia <3

  181. Vote them up! :DD

  182. THE MV is the same as danity kane’s damage MV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  183. yay … iv been waiting ever since there movie came out on nick !!! : )

  184. I’m glad this video is included in the kpop charts. I didn’t think it would be included since it is English ♡

  185. vote vote vote

  186. i love Wonder Girls

  187. 21anis

    when i saw the teaser with Akon, i totally thought he would do the rapping, but when the full MV was out, i was kinda surprised to see Yoobin did the rap part and Akon sang the whole second verse n chorus, it was awesome though! Yoobin’s rap part is dope n hot and Akon fits the song nicely, i really love that tribal/indian-like beat (not sure what to call it) during the Akon part before the 2nd chorus, the beat is cool, i only heard it after listening to the song in i can’t stop replaying this song since it’s out :D 

    I love how the lyrics of the song can be related to the MV storyline, it’s like these bionic women Wonder Girls asked to be loved too like people love the money, cars, diamond etc. because in a way, these bionic robots are machines too like cars and materials like diamond and money, but they wanted to be loved like such..but in real life, some ppl don’t know how to love, so the lyrics simply make a comparison that if u dunno how to love, love me like how u love money n diamonds n whatnot, or simply love me more than those..u know ‘cuz some ppl even love money more than a person..err, though that isn’t quite a right thing to do…oukay, anyway, i’m glad simon & martina includes this in the chart, it isn’t everyday that we get to see K-pop idols produce a song with someone big from the US market, so i think we can make exception on this one despite they are not exactly kpop :) can’t wait to see what simon and martina have to say about this song & MV (^^) I just love how i can listen to this song without having to look for the lyrics on the internet cuz i can understand it well~ i love the verses, i love the chorus, i love the rap part, i love the whole song! thumbs up for WG!! >..<)d

    oh yes, almost forget to mention, when le wild JYP appears in the MV, i can't help but to lol! XD

  188. Love this song especially Yubin’s part

  189. LOVE THEM LIKE MONEY~ :> I definitely love this new song.

  190. Lmao! I was so fooled by the beginning. I almost slapped the computer to see if it was working correctly! hahahahahaha. Damn I love the WG’s <3 

    THIS JUST ROCKED! its like a combination of Tron and Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 XD also, this is the FIRST and ONLY time I have liked Akon in anything. Yubins rap though was awesome, as always :D. There are just too many things to love about this video but I will leave that review to S&M as they can definitely summarize it better! :D 

  191. i really wanted after school to be reviewed but i now want this to be reviewed!!!

  192. I love this song even more than ‘Like This,’ which is saying a lot cause I freakin loved ‘Like This!’

  193. So addicting… even if it is all in English and people will complain it is not true KPOP then… well no one needs that opinion– seriously love them branching out– WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!

    • Simon & Martina said it before.. I think it was in U-Kiss Japanese MV that they last reviewed. They said it would be their last Japanese MV they will be reviewing. And tbh, I can see their logic there. A LOT of kpop idols are debuting in Japan – mostly with the same songs that was a hit in Korea. If they keep reviewing Japanese MV of kpop idols, some would be redundant ’cause for some MVs, they already reviewed the Korean version of it. At least, that’s the way I see it, why they stopped reviewing non-Korean MVs. As for this one, it’s just the Wonder Girls who came out with a English. (except for SNSD The Boys, but it has a Korean version) Maybe S&M wanted to make an exception for this, since it doesn’t have its category yet. After all, this is something big. How many kpop idols today are debuting in US, right?

  194. I so want this AWESOME video to be reviewed by you guys!

    Love you 

  195. w00t! Go Wonder Girls for their presence in Korean AND American music industries :) And I have to say I’m impressed with Akon. This is his 2nd Kpop collab!

  196. Best thing about this song is……. *drumroll*

    You can request it on your local radio station!!! (^o^)/

    It’s entirely in English, so if they have enough people requesting it, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t play it.

    Kpop on the local radio….how awesome would that be :D

    For example, if you’re in Australia, try the Hot 30 Countdown perhaps? A GO GO GO :D


  198. I’m so happy this is on here

  199. I’m confused, I really love the 2ne1 new video… But this is really HOT, don’t know who should get my love and vote. We’ll next Monday  who wins.

  200. I really love this song. I hope I hear it on my radio sometime soon!

    And I’m dying for it to appear on KMM! I hope it’s next Monday. :D

  201. I was really exctied for this song but it didn’t really hit home for me :/ It’s only meh…

  202. Omgosh thank you for including this on the charts. Can’t wait for you to review this. I know you guys are huge fans of WG MVs. Hope this wins! ^^

  203. wonder girls!!!!! :D
    love this song!

  204. I really like the song but I think Akon’s bit didn’t fit in.

  205. love Lim’s hair when in silver outfit … Love Yubin’s rap .. and JYP? LOL .. hahahahaha.. love them so much ….

  206. Please do not make fun of them

  207. wonder girls made no body from the past and like this from the present and like money for the future daebakkk

  208. This song is entirely in English, it was produced for the US market, even the style of music is more of American pop than Kpop, so WHY IS IT IN THE KPOP CHARTS….???!!!
    ^ is what I have gathered from the comments so far.

    This raises a point I’ve been trying to make for a while now.

    In my humble opinion, Kpop is Kpop no matter what language it’s sung in.

    Even if Korean artists sing a Japanese song in Japan, in Japan it is
    still categorised as ‘Kpop’, in the shops, in media, and by the general

    Even if Korean artists sing an English song in the US (or some other
    English-speaking country), in the US it is still categorised as ‘Kpop’.

    Even if Korean artists sing a Chinese song in China (or some other
    Chinese-speaking country), in China it is still categorised as ‘Kpop’.

    Even local Koreans themselves consider these globe-trotting groups as
    ‘Kpop’. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to brag about local artists
    making it big overseas, no?

    Usually they’d say ‘Kpop is big in Japan’, not ‘Korean singers are joining the Jpop scene’.

    So, rather than say ‘WG – LikeThis is not Kpop, therefore it
    shouldn’t be on the Kpop Charts’
    , I think it’s more logical to
    argue that ‘Paparazzi and Scream are both Kpop, therefore they
    should be on the Kpop Charts.’


    On a side note, EYK is planning a Jpop Music Fridays segment, and I
    think they plan on putting Japanese Kpop videos in those charts instead
    of this one, which would explain why they exclude them from these
    charts. But if that were the case, I’d prefer if they shift it over WHEN
    they make JMF, not a year before. And that would still not explain why
    Exo-M isn’t here…

    On another side note, I can understand why they wouldn’t want to include
    Japanese/Chinese/English songs that are just translations of the
    original Korean songs. But lately many Japanese songs are originally
    Japanese, like Paparazzi and Scream.

    That would leave songs that ARE translations, but have different videos.
    Usually if they’re only slightly different, Simon and Martina will also
    discuss the foreign-language-version when reviewing the Korean MV (see
    KARA’s Jumping, SNSD’s The Boys).

    But if that’s the case, why were both the movie version AND the zombie
    version of T-ara’s Lovey Dovey uploaded onto the charts? The video was
    different, sure, but it wasn’t even a different language version, it was
    exactly the same song.




  209. Hmmm. there is missing something… no JYP whisper? I’m disappointed :(

  210. I really hope Simon and Martina get to review this it’s such a good son! >.<

  211. Wonder Girls are coming out with great songs. I love them each. This song is hot!

  212. Question… how is this in charts, when Paparazzi or Scream were never added? I thought non Korean MVs weren’t allowed. 

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    • If Simon & Martina were to review a Japanese MV, they’d have to heed to other requests for Japanese MVs. They’ve said it before, they’ll stop doing Japanese MVs. As you can tell, a LOT of kpop groups are debuting in Japan now. But with this one, it’s different. Yes, this is not in Korean.. but WG are the only one doing an official debut in US. So far, it’s just WG and SNSD. And SNSD “The Boys” had a Korean version. Maybe Simon & Martina wanted to make an exception for this since it doesn’t have its own category yet. Besides, WG are STILL kpop stars.

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    • these are my thoughts exactly! this song is made for the American pop music scene not kpop. so yeah, i don’t know why S&M are putting this on the charts.

      • Maybe they really just want to review it since it’s in English and they want to support the girls too? The Japanese MVs are usually just remakes and many artists would have double Music Mondays? That isn’t fair. This is a completely unique song and I think that is why it’s on the charts.

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      • Lol. I never said it wasn’t kpop. I’m just that grateful because Simon & Martina once said they won’t review songs that are NOT in Korean even though it’s sung by kpop idols, such as Japanese ones.^^ So yeah, I’m glad they didn’t categorize this MV with the Japanese MVs.

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